Jerry Goure ICS-5 12 December 2013 A Comparison of Three Artists The nation has not stoo sti!!

these !ast hun re years" In ee # the $nite States has un er%one a near!y comp!ete transition" Attitu es ha&e e&o!&e ' ne( immi%rants ha&e arri&e ' (e)&e entere the %!oba! community# an the scope of the issues (e ea! (ith has %ro(n" It shou! be no surprise that the e*periences of our artists# from &arie bac+%roun s an eras# ha&e been rastica!!y ifferent" ,et many ha&e offere positi&e an meanin%fu! ima%es of their brothers an sisters" Aaron Dou%!as (as an acti&e artist in -ar!em from 1.25 unti! his eath in 1./." -e is consi ere to be one of the foun ers of the -ar!em 0enaissance# (hich comp!ete!y chan%e the face of African American art" Dou%!as (as hea&i!y inf!uence by A!aine 1oc+e# an sou%ht to brin% to%ether African an 2uropean artistic sty!es" -e (or+e first (ith in+ ra(in%s an !ater on his si%nature co!or mura!s" -e he! a stron% be!ief in the pri e an ma3esty of b!ac+ peop!e# an epicte them in the boo+ God’s

Trombones an his mura!s series# Aspects of Negro Life" This series is a %oo e*amp!e of the sty!e he e&e!ope # uti!i4in% si!houettes an comp!e* sha in% base on %eometric forms" 5in6 7+ubo# (ho remaine acti&e unti! her eath in 2001# be%an her artistic career in 1.38# short!y before it too+ an abrupt turn urin% 9or! 9ar II" -er e*perience in the Japanese American internment camps from 1.:2 throu%h 1.:5 became the primary inf!uence an sub3ect of her (or+s" 1i+e Dou%!as# 7+ubo (or+e first (ith in+ ra(in%s" -ers (ere scenes of the camps ta+en from her ai!y !ife# (hich she re( to +eep herse!f from espairin%" They (ere !ater compi!e into the hi%h!y praise boo+# Citizen 13660" 1i+e Dou%!as)s mura!s# 7+ubo)s ra(in%s epicte both the in3ustices face by her fe!!o( Japanese Americans an their pri e an resi!ience in the face of a &ersity" Ju ith ;aca has been acti&e in 1os An%e!es from the !ate 1.<0s into the present" ;aca)s raison d’être i not come so natura!!y to her as 7+ubo or Dou%!as' after her %ra uation# she stru%%!e to fin her i entity unti! she be%an (or+in% (ith %an%s in the barrio an the e*perience profoun !y affecte her" Since then# many of her pro3ects ha&e been !ar%e community-oriente un erta+in%s" She esi%ne an !e

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Jerry Goure the creation of the !on%est mura! in the (or! # >The Great 9a!! of 1os An%e!es#? a &isua! history of the city inc!u in% many Chicano themes" She a!so create a mura! for the 1.8: 7!ympics an is current!y un erta+in% a %!oba! tour of The 9or! 9a!! @ a set of !ar%e# portab!e mura! pane!s that i!!ustrate her common themes of >(ar# peace# cooperation# inter epen ence# an spiritua! %ro(th"? Arom Aaron Dou%!as)s first efforts to inte%rate African sty!es into American art to 5in6 7+ubo)s re&ea!in% ra(in%s of her fe!!o( Japanese American internees to Ju ith ;aca)s mura!s that are both by an about the peop!e in the 5e*ican American communities in 1os An%e!es# artists ha&e been incorporatin% re&ea!in% ethnic themes into their (or+" Thou%h their me ia an their inf!uences ha&e iffere # they ha&e presente us a!! (ith eye-openin% an consciousness-raisin% ima%es"

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