As I walked into school that day, I felt a strange but exciting difference. Students were milling around the assembly area, waiting, anticipating… for the day to end! Yes! It is the last day of school. We were going to have a special ceremony to acknowledge the students that had a 100% record of attendance. It was a day many had been looking forward to as their hard work and perseverance to attend school, through rain or shine, had finally paid off. Some students were simply here to say goodbye to their friends before they went their separate ways for the holidays. Others were anxiously waiting to start their first day of work at various shopping malls and the ever-present McDonalds and KFC. That meant extra pocket money as well as means to finally get their driving licenses. As for me, I would miss many of many friends and teachers. After all, I had spent eleven years of my life in school. Parting would not be easy. I enjoyed school and could not even imagine not seeing my teachers along the corridors or monkeying with my fellow classmates. There would no longer be any tests, exams, spot quizzes and assignments to complain about. Life would be relatively tame back home. This rite of passage of the last day of school is one that I was expecting since last year but to actually have to go through it was not easy at all. Mrs. Teh walked towards me. It would be harder for her, I know. She was retiring today. After 56 years of service, she was going to take things easy now. Her last child had flown the nest and her husband had passed away four years ago. She filled her life with the students around her. She would surely miss the chatter and laughter. She gazed sadly around her and I ran towards her to give her a hug. It seemed to tell her that we would always be around for her – 5 Tekun and I. Soon, the bell would ring the last time for us. Then, the school corridors and walkways would empty out, waiting for two months before the next wave of students arrive for the new academic year. I walked out and turned back for the last time… sweet memories…

Dad looked up.. ‗Bobo‘ the teddy bear.Narrative Essay Example SPM Posted by zbakhtiar It was the wettest December I had ever experienced. only to bump into my mother. The woman in the photograph was my mother.. Quietly. I held the photograph tightly in my hand and dashed out of the attic. From the look on her face. I was fed up of watching the same old movies on cable television. The torrential rains had ruined my holiday plans as floods continued to wreak havoc in several states. It took a great deal of effort on his part to narrate the painful past. Finally.. Even the other channels had nothing exciting to offer. my biological mother — Lily Lee. I knew it was a question she did not want to answer. The thought of having to stay indoors for the next two weeks was not only depressing but also unbearable. She knocked on the door once before opening it. Curiosity got the better of me and I walked towards it. All sorts of questions and dreadful thoughts flooded my mind. The attic was surprisingly clean . I looked nostalgically at the clothes I had worn as a child and the toys I had played with. and his expression of annoyance disappeared when he saw the photograph in my hand. I stared at it incredulously. Lying at the bottom of the cardboard box was an old black and white photograph of a young woman. I lifted the lid slowly and was pleasantly surprised to see a variety of things in it – all of them reminders of my childhood.who is this?‖ I asked in a quivering voice. ―Mum. Television did not excite me anymore. It was as if I was looking at a female version of myself. What I heard that day is something I will never forget for the rest of my life. which I had slept with until I was ten. . I was not prepared for what I saw next. had been dry cleaned and kept in a box which also contained the first Mother‘s Day card I had made myself. I decided to go into the attic to retrieve some books which I had not read for a long time. Lily loved you very much.‖ Dad‘s use of the past tense m ade me uncomfortable. I looked around and noticed a teak chest that I had never seen before. she held my hand and led me towards the study where dad had been working all morning.a sign that mum had finally completed the chore that she had kept putting off. I had pleaded with dad to allow me to go to the east coast with my friends but he had been unyielding. ―Son. just as much as Janet here loves you.

When the doctors deemed it safe. . She looked up slowly. The doctors had wanted to terminate her pregnancy to save her life but she had refused. Lily continued to live. this option was risky. so that you would not grow up motherless. Slowly. I braved myself and stated what I thought was obvious. You might not have given birth to me but you are and will always be my mother. Was I adopted? What about my father? Who was he? Had he abandoned me? After a while. I am adopted!‖ ―No. though in a comatose state. Quickly. Lily breathed her last the moment I was born into this world. ―Mum. ―So. Her eyes remained downcast. It was as if she was not giving up on life till her baby was born. I looked at mum and I saw the pain and anguish in her eyes. son. Janet. confused and angry. she looked down. they performed an emergency C-section. that means you are not my real parents. All sorts of emotions consumed me. she had lost her balance and fallen on the kerb. but due to her condition. The head injuries she had sustained had a devastating effect on her health. As a result of the sudden assault. I got up from my chair and walked towards her. You are not adopted.My biological mother was six months pregnant when the incident happened. Although the doctors had given up hope. Then with tears in her eyes. she hugged me tightly. Dad sobbed softly as he finished relating the heart-wrenching story. A month later she fell into a coma. She made me promise her that I would marry her younger sister.‖ I comforted her as much as I comforted myself. I went down on my knees and held her hands in mine. as though she was anticipating rejection. Lily was my first wife. She had been walking towards her office when a motorcyclist came from behind and grabbed her handbag before speeding off. The only option was to perform surgery. I was sad. I am your father. her eyes searching my face for sincerity. I know I am only seventeen but I am more mature than you think. fearful of rejection.‖ The sense of relief that I felt at that moment was indescribable.

especially the girls. now you are ready to start composing the story. when the truth finally sank in. There were squeals and peals of laughter amidst the din of conversation. Easily the most detestable boy in the class. It was then that I saw the slimy. The Day I Lost My Temper “Ring. . creepy creature staring at me with its moist. Then. As he approached. there was a sense of relief for Mr. he had the familiar mischievous grin which revealed a set of yellowish protruding teeth. It was at this moment that Seng Chye bustled to the front of the class. I was frozen with fear. beady eyes. giant leap. he was grinning from ear to ear. Seng Chye was an incorrigible prankster whose impish behaviour was a source of irritation and annoyance to most of us.legged creature landed on my lap. bringing to an end the silence that reigned the class for the past fourty minutes. in the twinkling of an eye. I knew that Seng Chye was up to mischief again.. Perplexed as I was as to the cause of this sudden flurry of excitement. I let out a few ear – splitting screams that echoed along the corridor.COMPOSING THE ESSAY After planning the plot and brainstorming on the vocabulary. Siva was a strict disciplinarian who would not tolerate any of our pranks. As his diminutive figure inched his way to where I was seated. All around me... Then. Keep in mind the 6 elements that you have learned when writing a story. As the stalwart figure of the Mathematics teacher stepped out of the class. he put something on my desk.. I could hear hilarious laughter while I was consumed by bitterness and anger. I could hear hysterical screams. the shrill ringing of the school bell pierced the air.”.. As he bolted out of the classroom. the four . The joke was at my expense. All of a sudden with a husky croak and a single.

His face has turned as red as a beetroot and he had guilt written all over his face.As I seethed in anger and hurled verbal abuses at the top of my voice. Each of us took turns to relate the incident. As I stepped out of the room. Seng Chye cowered in silence. Seng Chye and I were summoned to his room. I knew that this was one incident that would remain in my memory for a long time to come. Seng Chye was asked to apologise which he readily obliged and was let off with a stern warning. . It was the day I lost my temper. The pandemonium that resulted was enough to catch the attention of the discipline master who stalked into the class.

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