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MANIPAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Manipal University, Manipal 576 104

VI SEM. B.E. (MECHANICAL ENGG.) DEGREE END SEMESTER EXAMINATIONS MAY/JUNE 2009 SUBJECT: AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING (MEE-308) REVISED CREDIT SYSTEM ( 18 / 05 / 2009) Time: 3 Hours. MAX.MARKS: 50 Instructions to Candidates: Answer ANY FIVE FULL questions. Missing data, if any, may be suitably assumed.

1A) List any three merits and any three demerits of Aluminium as the piston material compared to cast iron. (03) 1B) With a neat sketch explain the over head valve mechanism of an engine. State its advantages. (04) 1C) Differentiate between I head and F head engines with suitable sketches. (03)

2A) Explain the working of battery ignition system with a neat sketch and differentiate between battery and magneto ignition system. (05) 2B) Draw a neat sketch of a S.U. carburetor and explain its working, (05)

3A) With a neat sketch explain the working of modern cooling system of an automobile engine including thermo-stat in position. (04) 3B) Draw the neat sketch of a mechanical fuel pump and explain its function. 3C) List any four purposes of lubricating an automobile engine? 4A) Sketch and explain semi centrifugal clutch. (04) (02) (04)

4B) A friction clutch is required to transmit 30 KW of power at 2200 rpm. The clutch is of single plate type with both sides of plate being effective. The pressure is applied axially by means of springs and is limited to 6.8 N/cm 2. if the outer diameter of the plate is 305 mm, find the inner diameter and the axial force exerted by the springs. Assume uniform wear condition and co-efficient of friction is equal to 0.35. (03)


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4C) In a 3 speed gear box the clutch shaft pinion has 14 teeth and low gear on the main shaft has 32 teeth. The lay shaft has 36, 25 and 18 gear teeth respectively. The rear axle ratio is 3.7:1 and the effective radius of the rear tyre is 35.5 cm. Calculate the speed of the vehicle for different gear ratios at an engine speed of 2500 rpm. (03) 5A) Sketch and explain the working of a Torque convertor. 5B) Explain the working of rack and pinion steering gear system with a neat sketch. 5C) Explain the following with sketches and mention the approximate magnitudes. (i) Camber (ii) Caster and (iii) King-pin inclination. (04) (03)


6A) With a neat sketch explain the working of Mac pherson strut independent suspension system. (04) 6B) Explain the working of vaccum servo braking system with a neat sketch. 6C) List any four desirable properties of a tyre in an automobile? (04) (02)


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