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The killings of the Mafia

Come on diamond lets go where going to be late to the airport my mother Lisa yelled. Ok, Im coming mother I yelled as I shut my bedroom door. As I made my way down the stairs I had flashbacks from living in this house. Youre probably wondering what kind of flashbacks well not the good ones. Like the time when my father would beat me in front of my mother. Oh, or that when my mother and I where having a movie night at our house my father comes home drunk and brings some guys whit him. He beat me then let the strange men rape me. Your also wondering what happened to my father? Well that low live is in prison for robbing an old blind lady and stabbing her to death. Breaking my thoughts was my mother waving her hand in front of my face. Whats that I asked her not knowing if she asked a question or not. You ok honey? My mother asked. Yeah just wondering if anyone will like me at my new school I said lying. Oh, dont worry everyone will love you diamond your smart, beautiful, and talented girl my mother said. Trust me youll be find diamond my mother added. Yeah right no one will like me I never had any friend I thought to myself. Well I had one friend well she was my best friend her name was Sam. I put my bags on the front porch and seat on a chair in front of the house door. The taxi should be here in about 20 minutes, Im going to say bye to the sparrows my mother said. Sure have fun with that mother I said as my mom kissed my forehead and lifted. Oh, crap I yelled as I forgot Ace my dog in the house I opened the door and got the dog cage and put it beside the chair I was seating at. I closed the door and seat down on the chair. As I was waiting for the taxi I thought about my best friend Sam.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

**FLASHBACK** 7, 8, 9, 10 ready or not here I come nine year old me yelled. I ran around the front of my house and scanned the front yard. My eyes stopped when I saw a tree and some blonde hair blowing around in the wind. I ran up to the tree. Got you Sam I shouted as I hugged my best friend. HA-HA ok diamond its my turn to count and you hide Sam said while giggling. Sam tucked a piece of her long beautiful blonde hair behind her ear. Ok, hey Sam can I ask you something I said hoping for a good answer. Yeah what is it diamond Sam asked while jumping up and down. Promise that well be best friends till the end I said. Sam stopped jumping and hugged me I promise diamond I promise Sam whispered into my ear. Girls are you ready to change into your Halloween customs my mom shouted coming out the house door. Nooooo, where playing right know I shouted. Ok, only ten more minutes then you two munches have to get ready for trick-or-treating my mom shouted while going inside the house. Go hide diamond Sam said while covering her eyes and putting her face to the tree. I ran to the back of the house and spotted the dog house. I ran over to it, ok Ace youre going to have to get out for a minute I said while pushing my blue pit bull out of the dog house. I crawled into the dog house .gosh whats taking forever Sam I whispered to myself. I got out and put Ace into the house from the back door, I walk over to the side of the house and looked over the side of the house and saw Sam still looking for me I stared to giggle and Sam looked toured my way. Found you diamond Sam yelled as she walked over to me. Its because I was laughing duh I said. Hey lets go get ready for trick-or-treating Sam said. We stared to walk to the front of the house when a car came driving down the street. The car slowed down at my house and rolled down the window these men in black suits and black hats pulled out guns! RUN SAM RUN I yelled. I took Sams hand and ran under

the pouch. Sam and I where holding each other while screaming over the loud gun shots. **BANG** BANG** BANG** BANG**BANG**BANG**. Then I could her the car speed off sown the road, I opened my eyes and light was piercing thru the wood where bullets came thru the wood. Sam..Sam. I shock Sam but nothing her hands fell to the ground. I moved her hair out of her face the was blood all over her. I tucked a piece of Sams hair behind her ear. Sam wake up please youre my best friend.wake up Sam you promised me that we where going to be best friends till the end please Sam I love you I said as I held Sam in my arms. DIAMOND!! DIAMOND!! WHERE ARE YOU!! Someone yelled. then two hands pulled me out from under the pouch I looked up to see my mom . AHHHHHHHHHHHHAHHHHHH OH MY GOD HELP HELP my mom scared as I just looked at my best friend dead in my arms. **FLASHBACK OVER** Honk! honk! I looked up to see a taxi and my mother putting her bags in the trunk of the taxi. I go up and took my bags and put them into the trunk and put Ace into the back seat in his dog cage and got into the taxi. As the taxi was leaving I looked back to my old house and said goodbye to all the bad times I had in that house. Goodbye New York, good bye Sam, hello England.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------As my mother and I bored the plane while it was a private plane I guess you can say we have conations. I put my bags up so did my mother. We closed the plane door, I got the dog cage and opened it and let Ace out. Come her Ace comeee here my baby I talked to him in baby talk..Gosh I love talking like that to Ace. Ace ran up to me and jumped up on the seat nest to me I stared to pet him. I put my head

phones in and turned on...Judas by: lady gaga. I closed my eyes and went to sleep. Nialls P.O.V Loser, worthless, dumbass, go kill your self all ready where just some of the words I got called at school. At first the words hurt me but Im used to the name calling. I was at my locker when I hear a familiarly voice. H-h-hey N-N-Niall h-hhows y-y-your m-morning g-go-goin-going Harry said while putting his stuff up in his locker next to me. Harry was one of my best friends. Good just putting my stuff up in my locker mate I say while locking my locker. Harry gets made fun of because he stutters and I well just because I like boys and girls Im bi. W-w-well t-t-today w-whe-where e-eating i-i-in t-tth-the a-a-art r-r-room Harry said slowly. Well look what we have here the stuttering freak and the fagot, hey where are your sic kicks at losers jack the caption of the football team said. Why dont you just leave us alone jack I said. Y-y-yeah l-l-leave u-us a-a-alone Harry said. Jack and his friend stated laughing. Y-y-yeah l-l-leave u-us a-a-alone jack repeated acting like Harry. I looked at Harry and saw teats building in his eyes. Im tired of your friends bullying my friends I said to jack and his friend. What the hell did you say Horan jack asked? You heard me dumbass. What the fuck are you going to do about it fagot jack said getting closer to me. THIS then I punched jack in the face and he fall backwards. Jack got up and tackled me to the ground and started punching me. G-GET O-OFF O-OF H-H-HIM Harry yelled in the background. Jack punched me in the gut then got up piece of shit jack said then spit in my face. I healed my stomach in pain, I slowly got up and looked up to see jack and his friend throw Harry in the trash can. They were laughing at him then walked away. ARE YOU OK! Someone yelled then I realized it was Zayn. Yeah Im fine I said while Zayn helped me up from the floor. What the fuck happened to you two Zayn asked while helping Harry out the trash can.

Jack is what happened I said wiping the blood of my mouth. Where is that son of a bitch Zayn said. Ill beat his face in Zayn added. See Zayn gets made fun of because he has angry issues he can be happy at one minute then pissed off the next. Zayn mate clam down if you fight again youll go to court I said. So I dont care Zayn said punching the locker. You been in sixteen fights this year you get into another fight then you have to go to court, do you want to go to court? I asked Zayn. No, I dont but that prick should not be making fun of us mate! Zayn shouted. Zayn clam down I said putting my hands on his shoulders. Ok, mate I wont fight him but if I see him on the streets then Im going to make him wish that he should of never made fun of us Zayn said. Hey lads Louis and Liam said in sync walking up to us. Liam is afraid of spoons so people make fun of him because of that, its so stupid. Louis has these random out breaks where he yells or dose random stuff so thats why people make fun of him. H-h-hey l-l-lads t-t-today w-whe-where e-eating i-i-in t-tth-the a-a-art r-r-room Harry said. Ok, thats fine with me Liam said. Yeah thats cool Louis said. Fine with me Zayn said. Ok, lads we better get to class before where late I said. Ok, bye mates Liam ,Louis and Zayn said. Come on Harry lets go. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Harry and I walked into are 3rd period class which is math ughh I hate math. Its probably because jack and his friends are in this class. Harry and I set in the back at two empty seats. Ok class I have a new seating chart so everyone get up Miss.Corrnet said. Ok in the front row I want Cole backer, Harry styles, Logan Thompson, Levi Jones and Kat Lowery. S-s-shit Harry mumbled. Harry has to seat with some of are bullies even Kat bullies usbitch I thought to myself. Second row I want Steve jobs, Austin Logan, Lexie rose, Alex Costilla and Jessica Lowery. 3rd row I want max

Carpenter, Niall Horan , Taylor miller ,Zak Marshall and Samantha evens. Shit I have to seat next to max hes been my crush since middle school. I set down and stared my bell ringer. Hey Niall , how are you Max asked. good how about you I asked not taking my eyes off my work. Im fine, I was just wondering if you want to be my partner for the art project max said. Umyeah I guess I said out loud but in my head I was like HELL YES. Hey max be careful you may catch the fagot virus someone said. I turned around to see jack and his friends laughing. What the hell you looking at fagot jack said. ok, class is everyone done with the bellringer Miss.Corrnet asked. No one said anything I take that as a yes Miss.Corrnet said. Ok, Harry can you please read the question for the class. I-I-I d-d-dont w-w-want t-t-to Harry said. Im sorry what did you say Harry Miss.Corrnet said. I-II d-d-dont w-w-want t-t-to Harry repeated. Well you have to like it or not and if you say no again then you have to go to the office for not listening to me Miss.Corrnet said. T-t-then s-s-send m-me t-to t-t-the o-o-office Harry said while standing up. Harry styles set down Miss.Corrnet said. N-no II-I d-d-dont have to l-l-listen t-to y-y-you b-b-bitch Harry said. Go to the office now! Miss.Corrnet yelled. Harry took his things and lifted. What the hell is up with Harry why would he call her that I thought to myself.

Harrys P.O.V As I was walking to the office people where staring at me. Then this guy named William walks up to me. dude you need to watch this video of you William said while giving me his phone. T-t-then s-s-send m-me t-to t-t-the o-o-office I said to Miss.Corrnet. Harry styles set down Miss.Corrnet said. N-no I-I-I d-d-dont have to l-l-listen t-to y-y-you b-b-

bitch I said. Dude thats a jerk move William said taking his phone back and walking away. I kept walking down the hall to go to the office. Jerk, prick, youre such a loser go kill your self where the names people where calling me because of that damn video. The reason I did that to Miss.Corrnet was because Cole and Logan said if I didnt call are teacher a bitch then I would get beat up then they would beat up the lads. Now everyone hates me...What am I talking about everyone all ready dose. I walked into the office and seat in the chair. Harry Styles go into the principals office an office lady said. I walked into the principals office and set down in a chair. The door opened and Mrs. Backer our principal came in and set down in his chair. Hello Mrs. Styles Miss. Corrnet called me and said that you called her a name Mrs. Backer said. H-h-hello, a-aand y-y-yes I c-c-called h-h-her a n-n-name b-but I h-have a r-r-reason w-w-why I d-d-did I-I-it I said. Ok whats the name you called her and whats the reason why you did it Mrs. Backer said? I-i-i-I c-c-c-called h-her b-b-bitch I said looking down. Why would you do that lad Mrs. Backer said? B-b-bebecause C-c-Cole a-a-and L-L-Logan s-s-said I-if I d-d-didnt t-t-then t-t-they b-b-be-beat m-me u-up an-and b-b-be-beat u-up m-my f-f-fri-friends I said. You mean my son Cole and his friend said that to you Mrs. Backer said. Y-yes I-I-I s-sswear I said. Your not lying to me are you Harry Mrs. Backer said. I shook my head side to side. Well I know you Harry youre a good lad and you would never be mean to anyone Mrs. Backer said. Ill let this one slide but next time youll be in ISS Mrs. Backer added. Ill talk to my son and his friend you can go now Harry Mrs. Backer said. T-t-thanks I said as I walked out the office and into the hall I looked up to the school clock 11:56 A.M. Ok five more minutes till lunch I thought to myself. I started to walk to the lunch room, I bumped into someone I-Im s-s-sorry I said while looking up to see Liam. Hey lad Liam said as he helped me up. Hey

how about we go get are food and Ill text the lads to meet us in the art room Liam added. S-s-sure t-thats o-ok w-w-with m-me I said. Liam and I walked into the cafeteria and got are food.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Liam and I made it to the art room, o-ok o-open t-the d-door l-l-Liam I said. Why cant you do it, what if people are in there Liam said. F-f-fine I-Ill d-do I-it I said. I reacted for the door handed and pulled it back and slowly opened the door. I walked into the art room to see no one in the room. O-ok L-L-Liam y-you c-can c-c-come I-In n-no o-o-ones I-In h-hhere I said. Liam walked in and we set down. Liams phone started to ring, Harry the lads said there on there way Liam said. O-ok I said while eating my hamburger. Nialls P.O.V Zayn, Louis and I walked into the art room. Hey lads Zayn said to Harry and Liam. Hey mate Harry and I were just talking about skipping the rest of the day Liam said. Louis look at Zayn and they knotted yeah sounds good they said in sync. We cant just miss school I said putting down my milk. Sure we can mate, no one will miss us were loser Louis said. Fine but lets finish are food first I said taking a bit of my hamburger.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Diamonds P.O.V Are plane finally landed and mother and I got are bags and put Ace back in his cage. We got into a taxi, where to the taxi man said 276 keystone Dr. mother said while getting into the front seat. (dont know if thats a real address in Bradford England)

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We mad it to our new house, may I just say WOW this house was beautiful. Mother and I got our bags and I got Ace and went up to the front door. Ok, Diamond this is are new life and are new house I dont want you acting like you did back home in Bronx (Bronx, New York) mother said as she unlocked the door and opened it. I walked in and put my bags down then put Aces cage down by my bags. Ok diamond go unpack then Ill take you shopping for new school clothes mother said shutting the front door. Ok, do you want me to leave Ace down here or take him upstairs with me I asked my mother? Leave him down here Ill take care of him just go unpack honey mother said. Ok, Ill be down in a little bit I said picking my bags up and walking up stairs. There where seven beds rooms and six bathrooms, I opened at door to reveal a bedroom with a beacon that faced the back yard thats showed the woods. I put my bags on my bed, your probably wondering how I have a bed all ready. My mother all ready shopped online and had the Furniture sent to this house. She even got a rental car till she can buy are own. I unzipped my bags and started to unpack my things.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Still diamonds P.O.V Are you ready to go shopping diamond my mother shouted. Yeah just let me change my clothes and Ill be down in a minute I shouted back to my mother. I picked out a black crop top that said Mafia in bold white letters, jean skinny jeans and black vans. My hair is natural straight so Ill just leave it down. I put some black eye liner on and some mascara on. Ok, Im ready I shouted as I grabbed my

handbag and put my phone in it. I ran down the stairs and opened the door, mother come on Im ready to go I shouted. You look so pretty diamond my mother said while closing the door and locking it. Hey where did you get that shirt diamond my mother added. Um I got it from Calogero (its a Italian name) I said thinking about him. **FLASHBACK** Here lets go into my bedroom diamond my boyfriend of 3 years calogero said while taking my hand and pulling me up stairs. We got to his room and went into it and closed the door. Happy 17th birthday Diamond Calogero said as he handed me a gift. I opened the gift and pulled out a black crop top that said Mafia in bold white letters and black high wasted shorts and a diamond necklace that said diamond. Thank you so much calogero I love it I said. Youre welcome Diamond calogero said. Come here I said while cupping his cheeks and leaned in and kissed him. Calogero grab my hips, I my l wrapped Legs around his waste. He laid me on his bed he pulled on my shirt then took it of. I was only in my black lace bra, your so beautiful calogero said as he cupped my breast. Calogero I moan out. Diamonds are you sure you want to do this calogero asked. I was unsure at first because where I was raped when I was 15 but he is my boyfriend and I love him. Yes I breathed out, I took off his shirt I licked my lips at the sights of his abs. you like what you see Calogero said while smirking. I blushed and looked away Calogero grabbed my chin sweetly then kissed me. Calogero put his hand behind my back and unhooked my bra then took it off. Out of embarrassment I covered my chest. Calogero moved my arms from my chest then stared at my breast. Your so

beautiful diamond calogero said as he cupped one of my breasts. Calogero Took off my pants and put them on the floor, I helped Calogero take his pants off. I looked down at his boxers to see his hard length, he took off his boxers my eyes got bigger at the sight of his length it was huge. Calogero took of my underwear and put them on the floor. Hey your dad not home is he I asked worried. No his doing a drug deal right know calogero said. Here I said as I handed calogero a condom from his dresser top. He opened it and put it on his man hood. He pulled a blanket over his back to cover us up. Calogero pushed my thighs apart from each other. Ok diamond are you ready Calogero asked. Yes, go ahead Calogero I said. If it hurts tell me ok, I dont want to hurt you diamond Calogero said. Calogero positioned himself at my entrench. He stared to put his length into me I grabbed the bed sheets as hard a I could because of the pain shooting thru me. Calogero stop! It hurts, he stopped tell me when you want me to keep going he said. I set there for a minute adjusting to his length in me. I kissed him go ahead I said. He pushed into me more I put my legs around his waist and dug my nails into his back. It stared to fell better, he started to thrust faster. CALOGERO I screamed has he hit my gspot. OH MY GOD I screamed as he went faster. He was kissing my neck. I **kiss** love **kiss** you **kiss** Calogero said between kisses. I love yo-- **BANG** Calogeros bedroom door flew open to reveal .. **FLASHBACK OVER** Breaking my thoughts my mother was saying something. Crap I forgot the car keys Ill be right back diamond my mother said as she lifted and went inside. While I was waiting for my mother a black SUV pulled into a drive way a crossed the street. Five boys got out of the car they turned

may way I turned my head not wanting them to think Im a creep. Ok diamond got over there and induce your self, maybe youll make some new friends I thought to myself. I fixed my hair then grabbed my handbag from the top of the roof of the car and stared to walk a crossed the street. Hi Im diamond I just moved into that house a crossed the street I said as I walked into there driveway. Hi Im Louis a boy with a perfect smile said. Hi Louis its nice to meet you I said as I shock his hand. Im Niall a boy with blonde hair said. Hi Niall its nice to meet you I said as I shock his hand. Hey its nice to meet you Im Liam a boy with brown hair and brown eyes said. H-hi I-Im H-Harry a boy said with brown curly hair said. Hey, Im Zayn and its nice to meet you a boy said with jet black hair, he reminds me of Calogero with his black hair tan skin and brown mocha eyes. I put out my hand for him to shake it but he just turned around and went inside his house. Dont worry about Zayn he has problems Niall said. Are you from Italy Louis said looking at me. No, Im fro WOOHAHHAHAHA Louis screamed as he pushed me down on the ground. Louis stopped screaming Oh my gosh I am so sorry diamond I didnt mean to do that Louis said worried. No its fine but why did you do that I asked confused. I cant help it I have these random outbreaks where I yell and other things Louis said. Yeah we all have problems and people make fun of us for it Niall said. Well what youre problems I asked? Liam is afraid of spoons, Niall is bi, Harry stutters, Louis has random outbreaks, and I have angry issues. So if you think were freaks you can go ahead and walk your happy ass back to your house Zayn said walking up to me. Damn what is your fucking problem with me Im just trying to make friends here I said putting my hands in the air. You want to now what my problem with you is Zayn said getting closer to me. Yes please tell me because last time I checked I have done nothing to you Zayn. It doesnt matter if you want to be are friends or not when you go to our

school people will make fun of you for talking to us so youll just forget about us and become a stuck-up bitch Zayn said. Diamond come on I got the keys my mother yelled. go back to mommy Zayn said. Bye guys Ill see you at school I said looking at Niall, Harry, Liam and Louis. Bye dickhead I said looking at Zayn then jogged off to my mother car and got in. See you all ready made some new friends my mother said as I shut the car door. Yeah I guess you can say that I said as we stared to drive.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I was looking around in rue21 I found a couple of pairs of skinny jeans, 2 pairs of high tops, under shirts, graphic tshirts, some more undergarments, and some party clothes. My mom helped me carry my clothes up to the check out area. We paid for my clothes then walked to the car. Diamond Ill get you some more clothes when the check comes in for witness protection program my mother said as we shut the car doors in sync. Ok was all I said because I dont like talking about why we had to move so far away. Mother started the car and drove home--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We walked into the house and I took my bags and went to my room. I picked out my clothes for school tomorrow. I picked out a white flowy shirt with a leather jacket and jean shorts and black combat boots. I put the rest of my clothes in my closet still in the shopping bag. I grabbed some clean night clothes and a towel then went into the bathroom. I shut the bathroom door and took of my clothes and undergarments and got into the shower. I turned on the hot water and as it hit me I thought about Zayn. Why was he being so mean to me I havent done anything to him? He is

good looking what the hell diamond you cant like a guy thats doesnt even like you. I mean Im used to people being mean to me back home in high school I was a loser. The only friends I had were the people in my Mafia gang. There was me, Calogero, slick, Tony, Michael, Paul and Kat. God Diamond stop thinking about them thats your old life that was a bad life. I started to wash my body then I came a crossed a scar my father had given me when he saw me and Calogero having sex on my 17th birthday. **FLASHBACK** I love yo-- **BANG** Calogeros bedroom door flew open to revel my pissed off dad. I put on my underwear and bra on very fast underneath the blanket. Calogero put his boxers on and a pair of shorts. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING YOU FUCKING SLUT my father yelled coming closer to me. Calogero stood in front of me so my dad wouldnt hit me. CALOGERO GET AWAY FROM THIS SLUT my dad yelled. NO!! DIAMOND IS MY FUCKING GIRLFRIEND AND YOU ARE NOT GOING TO HURT HER Calogero yelled at me father. IF YOU DONT BACK UP THEN I BEAT YOU TOO my father yelled at Calogero. I SAID NO YOURE NOT GOING TO HURT HER!! Calogero yelled. FINE my dad yelled as he punched Calogero in the face and throw him out the room and locked the door. Now to deal with you slut my father said walking up to me and grabbed my hair and pulled me into the bathroom. STOP LEAVE ME ALONE I cried out in pain. DIAMOND! LEAVE HER THE FUCK ALONE YOU SON OF A BITCH Calogero yelled in the background. AHHHHHH I cried out in pain as my father smashed my face into the mirror glass went everywhere I fell to the floor getting glass in my feet arms and legs. CALGERO! I screamed on the top of my lungs. SHUT UP YOU BITCH my father yelled while smacking me in the face.

IF YOU WERENT A HOE THEN THIS WOUNDNT BE HAPPENING my father yelled. He picked up a big piece of glass and pulled his arm back ready to hurt me. PLEASE DONT! CALOGERO! HELP! I screamed. **POW** **POW** **POW** Calogero kept banging on the door. AAAHHHHHHH! I cried out in pain as my father cut me with the glass. **BANG** the bedroom door brakes down and Calogero runs in and tackles my father to the ground and punches my father over and over. Calogeros dad (Mike) runs in the room and throws Calogero off my father. Calogeros dad punched my father. The room went quite even I stopped crying. Youre not to post to touch the Mafia boss and if you do you either get killed or ratted on. My father walks out the room and Calogeros dad follows him trying to say sorry. Calogero runs over to me and helps me up. Im so sorry I didnt want you to get hurt and all that happened to you was you getting hurt Calogero said looking down. Its ok just help me get to the hospital I said weakly. **FLASHBACK OVER** After that horrifying flashback I turned off the hot water and got of the shower. I grabbed my towel and dried off and put my red lace undergarments on. Then put my black booty shorts on and black undershirt and put a white long sleeve tshirt on. I brushed out my hair and put it in a bun on top of my head. I took my dirty clothes and towel into my laundry basket in my bathroom. I walked into my room to fine Ace sitting on my bed holding his leash in his mouth. Ace you just went out side a little bit ago I said. Ace cocked his head and stared waging his tail. Fine Ill take you for a walk but what time is it I said. Ace cocked his head in confusion, wait Im I asking a dog what time is it I thought . I walked to my bed

and picked up my phone 8:00 P.M the clock on my phone read. I still have till 10:30 before I go to bed I said out loud looking at Ace. Ace cocked his head in confusion again while waging his tail. What the fuck you looking at I said while jumping on my bed to play around with Ace. I got Aces collar from my dresser it was black with silver spikes and said Mafia dog in red letters in the middle of it. I got to get you a new collar I dont want anyone in the Mafia finding us I said while hooking the leash to Aces collar. I put on my white fluffy boots. Ace jumped off the bed and his head hit my side. Ow I shouted in pain as he hit one of my bruises that were still healing from my father beating me. My father got was sent to prison just a couple weeks ago so I still have some bruises. I ran down stairs with Ace. Mother Im going to walk Ace around the block I shouted. Ok, be back before your bed time and be safe mother shouted back from her room. I opened the front door and walked out and closed the door behind me and Ace. I walked down the steps and stepped on to the sidewalk and started walking as I was walking I looked up to the sky. Wow I whispered to myself as I was looking at all the stars, where I lived all you saw was buildings. I kept walk Ace stop to pee on a bush then I heard some people talking. I looked behind me to see two figures walking my way. Come on Ace hurry up I said out loud the two figures where getting closer and I could make out two guys around my age. Ace finished I stared to walk hey sexy where you going I heard one guy say. I stared to walk faster I spotted a small park and ran over to it I looked behind me and those guys where gone I turned around and set on a bench and let Ace go run around the park I got out my phone and looked at me text messages. 12 NEW MESSAGES FROM : Calogero What do you want I dont like you anymore I shouted to my phone as if he could here me. I read the first text :

Diamond please call me Im so sorry I love you it was a mistake. I texted him back: you said you never hurt me and you love me but it looks like you dont since you cheated on me you prick. **SNAP** **SNAP** I looked up from my phone to see those to boys walking my way I stood up. Ace come here! I yelled Ace ran over to me. Damn youre so fucking sexy one boy said with tattoos. I took off Aces leash if you come near me then Ill sick my pit bull on you I said scared. They kept walking closer. STAY BACK OR ELSE!! I yelled. or else what bitch the other boy said talking off his belt. SICK EM ACE!! I yelled Ace ran to them and jumped on the boy with the tattoos and the other came at me still he pushed me to the ground and got on top of me. GET OFF OF ME! I screamed on the top of my lungs. He took out a pocket knife if you scream then Ill kill you he said as he cut open my shirt and under shirt. I was only in my red lace bra. Damn your so fucking sexy he said as he grabbed my breasts. Please dont hurt me just leave me alone I wont tell anyone I cried. He pulled down my shorts and out lined my breasts with the knife. HEY WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING some guy yelled. **BANG** the guy that was on top of me was now tackled to the ground. I pulled my shorts up Ace I yelled Ace ran over to me with a couple of cuts on his side. I looked at the guy that saved me I think I know him I looked closer OH MY GOD its Zayn. Zayn kept punching the guy over and over in the face. Zayn got up and kicked him in the gut GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE Zayn yelled to the guys. The guys got up slowly then ran off. Are you ok they didnt touch you did they Zayn asked while walking up to me. Yeah Im fine and they didnt hurt me I said looking at Zayn. Thanks for saving me Zayn I added. Your welcome, listen about early I didnt mean to be a jerk to you Zayn said. Its fine Zayn Im not worried about it I said hooking Ace back

to his collar. Its just no one wants to be are friends especially girls, every girl is the same once the see us they think where freaks. I know how you fell and Im not like every girl I said. What do you mean you know how it fells Zayn asked? Diamond you cant tell him that you got made fun at school because you were raped hell call you a freak I thought to myself. Hey I need to get home I said crossing my arms over my bra. Ok, here take this Zayn said as he started to take off his black v-neck shirt. Damn he has a nice body I thought as he took off his shirt. I put on his shirt its like a dress on you Zayn said. I started to laugh wow I havent laughed in forever. Your laugh is cute Zayn said. I stopped laughing Zayn stared to lean in he cupped my cheek. Youre so beautiful Diamond Zayn said then kissed my lips. I kissed back as I put my hand in his hair. I pulled back Zayn I need to go home before I get into trouble I said looking into his brown eyes. Ok well I walk you home then Zayn said as he pecked my lips. We stared to walk then my phone went off. I looked down at me screen to see a incoming call from Calogero. Shit I cant answer the call hes in the mafia and he could fine out where I am. Are you going to answer that Zayn said? No its just someone really annoying that I dont want to talk to I said lying. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok well Ill talk to you tomorrow at school I added as we made it to my front yard. Bye Diamond Zayn said walking across the street. I walked into my house and checked my phone for the time 10:00p.m. Oh thank the lord Im not late hey mother Im back home I shouted. Ok but you need to go to bed for school tomorrow mother yelled back. **knock** **knock ** **knock ** I opened the front door to see Zayn standing there. Zayns P.O.V

I knocked on Diamonds front door. Diamond opened the door hey Zayn whats wrong she asked. Nothing I forgot to give you something I said. Diamond looked at me confused what did I forget she asked. This I said as I kissed her. I put my hands around her waist diamond was messing with my hair. **chough** **chough** I looked up to see her mom in the door way. Hi miss I never got your last name diamond I whispered into her ear. Its sparrow diamond whispered back. Hello misses. Sparrow how are you doing I asked unsure if she was mad or not. Im doing good and who are you she asked. Um Im Zayn I live a crossed the street and Im diamonds friend I said putting my hands in my jean pockets. Oh ok but why arent you wearing a shirt misses sparrow asked. Ok Zayn do something stupid so she wont think youre a creep then run. Ill see you at school tomorrow I whispered to Diamond. Im a werewolf! I shouted then ran to my house. well it worked but now I sound crazy I thought as I opened my front door. I closed the door behind me Where have you been mate Liam asked? What the fuck are you doing in my house I asked confused? Oh your mom said that the lads and I could spend the night Liam said while sitting down on the couch. On a school night I asked. Mate me and the lads have been your friends since the 3rd grade pretty sure that you mom wont care if we stay the night on a school night or on a weekend Niall said coming in the living room eating a slice of pizza. W-where h-h-have y-y-you b-been Harry asked coming in the living room with Louis. Um just hanging out with a friend I said nervously. Wait what friend where the only friends you got Louis said. Um a girl friend I said slowly. You got a girlfriend mate Niall said. No a girl thats a friend I added. Well who is it Liam asked. Um thegirlformacrossedthestreet I said really fast. What did you say mate Louis said confused. I was hanging out with

diamond I shouted while going to my room upstairs. I opened my bedroom door then slammed it shut damn I hate having angry issues I thought. Why do they have to be so annoying asking all them questions. Why do I even try to like diamond, all those jocks at school will just flirt with her and shell just go out with one of them instead of me. Im a freak and a loser. You know what Im not letting those jocks take her Ill just ask her on a date tomorrow at school. Yeah thats what Ill do. I opened my bedroom door hey lads Ill see you in the morning Im going to bed I shouted from my door way. Ok well be up for a little bit more then where going to bed Louis shouted from down stairs. I closed my door and got into my bed as I lead there in the dark I could only think about one thing or one person diamond. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep still thinking about her. Diamonds P.O.V Night mother I love you I shouted from my room. Good night Diamond and be up by 5:oo a.m and I love you too mother yelled from her room. I seat my alarm clock for 5:00 a.m. come here Ace I said. Ace jumped on the bed, I petted his head and closed my eyes and fell asleep. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------**BEEP** **BEEP** **BEEP** I moved my hand around trying to find my alarm clock then pushed it down. I slowly got up and walked to the bathroom. I turned on the light I

closed me eyes then opened them trying to adjust to the bright light. I took out my hair from the bun that it was in. eww it looks like a rats nest I thought as I grabbed my hair brush from the counter top. I brushed out my hair then turn on my hair straighter. I lifted it on to get hot and walked into my room and turned on my bedroom light. Ace was still asleep lucky son of a bitch you dont have to get up at 5:00 in the morning to get ready for stupid school I thought to myself. I got my clothes and undergarments from my dresser top and went into my bathroom and shut the door behind me I set down my clothes on the counter top. I striped out my clothes and put on my underwear and bra then put on the outfit that I picked out last night. I picked out a white flowy shirt with a black leather jacket and jean shorts and black combat boots. I put on my necklace that has my name on it. I picked up my hair straighter and stared to work on my hair.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------20 minutes later I turned off my hair straighter and started on my makeup. I put on black eyeliner on and did a wing thing everyone dose then put some mascara on. I finished then turned off the light and walked out and put my things that Ill need for school in my book bag. I checked my phone for the time its only 6:20 a.m I have till 7:30 what to do I thought. Cher Lloyd ft. Becky G My phone ringtone went off Becky g part: I know I drive you crazy hmm, sometimes I know I call you lazy and thats most times but you complete me and thats no lie youre my tuxedo and Im youre my bowtie we in my car sing sing singing our song. I answered my phone and walked out to my beacon. Hello I said while putting my ear to my phone. Diamond, you answer the strange voice said. Um who is this? And how do

you know my name I asked creped out. Its Calogero I just wanted to say sorry I didnt mean to cheat on you I was at a party and I got wasted Calogero said. Please forgive me diamond I love you Calogero added. If you loved me then you wouldnt have cheated on me I said back. It was a mistake I swear that girl means nothing to me youre the only girl in the world that is right for me. If thats true then why did slick ( group member of diamonds mafia gang) text me a week ago and told me you said the only reason you where dating me was for the sex and nothing more I said getting mad. Slick is a fucking liar Diamond yous should know that. Whatever I dont want to hear it I have to go I said. so thats it your not going to forgive me or call me its over between us Calogero said. I have to go to school I said annoyed. Whatever bitch your nothing to me anyways Calogero said. as soon as he said that my hart broke I sat there quietly crying. Diamond I didnt mean that Im just mad. LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE I yelled into the phone then hung up. Zayns P.O.V (5:00 a.m) **BEEP** **BEEP** **BEEP** I looked around for my phone in my bed with my eyes closed. I found it then turned off the alarm. I slowly got out of bed and went to my bathroom. I turned the light on and took off my sweat pants and boxers and got into the shower. I set there for a minute then turned the water on. WHAOO I shouted as cold water hit me I quickly turned it off and turned the hot water on. I washed my hair then stated to wash my body. As I washed my body off I thought about Diamond she so beautiful and she has a nice body especially her breast. She has a nice bum too I thought. I feel something weird on my body. I looked down to see I had a boner: p.

Shit ok stop think about diamonds boobs and bum Zayn I thought to myself. Ok think about puppies yeah puppies cute puppies. Actually diamonds dog is pretty beast ..Kind of scary. ZAYN ARE YOU UP FOR SCHOOL Louis yelled from down stairs. I turned off the shower and got out and wrapped the towel around my waist. Yeah Im getting ready right now I shouted back to Louis. I walked into my bedroom and dried off. I took out a clean part of boxers and put them on. I picked out a white v-neck shirt with black skinny jeans and white converse. I walked back into the bathroom and turned and started to fix my hair into a quiff.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I finished my hair and turned off the bathroom light and walked out and grabbed my book bag and phone. I looked at my phone and read the time 7:35 a.m I still have till 7:53. I grabbed my things and walked down stairs to finds the lads on the couch watching the news. What are you guys watching I asked? Um some family from the Italian Mafia moved here to Bradford Louis said. Why did they move here? I added. Um the father of the family went to prison and he was the mafia leader so the family wanted to get away because some of the mafia peoples where trying to kill them Niall said while texting. Who you texting mate? I asked Niall. Um...Im texing max Niall said. why are you texting him hes a jock I said getting annoyed. Because where going to be partner for are art project thats coming up Niall said. ok, well im going out side for a smoke then we can leave for school I said walking out the door and closing it behind me. I sat on my pouch and lighted my cigarette. I took a puff and inhaled it and breathed it out. LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE I heard a girl yell I put out my cigarette it was coming from Diamonds house I ran up to her door and starting knocking. I looked around for something to open the door I

lifted up a rock and found a house key. Well that was way to easy