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‰ Control of a single railway section with 2 or 3 counting points; up to 12 counting points with
additional rack for indoor device
‰ Output information to the interlocking system either in the safety relay contacts form or in
the serial RS422 / RS232 interface form
‰ Possibility for fail-safe communication between two indoor devices located on distant
stations according to EN 50159-1 for automatic block section control
‰ Local or remote (via modem) control option and diagnostics on PC
‰ Memorizing the last 800 trains driven over any counting point including exact time and date,
axle number, direction, faults, etc.; inerasable with power failure
‰ 2-wire connection between indoor and outdoor equipment (power supply and information
signal on the same twisted pair)
‰ Outdoor from indoor equipment distance up to 30km (Ø1.4mm wires); 49km with local power
supply for the outdoor equipment
‰ Base of the counting point is an electronic railwheel sensor (detecting the wheel flange) with
double structure
‰ Direction and speed detection and distinguishing disturbance from an axle passing above
‰ Axle counting at train speeds (standard configuration) up to 350 km/h
‰ Maintenance is reduced to the periodic visual control
‰ No need for additional adjustment after installation

Basic application of the axle disturbances, etc. are memorized

counter BO1 is the block section in microcontroller (PLC) memory.
occupancy control. It can also be Section clear indication will be set
applied to the switch points, only if the same axle number is
crossings, level-crossing counted out by train leaving the
occupancy control and for section on any of the counting
controlling other sections on points. PLC software is
railway stations. Axles of a train programmed according to
entering the section on any of the CENELEC EN 50128, EN 50159-1
counting points are counted in safety principles. Railwheel
and the section occupancy is detection, signal processing and
indicated, while the axle number, transmission are made according
time and date of the train to CENELEC EN 50129.
entrance, direction, faults,

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Outdoor equipment Indoor equipment


Outdoor equipment: BO1-VUR + sensor ZK24: Indoor equipment: BO1-UNUR:

‰ Supply voltage 40V…. 120V DC (100V DC nominal) ‰ Supply voltage 18 – 80 VDC
‰ Operating temp. range: -40…. +80°C ‰ Vital electronic circuitry and PLC
‰ Up to 100% relative humidity galvanic isolated from power supply
‰ Protection against water and dust: and from outdoor equipment
- IP68 for sensor ‰ Operating temp. range –30….
- IP65 for control electronic circuitry +70°C
‰ Minimal railwheel diameter 300mm ‰ Eurocard 19˝ case with PCB-
‰ Wheel flange height complies with UIC510-2 modules; modules are plugged in
‰ Universal rail mounting clamp for rail types S45…. according to application and
UIC60 (other profiles on demand) – no need for rail number of counting points
drilling ‰ Counting capacity up to 999 axles
‰ LED-indication of a current sensor state with direct indication (internal
‰ Mechanical protection of sensor with shields counting up to 32767 axles)
‰ Traction current immunity ‰ Dimensions (d×w×h)
‰ Traction current protection and lightning overvoltage 300×483×133mm

BO1 diagnostics

TÜV certificate EMC testing

Indoor equipment BO1-UNUR AP215520
Outdoor equipment BO1-VUR AP215507
Railwheel sensor ZK24 AP215560
Counting point BT (BO1-VUR+ZK24) AP215501

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