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The United Kingdom

June 2009 Update

Monarch: His Majesty King George VII
Consort: Her Majesty Queen Alexandria

Prime Minister: Rt. Hon. British Orange, MP

Deputy Prime Minister: Rt. Hon. Ann Coulter, MP

Minister for Home Affairs: Rt. Hon. Prince Indian Gangs

Minister for Defence: Rt. Hon. Sir Reg Empey
Minister for Foreign Affairs: Rt. Hon. Mesian
Minister for Culture: Rt. Hon. Lord Carlisle, MP
Minister for Information: Rt. Hon. Lord Healey
Chancellor of the Exchequer: Rt. Hon. Santa8, MP
WA Delegate: PASD – New Portage

Speaker of the House of Commons: Lord Carlisle

Deputy Speaker: Ann Coulter
Lord Chancellor: Chase
Deputy Chancellor: Celestino XI

New Government for a New Constitution

The month of June heralded the approval of TUK’s fourth constitution, which
took effect on the 6th; the ensuing General Election would produce its first
government. Interim Prime Minister Charles Barrington, who took office
following the resignation of his predecessor Shawdom, called for the election
in an attempt to start anew.

The election took place on June 9th, and it was a bit rocky. Elections
Commissioner Emperor Gowen I did not have the ability to place polls, which
led to trouble and public outcry until polls were put in place by
administrators. The election resulted in the landslide victory of British
Orange and his running mate, Ann Coulter, who defeated opponent
Masterson with a historic 100% margin.

The seats of the House of Commons were won as follows:

Northern England: British Orange – Conservative Unionist
Southern England: Lord Carlisle – Conservative Unionist
Scotland: Santa8 - Labour
Midlands: Charles Barrington – Conservative Unionist
Wales: Hucking - Labour
Northern Ireland: Ann Coulter – Independent

The Commons resulted in a Conservative plurality.

Resignation and Retirement

June also marked the resignation and retirement of Foreign Minister Charles
Barrington, MP, founder of the Conservative Unionist Party and former
interim Prime Minister. He decided to leave the political scene of TUK in order
to focus of his blog, Welcome to Eurostralia
(, an analysis of Australia-EU
relations. His seat in the cabinet was filled by Mesian, and his seat in the
Commons was filled by Great British Islands (Independent) in the Midlands
By-Election, and subsequent Midlands By-Election Runoff.

The United Kingdom Economy

As one of his first acts a Prime Minister, British Orange issued Executive
Order 45, which established the Ministry of Finance, of Exchequer, in an
attempt to revise and rethink the concept of an economy. He named Santa8
as Chancellor, and is currently developing the details, which have not yet
been released.

Recently, citizens have been invited to set up bank accounts, which will be
used in several markets that will be established. More to come on this later.

Battle in the House of Lords

The recently selected Life Peers of the House of Lords are locked in a
standoff with the PM over the judiciary. Lord Spiritual Vanquest has called for
the PM to elaborate his position on the appointment of trail court judges,
following his stonewall of the appointment of Lord Sebastian Montague as
Chief Justice. There is now a divide in the House, with all lords opposing CJ
appointments for their own reasons.

There are now calls to re-define the Judiciary, as it is currently in shambles

and is completely ineffective.

“Healey Logs” Scandal

On June 20th, Foreign Minister Mesian published the link to the so-called
“Healey Logs,” a blog where a lengthy MSN conversation between Mesian
and former Prime Minister Lord Healey is posted. The conversation reportedly
took place during the LH Administration, and discusses the creation of an
intelligence service. The conversation reveals LH’s candid feelings about
many prominent members of TUK, specifically Ann Coulter and then Chief
Justice imperialist royalists.
All in all, it is a disturbing revelation of conspiracy and corruption. Mesian,
who was then chief of the intelligence service, alleges that his computer was
hacked, and that the conversation was posted by someone other than
himself; he summarized the contents, and said he would accept any charges
that may be brought against him as a result.

Lord Healey claims this is a plot against by Mesian, and he challenges the
validity of his assertions. You can view the conversation at:

Respectfully submitted,

Emperor Gowen I
Emperor Gowen I
Chief Foreign Affairs Officer