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Sunday Morning Around Sumar Introduction

As part of a personal training program in photography, I set out to try to take some pictures that told a story. In addition, I knew that early morning light is a good time to take pictures, and that this Sunday the weather would be nice. But what story did I want to tell? It came to me that maybe I could use a concept expressed as follows: When we go through our everyday life we miss and dismiss many things, automatically filtering out a lot of mundane and lesser sights, sounds, feelings and thoughts. Could I find some subjects that normally go unnoticed and that might be worth studying? What follows are the results.

The Original Plan

After some thinking and studying, I formulated the following:

The Choice of Location

The idea was to find a place that had a nice view, particularly at sunrise. Additionally there should be plenty of greenery and nature around it. With the help of Google Maps and Street View, I choose the Sumar Metro station, about 2 kilometers from my apartment. I could easily go there some time before the 6 am sunrise and take my "nature" photos. On further thinking, the idea of showing that So Paulo isn't such an ugly city after all came to me, and I could contrast the "green" in So Paulo with the "ugly" everyday concrete and asphalt constructions that I live with. During a Saturday morning scouting of the chosen location, as a bonus I found that there was an interesting little garden near the taxi stand, and even some nearby buildings, interesting from an architectural standpoint.

So Paulo - A Big Modern City

Mass transportation in So Paul is very limited, particularly considering the size of the city and the number of people that depend on it. Moving around in So Paulo by car or public transportation is the only negative aspect in my daily life. And judging from the recent demonstrations and riots in the city, transportation difficulties in a large part of the population generates similar negative feelings. For more information, you can Google: MPL - "Movimento Pass Livre" As may be seen in some of the annexed photographs, So Paulo's metro is very modern and fairly well maintained. It is just too small and limited. The stress and even violence generated by this situation can only be felt traveling around the city.

What Was Found

Photos n 1, 2 and 3: a) peace and beauty in the sunrise: this was expected as no early morning rain or storm was forecasted; b) violence and stress in the dark tree branches, but with hope of peace of the sunrise coming behind them; Photos n 4 and 5: violence in the previously unseen wooden sculpture found in the garden. The iron wire around the neck, the crack in the head, and the suffering expression in a "natural" wood log was so shocking and sad after a peaceful time taking photos of the sunrise; Photos n 6, 7, 8 and 9: beauty and interest in the buildings and even the streetlights.

Sunday morning is a good time for reflection - does it come from my early religious training? My original idea of the existence for an intrinsic conflict between "Nature" and the "Concrete / Asphalt" found in any city seems, at least to me, to be wrong. After seeing and reflecting on the results of my photographic work, it came to back me that there is good and bad in both: "Nature" and a "Concrete / Asphalt" city. In my opinion, violence and peace can be found anywhere and anytime. More comments of mine on these topics have already been started. Sometime I hope to finish them enough to be suitable to publish. Photos n 1, 2 and 3:

Photos n 4 and 5:

Photos n 6, 7, 8 and 9: