A lot of this comes from RP Trivedi one of her teachers… OJAS- Cynthia Copple -big family a sign that

someone has good ojas, she comes from one, mama is 92 kapha and kapha is where ojas comes from so we must celebrate this -What is opposite of Ojas..many of us sit in front of a computer, spine curves like a fetus, she is in this position too…sit up breathe do yogasanas there is energy moving throughout the body need ed for life and ojas…we are slaves to mind and igoring the body by modern life, which our modern life is set up to do…classically ojas is product of shukra dhatu…if any tissue is deficient then ojas will have problems, though if ojas is good other tissues will be good Two types of ojas – para ojas 8 drops in ojas in heart need for life We have two handfuls of gross ojas that circulates through body, some possible parallels in western, ambulin a blood protein…produces fatty and luster in body,especially females…maybe leucocyts, white bloodetc.. immune system correlaries…ojas is energy and mater….energy is latent, we have capacity for ojas to come forth when needed and when not needed it reside in energy of body…good ojas is vital person, being around them you gain energy…being around people without ojas you feel you lose energy… clear and glowing face shows ojas and creates positive health…these descriptions are opposite of vata Ojas then tejas then prana..prana is most subtle energetic aspect that comes through these things…ojas is physical and energetic, tejas and parana are not physical at all but only energetic..these are the last in chain of digestion through the body… Ojas opposite of ama and ALCHOL.alcohol one of prime factors that depletes ojas… Signs of proper ojas…feeling rested on wakening, skin with healthy glow, strong appetite digestion,clear mind, energy and enthusiasitic,light,rarely sick Ama=coating on tongue, pale skin,foggy mind, depressed and fatigue, general pain and achy,heavy after meals,often sick -first sign of depleted ojas is timidity…might be personality trait, but if person is normal energetic and not fearful then they get timid shows ojas going down…might have had a shock…must be in our own rythym to stay healthy with our ojas…if vata vata rythym,pitta pitta rythymetc…if we get out of our rythym we become vulnerable to disease nad mental disease…she thinks low ojas is link to mental disease -second sign is getting free floating anxiety, weakness of a body part – for example wrist is weak, the ojas is low there..then nerves go down etc…complexion becomes grey, circulation isn’t happening, loses normal thinking power and has malice in their heart… they have lost ojas,they become highly irritable and reactive and then they lose weight… story of sister in real estate , market crashed, went on crazy diets, lost weight, people commented, then she liked it and got pancreatic cancer and died…got her wake up

negative emotions decrease ojas… -regularity and calmness like yoga and mediation which can increase ojas…? -she thinks pancha karma is best way to increase ojas.. through the karmas. must really pay attention to these signs -looks like a lot of disease we know. tiredness .didn’t pay attention to body…lesson of ojas is staying healthy in Ayurveda.for herself a year and half ago she was herself went 2 or 4 weeks without a day off. rice pudding.call. licorice root. during. diets without fats etc…mono diets… -fatigue.ojas loss Grief and sorrow (avoid vata things) Anxiety strain and emotional loss Hunger.dr trivedi told couple to take khir before.she did that and got pneumonia…wake up comes in small ways.then she listened to her body… just tries to do four things in a day which is hard for a pitta. they are cooling-things that heat or dry out don’t do this however formulas to blanace needs all…just for ojas sweet tonic roots are beter. she did this andhasn’t gotten sick for 4 years… Causes of depleted ojas. life and surgery Any kind of a shock-ionstant ojas depletion Anger-not normal but a sudden fury. taking herbs. but this is a ojas producing exercise…you can do more than four things but you don’t have to. In ayurveda loss of ojas is real cause of disease and inability of body to heal itself.IF you are a practitioner you know how to push your body while keeping it balanced. weariness. and after sex to increae stretngth… -if you can’t digest milk use ginger and turmeric to counteract problems with digesting milk… -love balances doshas and increases ojas. but it’s not on a daily basis HOW DO WE KEEP IT STRONG? Time of eating -eating ryhtymically 3-6 times ( vata needs to eat every three hours) -kapha only might need to eat every 6 hours and everyone else in the middle -just eating when hungry and in an erratic pattern depletes ojas -soupy foods easier to digest increases ojas -can eat heavier foods if body can handle it -herbs like shatavari. chywanprash specific to this -almond milk pro ojas from real almonds (most milk in store is flavored with extract). excessive fasting. accidents or injuries Psychological and physical trauma. it “iorns out the wrinkles in our being of our old holding patterns” then healthy things flow through our system and body comes back into operation and awareness is restored… . and amala increase ojas. ghee is great. we think it’s normal... adrenlanie shooting up Loss of patience.

... People who do Pranayam. Most people practice Pranayam. feel vitality of body nature taking toxic ears out.Once these four things are done then you can do other things if you want or have time…This changes what happens in the mind and what kind of pressure are you putting on yourself…. merely avoiding sex.IF you only have four things to do and you did them you can pat yourself on back. but dont develop Ojas(which is developed mainly by Bhakti) dont get strong results. as extra Ojas is collected. feel centripetal force pulling up and away from earth.In morning look at 4 things you need that day. is is wasted. . as there is no Ojas to absorb the extra Pran they create.-we get in habit of thinking other things are more important than our body and we drive our body like a car and pnacha karma helps us come back into our body…makes it easier to shift ways of living -when we make bad choices we are more awar of body. the earth is holdiong. On the other hand. feelnature breathing us. it is a teacher -notice when ojas is depleting and slow down. movement of lymph taking toxins out.. feel nerve energy enlivening every cell.but if you have 10 then they are all jumbling around. and then feel bad if you don’t…..release thigs fingers. nature driving blood through body. Guided meditation to feel ojas in body Feet flat in florr. how hard. but the other things you do are extra an -story of how feeling accomplished with just a few thing in day . which was why moderation in sex is advised. feels complete support of earth no need to hold it . but dont know that Pran is useless without Ojas.just because you think it you think you can do it as a pitta. hips and feel support of earth.clients with long lists really aggravates pitta as you always have something to do you can’t live up to…. but without Pran to store in it. or doing just Bhakti is also useless. QUESTIONS -doing just 4 things a day is very difficult.. happier…if you only have 4 can do them and accomplish more. Ojas is sort of a container that holds Pran & Tejas. beneath where youa re sitting feel below to center of earth where mother earth and gravity is supporting body like mother cradling a child. Pran & Ojas should be balanced in our body. feel heart beating. Ojas is wasted by sex.our job is to not put any obstacles in the way of those natural process…if we put wrong choices through how we live we can release them and nature will restore health…. this can even include a walk on the beach. let the body catch up……….. our own internal detoxification system…thisi snature doing all this by its own.nature is there to heal. FROM A POSTING ON HINDU DIVINE Namaste! The 3 elements of Tejas.

Next: How to increase Pran. Meera Bai was a classic example of power of Ojas. Again. Tripur Sundari. All these Gods are terrifying. & Skand(Murugan). This gives a good technical reason why Bhakti Yoga. who is the son of Fire & kills the demon of ego with his spear of Yogic tapasya. Pran is located at the heart. Hanuman. located at the bottom of spine. Ojas is situated at the of head in Sahasra Chakra. or realising that conciousness is everything. Tejas & Ojas . & the world has no existence outside of Pure Spirit. Laksmi(in her higher form). Shiv in his kind form. without Ojas. This is also the quality of Pran. uncontrollable & fast like the storm(like Kali can give instant enlightenment. Indra. Unless a balance between the 3 is made. It is worshipped as Kali. It is worshipped as Krishna.Tejas is collected by Gyan Yoga. Shiva as Rudra. or instant death). this is useless. & cant normally by controlled(Hanuman was only controlled by his Bhakti for Ram). Tripur Bhairavi. Gyan Yoga or Hatha/Raja Yoga by themselves are useless. It is worshipped as fiery Gods like Durga. Tejas is the power of Kundalni. Sadhna will not give full results. as it is fast & violent.she was always intoxicated with Gods love.

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