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Omar Tarhuni
12 April 2000 A-úthú billáhi minash shaytánir rajím. Bismilláhir Rahmánir Rahím! [Arabic du'á] Pick Your Teeth! The Young Muslims UK – Taking Islam To The People It‟s one of the greatest sins and yet it‟s something we do day after day. Sometimes we don‟t even realise it. You‟re just chatting away with your friends and you begin to talk about somebody else. Our whole lives are based around „Home and Away‟ and „Neighbours‟, soaps based on lying, backbiting etc. But look at what the Prophet (saw) said about it: The Prophet (saw) was sitting with his companions one day and one of them was speaking badly about someone who wasn‟t there. As the man got up to leave the Prophet (saw) said to him: “Pick Your Teeth!” “But I haven‟t eaten anything.” The man protested. “No” the Prophet (saw) said “YOU HAVE EATEN THE FLESH OF YOUR DEAD BROTHER”. As Allah tells us in the Quran: “Would any of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? No, you would hate it.” (Ch49: v12) But What If It’s True? The Prophet (saw) told us “Backbiting is to say something about someone they wouldn‟t like said about them….If what bad you said about them is true, then you have backbited and if it is false then you have slandered them.” If you‟re still not convinced of how big a sin backbiting really is, then look at the punishment Allah has in store for the backbiters. The Prophet (saw) described: “On the night of Mirage I passed by some people who had metal hooks in their hands and were clawing at their faces and their necks with them. I asked Gabriel „Who were these people?‟ He said „These are the people who eat the flesh of human beings and disgrace them‟. This is how big of a sin backbiting is looked upon and yet we continue to backbite without a second thought, next time you lie, talk about somebody, remember Allah (swt) and the Prophet (saw) and put them in front of you before you speak. Just having a Laugh!

Then he who was your worst enemy will become your best friend. Let not some men laugh at others. A man came to the Prophet (saw) one day and said “Advise me”. thinking it‟s cool and macho to swear. it may be the that they are better than you. We treat lies as being trivial. If someone angers you or swears at you then don‟t harm yourself by doing the same but respond in a better way as Allah says in the Quran: “Repel evil with what is better.” (MUSLIM). and that one day you will have to answer for every single word you ever uttered. However we are told that “Allah‟s messenger did not hate anything more than lying”(Ahmed). Nor let some women laugh at others it may be that they are better than you. Is it really „cool‟ to swear? The Hellfire is far from being cool. Don‟t become angry. As we know that one lie leads to . The Prophet (saw) was once asked “Can a Muslim be a coward?” He (saw) replied “Yes. People will wish they were cool then rather than being cool in this world. Furthermore. The solution? … Don‟t get angry in the first place. nor be sarcastic to each other by using offensive nicknames…” (Ch49v11) Don‟t forget that Allah made us the way we are. You‟re only harming yourself.” (Bukhari). or how they look. So let us follow this beautiful advice of the Prophet (saw) and remember that anger is from shaitan.” How often do we say such a phrase or say that “I was only joking”. copying the idols of TV and the cinema. walks. Then anger will leave him. So if you swear at someone then it‟s written down as a sin against you. Honest. an angel writes down what you say. Allah warns us against such behaviour: “O you who believe.” The Prophet (saw) was then asked “Can a Muslim be a liar?” The Prophet (saw) replied “NO! A Muslim can never be a liar”. he said “Truth leads to virtue and virtue leads to paradise…Lying leads to wickedness and wickedness leads to the hellfire. „We‟ll make fun of the way someone talks.” (Ch41v33) “It wasn‟t me. is to swear at them. “When one of you gets angry while he is standing up. and if not then he should lie down” (Ahmad). „But sometimes you just have to swear‟! We‟ve all been there – you‟re just so angry with somebody and the only way you can express yourself. Nor abuse each other . Remember! That every time you speak . Don‟t become angry”…. The Prophet (saw) said that “Abusing a Muslim is a sin and fighting with him is disbelief. he should sit down.Maybe we think it‟s all right to take the mock out of someone so long as we say it to their face.” and then asked “Can a Muslim be a miser?” and the reply was “Yes. The prophet (saw) said “Don‟t become angry. so how can you even think of making fun of his creation? Cool to Swear? Listen to yourself and to your friends speaking one day – nearly every sentence will have a swear word in it.

Indeed the tongue controls the rest of your body. The Prophet (saw) said “Whoever can guarantee me two things I can guarantee them Paradise. Remember you can lie and think that you have got away with it but on the day of Judgement your hands. sworn and made fun of others. Allah says “Who is better in speech than one who calls (men) to Allah and works righteousness and says I am one of those who bow down in Islam” (Ch 41v33) Your tongue can save you as well! Indeed if you control your tongue and speak good then paradise can be yours. never despair of the mercy of Allah for truly he forgives all sins. The Prophet (saw) said “When a person gets up in the morning.another ten lies which lead to bad actions. But if you think that the situation will get worse then turn back to Allah sincerely begging for his forgiveness then to make up for what you said. and if you are wrong then we shall also be wrong. lying and engaging in useless talk we can use our tongues in better ways and what better than telling people about Islam. He is the Forgiving. I must be doomed I must be going to hell!” NO! Allah (swt) tells us in the Quran: “O my servants who have wronged themselves. faces down into the hellfire. only on account to what their tongues said. the Merciful.” (Tirmidhi) Instead of swearing.” (Tirmidhi). If you are right then we shall also be right .” (Bukhari) I‟ve lied and backbited. because we follow you. „Fear Allah regarding us.” (Ch39v53) So if you really repent and turn back to Allah and promise not to commit the sin again then truly Allah‟s promise is true and He will forgive you. The Best Example . go around and talk good of him. all the parts of his body make a plea to his tongue saying. A well controlled tongue will keep us within Islam but a loose tongue will destroy us.” The companions asked “What O Messenger of Allah?” He replied “What is between his jaws (his tongue) and his legs (private parts). Will we be called to account for what we say?” He replied “May you be lost to your mother – people will be thrown. If you‟ve backbitten someone – go and tell the person whom you backbited and apologise sincerely and ask them to forgive you. But it’s only words! One day one of the companions asked the Prophet (saw) “O Messenger of Allah. tongue and feet will bear testimony against you and tell the truth.

The Messenger of Allah (saw) said: “Whoever believes in Allah and the Last day. Ayesha (RA) the Prophet‟s wife described the Prophets conduct as follows: “He was neither a obscene talker nor a user of bad words. He did not shout nor did he repay evil with evil.As we know that the best person to have ever lived is the Prophet Muhammad (saw) and he is the best of example for mankind. LET HIM EITHER SPEAK GOOD OR KEEP SILENT” (Agreed upon) [du'á in Arabic] Ameen! Aqeemus Salaah! . He used to forgive people and overlook their sins.” (Tirmidhi) Final Advice: A beautiful saying of the Prophet (saw) that will ensure the protection of our tongue. If we follow him we can never go wrong.