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To kill a mockingbird draft


To kill a mockingbird is a novel and a film based on the casual racism and discrimination in the Deep South of America in the 1930s in a town called Maycomb. It portrays how normal prejudice was back then. Wherever you went in those times there was discrimination everywhere and in different forms, besides the obvious act towards the black community. It was also used in different ways whether the discrimination is towards black or white. The story is told through a young girl called scout who has a brother called Jem and a father a lawyer. Her father Atticus is defending a black man named Tom Robinson in a court case for a rape trial against a white woman. However Atticus and his family are not prejudice so he doesnt hesitate to do so. Never the less, throughout the book prejudice is shown in different ways in certain situations. Throughout the duration of the book it shows how you can get discrimination from and towards every society circle from upper class to lower class and from blacks to whites. It illustrates that prejudice is shown in different ways towards anyone.

Paragraph 1 white community being inherently racist.

Throughout the book you begin to learn that the hate that the black people have towards the white community has stemmed from the chauvinism they have received over the years from them, whereas on the other hand its almost as if the racism and hate that the white community have towards the black people has not stemmed from anything in which case they have no reasonable excuse for the use of racism and discrimination. This just proves the fact that the bigotry within the white community towards the black people is hereditary as it is what they have been brought up around and do not know better. Even before the children in Maycomb get to know any of the black children and speak to them they already have an instinct not to socialize with them which is not at all fair, and for the white community its almost as if before you get to know a black person you have a natural instinct in that its to some extent a sin. An example of this could be during the Tom Robinson rape trial against Bob Ewells daughter as in the end they found out that he did not rape her but she raped him, which could infer that she actually likes the black community but does not want anyone or her father to know as she does not want to be pushed out of the white community nonetheless she has her own opinion on the black community and knows its wrong due to the hereditary racism. An example of hereditary racism could be the relationship between Robert E. Lee Ewell and his daughter Mayella; whilst during the trial against Tom Robinson he then explains that he did not rape her but she raped him, which could infer that she is only accusing him in order to cover up the actual truth and getting out that she actually likes the black community. She seemed quite pretentious as in front of her dad she was cursing the black people yet behind his back she was

Paragraph 2 Black community being racist and pro segregation as a defence mechanism they do not seem inherently racist.

Within the book you get a real sense of how the black people were treated in those times and that its not just the white people who are racist but also some of the black community are too. However there are some racist black people amongst them but whereas the white people use it unfairly they seem to use it as a defence mechanism against the racism they do receive in order to try and block it out, so its as if they are pretending to be racist in order to make it come across that they can defend themselves. Although they would want nothing better than to have equality and get along with other races they make it come across that they are pro segregation in order to not look like pushovers to the white community and that they can defend themselves however deep down they would deeply prefer to be segregated. Also the black people seem much more friendly than the white community as they are not usually inherently racist so they get to know a person before they judge them no matter what skin colour. Such as Calpernia who was the maid for the finch family, and made them their dinner, and looked after the children sometimes. Even with all of the hatred towards the black people in Maycomb she did not consider that and judged them on them as a person and not on the racist white community. Calpernia quote from telling off scout ,

Paragraph 3 Hierarchy amongst the white community.

You would think that the white community all live together in harmony but that is far from true. As within the book Jem explained to scout his idea of the socio economic classes that Maycomb live in. He sorted them out into matter of importance and by financial, educational, and social status. This means that at the top of the hierarchy would be the suburban dwellers such as themselves and their neighbours, and the poor less educated, but hard working farmers like the Cunninghams would be in the middle of that group. The white trash or the most indigent, uneducated group of white people, such as the Ewells locate at the bottom of the white society hierarchy. Never the less they think so poorly of black people that they are possibly not even included in the hierarchy as they are not classed as part of the community. Theres four kinds of folks in the world. Theres the ordinary kind like us and the neighbours. A part of which are some of the words Jem uses to explain to scout his idea of the social hierarchy within Maycomb. This quote in particular brings out a side of Jem that is not commonly shown throughout the book, which is the chauvinism against anyone not high up in the social hierarchy. In particular the word ordinary is used which is how he describes him, his family, and his neighbours. In this he could be inferring that if youre not at the top of the hierarchy as is him and his family, then you are not deemed as normal in his eyes. Although this word could also have a double meaning as the word ordinary is deemed as quite boring and

nothing special so in which proves how young he is the mixed rave community have not been mentioned or placed just the same as the black people,

Paragraph 4 Citizens who are prejudiced for not being part of the natural hierarchy.

As seen in the book you do not have to be black to be discriminated against as there are white citizens who get discriminated against for just simply talking to the black people and associating themselves with them and get the exact same treatment that the black people get for not being a part of the natural hierarchy and instead treating them nicely and being friends with them. So internally they are inferring that being friends or associated with a black person is just as bad as being black. Take Atticus for example who got a lot of negative confrontation for wanting to defend Tom Robinson and along with that he has a black woman in the house to cook for them and look after them.

Paragraph 5 Older members of the community being anti-change and deeply stuck in their ways.

Just like the older generation in this day and age the older community then were still stuck in their traditional ways

Younger generations regurgitating what they hear their parents saying and learning prejudice.

They dont belong anywhereso theyre just in betweens, dont belong anywhere. This quote in particular is about the mixed race people in the

maycomb community, and as aforementioned prejudice is shown in different ways throughout the book and not just towards the black people but also in this case towards the mixed race community. As shown throughout the book the white community of maycomb hate everything about black people and to know that their people even thought about touching them let alone making a family with them makes them feel disgusted and