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Case Study 3

What You Dont Know Can Hurt You By : John Mccullum

Synopsis of What You Dont Know Can Hurt You

John is a trainee teacher who is undergoing a teaching process in a primary school. John feels really hard to control 15 students from gred 8. 7 of the students are clever students whereas , another 8 of the students are the weak ones. From the 8 weak students - five of them likes to talk, laughs and always dominates the class. `The problem faced by John is he always had difficulty in handling the process of teaching and learning (P & P) as always harassed by students who tries to dominate the class. One day John plans to conduct a activity in the class in the form of quizzes. Unfortunately, one that day, Johns Supervising Lecturer was ab sent and this creates another mess in Johns teaching plans. John feels free to do P&P teaching in class using different approaches compared to the approach, usually used by the supervisor that the only individual assignments to complete and less group activities. In addition, when John asked them to form a group consist of 3 person, all of them choose their same race and backgrounds. For John, it is very important to use a variety of approaches in teaching to seek the students attention in the classroom. More worst came when John has failed to control the group activities in the classroom resultingin a brawl broke out between Chris and Richard. Richard then continued to trigger his behavior problems resulting a big clash between him and Chris. As a teacher, John failed to control the classroom eventhough he tried hard to consult the students.

Possible Reasons Of Misbehaviors Issue 1 John let the students form their own groups. 6 students who have a good track form two groups. 9 other students formed three groups (8 people weak). Furthermore, this has sparked a fight between groups of high achievement (Chris) with the weaker students (Richard)

Solution Done By John John stopped the fighting immediately because they have begun to push each other. Then, John managed to continue the quiz game as planned and however it is considered unsuccessful P & P.

Issue 2 John called Chris and Richard to the end of the class but Richard didnt gave respect to John because ran away. Richard's action makes John feel in vain to talk to only one side.

Solution Done By John 1) John felt that Richard should respect him as a teacher 2) John took the decision to look for Richard and advise him about his mistakes.

3) John sent a complaint form to the office of the school diciplinary department.

Issue 3
John was not happy with the way Mr. Roberts treated Richard by postponing the actions should be taken for Richard. Richard expressed his dissatisfaction over again to John because John did not impose any actions towards Chris.

Solution Done By John John explained to Richard that the action taken on him not because of the fight between him and Chris, but is due to Richard whom being disrespectful to the teacher, John.

Issue 4
Richard acted more aggressively when he was rude and raised his voice to John. At the same time, an English teacher who came to help them also received the same threats as John.

Solution Done By John John asked a student to call former English teacher Richard for help to solve the problem. The teacher instructed Richard to sit in a gentle way, however he also received the same threats as John.

Ways To Overcome Possible Behaviours


A good teacher should understand each and every student in a classroom, as it is one of the important ingredient in a classroom management. A good teacher should not only play a role as a teacher, but also as a counselor, mother, father and as good friend too. Moreover, if a teacher plans to conduct an activity, the teacher has to make sure that each and every student is participating in the activity, and no one is being neglected. If the human race wishes to have a prolonged and indefinite period of material prosperity, they have only got to behave in a peaceful and helpful way toward one another. Quoted from Winston Churhill. It says that race is an important weapon. A good teacher should make sure that he/she respect equally students from all walks of religious. A teacher should not allow the students to mingle around only with their same races, but to mix them with different religions too.

Logical Model by Dreikurs

1) Emphasizing the importance of the teacher in providing believing and responsibility to students to consistently maintain discipline in the classroom. 2) Emphasizes teachers should identify the cause behavioral problems 3) Pupils should be taught to understand the rules of discipline in the classroom

Example of situation happened to John : 1) John took the opportunity with the absence of the supervisor. John gave the dominance to the students during the P&P lesson. 2) John gives freedom to the students to choose the members of each group during the quiz activity.

Assertive Model by Canter 1) A teacher reacts with the development and the attitude of the student 2) If the students plays a good attitude as the student follows the rules of the teacher in a classroom, then the teacher gives a positive feedbacks to the student. However, if the student reacts in a negative way, then the teacher reacts in a negative actions on the student.

Example of situation happened to John : John does classes for Richard as he disobeys his rules.