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Seastema SpA

Integrated Marine Automation

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Company Profile Seastema Market Integrated Marine Automation

Standard functions Advanced functions

Integration Evolution Condition Based Maintenance Main programs in progress CBM: focus on FREMM project Diagnostic System Architecture Main references

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Company Profile
Joint venture profile

ABB and Fincantieri have set up a dedicated company to design, develop and commission integrated automation systems for marine applications in different segments: naval, cruise, ferries and mega yachts The company is based in Italy and has its head office in Genoa and a branch in Lucca, operation started in July 2009

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Company Profile
A strategic choice for Integrated Marine Automation

Our commitment is to create innovative automation solutions, based on ABB technology, in order to guarantee high operating efficiency, maintenance cost reduction and environmental impact limitation Responsible for marketing and sales, project execution, commissioning and supply of equipment Independent company with its management and technical departments, able to operate worldwide

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Company network: ABB Marine Global services

New Berlin, USA Crane training center

Seastema can rely on ABB Marine Service Organization with competent Service Centers worldwide

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Integrated Marine Automation Solutions

Typical solutions for: Mega Yachts Ferries Cruise Ship Navy Vessels

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Integrated Marine Automation

Machinery Automation - Basic Functions
Control and monitoring of: Electric Network and Power Management Propulsion system and shaft line Machinery auxiliaries Hull services, bilge and ballast Water systems Fuel systems Valves remote control Machinery ventilation HVAC Alarm management, unattended machinery requirements Events logging, Data recording, Graphical trends management

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Integrated Marine Automation

Machinery Automation - Advanced Functions
Damage Control System Long Term Archiving Integrated Bridge System Emergency Shutdown System Naval Vessel Command Propulsion Dynamic Simulation Security System Ashore and Onboard Simulators Entertainment System

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Ship Management System (SMS)

Benefits from integration

Ship management operation through a single system SMS collects all subsystems data providing an unique Plant Interface to the operators Smaller need for ship manning and more interoperability Numbers, type of subsystems and their level of integration depend on owner request, navy or merchant market, etc.
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Integration Evolution

Automation System

Navigation System


Hull Monitoring

Ship Management System Energy Consumptions Emissions Heading Keeping / DP

DSS Decision Support Systems

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CBM turn key

CBM is managed and provided turn key and covers all the following activities: executive design of CBM system through risk analysis like FMECA relationship management with machinery manufacturers for sensors defining/ positioning and related maintenance plans modification relationship management with Classification Society and Yard software algorithm development/implementation for multi-parameters diagnosis field data processing
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CBM Main program in Progress

Currently developed and implemented for naval applications where the integration of different systems (i.e. platform and combat system) is both a functional improvement and a contractual requirement.

Aircraft Carrier CAVOUR FREMM Frigates ORIZZONTE Class Frigates Auxiliary Vessel ELETTRA Comandanti Class Patrol Vessels

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FREMM characteristics - 1

CODLAG (COmbined Diesel-eLectric And Gas) propulsion: DDGG supplying EEPPMM; Just with GT and EEPPMM acting as shaft generators; GT and EEPPMM suppied by DDGG for max power;
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FREMM characteristics - 2

Azimuthally retractile thruster CM to avoid critical failure, apply CBM and reduce manning. Mistral Class: Length: 123mt Crew members 225 FREMM: Length: 140mt Crew members: 145

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CBM focusing on FREMM project

Main monitored plants: Gas Turbine Diesel Generators Electric Propulsion Motors Reduction Gear Rudder Roll Starting Air Compressors*
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Input data and strategy: Hours counter, rpm, temperatures, pressures, online oil analysis and vibrations Proprietary logics are integrated through open communication standards Expandable rule based health assessment

Reverse Osmosis Desalinators*

FREMM CBM integration

Benefits from integration

Ship Management System Diagnostic System

Maintenance Management System

SMS provides the hw and sw framework to carry out maintenance and diagnostic functions in order to support CBM strategy. The same input signals are used for: machine protection health assessment maintenance planning

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Diagnostic System Architecture

Predictive Assessment

Trend Analysis

Health & Performance Assessment

Expert System

Preliminary Analysis

Frequency Analysis

Process Diagnosis



Process Data

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Diagnostic System Architecture

Preliminary Analysis - Process Diagnosis
Process diagnosis is based on a set of baselines of machinery functional data (i.e. all process data are stored in different running conditions) Evaluation of data reliability is performed through comparison between real data and saved baselines

Several diagnostic indexes are computed at different level (plant, machinery, ) and displayed as radar plots

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Diagnostic System Architecture

Preliminary Analysis - Frequency Analysis
Both global vibration value and frequency analysis are used to perform machine diagnosis Frequency analysis allows to identify the following symptoms: misalignment unbalance looseness rolling bearing damages belt transmission problems oil whirl Real data are compared with recorded baselines

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Diagnostic System Architecture

Vibration Monitoring System
For each of the 6 FREMM frigates: Over 200 accelerometers; N 8 SPM Intellinova Unit with 32 channels each; OPC bidirectional communication with ship management system; Baseline recording and alert/alarm threshold tuning;

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Diagnostic System Architecture

Health & performance Assessment - Expert System

Vibration and data process are merged to perform expert diagnosis and evaluate machine performance Expert System provides maintenance advises to Operators in order to manage critical situations
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Diagnostic System Architecture

Predictive Assessment - Trend Analysis

In case of slow phenomena like degradation of filters and heat exchangers, the system performs a trend analysis able to predict the remaining operation time of the component in order to optimize maintenance schedule.

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SEASTEMA is able to provide state of the art integrated automation solutions for all the markets: military, yachts, cruise, cargo and offshore. SEASTEMA unique SMS based on open standard architecture is capable of embedding several decision support systems in the same operating environment. SEASTEMA is delivering to the Italian Navy the diagnostic system for FREMM frigates integrated on SMS.

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Main References

Type of ships: Aircraft Carrier Client: Italian Navy Ships name : Cavour Shipyard: Fincantieri

Automation Syste m capacity: 28.500 channels

Owner: Holland American Line Shipyard: Fincantieri 4 S-Class 4 R-Class 4 Vista-Class 2 Signature-Class

Automation Syste m capacity: 9.000 channels

Type of ships: MY 134 mt. Ships name : Hull 6154 Shipyard: Fincantieri

Automation System capacity : 3.500 channels

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