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Secondary Lesson Plan Template Topic of lesson: Plants and Food Length of class: 45min Who are your

students and what are their specific learning needs? 30 students, three level one ELL, two level two ELL students

Standard(s) to be addressed in this lesson: Select and use appropriate tools and technique to gather analyze and interpret data. Interdependency of organisms, changes in environment conditions and survival of individuals and species.

Enduring Understandings/Essential Questions targeted in this lesson (for units created using the Understanding By Design framework only): How do humans rely on plants in order to survive?

Learning Objectives for this lesson (Written using verbs from Blooms Taxonomy): Students be able to identify different parts of plants that are commonly seen and to understand the importance of photosynthesis.

Instructional method(s) chosen in this lesson (and why): Lecture-students will be learning new material which some of them will have little to know background knowledge, so we will be giving them this knowledge Lab-hand on experience where students will get to think critically and review what they have already learned.

Materials/Resources: Life Science Interactive Science by Pearson Hand outs

Fruit in packet

Lesson Sequence: (How will you organize your lesson?) 1. Daily question and review last class (5 minutes) 2. Cover pages 82-83 in text book (10 min) 3. Explain lab (5 minutes) 4. Do lab (25 min)

Assessment of learning (How will I know if students achieved my learning objectives?) I will understand that the students have learned the objectives by the lab packets they turn in. I will also know how well they learned the material from the lecture by the questions that are asked while going over the book. Lesson Checklist Did I hook my students by getting them excited about the topic? Did I introduce my learning objectives to the students (even if I just posted them in the room)? Are my learning objectives aligned with my state standards? Did I choose an instructional strategy/activity appropriate to the purpose(s) of the lesson? Did I organize my lesson clearly? Did I account for any downtime and/or transitions? Did I model or provide guided practice (if necessary)? Did I scaffold student learning (if necessary)? Did I assess my students learning (formative or summative)? Did I successfully bring the lesson to a within the allotted time? Did I provide a bridge to the next lesson in my unit sequence? Did I provide anchor/enrichment activities for students who complete the lesson early (if necessary)? Did I differentiate for my individual students needs?