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Notes - Thich Nhat Hanh - Saturday, September 7, 2013 3-5pm Beacon Theater, NYC

Focus on the in breath Focus on the out breath Focus on mindful breathing anytime, anywhere. It will lead to healing & transformation. When pain & sorrow arise, we know how to generate mindfulness. We can hold it tenderly, recognize it. It is mindfulness of suffering, breathing, walking. It leads to transformation & healing. It is like a loving mother holding her baby. Understanding suffering brings about compassion which has the power to heal. We suffer less whe we allow the compassion from understanding suffering to embrace us. Our suffering reflects our society. In Mahayna we have a boddisatva of deep listening. We can listen to our own suffering & help others understand their own suffering. COMPASSIONATE LISTENING Allow the energy of compassion to be born to heal every one of us. If we follow our in breath, we allow ourself to be in the here and now away from thinking/suffering. Stopping thinking is important. Allow collective energy of sangha to let you feel lighter. Sitting in community/sangha we surrender to the river, the collective mindfulness of compassion. You'll suffer less even after a few minutes of practice. Send a healing mindfulness of suffering to someone suffering at home, or in the hospital. PRACTICE Mindfulness, concentration, insight. Mindfulness carries the energy of concentration to insight. -I breathe in and I know I am alive. -I breathe out and celebrate that I am alive. To be alive is a miracle. -recognize & focus attention on the inhale. Mindful Walking. I have arrived in the here and now where life is available as I feel my foot touch the ground. Every step I have arrived. I am home - as you exhale. I am home I am home release the past and the future PAST=sorrow, regret FUTURE=fear, uncertainty

You can get in touch with the wonders of life in the here and now. See the flower now. The kingdom is available to you manifested as the wonders of life. Follow the in breath without interruption. This moment is a wonderful moment. It is very pleasant to breathe in. :-) It can bring peace, joy, happiness. Breathing in I bring my mind home to my body. Truly alive here now when mind is together with the body. Breathe in - take care of the body Joy Happiness -so many conditions of happiness available to be happy The paradise of forms and colors available to us with working eyes. Breathing in I'm aware of my eyes. -Excitement in JOY -Peace in HAPPINESS It is always available to generate a feeling of joy & happiness. Recognize the conditions of happiness available. If you know the art of how to suffer, you can suffer less. As a new practitioner, we can allow the energy of the whole sangha like a drop being carried along by the river. Recognize your pain -when pain begins to manifest. breathe in aware of the pain. breathe out, embrace & comfort the pain without fear of being overwhelmed by it. EMBRACE THE PAIN-the art of how to handle the pain make use of the suffering. Lotus needs the mud. Happiness needs suffering. the suffering creates the happiness. True happiness is made of love, understanding, compassion... not money, wealth, etc. The LEFT cannot BE without the RIGHT. Make good use of suffering. A flower can become a piece of garbage after a week. We can compost & nourish a flower into a flower again. If you don't feed your love, it will turn into anger & hate. Everything is organic including suffering & happiness. NO MUD, NO LOTUS. Practice of COMPASSIONATE LISTENING & LOVING SPEECH. Where there is compassionate listening, loving speech arises. You need to help me, tell me your suffering, anger, difficulties. If I understand, I can help. I am listening with ONE PURPOSE. To help him/her to suffer less. The energy of compassion protects you from anything getting under your skin. THE PURPOSE IS TO CREATE A HEALTHIER MORE COMPASSIONATE SOCIETY. THE ART OF MINDFUL LIVING. THE ART OF MINDFUL CONSUMPTION. Eating meat and alcohol has destroyed much of our environment. Consuming toxic impressions, craving, anger, desire, despair, sense impressions. Volition -What do I want to do with my life?

Consciousness - build healthy, compassionate communities to preserve the health of others. the collective energy of anger, fear & violence. Create good food, mindfulness, compassion & joy. 5 MINDFUL TRAININGS 1. Protect life 2. cultivate true happiness 3. cultivate true love 4. cultivate loving speech & deep listening 5. mindful consumption Country of present moment is available to us.