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Fate claims that every human being has his/her spouse for his/her life.

Like day and night, God gives each of us a life partner. A marriage between a
man and a woman(normal marriage) has a significant function in life, not just
to express our desire. Its significant function is to give us offsprings. A
normal marriage is a usual thing around us. Really? But how about a gay
marriage? The question is that is it usual things happened or that is can it be
received by the public. Have you ever thought that it also will give us
offsprings as the main purpose of marriage? My answer is no, because of
that I disagree with gay marriage. Gay marriage is bad according to our
religion, bad for our health, and bad in the eyes of the public.

First, we have to be responsible for all our acts in front of God. A

believe toward God and religion are must be had by each of us. The religion
between God and religion are two things which may not be separate and
they have their own law which must be obeyed. Really? Try to give a deep
way to understand it. In the Al-quran as the holy book of Ibrahim’s believe
contains written prohibiton about homosexual marriage. One of the entry
(Q.s. Al-A’raf/7:30-34) is talking about the people of Nabi Luth which have
already joined with the relation between same-sex unions. What they have
done, in the eyes of Islam, is contrary to the way fate claims which says that
each of us will get a life partner of different type. Besides that, the Roman
Catholic Church also argues from a theological perspective against
recognizing same-sex unions. In their view acts of sexual intimacy are only
proper between a man and a woman within wedlock. Secular government
recognition of any other union within the definition of "marriage" would
therefore reflect a belief in the moral equivalence of acts between a man and
woman and acts between two men or two women; this belief is contrary to
Catholic doctrinal teaching. Besides that marriage between man and woman
has a significant function to get offsprings, not just to express our desire. In
this point, the question is that is gay marriage also has a willing to give us

The second point is gay marriage is bad because it brings troubles for
our health. The fact claims that a gay marriage will effect badly in to our
health. First, gay marriage is the one of some easy way to transmit sexual
diseases. HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), the virus which is caused
AIDS may be passed from one person to another when infected blood,
semen, or vaginal secretions come in contact with an uninfected person’s
broken skin or mucous membranes. And by the story of one doctor in
California, tells that about five couple of same-sex relation were infected by
the disease, AIDS.
Last but not least, public’s opinions show that gay marriage is bad in
the eyes of the public. A friend of mine, Muthia argues that she doesn’t agree
with gay marriage because it is bad according to our religion. Then she
continues her sentences that our belief to God must be the first priority in
decided to do something. According to her, public also argue when they
heard that a marriage between men and women happened. The most of
public’s opinion is being influenced by each local culture. Like in Indonesian’s
culture, from this perspective we know that almost all Indonesian’s people
believe in normal marriage. In Indonesia, gay marriage is something unusual.
Besides Muthia’s opinion, Eva, a friend in HI IN 1, agree to my opinion which
argues about gay marriage. Her point is almost same with Muthia, but there
is a good point which was explained. She argues that gay marriage is bad for
our emotional relation. Do you remember one of the chemistry that discuss
about the structure of atom? Let me help you to understand the way she
argues. Two pole sides of atom are the negative pole and the positive pole.
The positive has a willingness to pull the negative one. By imagine the
woman as the positive pole and the man as the negative one, we could see
that they can attract each other. But, how the relation between men or
women? The positive pole could meet the positive one, and so could the
negative one. They will hit each other. If we realize it to the real concept, we
could see that s gay marriage could have a problem on their emotional

In conclusion, gay marriage is bad according to our religion, bad for our
health and bad in the eyes of the public. My friends says that it could be
better to believe our God and do the best for ourself. It is not good when tou
try to be far from gay, but it could be better if we suggest him/her to leave
this habit because of the bad effects. Everyone has the human right, but
don’t ever think that we would do anything with it.