Reflections: The Obama Administration and New World Order After eight years of turmoil and warfare, America

was demanding for change. The American society is tired of waging an endless, perpetual war and sick of George W Bush’s blatant lies. They were sick of the Neo-Cons and their objectives of world domination. Finally, America was waiting and calling for real political and financial economic change. That change appeared in the form of an inexperienced, groomed, black man who had the entire media follow after him without delay. This black man had barely enough political experience on Capitol Hill, but the masses, now seeing a new face with a new color, cheered on without reflection. This is the so-called, “change” that has arrived. Obama, who called himself the saviour of the world, and a man of, “hope” came into the wings of American politics, and galvanized the world for what was to come. Obama, like Bush, is just another puppet. Obama is a puppet of Wall Street, the City of London, and Washington D.C. He serves the bankers and financial oligarchs who bought him to power in the first place. His mentors include the Rockefellers, and Zbigniew Brzezinski, the Carter Administration’s National Security Advisor. He was also groomed by Henry Kissinger and his gang of warlords. The Neo Cons and the Neo Liberalists definitely support Obama, because there is little distinction between either McCain or Obama. Both supported the bailouts that led up to this current crisis of massive proportions that is worse than the Great Depression. Both candidates continue to support the unjustified wars on Iraq and Afghanistan and are still talking about bombing Iran, or, were, at the time of the elections. Both of these candidates have no real understanding of how economics work, or the hardships of the struggling middle class Americans. Basically, neither of these candidates really understands anything that has nothing to do with how much political points they are going to score. Both are just as idiotic as the other, because both political parties have been sold out to Wall Street a long time ago when the Federal Reserve Act came into effect in 1913, an act that is illegal under the Constitution. Obama is simply a puppet of, for, and by Wall Street. He is a new mask to the same old policies of imperialism by the Anglo-American gang of bankers and investors. Sure, you can say he is so eloquent, he is graceful, so peaceful, so understanding. “He is such a man of peace” – all dictators, I am sure, looked peaceful before they murdered your children to go to war for them. Alas, at the end of the day, it is not about the appearances or the color of the skin of the politician, what matters is the fruit that is borne by this politician. It is the agenda that counts, not who is in office. You can have a Martian as the President of the United States, and sure he might look a little out of our comfort zone, but at the end of the day, he, she, or it must always follow the Agenda. If they did not, they would be there. Get this equality through your skull you diehard Obama fans: Presidency = Puppet. From the moment that Obama got into office, he appointed lobbyists, Wall Street investors, the military-industrial complex, and private interests from Wall Street into his administration. It is by far, the most Wall Street friendly administration since Roosevelt. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are continuing without end in sight. Israel is still imposing its holocaust measures on the Palestinian people who did no wrong to Israel and were not the ones who murdered Jews during the alleged, questionable, “Holocaust.” The economy continues its inevitable downward spiral. Banks and corporations too big to fall are bailed out, while the middle class suffers as unemployment rises. America continues to go into perpetual debt to the Wall Street bankers. Pakistan is proceeding to becoming a failed state as America is attacking that country to destabilize Eurasia and to conquer Africa to take down China. The torture of war prisoners and people who did no wrong continues to take place. The PATRIOT Acts are enforced and further justified. Bush and his Neo-con gang still has not been impeached or put to trial. Cheney and his

mafia are still walking freely throughout the streets of Capitol Hill, wreaking whatever chaos they want to pave the way for their own totalitarian state. If Obama had really meant change, by now he would have called back the troops, not appointed a gang of Wall Street, Zionist, and Socialist financiers. He would have repealed the PATRIOT Acts, ended the private Federal Reserve, and stopped the relentless bailing out of banks and corporations. If he had really meant change, he would have forced Congress to stop abiding by the rules of the Israel lobby, and called an end to Israel’s war crimes in Palestine (whom they are occupying). If Obama had really meant change, he would have stopped the torture of prisoners who are unjustly imprisoned and without trial. He would have shut down Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, and ceased the attacks on Pakistan, destabilization of Africa, the war games around the dangerous, fragile borders of the former Soviet Union. If Obama had really meant change, he would not have appointed Wall Street and serve Wall Street in the name of Wall Street. Obama is a liar, a cheater, a deceiver, and a mask to the same old face of imperial rhetoric. He is a sadistic murderer and fraud. He even spoke of ushering in a New World Order at Sun Valley, in Germany. He spoke of, “global citizenship,” and the people of Germany cheered for him blindly like sheep. Even in America, Obama’s Zionist advisor, Rahm Emmanuel even stated on the air that they consider having youths join the civilian army to police America. Even older people will be forced to join to serve the American Dictatorship at Home. Forced draft and such is the signs of the approaching Obama dystopia. Even critics have been silenced, as is the case on the infamous, unreliable, and censored Wikipedia. It describes the entire Obama phenomenon as something that came from God or something, with most all praises, and very little criticism. Even those who criticize or question Obama’s policies are forced to concede to self-appointed thought police who back up Obama with so-called, “Truth.” What truth? The man and his lies are based on so many lies that this whole thing is FUBB (fucked up beyond belief). Any moral person with the rational and emotional understanding of how gullible and stupid humanity is, would wake up to the illusion that Obama is a, “savior” from “Krypton.” He is neither a savior nor a messiah, he a liar and an actor. His mission as Presidential Puppet is to pull the strings of the American populace who are currently docile, upset China and Russia, use Iran to destabilize the former Soviet Union, launch the world into Phase who knows what of the New World Order, proceed with his illusion of false hope and more-of-the-same, and destroy whatever is left of the American Constitution and Bill of Rights, and to forge America into a modern Police State with himself and his puppeteers at the top of the pyramid. He also has to ensure that when the people begin to wake up again, they will be ready for the next, “savior.” He must also be ready to relinquish his puppet post when the time comes. Obama is the devil of the 21st Century, as he is held only accountable to his puppet masters and those who pull his strings. He has no concern for the common person on Main Street, as he has proven over and over again with his lies and frustrations that he is serving Wall Street. If America really wants change, it will not come from within the halls of Congress and the streets of Washington D.C. Ultimately, it will have to come from within. The country needs a revolution, a wake-up call. It is not the president that counts; it is the agenda that is paramount. This requires a spiritual illumination of the average American and world population to the fact that Obama is no more different than Bush other than his color. If color does not matter, then policy must. Policy is the fruit of all politics, because without policy, there would be no need for politicians. Yes, you can. The color of the cat may change, but it does not change the fact that the cat is still a cat.

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