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Subject Year Date / Day Time Theme Topic Focus skill

: English language : 2 Bestari : 15 April 2013 (Monday) : 8.45am 9.45am : World of Knowledge : I am a little fish : Language arts

Content standard : 4.1 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able to enjoy and appreciate rhymes, poems and songs, through performance Learning standard : 4.1.1 Able to enjoy action songs and jazz chants through non-verbal response 4.1.2. able to sing action songs and recite jazz chants with correct pronunciation ,rhythm and intonation. Objectives : By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to: 1. sing the song with correct pronunciation and action. 2. able to draw a picture of fish. Vocabulary : wiggle, dive, swim, friend

Stage / time

Content -Elicit pupils response by showing pictures (teachers questions) :a) What can you see in the picture? b) Who know the name of the animals? The song of Im a little fish



Set induction (5 minutes)

1 .Teacher shows a picture of a fish 2. Teacher asks a simple question based on the picture

Picture of animals (Appendix 1)

Presentation (15 minutes)

1. Teacher shows a slideshow with a song lyrics

Slideshow of the song I am a little fish (Appendix 2)

Teacher sings with correct pronunciation and action

2. Teacher sings the song 3.Pupils sing along with teacher 4. Teacher sings the song with action followed by pupils

Practice (20 minutes)

Pupils sing the song with action and correct pronunciation.

1. Teacher divides the pupils into 2 groups: A and B. 2. Teacher asks group A to sing and group B to do the action 3. Then group B to sing and group A to do the action


Drawing a simple

1. Teacher distributes a

Blank A4 paper

(15 minutes)


piece of paper to each pupils 2. Pupils need to draw a picture of fish and colour the picture

Closure (5 minutes)

Instilling moral values.

1. Teacher elicits moral values from the pupils by asking relevant questions.




I'm a little fish, I like to swim. Here is my tail, and here is my fin. When I want to have fun with my friends I wiggle my tail and dive on in.