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Sept 6, 2013



Outlining Our BC-MMAR Archetypal Structure and Form.

There needs to be a clear understanding that the BC-MMAR program is designed around creating a ways and means to provide for the EDA's Member's Charter Rights. In other words, protecting our member's rights under common law is our RUBRIC and that means: everything in the structure operates on the principle that governs our ways by respecting the members' best interest. secure source for those with Charter rights to medicine, must be regulated. It's self evident that these activities can be done under [in our case] under the BC Societies Act; in fact it's why it's there. Under the BC Societies Act a [not for profit] society cannot do business with any political party. BUT under the Co-op Act, does provide the ways and means for this legal entity to enter into contract with [in our case] Our BC-MMAR Trust. 1. What's important to point out here is that immediately after we implement this BC-MMAR means that any RPA [agent] of any EDA in any other provinces that subscribes to Our BC-MMAR, will mean that these EDAs can enter into contract with any Co-op formed in Ontario [for example]. Frankly all we have to do is set up an Office for that province, once we get our form recognized.

2. It must be pointed out that [until r v Malmo Levine is reversed] these activities of providing a safe and

3. Our BC-MMAR Trust [federal] jurisdiction] can permit any Co-op to operate under our platform of
prescribed activities, in order to provide a very good ways and means to protect the privacy and security and Charter rights of their members, who gain access to this service by agreeing to the terms of the provincial Co-op dispensary, who then issues a membership card.

4. The EDA and BC-MMAR Trust are technically at arms length from the Officers and agents of the Coop for the purpose of protecting the Constitutional /Charter rights of the member, and this gives the Co-op incredible Constitutional protection, as long as the Co-op prescribes to operate under the rules and regulations of the BC-MMAR Trust.

1. To clear a confusing point that will arise: the term 'agent' under the Elections Act is not the same
thing as an 'agent' under the Co-op Act [most of this article is based on distinguishing one strawman from another [For our purposes] the term RPA is a federal EDA agent and when i use the term agent means i'm referring to a Co-op agent. [The term Officer are almost the same each Act has different terms for CFO CEO but the function of the Office is still basically the same]

5. Real Constitutional protection occurs when: 2 RPAs in one EDA become a federal agency, where
they become the CFO and CEO of a provincial Co-op AND these 2 RPAs can legally apply and get one Co-op with [in our case] with the BC Societies Act Every Co-op must register separately with Our BC-MMAR Trust, in a simple 3-part fiduciary trust agreement,

6. SO LET'S START FOLLOWING THE TYPICAL PAPER TRAIL to become a member of a Co-op:
In order to become a member of a Co-op Dispensary [for example] this ordinary citizen must join the Marijuana Party of Canada, by filling in a 1-page standard Elections Canada declaration. 1. This private individual can now subscribe to be a member of the EDA by filing out a simple 1page agreement to keep the Peace and be of good behaviour. [at the EDA level keep it basic] 2. THEN this RPI of this EDA can apply to be a member of any Co-op Dispensary. AND as long as this Co-op follows a prescribed set of a reasonable requirements that create 'a standard playing field for all clubs [for example]'. [side bar] This would result in the same situation as in our City's case where there are zones where this activity is facilitated and there are zones where they know there will be problems with the local ordinary citizens' mindset. Where entire Cities could object [but then 'in BC politics', refusing to collect this city tax just might prove disastrous at the poles.] BUT if any City really did want to say 'no' could say 'no', [just like they are in some states] 3. When the Member of the Co-op is initiated, this member can now become a RPA of our BCMMAR Trust, and with this full circle our Quadra EDA can [therefor is] creating a Pier Trust.

7. AND from this point on it's easier to explain the structure by following the money. 1. To do this we'll follow how the PST remittances work. The total remittance that we can collect
under the Longley Decision is 10% and the RPA in the Quadra EDA is dispensing 5 2% ORR transactions [= 10%] [ORR - are recoverable funds against royalties. (i.e. sales royalties)] 1. it's just like any hidden debit card transfer fees except pegged at 2% for each transfer

8. This Co-op member walks into a club and is met by a cashier who actually is an Officer of the EDA 1. This RPI, makes a deposit into this EDA's pool, and 'for the member', this account is better than
money in the bank, because it actually 'pays' real 'end of the year' rewards to this member 1. other then the add-on City Tax of 10%, there are no real up-front costs to the member. 2. This card works just like a debit card- all accounting and tracking is done by our society].

9. When this EDA transfers this deposit [that evening] into Our Quadra EDA, then that originating EDA
collects a 2%-ORR for that transaction. This EDA now has an income to account for. It can pay wages and account for all it's expenses [for its quarterly reports] and as long as this EDA spends this excess pool money on the operating costs from enjoying the benefits of Freedom of Expression [to attract social and political participation, etc] means this EDA can justify why the EDA got these funds.

10. When this EDA transfers this deposit [that evening] into Our BC-MMAR EDA pool, then our Quadra
EDA collects a 2%-ORR for that transaction. Our Quadra EDA now has an income to account for. It can pay wages and account for all it's expenses [for its quarterly reports] and as long as this EDA spends this excess pool money on the operating costs from enjoying the benefits of Freedom of Expression [to attract social and political participation, etc] as a ways and means for our Quadra EDA can justify why we got these funds. 1. NOT ONLY THAT: The agent(s) who hold this burden to deliver on this deposit MUST transfer it from this EDA in order to deliver on the Charter rights of these RPIs in other EDAs under a necessity defence that stands-under our more noble UCC-OPPT trust of 'serving the Creator' 1. As i keep repeating; Constitutionally our defence is bullet-proof but we are not = RUBRIC

11. When the BC-MMAR transfers this full originating deposit [in a nano-second] into it's pool means:
Our BC-MMAR Trust [aka - the good ship lollipop], then can collect a 2%-ORR for certifying that there is a collected pool of funds on hand in deposit for goods and services, and with a Pier Trust, we can certify that transactions served by the RFA are for our members, and are paid in full, and in this way the BC-MMAR Trust prescribes the need for general orders to have new or on-going orders placed, between the originating Co-op Dispenser and any Co-op Grower who agrees to be in that Co-op Dispensary's network of growers in order to meet the projected needs, to supply new orders from that Co-op Dispenser's network of growers.

1. SIDE BAR: Frankly, this may sound complicated to administer and to especially justify. BUT in
practice any present Distributors does this kind of management administration on a daily basis.

2. Our BC-MMAR program provides the basic foundation where, after a couple of crop cycles of
just plugging in all transactions will result where the BC-MMAR program [because of it's inherent intuitive nature of being able to predict future needs with past info] will be totally justifying why the Co-op growers are in 'deed' needing to be growing that much, 1. AND that may sound like an exaggeration but once we outline what our award winning Logenics 'smarti trax' system can do, in tracking and managing a grower's operation will result in anyone agreeing that there simply is no better Logistics system available. AND frankly Our BC-MMAR can show that it can logistically deliver a superior security platform i. SIDE BAR [in order to address a legitimate concern from our program writer; AND in order to not appear like we are exaggerating] We need to point out that every logistics program in existence will crash when it gets too much data to crunch, and that's problematic.

ii. THAT SAID: There is no way a 'one dispensary' in one EDA situation or in any Co-op can outstrip the needs of ever crashing from too much data coming into their BC-MMAR program [box] with our present crunching capacities of our Logenics system. 1. That's a big reason why every EDA and every Co-op is a stand-alone closed system] 2. That said: Our EDA network only needs to communicate an incredibly small fraction of data because the daily reports only reflect what that EDA or Co-op required to provide for our EDA network, and this Co-op network is created by daily bulk orders that the originating EDA is required to justify that the Co-op Member's collectively bought and put on deposit in order to replace it with a similar grade and kind of goods, 3 months later. 3. The general daily reports /deposits, from any EDA that go to our BC-MMAR Trust will only need accounting information in order to certify a general on-going need for future orders, [for example] an EDAs dispensary[s] sold $10k from exiting inventory therefor we certify That EDA dispensary to re-order $10k that will be ready next crop cycle. There is no way that our BC-MMAR program could ever crash from providing all the services needed to support our provinces ability to properly run a network for all the EDA activities and Co-op networking services etc.. [for example] 4. That said: Our Logenics program can presently support a fully integrated data base of any provider for about 3 to 4 years and frankly with just the data of 2-years will be a great data base in order for any EDA or Co-op to get great data crunching results. 5. That said: Our BC-MMAR program simply cannot crash from doing any and every normal commercial activity that an EDA or Co-op could ever do. BUT it can crash if you ask it to crunch way too much data, or feed it conflicting /confusing /experimental crunching tasks

12. A Co-op Dispensary buying activities will actually be administered by its Co-op Officers [who are
RPAs in that EDA]; the provincial Grow-op Co-ops can actually be in any EDA as long as they both mutually benefit from an on-going need for what a farmer and a dispenser needs, which really are met by having an on-going stable approach to getting steady orders and in this way be able to supply 'just on time'. AND all these provincial inter-Co-op activities are not subject to ORRs.

13. BUT then the Co-op Grow-op gets their 2% ORR when they delivers any prescribed goods to a Coop Dispensary and that means that Grow-op gets paid out in that daily report from the BC-MMAR Trust, for that day's delivery. AND the provincial Co-op Dispensary gets their 2% ORR, when they cash in the balance agreed upon when the member first prescribed the ordering of more goods that were just delivered. AND the entire process starts over where the member actually did not pay the tax on what they just received, this means the circle simply resets itself, by returning to point # 8, in order to initiate another 3-month cycle that initiates an on-going cycle of the next cycle, etc.

14. This accountability is what Trustees call a form of security' where the BC-MMAR Trust is in law and
in fact a fiduciary of a specific agricultural commodity. WE can guarantee that this prescribed dollar amount of medicine is available in the next crop cycle. This kind of transaction requires a fiduciary 1. Frankly all of this can happen by me pressing for a legitimate claim of right to be a fiduciary trustee, for Our BC-MMAR Pier Trust; which is totally justified, when you consider that [for example] Our BC-MMAR Trust would be holding all the funds [on deposit] for the total retail sales of BC for delivery 3-months later - By definition we need a Pier Trust to undertake this. 1. AND what's really nice is our Logenics program will do all the accounting, all the bank transactions and all debit-card transactions updates, in about a nano-second per day. 2. I agree that it's virtually impossible to deliver this level of security that we are offering, without adopting Our fully integrated Logenics hardware /software logistics system being in place; AND 3. the only logical way to achieve this goal is actually under a Pier Trust, and since we can create one, means we must create it, in order to develop a winwinwin comprehensive set of contacts under common law and in this way engage [or is it create] a Millennium Trust re'solution'; AND 4. In this way, we witness who holds a remnant of the 'Faith of the ancients' {of Heb 11]