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Long and slow was the march of the Eldar into the west, for the leagues of Middl

e-earth were uncounted, and weary and pathless. Nor did the Eldar desire to hasten, for they were filled wit h wonder at all that they saw, and by many lands and rivers they wished to abide; and though all were yet willing to w ander, many feared rather their journey's end than hoped for it Therefore whenever Orom departed, having at times other matters to heed, they halted and went forward no more, until he returned to guide them. And it came to pass a fter many years of journeying in this manner that the Eldar took their course through a forest, and they came to a gre at river, wider than any they had yet seen; and beyond it were mountains whose sharp horns seemed to pierce the realm of the stars. This river, it is said, was even the river which was after called Anduin the Great, and was ever the frontie r of the west-lands of Middle-earth. But me mountains were the Hithaeglir, the Towers of Mist upon the borders of Eriado r; yet they were taller and more terrible in those days, and were reared by Melkor to hinder the riding of Orom. N ow the Teleri abode long on the east bank of that river and wished to remain there, but the Vanyar and me Noldor pass ed over it, and Orom led them into the passes of the mountains. And when Orom was gone forward the Teleri looked upo n the shadowy heights and were afraid. Then one arose in the host of Olw, which was ever the hindmost on the road; Lenw h e was called. He forsook the westward march, and led away a numerous people, southwards down the great ri ver, and they passed out of the knowledge of their kin until long years were past. Those were the Nandor; and th ey became a people apart, unlike their kin, save that they loved water, and dwelt most beside falls and running streams . Greater knowledge they had of living things, tree and herb, bird and beast, than all other Elves. In after years Dene thor, son of Lenw, turned again west at last, and led a part of that people over the mountains into Beleriand ere the ri sing of the Moon. At length the Vanyar and the Noldor came over Ered Luin, the Blue Mountains, bet ween Eriador and the westernmost land of Middle-earth, which the Elves after named Beleriand; and the foremost companies passed over the Vale of Sirion and came down to the shores of the Great Sea between Drengist and the Bay of Balar. But when they beheld it great fear came upon them, and many withdrew into the woods and highla nds of Beleriand. Then Orom departed, and returned to Valinor to seek the counsel of Manw, and left them. And the host of the Teleri passed over the Misty Mountains, and crossed the wide lands of Eriador, being urged on by Elw Singollo, for he was eager to return to Valinor and the Light that he h ad beheld; and he wished not to be sundered from the Noldor, for he had great friendship with Finw their lord. Thus after many years the Teleri also came at last over Ered Luin into the eastern regions of Beleriand. There they halted, and dwelt a while beyond the River Gelion.