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1.2.a. PAIN MANAGEMENT BASICS Source: I Watch the video and complete the script with the corresponding words . Video 1:What is "pain"?
The definition of pain is a very simple one; it's an (1)____________ _____________, and it comes from the Latin word "puaina" and that means punishment or imprisonment in Latin. So, when a person has pain, they're often feeling like they're being punished; they often wonder "Why me? What did I do for it?" or "Why do I have to(2)________from this?"

Video 2:What causes pain?

Pain is caused from so many different things. Some of it we actually attribute to the(3)_____________connection, where a person can be depressed and because of the depression, they cycle into a(4)______ __________. Some of it can be(5)_____________ in nature as obviously if you have acid and you pour it on yourself, you're going to feel a burn. 3. It can be (6)_________ in nature, meaning heat. And it can be(7)_____________ in nature, such as when you are touched to a certain area or you have been (8)________ in a certain area by being touched too hard, kicked, fallen down,(9)__________ ______ ____ things of this nature. You're obviously going to feel pain because pain is the (10)_____________ that we know to stop doing or overdoing, take a look at it, and see if we can continue with overdoing or whether we need to take care of the problem.

Video 5:What is "acute pain"?

Acute pain is very simple, it doesn't mean good or bad, and it doesn't mean (11)_________. It doesnt mean light. People usually think of the meaning its very bad pain, but it's not it's just a chronicity, it means that the pain is fairly new. Typically pain is considered acute from the time of (12)________ or the time it starts, to approximately three to six months.

Video 6: What is "chronic pain"?

Chronic pain is pain that a person has had typically, depending on different doctors' definitions, more than 3 to 6 months in duration. And typically in some it becomes (13)_________.There is a higher probability it's going to stay for quite some time, and the person will have pain for months, years, or evena (14)____________ after that.

II Select T (true) or F (false).

a. b. c. d. Having pain is a punishment. T F Pain can be chemical in nature such as when you have been hurt. T F Acute pain means very bad pain. T F Chronic pain is a pain that has more than 3 to 6 months of duration.T F

III Answer the question and then ask them to your partner.
1. Do you think dealing with pain is important or will be important in your professional life? ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ 2. What do people in your profession do to help relieve pain? ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________



IV Take a look at the following charts and fill the gaps on exercise V. NOUNS A Backache A Stomachache A headache Toothache Earache VERBS To ache (some things) Eg. My back aches ADJECTIVES Painful / painless Pressing Unbearable Slight Tingling Intense Annoying Severe Mild throbbing

To hurt (transitive= +com) A pain in my (more common, caused A terrible pain in by something ) my.. Eg. She hurt her foot She hurt herself (intransitive= no compl.) Ex: My leg hurts. Diseases / illnesses related words Disease (a serious condition caused by an infection) Illness ( more general word) Heart attack Lung cancer Hepatitis (liver disease) V Fill the gaps with a suitable word from the charts.

1. I hit my hand on the desk and it really 2. They said she died of a heart .. 3. She had some apples that were not ready to eat and shes got 4. I have got this terriblein my neck. 5. He died of.cancer even though he never smoked. 6. There are different forms of hepatitis, one is a more serious.than the other.

VI. Unscramble the words in the questions and ask them to your partner. 1. does last long how pain the ? ________________________________________________ 2. describe you pain the can ? ________________________________________________ 3. make worse anything does the pain? ________________________________________________ 4. this have pain had you a before like ? ________________________________________________ 5. Is the pain where ? ________________________________________________ 6. start when the pain did ? ________________________________________________.