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Lucifer will be interviewed and will reveal why he did what he did when he was in heaven.

He will also reveal why he hates mankind.

He fell from Grace. He was cast out from heaven. He was God's Angel. Now he tells all. For the first time in the history of the world, Lucifer, aka Satan, will be interviewed at Madison Square.Garden. He will reveal truths that no one has heard before. The question is: Will the people believe that this is really Satan, or an actor playing the role? A book that glorifies Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. This book will have you turning the pages. It has been a blessing for those who read


INT: Interviewer LCFR: Lucifer Mr. Cooper looked at the crowd as they settled down. He shook Lucifers hand once aga in and noticed that it was warmer this time. INT: First of all, I would like to welcome you to Madison Square Garden. The crowd erupted again in applause. LCFR: Thank you. It gives me great honor and pleasure to be sitting here where the best athletes and celebrities perform. INT: I have a few questions that I would like to ask you and would want you to answer them honestly, if that is possible. LCFR: I will answer all questions to the best of my knowledge without deceit. Of course, you might quo te the bible as saying that I am the father of lies. Well, we all lie once in a while. The people chuckled. INT: Shall we begin? LCFR: Be my guest. The interviewer went over his notes and pulled out the questions that were typed and stapled together in a folder. INT: What is your name and what kind of angel are you? LCFR: Very interesting. Two questions as one. Very well, I will answer the first question. My name is Lucifer aka the Angel of Light. Now to answer the second question - I am an Archangel which makes me a Chief Angel. Keep in mind; all Angels are ranked from highest to lowest following the nine orders. They are: Angels, archangels, principalities, powers, virtues, dominions, thrones, cherubim and seraphim. INT: So, what youre saying is that in heaven angels are grouped like the military here on earth. Is that correct? LCFR: That is correct. You learn quickly my friend. INT: Were you created before the earth was made? LCFR: Yes, I am a created being. Keep in mind that all angels are created beings with free will. We were not restricted to anything in heaven. INT: Restricted? Can you elaborate a little on that statement? LCFR: Yes. As angels, we have abilities that man could dream of. We could fly beyond the speed of light. We could travel anywhere in the universe. We would sing praises and dance to angelic music that no man has ever heard. We would never age. We had unconditional love towards one another. There was never any darkness, but light. We had it all.

The audience was now listening intently. INT: Which leaves me to the question: If everything was as good as you claim, why did you rebelled against God? LCFR: Why did I rebel against God when I had it all? You ask. I was a beautiful angel made perfect without any blemish. I asked myself the question: Why does He need to be worship when I should be worshiped? INT: When you say He are you referring to Lucifer interrupted. LCFR: Yes, the Son of God, Jesus Christ. What was so special about him that H e needed all the praise and worship of all of the angels in heaven? Why couldnt I be praised just like him? My beauty consumed me to the point of exalting myself. I said: I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High. My sin was pride. Can you believe that? Whats wrong with loving yourself and admiring yourself? I dont see anything wrong with that. He made me and the rest of the angels beautiful. Why not admire yourself? So I had a plan. I would overtake God and cast him out of heaven and I would have become the ruler of heaven. I gathered 1/3 of the angels and began planting seeds of doubts. Keep in mind; they did not know what sin was. It was easy to deceive them. I ask them how they could worship a God who was egotistical and did not want to share his glory with us. Some were skeptical and others were in agreement. The other angels were totally against the idea. They believed that Gods intention was good and wanted us to be happy with the one who created us. I disagreed. I set my plan of attack for a specific day and time. One thing slipped my mind - I forgot that God could read minds. Something we never were able to do. INT: Was there ever a time where Jesus Christ wanted you to repent of your sins before you rebelled? LCFR: He knew what I was up to and confronted me three times. He told me how much he loved me and wanted me to turn away from my sin. My pride would not let me. I could not submit to him. I already had spoken to the angels and did not want to look weak in their sight. Heaven was going to be mine regardless or not. So I thought. INT: How did you gather the angels without God seeing you? LCFR: Heaven is a huge place. I was 50 thousand miles away with 1/3 of the angels who would rebel against God with me. INT: Wow! That must have been an amazing sight. LCFR: It was. INT: Werent you afraid that God could have destroyed you? LCFR: I took my chances. If he would have destroyed me, then the other angels would have believed the lie I told them about God being an abusive leader. My destruction would have validated what I told them. INT: Were there any weapons involved in this rebellion? LCFR: Yes, there were swords and other kinds of weapons that I would not get into. INT: This is interesting. Does the audience agree? The audience clapped in agreement. Please continue. LCFR: I gathered my angels and went up to the throne of God to confront and accuse him of slavery. I told him that it was time to step down and relinquish his throne to me. He looked at me with those tender eyes full of love and shook his head. Again he wanted me and the angels who joined me to repent of our sins. I was getting angry as the minutes passed by. I told him that nothing he said would change our minds. I gave him one more chance. Again, he pleaded with us to repent. By now, I was boiling with anger and had hatred and violence on my mind. I was going to hurt the Son of God.

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