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if a 1 a. ‘ i bee 3 ee (4 i NM Book J as ft The = Silent Hostess 4 a Treasure i 2 wt 1931 -- Table of-Gortents PAGE MOmewOnd 50 os eee cee eae eee ee 3 Multi-temperature feature of the General Electric Refrigerator. . Save time in your kitchen Cutting down food bills. . More than a thousand meals a year. Protect your family’s health Entertaining is an art. . Some suggested menus. P Recipes you will be glad to know What to do with leftovers Helpful hints...... . Your General Electric Refrigerator and hovet to care for it... .. Refrigerator accessories . : ‘The General Electrie Company........ eLIdeR seeaiio Tie ee RAIN. 2 How to use this book This Silent Hostess Treasure Book is arranged to assist you in making the greatest use of your General Electric Refrigerator. Read the suggestions given in the first few chapters. Use the menus on Pages 22-30, and the recipes on Pages 32-90, to carry out these ideas. On Page 91, you will find some generally helpful hints, On Page 93, you will find directions for the use and care of your refrigerator. Use the index, starting on Page 98, freely, 2 SIR et