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Dear Needlework Friend,

We are pleased to offer you this, our 2012 Mail Order Catalog. Along with many new and exciting items, you will find updated listings of our fabrics, threads, accessories and patterns for a wide variety of counted thread embroideries. Nordic Needle has been in business since June of 1975, and a lot has changed over the years. New technology permits us to offer you our over 19,000 items on our website, That was something we never imagined back in 1975! This catalog represents only some of what we carry in inventory for your stitching needs. We urge you to go to our website often to see all thats NEW and all that is ON SALE! Our second website is and you will find many helpful and interesting things on that website including free patterns and instructions for many stitches! If you have not subscribed to our weekly email newsletter, you really should join the 45,000 people who have! Every week we share articles on fellow-stitchers, articles on different needlework techniques, tasty recipes, interactive topics, and information on whats NEW and whats ON SALE. Just go to our website and subscribe today! Our very capable and hard-working staff gives you their best every day as they take, fill, and ship your orders to you. Nordic Needle offers you the best customer service, the best products and the best help and knowledge possible in the needlework industry. This year we will be sending ONE more catalog and that will be in July. If you have ordered in the previous 12 months to that time, you will automatically receive the July catalog. Let us know if we can help as you plan your next needlework project! Happy stitching! Roz, Sue and the staff of Nordic Needle

Front Row: Gwen, Tasha, Roz, Sue K., Debi Center Row: Fern, Chris S., Karen, Diane, Amanda, Megan, Ruth, Lisa Back Row: Duane, Mary Ann, Trish, Chris R., Jessica and Judy Not Pictured: Ryan, Garnet, Cassie, Janine and Brittany

A. Colorado Carol
An Original Hardanger Embroidery Design by Roz Watnemo, created for Carol Hathaway upon her retirement from Nordic Needle and moving to Colorado. Thank you for 21 years, Carol! Finished size is 8.8 x 8.8 when stitched on 24 count Ivory Soft Congress (3990-264) or Sand Congress Canvas (9406-224) with ThreadworX size #8 2 skiens of color 81043 (TH008-81043) and DMC pearl cotton sizes #8 and #12 in color 0676. Chart and instructions included.

INDEX A-Z books ................................18, 19, 20-30 Acid Free Tissue Paper ..............................62 Afghans ......................................................32, 33 Aida fabric ........................................................33 Anchor thread ................................................37 Annies Keepers ............................................77 Armchair Organizer ....................................83 Awl ...................................................................... 82 Banding ..............................................................33 Bargello ......................................................90, 99 Baskets ................................................................88 Beaded accessories ............................84, 89 Beads, beading accessories, kits, books ..........................29-31, 78, 115 Bellpull hardware..........................................62 Bibs........................................................................32 Blackwork..................................................22, 23 Bobbin lace ......................................................20 Bobbins......................................20, 27, 49, 73 Bodkin needles ......................................14, 78 Boo Boo Stick ................................................86 Bookmark, sleeves and tassels..............................................12, 32, 61 Boxes ..............................................5, 60, 61, 63 Brazilian embroidery ..........................16, 17 Brazilian embroidery thread..........38-39 Bullion needles ..............................................78 Canvas ........................................................33, 36 Canvas Covers................................................80 Canvas Clips ............................................80, 81 Canvaswork ........................90-95, 119, 120 Cards .................................................................. 61 Caron Collection threads ................40-41 Charms ..........................................................5, 62 Chart holders ..........................................71-72 Cleaners ..............................................................74 Clubs........................................................................3 Computer software......................................88 Cookbooks ......................................................59 Cord & tassel makers ................................49 Counting pins & tools ......................63, 73 Crazy Quilting ................................................24 Crescent Colours thread ..........................42 Crewel embroidery ......................................19 Crochet thread................................................43 Cross-stitch............................................96-120 Daylight products ........................80, 84-86 Dazor Lamp ....................................................85 Dinky Dyes Thread..............................44, 52 Dish Towels ......................................................24 DMC thread ....................................43, 45-47 Doll heads ........................................................62 Dovo Scissors ................................................64 Drawn thread ..................................................18 DVDs, Videos, CD ..................................8, 88 Easy Count Guideline ................................86 Edmar threads ........................................38-39 Embroidery ..............................19, 24-25, 37 Embroidery on Paper ........................26, 89 Emery and kits ................................................11 Euro Power Cord Maker ..........................49 Evertite Stitchery Frames ..........................81 E-Z Stitch system ..........................................81 Fabric............................................................33-36 Fiber Hiders..................................................82

0435 $6.99

Fingerweaving ................................................20 Floor stands ....................................................80 Floss ............................42, 44-48, 52, 53, 55 Floss-A-Way ....................................................77 Floss organizers ............................................77 Frames................................................................ 61 Fray Check ........................................................86 Gentle Arts Sampler thread....................48 Giftwares............................................................59 Glorianna Silk Thread ................................48 Gloves..........................................................86, 87 Gnomie Dolls ..................................................59 Goldwork ..........................................................19 Gypsy Sit Upon..............................................88 Hand Aids ........................................................86 Hankies and Linens ....................................28 Hardanger Sampler Club............................3 Hardanger fabric ..........................................34 Hardanger kits ..................................3, 11-13 Hardanger designs ......1-13, 96-98, 120 Hardanger tweezers....................................86 Help-N-Hand..................................................86 Hemstitching....................................................18 Highlighter tape and pens ......................88 Hoops..................................................................80 Huck fabric, toweling..................................34 Huck embroidery ..................................14-16 Japan tacks ......................................................81 Jeweled Accessories ..........70, 73, 82, 83 Kids Crafts ........................................................95 Kreinik thread..........................................48-51 Kumihimo..........................................................89 Lace Making ....................20, 21, 27, 28, 36 Lacing Cards....................................................95 Lap Frames ......................................................80 Lapel pin ............................................................59 Laying tools ....................................................82 Leahs Thread..................................................51 Light Box............................................................86 Lights............................................................83-87 Linen fabric ......................................33, 35, 36 Linen thread ....................................................51 Locker hooking ..............................21, 36, 78 Londonderry Linen Thread ....................51 MagEyes ............................................................84 Magic Needlework Cleaner ....................74 Magnetic Boards and Line Minders ............................71-72 Magnetic Needle Minders....70, 74, 120 Magnets ............................................63, 69-74 Magnifiers ................................................84-87 Magni Clips ......................................................84 Memo Pad ........................................................63 Memory thread..............................................47 Mesh Bags ........................................................75 Metallic thread................................37, 47-53 Mighty Bright..........................................84-86 Mill Hill beads, kits ..............................29-31 Mindy Pocket Case ......................................83 Mini Twister......................................................49 Monks cloth & patterns ..........14-15, 34 Mountmellick ..................................................20 Mouse pad ......................................................59 Nail Files, clippers and buds..........63, 87 Namaste cases and pouches ................75 Needle Park Avenue ....................................41 Needle Minders ..........................70, 74, 120 Needle Nanny and Nest ..........................70 Needlepainting ..............................................20 Needlepoint ........................90-95, 119, 120 Needle pullers ................................................79 Needles, cases, threaders................18, 30, 63, 73, 74, 78, 79 Needlework stands......................................80 Novels ......................................................59, 120 Organizers ................................................77, 83 Ornament frames..........................................61 Ort Collector ....................................................83 Pako needle organizer ..............................41 Paper, Embroidery on........................26, 89 Pearl cotton ......................37, 42-47, 51-55 Pendants ..........................................61, 92, 115 Perfect Needle ................................................79

Perforated paper............................................74 Photo Album ..................................................59 Piercing Tools, Pads ............................26, 89 Project bags, Packs, Cards and Pails ........................................75, 76, 89 Prop-It chart holder ....................................72 Punchneedle ....................................................21 Q-Snaps ............................................................80 Rainbow Gallery thread............................52 Redwork..............................................................37 Restoration Fabric Restorer ....................74 Ribbon embroidery..............................16, 18 Ribbon Floss ....................................................52 Romanian Point Lace..................................21 Rulers, tape measures........................63, 87 Sajou Scissors & Sets ................................65 Satin Floss..........................................................47 Scissors, sheaths, reels, charmers, fobs, holders, cases................................................63-69, 83 Scroll frames ....................................................81 Sewing sets and kits....................................74 Shuttles................................................................27 Silk gauze ..........................................................36 Silk ribbon embroidery......16, 18, 52-54 Silk thread ....37, 40, 41, 44, 48, 49, 52, 54 Snap Wraps......................................................80 Soap ......................................................................74 Sofa Organizers ............................................83 Spool Stockings ............................................88 Sprang ................................................................20 Stamped embroidery..........19, 24, 24, 37 Star De-Tailor ..................................................82 Stash Cases ......................................................63 Stick n Store ....................................................74 Stiletto..................................................................82 Stitch Clips ........................................................80 StitchBow system..................................43, 77 Stitchers Journal and Cards..........59, 87 Stretcher bars & frames....................80, 81 Stuffed Animals..............................................32 Stumpwork........................................................18 Surface Embroidery ............19, 24, 25, 37 Swedish weaving ..................................14-16 Tacks......................................................................81 Tacky B.O.B. ......................................................30 Tape ......................................................................62 Tape Measures ..............................................63 Tassel & cord makers ................................49 Tatting books, shuttles and needles ........................................27-28 Tatting thread..................................................43 Telescoping Magnetic Wand ................72 Temari and Needles ............................21, 78 Therapeutic Accessories ..........................88 Thimbles ............................................................86 Thread..........................................................37-55 Thread Heaven ..............................................86 Thread Minder........................................51, 83 Thread organizers ................41, 43, 49, 51 Thread Tenders ..............................................83 Thread Traveler ..............................................41 Thread Zap ......................................................86 Threadpainting ..............................................20 ThreadworX ....................................................53 Tool Cases and Rolls....63, 74, 76, 86, 88 Totes ............................................................63, 76 Towels..........................................................24, 32 Transfer embroidery ..........................24, 37 Transfer pencil ........................................21, 24 Trigger cloth ....................................................36 Trolley needle..................................................82 Tweezers ....................................................86, 87 Ukrainian Embroidery................................18 Valdani Thread ..............................................54 Videos, DVDs ............................................8, 88 Visual Mate ......................................................84 Waste Canvas..................................................36 Weeks Dye Works thread ......................55 Wessex Stitchery............................................19 Whitework ........................................................18 Wool Tapestry Yarn ....................................38 Zap Gel ..............................................................89

2012 Retail Catalog

Exclusive Nordic Needle Clubs for 2012

A. Hardanger Button Sampler Club
Roz combines her love of Hardanger embroidery with her love of button collecting to bring you this exciting new Hardanger Club. Each months exclusive design is another part of the finished sampler. The first month you will receive the chart for the entire outline of the Sampler and each month after that you will receive another section to complete. The last month will be finishing options and attaching the vintage buttons, mostly mother-of-pearl. No two button packs will be exactly alike; therefore your final design will be unique. This Sampler can be finished into a pillow, a wall hanging, a framed design, or a table mat. Finished size on 26 count ivory Etamin is 12 square or larger if you choose to finish it with the buttonhole edge option. In addition to the chart for each Sampler section, Roz has expanded on each design and includes two or three additional variations of the monthly design. Roz shows you how each section can be a transformed into a larger piece, a border design, or bellpull. All stitch instructions are included. When you enroll in the Hardanger Button Sampler Club, the first month (beginning January 2012) you will receive the fabric, DMC pearl cotton size #8 (used for the entire design), the January Hardanger design chart, general Hardanger stitch instructions, a package of size #24 tapestry needles, 24 vintage buttons in various shapes and sizes, and a mesh pouch to hold the supplies and keep your piece clean and safe throughout the years project. All this is for the low price of $49.99. Every month after that you will receive a new Hardanger design to add to the Sampler plus the additional charts that expand on that design. A valuable product coupon will also be included in each months shipment. The cost per month after the first months shipment is only $6.99 cluding the pre-hemmed bookmarks and cards with envelopes. Plus receive all the supplies including DMC specialty flosses, Rainbow Gallery Bravo plus Kreinik Size #4 metallic braid. The charms, buttons, beads, and Treasures along with the needles and basic counted cross stitch instructions are also included. Then every month you will get the new design detailed in a full color chart, photo, and any additional stitch instructions or alphabet. A special Members Only Coupon is included with your shipment. The coupons will save you over $60 on selected cross stitch supplies. The initial shipment of materials and Januarys design is $74.99. Then every month your newest design will ship automatically for the low price of only $6.99 Every month your shipment will automatically be charged to your credit card.

CLUB06 $74.99
First Month and Initial Materials Each month $6.99 Shipping Charges for Both Clubs The prices for each club include the shipping for USA members. Foreign members will be charged minimal difference in domestic vs. foreign postage charges. Enrollment Information for Both Clubs If you enroll in January 2012, you will receive the introductory shipment and January designs in January. No charges will be made to your credit card until we send your first shipment in January 2012. If you enroll in February, you will be sent the introductory/January design and February kits and your credit card will be charged for both. If you enroll later in the year, say June, you will be billed for and receive all the monthly shipments from January through June. Then every month after your enrollment your shipment will automatically be shipped and charged to your credit card. We encourage you to become a member of our 2012 Clubs. Invite your friends and stitching groups to be involved as well. What fun to get together monthly to stitch your exclusive project as a group! Remember, these designs are ONLY available to Club Members and only for the year of 2012. Reserve your place in our exclusive Clubs today!

B B. Charmed Counted Cross Stitch Club

Sign up now to be a charter member of the exclusive club! Spend the year creating cards, bookmarks, and mini bellpulls suitable as gifts for many happy occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, graduation, weddings or anniversaries. Create unique gifts such as the Thank You bookmark or Friends card. Throughout the year, you will stitch six bookmarks/bell pulls and six special occasion cards designed especially for you by Debi Feyh. You will be able to customize many of the designs so they will be as unique as the person receiving them. Every design includes a coordinating charm, button, or Mill Hill Treasure. Begin the year with the Happy Birthday bookmark which you can personalize with the recipients age, if desired. Wh When you enroll in the Charmed Counted Cr Cross Stitch Club, you will rece ceive a mesh bag filled with all th the materials you will need to sti stitch your year of projects in-

CLUB05 $49.99
First month and initial materials.

D-F. Delightfuls Hardanger Card Kits

Brighten your day as you stitch these cheerful Hardanger designs and brighten the day for the person who receives your card! Each kit includes the white Hardanger fabric, white pearl cotton #5, DMC Color Variations floss, needle, card, envelope, charm and sticker (assorted styles), complete stitch instructions, chart and design instructions. Limited edition! While quantities last.

C. Stained Glass Windows

Laura J. Perin. This stunning hot-off-the-press canvaswork design measures 12.5 x 12.5 when stitched on 18 count brown canvas (1282-070). A bead pack is included with the charts.

D D. Round Delightfuls Card Kit

Finished size of design is 3.25" round.

E 990-590-0110 $8.99

1553F $17.99 C
See more designs by Laura on pages 92-94.

F. Oval Delightfuls Card Kit

Finished size of design is 2.63" x 4.38.

990-590-0111 $8.99 F. Rectangular Delightfuls Card Kit. Finished size of design is 2.63" x 4.38. 990-590-0112 $8.99

2012 Retail Catalog

A. Hardanger Basics and Beyond.

Janice Love. Eight designs and very complete beginners instructions with exceptional diagrams and photos. Twelve stitches are taught in this 51stit page book. An excellent pag best-selling reference book. bes

C. Award-Winning Designs in Hardanger Embroidery 2011

Meier/Watnemo. Twelve stunning Hardanger Embroidery patterns are featured in this book of contest winning designs. In this 33rd year of the contest, the designers are from the USA, Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand and Spain. All designs are charted and photographed for the intermediate to advanced Hardanger stitcher.

11205 $14.95 11 B. Hardanger Fundamentals Fu Made Fancy.

Janice Love. Advanced filling stitches Jan shown in step-by-step instructions. sho Sixty-page encyclopedia of stitches also Sixt includes clip art and graphs for your own incl designing. des

Best sellers

11206 $19.95 11

0249 $14.95 I. Marguerite.

India Grace Combine Hardanger with specialty stitches to create this lovely 8" square design. The materials required are 28-count white Lugana (3270-100) with DMC size 5 pearl cotton #550 x 2; and DMC size 8 pearl cotton #211, 210, 209, 208. You will also need Mill Hill beads #2085.


D-I. New Specialty Stitch Designs by India Grace. Designs are complete with very detailed color stitch
illustrations and instructions. See website for complete list of materials required. See page 6 for one more design.

2323 $12.99

D. Madeleine.
Hardanger embroidery with Ruskin Lace needleweaving for the center motif. The model was stitched on 28 count Pale Blue evenweave fabric. Suggested substitute is 28-count Ice Blue Cashel Linen (3281-562). The finished design on size 28 fabric is 5" x 5".

G. Aurora.
Aurora combines Hardanger embroidery with specialty stitches and beads to create this stunning design. The model was stitched on 28-count Black Cashel (3281-720), for a finished size of 5.6" x 5.6".

J. Classic Hardanger.
Gina Marion. This book includes all the Hardanger stitches, techniques and designs an embroiderer could wish for along with 50 stunning projects from samplers and bookmarks to a wedding cushion and a christening gown. In addition to traditional white designs there are projects using colored and metallic threads and beads. You will get the basic stitches as well as more intricate tassels and Maltese crosses in this comprehensive guide to Hardanger.

2325 $8.99 H. Grace.

This lovely design combines Hardanger with Blackwork. The model was stitched on 28-count white Lugana (3270-100) with DMC sizes 5 and 8 pearl cotton color B5200 and DMC floss #310. The finished design is 5" x 11.5".

2321 $12.99 E. Rosa.

Hardanger embroidery together with bullion roses and lovely needleweaving create this 6.1" square design, stitched on 28 count Ice Blue Cashel Linen (3281562)

1901 $21.95

2322 $12.99 F. Elfie.

Hardanger embroidery combines with Blackwork and specialty stitches to create this lovely 9" design. The model was stitched on 28count Sky Blue evenweave. Suggested substitute is 28count Ice Blue Cashel Linen (3281-562).

2326 $8.99

K. Elegant Hardanger Embroidery.

Yvette Stanton. 2nd edition and revised, this 64-page book contains 170 clear diagrams that show you stitches and techniques, plus 15 projects are beautifully photographed and charted.

0590 $19.95 L. Hardanger for the Holidays.

Julie Norton for Stoney Creek. Eighteen Hardanger ornaments, some with cross-stitch accents, stitched on white 24-count Congress cloth (#3990-100).

2324 $8.99

6077D $7.95

2012 Retail Catalog

A-J. Hardanger Magazines from Germany

Text is in German but color photos and pull-out charts are easy to follow for the experienced Hardanger stitcher.

C. Special Lena Hardanger L1489.

Create over 40 beautiful Hardanger projects including ornaments, doilies, pillows, tabletoppers, pictures and curtains.

A. Special Anna Hardanger

Included are over 60 projects including runners, ornaments, tabletoppers, pillows, doilies, curtains, and gift ideas.

1090A $11.50 B. Special Diana Hardanger D1948 B

Christmas designs are included for runners, ornaments, table decorations and many more gift ideas.

1088A $11.50

1083B $11.50 D. Special Lena Christmas LH1411 1085A $11.50 F. Special Diana Hardanger D1849 1087A $11.50 F G. Special Diana Hardanger D1775 1084A $9.99

D E. Special Diana Hardanger D1814 1086A $11.50


H. Special Lea Le ea Hardanger #LH737 H737 1087 $11.50 I. Special Lea Special Christmas Hardanger #LH809 1089 $11.50 J. Special Lea Hardanger #LH731 1090 $11.50 M. #1 Mom Hardanger Design. Roz Watnemo.
Stitch a card for Mom or insert the design into the Round Treasure box (7468 for Black, 7468A for Ivory). When stitched on 24 count white Congress Cloth (3990-100) or 25 count white Lugana 25 (3835-100) finished size is 3.25" round. Begin with a 5" square of fabric. Chartpack includes #1 Mom charm, ivory card and envelope, design cha chart and instructions. Fabric, thread and box sold separately. Use size #8 pearl co cotton in overdyed or solid color of your choice. Box show shown uses Caron Wildflowers color 141 (WF008-141), Card Shown uses: Leahs #851 (LE008-51).



UL Y 1 7, 201

SALE $8.60

K. Black Treasure Boxes in Hardanger danger Embroidery. y y.

Roz Watnemo. The designs can be used as a box top or frame insert. Two snowflake charms are included with the chartpack. The round finished design size is 3.375" round. The rectangular finished design size is 1.5" x 2.625". The fabric used for the models is 25-count black Lugana (3835-720), You will need one ball DMC pearl cotton size #8 thread in white or cream.

0431 $5.99
Round Treasure box Black

7468 $18.50

Mini Rectangular Box - Black

7468B $17.50

L. Ivory Treasure Boxes in Hardanger Embroidery.

Roz Watnemo. The designs can be used as a box top or frame insert. Two snowflake charms are included with the chartpack. The round finished design size is 3.375" round. The rectangular finished design size is 1.5" x 2.625". The fabric used for the models is 28count Little Boy Blue Lugana (3270-513), You will need one ball DMC pearl cotton size #8 thread in white or cream.

0433 $6.99
Additional #1 Mom Charm

7527 $2.50

N. #1 Grandma Hardanger Design. Roz Watnemo.

Stitch a card for Grandma or insert the design into the Round Treasure box (7468 for Black, 7468A for Ivory). When stitched on 24 count white Congress Cloth (3990-100) 00) or 25 count white Lugana 25 (3835-100) finished size e is 2.88" round. Begin with a 5" square of fabric.. Chartpack includes #1 Grandma charm, ivory y card and envelope, design chart and instructions. Fabric, thread and box sold separately. Use size ze #8 pearl cotton in overdyed or solid color of your our choice. Box shown uses ThreadworX color 81015 (TH008TH00881015). Card Shown uses: Leah's #829 (LE008-29). 0434 $6.99 Additional #1 Grandma Charm Round Black Box

0432 $5.99
Round Treasure Box Ivory Mini Rectangular Box Ivory

7468A $18.50 7468C $17.50

Additional Shimmering Snowflake Charms Assorted styles, .75" in size.

7525 $1.75 each

Additional Mini Snowflake Charms. 3/8" diameter. Package of 4.



7528 $2.50
Round Ivory Box

7468A $18.50

7526 $2.80

2012 Retail Catalog

A-G. Cross N Patch by Emie Bishop


E. A Collection of Beautiful Stitches.

Sixty-six page, spiralbound stitch reference book for more than 140 of the most frequently used stitches in Hardanger and other counted embroideries.

3701A $21.99 E A. Trust In The Lord.

Another great design in the tradition of Emie Bishop combining Hardanger and counted cross stitch. Stitch the large design as shown or parts for ornaments. Finished size on 32-count Antique white Belfast linen (3609010) is 5.3 x 13.5 for the large sampler. The shorter version will be 5.3 x 9.8 and the ornament is 5 x 5.

C. My Christmas Quilt.
Stitch this beautiful design as is to create an exquisite Christmas quilt (design size is 10" x 13.8" on 32 count), or a bellpull (3.4" x 10), or individual ornaments (3.4" x 3.4"). The quilt model was stitched on 32-count cream Belfast linen (#3609-222). Stitch instructions included.




UL Y 1 7, 201

SALE $8.99

J. Circle of Lace
This lovely design starts with a 16" square of 25-count white Jobelan (890-0) or white Lugana (3835-100). You will need one ball each of DMC Pearl Cotton Size 5, 8, and 12 in White.

3709A $11.99 B. Christmas In My Heart. LF145

Formerly published as individual card designs, now these are available in one leaflet for the years 2006-2009. Stitch instructions included. When stitched on 32 count Cream Belfast linen (3609222) finished size of each will be approximately 4.5" x 4.5"

3706A $9.99 D. Christmas In My Heart. LF142

Christmas Heart designs for 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005. Each design is 3.9" x 4.4" if stitched on 32-count cream Belfast linen (#3609-222). Stitches are illustrated and explained step-by-step.

F. Welcome.
Beautiful design is 11.9" x 6.5" on 28count fabric or 10.4" x 5.6" on 32-count. Emie used 32- count cream Belfast linen (#3609-222) and stitched with sizes #8 and #12 ecru pearl cotton. DMC floss and cream Mill Hill beads (MH0123) complete the design.

3704A $7.99

3703A $7.99

3707A $7.99 G G. Homeward Bound.

Emie Bishop of Cross N Patch. "Over the river and through the woods" is the saying stitched among the autumn leaves and flowers. The model was stitched on 32-count natural light linen. Suggested substitute is 32count Flax Belfast linen (3609052). The design is charted for 25 DMC colors of floss, plus DMC Pearl Cotton size 8 - #642 and 301; and Size 12 - white. The design area is 72 x 164, making it 4.5 x 10.25". There is a companion piece included with a design size of 86 x 160 with no verse stitched on it.

H-K. Hardanger Designs by Hanky Panky.

H. Angels Around Doily.
Stitched on 25 count Bone Lugana (3835-253), finished size is 15 round, using DMC white pearl cotton in sizes #5,, #8,, and #12 and size #8 and #12 in color 0842 tan.

1105E $6.50 I. Angels Runner.

Stitched on 25 count Mushroom Lugana (3835-309), finished size is 16 x 22 ,, using white and tan n pearl cotton.

3710A $11.99

1106E $6.50

K. The Carnation Doily. Doily

Finished size is 11.25 x 11.25 when stitched on 22 count water grey Hardanger fabric (180-70).

1107E $6.50 J K 2012 Retail Catalog

1104E $5.99

A-J. Hardanger Designs by Satin Stitches

Clear charts and stitch instructions included.

A. Garden Fence.
Finished size is 15.5 x 15.5 on 25 count antique white Colmar (or Lugana 25 count 3835-101), or soft cream Colmar (3438-099).

D. Pendant Square.
Finished size is 15 x 15 on 25 count antique white Colmar (or Lugana 25 count 3835-101), or soft cream Colmar (3438-099).

0737A $6.99 B. Dusty Stars.

Finished size is 10 x 20 on 25 count antique white Colmar (or Lugana 25 count 3835-101), or soft cream Colmar (3438-099).

0738A $6.99 E. Layered Lace.

Finished size on 22 count fabric is 15 x 15.

0739A $6.99 C. Heirloom Collection I.

Each of the four pieces is stitched on 22 count antique white Ariosa (3409-101), using white #5 and #8 DMC pearl cotton.

0733A $6.99 F. Northern Crystal.

Finished size on 25 count fabric is 12 X 12.

0734A $6.99

0740A $9.99 C B K. Hardanger Embroidery.

Donatella Ciotti. The openwork in this lacy style of stitchery forms beautiful patterns that are perfect for tablecloths, napkins, and other fine items. Book K includes how to create corner borders, count t and remove threads, do various hemstitches, blend colored d and white threads, and more. Projects range from pretty placemats and doilies to openwork curtains. Ninety-six color pages.

1901A $14.95 M

L L. Sampler Bookmarks in Hardanger Embroidery H G G. Rose Trellis.

Stitched on 22-count Hardanger fabric, finished size is 16" x 37", using three balls of pearl cotton each, size #5 and #8.

I I. Border Magic.
This six-piece collection of doilies can be expanded to fit any size desired by repeating the patterns. Sizes shown are 9.25" square when stitched on 22 count white fabric.

Roz Watnemo, Nordic Needle. Chartpack includes charts and stitch instructions for seven new bookmarks in the sampler style using several different stitches. Designs are worked on 24 count Congress cloth with several different colors of size #8 overdyed pearl cotton threads.

0430 $7.99 M. Elegant Bookmarks in Hardanger Embroidery

Roz Watnemo. Beginning Hardanger instructions are included as well as charts and instructions for each of the six individual bookmarks. A variety of fabrics and threads are used and listed, but Roz urges individual creativity in choosing your own colors of fabric and thread.

0791 $7.99 H Spring Gifts.

A six piece collection of advanced beginner doilies measuring 8" x 8" each when worked on antique white fine Ariosa (3409-101).

0728A $11.99 J. Gift Crosses.

The embroidery area is 3.5" x 5" on 22-count fabric of your choice. The stitching is done with #5 and #8 pearl cotton in complimentary colors.

0795 $11.99

0732A $6.99

0422 $5.99

2012 Retail Catalog

A-E. Hardanger Patterns by Carol Pedersen Designs

C E. Angel Bookmark.

A A. Holly Tree Skirt

Carol Pedersen Designs. Finished size on 28 count white Jobelan (429-000), is 48 x 48. Carol used DMC pearl cotton #8, and #12 and Kreinik Metallic Thread #8 in green, red and gold.

C. Hardanger Tips, Trick and Fix-its.

Carol Pedersen. Although some information is specific to Hardanger, much is useful for all forms of stitchery. Included are tips and tricks regarding your tools, projects, fabric and thread and your stitching, PLUS tips for ergonomic stitching, tricks for finishing and fix-its for stitching and cutting errors with 5 detailed case studies.

This delicate bookmark uses a filling ng stitch that creates an Angel! The model del was stitched on 28-count White Cashel l Linen (3281-100) and is stitched with DMC C Pearl Cotton Size 8 and 12 -White.

0622A $4.99

0624A $12.99 B. Geometry in Blue.

Two very different motifs alternate around the edge of this runner, stitched in two shades of blue. The beautiful and sturdy picot point edge designed by Ilse Altherr provides the hem. This piece is suitable for the intermediate to advanced stitcher. The model was stitched on 30count White Swan Legacy Linen (30-150) or white Siebleinen (1-3110). The threads used are Caron Impressions #7007 x 4 and 8027 x 3 and Londonderry Linen size 50/3 #5090 x 3. Finished size on 30-count is 15.5" x 25.5".

0637 $22.99 D. Hardanger Needleweaving.

This book is an incredible resource for designing and stitching the needleweaving portion of Hardanger embroidery. This spiral bound 39page book contains detailed instructions on how to weave seven designs such as a butterfly, angel, truck and violet along with tips and tricks to make your stitching more enjoyable.

F. Take ke the Hard Out of Hardanger.

J Designs. Revised edition of this classic book takes you step-bystep through the basics of Hardanger embroidery. Excellent instructions and diagrams with tips gleaned from Julies many years of teaching.

0621A $11.99

0623A $17.99

0852 $11.99

G. Take the Hard Out of Hardanger DVD

If you have a desire to learn Hardanger embroidery, but do not have a local class, Julie Norton of J Designs has produced this helpful and informative DVD. Julie shows G you how to place a basting stitch grid, and exactly where to put your needle for the first set of kloster blocks. You will learn the buttonhole edge, woven bars, picot, doves eye, lacy wrap, cable, and adjoining a wrap. The DVD includes a design and chart for the s small project. You will need a 9" square of 22-count Hardang ger fabric, one skein of pearl cotton #5, one ball of pearl cotto ton #8, and tapestry needles in size 22 and 24. You need a f fi fine-point, n sharp embroidery scissors to accomplish a close, cle clean cut. Dont delay learning Hardanger a moment longer.

H-I. Cindy Valentine Designs

H. Touch of Elegance Fingertip Towels.
Set of two lovely towel patterns. Start with 16" x 23" flax Cashel linen (#3281-052) for each towel. Buttonholed edge all around the towels makes finishing simple. Chartpack includes photo, charts and instructions. 0523 $9.99

I. China Rose.
Cindy Valentine Designs. On 28-count cream Cashel linen (#3281-222), design is 17.86" x 17.86". Color options are given for working in Wildflowers or DMC, and in blues or mauves and greens. All stitches are well illustrated and explained including the Tailors Buttonhole Stitch.

901-436-0001 $24.99 9 J. Hardanger Geurhangertjes Lavender Sachets.

Ma Timmers. Four designs for sachets, coasters or small Marjo doilies, depending on the fabric you choose. The unique do scalloped buttonhole edge is clearly charted and would be sca beautiful on larger projects as well. be

0535 $8.99


0563 $16.99 0
2012 Retail Catalog

A-B. Lacey Thread Designs.


C-E. Designs by Rose Marie.

C. Sunshine.
Designs by Rose Marie. Hardanger design is 9.5" x 9.5" when stitched on shell or dove grey (3281-718) 28 count linen. DMC pearl cotton white in sizes #8 and #12 are used as well as DMC floss in colors 642 and 3078 (gray and yellow).

0978B $7.99 D. Lily of the Valley.

The model is stitched on 28 count Water Lily linen. Water Lily linen is available in 32 count (65-203) or a great substitute for the 28 count is Vintage Spring Meadow Cashel linen (3270-600). The threads used are DMC pearl cotton #8 and #12 - white, and DMC floss #522. The finished size on 28 count is approximately 9" square.

A. Blossoms and Lace.

Leaflet includes charts and instructions for the needle pocket, biscornu and scissor fob. Beads, buttons and lace flower included.

B. English Garden.
Hardanger and specialty stitches combine to create this lovely framed piece that measures 5 x 5 on 28 count Summer Khaki Cashel linen (3281-323). Needle Pocket measures 2.85 x 2.75 on same fabric. Clear chart and stitch instructions included.

1027 $11.99

0979B $7.99 E. Vivid Violet.

Designs by Rose Marie. If stitched on 32-count Lavender Mist, finished size is 12" x 12". If stitched on 28-count Lavender Bliss, (3270-505), the finished size will be 13.7" square. The threads required are DMC Pearl Cotton size #8 in 3042 and 3743; DMC Pearl Cotton size #12 in 3743 and DMC floss 3041.

1028 $11.50 F. Prelude.

Ann Poole Creations. Prelude is a Hardanger / Pulled Thread piece stitched on 28 count linen with a finished size of 19.25 x 19.25 with the hemstitched borders. Stitches include Layered Herringbone, Woven and Wrapped Bars, Doves Eyes, Greek Crosses, Struvor, Honeycomb and Zig-Zag Hemstitch. Instructions are included for the hemstitching.

0966C $7.99 G. Hardanger Revisited.

Lacis. Complete reproductions of: Priscilla Hardanger Book (1909), Priscilla Hardanger Book 2 (1924) and Old and New Designs in Hardanger, Book 10 (1910). 112 pages.



0922 $15.99

1069 $17.95 H. Summer Garden.

Carolyn Mitchell Designs. Summer Garden is a lovely table topper measuring 12" x 21" on 28-count green fabric. Summer Garden has been designed to feature unusual color and thread combinations using more nontraditional stitches, all clearly illustrated.

Vaughnie Olivieri was a gifted designer of Hardanger Embroidery and we were honored to publish two books by her. Vaughnie is no longer with us but we still have some of her books and are offering them to you as a combo pack. Both books include several Hardanger designs with Bargello highlights. You get a total of 13 stunning designs in this combo pack.

1047C $19.99


Best sellers

J-L. Hardanger Instruction Books from Meier/WatnemoNordic Needle

J. Hardanger Embroidery Favorites I.
This 48-page book is a complete learning manual for beginning and intermediate students of Hardanger. It includes written instructions and step-by-step charts for 18 different stitches, plus 27 patterns for small framed pieces, doilies, a placemat and a runner.

K. Beginners Charted Hardanger.

Twenty-four-page book shows step-by-step stitch movements for 22 stitches. The three patterns included are perfect for a first project or if you are teaching a class.

L. Advanced Charted Hardanger.

Clear charts and step-by-step instructions. It describes 18 advanced stitches clearly and then uses many of those stitches in four advanced projects a sampler, two bellpulls and a doily. Stitches include weaving variations, decorative fillers, and hemstitching.

0105 $4.95

0101 $8.95

0106 $3.95

2012 Retail Catalog

I. Vaughnies Visions I and Vaughnies Visions II Combo

UL Y 1 7, 201

SALE $12.95 $12.97


A-L. Hardanger Embroidery Books by Meier/Watnemo of Nordic Needle

A. Christmas in the Pines in Hardanger Embroidery.
Carol Slieter. Compiled by Meier/Watnemo, this creative book includes designs to spice up your Christmas decorating. From the adorable Christmas teddy bear with Hardanger vest, scarf and hat, to the three-dimensional tree, also included are bookmarks, ornaments, banners, door hangers, and a festive doily. In addition, the complete alphabet in Hardanger embroidery is included so you can make your own name or initial designs. Complete stitch and finishing instructions are included.

C. Marys Hardanger Fancies Mary Swartz.

Mary has been a winner in 11 of Nordic Needles annual Hardanger embroidery design contests. This exciting book features eight new original designs by Mary, including three unique and colorful pieces with many specialty stitches. Most pieces are for the intermediate or experienced Hardanger stitcher. Large graphs and close-up photos included for each design.

E. Award-Winning Designs in Hardanger Embroidery 2008.

Eleven incredible original designs from the 30th annual Hardanger design contest are included in this book. The winners come from designers all over the world. Charts and instructions included as well as photos and biographies of all the winners.

H. The Big Book of Small Doilies.

This book is a best seller! Thirty-three pieces, including some sets, work up quickly and make beautiful gifts. Complete stitch instructions included.

0219 $8.95

While Quantities Last.

0243 $12.95 F. Award-Winning Designs in Hardanger 2007.

Ten incredible winning designs representing designers from around the world. Each design is photographed and clearly charted.

I. Creative Stitches in Hardanger Embroidery.

A wonderful beginner to intermediate Hardanger book by designer, Carol Slieter, includes patterns that can be stitched up for quick gifts. The basic stitch instructions are included as well as patterns for 10 small doilies and five baptismal towels. Each pattern is shown in a close-up photo as well as a clear chart.

0244 $7.95 D. Award-Winning Designs in Hardanger Embroidery 2009.

This beautiful 64-page book is filled with photos, close-up details and charts for the nine winning designs in Hardanger contest. The nine designs include two 34"-36" square tablecloths, a white runner embellished with beads, an intricate large white oval table center, a beautiful baptismal dress, a square piece with many different filling stitches and three runners.

0248 $8.95 B. Creative Needle In Hardanger Embroidery

Designs by Carol Slieter, published by Nordic Needle. Exciting new Hardanger designs for the beginner through advanced stitcher include doilies, runners, curtain tiebacks, and photo frames. Stitches are illustrated and each design is charted and photographed close up for easy stitching.

0242 $9.95 G. Award-Winning Designs in Hardanger 2005.

Eleven winning designs from the 2005 design contest feature runners, doilies, a curtain, tablecloth and table center designs. Winners are from U.S.A., France, Canada and Japan. All designs are shown in close-up photos as well as clear charts. Intermediate to advanced level.

0241 $8.95 J. Classic Creations IV. Sylvia Muir.

Seven traditional doilies and a runner all worked on white lugana fabric. These pieces are traditional and elegant and fun to stitch.

0246 $8.95 A B

0245 $14.95

0208 $7.95

0239 SALE $6.99

While Quantities Last.

K. Award-Winning Designs in Hardanger Embroidery 2010.

Every year for the past 32 years Roz and Sue of Nordic Needle have sponsored a world-wide Hardanger Embroidery design contest and are pleased to present this new collection of 12 incredible designs. Each design is charted and photographed close up and each designer is pictured along with a brief autobiography. The winners this year are from the USA, Canada, England, Japan, Tasmania and New South Wales, Australia. These creative runners, table centers, and doilies are all original and unique and very stitchable for the intermediate to advanced Hardanger embroidery stitcher.



0247 $14.95




L. Wee Ones in Hardanger Embroidery.

Mildred Torgerson. Seventeen small doily designs that stitch up quickly for elegant gifts.


U L 0312 1 Y 1 7, 20


0312 $9.95 K L


2012 Retail Catalog

A-J. Meier/Watnemo Hardanger Kits.

B. Snowflake Design.
5.5" design. Includes four mini snowflake charms.

K2118 $16.50 C. Heart Bellpull.

4.75" x 13". Kit includes linen bands, pearl cotton, needle, bellpull hardware, two antique charms and complete chart and instructions.

A A. Buttonholed Doily.
Finished size 712" x 1312". Kit includes Beginners Charted Hardanger book, 22-count fabric, pearl cotton sizes #5 and #8, needle and instructions. White on white. Ivory on ivory.


K2120 $29.95 D. Hardanger Embroidery Emery Cushion Kit.

Roz Watnemo, Nordic Needle. Polish your needles in style with this Hardanger pillow stuffed with authentic emery. Finished size is 2.5" point to point. Kit includes authentic emery, fabric for pouch, two pieces of mushroom Lugana 28, lining fabric, Anchor pearl cotton, needle, chart, stitch and finishing instructions.


K2151 $11.99 K2152 $11.99

UL Y 1 7, 201

SALE $8.99

E-F. Kits in Hardanger Embroidery.

Designs by Sylvia Muir, published by Nordic Needle. These designs are classic and traditional, and for the advance beginner to intermediate Hardanger stitcher. These designs can be enhanced by adding webs or other filling stitches if desired.

6999H $7.99

G. Victorian Biscornu in Hardanger Embroidery.

Designed by Roz Watnemo, this kit is complete with 24 count white Congress cloth, ThreadworX pearl cottn, needle, Mill Hill 8 beads, chart for design, and complete instructions for stitching as well as finishing (with color photos). Finished size is 3.25" x 3.25".

K2162 $12.99 H. Christmas Bellpull Ornament.

This limited edition kit includes one holiday themed tin box, 2.75 x 4.5 x .5, 30-count linen banding, DMC size #8 pearl cotton in color #115 variegated red, needle, beads, hanging ribbon, chart and instructions. The finished size of the ornament is 1.75 x 5.375. Change the year to whichever year you stitch it!

990-590-0102 $9.99 E E. Classic Oval Star Hardanger Kit.

Finished size is 14" x 19". Kit includes white 26-count Etamin fabric, DMC pearl cotton in size #8, needle, general Hardanger instructions, design photos, chart and instructions.

F F. Classic White Runner Hardanger Kit.

Finished size is 11.5" x 37.5". Kit includes white 26-count Etamin fabric, DMC pearl cotton in sizes #8 and #12, needle, general Hardanger instructions, design photos, chart and instructions.

H I. Hardanger Basics Antique Creamer & Sugar Mat Kit.

Nordic Needle. The history of this little design is not entirely known. It was believed to be brought to the Moorhead, Minnesota, area by Norwegian visiting relatives in the early 1900s. This little design was used as a beginning Hardanger pattern when Nordic Needle first started teaching in the mid-seventies because of all the different stitches incorporated into a small piece. When this piece is completed you will be able to use your skills to create many more Hardanger embroidery designs using these same stitches. This complete kit includes 22-count white Hardanger fabric, #5 and #8 white pearl cotton, two needles, stitch instructions and the chart.

K2158 $23.99

K2157 $35.99

K2161 $11.99 J. Sweet Treats.

Hardanger Mat with Decorative Tin Kit Roz Watnemo limited edition. Kit includes the 3" x 5" x 2" tin box with satin bow (assorted colors), 26 count white Etamin fabric, #8 white pearl cotton, needle, chart, stitch and project instructions. Finished size of mat is 10.25" x 8.25". Kit materials come in the box which can be filled with candy or other treats for gift giving.

#990-590-0101 $11.99

2012 Retail Catalog


New from Roz Watnemo

A-D. Basic Hardanger Bookmark Kits.
This series of bookmark kits could also be called, Step-by-Step Hardanger, or NoCut Hardanger, because the first three kits have no cutting! By the time you get to Bookmark #4, you will be ready to cut with confidence and accuracy. If Hardanger embroidery fascinates you and you have yearned to give it a try but are afraid of it, lets get you started with these three pre-cutting bookmark designs. Once you are familiar with the basic Hardanger stitches, cutting will not be nearly as scary or intimidating when you get to bookmark #4. Each kit includes a lacy edged 20 count bookmark, sizes #5 and #8 thread, size 22 and 24 tapestry needles, a needle threader, a color photo of the finished bookmark, color chart, complete instructions and illustrations for each stitch.

E. Cream Bookmark with Lace Edge

Make additional bookmarks from the kit designs or other Hardanger or cross stitch designs. 20 count. Stitch area is 2.5 x 7.75. Overall size is 3.75 x 8.87.

9784 $3.99 E F. Viking Voyage Bellpull in Hardanger EmbroideryKit

Roz Watnemo. Do you see the sailing ships in the design? Use this design as a bellpull as F shown or fold it in thirds with a felt lining to create a beautiful Needle Book with the bottom point being the fold-back closure. Overall finished size is 3 5/8 x 12. Kit includes linen banding, DMC size #8 pearl cotton, two antique silver charms, white rod, silver cord, needle, chart and stitch and design instructions.

K2167 $16.99 G. Winter Heart Pocket

By Wendy KC Designs. Pattern only. Large heart is 4.5 x 4.75 and small heart is 3 x 3.5 when stitched on 32 count confederate grey or your own color choice. Use as ornaments alone or together as a scissors pocket.

A. Basic Hardanger Bookmark Kit #1

Stitches taught: satin stitch (kloster) block, box stitch both straight and diagonal, and four eyelet variations.

D. Basic Hardanger Bookmark Kit #4

Stitches taught: satin stitch (kloster) blocks, solid motifs, cable and double cable stitch, Smyrna, three eyelet variations, cutting, woven bars, webs, corner to corner webs, spokes, picots, and large outer web.

K2163 $10.99 B. Basic Hardanger Bookmark Kit #2

Stitches taught: solid motifs, cable stitch, lazy daisies.

K2166 $12.99

100-475-0001 $9.99

K2164 $10.99 C. Basic Hardanger Bookmark Kit #3

Stitches taught: satin stitch (kloster) blocks, solid motifs, Smyrna and three eyelet variations.

I-L. Permin of Copenhagen Kits.

I. Lily of the Valley Runner.
11.4" x 28.7" (29 x 73 cm.)

Kits include Hardanger fabric, DMC pearl cotton, needle, chart and instructions.

K. Daisies Doily.
15.7" x 15.7" (40 x 40 cm.).

K2165 $10.99 H. Beginner Hardanger Bellpull p Kit

Roz Watnemo. Basic Hardanger Ha stitches include inc satin stitch block, blo star motif, cutting, cut woven bars and webs. Kit inc includes linen ban bands, pearl cotton, nee needle, 8 cm. brass har hardware, photo, cha chart and complete ins instructions.

200-942-5707R $66.99 J. Daisies Runner.

11" x 24.4" (28 x 62 cm.)

200-942-5702D $53.99 L. Gray Runner with Lavender Flowers.

Kit includes 22-count light gray Hardanger fabric, pearl cotton, needle, chart and instructions. Lavender, green and white thread. 12" x 25" finished size.

200-942-5702R $53.99

200-942-1774 $77.99

K2101 $14.50 K


2012 Retail Catalog

A-I. Kits from Permin of Copenhagen.

Kits include fabric, threads, needles, charts, and instructions.

A E A. Hemstitched Runner.
Finished size is 10" x 28" on 18 count linen.

F F. Hardanger Tablerunner with Cross Stitch Bird. D

Finished size is 11 x 28 on 22 count Hardanger fabric.

C D. Hardanger Tabletopper Natural.

Finished size is 10" x 10" on 26 count natural linen.

245-942-0613R $43.99 B. Hardanger Tabletopper.

Finished size is 15" x 15" on 22 count white Hardanger fabric.

200-942-0670 $56.99

200-942-0912T $24.99 E. Hardanger Runner Natural.

Finished size is 10" x 25" on 26 count natural linen.

200-942-0905T $24.99 C. Hardanger Runner.

Finished size is 12" x 26" on 22 count white Hardanger fabric.

200-942-0905R $57.99

200-942-0912R $40.99 J

I G. Hardanger Table Runner

White with Scalloped Edge. Finished size is 12 x 28 on white Hardanger fabric.

Kits include fabric, thread, needle, chart and instructions.

J-L. Cross Stitch Kits from Gunillas Designs

J. Sverige (Swedish) Runner

Finished size is 13 x 33 when stitched on 11 count antique white aida.

200-942-1705R $52.99 H. Hardanger Table Runner Kit

White with Flowers. Finished size is 15 x 40 on white Hardanger fabric.

205-335-0703 $27.99 K. Fall Square

Finished size is 13 x 13 on 14 count beige aida.

200-942-1707R $76.99 I. Hardanger Table Runner Kit

White with Hemmed Edge. Finished size is 11.5 x 29.5 on white Hardanger fabric.

205-335-0803 $25.99 L. Goats and Hearts Square

Finished size is 11.5 x 11.5 on antique white 11 count aida.

200-942-1706R $48.99 H L

205-335-9805W $24.99

2012 Retail Catalog


Swedish Weaving/Huck Embroidery

This technique from the 1930s and 40s is quick and easy to learn. It can be worked on huck fabric, aida fabric, Popcorn or Monks cloth by picking up floats on top of the fabric and weaving a design. The design only shows on top as the needle never pierces the fabric.

A-D. While Quantities last. Avery Hill.

A. 33 Contemporary Swedish Weaving Patterns Pa I
Complete instructions are included, as well as yarn C lengths for all designs. Most designs use Red Heart yarn len on Monks cloth, but may be converted to pearl cotton on huck fabric.

C. Simply Swedish Weaving/Huck Embroidery, Book IV

This 72-page book features over 30 designs for afghans, pillows, stool cover, runners, a doll, tissue box cover and more.

1349 $19.95 1 B Swedish Weaving/Huck B. Em Embroidery, Book III

By Special Request More creative patterns for B monks cloth afghans, clothing, runners, placemats, mo Christmas stockings, towels and much more. SeventyCh two pages include graphs, color photos and instructions for fo f or numerous projects.

1351A $19.99 D. The How to Book of Swedish Weaving

This is one of the definitive books on Swedish Weaving/Huck Embroidery. Jeanne takes you through everything you need to know to become an accomplished stitcher. Learn how to prepare your fabrics and then pick from over 65 patterns. Each design has a color photograph, a color-coded pattern, and written instructions. Soft cover, 144 pages. 1349B 24.99

D E. Christmas Patterns.
Christine Allan. Beginning instructions in-cluded in this new book that features 11 festive designs for E THRO AL runners, tablecloths, placemats and pillows. Designs are worked on Monks UL cloth with yarn. Y 201

1349A $19.95 1

I I. Bodkin Needle.
This 3" flat needle is perfect for huck embroidery on monks cloth, as it slides smoothly through the floats of the fabric. 3" Bodkin needles (package of 12)


SALE $14.99
1 7,


7066 $6.50 G G. Fun & Fast Flickering Flakes F

Pillow design by Christine Allan. Finished size is 13.5" x 13.5" on Monks Cloth using size #5 pearl cotton or yarn. See Monks cloth and huck fabric and toweling on page 34.

1377 $19.99

F. Monks Cloth.
Jeanne Tams. 17 fun and easy projects for huck embroidery (Swedish Weaving) on Monks cloth include designs for runners, afghans, pillows, pincushions, scissors cases, placemats, napkin E THRO rings, pot holders and AL coasters and more. Color throughout this 64 page book.


1373 $9.99

H J J. Monks Cloth for Today

9 fun and easy contemporary designs by Trice Boerens. Start with a smaller table runner project or jump right into one of the five fabulous throw on white or natural Monk's Cloth. Beginner projects include; 2 table runners, 2 baby blankets and 5 throws. Full color photographs, charts, and easy-to-read instructions will guide you through each project. A two-page general instructions section provides all the information needed to get you started. All you need to create these beautiful projects is Monk's Cloth, medium worsted weight yarn and a tapestry needle.

H. Spring Patterns
Christine Allan. Eleven new Swedish weaving (huck) designs for pillows, runners, placemats, blankets, and more. Complete instructions included.


2415F $9.99

UL Y 1 7, 201

SALE $7.50

K-M. Monks Cloth Afghan books in Swedish Weaving by American School of Needlework.

1376 $19.99 K. Monks Cloth Afghans for Christmas.

Create a Christmas afghan using one of the ten designs. All afghans measure 36 inches long.

2404F $7.95 L. Learn to Make Monks Cloth Afghans.

In very little time you can create your own beautiful Monk's cloth afghan. Ten incredible designs are suitable for even the "all thumbs" stitcher! 24 pages.

2409F $14.95 M. Monks Cloth Diamond Afghans.

Eight creative designs forhuck embroidery afghans, all charted for easy stitching.

2432E $7.95

2408F $7.95


2012 Retail Catalog

Huck Embroidery (Swedish Weaving) Design by Katherine Kennedy.

B-E. New Swedish Weaving Designs from Ivy Stitching.

All designs were stitched on Monks cloth using yarn. Use yarn colors listed or use your own color preferences.

B A A. Alphabet Afghan Swedish

WeaveDesigns.Worked on Monks cloth, design is 48" x 38". Begin with two yards of white, #8882, using yarn for the huck embroidery. Instructions included in this leaflet.

C B. Holly Holiday.
Finished size is 48 x 60. Begin with two yards of Natural Monks Cloth (#8881) and cranberry red and green yarn.

D D. Scandinavian Table Cloth.

Finished size is 30 x 30. Begin with one yard white Monks cloth (#8882) and yarn in dark red, dark green, and tan.

1351 $10.99 C. Forest Blanket.

Finished size is 48 x 58. Begin with two yards of Natural Monks cloth (#8881) and yarn in blue, brick red, green and brown.

1353 $10.99 E. Swedish Star.

This age old star quilting design works up beautifully as a Swedish weave pattern. It draws attention to itself because it has a mix of traditional shape and modern lines all in one. Finished size is 48 x 58. Begin with 2 yards of white Monks cloth (#8882) and yarn in bright pink, bright orange, lime green, and yellow.

1363B $8.95 E I

1352 $10.99

1354 $10.99 K. Swedish W Weave Sampler, C Circa 1900. F G F Swedish F. Weave W Towels.
Le Leisure Arts. Designs sig by Katherine Kennedy. Also Ke known as huck kn weaving, this book we contains 12 borco de designs for J der towels, tableruntow ners, afghans, ne pillows, placepil mats, cards and more. and Charts are nice a d clear. l N Needle and Frame Sandra S Murray. Beginner n level Swedish Weave ( (huck embroidery) reproduction sampler circa 1900 in a 22-page colorbook. 15" x 40" with DMC thread. Printed fabrics are available for three designs in this book. All instructions and thread requirements included in the book.

H H. Huck Weaving W aving With We Wi ith Style.

Susan Meier, Nordic Needle. Creative designs for towels, placemats, box lids and card inserts. Clear instructions included. Unbound book is office printed.

1341 $6.95 I. Plain and Fancy Huck Embroidery.

Bonnie Datta, published by Nordic Needle. 55 border patterns that can be worked on a variety of evenweave fabrics, including huck fabric, 14-count aida, Heatherfield, monks cloth and Popcorn. Create beautiful afghans, towel borders, pillows and more. Graphs are in color foreasy stitching.

1823A $15.99

136-497-3700 $6.99 G. Swedish Weaving DVD.

Barbara Murphy. Barbara does an exceptional job of explaining and clearly showing the technique of huck embroidery (Swedish weaving) on monks cloth. Her tips on planning your project, weaving the pattern, finishing techniques and even designing your own pattern are invaluable. 50 minutes long. DVD.

K L. A Splendid Heritage T Ta Tabbycreek Creations.

Ins Instructions and designs for hu huck embroidery on monks clo cloth. Eighteen color pages of pa patterns with a Southwest flavo vor, adapted from Native America ican artwork.

1342 $9.95 J. Huck Adventures.

Michiko Kuge for Lacis. Eighty-six pages of color photos and work graphs for these huck embroidery designs shown as totes, purses, runners, afghans and much more!

1340A $29.99

1344 $21.50

1350A $14.95 1

Nordic Needle offers more huck embroidery (Swedish weaving) patterns and accessories online online. For quick qui k reference, f go to for books and charts, or t // for kits It is easy to order online or by calling us at 1-800-433-4321. We are here for you!

2012 Retail Catalog


A-G. Huck Embroidery Towel Kits by SueMeier, Nordic Needle

Huck embroidery is easy to learn and quick to stitch!

A. Huck Weaving Kit

Kit includes white huck fabric for one towel, three balls of Anchor pearl cotton size #8 (enough to stitch over 20 towels!), needle and the book Huck Weaving With Style. This unbound office printed book includes great beginner instructions and 10 different patterns.

B-G. kits contain 26" of white huck toweling (15" wide), needle, three skeins of Anchor multicolor floss, chart and complete in-structions. Make a towel in a few evenings! B. Iris K1346 $12.99 D. Sunrise Windbreak K1347 $12.99 H H. Starflower Kit
This elegant table runner is done on cream colored 10 count aida and stitched in shades of green. Approximate finished size is 17 x 53.

K1344 $12.99


C. Autumn Windbreak

E. Tropical Seas Huck Embroidery Towel Kit. K1348 $13.99 F. Desert Sands Huck Embroidery Towel Kit. K1349 $13.99 G. Blue Waves K1345 $12.99 I



K1341 $17.95

UL Y 1 7, 201

SALE $9.75

I. Roses in Silk and Organza Ribbon

Di van Niekerk. More than 60 brand new techniques are taught while creating this specially designed rose sampler. Techniques include 16 different roses blooming amongst the latticework of rosebuds, leaves and stems, birds, butterflies and more. Stitch illustrations included in the full color 160 page hard-cover book.

K1359 $32.99

1737 $35.00 J K L M N O

J-O. Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery Kits from EdMar.

Kits include printed 8 x 10 white fabric, threads, needle, and complete instructions. Perfect for the intermediate stitcher looking for smaller projects.

J. Cornflower K. Camelias L. Chinese Columbine

230-262-1701 $13.99 230-262-1702 $13.99 230-262-1703 $13.99

M. Ginger N. Grevillea O. Chinese Poppy

230-262-1704 $13.99 230-262-1705 $13.99 230-262-1706 $13.99

P-R. New Brazilian Embroidery Kits from JDR

Kits include screened printed cream fabric and directions. Intermediate level. Threads not included.

P. Tweet Tweet
Stitching area is 7.75 x 8.5.

Q. Jackies Bow Flower

Stitching area is 5.5 x 5.5

R. Lindas Gardenia
Stitching area is 5.5 x 5.5.

231-423-6426 $8.99

231-423-6127 $8.99

231-423-6135 $8.99


2012 Retail Catalog

A-B. Brazilian Embroidery Designs from EdMar

Package includes design printed on white poly/cotton fabric with wash-away blue guidelines and complete instructions. Threads sold separately.

C-D. New Brazilian Embroidery Designs from Threads in Bloom.

Each design pack includes flower instructions and the fabric print design. Threads sold separately.

C. Opposites Fit Together

Stitches include Paletrina knot, bullions, cast-on and wrapped cast-on. Design is 4.75" round.

1761Q $13.99 C A. English Roses and Hummingbirds.

Finished size is 8" x 512".

B. Ariels Heart.
Finished size of design is 6.5" x 6.5". Complete kit with thread.

231-262-1606 $11.99

230-262-1042 $34.99

D Birthday Bouquet
Stitches include stem, couching, leaf, French knots, cast-on bullion and buttonhole. Design size is 6" x 7"

E-H. Brazilian Embroidery books by Cheryl Schuler of JDR Brazilian Elegance.

E E. In The Beginning
Th 20-page spiral bound booklet of color This ph photos and directions takes you step by step through thr the 12 beginning flowers. This book is s set up in a teaching lesson format, making it very clear and precise.

1761R $11.99
D G. Leaves
If y you have trouble making your leaves look realistic, c then this book is for you! c, This 16 16-page pag spiral i bound book steps you through the process of defining and shading your leaves. In addip tion, there are two pre-stamped patterns on trigger ti cloth ready for you to practice what you are learning! c

1 1746A $11.99 F Sunshines Fantasy World F.

Liv Liven up your clo clothing with a dimensional me butter terfly or maybe so some ladybugs. Embellish your crazy quilt with all kinds of creep creepy crawly l animals or something that soars in the sky. This 127 page, spiral bound book has full color photos and easy-to-follow instructions for 136+ traceable designs. The cover picture Sunshines Fantasy World is included as a traceable pattern with directions included for this floral fantasy tree. This is a total adventure in Brazilian Embroidery!

1746D $14.99 H. Brazilian Embroidery 101

Brazilian Embroidery Instruction Handbook featuring Sunshines Valentine Heart, with a finished size of 8.5" x 9". All stitches clearly illustrated and explained. Over 50 gorgeous flowers and a buzzy bumble bee help you learn the technique of Brazilian embroidery. Large graphics have been provided d to help those who learn better from pictures. 127 pages, spiral bound.

1746C $29.95 I. The Art of Dimensional Embroidery

Full Color 5th Edition. Maria A. Freitas. This complete 48-page book includes instructions for 41 flowers and leaves using 29 stitches.

1747 $24.99

EDM001 $26.99 J. Take A Stitch.


Rosalie Wakefield. 116 pages offer the intermediate to advanced needle artist new adventures in Brazilian embroidery with a creative approach to dimensional embroidery. Over 130 stitches and 140 designs are presented with pictures, diagrams ms and easy-to-follow instructions.

J L. Tho L Thorns & Roses. DK Designs

130-543-0880 $24.95 K. Brandies Brazilian Embroidery

Basic stitches and flowers are shown on this DVD of raised 3-dimensional embroidery.

Brazilian Embroidery. A unique approach to teaching Brazilian embroidery. Those h e with experience will enjoy the challenges of creating intricate roses and cactus, plus learn some basic ic tips and hint hints for perfecting their embroidery techniques. Complete instructions for the basic stitches are included, as well as detailed instructions for their use in the construction of the roses and individual cactus. Complete thread lists are included for each project.

1765 $23.99
Printed fabrics are available for three designs in this book. All instructions and thread requirements included in the book.

1745 $28.99

2012 Retail Catalog




A. Stumpwork Essential tial Stitch Guide

Kate Sinton. Royal School of Needlework. With clear, step-by-step instructions and examples of both historical and contemporary pieces, Graduate Apprentice and tutor, Kate Sinton, shows you how to develop beautiful Stumpwork embroideries using traditional stitches and techniques. Hard cover with wire-spiral binding, 112 pages.

H G E. A E A-Z Z of f Rib Ribbon Embroidery. y y.

A superb step-by-step guide to creating more than tha 40 dazzling designs using ribbon. Incredible illustrations in color, step-by-step photos and clear instructions - this is a great reference book. The appeal of ribbon embroidery is timeless and throughout the years thousands of embroiderers have been captivated by its ease of use and fabulous results.

1739A $21.95 B. A-Z of Stumpwork.

The ultimate reference and design source for all stumpwork embroiderers. Over 400 step-by-step photos and 20 fabulous designs from around the world. Ninth book in the A-Z Series.

H. A-Z of Whit H Whitework. ork.

1659H $29.99 C. Stumpwork & Goldwork Embroidery

Inspired by Turkish, Syrian, and Persian tiles by Jane Nicholas. The 16 raised embroidery projects are featured in such projects as: Persian Peony Tile, Turkish Tulip Tile and many others. Gorgeous color photos show each design which combines jewel-like colors with rich metallic threads and glittering beads. 288 pages.

Over 1,000 step-by-step photographs tographs teach the tech-niques of candlewicking, Mount Moun mellick, cutwork, appliqu, shadow work and net embroidery. This comprehensive guide includes many useful tips and fascinating historical information.

1659E $34.99 F. Gay Eatons Ukranian Whitework

This book from New Zealand features luxuriant, rich heritage needlework ideas for those special projects that become family heirlooms. 112 pages of rich color photos and illustrations, this exquisite book takes you through the history, materials, tools, and stitches of Ukrainian whitework. Many patterns and projects are shown and illustrated for band samplers, a needle book, table mats, bags, bookmarks and more.

1659N $34.99 I. The How To Book of Hemstitching and Edging.

Avery Hill Designs. Twenty-four pages of color charts and instructions for hemstitching, fringing and beaded edgings for your needlework. Finish the edges of your Hardanger embroidery, cross stitch, Swedish weaving, sewing and other handwork with professional-looking results.

1955 $32.95 D. A-Z of Silk Ribbon Flowers.

Ann Cox. This exquisite collection includes thirty-two different flowers, with techniques explained carefully with clear, step-by-step stunning photographs. Even the leaves, stems and buds are fully illustrated and explained. These three-dimensional flowers are so real you will want to sniff their fragrance! Templates are included for all of the embroideries, and there are numerous ideas for variations.128 pages, hard cover.

2404 $12.99 J. Hems, Edges and Fancy Borders.

Ilse Altherr. Clear, precise diagrams and instructions for classic hem stitching, hems with decorative drawn threadwork, four-sided stitch, Italian hem stitchings, fringing in the round and pulled threadedges. Spiral bound.

155-001-5383 $51.99 G. Ukrainian Drawn Thread Embroidery.

Yvette Stanton. Yvette teaches the basics and beyond of this historic embroidery technique. Forty-eightpage paperback with 300+ full-color illustrations and photos that will take you from beginner to advanced.

140-400-0001 $22.50


1722 $39.95


0589 $19.95 L. Royal School of Needlework Em EmbroideryTechniques.

K. Beginners Guide to Drawn Thread Embroidery.

Patricia Bage. In this beautiful and inspiring book, Patricia demonstrates the basic techniques K and embroidery o stitches you need to wn create exquisite drawn thread embroideries.

UL Y 1 7, 201

SALE $18.70

Step-by-step illustrations and instructions with beautiful color Ste pho photographs accompany the techniques of silk shading, crewel work, blackwo work and goldwork. All techniques are introduced with a historical overview and comprehensive stitch glossary and four projects to stitch. This is a valuabl able source of reference and a beautiful book for the needlecrafters library.




1751A $17.95

UL Y 1 7, 201

SALE $13.45

1949 $24.95 1 M Ribbon Embroidery and Stumpwork. M.

Th book is a must and is suitable for first-time embroiderers This as well as those who wish to learn brand new techniques. M More than 40 stitches are shown in color photos and illust trations and more than 30 original floral designs are included.


1736 $25.99

UL Y 1 7, 201

SALE $19.49




2012 Retail Ret tai il Catalog Cat tal lo

A. Early 20th Century Embroidery Techniques

Gail Marsh. In this visually stunning book, Gail Marsh has delved into the archives to research the varied and unusual techniques and tools that hand-embroiderers used in the period 1900 - 1939. Much of the material is previously unpublished. Techniques explored include the New Punto Tagliato, B Needleweaving, Wessex stitchery, Modern applique, Cutwork, Drawn Fabric work and much more. Hard cover, 192 pages.

D. Swiss Sampler.
Ilse Altherr. Forty-two pages include complete stitch instructions for this compilation of borders, bands, and motifs for the intermediate to advanced stitcher. The entire sampler finished size is 11.5 x 15.5 when stitched on 30 count Legacy linen (30-150). Ilse encourages the stitcher to use their own preference of fabric and threads.

155-400-0005 $36.99

1947B $24.95 B. The Needlecraft Book

DK Books. This hardcover, 400 page book is filled with color photos that show step-by-step stitch techniques. Extensive instructions are given for knitting, crochet, embroidery, needlepoint, patchwork, appliqu and quilting. General finishing and embellishing techniques also covered. With more than 500 techniques, this book teaches you everything you need to know.

D F. The Right-Handed Embroiderers Companion

Yvette Stanton. A step-by-step stitch dictionary will help you learn and master over 170 embroidery stitches including their variations. With clear instructions, accompanied by diagrams showing you what to do, it is very hard to go wrong. Examples of each stitch will inspire you to use them creatively and experimentally in your embroidery. Counted thread, needlepoint and surface embroidery stitches are carefully explained, with many helpful diagrams and photos. Soft cover, 160 pages. 0592 $27.99

140-671-0002 $40.00 C. Stitch Step by Step

By Maggi Gordon and Ellie Vance. More than 100 decorative stitches are shown in clear color photography. Chapters cover tools and materials, stitch gallery, stitch essentials, embroidery basics, surface embroidery, openwork, smocking, beadwork, needlepoint design and bargello work. 223 pages in all.

140-671-0001 $15.95 E. Sassy Cat Crewel Kit

Barrani Design Studios. This jaunty kitty struts her stuff in over 25 different crewel stitches, embroidered on the back as well as the front. Worked on 100% black linen with 100% wool Persian yarn, it measures E 12" x 20." Kit includes two stamped linens, color label, full instructions, 100% wool yarn, and needle in a zip poly bag.



UL Y 1 7, 201

SALE $16.45




G. Crewelwork The Essential Stitch Guide F

Royal School of Needlework, Jacui McDonald. An indispensable reference book with each stitch clearly demonstrated in clear step-by-step stages. A section on the history of crewelwork sets the background and beautifully worked embroideries throughout the book show the allure of this technique.

K1187 $59.99

UL Y 1 7, 201

SALE $20.99

1734 $21.95 J. A-Z of Embroidery Stitches 2

More than 145 fabulous new stitch techniques, each one fully explained with clear step-by-step color photographs.

H. The Left-Handed Embroiderers Companion. I

Yvette Stanton. Are you fed up with embroidery instructions written for right-handers and having to mentally flip the instructions, use a mirror, or substitute right for left and vice versa? This clear stepby-step book shows you how to do over 170 counted thread, needlepoint, and surface stitches as a left-hander. This J book contains 160 beautifully presented pages with over 1000 full color photos and diagrams.

1659O $34.99 K. A-Z of Goldwork with Silk Embroidery.

Over 500 step-by-step photographs will help you create 10 featured projects. Learn over 96 different goldwork and silk embroidery stitches and techniques in this book.

1659Q $34.99 L. Wessex Stitchery

Gay Eaton. The stitches are simple and easily mastered. The many and varied stitch patterns that can be achieved with these stitches, combined with the use of rich colors and interesting text makes this embroidery unique. A varied and exciting range of stitch patterns are given with designs varying in size from Samplers to smaller quick-to-complete gift ideas. 112 pages with complete instructions.

0591 $27.99 I. A-Z of Embroidery Stitches

One of the great reference books of all time. 144 pages with over 1,300 step-bystep color photos for over 140 stitches and variations. All aspects of embroidery are covered in this needlework reference book.

2012 Retail Catalog

1659 $34.99 L

155-328-0001 $44.99



A-E. From Trish Burr, While Quantities Last

Trish Burr is a self taught embroiderer. She was born and raised in Zimbabwe. In 2004 she moved to the Western Cape in South Africa with her husband and their three children. Specializing in needle painting, Trish teaches and gives workshops in guilds in South Africa. Her emphasis on light and shadow brings her embroidery alive and her artistic use of color further enhances the three dimensional effects in her work. Trish says, We need to keep hand embroidery alive, but if we hug our ideas to ourselves, they will become lost and worthless in the future. If I give you a gift, I no longer have it, you do. However, if I give you an idea then we both have it, and if you share this idea with others then we have multiplied it, expanded on it and watch it grow.

A. The Long & The Short Of It A Needle Painting Workshop for beginner through intermediate.
See the live demonstrations of the stitch and work alongside at your own pace. In addition to the DVD, a CD is included with printouts for five projects in PDF format. Step-by-step instructions included with a stitch glossary. DVD and CD are formatted in the NTSC US region code (also called US Region Code 1) for proper playback on players marketed in the USA and Canada. Not for use outside of this region.

B E. Designs for Needle Painting.

Each pack includes imported cotton satin fabric with preprinted outline, practice cloth, crewel needle size 9, full color printed instructions, stitch glossary booklet and DMC thread list. (Threads not included.)

B. Daisy Spray with Pink Rosebuds

Beginner. Finished size is 4 x 4.

D. Botanical Shading Sampler

Finishedsize is 4.75 x 6.

1927B $33.99 C. Iris Spartan.

Intermediate. Finished size is 7 78 x 3 12.

1927K $42.50 E. Little Pygmy Kingfisher

Finished size is 4.75 x 4.75.

1927D $39.99

1927L $42.50

F. Goldwork
Techniques, Projects, and Pure Inspiration by Hazel Everett. Expert guidance on a huge range of techniques and materials, nine stunning projects and numerous examples provide instruction and inspirations. Stunning!

1927 $29.99

1729 $29.95 F H H. Finger Weaving Untangled H

G G. A-Z of Threadpainting
This amazing resource book includes over 180 step-by-step photos and 25 stunning new designs from the worlds best embroiderers.

Carol James. Jame In an easy to understand format, Carol James has demystified the fascinating art of finger weaving, particde ularly that of the th traditional sash. Through illustrations and clear explanations, she makes mak it relatively simple for the novice to create his or her own heirloom.

1659K $29.99 I. Sprang Unsprung

Carol James. This step-by-step manual untangles the technique of the little-known art of sprang. The illustrations, photos, and explanations take even the beginning finger weaver through the process of creating bags, belts, socks, sweaters, hats, and more using the sprang technique. Soft cover, 80 pages.

1796 $19.99 J. Bobbin Lace Kit.

Lacis. Revive this 16th century technique using everything you need in this kit. All the tools,materials and instructions are included a high-tech polyfoam pillow, a pillow stand, 24 bobbins, pins, thread, patterns and instructions for learning the basic motions and completing a delightful edging.

1797 $24.99

K1280 $48.99

K. Mountmellick Embroidery Inspired by Nature ure


UL Y 1 7, 201

SALE $36.75

Revised and expanded. Yvette Stanton & Prue Scott. Fully revised and expanded version of this wonderful book teaches the basics and beyond of this historic Irish whitework E THRO embroidery. Full color, step-by-step guide with over AL 600 clear diagrams and photos will explain history, techniques, hints and tips, plus 17 beautiful Mountmellick projects.



1784 $29.99

UL Y 1 7, 201

SALE $22.49



2012 Retail Catalog

Romanian Point Lace is an exquisite combination of lace worked with the needle and lace worked with the crochet hook. Both sides look the same with few exceptions. Using a crochet hook, create the outline of the design. This is basted onto muslin in the design you wish to make. The filling stitches are added and then the basting stitches are removed leaving a finished piece of lace that can be used for doilies, runners, clothing embellishments or as a framed piece of needleart. Cebelia size #20 is most commonly used for all the stitching and crocheting. Books A and B are authored by Sylvia Murariu, who spent the first 34 years of her life in Romania. If you want to try something exciting and new, this is it!

Romanian Point Lace

Books and DVD for Temari by Diana Vandervoort.

This series of books takes you from the basics to the unbelievable in Japanese Thread Ball constructions. Each book is unique in what it teaches and each is filled with complete diagrams, instructions and illustrations.

C. Temari: How to Make Japanese Thread Balls 1975 $17.99 D. Temari DVD
This book follows book #1975. If you are one of those stitchers who needs to see it to believe it, this is for you.

1979 $39.99 E. Temari Needles. C F A. Romanian Point Lace

A Course for Beginners. Thirty-three pages covering the basic instructions and wonderful illustrations to help you learn this needleart. 30 patterns and 12 projects are included. The eye is large enough for a #5 pearl cotton thread. The point is sharp and sturdy to make stitching around the ball much easier. Package of three.


7031 $3.99 F-H. Pre-formed Core Temari Balls. FMeasuring Me e about 3"in diameter this ball is already wrapped with thread and has the Simple 8 guidewrap p lines line e in gold thread. Now you are ready to start creating your design! cre e

B. Romanian Point Lace

A Course for Intermediates and Advanced. 33 pages of more advanced techniques and patterns take you further into this fascinating needleart.

155-794-0001 $19.95 Locker Hooking

155-794-0002 $19.95

F. White F W Temari Core Ball 70 $11.50 7030 G. Red Temari Core Ball H H. Black Temari Core Ball

7030A $11.50 7030B $11.50

The technique is simple. The locker hook is a crochet hook on one end and a large eye on the other end. The canvas is 3.75 holes per inch so its easy to see. Simply thread a length of locker hooking twine into the eye, and begin locker hooking by inserting the crochet end into the canvas and catching a 1.25"width strip of fabric. Pull it through the hole and continue by inserting the crochet hook into the next hole and grabbing another loop of fabric. Put five or six loops on your crochet hook, keeping them all even and then pull the hook through the loops. The twine will keep all the loops on top of the canvas.

M. Iron-On Transfer Pencil.

Clover. Perfect to iron-on transfers for Russian punchneedle, silk ribbon embroidery, Brazilian or any other technique where you want to trace a pattern and iron the traced pattern onto your fabric.

I. Hook, Loop & Lock.

Theresa Pulido. Turnstrips of fabric or yarn into fabulous home dcor items, stylish fashion accessories and one-of-a-kind gifts.Thirty-one original projects include step-by-step instructions for an amazing array of items.

6634 $3.50 N. Punchneedle The Complete Guide.

Blue Marinda Stewart 255 pages, hardcover spiral-boundbook teaches the essentials of this beautiful needle art technique. From information on tools, fabrics, threads and creating special effects, this book also includes projects for a variety of finished items.

2011 $29.99 O. Cameo Punchneedle. K K. Locke Locker Hook.

Has a crochet hook on one end and an eye on the other. 6" Locker Hook steel by John James. It has been called the most popular punchneedle in use in the world today. The Cameo Ultra Punchneedle set includes the space-age plastic handle with threeremovable needles (small 1-2 strand, medium 3-strand and large 6-strand) plus two threaders and instructions. The Cameo Ultra Punchneedle has a slide loop adjustment and an ergonomically designed handle for long hours of comfort.

2300 $19.99 J. Locker Hooking king Canvas.

Blue lined canvas has a blue line woven every 10 blocks to make counting easy. 3.75 per inch mesh. 50% poly/50% cotton. Available in two sizes or by the yard. 30" x 36"

7316 $26.99

7067 $5.99 L. Locker Twine.

100 yards of 100% cotton twine, cut in one-yard lengths for easy use.

550-67536 $6.99
60" x 36" (1 yard)

550-63751 $12.00

LOCK-1 $2.99

2012 Retail Catalog


A-F. Blackwork Designs by Elizabeth Almond

A. Fountain Mandala.
Stitched on 28 count white Cashel linen (3281-100), finished size is 12.75" x 12.75", using DMC or Anchor floss. Color charts with instructions included. 118 x 118 stitches makes the finished size 8.43"x8.43" when worked on 28 count even-weave. Large clear color chart makes stitching easy.

D. Midnight Garden Blackwork Journey.

This Blackwork design has 26 different patterns to make it a true stitch sampler giving you an opportunity to experiment with interesting filler stitches over a small area. Stitched on 28-count white Lugana (3270100), the finished size is 10" x 10" using DMC floss in colors 310x2 and 158x2. You also need one packet of Mill Hill Beads #02011.

1293A $12.99 B. Tabathas Sampler.

41 different filler stitches. Stitched on white 14 count Aida cloth (3706-001) the finished design size of the piece is 112 x 112 stitches (8" x 8"). Stitched with black DMC floss (DM001-0310) and gold metallic DMC (DM001-E3852). Mill Hill frosted glass beads were also used (MH62031) to add a few gold speckles here and there. Take on this challenge and light up the sky with this dazzling Blackwork creation.

1310 $7.99 E. Wandering Star Sampler.

1312 $9.99 C. Flower Spray.

A Lesson in Freestyle Blackwork - This lovely floral spray allows you an opportunity to experiment with 20 filling stitches. The model was stitched on 18 count White Aida (3793-100) with one skein of DMC floss #310. The design size is 2.77" x 4.44".

1311 $8.50

Learn 17 different Blackwork filling stitches to create this mesmerizing star. The design is worked on 14count white Aida (#3706-001) using DMC floss in black (2) (DM001-0310) and Precious Metals white gold (DM001-E3821). Mill Hill frosted gold beads add elegance to the pattern (MH62031). Finished size is 10" round.

1301 $9.50 F. Star Challenge

1305 $7.99
L Laura J. Perin Designs. A reference collection of over 600 stitchery patterns showing one-color, two-color, and three-color variations, p intended specifically for blackwork designs. Laura says, After sevin eral e years of stitching and designing blackwork patterns, I decided it would be helpful to have a reference book containing all the different stitch patterns I had used in my designs. In every project d I design, I consciously create different patterns, but even so, I was w rather surprised at how many blackwork patterns I had used over the years. Laura encourages you to experiment u with her designs, rearrange, change, mix and match any of the w patterns, threads and colors to suit your needs. This 86-page, p spiral-bound book is the ultimate sp resource book for blackwork.

H.Blackwork Patterns. H

E G. Black Work Show.

Courtney Collection. Using black cotton floss and gold metallic on 16 count white aida, or 32 count Belfast linen over two, finished size is 9.94" x 29.44". Stitch the entire sampler or choose your favorite patterns for smaller projects. Backstitch alphabet included for personalization.

105-362-0960 $23.99 G

Ilse Altherr. 76 pages, spiral bound comprehensive study of the technique of Blackwork. Complete instructions are included in the technique through step-by-step instructions and path finders. First printing of this book was in 1978, but revised and expanded in 2007 to include more patterns and more designs.

120-514-0001 $39.99 120-514 I. Reversib Reversible Blackwork

120-400-0004 $32.99

J-L. Blackwork by Gingerbread Girl J

J. Butterfly Garden. J
A lesson in Blackwork embroidery for beginners, learn how to while creating a needlebook, biscornu and scissors fob on 28 count white c Cashel linen (3281-100). The threads needed are Rainbow Gallery C Splendor #S809, S1030, S1036, and S1064; Waterlilies - 094; DMC S Pearl Cotton Size 5 - White; and DMC floss - White. Beads needed are P Mill Hill #40252, 2002; Delica beads #DB056; 2 purple Swarovski M butterflies; and 3 gold butterfly beads. crystal c

J K. Filigree Sparklers #1

1148 $19.99
Stitch this pretty trio of ornaments on 28 count White Cashel Linen (3281-100). The threads used for this set are Rainbow Gallery Splendor #S1064 (Tree), Splendor S826 (Heart) and Splendor S842 (Bell). The design sizes are 32 x 38 (Tree), 44 x 43 (Heart) and 46 x 50 (Bell). Stitch this pretty trio of ornaments on 28 K count White Cashel Linen (3281-100). The threads used for this set are Rainbow Gallery ry Splendor #S858 (Medallion), Splendor S826 (Poinsettia) and Splendor S842 (Star). The design sizes are 32 x 38 (Star), 44 x 43 (Medallion) and 46 x 50 (Poinsettia).

L. Filigree Sparklers #2

1149 $14.99
The Swarovski crystals and beads needed to complete the trio are available in an embellishment pack.

1149A $14.99
The Swarovski crystals needed to complete the trio are available in an embellishment pack.

1149E $17.99

1149AE $24.99


2012 Retail Catalog

A-E. New Blackwork designs from Seba.

A. Bliss.
Backstitch, Satin Stitch and Algerian Eyelets combine to make this lovely design that is 72 stitches x 72 stitches using Dinky Dyes silks 108 and 123.

1319A $11.99 B. Dangling Hearts.

Using five colors of Dinky Dyes Silks, (58, 59, 60, 156, and 173) this design is 33 x 75 stitches.

C A D. Garden Fences.
Seba Designs. This lovely Blackwork design is 8.8" square if stitched on 28 count Cream Cashel linen (3281-222). The design calls for three colors and the model was stitched with Dinky Dyes silks #118 - Oronback, 135Dandenong, and 177 Vintage Plum. 1318A $11.99

1320A $6.50 C. I Dream A Garden.

Using three colors of Dinky Dyes Silks (51, 64, and 182), this design is 88 x 88 stitches.

B E. It's Snowing.
Seba Designs. When stitched in 14 count black aida (3706-720) or 28 count Black Cashel over two (3281-720) finished size is 11.4" x 7.14". The Dinky Dyes silks used are 08 Mint Ice, 14 Autumn Leaves, 42 Opal, 80 Valley Mist, 89 Wild Lavender, 94 Coral Lagoon.

1321A $10.99 F. Blackwork. The Essential Stitch Guide.

Becky Hogg. Becky shows all the stitches needed for blackwork and how they can be worked up into patterns or used in shading techniques to create exquisite stitched works of art. A section on the history of blackwork sets the scene, and the book shows how this ancient technique can be taken to new heights of artistry.

1317A $11.99 G. 6 Easter Bookmarks.


Stitch this adorable collection of Easter Blackwork bookmarks on 14-count Aida with DMC floss. Antique White (3706-101) and White (3706-001). Bookmark sizes are 2" x 6.28".


1283 $21.95

UL Y 1 7, 201

SALE $16.45

Blackwork Embroidery Kit. Kit

By Tanja Berlin. Kits include fabric, cotton and silk fibers, metallics and charms or beads where used. Complete instructions enable you to create these stunning designs.

Stitch this incredible collection of Blackwork bookmarks on 18-count Aida with DMC floss. Antique White (3793-101), Ivory (3793-264), or White Ivo (3793-100). Bookmark sizes (37 are 1.66" x 5".

120-407-8702 $7.99 H. Blackwork Bookmarks Series 2.


120-407-8701 $7.99 12 N and O.

I. Blackwork Peacock.
Finished size is 934" x 634" on 32-count fabric. K2038 $60.50

Choose any of the 9 designs in each chartpack to create a unique gift. The patterns are charted for one color, however, the cover models show some ideas for multiple or over-dyed colors. The biscornus vary in stitch counts from 32 x 32 to 52 x 52. The fabric color and count has been left up to the stitcher.

J-O. Blackwork Design from Tams Creations

J. Spring J Spring.

N. Monochrome Collection 3. 140-407-8702 $9.99 O. Monochrome Collection 4. 140-407-8703 $9.99 I

This Spring Blackwork design Th filled with cool designs like is f bunnies, butterflies, caterpilbu lars, lars shamrocks, flowers, sun, and rainbows. The model was stitched on 14-count White stit Aida (3706-001) using DMC Aid floss #550. The design size is flo 7.14" square. 714 7.

L. Autumn.

Th Summer Blackwork deThis sign is filled with lots of fun sig s designs including butterflies, des three-leaf clover, snails, bugs, thr cats, cat trees, and flowers. The model was stitched on 14mo count White Aida (3706-001) cou using DMC floss #550. The usi design size is 7" x 8". des

1 120-407-8703 $11.99 K. Summer. K

Autumn contains squirrels, owls, birds, hearts, flowers, and more in an original blackwork design. The model was stitched on 32-count Cream Lugana (3984-252) with one strand of DMC Floss #400 over 2 threads. The designer indicates it can be stitched as shown or in a color of your choice, including an overdyed floss. Design size is 6.25" x 6.25" on 32 count over 2 or 7.14" square on 14 count.

This Winter Blackwork design includes snowballs, hats, mittens, skis, coca, shovels, and lots of snowflakes! The model was stitched on 14-count White Aida (3706-001) using DMC floss #550. The design size is 8" x 8.85".

120-407-8706 $11.99 M. Winter.

2012 2 012 Retail Ret t il Catalog

120-407-8704 $11.99 12

120-407-8705 $11.99


Surface Embroidery
Join the fun in learning or re-learning stamped embroidery! What a great way to teach the next generation the joy of hand embroidery while making useful items like dish towels, pillowcases, linens, or decorating clothing, baby blankets and clothes, and making framed items.

A. Celebration Transfers for Embroidery

Odile Bailloeul. 144 pages of iron-on transfer patterns for all holidays, special occasions and every day use. Stitches illustrated and explained are the running, straight, stem, back, chain, blanket, French knot, padded satin, satin and long and short stitch. Cotton and linen fabrics work best for iron-on transfer patterns. 1850 $25.95

C. Crazy Quilting.
Allie Aller. Learn four different crazy piecing methods. Try creative techniques on fabric such as stenciling, photo transfer and Angelina fiber effects. Discover how to add beauty and dimension to your work with embellishments like 3-D ribbon flowers, embroidery, beads, and painted lace. Jump into crazy quilting with seven enticing projects that include small quilts, a needle cushion, and a soft doll. Soft cover, 127 pages, full color! 1683 $29.95


B. Crazy-Quilted Memories
Brian Haggard. Beautiful embroidery brings your family portraits to life in this 95-page, soft-cover book. There are 10 projects to tell the stories of your life in unique and creative ways. Learn 24 basic and combination stitches to create neverD before-seen motifs. Mix and match full-size, traceable embroidery designs. You will be amazed at the ways you can embellish your designs with photos, beads, buttons and mementos to make a truly spectacular heirloom memory. 1684 $27.95

D. Embroidery
100 Stitches by Coats. This comprehensive book of 100 embroidery stitches will be useful for students of embroidery and teachers alike. The stitches have been grouped into families according to their structure such as looped and couched stitches, drawn thread and canvas embroidery, etc. The inside cover has a wonderful fabric, thread, and needle usage chart. This 35-page booklet is packed with pertinent information at a low price! 2341 $2.75

Towels for Iron-On Embroidery

F-G F. Flour Sack Dish Towel.
This generous sized white dish towel, 32 x 36, is the best quality available. Hemmed on all four sides, these dish towels will stitch up beautifully and last for years.

E. Emma Broiderys Embroidery Stitch Tool

Emma Brodery is DMC's fun stitching ambassador. Her new book is a great reference guide for embroiderers. The 50-page spiral bound booklet is printed in color and is 4.5" x 7". Contents include fabric selection, how to transfer patterns, choosing threads and needles, lots of tips, and Frequently Asked Questions. PLUS there are 18 stitches fully explained. What a treasure! 2343 $9.99

H H. VintageStripe TeaTowel
Each 100% cotton homespun looking towel measures 18x 28. Homespun means some slightly shaded threads and thread width variations occur, making it look more antique in appearance. Personalize with iron-on embroidery patterns.




9891 $3.99 G. Flour Sack towel.

Pre-hemmed, finished size 30" x 30". Superior quality.

U L 9891A 1 Y 1 7, 20


9891A $3.50

Lis Bartholm. 155 traditional motifs to choose from in several sizes to trace on to fabric for needlework projects.

I. Scandinavian Folk Designs.

Vintage Multi-Color Stripe 9897 $3.50 Vintage Blue Stripe 9897C $3.50 P


151-216-0001 $6.95 I O Q R


L-W. Aunt Martha Hot Iron Transfers.

Each design is good for several stampings. Directions included.

For non-iron-on patterns you want to embroider, use these tools to trace them onto your towel or fabric.

$1.50 each

J-K. Transfer Paper and Pencils.

J. Tracing Paper.
Pad of 50 sheets, 9 x12. 6638 $6.25

K.Tracing Pencils.
Package of 2. 6633 $3.25

L. Colonial Girl............................................ 2334K M. Birds of a Feather............................... 2334L N. Hooty Owls.......................................... 2334M O. Birdhouses............................................. 2334N P. Love Birds................................................. 2336B Q. Northwoods Lodge......................... 2337D

R. Butterflies & Cross Stitch.................... 2334 S. Flowers for Everyday ......................... 2334F T. Death by Chocolate........................... 2334H U. Eight Colorful Vegetable Motifs .... 2335 V. Java Break ................................................ 2335C W. Wine Country..................................... 2335D

See pages 28 and 37 for more Surface Embroidery books and linens to stitch on. MORE TRANSFERS AVAILABLE ONLINE


2012 Retail Catalog

A-F. Surface Embroidery Kits from Dimensions.

Easy enough for beginners, each kit includes printed fabric, thread (A-B and F), wool and acrylic yarn (CE), needle and instructions. Designs are suitable for home dcor pillows or in a frame (not included).

A. Vintage Birdcage
Design is 10.5 square, using black floss on linen blend printed fabric.

B. Hope Sentiment
Design is 10 square, using black floss on linen blend printed fabric.

251-209-73720 $13.99

251-209-73723 $13.99

C-E. Crewel Embroidery Kits

kits include printed cotton fabric, presorted wool yarn, needle and instructions. Finished size is approximately 9.5 to 10 square. Pillows and frames not included.

C. Tree Kit 255-209-73729 $19.99 D. Owl Kit 255-209-73730 $21.99

E. Butterfly Kit 255-209-73731 $19.99 F. Vintage Lodge

Kit includes presorted cotton floss, printed white cotton fabric, needle and instructions. Finished size is 12 x 12.

205-209-03244 $25.99 G

G-N. Pillowcase and Dresser Scarf Embroidery Kits from Janlynn

Kits include pre-printed set of white pillowcases, or dresser scarf (poly/cotton blend), graph, instructions and floss color requirements. Floss not included.

G. Carnation Garden Stamped Pillowcases 560-420-0016 $11.99 H. Lighthouse Stamped Pillowcases 560-420-0017 $11.99 I. Scrolled Stamped Pillowcases 560-420-0018 $11.99 J. Rose Stamped Pillowcases 560-420-0019 $11.99 M

K. Blue Floral Stamped Pillowcases 560-420-0012 $11.99 L. Peace, Harmony & Simplicity Stamped Pillowcases 560-420-0014 $11.99 M. Blue Floral Dresser Scarf 560-420-0013 $7.99 N. Peace, Harmony & Simplicity Dresser Scarf 560-420-0015 $7.99 N


2012 Retail Catalog


A. Embroidery on Paper
Annie and Nico Heesakkers Create beautiful greetings cards based on stylish floral and abstract designs using embroidery on paper techniques. Embroidery patterns are included for all of the cards, along with detailed, easy-to-follow instructions and lists of the materials you need.

D. 101 Ideas for Embroidery on Paper

Erica Fortgens. Embroidery on paper is so versatile and can be combined with other paper craft techniques such as embossing, cutting and more. Inspiring book offers card designs for birthday, new baby, retirement, an-niversary, wedding, Christmas and more.

G. Embroidery on Paper for Every Season

Erica Fortgens. Nature is the theme and you will find designs for wreaths, grapes, pumpkins, leaf designs, flowers and butterflies.

1801 $13.95 B. Extraordinary Embroidery on Paper

Erica Fortgens. A vast assortment of patterns includes animal figures, geometrics, romantic and stylish borders. Eighty pages of cardprojects.

1817 $15.95 E. Easy Embroidery on Paper

Joke de Vette. Make beautiful cards and even picture frames by combining paper pricking, cardmaking and embroidery. Beginners and experienced cardmakers will enjoy creating the lovely flower, Christmas, animal and abstract designs.

148-271-2005 $15.75 H. New Ideas with Embroidery on Paper

Erica Fortgens. This 144-page book includes new patterns for making greeting cards, decorations, and pieces so elegant and beautiful you will want to frame them.

148-271-2010 $22.99 C. Embroidery on Paper

Cindy Rapson. This book shows you how to make beautiful embroideries on paper using pricking and simple embroidery techniques. The pages are packed with inspirational patterns and designs,and each project is accompanied by full step-by-step instructions with helpful information on the materials used.

1818 $13.95 F. Embroidery on Paper Alphabet &Festive Motifs

By Joke & Adriaan De Vette. Using traditional embroi-dery on paper techniques this delightful collection of alphabet letters and festive motifs are presented. Use them to create personalized greetings, Christmas, con-gratulations, announcements and more. Templates for all the designs are included. clu 48 pages.

148-271-2006 $24.75 I. Merry Christmas

Designs created for the holiday season but will work well for other occasions with thread color changes. Angels, trees, ornament designs and so much more.

148-271-2007 $17.99 E

1819 $19.95

1802 $13.95 1


B J. Pricking Pads for Embroidery on Paper

Smooth, firm 1/4" pricking pads are perfect for embroidery on paper. Package of two 6" x 9" pads. Use them together for an extra thick pad, or use individually.

6747 $4.25 K. Embroidery on Paper Starter Kit. J

Kit includes prick-ing cushion, coarse and extra finepricking tools, and supplies to makefive cards with envelopes. Threads notincluded.

I M N M. Pricker
This thin chrome-plated brass handle has a four-jaw steel chuck on one end permitting easy exchange of the needle. Simply change the needle size to adjust the size of the hole for embroidery on paper or decorative paper pricking. Needles not included. Use with #7113 or #7119 Piecemakers needle. Use a wire cutter to cut off the top of the needle if desired.

248-271-5000 $23.99

K L. Piercing Pad.

Lay the paper onto the pricking cushion with the pattern on top of the paper. Use a pricking tool to pierce the pattern onto the paper. Pricking cushion is a dense foam that will be usable over and over again.

6744 $4.25 N. Piercing Tools Extra Fine Pricker 348-271-0007A $7.99 Fine Pricker 348-271-0008 $7.50 Coarse Pricker 348-271-0009 $6.50 O. Piercing Tool Set. 348-271-0006 $16.50

This 3-pack includes extra fine, fine, and coarse piercing tools for paper embroidery. Each tools 4.25" long.

348-271-0010 $5.50


2012 Retail Catalog

C A. Tatted Jewelry
Create 11 stunning designs including necklaces, earrings and pendants in this 40 page book. Full color photos and review instructions are also included. Instruction based on shuttle tatting methods.

E D. Learn to Tat with Interactive DVD.

Jeanette Baker. Learn the beautiful art of tatting with step-by-step instructions and color photographs for the beginner. Also included is a handy DVD. Soft-cover instruction book, 48 pages.

C. Tatting from Burda.

Clear instructions are included in color as well as dozens of patterns for doilies, ornament covers, clothing, trims and edges. Sixty-four pages.

E. Embellishing with Edgings - Needle and Shuttle Tatting.

By Handy Hands. Fifteen edgings included with instructions for creating as well as finishing and attaching to a hanky or doily.

1239 $19.99

1215 $9.95 B. Tatting Jewellery.

Lynn Morton. Tatting is one of the oldest forms of lacemaking that is still in use today. This 112 page book contains charming and innovative patterns for jewelry that will inspire tatters of all levels and it includes over 50 original patterns. The beautiful color photos, concise instructions and helpful diagrams aid in every step.

1197 $14.95

1263 $11.99 H


1214 $17.95 G F F. F . The Complete Book o of Tatting.

Re Rebecca Jones. Soft cover from London. Very thorough How To Lo section, with more unusual techse niques and patterns including n working with two threads, twoshuttle tatting, pearl tatting, E THRO L A cluny tatting and tatting with beads, roll tatting and 3-D flowers.

UL Y 1 7, 201

SALE $16.85


G. The Tatted Artistry of Teiko Fujito.


UL Y 1 7, 201

SALE $14.95

A collection of colorful designs by 7295 the foremost Japanese tatting artist, this 80-page book is filled with 101 motifs to tat for a vaE THRO riety of uses. Color photos AL and motif diagrams fill the book as well as clear working illustrations.


H. Tatting Needle & Picot Gauge

This durable pocket-sized gauge covers all seven tatting needle sizes (0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, and 9) and a picot gauge 1/8" steps from 1/8" to 3".

I. Aero Tatting Shuttle
Made in Germany, this hard plastic shuttle comes with two removable bobbins and attached metal hook on one end.


1238 $19.95

1242A Reg.


UL Y 1 7, 201

SALE $4.85


7276 $6.50 I J

L. Starlit Tatting Shuttle by Handy Hands

Length is 3.75 and has is colored on one side (mixed colors such as purple and cranberry) and clear plastic on the other side. A tatted butterfly pattern is included.


7275 $4.25

7268 $2.99

Years ago I got my first catalog from an aunt that lived in Minot at the time and I always wanted to see your store. I finally got to eastern North Dakota for the first time the end of April and my cousin took me to your store!! What an experience and I was in complete awe of the immense stock and inventory that you have in your wonderful store. I bought a few items, however after going on to Minneapolis and then to Chicago, I found nothing that I wanted in either place. Coming back through Fargo I had to stop at your store again and pick up more things. I did not find anything at different stores in the areas I visited, but I sure loaded up on items from your place and now have just completed another order on line...You are great and I will certainly visit you again sometime!! Janet - Montana

Nordic Needle offers MANY more tatting books and accessories online. For quick reference, go to Choose from several different designers. It is easy to order online or by calling us at

We are here for you!

2012 Retail Catalog


K. Tatting Shuttles with Points

Madeof durable plastic in delightful translucent colors. Packet includes five assorted colors.

7288 $9.99

J. Extra bobbins for Aero Tatting Shuttle

Package of five. To go with #7276 Aero Shuttle.



UL Y 1 7, 201

SALE $3.18

NeedleTatting Book A. Learn Needle Tatting Stepby-Step

Barbara Foster. This is a reprint that combines her previous book one and book two. Color photos show clearly how this technique is accomplished. Projects include clothing embellishments, ornaments, towel and card inserts and doily edgings.

1251 $13.95 A B B. Learn the Easy Art of Needle Tatting and More DVD D Economy Tatting Needles by Havels
New sizes. Needles are 6" long.

Handy Hands. This DVD is for all levels of needle tatters. Techniques are shown for right-and left-handed tatters. This great resource for learning needle tatting runs approximately 50 minutes.

1254 $19.99

C. Set of two Large Tatting

E-G. White Cotton Hankies

Measuring 9.5" these cotton hankies have the perfect edge for adding tatted or E THRO crocheted trim. Embellish AL with tatting, silk ribbon, Brazilian or other surface embroidery or just each add the edging. U

Needles (sizes 1 and 2)

D. 7300 Set of six Tatting Needles (sizes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) 7300 $7.50

7299 $4.99


SALE $4.30

H. Round Cotton Hankies E G G. Basket Design Hanky

Basket pattern is embroidered in one corner. Available in 2 sizes for adding tatted or crocheted trim or for stitching surface embroidery, Brazilian or silk ribbon embroidery. 6 round cotton hanky

E. Curved Edged Hanky 9714 Reg. $5.75 F. Straight Edged Hanky 9715 Reg. $5.75

LY 1 1 7, 20


9716 $5.75
8 round cotton hanky

9702 $5.75 F

9717 $6.99 H

I-L. Beautiful Blank Linens

Embellish to your hearts content with these high-quality linens. Perfect for surface (stamped) embroidery, Brazilian embroidery, Silk Ribbon embroidery or appliqu.

I. Cutwork Bookmark
3 x 8. 100% linen.

K. Hemstitched Linen Squares

These 6 x 6 squares are perfect for cocktail napkins, coasters, sachets or folded to make ornaments. Available in five colors. White (hem resembles twisted bars stitch)

L. Hemstitched Linen Towels

Embellish with your favorite technique. Approximate size is 14 x 22 and are available in six colors. White Oatmeal Red Green Black White with Red Border

9775 $4.25 J. White Hankie with Crocheted Edge

10 x 10 not including the 1 lace border. 100% cotton.

9713 $5.75

9718 $3.50 9718A $3.50 Oatmeal 9718B $3.50 Red 9718C $3.50 Green 9718D $3.50

9719 $6.99 9719B $6.99 9719C $8.50 9719D $8.50 9719E $8.50 9722 $6.99


2012 Retail Catalog

Mill Hill Glass Beads

# ** Packaged in 2.85 grams, approximately 250 beads per package Delicate Finish not recommended for jewelry

Mill Hill Frosted Beads

MH60020 MH60161 MH60168 MH60367 MH60479 MH62004 MH62005 MH62010 MH62012# MH62013 MH62014 MH62020 MH62021 MH62023 MH62024 MH62031 MH62032 fr. royal blue fr. crystal fr. sapphire fr. garnet fr. white fr. tea rose fr. dusty rose fr. ice fr. royal plum fr. red red fr. black fr. creme de mint fr. gunmetal fr. root beer fr. heather mauve fr. gold fr. cranberry

4.25 grams, approx. 500 beads per pack $1.30 each

MH62033 MH62034 MH62035 MH62036 MH62037 MH62038 MH62039 MH62040 MH62041 MH62042 MH62043 MH62044 MH62046 MH62047 MH62048 MH62049 MH62056 MH62057 MH65270 fr. dusty pink fr. blue violet fr. peppermint fr. pink coral fr. mauve fr. aquamarine fr. ivory creme fr. apricot fr. buttercup fr. royal purple fr. denim fr. autumn fr. pale blue fr. lavender fr. pink parfait fr. spring green fr. boysenberry fr. khaki fr. bottle green

400 beads per package. 2 gr. where noted.

MH10001 MH10002 MH10003 MH10004 MH10005 MH10006 MH10007 MH10008 MH10009 MH10010 MH10011 MH10012 MH10013 MH10014 MH10015 MH10016 MH10017 MH10018 MH10019 MH10020 MH10021 MH10022 MH10023 MH10024 MH10025 MH10026 MH10027 MH10028 MH10029 MH10030 MH10031 MH10032 MH10033 MH10034 MH10035 MH10036 MH10037 MH10038 MH10039 MH10040 MH10041 MH10042 MH10043 MH10044 MH10045 MH10046 MH10047 MH10048 MH10049 MH10050 MH10051 MH10052 MH10053 MH10054 MH10055 MH10057 MH10058 MH10059 MH10060 ice autumn flame black jet** midnight** eggplant** mercury** black plum** white royal pearl opal honey bronze**$4.38 copper**$4.38 dk. blue iris golden ginger royal plum olive brilliance sheer blueberry claret** royal amethyst** bril. blue green** royal green** evergreen** cognac** platinum rose **$4.38 old rose**$4.38 metallic lilac **$4.38 silver**$4.38 brilliant sage **$4.38 ice green**$4.38 persimmon**$4.38 brilliant fuchsia **$4.38 ant. cranberry **$4.38 silver moon **$4.38 flat black Victorian gold wild blueberry$4.38 Caspian blue-$4.38 juniper green-$4.38 autumn green$4.38 abalone**$4.38 vanilla-$4.38 butter cream blue iris opaline jade white opal opal. periwinkle opal. tea rose sky blue opal Azure opal opal salmon fuchsia opal crystal lilac sheer deep teal royal blue crystal clear sheer aqua Caribbean blue sheer coral red

Mill Hill Magnifica Bead.

MH10061 MH10062 MH10063 MH10064 MH10065 MH10066 MH10067 MH10068 MH10069 MH10070 MH10071 MH10072 MH10073 MH10074 MH10075 MH10076 MH10077 MH10078 MH10079 MH10080 MH10081 MH10082 MH10083 MH10084 MH10085 MH10086 MH10087 MH10088 MH10089 MH10091 MH10092 MH10093 MH10094 MH10095 MH10096 MH10097 MH10098 MH10099 MH10100 MH10101 MH10102 MH10103 MH10104 MH10105 MH10106 MH10107 MH10108 MH10109 MH10110 MH10111 MH10112 MH10113 MH10114 MH10115 MH10116 MH10117 MH10118 MH10119 MH10120

$4.18 each, except

silver fox taupe shimmer deep periwinkle deep sea green Christmas gr. opal sm. topaz true gr. opal nutmeg royal opal opalescent aqua opal. cinn. red khaki soft willow purple passion Victorian copper **$4.38 gold**$4.38 charcoal dusty mauve-$4.38 brilliant teal** brilliant bronze** brilliant green** heather mauve orange sherbet golden khaki olivine**$4.38 capri blue pale honey golden rod true silver**$8.38 gold nugget **$8.38 iris pink shimmer matt heather rootbeer brilliant blueberry **$4.38 matt olive matt orange sterling rose** matt cranberry Navy seas** opal autumn gr. sheer lilac tropic seas sheer pink azalea spring green matt pewter **$4.38 antique silver **$4.38 purple pizzazz **$4.38 matt wildberry **$4.38 cappuccino rose**$4.38 aqua cherry red purple blue satin lilac satin dusty purple pumpkin spice brown


Mill Hill Beads. 11 seed beads.

More and more stitchery designs are using tiny glass beads to enhance the beauty of their work. Mill Hill glass beads come packaged in 500 beads per pack. 4.5 grams $1.30 each
royal blue jet cream yellow Robin egg blue pink lt. blue pale peach grey ash mauve crystal Christmas red Christmas green sapphire violet bronze** iris coral mercury copper** emerald cobalt blue garnet rainbow tangerine jade white lt. green old rose** antique silver** gold** ice green** potpourri red pearl yellow creme peach creme tea rose dusty rose ice blue satin blue sea breeze ice lilac ice Victorian gold royal plum red red black sea blue crystal mint crystal aqua crystal pink crystal honey creme de mint gunmetal silver root beer heather mauve heather crystal blue citron MH2033 MH2034 MH2035# MH2036# MH2037 MH2038 MH2039 MH2040 MH2041# MH2042 MH2043 MH2044# MH2045# MH2046 MH2047# MH2048 MH2049 MH2050 MH2051# MH2052 MH2053# MH2054 MH2055 MH2056 MH2057 MH2070 MH2071# MH2072 MH2073 MH2074 MH2075# MH2076 MH2077 MH2078 MH2079 MH2080 MH2081 MH2082 MH2083# MH2084# MH2085 MH2086 MH2087# MH2088 MH2089 MH2090 MH2091 MH2092 MH2093 MH2094 MH2095 MH2096 MH2097 MH2098 MH2099 MH2103 MH2104 MH2105 brilliant orange 400/pkg. autumn flame 400/pkg. shimmering apricot shimmering bittersweet sheer cinnamon brilliant copper matte maize light amber maple matte pumpkin** matte pomegranate allspice Santa Fe sunset matte willow soft willow golden olive** dark basil matte chocolate nutmeg dark coral opaque celadon brilliant shamrock brilliant green sable sea breeze sea mist opaque seafoam teal matte dark teal** brilliant teal** grenadine elderberry** brilliant magenta** wild plum matte wisteria dark plum matte lilac opal hyacinth opaque lt. mauve shimmering lilac brilliant orchid** purple electra** shimmering sea opal capri brilliant sea blue brilliant navy purple blue** dark denim opaque autumn opaque moss** indigo passion Orange Bahama blue* Pine green Ruby* Periwinkle Grasshopper Sweet corn

MH0020 MH0081 MH0123 MH0128 MH0143 MH0145 MH0146 MH0148 MH0150 MH0151 MH0161 MH0165 MH0167 MH0168 MH0206# MH0221# MH0252 MH0275 MH0283 MH0330# MH0332 MH0358 MH0367 MH0374 MH0423 MH0431 MH0479 MH0525 MH0553 MH0556 MH0557 MH0561 MH0777 MH0968 MH2001 MH2002 MH2003 MH2004 MH2005 MH2006 MH2007 MH2008 MH2009 MH2010 MH2011 MH2012# MH2013 MH2014 MH2015 MH2016 MH2017 MH2018 MH2019 MH2020 MH2021 MH2022 MH2023 MH2024 MH2025 MH2026 MH2031

Mill Hill Antique Glass Beads.

Approximately 250 beads per package. 2.85 grams $1.30 each

MH3002 MH3003 MH3004 MH3005 MH3007 MH3008 MH3009 MH3010 MH3011 MH3012 MH3013 MH3014 MH3015 MH3016 MH3017 MH3018 MH3019 MH3020 MH3021 MH3022 MH3023 MH3024 MH3025 MH3026 MH3027 MH3028 MH3029 MH3030 MH3031 MH3033 MH3034 MH3035 MH3036 MH3037 MH3038 MH3039 MH3040

midnight antique cranberry** eggplant** platinum rose** silver moon** pewter charcoal slate blue pebble grey autumn heather stormy blue heather matte olive snow white vanilla peachy blush coral reef soft mauve dusty mauve royal pearl royal teal** platinum violet** mocha wildberry wild blueberry Caspian blue juniper green autumn green camouflage smokey heather claret** royal amethyst** royal green** cognac** abalone** antique ginger antique champagne** flat black

MH3041 MH3042 MH3043 MH3044 MH3045 MH3046 MH3047 MH3048 MH3049 MH3050 MH3051 MH3052 MH3053 MH3054 MH3055 MH3056 MH3057 MH3058 MH3059 MH3060 MH3061 MH3062 MH3063 MH3501 MH3502 MH3503 MH3504 MH3505 MH3506 MH3507 MH3545 MH3550 MH3553 MH3557 MH3561 MH3575

white opal indigo oriental red crystal lilac metallic lilac** matte cadet blue blue iris cinnamon red rich red champagne misty desert peach purple passion desert sand bay leaf antique red cherry sorbet mardi gras red green velvet sage blue matte periwinkle blue velvet blue twilight Satin blush* Satin willow* Satin cranberry* Satin moss* Satin purple* Satin stone* Satin turquoise* Satin lilac* Satin chocolate* Satin old rose* Satin gold* Satin ice green* Satin coral*

Thousands of items available online at

Mill Hill Petite Glass Beads
Size 15/0, 2.0mm 1.60 grams
MH40020 MH40065 MH40123 MH40161 MH40168 MH40252 MH40332 MH40374 MH40479 MH40553 royal blue eggplant* cream crystal sapphire iris emerald rainbow white old rose** MH40556 MH40557 MH40777 MH42010 MH42011 MH42012 MH42013 MH42014 MH42017 MH42018

Crayon Colors. 2.85 grams, approximately 250

beads per package
MH2058 MH2059 MH2061 MH2063

$1.30 each

$1.30 each
antique silver** gold** potpourri ice Victorian gold royal plum** red red black crystal aqua crystal pink

Crayon white Crayon yellow Crayon dark orange Crayon crimson

MH2064 MH2065 MH2068 MH2069

Crayon sky blue Crayon royal blue Crayon brown Crayon purple

Mill Hill Glass Bead Personal Inventory Sheets. Shows all beads in color including
Magnifica beads. 15015 $ .50

MH42019 MH42024 MH42027 MH42028 MH42029 MH42030 MH42031 MH42033 MH42034 MH42035 MH42036 MH42037 MH42038

crystal honey heather mauve champagne** ginger tapestry teal Victorian copper** citron autumn flame matte pumpkin matte maize bay leaf** green velvet** matte chocolate

MH42039 MH42040 MH42041 MH42042 MH42043 MH42101 MH42102 MH45270

brilliant green periwinkle dark denim misty rich red purple lemon bottle green

2012 Retail Catalog


Mill Hill Glass Beads

Size 6 Beads 100 per pkg. 5.2 grams $1.64 each except where noted
MH16002 MH16004 MH16010 MH16011 MH16014 MH16021 MH16022 MH16024 MH16025 MH16026 MH16031 MH16037 MH16081 MH16151 MH16161 MH16168 MH16221 MH16374 MH16601 MH16602 midnight eggplant ice Victorian gold black frosted periwinkle frosted opal capri heather mauve wildberry** $3.02 crystal blue frosted gold abalone** $4.36 jet ash mauve crystal sapphire bronze** $3.02 rainbow white opal frosted ice MH16603 creamy pearl MH16604 ant. mocha** $3.02 MH16605 golden amber MH16606 brilliant bronze MH16607 umber MH16608 amethyst ice MH16609 opal smokey topaz MH16610 frosted lilac MH16611 frosted jeweltones MH16612 opal periwinkle MH16613 juniper green** $3.02 MH16614 brilliant green MH16615 frosted citrus MH16616 Mt. Fiesta sunset $2.16 MH16617 fr. red red MH16618 Mayan gold** $3.02

A-B. John James Bead Embroidery.

Needles Size 10 packs include six needles; size 12 packs include four needles.

A A. B.

Size 10 ball point tips. Size 12 ball point tips.

7062B $3.40 7063B $3.45

(Box fOr Beads) Acid-free tacky lining, non-skid bottom. Pour a small amount of beads into the tacky surface. Pick up each bead from the surface with the point of the needle. 3.75" x 3.75" x 516" thick. Assorted cover prints and colors.

C. Tacky B.O.B.

6341 $8.50 F. A-Z of Bead Embroidery

With over 440 step-by-step photographs, this book brings bead embroidery within F everyones reach with 30 stunning and versatile projects. Learn to work tambour beading, bead-point, padded beading, sequins and bugle beads and much more. Discover the best tools and learn to identify different beads by size, shape and finish.

Size 8 Beads 275 per pkg. 6.0 grams $1.64 each except where noted
MH18002 MH18010 MH18011 MH18014 MH18027 MH18046 MH18081 MH18123 MH18099 MH18221 MH18801 MH18812 MH18819 MH18820 midnight ice Victorian gold black Caspian blue** $3.02 matt cadet blue** $3.94 jet cream ruby** bronze** $3.18 white opal opal periwinkle** opal blush** opal persimmon** MH18821 opal dark mauve** MH18822 golden opal** MH18823 frosted opal sm. topaz MH18824 opal lilac MH18825 iced nutmeg MH18826 opal hyacinth MH18827 Mt. Confetti amethyst ** $3.84 MH18828 opal seafoam MH18829 opal cornflower MH18830 ocean blue ice $2.06 MH18831 golden emerald $2.06

D-E. Beading Supplies

D. Bead Box
Easily organize your beads or treasures in this bead box that holds 24 flip top canisters. Each canister measures 1 x 0.5 x 2 tall. The overall size of the box is 4.25 x 6 x 1.25.

1659L $34.99 G. Bead Storage System.

Clear plastic bead storage box includes 24 clear, round boxes with screw-top lids. Exterior box is approximately 9.5" x 6.5". ma Each small round Ea container is approxico mately 1.5" diameter ma by 0.75" deep.

6327 $5.99 E. Bead Bin

Keep all your beading supplies for a project in this compact storage bin. With five snap-close compartments you will be able to store your beads or small items, your needles, and your folding scissors in a very small space.

** Delicate Finish not recommended for jewelry

6329 $12.99 6 G


6328 $2.99

K-M. Mill Hill Southwest Santas Stitched and Beaded Kits.

Finished size is approximately 3.5" x 4.75". Kits include Mill Hill glass beads, 14 count Perforated paper, floss, needles, chart and instructions.

H-J. Flip-top Boxes

Rectangle transparent plastic tubes have a flip-top lid that fits snug and secure. Twenty per package.

K. Desert Santa 270-542-1301 $6.99 L. Canyon Santa 270-542-1302 $6.99 M. Mesa Santa 270-542-1303 $6.99

H. Short Flip-Top Boxes 7/16" x 1" x 1". Pkg. of 20 6325 $5.50 I. Tall Flip-Top Boxes 7/16" x 1" x 1 7/8".
Pkg. of 20

N-P. Mill Hill Magi Trilogy Stitched and Beaded Kits.

Finished size is approximately 4" x 4.5". Kits include Mill Hill Glass Beads, 14 count Perforated paper, Glass or Crystal Treasure(s), floss, needles, chart and instructions.

6325A $5.50 J. Bead Tube Tower II

Measures 8" x 16" when closed and can stand upright or lay flat. Holds 144 small or 72 large Flip-Top Boxes or an assortment of both sizes. Includes clear zippered travel pouch with handles.

N. Balthasar O. Gaspar P. Melchior

280-542-1301 $7.99 280-542-1302 $7.99 280-542-1303 $7.99

6324 $13.99


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A-D. New Mill Hill -Sticks Kits - Everyday Series.

Each kit includes Mill Hill Beads, perforated paper, floss, needles, chart and instructions. Designs fit a 7.25 square frame. (not included).

A. Think Spring 272-542-1101 $16.99 B. Enjoy Life 272-542-1102 $16.99 C. Enjoy the Harvest 272-542-1103 $16.99 D. Cozy In 272-542-1104 $16.99

E-J. Winter Holiday Mill Hill Bead Kits

Finished sizes range from 2.25 x 2.75 to 3.25 x 2.75. Kits include Mill Hill Glass Beads, Crystal Treasures, 14 count perforated or painted perforated paper, floss, needles, magnet and chart with instructions.

K-L. Beading Books from Nancy Eha

K. Bead Creative Art Quilts
Learn break-through beading secrets that produce professional results. Master basic stitches with easy-to-follow ste step-by-step dir directions. Discover hu hundreds of inn innovative ways to us your acquired use be collection. bead

E. Star Santa Kit 283-542-1301 $6.99 F. Candy Canes Kit 283-542-1302 $6.99 M

G. Merry Moose Kit 283-542-1303 $6.99 H. Holly Kit 283-542-1304 $6.99 N

I. Holiday Stamp Kit 283-542-1305 $6.99 J. Kris Mouse Kit 283-542-1306 $6.99 O

1682 $29.95 1

M-R. Mill Hill Buttons & Beads Winter Series

K L. Bead Creative Like Crazy
Finished size of each is 5" x 5". Kits include Mill Hill Glass Beads, Ceramic Button, 14 count Perforated Paper, floss, needles, and chart with instructions. Designs fit a 6" x 6" frame.

This hot-to beading book will teach you how to recreate the opulent thread embroidery stitches featured on crazy quilts with dazzling beads. Over 100 beading patterns with illustrated instructions, clear color photos, and stitch direction diagrams give even a novice beader the dence to tools and confidence L t create works of art.

M. Home for Christmas 273-542-1301 $12.99 N. Holiday Delivery 273-542-1302 $12.99

O. Winter Woods 273-542-1303 $12.99 P. Believe 273-542-1304 $12.99

Q. Holiday Stocking 273-542-1305 $12.99 R. Hanging Around 273-542-1306 $12.99

S-X. Mill Hill Christmas Jewels Charmed Ornament Kits SAp Approximate finished size is 2" x 3". Kits include Mill Hill Glass Beads, Charm, 14 count Perforated paper, floss, needles, chart and instructions. Use as ornament with beaded hanger (included) or with cardstock to make a greeting card or gift tag. an

1682A $29.95

S. Golden Tannenbaum 276-542-1301 $6.99 T. Sapphire Snow 276-542-1302 $6.99 U. Ruby Forest 276-542-1303 $6.99

V. Garnet Spiral W.Emerald Wreath X. Diamond Holiday

276-542-1304 $6.99 276-542-1305 $6.99 276-542-1306 $6.99

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New from Charles Craft

D F Ready-to-Stitch Baby Bibs.

Each bib measures approximately 10 x 10 with a 14 count aida fabric band that measures 8.5 x 5 for stitching. A FREE design is included with each bib. Choose from three fabric designs. D. Firetruck Quilted Bib 9870 $9.99 E. Princess Quilted Bib 9871 $9.99 F. Green and Blue Patchwork Terry Cloth Bib 9872 $9.99 E.

A-C. Ready-To-Stitch Plush Stuffed Animals.

A. Monkey 9830 $9.99 Each soft and cuddly stuffed animal is 7 tall and meet all child safety requirements. The design area B. Duck 9831 $9.99 on the 18 count bibs is 2.5 x 2. Free designs of 9832 $9.99 cute images and alphabets are included with each C. Pig animal.



C. D. F.

Huck Towels with Waffle Weave

G. Whether you choose to stitch a design on this towel, or leave it as is, it will make a fabulous gift! This tea towel is 100% cotton and measures a full 20" x 28". The towel has a nice hem on all four sides. There is fabric loop stitched into one corner for hanging. The 3-count waffle weave design is perfect for huck weaving. $5.25 9844 White 9844A Wheat 9844E Bright Red

H-J Hand and Kitchen Towels

Madagascar Kitchen Towels

This 100% cotton kitchen towel has a diamond-shaped white-on-white pattern woven into the body; of the towel. The 14ct Aida insert is 3.25" tall and is flanked by a delightful checkered border on both sides. The towel is embellished even more by a scalloped edge along the bottom of the towel in the front. Overall towel is 18" x 27".

H. Madagascar Kitchen Towel - Blue I. Madagascar Kitchen Towel - Red J. Madagascar Kitchen Towel - Green

9834 $8.30 9835 $8.30 9836 $8.30

K-L Bookmarks
These cream bookmarks have been specially designed for Nordic Needle. The bookmark measures 3.75" x 8.875" with the hemmed lace edge. The stitch area is 2.5" x 7.75" on 20-count or 25-count cream Lugana. H. I. J.

K. 25-count Cream Bookmark L. 20-count Cream Bookmark

9783 $3.99 9784 $3.99

See page 24 for dish towels and vintage stripe tea towels. See page 28 for cotton hankies and hem stitched tea towels for surface embroidery.

M. Mountain Retreat Afghan

Wichelt. This stunning design is stitched on the Fireside Afghan. The 18 count antique white afghan is composed of 7 x 5 squares for a total of 35 squares that are stitched with parts of the overall scene. The model is stitched with DMC threads and embellished with Mill Hill beads. Youll be taken away by the snowy mountains, log cabin, ice skating pond, and covered b ridge all while stitching the Mountain Retreat afghan.

Fireside Afghan

21111-01 $70.00

Mountain Retreat Pattern and Embellishment Pack

K-L All the beads for the design are included in this design pack. 105-942-1991 $29.50

"I received my order from you today, and since this was the first time ever I ordered anything from the USA I was a little concerned, but there was no need to! I got the things I ordered, nothing was lost or broken :-) and the postage cost was quite reasonable. This was my first order but certainly not my last! Thank you from a satisfied customer! - Tanja, Sweden"



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If your pattern calls for a fabric we do not have listed, please contact us. We may be able to suggest a suitable substitute or be able to special order it for you. 1-800-433-4321

Most of our fabrics are sold off the bolt. That means that you can order the fabric by the inch. You will receive that number of inches by the width of your fabric. For example, if you ordered 12 inches of white Hardanger fabric, you would receive a piece that measures 12 x 43. Be sure to add enough fabric to the finished design size for finishing. We recommend 3-4 per side for cross-stitch and canvas projects. For a design size of 12, we would suggest you order at least 18. If you plan to use a wide mat for finishing, you would need to add additional inches.

CANVAS & CONGRESS CLOTH/CANVAS Mono Deluxe Canvas has single vertical and horizontal threads, which are woven but not interlocked. This allows the stitches to be flexible when used for items such as pillows and chair cushions. Because the canvas does have some give, it should be worked in a frame or on stretcher bars. Congress Canvas is a fine-meshed, 24 holes-per-inch even weave canvas. It is great for Petit Point or miniature needlepoint. Congress Cloth is similar to Congress canvas but softer, without as much sizing. It is useful for items that require a more flexible base, as trims or clothing. Fabric threads can be removed for techniques such as Hardanger, Pulled and Drawn thread embroidery. Item # Color Count Type Bolt Width Price/Yard Price/Inch 9281-052 White 13 Mono Deluxe 40 $44.00 $1.23 1282-056 Brown 14 Mono Deluxe 40 $44.00 $1.23 9281-070 White 18 Mono Deluxe 40 $44.00 $1.23 9281-270 Eggshell 18 Mono Deluxe 40 $49.00 $1.37 9281-370 Sandstone 18 Mono Deluxe 40 $55.00 $1.53 9281-470 Rose Blush 18 Mono Deluxe 40 $55.00 $1.53 9281-498 Victorian Red 18 Mono Deluxe 40 $55.00 $1.53 9281-500 Victorian Green 18 Mono Deluxe 40 $55.00 $1.53 9281-525 Lilac 18 Mono Deluxe 40 $55.00 $1.53 9281-570 French Blue 18 Mono Deluxe 40 $48.00 $1.34 9281-670 Santa Fe Sage 18 Mono Deluxe 40 $55.00 $1.53 9281-720 Black 18 Mono Deluxe 40 $55.00 $1.53 9281-770 Pewter 18 Mono Deluxe 40 $48.00 $1.34 9281-930 Antique Blue 18 Mono Deluxe 40 $59.00 $1.64 1282-070 Brown 18 Mono Deluxe 40 $44.00 $1.23 1285-011 White w/Opalescent 18 Mono Deluxe 40 $57.00 $1.59 1285-028 Eggshell w/met. gold 18 Mono Deluxe 40 $57.00 $1.59 9281-2649 Eggshell w/brown 18 Mono Deluxe 40 $66.00 $1.84 9406-194 White 24 Congress 50 $45.00 $1.25 9406-224 Sand 24 Congress 50 $45.00 $1.25 9406-594 Pale Blue 24 Congress 50 $48.00 $1.34 9406-610 Moss Green 24 Congress 50 $45.00 $1.25 9406-894 Black 24 Congress 50 $49.00 $1.37 3990-100 White 24 Soft Congress 50 $44.00 $1.23 3990-264 Ivory 24 Soft Congress 50 $44.00 $1.23 9281S 18-count Canvas Color Card with 1" fabric samples4$3.00


A. Lady Elizabeth Afghan.

Antique white This afghan measures 52" x 60", 14-count afghan featuring a star weave around 20 blocks for stitching. Trevira/viscose; machine washable and dryable. 8830 $41.75







AIDA BANDS 614" wide. 14 count. 100% linen. Item # Color Price/Yard 7421-053 Raw $24.00 LINEN BANDS 134" wide, 28 count, 100% linen. 7005-001 White $11.00

AIDA Fabric
Price/Inch $ .67 $ .31 These colors and fabric counts are sold off-the bolt, with the width shown below. Item # Color Count Content Width Price/Yard Price/Inch 1007-100 White 11 cotton 43" $32.00 $0.89 1007-101 Ant. White 11 cotton 43" $33.00 $0.92 1007-264 Ivory 11 cotton 43" $33.00 $0.92 3706-001 White 14 cotton 43" $36.00 $1.00 3706-101 Ant. White 14 cotton 43" $35.00 $0.98 3706-264 Ivory 14 cotton 43" $35.00 $0.98 3706-503 Lt. Blue 14 cotton 43" $35.00 $0.98 3706-720 Black 14 cotton 43" $41.00 $1.14 3706-899 Potato 14 cotton 43" $38.00 $1.06 357-067 Royal Christmas Blue 14 cotton 51" $44.00 $1.23 3390-053 Raw 14 linen 59" $70.00 $1.95 3251-101 Ant. White 16 cotton 43" $36.00 $1.00 3251-264 Ivory 16 cotton 43" $36.00 $1.00 3793-101 Ant. White 18 cotton 43" $36.00 $1.00 3793-264 Ivory 18 cotton 43" $38.00 $1.06 3793-720 Black 18 cotton 43" $43.00 $1.20 3793-3009 Vint. Country Mocha 18 cotton 43" $41.00 $1.14 3706S Aida 14-count Color Card with 1" fabric samples4$3.00 8524 Fiddlers Lite 14 cotton/poly 60" $27.00 $0.75 Several colors and fabric counts are available in pre-packaged fat quarters, 18" x 21". Item # Color Count Content Price/Pkg 3706-100P White 14 cotton $10.50 3706-101P Ant. White 14 cotton $10.50 3706-720P Black 14 cotton $10.50 3793-100P White 18 cotton $10.50 3793-101P Ant. White 18 cotton $10.50 3793-720P Black 18 cotton $10.50

LINEN BANDS 478" wide, 24 count, 100% linen with loop/pulled thread border. 7273-003 Ivory with ivory border $19.00 $ .53 7273-011 White linen with white border 19.00 .53 7273-053 Raw linen with raw linen border 19.00 .53 LINEN BANDS 100% linen. 312" wide, 28/30 count. 7009-003 Ivory with ivory edge $15.00 $ .42 7009-001 White $14.00 $ .39 30-COUNT LINEN BANDS Zweigart 2" wide, 30 count with scalloped edge. Item # Color Price/Yard Price/Inch 7271-001 White $10.00 $.28 7271-003 Cream 10.00 .28 LINEN BAND 100% linen. 28 count, 314" wide with drawn thread border. 7347-001 White $17.00 $.48 7347-053 Raw 17.00 $.48 AIDA BANDS 16 count. 100% cotton. 4" wide. 7195-001 White $12.00 $.34 7195-003 Ivory $12.00 $.34

For color reference go to and click into fabrics and the specific sub-categories as needed.

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Huck Fabric has a special weave that allows the stitches to go underneath a fabric float, but not to the back of the fabric. Huck weaving/Swedish weaving books can be found on pages 13-15.

ARIOSA-FINE-22 count
22 count, 63% cotton/37% rayon. Item # Color 3409-099 Cream 3409-100 White 3409-100-71 White 3409-101 Antique White 3409-101-71 Antique White 3409-2050 Buttercup 3409-9060 Victorian Red Width 55" 55" 71" 55" 71" 71" 72" Price/Yard $55.00 $55.00 $68.00 $55.00 $68.00 $72.00 $72.00 Price/Inch 1.53 1.53 1.89 1.53 1.89 2.00 2.00

The following fabrics are listed in order of fabric count. MONKS CLOTH - 7-count, 100% cotton. Soft, loosely woven fabric popular for huck weaving afghans and other projects. Allow a 15% shrinkage when ordering your fabric. The fabric MUST be washed prior to stitching!

HARDANGER FABRIC - 22-count by Ubelhor of Austria, 100% mercerized cotton. On Sale through July 17, 2012 only.

Item # 1-0751 1-0750 1-0766 1-0758 1-0765

Color White Ecru (Ant. White) Lt. Gold Lt. Rose Lt. Blue

Width 67" 67" 67" 67" 67"

Sale/Yd 30.75 30.75 35.25 35.25 35.25

Price/Yard $41.00 $41.00 $47.00 $47.00 $47.00

Sale/In .86 .86 .98 .98 .98

Price/In 1.14 1.14 1.31 1.31 1.31

On sale through July 17, 2012 only

Item # 8881 8882 8883 8884 8885 8886 8887 8888 8889 8890 8891 8892 8893 8894 8895 8897 8898 8899 8900 8903 8904 8905 8881S 8879 Color Count Width Sale $/yard Natural 7 60" $12.00 White 7 60" $12.00 Black 7 60" $16.13 Red 7 60" $16.13 Hunter Green 7 60" $16.13 Navy Blue 7 60" $16.13 Pastel Yellow 7 60" $16.13 Wine 7 60" $16.13 Purple 7 60" $16.13 Lilac 7 60" $16.13 Pink 7 60" $16.13 Light Blue 7 60" $16.13 Sage 7 60" $16.13 Idaho Potato 7 60" $16.13 Mauve 7 60" $16.13 Gray 7 60" $16.13 Rust 7 60" $16.13 Dark Brown 7 60" $16.13 Turquoise 7 60" $16.13 Lime Green 7 60" $16.13 Grass Green 7 60" $16.13 Denim 7 60" $16.13 Monks Cloth Color Card $3.00 Natural 7 $43.50 $/yard Sale $/inch $16.00 0.34 $16.00 0.34 $21.50 0.45 $21.50 0.45 $21.50 0.45 $21.50 0.45 $21.50 0.45 $21.50 0.45 $21.50 0.45 $21.50 0.45 $21.50 0.45 $21.50 0.45 $21.50 0.45 $21.50 0.45 $21.50 0.45 $21.50 0.45 $21.50 0.45 $21.50 0.45 $21.50 0.45 $21.50 0.45 $21.50 0.45 $21.50 0.45 $/inch 0.45 0.45 0.60 0.60 0.60 0.60 0.60 0.60 0.60 0.60 0.60 0.60 0.60 0.60 0.60 0.60 0.60 0.60 0.60 0.60 0.60 0.60

HARDANGER FABRIC - 22-count by Zweigart, 100% cotton

MONKS CLOTH - 7-count, 100% cotton, pre-packaged 2.5 yards x 60 wide. MONKS CLOTH - 14-count, 100% cotton.
Finer, more tightly woven Monks Cloth, natural in color with a white line woven in every 2" 8871 Natural w/ white grid 14 $20.00 0.56

Item # 1008-001 1008-001-67 1008-101 1008-264 1008-264-67 1008-013 1008-308 1008-503 1008-564 1008-685 1008-954 1008-2020 1008S 1008-001P 1008-101P 1008-264P 1008-954P

Color Width White 43" White 67" Antique White 43" Ivory 43" Ivory 67" Beige 43" Nordic Ant. Mushroom 43" Lt. Blue 43" Nordic Ant. Lt. Blue 43" Victorian Christmas Green 43" Christmas Red 43" Yellow 43" Hardanger Fabric Color Card $3.00 White Antique White Ivory Christmas Red

Price/yd. $32.00 $47.00 $32.00 $32.00 $47.00 $31.00 $33.00 $33.00 $35.00 $35.00 $35.00 $33.00

Price/in. 0.89 1.31 0.89 0.89 1.31 0.86 0.92 0.92 0.98 0.98 0.98 0.92


100% cotton, pre-packaged 18" x 21" $9.50 ea. $9.50 ea. $9.50 ea. $9.50 ea.

POPCORN - 7-count, 100% cotton.

Popcorn is specially woven with pairs of floats going both horizontally and vertically so that you can turn corners and have designs going both directions. Item # Color Width $/yard $/inch 1-0190 Natural 7 70" $47.50 1.32 1-0191 White 7 70" $47.50 1.32 1-1190 Antique White 7 70" $47.50 1.32

OSLO HARDANGER - 22-count, 100% mercerized cotton with Hardanger Weave. Item # Color Width Price/yd. Price/in. 3947-100 White 67" $57.00 1.59 3947-101 Antique White 67" $57.00 1.59 3947-264 Ivory 67" $57.00 1.59 HARDANGER FABRIC FROM PERMIN OF COPENHAGEN
100% cotton, 22-count, 60" wide 180-4 Tea Dyed 180-12 Pale Pink 180-18 Lilac (purple) 180-39 Antique tan 180-70 Water gray 180-100 Natural $59.00 $59.00 $63.00 $59.00 $59.00 $63.00 1.64 1.64 1.75 1.64 1.64 1.75

HUCK FABRIC 3310-100 White 3310-264 Ivory 9151 White

14-count, 100% cotton. 14 55" 14 55"

$44.00 $44.00

1.23 1.23 0.20


14-count, 100% cotton. 14 14" $7.00


2012 Retail Catalog


These fabrics are suitable for techniques requiring an even weave such as counted cross stitch and other fine needlework. Fabrics in this section are listed in alphabetical order by the fabric name, such as Belfast linen, Cork linen, Jobelan, etc. The fabrics are sold off the bolt unless noted. NOTE: Fabric with a 22-count are listed together in the Hardanger Fabric Section, such as Ariosa and Oslo Fabrics. Fabrics associated with Swedish Weaving are listed together in the Huck Weaving Fabric Section, such as Huck Toweling and Monks Cloth.

COLMAR - 25-count, 88% cotton/12% polyester. Wonderful for table linens!!

Item # 3438-099 3604-100 3604-101 3604-222 3604-052 Color Soft Cream White Antique White Cream Flax Count 25 25 25 25 25 Width 71" 55" 55" 55" 55" Price/Yd. Price/In. $62.00 $1.73 $68.00 $70.00 $70.00 $68.00 1.89 1.95 1.95 1.89

DUBLIN LINEN - 25 count, 100% linen.

BELFAST - 32-Count, 100% linen.

Item # Color DMC = Count Type Bolt Width Price/Yard Price/Inch 3609-052 Flax Ecru 32 Linen 55" $74.00 2.06 3609-053 Raw Anchor 388 32 Linen 55" $70.00 1.95 3609-100 White 5200 32 Linen 55" $70.00 1.95 3609-101 Antique White White 32 Linen 55" $74.00 2.06 3609-222 Cream 712 32 Linen 55" $72.00 2.00 3609-233 Antique Ivory (Vintage) 543 32 Linen 55" $72.00 2.00 3609-309 Light Mocha (Ant. Tan) 842 32 Linen 55" $79.00 2.20 3609-578 Blue Spruce (Blue Wing) 930 32 Linen 55" $76.00 2.09 3609-770 Platinum 822 32 Linen 55" $76.00 2.09 3609-1019 Vintage Country Cream 746 32 Linen 55" $86.00 2.39 3609-3009 Vintage Country Mocha Anchor 388 32 Linen 55" $86.00 2.39 3609S 32-count Belfast Linen Color Card $3.00 Several colors of BELFAST Linen are available in pre-packaged fat quarters, 18"x 21". Item # Color Count Content Price/Pkg 3609-100P White 32 Linen $19.50 3609-101P Ant. White 32 Linen $19.50 3609-222P Cream 32 Linen $19.50 3609-409P Dusk 32 Linen $23.50 3609-7139P Stormy Clouds 32 Linen $19.99

EDINBURGH LINEN - 36-count, 100% linen, off the bolt. 3217-100 White 36 55" $74.00 2.06 3217-101 Antique White 36 55" $74.00 2.06 3217-222 Cream 36 55" $74.00 2.06 3217-052 Flax 36 55" $74.00 2.06 36-count, 100% linen, pre-packaged 18" x 27" 3217-100P White 36 55" $19.50 3217-101P Antique White 36 55" $19.50 3217-222P Cream 36 55" $19.50 3217-052P Flax 36 55" $19.50 ETAMIN (EDELWEISS) - 26-count, 100% cotton.
On Sale Through July 17, 2012 only. Item# Color Count Width 1-251 White 26 55" 1-570 Antique White/Ecru 26 72" Sale/Yd. Price/Yd. Sale/In. Price/In. $30.38 $40.50 0.85 1.13 $35.25 $47.00 0.98 1.31 $28.00/yd. $0.78/in.

FLOBA -25 count, 70% rayon, 30% linen 3988-053 Oatmeal 25 55 JASMIN - 20-count, 100% cotton On Sale Through July 17, 2012 only. 1-851 White 20 72"
On Sale Through July 17, 2012 only. 1-520 Natural 20 72"





CASHEL - 28-Count, 100% linen.

Item # Color DMC = Count Bolt Width 3281-100 White 5200 28 55" 3281-101 Antique White White 28 55" 3281-222 Cream 712 28 55" 3281-224 Light Sand (Sandstone) 739 28 55" 3281-233 Ant. Ivory (Vintage) 543 28 55" 3281-309 Light Mocha (Ant. Tan) 842 28 55" 3281-052 Flax Ecru 28 55" 3281-053 Raw Linen Anchor 388 28 55" 3281-323 Summer Khaki 613 28 55" 3281-346 Willow Green (Prairie Grain) 734 28 55" 3281-562 Ice Blue 800 28 55" 3281-594 Misty Blue (Ant. Blue) 932 28 55" 3281-718 Confederate Grey 927 28 55" 3281-720 Black 310 28 55" 3281-770 Platinum 822 28 55" 3281-778 Smokey Pearl (Twilight Blue) 927 28 55" 3281-1079 Smokey White (Vintage) 28 55" 3281-5023 Lt. Amsterdam Blue 28 55" 3281-011 Raw w/ opalescent accents 28 55" 3281-1111 White w/opalescent accents 28 55" 3281-3009 Vintage Country Mocha 28 55" 28 55" 3281-301 Vintage Days Gone By * 3281-3033 Vintage Antique Almond * 28 55" 3281S 28-count Cashel Linen Color Card $3.00 * This fabric must be purchased in either an 18" or 1-yard length. Item # 3281-100P 3281-101P 3281-222P 3281-052P 3281-053P 3281-770P 3281-3099P 3281-5139P Color White Antique White Cream Flax Raw Platinum Country Grain Blue Whisper Count 28 28 28 28 28 28 28 28 Price/Pkg $19.50 $19.50 $19.50 $17.99 $19.50 $19.50 $19.99 $19.99 Price/Yd Price/In $72.00 2.00 $74.00 2.06 $74.00 2.06 $74.00 2.06 $79.00 2.20 $79.00 2.20 $72.00 2.00 $72.00 2.00 $79.00 2.20 $75.00 2.09 $75.00 2.09 $75.00 2.09 $75.00 2.09 $75.00 2.09 $75.00 2.09 $75.00 2.09 $80.00 2.23 $75.00 2.09 $88.00 2.45 $88.00 2.45 $88.00 2.45 $90.00 18"-$45 $84.00 18"-$42

JASMIN-FLOBA - 20-count, 40% cotton/40% modal/20% linen.

$41.25 $55.00 1.15 1.53

JOBELAN - 51% cotton/49% polyester Item# Color Count Width 890-0 White 25 68" 890-10 Antique White 25 68" 429-101 Antique White 28 55" 429-044 Ivory 28 55" 429-103 Forget-Me-Not Blue 28 55" LEGACY LINEN
30-150 White Swan 30 55"

Price/Yd. $52.00 $52.00 $50.00 $50.00 $50.00 $58.00

Price/In. 1.45 1.45 1.39 1.39 1.39 1.62

LUGANA - 20-count (formerly Valerie), 52% cotton/48% rayon.

Item # 3256-100 3256-101 3256-264 3256-954 Color White Antique White Ivory Christmas Red DMC= 5200 White 712 321 Count 20 20 20 20 Width 55" 55" 55" 55" Price/Yd. $54.00 $54.00 $57.00 $64.00 Price/In. 1.50 1.50 1.59 1.78

LUGANA - 25-count, 52% cotton/48% rayon, off the bolt.

3835-100 3835-101 3835-252 3835-253 3835-264 3835-305 3835-309 3835-403 3835-411 3835-501 3835-505 3835-513 3835-713 3835-720 3835-898 3835-954 3319-011 White 5200 25 55" Antique White White 25 55" Cream Ecru 25 55" Bone 543 25 55" Ivory 712 25 55" Fairy Dust Anchor 926 25 55" Mushroom 842 25 55" Ash Rose 778 25 55" Light Rose 819 25 55" Wedgewood Blue 341 25 55" Lavender Bliss 3743 25 55" Little Boy Blue 775 25 55" Pewter 762 25 55" Black 310 25 55" Potato 712 25 55" Christmas Red 321 25 55" White w/opalescent accents 25 55" 25-count Lugana Color Card $3.00 $52.00 $52.00 $52.00 $55.00 $52.00 $54.00 $54.00 $57.00 $54.00 $57.00 $52.00 $52.00 $57.00 $60.00 $52.00 $66.00 $75.00 1.45 1.45 1.45 1.53 1.45 1.50 1.50 1.59 1.50 1.59 1.45 1.45 1.59 1.67 1.45 1.84 2.09

Several colors of CASHEL are available in pre-packaged fat quarters, 18" x 21".

For color reference go to and click into fabrics and the specific sub-categories as needed.


2012 Retail Catalog


LUGANA - 25-count, 52% cotton/48% rayon, pre-packaged 18" x 27".

Item# 3835-100P 3835-101P 3835-203P 3835-252P 3835-264P 3835-309P 3835-636P 3835-1079P 3835-3009P Color White Antique White Ray of Light Cream Ivory Mushroom Pastel Turquoise Smokey White Country Mocha DMC= 5200 White Ecru 712 842 Count 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 Price $16.50 $16.50 $16.50 $16.50 $16.50 $16.50 $16.50 $16.50 $16.50

NEWCASTLE LINEN BY ZWEIGART - 100% linen, 55" wide.

3348-100 White 3348-222 Cream 336 660 $75.00/yard $75.00/yard $2.09/inch $2.09/inch 1.67 1.38 1.38

QUAKER - 28 count, 55% linen/45% cotton. 3993-101 Antique White 28 55" $60.00 SIEBLEINEN FINE - 30-count, 100% linen.
1-3100 1-3110 Natural White 30 30 55" 55" $49.50 $49.50

LUGANA (Formerly Brittney) - 28-count, 52% cotton/48% rayon, off the bolt. Item# Color DMC= Count Width Price/Yd Price/In. 3270-100 White 5200 28 55" $46.00 1.28 3270-101 Antique White White 28 55" $48.00 1.34 3270-264 Ivory 712 28 55" $46.00 1.28 3270-203 Ray of Light 746 28 55" $48.00 1.34 3270-305 Fairy Dust Anchor 926 28 55" $48.00 1.34 3270-309 Mushroom 842 28 55" $50.00 1.39 3270-407 Baby Lotion 948 28 55" $48.00 1.34 3270-505 Lavender Bliss 3743 28 55" $48.00 1.34 3270-513 Little Boy Blue 775 28 55" $48.00 1.34 3270-564 Antique Blue 310 28 55" $50.00 1.39 3270-720 Black 310 28 55" $55.00 1.53 3270-770 Platinum 3033 28 55" $48.00 1.34 3270-898 Potato 712 28 55" $48.00 1.34 3270-906 Victorian Red 815 28 55" $55.00 1.53 3270-011 White w/opalescent accents 28 55" $79.00 2.20 3270-545* Vintage Rainbow Dreams 28 55" $75.00 18" - $37.50 3270-590* Vintage Stormy Skies 28 55" $75.00 18" - $37.50 3270-600* Vintage Spring Meadow Green 28 55" $75.00 18" - $37.50 3270S 28-count Lugana Color Card with 1" fabric samples $3.00 * This fabric must be purchased in either an 18" or 1-yard length. LUGANA - 28-count, 52% cotton/48% rayon, pre-packaged 18" x 27".
3270-100P 3270-101P 3270-264P 3270-309P 3270-011P 3270-4042P 3270-4091P 3270-558P 3270-6037P 3270-638P 3270-706P 3984-100 3984-101 3984-252 3984-264 3984-309 3984-720 3984-770 3984-011 3984-101P 3984-264P 3984-720P 3984-1079P 3984-3009P 3984-7011P White Antique White Ivory Mushroom White w/ Opalescent Ash Rose Opalescent/Twilight Lilac Dark Green Olive Green Castleview (overdyed) White 5200 Antique White White Cream Ecru Ivory 712 Mushroom 842 Black 310 Platinum 3033 White w/ Opalescent Antique White Ivory Black Smokey Pearl Country Mocha Silvery Moon 32 32 32 32 32 32 32 32 55" 55" 55" 55" 55" 55" 55" 55" $13.75 $13.75 $13.75 $13.75 $21.99 $13.75 $24.99 $13.75 $13.75 $21.99 $19.25 $57.00 $52.00 $52.00 $57.00 $59.00 $60.00 $55.00 $80.00 $15.50 $15.50 $15.50 $15.50 $15.50 $15.50 1.59 1.45 1.45 1.59 1.64 1.67 1.53 2.23

WICHELT LINEN - 100% linen. - sold as width of the bolt and/or prepackaged as shown below. Item # Color Count Width Price/Yd. Price/In. 59-135 Lambswool 18 55" $70.00 1.95 76-135 Lambswool 28 55" $80.00 2.23 76-135L Lambswool 28 18" x 27" pkg $22.99 76-18 Twilight Blue 28 55" $80.00 2.23 76-96L Black Chocolate 32 18" x 27" pkg $21.99 65-135 Lambswool 32 55" $74.00 2.06 65-135L Lambswool 32 18" x 27" pkg $23.99 65-141L Laurel 32 18" x 27" pkg $23.99 65-18 Twilight Blue 32 55" $74.00 2.06 65-203 Water Lily 32 55" $78.00 2.17

HAND-PAINTED and DYED FABRICS - Pre-cut and packaged
Item # 851-127-0005 851-127-0004 851-127-0008 851-942-0001 851-127-3777 Thread Count 28-count Linen 28-count Lugana 28-count Linen 28-count Linen 28-count Linen Color Whispering Pine April Midnight Copper Penny Glory in the Morning Size 18" x 20" 18" x 27" 13" x 18" 18" x 26" 18" x 44" Price $23.99 $32.99 $16.50 $17.99 $61.50


6-count Lace net fabris is used for lace net darning designs. Especially great for curtains. Item # Color Count Width $/yard $/inch 9206 Ecru 6 60" $22.00 0.62 3.75 count, 50% polyester/50% cotton. Available in full yard lengths or pre-packaged. 550-67536 30" x 36" package 6.99/pkg 550-63751 By the yard, 61" wide 12.00/yd


SILK GAUZE - 100% pure silk, precision loomed and washed, pre-packaged
800-742-0032 800-742-0040 Ivory Ivory 32 count 40 count $37.50 $37.50

LUGANA - 32-count, 52% cotton/48% rayon, off the bolt.

Easily stitch on any fashion or home decore item using DMC's water soluble canvas. Now adding a personalized touch to just about anything has never been easier! This canvas is made out of a revolutionary material that allows it to dissolve when placed in water. Simply stitch your design, wash it, and wear it! You get one piece of 14-count soluble canvas 8" x 8.5" A free design is included. 8482 Soluble Canvas $5.99



LUGANA - 32-count, 52% cotton/48% rayon, pre-packaged 18" x 27".

65% polyester/35% cotton. This fabric has a tight weave making it an excellent choice for Brazilian Embroidery. BE110 White 60" $12.50 0.35 BE111 Ivory 60" $12.50 0.35

WASTE CANVAS 100% cotton - Use waste canvas to cross-stitch on

items that arent evenweave (sweaters, sweatshirts, bags, towels, etc.) 510-056 White with blue grid 14 count 27" $16.00 0.45 510-070 White 18 count 23" $18.00 0.50 510-034 White 8.5 count 27" $15.00 0.42 For color reference go to and click into fabrics and the specific sub-categories as needed.

MONIKA FINE - 32 threads per inch, 70" wide.

On Sale Through July 17, 2012 only. I-2005M Antique White I-2010M White $35.25/yd $35.25/yd $47.00/yd .98/in $1.31/in $47.00/yd .98/in $1.31/in


2012 Retail Catalog

ANCHOR Pearl Cotton

Beautiful colors available in size #5, #8, and #12. Softly-twisted, 2-ply non-divisible thread made from 100% Egyptian Giza cotton. Anchor Pearl Cotton Size #5, 23 yards per skein #AN005-(4 digit color number) 4$1.60/skein Anchor Pearl Cotton Size #8, 85 yards per ball #AN008-(4 digit color number) 4$2.70/ball Anchor Pearl Cotton Size #12, 68 yards per ball #AN012-(4 digit color number) 4$1.40/ball PLEASE ORDER BY ITEM NUMBER AND 4 DIGIT COLOR NUMBER

In stock Not available # Being discontinued by Anchor subject to availabilty

No. 0001 0002 0006 0008 0009 0023 0025 0041 0042 0043 0044 0046 0047 0048 0050 0108 0110 0128 0129 0130 0131 0132 0133 0145 0146 0147 0150 0158

Skeins Balls Balls Name of #5 of #8 of #12 white antique white peach - lt # salmon - lt peach - med # pink - lt pink - med carmine rose - med lt # # carmine rose - med carmine rose - med dk carmine rose - dk Christmas red - brt # Christmas red China rose - pale # China rose - lt # lavender - lt # lavender - med # blue - vy lt blue - lt blue - med blue - med dk # cobalt blue - med dk # blue - dk # Delft blue - lt Delft blue Delft blue - med lt # blue - vy dk # sapphire - vy lt #

No. 0169 0185 0187 0213 0214 0215 0216 0217 0218 0228 0264 0300 0301 0306 0311 0313 0316 0360 0372 0376 0378 0387 0388 0390 0391 0392 0397 0398

Name surf blue - med aquamarine - lt aquamarine - med juniper - vy lt dusty green - pale dusty green - lt dusty green - med dusty green - dk juniper - dk Christmas green - brt avocado - pale yellow - pale citrus Christmas gold tangerine - vy lt tangerine - lt tangerine - dk coffee - dk caramel - lt beige - med fawn - med cream - dk mushroom natural - lt natural - med natural - dk gray - lt gray

Skeins Balls Balls of #5 of #8 of #12 # # # # # # # #

No. 0400 0403 0778 0779 0848 0850 0870 0871 0875 0879 0893 0894 0895 0896 0923 0926 0933 0939 0941 0968 0969 0978 0979 1011 1028 1031 1033 1034

Skeins Balls Balls Name of #5 of #8 of #12 gray - med # black dusty peach blue mist - med dk blue mist # blue mist - med # # dusty amethyst - lt # dusty amethyst - med # antique pine - lt # pine - dk ash rose - pale # ash rose - lt ash rose - med # ash rose - dk # Christmas green cream beige stormy blue - med stormy blue-vy dk # antique mauve - lt antique mauve - med # sea blue - med dk sea blue - dk # salmon - pale raspberry - med dk # antique blue - pale # antique blue - lt # antique blue - med #

ANCHOR Pearl Cotton Size 5 Metallic


A-D Surface Embroidery Books

A. Teach Yourself to Embroidery Leisure Arts. Donna Kooler writes this complete book on stitches with step-by-step illustrations and 15 beautiful designs all shown in color. Perfect for the beginner of embroidery with not just cutsie designs. 105-497-1957 $9.95 B. Embroidery with Ann Estelle & Friends Leisure Arts. 16 embroidery designs inspired by Mary Engelbreits popular paper dolls. Designs are shown on clothing, towels, pillows and framed. 105-497-5255 $11.95 C. Work & Play, Redwork Through the Day 10 Classic designs by Dolores Storm. Seriously cute and playful, these folk-art designs are fun and easy to stitch. Complete instructions included. 105-497-5274 $9.95 D. Garden Party Stitchery Pearl Louise Krush. 27 beautiful redwork designs are featured in 7 projects that include a wall quilt, a sampler, seed packet towels, pillows and a table runner. 2332 $9.95

Softly-twisted, 2-ply non-divisible thread made from 100% Egyptian Giza cotton. Each strand is then accented by a sparkly metallic strand for added elegance. 93% mercerized cotton/7% metallic filament. 23 yards per skein.

#AN005-(5 digit color code)4$2.50/skein

Limited Supply

460 colors of premium quality, six-strand embroidery floss, made from long-staple, 100% Egyptian Giza cotton. 8.8 yards per skein. Order by item number and 4-digit color number. For example, to order color #35, order AN001-0035. Anchor Embroidery Floss, 8.8 yards per skein

ANCHOR Embroidery Floss

#AN001-(4 digit color number)4$ .65/skein

For a complete list of Anchor floss with color sample go to:

AU VER A SOIE Silk Thread

Soie 100/3. 100% silk, single ply highly twisted spun silk.
Item # Can be used as is on 30 to 40 count linen or on silk gauze. 50 meters per spool.

KS100-(3 digit color number or name)4$3.30 Soie d Alger. A gorgeous, smooth 7-strand spun 100% silk thread
made in France. Dry clean only. 5.5 yards per mini skein.

KSAVS-(2-5 digit color number or name)4$4.30 Soie Perlee. A 3 ply twisted 100% silk filament thread that is smooth,
Item # soft, and luxurious. 15 yards per spool. Item # KSPER-(4 digit color number or name)4$3.00 For complete color list and samples go to:

B. A.



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2012 Retail Catalog



100% pure Merino wool, made in Italy. This can be used in place of DMC Medici. 45 yards per skein. Item # FLBEL-(4 digit color number)4$2.50/skein FLBEL-0000 FLBEL-0001 FLBEL-0002 FLBEL-0003 FLBEL-0096 FLBEL-0200 FLBEL-0201 FLBEL-0202 FLBEL-0231 FLBEL-0268 FLBEL-0278 FLBEL-0310 FLBEL-0312 FLBEL-0324 FLBEL-0347 FLBEL-0412 FLBEL-0413 Snow white White Black Cream Antique blue-vy dk Beaver grey-ult dk Steel gray-dark Pearl grey Peacock blue-vy dk Coral Brown grey-dk Violet-vy dk Violet-med Violet-vy lt Drab brown-dk Brown-med Brown-vy lt FLBEL-0415 FLBEL-0422 FLBEL-0464 FLBEL-0485 FLBEL-0490 FLBEL-0494 FLBEL-0507 FLBEL-0558 FLBEL-0560 FLBEL-0563 FLBEL-0564 FLBEL-0570 FLBEL-0573 FLBEL-0574 FLBEL-0575 FLBEL-0576 FLBEL-0577 Coffee brown-dk Coffee brown-ult dk Beige grey-lt Terra cotta-med Sportsman flesh-med lt Peach flesh-vy lt Violet blue-vy lt Baby pink-lt Navy blue-med dk Grey blue-med Cornflower blue-vy lt Navy blue-vy dk Peach flesh Christmas red-brt Christmas red Garnet-vy dk Delft blue-pale FLBEL-0578 FLBEL-0579 FLBEL-0580 FLBEL-0581 FLBEL-0582 FLBEL-0583 FLBEL-0584 FLBEL-0585 FLBEL-0612 FLBEL-0622 FLBEL-0630 FLBEL-0653 FLBEL-0675 FLBEL-0715 FLBEL-0722 FLBEL-0726 FLBEL-0727 Peacock blue-med Wedgewood-dk Blue green-vy dk Hunter green Aquamarine-dk Turquoise-lt Off white Camel tan-lt Pistachio green-lt Pistachio green-vy lt Christmas green Avocado green-vy lt Avocado green-vy dk Yellow-lt pale Tangerine-med Tangerine-lt Yellow-pale FLBEL-0746 FLBEL-0752 FLBEL-0764 FLBEL-0813 FLBEL-0850 FLBEL-0870 FLBEL-0874 FLBEL-0890 FLBEL-0902 FLBEL-0903 FLBEL-0906 FLBEL-0964 FLBEL-0965 FLBEL-0967 FLBEL-0970 FLBEL-0972 Delft blue-dk Garnet-dk Coral-dk Tangerine Pumpkin spice-med Red copper-dk Terra cotta-lt Black avocado green Garnet-med Rose-deep Rose-med Dusty rose-lt Salmon-vy lt Christmas red-med Coral red-vy dk Bright orange red


Boucle is a uniquely knotted thread with a 2-ply base with two other plies
looping in and out making it a 4-ply thread. The highly textured thread is ideal for dimensional effects. 10.5 yards per skein. BZBOU-(3 digit color number)4$1.70

Cire is a heavy, 3-ply thread with a looser twist than Lola. 10.5 yards per skein. BZCIR-(3 digit color number)4$1.70 Frost is a medium 3-ply thread. The tighter twist gives a more defined look to your stitches. 16 yards per skein. BZFRO-(3 digit color number)4$1.70

Glory is a fine weight, 2-ply thread great for small detail work. 21.5 yards per BZGLO-(3 digit color number)4$1.15 Iris is a medium weight, 2-ply thread excellent for all types of needlework. 16 yards per skein. BZIRI-(3 digit color number)4$1.15 Lola is a heavy, 3-ply thread great for embroidered flowers and other needlework. 20.7 yards per skein. BZLOL-(3 digit color number)4$1.70 Nova is a heavy, 6-ply thread that is lustrous and In stock

BZNOV-(3 digit color number)4$1.70

COLOR CODE 000 White 001 Medium to light blue 002 Light yellow & white 003 Grey & white 004 Pale to light pink 005 Salmon & white 006 Pale to light antique rose 007 Pale to light grape 008 Medium Yellow & marigold 009 Dark to medium tangerine 010 Tan & light yellow 011 Dark pink & blue 012 Blue & lavender 013 Light Pink & Light Yellow 014 Light Blue & Light Yellow 015 Medium to light salmon 016*Light Salmon & Gray 017 Light Pink & Lt. Violet Pastels 018 Light to Pale Rose 019 Yellow & puprle 020 Dark jade and medium burgundy 021 Pink, Blue, & burgandy 022 Yellow & orange 023 Coral & Blue 024 Light to pale sea green 025 Medium to Light Gray 026 Pink, blue, yellow pastel 027 Dark pink & burgandy 028 Grey, beige, peach, lavender pastel 029 Dark to medium khaki green 030 Medium to light cinnamon 031 Light Pink, Lavender & White 033 Blue, Yellow & Orange 034 Light to Pale Periwinkle 035 Orange, Yellow & White 037 Lavender, Salmon & Blue 039 Orange, Lt. Yellow & Lt. Brown 040 Medium to Light Hunter Green 041 Med. to Light Plum Blossom 042 Whisper to Pale Sea Green 043 Light to Pale Fuchsia Boucle Cire Frost Glory Iris Lola Nova

satiny. 10.5 yards per skein.

Not available at this time.

Plastic storage sheets for Brazilian thread on page 43

COLOR CODE 044 Yellow, Brown & Green 045 Green & Brown 047 Sage Green & Gray 048 Pale to Light Kelly Green 049 Light to Pale Avocado 050 Medium to Dark Avocado 051 Pale to Light Moss Green 052 Fuchsia & Violet 053 Light to Medium Avocado 054 Pink, Yellow & Lavender Pastels 055 Light Blue, Salmon & Light Brown 056 Red & White 057 Royal Blue & Dark Orchid 058 Blue & Green 059 Dark to Medium Chocolate 060 Light Blue/Gray & Natural 061 Moss Green & Red Ochre 062 Medium to Light Spruce 063 Pale to Whisper Turquoise 064 Light Brown & Light Yellow 065 Dark to Light Cranberry 068 Light to Pale Tuscany 069 Medium to Dark Straw 070 Whisper to Pale Orchid 071 Dark to Light Turquoise 072 Dark to Light Apricot 073 Dark to Light Yellow 074 Dark to Light Fuchsia 075 Whisper to Medium Red 076 Dark to Light Royal Blue 077 Medium to Light Grape 078 Medium to Light Tangerine 079 Dark to Light Jade 080 Dark to Pale Avocado 081 Medium to Dark Eggshell 082 Pale to Light Colonial Blue 083 Medium to Pale Hot Pink 084 Vanilla & Pale Pearl 085 Light Apricot & Tan 086 Medium to Light Mulberry Boucle Cire Frost Glory Iris Lola Nova


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COLOR CODE 087 Medium to Dark Cocoa 088 Pale to Light Gray 089 Pale to Medium Russet 090 Light Pink & White 091 Light Lavender & White 092 Light Blue & White 093 Pink & Light Blue 094 Dark to Light Plum 095 Pale to Whisper Moss Green 096 Whisper to Pale Apricot 097 Light to Pale Pearl 098 Whisper to Pale Violet 099 Dark to Medium Pine 100 Light to Med. Baby Blue 101 Light to Med. X-mas Red 102 Dark to Medium Ecru 103 Light to Med. Royal Blue 104 Medium to Dark Peach 105 Dark to Medium Violet 106 Dark to Medium Gold 107 Medium to Light Orchid 108 Pale to Light Lemon 109 Med. to Light Kelly Green 110 Dark to Light Olive Green 111 Baby Blue 112 Light Sky Blue 113 Bright Yellow 114 Lemon 115 Coral 116 Light Antique Rose 117 Violet 118 Apricot 119 Peach 120 Chocolate 121 Moss Green 122 Light Rust 123 Blue 124 Light Gray 125 Lavender 126 Light Brown 127 Orchid 128 Rust 129 Gold 130 Egg Shell 131 Hot Pink 132 Gray 133 Tangerine 134 Light Yellow 135 Pale Pink 136 Light Violet 137 Dark Orchid 138 Straw 139 Dark Sky Blue 140 Light Turquoise 141 Dark Mulberry 142 Mulberry 143 Light Mulberry 144 Navy 145 Slate Blue 146 Lt. Colonial Blue 147 Colonial Blue 148 Jade 149 Dark Avocado 150 Dark Moss Green 151 Pale Avocado 152 Christmas Red 153 Pink 154 Red 155 Dark Pink 156 Dark Teal 157 Burgundy 158 Teal 159 Vanilla 160 Dark Emerald Green 161 Slate Green 162 Light Lime 163 Antique Rose 164 Mint Green 165 Light Sage Green 166 Light Ecru 167 Sage Green 168 Pale Apricot 169 Pale Strawberry 170 Dark Sea Green 171 Light Orchid

Boucle Cire Frost Glory Iris Lola Nova

COLOR CODE 172 Wine 173 Spruce 174 Dark Spruce 200 Dark Tangerine 201 Royal Blue 202 Golden Tan 203 Golden Yellow 204 Fuchsia 205 Ruby 206 Black 207 Dark Grape 208 Poppy Yellow 209 Scarlet 210 Brown 211 Dark Tuscany 212 Turquoise 213 Bright Yellow/Green 214 Hunter Green 215 Avocado 216 Light Moss Green 217 Bright Green 218 Light Fuchsia 219 Light Periwinkle 220 Periwinkle 221 Light Tuscany 222 Light Beige 223 Beige 224 Pale Turquoise 225 Light Sable 226 Sable 227 Pale Sea Green 228 Dove 229 Pearl 230 Paprika 231 Chestnut 301 Pale Pink, Eggshell & Pale Yellow 302 Ivory, Dark Moss Green & Celery 303 Light Rose, Antique Rose, Gray & Seafoam 304 Light Khaki, Med. Moss Green, Dk. Gray & Tan 305 Sage, Light Sage & Med. Gray 306 Pale Ivory, Pale Seafoam Green & Dove Gray 307 Lt. Antique Rose, Lt. Lavendar & Seafoam Green 308 Pewter Green, Pine Green & Lt. Sage 309 Dark Pine Green & Tabacco 310 Salmon, Blue-Gray, Dk. Aquamarine, Avocado & Gold 311 Pale Colonial Blue, Lt. Grey-Green & Lt. Royal Blue 312 Lt. Colonial Blue, Pale Sage Green, Pale Pewter 314 Lavender, Gray & Dusty Rose 315 Bay Leaf & Beige 316 Raspberry & Barberry 317 Dark Straw, Khaki & Dark Gold 318 Very Dark Grape & Christmas Red 320 Lavender, Dusty Mauve, Med. Gray & Lt. Lavender 321 Medium Red, Burnt Cienna & Pale Salmon 322 Dk. Burgundy, Pale Rose, Magenta & Dk. Eggplant 323 Pale Yellow, Salmon & Rose 325 Black & Dark to Pale Royal Blue 326 Burnt Green, Light Sable & Straw 327 Light Sage, Pale Lavender & Light Rose 328 Antique Rose, Wine & Periwinkle 330 Light Greenish-Gray & Light Tan 400 Pale to Light Yellow 401 Light Yellow to Dark Mustard 402 Pale to Medium Avocado 403 Light to Medium Moss Green 404 Dark to Light Pink 405 Pale to Medium Dusty Mauve 406 Whisper to Dark Colonial Blue 407 Medium to Dark Copper 409 Light Grape to Blueberry 410 Medium to Dark Bay Leaf 412 Camouflauge

Boucle Cire Frost Glory Iris Lola Nova

2012 Retail Catalog


THE CARON COLLECTION Carons Watercolours

A three-ply hand-dyed 100% pima cotton in variegated colors. It has a silky sheen, especially when used with long, flat stitches. Separate the plies and use one or more in the needle according to the pattern directions. One ply is about the same weight as #5 pearl cotton or six plies of cotton floss or one ply of Persian wool. 10 yards per skein, which is equal to 30 yards of pearl cotton when separated. Watercolours WC005-(3 digit color number)4$3.50 per skein

Carons Wildflowers
A single strand hand-dyed 100% pima cotton in variegated colors. It has more of a matte finish when stitched. One strand is approximately the same weight as flower thread or Medicis wool. It is between #8 and #12 pearl cotton in weight. It is available in all the same colors as Watercolours and the two threads can be used very successfully together for Hardanger embroidery. 36 yards per skein. Wildflowers WF008-(3 digit color number)4$3.30 per skein

CARCC Printed Color Card for Water Colors and Wildflowers 4$6.50 CARCC-002 Printed Color Card for many shades of solid threads in Impressions and Wildflowers 4$6.50

Carons Waterlilies
A twelve-ply hand-dyed variegated silk. It gives a subtle sheen when stitched and has particularly good light reflection qualities. Many colors match Watercolours and Wildflowers, but because the silk fibers take the dye differently, they may be more subdued. 6 yards per skein.

Waterlilies WL000-(3 digit color number)4$6.00 per skein

Carons Impressions Variegated & Solid

A 50% wool, 50% silk blend in solid colors which coordinate with Soie Cristale silk, and hand-dyed colors which coordinate with Watercolours and Waterlilies. It is about the same weight as Wildflowers, but has more loft. The blend of wool and silk gives a unique appearance as the two fibers reflect light differently, giving your stitching great depth. 36 yards per skein. Variegated CAIMV-(3 digit color number)4$5.30 per skein Solid CAIMS-(3 digit color number)4$4.50 per skein

Caron Collections - Watercolours, Wildflowers, Waterlilies and Variegated Impressions

COLOR CODE WC WF WL IMP 000 Natural 001 Sandstone 002 Springtime 003 Meadow 004 Lavender Mist 005 Sky Blue Pink 006 Amethyst 007 Pistachio Nut 008 Nefertiti 009 Grand Canyon 010 Fiesta 011 Pebbles 012 Wildberries 013 Peach Sherbet 014 Sunset 015 Deep Sunset 016 Bark 017 Blue Lavender 018 Peacock 019 Tropic Seas 020 Autumn Leaves 021 Peach Melba 022 Smoke 023 Parfait 024 Twilight 025 Holiday 026 Mardis Gras 027 Lemon n Lime 028 Confetti 029 Seafoam 030 Tiffany Rose 031 Rose Quartz 032 Passion 033 Desert Sage 034 Bouquet 035 Rasp Sherbet 036 Tobacco 037 Fuchsia 038 Morning Mist 039 Lilac 040 Williamsburg 041 Blueberry 042 Blossom 043 Aurora 044 Ice 045 Flame 046 Rose Blush COLOR CODE 047 Camouflage 048 Far Horizons 049 Yellow Fever 050 Eggplant 051 Abalone 052 Marigold 053 Coral Bush 054 Terra Cotta 055 Cerise 056 Potpourri 057 Buttercup 058 Mocha Rose 059 Apricot Blush 060 Slate 061 Harvest 062 Burnt Toast 063 Black Forest 064 Pale Lilac 065 Emerald 066 Jade 067 Celadon 068 Mediterranean 069 Winter Dusk 070 Cranberry 071 Ambrosia 072 Midnight 073 Charcoal 074 Storm Clouds 075 Sunrise 076 Woodlands 077 Royal Jewels 078 Pearl 079 Cantaloupe 080 Blue Lagoon 081 Black Cherry 082 Gobi Sand 083 Pine Forest 084 African Sunset 085 Antique Brass 086 Tahiti 087 Cameo 088 Mt Meadow 089 Caribbean 090 Ruby 091 Blue Spruce 092 Pussywillow 093 Painted Desert WC WF WL IMP COLOR CODE 094 Lem Meringue 095 Flamingo 096 Or Blossom 097 Babys Breath 098 Vanilla 099 Cocoa 100 Snow White 101 Cherry 102 Prairie Fire 103 Nutmeg 104 Caf au Lait 105 Succotash 106 Olive 107 Spruce 108 Antique Rose 109 Java 110 Hyacinth 111 Navajo 112 Fir 113 Teak 114 Clove 115 Blush 116 Cotton Candy 117 Fresh Pink 118 Opal 119 Harbor Mist 120 Forest Fire 121 Evergreen 122 Maple 123 Spice 124 Sunglow 125 Sage 126 Faded Linen 127 Crystal Bay 128 Seamoss 129 Hint of Mint 130 Eggshell 131 Banana 132 Honeysuckle 133 Delphinium 134 Dawn 135 Adobe 136 Cedar 137 Copper 138 Winter Wheat 139 Kelp 140 Blackwatch WC WF WL IMP

In stock Not available from the manufacturer


COLOR CODE 141 Alpine Moss 142 Highland Mist 143 Autumn Frost 144 Pomegranate 145 Carnival 146 Moonglow 147 Winter Sky 148 Rosebud 149 Cherry Cordial 150 Flagstone 151 Pewter 152 Mulberry 153 Distant Hills 154 Firecracker 155 Steel 156 Indigo 157 Polar Ice 158 Grape 159 Silver Blue 160 Night Sky 161 Seashell 162 Periwinkle 163 Plum 164 Cinnabar 165 Granite 166 Creamsicle 167 Lime Ice 168 Rainforest 169 Moss 170 Arabian Nights 171 Caramel 172 Almond 173 Redwood 174 Mahogany 175 Dark Shadows 176 Golden Grains 177 Sapphire 178 Indian Red 179 Titanium 180 Green Tea 181 Ocean Breeze 182 Graphite 183 Santa Fe 184 Sheherezade 185 Orchid 186 Papaya 187 Frangipani


2012 Retail Catalog

COLOR CODE 188 Lime Rickey 189 Gingersnap 190 Fraises du Bois 191 Avalon 192 ElderberryWine 193 Iced Lavendar 194 South Pacific 195 Paprika 196 Sable 197 Monsoon 198 Arroyo 199 Havana 200 Aquamarine 201 Budding Leaf 202 Peach Cobbler 203 Molten Lava 204 Umbria 205 Saffron 206 Guacamole 207 Bermuda Reef 208 Tangerine 209 Iris 210 Espresso 211 Cucumber 212 Burnished Coin 213 Sahara 214 St Tropez


COLOR CODE WC WF WL IMP 215 Cilantro 216 Bordeaux 217 Chili 218 Ash 219 Cardinal 220 Cheyenne 221 Bittersweet 222 Sierra 223 Rye 224 Tiramisu 225 Walnut 226 Seaglass 227 Desert Shadow 228 Honeydew 229 Oasis 230 Azure Skies 231 Ethiopia 232 African Violet 233 Glacier 234 Celestial Blue 235 Tanzanite 236 Appalachia 237 Apple Blossom 238 Glowing Ember 239 Wheat Fields 240 Stucco 241 Shenandoah

COLOR CODE WC WF WL IMP 242 Celery 243 Pesto 244 Olive Grove 245 Savannah 246 Suede 247 Dark Suede 248 Primrose 249 Geranium 250 Claret 251 SunflowerSeed 252 Prairie Grass 253 Ink 254 Porecelain Blue 255 Cornflower Blue 256 Barely Blue 257 Spearmint 258 Black Hills 259 Garden Path 260 Sticks & Stones 261 Karakum 262 Sandalwood 263 Salt & Pepper 264 Oyster 265 Quicksilver 266 Smoky Mt 267 Wisteria 268 Sahara Sunrise

COLOR CODE WC WF WL IMP 269 Bublegum 270 Easter Egg 271 Wasabi 272 Mint 273 Blonde 274 Summer Blonde 275 Daffodil 276 Tequila Sunrise 277 Hot Peppers 278 Chianti 279 Martinique 280 Calabasa 281 Hudson Bay 282 Nile Sundown 283 Forsythia 284 Turmeric 285 Sherwood Forest 286 Aubergine 287 Seaweed 288 Willow 289 Lexi's Blue 290 Mystery Mix 291 Clematis 292 Lollipop

Carons Rachel
A tubular nylon thread. It compresses or expands to accommodate a large variety of canvas or fabric sizes. It has a shimmery, wet look and when stitched flat, it has a transparent appearance; compressed, it is more opaque. In addition to using it for traditional stitching, other fibers can be threaded through it or it can be stitched on top of other needlework. 10 yards per skein. Item # CARAC-(2 or 3 digit color code)4$3.30 B3 B9 B11 B22 Red Green Brown Orchid B24 B25 B26 B29 Plum Periwinkle Raspberry Sherbet Bare Beige B32 B34 B36 B38 Peacock Cornflower Blue Artichoke Light Taupe B39 B40 B41 B42 Medium Taupe Spruce Green Bordeaux Medium Shell Pink B43 Light Shell Pink B44 Blue Green B45 Sky Blue

Carons Soie Cristale

A twelve-ply solid color 100% spun silk imported from Italy. 6 yards per skein. Item # CACRI-(4 digit color number)4$3.50 per skein For a complete color list and samples go to:

Carons Snow
A synthetic metallic thread. It is very easy to work with and in weight is similar to #5 pearl cotton. White tends to reflect the colors used around it. 10 yards per skein. Item # CASNO-(3 digit color code)4$3.50 per skein N00 White N02 Black Ice N03 Sky Blue N05 Fiesta Red N07 Copper N09 Silver N14 Mango N15 Mauve N16 Gun Metal N17 Carbon N19 Icy Lavendar N23 Chocolate N28 Violet N29 Pistachio

A-B. Pako Organizers


A. Needle Organizer.
Prethread your needles for a project and keep them organized with a color card where you write the appropriate symbols. Includes needle holder and 10 blank symbol charts. 70754$34.99

C. Needle Park Avenue. Stitch faster,

neater, and more accurately by parking your working threads. Write the color numbers or symbols above your thread. The Needle Park Avenue attaches to your fabric with the magnet beneath it. 70074$9.99

B. Pronged Floss Organizer. Hook each

color of floss on a prong and thread it through the foam. Holds up to 50 colors, 10 color cards included so you can label the color numbers or symbols. 70774$36.99 C

D. Thread Traveler with Removable Rings. Five 0.5" rings are removable. This handy
tool clips to your tote or to your scissors. for a portable project. Use this as a floss organizer or a chatelaine. 3.25" long. 64124$6.99

2012 Retail Catalog



Their hand-dyed floss begins with 100% cotton DMC six-strand floss and is dyed with gentle fabric dyes designed specifically for cotton. 5 yards per skein The colors are Not Colorfast.


100% cotton, 10 yards per skein. The colors are Not Colorfast.


Item #

CC001-(color name)4$2.00 per skein

Perle #5 Item # CC005-(color name)4$3.50 per skein Perle #8 Item # CC008-(color name)4$3.50 per skein

In stock Not available at this time

Floss Size 5 Size 8

Crescent Colours
COLOR NAME 12 Grain Almost Auburn Amber Waves Amethyst Antique Lace Apple Fritter Argyle Socks Aunt Maries Violet Auntie Dee Baby Blanket Baby Chick Balsam Fir Bambino Bamboo Bandana Barn Door Barrel Cactus Bean Sprout Bejeweled Bella Rosa Betty Bluebell Bing Cherry Black Coffee Blackbird Blacksmith Blue Blessed Jess Blooming Crocus Blue Beadboard Blue Beatrice Blue Moon Blueberry Tart Blushing Beauty Boysenberry Jam Bramble Bush Brandied Pears Brown Hen Brown Sugar Bunny Honey Calico Kitty Camouflage Candied Yams Candy Corn Cappuccino Caribbean Waters Carrie Berry Cashmere Caterpillar Cauldron Cayenne Cerise Chai Cherry Tomato Cheryl Chic Chili Pepper Chocolate Cream Pie Chopped Chives Cinnamon Toast Clay Pot Cloud Cobbled Peach Cocoa Bean Colonial Copper Cool Azul Copper Penny Cottage Garden Country Lane Crab Cakes Creamy Peach Creeping Jenny Crushed Pineapple Cupid Dandelion Stem Deep Blue Sea Deep Fennel Floss Size 5 Size 8 COLOR NAME Desert Mesquite Dublin Bay Dulce de Leche Eggshell Embers English Ivy Erin Go Emerald Eves Leaves Fallen Leaves Fancy Green Nancy Finley Gold Fleur de Lilac Fools Gold Four Leaf Frog Legs Frosted Sage Frosty Frozen Margarita Garden Trellis German Chocolate Ginger Snap Golden Star Goldfish Granny Annie Grape Pie Grasshoppper Green Onion Hazelnut Heatherleigh Hickory Sticks Honeycomb House Wine Hydrangea Jakey Brown Jelly Roll Jolly Holly Joshua Tree Just Rust Key Largo Khaki Mocha La Tierra Ladybug Lavender Louise Lemon Lime Lettuce Leaf Little House Brown Little Pink Peony Lobster Claw Lunar Eclipse Macaroni and Cheese Magnolia Blossom Manor Red Meadow Green Miladys Teal Miss Madalynn Morning Glory Muddy Puddle Mullied Berries Nightie Nite Nutmeggie Old Blue Jeans Old Marigold Old Money Old Oak Tree Olive Branch Onionskin Orangena Ora's Iris Organza Pink Pansy Purple Pea Pod Peach Sherbet Peanut Brittle Pebble Beach Floss Size 5 Size 8

COLOR NAME Perfect Piecrust Persimmon Petite Maison Pickled Beets Pink Champagne Pink Posey Pixie Dust Plum Paisley Plymouth Rock Poblano Pepper Polliwog Prickly Pear Pumpkin Harvest Purple Aster Purple Toile Queen Bee Rain Shower Rainy Day Razzleberry Really Teally Red Currant Ribbon Red Ripe Melon Ripple River Rocks Roasted Chestnut Rod and Reel Root Beer Float Rosy Glow Ruby Slippers Sassy Brass Secondhand Rose Shamrock Shrimp Cocktail Smoke Snips and Snails Snowball Spinach Spun Sugar St. Bernhard Steamed Broccoli Stepping Stones Sugar and Spice Sugared Violets Summer Spray Sunflower Sunkissed Sunset Sunshine Girl Sweetest Heart Sweetest Vine Tabby Tangerine Tartan Plaid Tennessee Red Clay Timber Tiny Vine Toasted Marshmallow Tomatillo Tufted Yellow Tyler Boy Blue Used Brick Vintage Violet Wasabi Wavy Navy Wilderness Weeping Willow Whatley Woodlands Wild Berries Wild Oats Wisconsin Woods Ye Olde Gold Zach Black


2012 Retail Catalog


DMCs crochet thread Cebelia is a long-fiber, (100%) cotton crochet yarn which has been mercerized twice, a process that gives it both strength and shine. Size 10 284 yards/ball Item # CE010-(3 or 4 color number)4$5.99 per ball Size 20 415 yards/ball Item # CE020-(3 or 4 color number)4$5.99 per ball Size 30 569 yards/ball Item # CE030-(3 or 4 color number)4$5.99 per ball

COLOR NUMBER ECRU WHITE 5200 Snow White 524 Olive Drab 437 Tan Light 310 Black 603 Pretty Pink Size 10 Size 20 Size 30 COLOR NUMBER Size 10 Size 20 Size 30 666 Christmas Red Bright 699 Christmas Green 743 Yellow Medium 745 Yellow Light Pale 754 Peach Flesh Light 797 Royal Blue 799 Delft Blue Medium

In stock
COLOR NUMBER 800 Delft Blue Pale 818 Baby Pink 842 Coffee Cream 955 Nile Green Light 3033 Mocha Brown Very Light 3326 Rose Light

Not available at this time

Size 10 Size 20 Size 30


DMCs crochet thread Cordonnet is made out of 100% double-mercerized combed cotton. Composed of 6 strands, this thread is exceptionally strong and has a beautiful glossy finish. Great for tatting, crochet, bobbin lace, pulled thread. Available in White or Ecru in these sizes: Size 10 122 yards/ball Size 20 174 yards/ball Size 30 216 yards/ball Size 40 249 yards/ball Item # CO010-(color)4$3.75 per ball Item # CO020-(color)4$3.75 per ball Item # CO030-(color)4$3.75 per ball Item # CO040-(color)4$3.75 per ball Size 60 324 yards/ball Size 70 361 yards/ball Size 100 472 yards/ball Item # CO060-(color)4$3.75 per ball Item # CO070-(color)4$3.75 per ball Item # CO100-(color)4$3.75 per ball

Size 80 398 yards/ball Item # CO080-(color)4$3.75 per ball

Size 50 286 yards/ball Item # CO050-(color)4$3.75 per ball

A-D. DMC- Organizers and Storage for your Floss.


E. Clear Plastic Storage Sheet.


A. DMC Door Hanging Storage System. Without digging through drawers or boxes of thread, now you can organize your threads and easily see what you have! This new and innovative storage system has 120 pockets that hold loaded bobbins with three large clear pockets for additional storage. Made of soft, durable printed fabric, it will be attractive hanging on the door or in a closet. 63974$24.99 B. StitchBow Travel Bag.
Floral. Snap your StitchBow inserts into your Needlework Travel bag along with your project and you are ready to stitch while on the go. The bag measures 13" x 11" x 1.25" with a zipper on three sides and sturdy mesh handles. This bag features a pocket on the outside front and four see-through compartments on the inside. 6396A4$24.99

A terrific solution to the age-old dilemma of how to store skeins of your Brazilian thread. Each sheet measures 11" x 20" and has 16 slots for skeins and labels. Pages can be rolled or folded for storage. BE1064$4.25

Plastic threader is 20" long with hook

on one end to pull skeins into the plastic storage sheet slots. Insert threader through slot, grab the skein in the middle and pull it back through the slot. The color tab is inserted at the end of the slot. 330-262-0001 Package of six threaders4$1.50

C. StitchBow Roll. Floral. Organize and store the loaded DMC StitchBow Floss Holders in this StitchBow Roll. Holds up to 20 loaded StitchBow Floss Holders (not included). DMC logo embroidered on front. 8" tall. 6396R4$9.99 D. DMC Armchair Organizer.
This new organizer rests on your favorite arm chair or sofa to keep all your supplies at your fingertips. Features include deep pockets, a removable pincushion, button to hold loose thread, snap loop to hold scissors, and grommet for hanging. Approximate size is 12" x 20". Contents not included. 64424$17.99

F. Stitch Pink Needlework Accessory Kit. Get this limited edition DMC pink pouch with 4 metallic pink embroidery scissors, threader, and 28 bobbins, plus four projects. 7019A412.99 F

Thank you for all you do to make needlework fun and informative. M.H

2012 Retail Catalog


As Dinky Dyes are hand dyed, dye lots will vary. We encourage you to buy enough threads from the same dye lot to complete your project. Although most Dinky Dyes appear to be colorfast, the company cannot guarantee this, especially with the darker colors. See page 52 for Dinky Dyes Silk Ribbon.

DINKY-DYES Overdyed Silk Floss

Six-stranded spun silk is used as the base product for the silk floss. 8.7 yards per skein. Silk Floss Item # DDSLK-(3 digit color number)4$4.00 per skein

DINKY-DYES Overdyed Cotton Floss

A DMC six-stranded floss is used as the base product for the overdyed floss. 8.7 yards per skein. Cotton Floss Item # DD001-(3 digit color number)4$2.60 per skein

DINKY-DYES Overdyed Pearl Cottons

A 100% pearl cotton base is used DMC six-stranded floss is used as the base product for the overdyed floss. Only the multi-colored threads are available in pearl cottons. 16.4 yards per skein. Size 5 Size 8 Item # DD005-(3 digit color number)4$3.20 per skein Item # DD008-(3 digit color number)4$2.60 per skein Size 12 Item # DD012-(3 digit color number)4$2.60 per skein

Dinky-Dyes Color Chart

High-quality, printed color chart for Dinky Dyes fibers. Item # 150704$1.99 DDSLK DDSLK DD005 DD005 DD008 DD008 DD001 DD001 DD012 DD012

In stock

Not available currently DDSLK




# 001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010 011 012 013 014 015 016 017 018 019 020 021 022 023 024 025 026 027 028 029 030 031 032 033 034 035 036 037 038 039 040 041 042 043 044 045 046 047 048 049 050 051 052 053 054 055 056 057 058 059 060 061 062 063 064 065

COLOR NAME Raspberry Ripple Purple Haze Lavender Mist Strawberry Ice Mulberry Ice Tutti Fruiti Mother of Pearl Mint Ice Mint Cloudy Sky Coral Sea Lemon Sherbet Jaffa Autumn Leaves Lemon Lime Lemon Mint Mango Tango Apricot Rainforest Gum Leaves Daintree Sapphire Amethyst Jacaranda Ruby Wild Cherry Bush Fire Outback Nullabor Hawthorn Choco Latte Sunflower Desert Sands Desert Dusk Madis Rose Merlot Fuchsia Barrier Reef Monkey Mia Daydream Tea Tree Opal Aquamarine Pacific Sunshine Bush Baby Topaz Cowrie Shell Peach Tropic Sunshine Acacia Kakadu Emerald Coolibah Ningaloo Dreamtime Hardenbergia Native Plum Kaylas Rose Warratah Argyle Pearl Aussie Gold Stormy Sky Nutwood Charcoal

# 066 067 068 069 070 071 072 073 074 075 076 077 078 079 080 081 082 083 084 085 086 087 088 089 090 091 092 093 094 095 096 097 098 099 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130

COLOR NAME Midnight Jacobs Ladder Ocean Pines Swan Valley Ghost Gum Heath Cabernet Shiraz Red Dust Bush Christmas Ocean Grove Blue Mountains Sydney Harbour Snowy River Valley Mist Major Mitchell Whitsundays Peach Melba Kalgoorlie Fantasy Blues Aussie Pride Yallingup Saltbush Wild Lavender Orchid Jarrah Eungella Pacific Ocean Coral Lagoon Airlie Christmas Pines Aussie Jewels Silver Rosella Lilly Pilly Kalamunda Hibiscus Bougainvillea True Blue Mystic Pools Billabong Turquoise Binda Peridot Violet Lilac Banksia Cobar Red Centre Pink Tourmaline Bottlebrush Jindalee Ironbark Kirribilli Hyacinth Bickley Valley Noosa Luna Park Freo Moonee Ponds Murray River Parrot Fish Illawong Black Opal Black Coral

# 131 132 133 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165 166 167 168 169 170 171 172 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 180 181 182 183 184 185 186 187 188 189 190 191 192 Natural

COLOR NAME Desert Pea Rose Bay Jindabyne Shark Bay Dandenong Sea Grass Riverina Warenda Boulia Pilbara Dark Chocolate Gidgee Lost Gold Aussie Dawn Cherry Ripe Mingenew Down Under Blues Janies Christmas Mardi Gras Araluen Nabilla Kats Cat Egg Custard Cottesloe Spearmint Taylors Sweet Pea Claremont Mountain Mist Cherry Wood Pink Diamond Blue Iris Pindi Blue Groper Wild Honey Lemon Myrtle Kununurra The Kimberly Nashi Brambleberry Floral Lei Iris Wattle Blue Bush Persian Jade Dragon Fruit Rosewood Vintage Plum Twilight Bunya Cone Red Jasper Antique Mauve Dusty Rose Blue Ice Wallaby Grass Peacock Kiah Halloween Toni's Texas T Evergreen Quicksilver Stingy Bark Mocha Mauve Natural


2012 Retail Catalog


DMC Embroidery Floss and Pearl Cotton

All DMC 6-strand floss and pearl cotton is 100% cotton. Please order thread by item number and color number.

6-strand embroidery floss Pearl cotton skeins of #3 skeins of #5 balls of #5 balls of #8 balls of #12 PC Skeins Size #3 3 PC Skeins Size #5 5 PC Balls Size #12 PC Balls Size #8

#DM001 #DM003 #DM005 #DM005 #DM008 #DM012

8.7 yards per skein 4$ .74 16.25 yards per skein 4$1.67 27 yards per skein 4$1.67 53 yards per ball 4$2.68 95 yards per ball 4$2.68 141 yards per ball 4$2.68 PC Skeins Size #3 3 PC Skeins Size #5 5

PC Skeins Size #3 3

PC Skeins Size #5 5

PC Balls Size #12

Not available from the manufacturer

0422 0433 0434 0435 0436 0437 0444 0445 0451 0452 0453 0469 0470 0471 0472 0498 0500 0501 0502 0503 0504 0505 0517 0518 0519 0520 0522 0523 0524 0535 0543 0550 0552 0553 0554 0561 0562 0563 0564 0580 0581 0597 0598 0600 0601 0602 0603 0604 0605 0606 0608 0610 0611 0612 0613 0632 0640 0642 0644 0645 0646 0647 0648 0666 0676 0677 0680 0699 0700 0701 0702 0703 0704 0712 0718 0720 Hazelnut brown - lt# Brown - med Brown - lt Brown - vy lt Tan Tan - lt Lemon - dk Lemon - lt Shell grey - dk Shell grey - med Shell grey - lt Avocado green Avocado green - lt Avocado green - vy lt Avocado green - ultra lt Christmas red - dk Blue green - vy dk Blue green - dk Blue green Blue green - med Blue green - lt Jade green Wedgwood - med Wedgwood - lt Sky blue - med Ash green - dk Ash green - med Ash green - lt Ash green - vy lt Ash grey - vy dk Beige brown - ultra vy lt Violet - vy dk Violet - dk Violet - med Violet - lt Sea foam green - dk Sea foam green - med Sea foam green - lt Sea foam green - vy lt Moss green - dk Moss green Turquoise Turquoise - lt Cranberry - vy dk Cranberry - dk Cranberry - med Cranberry Cranberry - lt Cranberry - vy lt Bright orange red Bright orange Drab brown - vy dk Drab brown - dk Drab brown - med Drab brown - lt Sportsman flesh - ultra vy dk Beige grey - med dk Beige grey - med Beige grey - med lt Beaver grey - vy dk Beaver grey - dk Beaver grey - med Beaver grey - lt Christmas red - brt Old gold - lt Old gold - vy lt Old gold - dk Christmas green Christmas green - brt Christmas green - lt Kelly green Chartreuse Chartreuse - brt Cream Plum Pumpkin spice - med

White 5200 Ecru 0150 0151 0152 0153 0154 0155 0156 0157 0158 0159 0160 0161 0162 0163 0164 0165 0166 0167 0168 0169 0208 0209 0210 0211 0221 0223 0224 0225 0300 0301 0304 0307 0309 0310 0311 0312 0315 0316 0317 0318 0319 0320 0321 0322 0326 0327 0333 0334 0335 0336 0340 0341 0347 0349 0350 0351 0352 0353 0355 0356 0367 0368 0369 0370 0371 0372 0400 0402 0407 0413 0414 0415 0420

White Snow white (whiter) Ecru Dusty rose - ultra vy dk Dusty rose - vy lt Shell pink - med lt Violet - vy lt Grape - vy dk Blue violet - med dk Blue violet - med lt Cornflower blue - vy lt Cornflower blue - med vy dk Gray blue - lt Gray blue - med Gray blue Blue - ultra vy lt Celadon green - med Forest green - lt Moss green - vy lt Moss green - med lt Yellow beige - vy dk Pewter - vy lt Pewter - lt Lavender - vy dk Lavender - dk Lavender - med Lavender - lt Shell pink - vy dk Shell pink - med Shell pink - lt Shell pink - vy lt Mahogany - vy dk Mahogany - med Christmas red - med Lemon Rose deep Black Navy blue - med Navy blue - lt Antique mauve - dk Antique mauve - med Pewter grey Steel grey - lt Pistachio green - vy dk Pistachio green - med Christmas red Navy blue - vy lt Rose - vy deep Antique violet - dk Violet blue - dk Baby blue - med dk Rose Navy blue - med dk Violet blue - med Violet blue - lt Salmon - dk Coral - dk Coral - med Coral Coral - lt Peach flesh Terra cotta - med dk Terra cotta - med Pistachio green - dk Pistachio green - lt Pistachio green - vy lt Camel tan - dk Camel tan - med Camel tan - lt Mahogany - dk Mahogany - vy lt Sportsman flesh - dk Pewter grey - dk Steel grey - dk Pearl grey Hazelnut brown - dk

* * *

0721 0722 0725 0726 0727 0728 0729 0730 0731 0732 0733 0734 0738 0739 0740 0741 0742 0743 0744 0745 0746 0747 0754 0758 0760 0761 0762 0772 0775 0776 0777 0778 0779 0780 0781 0782 0783 0791 0792 0793 0794 0796 0797 0798 0799 0800 0801 0803 0806 0807 0809 0813 0814 0815 0816 0817 0818 0819 0820 0822 0823 0824 0825 0826 0827 0828 0829 0830 0831 0832 0833 0834 0838 0839 0840 0841

Pumpkin spice - lt# Pumpkin spice - vy lt Topaz Topaz - lt Topaz - vy lt Topaz Old gold - med Olive green - vy dk Olive green - dk Olive green Olive green - med Olive green - lt Tan - vy lt Tan - ultra vy lt Tangerine Tangerine - med Tangerine - lt Yellow - med Yellow - pale Yellow - lt pale Off white Sky blue - vy lt Peach flesh - lt Terra cotta - lt Salmon Salmon - lt Pearl grey - vy lt Celery green - lt Baby blue - lt Pink - med Raspberry - vy dk Antique mauve - lt Cocoa - dk Topaz - vy dk Topaz - dk Topaz - med Christmas gold Cornflower blue - vy dk Cornflower blue - dk Cornflower blue - med Cornflower blue - lt Royal blue - dk Royal blue Delft blue - dk Delft blue - med Delft blue - pale Coffee brown - dk Baby blue - ultra vy dk Peacock blue - dk Peacock blue - med Delft Blue - lt Garnet - dk Garnet - med Garnet Coral red - vy dk Baby pink Baby pink - lt Royal blue - vy dk Beige grey - lt Navy blue - dk Blue - vy dk Blue - dk Blue - med Blue - vy lt Blue - ultra vy lt Antique gold - vy dk Antique gold - dk Antique gold - med Antique gold - med lt Antique gold - lt Antique gold - vy lt Beige brown - vy dk Beige brown - dk Beige brown - med Beige brown - lt

2012 Retail Catalog


PC Balls Size #12

PC Balls Size #8

PC Balls Size #8

6-Strand Floss

6-Strand Floss

6-Strand Floss


* Ball #5 In stock

DMC Embroidery Floss and Pearl Cotton

All DMC 6-strand floss and pearl cotton is 100% cotton. Please order thread by item number and color number.

6-strand embroidery floss Pearl cotton skeins of #3 skeins of #5 balls of #5 balls of #8 balls of #12 PC Skeins Size #3 3 PC Skeins Size #5 5 PC Balls Size #12

#DM001 #DM003 #DM005 #DM005 #DM008 #DM012

8.7 yards per skein 4$ .74 16.25 yards per skein 4$1.67 27 yards per skein 4$1.67 53 yards per ball 4$2.68 95 yards per ball 4$2.68 141 yards per ball 4$2.68 PC Skeins Size #3 3 PC Skeins Size #5 5 PC Balls Size #12

PC Skeins Size #3 3

PC Skeins Size #5 5

PC Balls Size #12

PC Balls Size #8

PC Balls Size #8

Not available from the manufacturer 0996 3011 3012 3013 3021 3022 3023 3024 3031 3032 3033 3041 3042 3045 3046 3047 3051 3052 3053 3064 3072 3078 3325 3326 3328 3340 3341 3345 3346 3347 3348 3350 3354 3362 3363 3364 3371 3607 3608 3609 3685 3687 3688 3689 3705 3706 3708 3712 3713 3716 3721 3722 3726 3727 3731 3733 3740 3743 3746 3747 3750 3752 3753 3755 3756 3760 3761 3765 3766 3768 3770 3771 3772 3773 3774 3776 Electric blue - med Khaki green - dk Khaki green - med Khaki green - lt Brown grey - dk Brown grey - med Brown grey - lt Brown grey - vy lt Mocha brown - vy dk Mocha brown - med Mocha brown - vy lt Antique violet - med Antique violet - lt Yellow beige - dk Yellow beige - med Yellow beige - lt Grey green - dk Grey green - med Grey green Sportsman flesh - med dk Beaver grey - vy lt Golden yellow - vy lt Baby blue - med lt Rose - lt Salmon - med dk Orange sherbet - med Orange sherbet - lt Hunter green - dk Hunter green Yellow green - med Yellow green - lt Antique rose - dk Antique rose - lt Antique green - dk Antique green - med Antique green - lt Black brown Orchid - med Orchid - lt Orchid - vy lt Mauve - dk Mauve Mauve - med Mauve - lt Cotton candy pink - dk Cotton candy pink - med Cotton candy pink - lt Salmon - med Salmon - vy lt Dusty rose - lt Shell pink - dk Shell pink - med dk Antique mauve - med dk Antique mauve - med lt Antique rose - med Antique rose - med lt Antique violet - dk Antique violet - vy lt Violet blue - med dk Violet blue - vy lt Antique blue - vy dk Antique blue - vy lt Antique blue - ultra vy lt Baby blue - med Baby blue - vy lt Wedgwood - med lt Sky blue - lt Peacock blue - vy dk Peacock blue - med lt Grey green - dk Sportsman flesh - ultra vy lt Terra cotta - ultra vy lt Sportsman flesh - vy dk Sportsman flesh - med Sportsman flesh - lt Mahogany - lt

0842 0844 0869 0890 0891 0892 0893 0894 0895 0898 0899 0900 0902 0904 0905 0906 0907 0909 0910 0911 0912 0913 0915 0917 0918 0919 0920 0921 0922 0924 0926 0927 0928 0930 0931 0932 0934 0935 0936 0937 0938 0939 0943 0945 0946 0947 0948 0950 0951 0954 0955 0956 0957 0958 0959 0961 0962 0963 0964 0966 0967 0970 0971 0972 0973 0975 0976 0977 0986 0987 0988 0989 0991 0992 0993 0995

Beige brown - vy lt Beaver grey - ultra dk Hazelnut brown - vy dk Pistachio grn - ultra dk Carnation - dk Carnation - med Carnation - lt Carnation - vy lt Christmas green - dk Coffee brown - vy dk Rose - med Burnt orange - dk Garnet - vy dk Parrot green - vy dk Parrot green - dk Parrot green - med Parrot green - lt Emerald green - vy dk Emerald green - dk Emerald green - med Emerald green - lt Nile green - med Plum - dk Plum - med Red copper - dk Red copper Copper - med Copper Copper - lt Grey green - vy dk Grey green - med dk Grey green - med Grey green - lt Antique blue - dk Antique blue - med Antique blue - lt Black avocado green Avocado green - vy dk Avocado green - dk Avocado green - med Coffee brown - ultra dk Navy blue - vy dk Aquamarine - med Sportsman flesh Burnt orange - med Burnt orange Peach flesh - vy lt Sportsman flesh - med lt Sportsman flesh - vy lt Nile green Nile green - lt Geranium Geranium - pale Peacock green - dk Peacock green - med Dusty rose - dk Dusty rose - med Dusty rose - vy lt Peacock green - lt Baby green - med Apricot - vy lt Pumpkin - lt Pumpkin Canary - deep Canary - brt Golden brown - dk Golden brown - med Golden brown - lt Forest green - vy dk Forest green - dk Forest green - med Forest green Aquamarine - dk Aquamarine Aquamarine - lt Electric blue - dk

3777 3778 3779 3781 3782 3787 3790 3799 3801 3802 3803 3804 3805 3806 3807 3808 3809 3810 3811 3812 3813 3814 3815 3816 3817 3818 3819 3820 3821 3822 3823 3824 3825 3826 3827 3828 3829 3830 3831 3832 3833 3834 3835 3836 3837 3838 3839 3840 3841 3842 3843 3844 3845 3846 3847 3848 3849 3850 3851 3852 3853 3854 3855 3856 3857 3858 3859 3860 3861 3862 3863 3864 3865 3866

Terra cotta - dk Terra cotta - med lt Terra cotta - vy lt Mocha brown - dk Mocha brown - lt Brown grey - med dk Beige grey - dk Pewter grey - vy dk Christmas red - lt Antique mauve - deep Mauve - med dk Cyclamen pink - dk Cyclamen pink Cyclamen pink - lt Cornflower blue Turquoise - ultra vy dk Turquoise - vy dk Turquoise - dk Turquoise - vy lt Seagreen - vy dk Blue green - lt Aquamarine - dk Celadon green - dk Celadon green Celadon green - lt Emerald green - ultra vy dk Moss green - lt Straw - dk Straw Straw - lt Yellow - ultra pale Apricot - lt Pumpkin - pale Golden brown Golden brown - pale Hazelnut brown Old gold - vy dk Terra cotta Raspberry - dk Raspberry - med Raspberry - lt Grape - dk Grape - med Grape - lt Lavender - ultra dk Lavender blue - dk Lavender blue - med Lavender blue - lt Baby blue - pale Wedgwood - dk Electric blue Bright turquoise - dk Bright turquoise - med Bright turquoise - lt Teal green - dk Teal green - med Teal green - lt Bright green - dk Bright green - lt Straw - vy dk Autumn gold - dk Autumn gold - med Autumn gold - lt Mahogany - ultra vy lt Rosewood - dk Rosewood - med Rosewood - lt Cocoa Cocoa - lt Mocha beige - dk Mocha beige - med Mocha beige - lt Winter white Mocha brown - ultra vy lt


2012 Retail Catalog

PC Balls Size #8

6-Strand Floss

6-Strand Floss

6-Strand Floss


* Ball #5 In stock

DMC Color Infusions

For a complete Color Infusions color list and samples go to: and select the thread type from drop down menu on left side of screen.

Cotton Cord Thread

Fine twisted over-dyed cotton threads with beautiful blended shades. Cotton cord is a dream to stitch with, it makes beautiful fringe and it is great to tie around the edge of a card or to use to tie on tags and other embellishments.

Silky Thread
Highly lustrous rayon threads that add silky smoothness and sheen. Divisible into six strands. Silky is perfect for stitching, making fringe, tying and wrapping.

DMCIC-(4-digit color number)4$2.99 Memory Thread

Memory Thread is a soft fiber wrapped copper wire that you can use to embellish all types of needlework. It enables you to quickly add beautiful color, dimension and texture to your needlework projects by couching or tacking the thread down on top of your stitched design.

DMCIS-(5-digit color number beginning with S)4$2.99 Sparklers Thread

Beautiful blended metallic color threads that add sparkle. Divisible into six strands.

DMCIP-(5-digit color number beginning with E)4$2.99

DMCIM-(4-digit color number)4$2.99

DMC Light Effects

These specialty threads add that little extra bling to your project. Choose from Jewel, Precious Metal, Antique, Pearlescent, Fluorescent, and Glow-in-the Dark effects. The floss comes in an 8.7 yard skein. For a complete Light Effects color list and samples go to:

DMC Color Variations

Color Variations is a blend of a soft multicolors that flow seamlessly into one another. The subtle color changes in Color Variations reveal themselves every few stitches. Color fast. 6-strand embroidery floss #DM001-(4 digit color code) 8.7 yards per skein4$1.35 Pearl cotton skeins of #5 #DM005-(4-digit color code) 27 yards per skein4$2.99 4010 Winter sky 4015 Stormy skies 4020 Tropical waters 4025 Caribbean bay 4030 Monets garden 4040 Water lilies 4045 Evergreen forest 4050 Roaming pastures 4060 Weeping willow 4065 Morning meadow 4070 Autumn leaves 4075 Wheat field 4077 Morning sunshine 4080 Daffodil fields 4090 Golden oasis 4100 Summer breeze 4110 Sunrise 4120 Tropical sunset 4124 Bonfire 4126 Desert canyon 4128 Gold coast 4130 Chilean sunset 4140 Driftwood 4145 Sand dune 4150 Desert sand 4160 Glistening pearl 4170 Whispering wind 4180 Rose petals 4190 Ocean coral 4200 Wild fire 4210 Radiant ruby 4215 Northern lights 4220 Lavender fields 4230 Crystal water 4235 Arctic sea 4240 Mid summer night

DM001-(4 or 5-digit color number beginning with an E)4$2.35

DMC Metallic Threads

Pearl Cotton Size 5, 27.3 yards per skein

DM005-5282 DM005-5283

Gold pearl cotton4$4.50 Silver pearl cotton4$4.50

Metallic Thread can be used alone or blend with a strand of floss to create sparkling effects.

DMMET-282Z Gold-Light4$3.35 DMMET-283Z Silver-Light4$3.35 DMMET-284Z Gold4$3.35

DMC Satin Floss

100% rayon floss glides through fabric easily and brings an exceptional beauty and sheen to your designs. 8.7 yards per skein. For a complete DMC Satin Floss color list and samples go to:

DMC Variegated Floss & Pearl Cotton

This is a 100% cotton thread that has distinct variegated colors throughout its length. Check the chart below carefully to see which colors are available in which sizes. 6-strand embroidery floss Pearl cotton skeins of #5 balls of #8 In stock

DM001-(5-digit color number beginning with an S)4$1.05

#DM001-(4 digit color code) 8.7 yards per skein4$.74 #DM005-(4-digit color code) 27 yards per skein4$1.67 #DM008-(4-digit color code) 95 yards per ball4$2.68
Not available from the manufacturer

DMC Gift Sets

DMC Private Collection Floss Gift Set
This amazing gift collection includes 25 half-skeins of DMC floss, a 24-page booklet with eight exclusive designs and in-depth, easy-to-follow instructions using the floss included. Designs range from beginner to intermediate.


Variegated colors 0048 lt to deep pink 0051 yellow to orange 0052 lt to dk purple 0053 grey to black 0067 white to lt blue 0069 lt to dk rust 0090 pale to lt orange 0092 lt to med spring grn 0093 lt to med blue 0094 lt to med olive grn 0095 lt to dk plum 0099 lt to dk mauve 0105 tan to brown 0106 lt to dk coral 0107 pink to red 0108 lt to med orange 0111 gold to brown 0115 wine to burgundy 0121 lt to dk blue 0125 lt to dk green 0126 lt to med lavender Pearl Cotton 6-Strand Floss Skeins Size #5 Pearl Cotton Balls Size #8

Prism Tie-Dye DMC Floss

18 tie-dye skeins of floss. 6-strands, 8.7 yards per skein. 100% mercerized cotton.

DMC0014$5.99 DMC Printed Color Card

12-page printed DMC color card is the first to include all of the following: 6-strand floss, pearl cotton skeins (sizes 3 and 5), pearl cotton balls (sizes 5, 8, and 12) Color Variations, Pearl Cotton Variegated, Light Effects floss, metallic pearl cotton, and Satin Floss. Complete product descriptions with usage recommendations for every thread type is included, as well as detailed washing and care instructions. Laminated card opens wide to display every color family. NOTE: This is a printed color card and does not contain actual threads. DMC has discontinued the fiber color card.

W200PR 4$9.99

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THE GENTLE ART Hand-dyed Threads

These threads give your needlework a faded, antiqued look. Each small batch of thread is hand overdyed. The threads are colorfast and resistant to fading if kept out of direct sunlight. These 6-strand cotton threads are unique and will vary from skein to skein in the same color. Simply Shaker and Sampler Threads are both selections from The Gentle Art. We dont make a distinction when you order, simply order by the color name. 5 yard skein. Item # GA001-(color name)4$2.10 per skein Acorn Adobe Aged Pewter Antique Rose Antique Lace Apple Cider Apricot Blush Autumn Autumn Leaves Avocado Baby Spinach Baked Clay Bankers Grey Barn Grey Bayberry Berry Cobbler Bittersweet Black Crow Black Raspberry Jam Blackboard Blue Jay Blue Spruce Bluebell Blueberry Brandy Brethren Blue Briar Rose Brick Path Bubblegum Buckeye Scarlet Burnt Orange Buttercrunch Buttermilk Butternut Squash Cameo Pink Caramel Corn Carrot Celery Chalk Chamomile Cherry Bark Cherry Wine Chives Cidermill Brown Cinders Cinnamon Claret Clover Copper Cornflower Cornhusk Cotton Candy Cranberry Crystal Lake Cucumber Currant Daffodil Daisy Dark Chocolate Deep Forest Deep Sea Dried Thyme Dungarees Endive Espresso Bean Evergreen Faded Rose Fishermans Wharf Flax Forest Glade Fragrant Cloves Freedom Fudge Ripple Garden Gate Geranium Gingersnap Gold Leaf Grape Arbor Grape Leaf Grasshopper Grecian Gold Green Apple Green Pasture Harvest Basket Harvest Moon Heirloom Gold Hibiscus Highland Heather Holly Berry Honew Dew Huckleberry Hyacinth Jasmine Kiwi Lambswool Lavender Potpourri Lemon Drops Lexington Green Liberty Maple Syrup Melon Patch Midnight Mint Jubilee Mistletoe Moonlit Path Morning Glory Mountain Mist Mulberry Mustard Seed Nutmeg Oatmeal Ohio Lemon Pie Old Blue Paint Old Brick Old Hickory Old Purple Paint Old Red Paint Onyx Orange Marmalade Parchment Peach Ice Cream Peacock Pebble Picket Fence Picnic Basket Pine Pineapple Sherbet Piney Woods Pink Azalea Poinsettia Pomegranate Poppy Porcelain Portabella Presidential Blue Pumpkin Patch Pumpkin Pie Punchberry Purple Iris Raspberry Frost Raspberry Parfait Raven Red Grape Red Plum Rhubarb Roasted Marshmallow Rose Garden Royal Purple Sable Sarsaparilla School Yard Schoolhouse Red Sea Spray Shaker White Shutter Green Slate Soot Spring Grass Straw Bonnet Sugarplum Summer Meadow Summer Shower Sunflower Sweet Pea Sweet Petunia Tarnished Gold Tea Rose Tiger Lily Tin Bucket Toasted Barley Toffee Tomato Tradewind Tropical Ocean Tutti Fruiti Uniform Blue Victorian Pink Vintage Lace Walnut Weathered Barn Wheat Fields Willow Wood Smoke Wood Trail Woodrose Wrought Iron

GLORIANA Hand-dyed Silk Floss

Experience the luxurious of this 12-strand spun silk floss. The threads are hand-washable in cold water. The threads are dye-lot sensitive. Additional colors may be added to our inventory as requested by our customers. Item # GL000-(3 or 4 digit color number)4$7.40
010 012 017 033 035 038 040 045 Winter Woods Rosewood Deep Blue Sea Berry Purple Poinsettia Rosa Linda Highland Meadow Lacquered Gold 046 048 049 050 053 062 066 Fallen Leaves Spanish Moss Wood Pond Blue Grass Granny Smith Green Cranberry Highland Garden 066A Highland Gardens dark 067 Rain Forest 072A Sierra Haze Lt. 076 Apricot Grove 077 Fall Foliage 079 Monets Pond 086 Antique Gold dark 091 096 097 102 105 112 113 115 Raspberry Parfait Summer Foliage Halloween Green Fresh Snow Taupe Harvest Grape Autumn Arbor Topiary 116 117 120 124 126 130 131 132 Olive Grove Elizabethan Green Green Gables Slate Blue Cobblestone Sunflower Sable Lavender Ice 135 138 148 150 156 160 161 166 Bellagio Arctic Ice May Flowers Sage Bordeaux Bly the Green Avonlea Green Coffee Bean 169 172 173 178 186 189 206 Old Gold Arroyo Pacific Blue Dark Mocha Birch Brown Terra Cotta Olivine

Cable gives a very elegant touch to any design. Use Kreinik Cable when you want a twisted metal or rope-style look in your needlepoint, cross stitch, or sampler designs. Available on 11 yard spools. KMCAB-(4 digit color number)4$1.55 001P Silver 002P Gold

Super-thin Cord is used for couching thicker threads, and for making fine details in a design (like stitched eyelashes). Other ideas: Use it to backstitch in cross stitch, overstitch in needlepoint, combine with any yarn in your crochet and knitting projects, and use it in the needle for machine embroidery. Its also an elegant metal fiber for card and scrapbook projects. Available on 55 yard spools. Cord CD###-(4-digit color number) as shown in the chart below Not available currently. In stock
CD001 CD004 CD008 CD012 CD016 CD018 CD116 $1.55 $2.75 $3.10 $4.10 $4.10 $2.75 $4.10 CD001 CD004 CD008 CD012 CD016 CD018 CD116 $1.55 $2.75 $3.10 $4.10 $4.10 $2.75 $4.10

001C 002C 003C 005C 007C 008C 011C 012C 021C 032C 034C 041C 051C 080C

Silver Gold Red Black Pink Green Nickel Purple Copper Pearl Confetti Confetti Pink Sapphire Garnet

086C 087C 088C 102C 104C 105C 201C 202C 205C 208C 209C 215C 225C

Fern Meadow Grass Lily Pond Vatican Gold Colonial Gold Antique Silver Chocolate Indigo Antique Gold Wine Carnival Antique Copper Slate


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KREINIK Iron-On Threads

Kreiniks Iron-on Thread is a fusible, no-glue, no-glitter, no-mess embellishment. Just place the thread where you want it, cover it with a piece of Teflon press cloth, and use an iron to adhere the thread to any paper, cardstock or fabric. You can create wavy lines, circles or even write your name. The thread is available on a 3-meter spool. Additional colors are available upon request. BR016-(4-digit color number)4$2.65 #16 Braid 1/8 Braided Ribbon RI018-(4-digit color number)4$2.65
Color Code 6010 Pearl 6020 Silver 6225 Gold 6130 Red 6120 Pink #16 Braid BR016

1/8" Ribbon RI018

In stock

Not available currently

#16 Braid BR016 1/8" Ribbon RI018

Color Code 6420 Sky Blue 6100 Carnation 6090 Black 6450 Royal Blue

KREINIK Japan Gold and Silver

Kreinik Japan Threads are synthetic, non-tarnishing gimps available that give the appearance of stitching with real metals. Japan Threads are available in Super Fine #1 (thin), Fine #5, and Medium #7 (the thickest). Braids and Ribbons are also available as indicated in the chart below. Please use the item number as shown in the table when ordering these threads. COLOR CODE Yards per Spool Price per Spool 001J Silver 002J Gold 220J Burnished Gold 321 Dark Gold 321J Dark Gold #1 Thread 44 $1.60 JS001-Silver JG001-Gold JG001-321 JG004-321J JG008-321J JG012-321J JG016-321J #5 Thread 11 $2.10 JS005-Silver JG005-Gold JG005-220J #7 Thread 11 $2.10 JS007-Silver JG007-Gold JG007-220J #4 Braid 11 $2.75 JG004-002J #8 Braid 11 $3.25 JS008-001J JG008-002J #12 Braid 11 $4.55 JS012-001J JG012-002J #16 Braid 11 $4.55 JS016-001J JG016-002J

In stock Not available currently 1/16" ribbon 11 $4.45 JS116-001J JG116-002J

1/8" ribbon 5 $3.00 JG018-002J


Kreinik Ombre is an 8-ply, softly twisted metallic thread to add a fuzzy texture to Cross Stitch, Needlepoint, Knitting (makes a great companion to use with your favorite yarns) and Machine Embroidery. KROMB-(4 digit color number)4$1.90 1800 Misty Sunrise 1400 Misty Scarlet 1000 Solid Silver 2000 Solid Gold 1500 Misty Rainbow 1200 Misty Apricot 3200 Solid Pearl 1600 Misty Lavender 1300 Misty Violet

KREINIK Silk Bella

This 3-ply finely twisted filament silk is dyed to match colors in the Kreinik Silk Mori and Silk Serica line. Together the three silks create a trilogy of design and texture options. Available on 22 yard spools. KSBEL-(4 digit color number)4$2.80

KREINIK Thread Samples

Silk Serica, Silk Mori, and Silk Bella Color Chart and Usage Guide. Shows over 175 colors. Kreinik Silk Threads Color Card 150274$12.50 Actual thread samples of all colors with an introductory panel illustrating the different weights. Useful information on the hows and wheres of using Kreinik Metallic thread on the back panel. Kreinik Metallic Color Card 150254$25.00 Kreinik Metallic Reference Chart 150034$ .50


Kreinik Silk Mori is a premium 6-strand, 100% pure SPUN SILK with a delightful softness and creamy luster. Available in 5.5 yard skeins, it can be plied for a wonderful variety of stitches. KSMOR-(4 digit color number)4$2.70

KREINIK Silk Serica

Kreinik Silk Serica is a 3-ply, 100% pure FILAMENT SILK with a magnificent, rich sheen. It is a versatile silk thread that can be used singly as a fine twisted silk, or it can be separated for use as a highly reflective flat silk for more advanced stitching techniques (like Japanese embroidery, canvas work, laid work). Available on 11 yard spools. KSSER-(4 digit color number)4$2.95 For a complete color list and samples of the Kreinik Silk Threads go to:

Cord Makers
Turn pearl cottons, metallics, and other fibers into beautiful twisted cord. Great for tassels, Christmas ornaments, jewelry, and trim.

B. Euro Power Cord Maker.

Battery operated for 2, 3 or 4 sets of thread. 68354$51.99

A. Thread Winder Bobbins.

Clear plastic bobbins measure 1.75" across. Fold back the curved surface, wind the thread and refold to protect your thread. The design allows for a controlled release which is an excellent option for Kumihimo braiding. Package of 10. 63804$6.99 B C

C. Mini Twister. Hand lovely cord. 68214$20.99

twist a

Dear Friends, I've been receiving your newsletters for about 2 years and feel as if I know you. If I ever make it to Fargo, I plan to visit you. I love your newsletters and your shop (even though I've never been there), especially now that we do not have a LNS in our area. I depend on Nordic Needle for any specialty fabric or fibers, or anything, that I need and have always been surprised and pleased at how quickly you get things to me. Keep up the good work, Brenda To sign up for the email newsletter, go to Its FREE.

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KREINIK Metallics
Blending Filaments

Kreinik offers a convenient way to purchase quality metallic threads (originally known as Balger) so you can create exciting needlework, crafts, quilts, dolls, cards, scrapbook pages, and more. Add sparkling realism and holiday effects in all of your projects. Below are explanations of the various sizes. Refer to the chart on this page for availability. To see the color list and samples go to:

#12 Tapestry Braid

Use Tapestry #12 Braid in Cross Stitch (11ct), Needlepoint (18-30ct), Crochet, as a companion yarn for Knitting designs, and for embellishments in Scrapbooking & Card Making. Available on 11 yard spools. BR012-(3, 4, 5, or 6-digit color code)44.10

#32 Heavy Braid

Use the thick Heavy #32 Braid in Cross Stitch (8ct), Needlepoint (10-14ct), Plastic Canvas (7-14ct), as a companion yarn for knitting designs, and for Scrapbooking & Card Making embellishments. Available on 11 yard spools. BR032-(3, 4, 5, or 6-digit color code)45.50

Use by itself or combined with other yarns, to create random highlighting effect in all hand embroidery like cross stitch and needlepoint, plus machine embroidery, crochet, and knitting. Available on 55 yard spools. KMBLF-(3, 4, 5, or 6-digit color code)41.55

#4 Very Fine Braid

Stitch with Very Fine #4 Braid in Cross Stitch (16-18 ct) and Needlepoint (for light details on 18-30 ct). Its also nice for Machine Embroidery, Scrapbooking and Card Making embellishments. Available on 12 yard spools. BR004-(3, 4, 5, or 6-digit color code)42.75

#16 Medium Braid

Use Medium #16 Braid in Cross Stitch (10 & 11ct), Needlepoint (14-18ct), Plastic Canvas, Scrapbooking & Card Making. Available on 11 yard spools. BR016-(3, 4, 5, or 6-digit color code)4 4.10

1/8" Braided Ribbon

Use 1/8 Ribbon in Cross Stitch (8ct), Needlepoint (10-14 ct), Plastic Canvas (7-10 ct), Machine Embroidery (couch), Ribbon Embroidery, Scrapbooking & Cardmaking. It makes fun embellishments like bows, streamers, and borders. Available on 11 yard spool. RI018-(3, 4, 5, or 6-digit color code)44.45

#8 Fine Braid
Use Fine #8 Braid in Cross Stitch (11-14ct), Needlepoint (18-30 ct), Crochet (equivalent to a #10 crochet weight), Scrapbooking & Card making. Available on 11 yard spools. BR008-(3, 4, 5, or 6-digit color code)43.10

#24 Canvas Braid

Canvas #24 Braid is the perfect metallic thread size for tent or continental stitch on 13- and 14-mesh needlepoint canvas. Use it to add light, shimmer, and a touch of realism to designs.Available on 11 yard spools. BR024-(3, 4, 5, or 6-digit color code)42.60

1/16" Braided Ribbon

Use 1/16 Ribbon in Cross Stitch (10 & 11ct), Needlepoint (18-24ct), Plastic Canvas (14ct), Machine Embroidery, Scrapbooking & Card Making. Available on 11 yard spools. RI116-(3, 4, 5, or 6-digit color code)44.10

F-Glow in the Dark

001 Silver 001HL Silver HL 001V Vintage Silver 002 Gold 002HL Gold HL 002V Vintage Gold 003 Red 003HL Red HL 003V Vintage Red 005 Black 005HL Black HL 006 Blue 006HL Blue HL 007 Pink 007HL Pink HL 008 Green 008HL Green HL 009 Emerald 009HL Emerald HL 009V Vintage Emerald 010HL Steel Gray 011HL Gun Metal 012 Purple 012HL Purple HL 013 Beige 014 Sky Blue 014HL Sky Blue HL 015 Chartreuse 015HL Chartreuse HL 017HL WhiteGold HL 018 Navy 018HL Navy HL 018V Vintage Navy 019 Pewter 021 Copper 021HL Copper HL 022 Brown 023 Lilac 024 Fuchsia 024HL Fuchsia HL 025 Grey 026 Amethyst 026V Vintage Amethyst 027 Orange 028 Citron 029 Turquoise 031 Crimson 032 Pearl 033 Royal Blue 034 Confetti 041 Confetti Pink 042 Confetti Fuchsia 043 Confetti Green BF

HL-Hi Lustre
#4 #8 #12

1/16 044 Confetti Blue 045 Confetti Gold 051F Tangerine (Glow) 051HL Sapphire HL 052F Grapefruit (Glow) 052HL Bronze HL 053F Lime (Glow) 054F Lemon-Lime (Glow) 055F Watermelon (Glow) 056F Blueberry (Glow) 057F Grape (Glow) 060 Midnight 061 Ruby 070 Mardi Gras 071 Misty Gold 072 Cocoa Brown 080HL Garnet HL 085 Peacock 089 Aspen Green 091 Star Yellow 092 Star Pink 093 Star Mauve 094 Star Blue 095 Starburst 100 White 100HL White HL 101 Platinum 102 Vatican Gold 102HL VaticanGold HL 127 Yellow Orange 150V Vintage Amber 152V Vintage Sienna 153V Vintage Burgundy 154V Vintage Verdigris 191 Pale Yellow 192 Pale Pink 193 Pale Mauve 194 Pale Blue 195 Sunburst 198 Pale Green 202HL Aztec Gold HL 203 Flame 210 Gold Dust 212 Golden Sand 221 Antique Gold 235 Red Ember 238 Christmas 242HL Magenta Sunset 271 Plum 273 Red Orange 307 Deep Coral 308 Colonial Red 326 Hibiscus BF #4 #8 #12 #16 #24 #32 1/8 1/16

In stock

Not available currently

BF #4 #8 #12 #16 #24 #32 1/8 1/16

#16 #24 #32 1/8

329 Bahama Blue 332 Candy Cane 339 Tropical Teal 393 Silver Night 421 Azalea 622 Wedgewood Blue 623 Twilight Blue 664 Magenta Blue 684 Aquamarine 713 Pink Mauve 829 Mint Julep 850 Mallard 1223 Passion Plum 1432 Blue Ice 2094HL Heather 2122 Curry 2829 Seafoam 3202 Cats Eye 3214 Blue Zircon 3215 Peridot 3221 Heliodor 3223 Ametrine 3228 Topaz 3231 Moonstone 3232 Brazilianite 3237 Rose Quartz 3240 Opal 3250 Aventurine 3260 Gold Tourmaline 3270 Amber 3280 Citrine 3503 Red Flamenco 3506 Blue Samba 3508 Rhumba Green 3509 Cha Cha Verde 3514 Blue Merengue 3533 Purple Mambo 3540 Bolero Black 4001 Green Tea 4002 Spiced Chai 4003 Ginseng Gold 4004 Earl Grey 4006 Rosehip 4201 Sugar Cane 4202 Dusky Meadow 4203 Cattail 4204 Storm Cloud 4205 Ironwood 4639 Light Aqua 5982 Forest Green 5001 Brass Key 5002 Pixidust 5003 Dragonfly


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KREINIK Metallics (Continued)

5004 Love Potion 5005 Gold Coin 5006 Ore 5007 Brocade 5008 Leprechaun 5009 Mermaid 5010 Knight 5011 Elfin Green 5012 Shamrock 5500 Pink Lemonade BF #4 #8 #12 #16 #24 #32 1/8 1/16 5505 Red Pepper 5510 Persimmon 5515 Clementine 5520 Ginger 5525 Lemon 5530 Rosemary Green 5535 Oregano 5540 Boysenberry Blue 5545 Currant Purple 5550 Nutmeg BF #4 #8 #12 #16 #24 #32 1/8 1/16 5555 Oyster 9100 Sunlight 9192 Light Peach 9194 Star Green 9200 Blossom 9294 Periwinkle 9300 Orchid 9400 Baby Blue BF #4 #8 #12 #16 #24 #32 1/8 1/16

The finest quality pearl cotton, carefully overdyed to produce beautiful shadings and combinations. This brand of overdyed pearl cotton is available in all four sizes, making it an excellent choice for pulled and drawn thread projects! Size #3 Size #5 Size #8

LEAHS Overdyed Pearl Cotton

LE003-(2-digit color code) LE005-(2-digit color code) LE008-(2-digit color code)

16 yards per skein44.60 27 yards per skein44.60 47 yards per skein44.60


Size #12

LE012-(2-digit color code)

68 yards per skein44.60


Leahs Overdyed Color Chart4$23.99

SIZE #5 #8

01 Multi Berry 02 Multi Berry Dark 03 Blue Pink Light 04 Candy Mint 05 Royal Blue/Green 06 Easter Basket 07 Peach Glow 08 Pearl Gray/Mauve 09 Sky Blue Pink 10 Sunny Yellow 11 Strawberries & Cream 12 Delicate Peach 13 Summer Rose 14 White with Pink & Blue 15 Aqua Sea 16 Ice Blue 17 Light Mocha 18 Cocoa And Pink 19 Springtime 20 Merry Christmas 21 Silver & Peach

SIZE #5 #8

22 Southwest 23 Nordic Blue 24 Nordic Rose 25 Holiday Red 26 Silver Lilac 27 Colorado Spruce 28 Cream Parfait 29 Wisteria 30 Grape 31 Mulberry Accent 32 Navy/Terra Cotta 33 Ocean Mist 34 Caribbean 35 Terra Cotta Light 36 Raspberry Parfait 37 Caramel Taffy 38 Midnight 39 Early Spring 40 Blue Orchid 41 Summer Fantasy 42 Mountain Sunset

SIZE #5 #8


43 Green Mist 44 Fuchsia 45 Silver 46 Grass Green 47 Sparkling Burgundy 48 African Violets 49 Lemon Meringue 50 Sea Mist 51 Spring Garden 52 Soft Taupe 53 Pansies 54 Blue Lagoon 55 Wood Violets 56 Chili Peppers 57 Plum 58 Lemon-Lime Sherbet 59 Cornsilk 60 Copper Canyon 61 Victorian Holiday




Exceptional quality linen thread, wet spun to eliminate hairs on the thread. This thread should not be stranded, and has a subtle sheen and luster. The sizes are equivalent to a pearl cotton size #5 (18/3), size #8 (30/3), and size #12 (50/3). Size #18/3 (#5)

LL183-(18 plus 2-digit color code) 13 yards per spool41.80 Size #30/3 (#8) LL303-(30 plus 2-digit color code) 20 yards per spool42.00 Size #50/3 (#5) LL503-(50 plus 2-digit color code) 32 yards per spool42.10
01 Jonquil 03 Canary 05 Maple Sugar 07 Sweet Potato 10 Wild Rose 15 Cotton Candy 20 Azalea Pink 18/3 30/3 50/3 25 Violet 30 Lilac 35 Terra Cotta 40 Redwood 45 Cabernet 48 Saddle Brown 50 Clove Brown 18/3 30/3 50/3

Need help choosing your colors? Get the Londonderry Linen Thread color card, with actual thread samples! 15063 Londonderry Linen Color Card4$16.75

55 Persian Green 60 Peacock Green 63 Dandelion Green 65 Evergreen 70 Cornflower 75 Bluebird 78 Bluebonnet




80 Ash Gray 85 Beige 90 White 95 Ivory 99 Black




A. Thread Holder.
Protect your thread from spills and curious pets while you stitch with this 3 x 3 pink thread holder. Balls of pearl cotton or Cordonnet sit on the internal peg for easier unwrapping. Comes with a complimentary ball of thread. 6409A $9.99

B. Thread Minder.
Nordic Needle. This clear zip-close tote has three holes in the bottom, perfect for dispensing your pearl cotton or other thread on a spool. Use it to carry one, two or three balls of thread for your current projects. 6409 $5.50

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RAINBOW GALLERY Unique Threads and Fibers

Rainbow Gallery has a large array of threads and fibers that add something special to your projects! We carry some of the lines; however, we may be able to special order any threads you need. Just give us a call. To see all the Rainbow Gallery lines we carry, go to: Here are just a few of the great threads available. The thread comes on cards, and the length of thread per card differs by each line.

Overture, Encore!, and Bravo! are cotton threads equivalent to pearl cotton sizes #5, #8, and #12. They are dyed to match, but not all colors are made in all lines. The dye lots do vary, so be sure to purchase enough cards to complete your projects. Overture is equivalent to pearl cotton size #5. Overture Item # RGOVE-(3-4 digit alphanumeric color code)42.95 Encore! is a 4-ply thread equivalent to pearl cotton size #8. Encore! Item # RGENC-(4-digit alphanumeric color code)42.75 Bravo! is a 4-ply thread equivalent to pearl cotton size #12. Bravo! Item # RGBRA-(4 digit alphanumeric color code)42.75

Alpaca 18, Fuzzy Stuff, Water n Ice, and Wisper all add dimension
to animals, beards, and water effects. Alpaca 18 is very strong and can be brushed to maximize the furry effect. Alpaca 18 Item # RGALP-(4-digit alphanumeric color code)42.25 Fuzzy Stuff is fuzzy with a shinny glint, great for snow, hair, and garment trim. Fuzzy Stuff Item # RGFUZ-(4-digit alphanumeric color code)42.50 Water n Ice is a loosely braided translucent ribbon great for reflecting surfaces or where you want the background color to show through. Water n Ice Item # RGWAT-(4 or 5-digit alphanumeric color code)43.75 Wisper is a fine fuzzy single yarn, great to combine with other threads, and can be brushed. Wisper Item # RGWIS-(3-4 digit alphanumeric color code)42.25 Add some glitz and glitter to your projects with Fyre

Splendor, Grandeur, Elegance and Subtlety are silk threads equivalent to floss and pearl cotton sizes #5, #8, and #12. They are dyed to match, but not all colors are made in all lines. The dye lots do vary, so be sure to purchase enough cards to complete your projects. Splendor is a 12-ply silk floss. It has 3 bundles of 4 strands each. The twist of individual strands is tighter than most silk floss. Splendor Item # RGSPL-(4-5 digit alphanumeric color code)43.50 Grandeur is a twisted silk equivalent to pearl cotton size #5. Grandeur Item # RGGRA-(4-digit alphanumeric color code)43.50 Elegance is a tightly twisted silk equivalent to pearl cotton size #8. Elegance Item # RGELE-(4-digit alphanumeric color code)43.00 Subtlety is a very tightly twisted silk equivalent to pearl cotton size #12. Subtlety Item # RGSUB-(4-digit alphanumeric color code)43.00

Werks, Neon Rays,

Tiara, and Treasure Braid.

Fyre Werks is a beautiful shiny metallic ribbon with eye-popping colors, including some holograms! RGFYR-(2-5 digit alphanumeric color code)4prices Fyre Werks Item # from $3.00 to $5.25 Neon Rays is a ribbon with a great luster! Neon Rays Item # RGNEO-(4 or 5-digit alphanumeric color code)43.75 Tiara is a metallic that is twisted, not braided making it softer. Tiara Item # RGTIA-(4-digit alphanumeric color code)42.25 Treasure Braid is a very shiny metallic that comes in sizes Petite, #4, #8, and #16. All are braided and will not unravel as you stitch! Each size has its own item number so please check on line for correct item number.

RIBBON EMBROIDERY - Silk and Rayon Varieties

DINKY DYES Hand dyed Silk Ribbon
100% silk. 4mm wide, with 4 meters per skein. As Dinky Dyes are hand dyed, dye lots will vary. Every effort is made to ensure consistency in ribbon colors but inevitably, there will be some subtle differences. We encourage you to buy enough ribbon at once to complete your project and ensure they are from the same dye lot . Item # DD004-(color number)4$4.50 each 004 Strawberry Ice 007 Mother-of-Pearl 060 Argyle 073 Shiraz 080 Valley Mist 083 Peach Melba 090 Orchid 108 Binda 111 113 124 128 Lilac Cobar Freo Illawong 137 140 142 143 Riverina Pilbara Gidgee Lost Gold 148 149 150 156 Janies Christmas Mardi Gras Araluen Taylors Sweet Pea

Ribbon floss is available in solid colors, metallic, and shimmer. This 1/16 decorative woven strand of 100% rayon is shinier than floss and more flexible than ribbon. It is colorfast, but should be handwashed in cold water and left to dry naturally. Great for cross stitch, needlepoint, smocking, quilting, and will even work in your serger. 15 yards per reel. All colors are shown on the website: Solid Colors Metallic Colors Item # Item #

RF142-(2-digit color number)42.50 RF144-(2 or 3-digit color number)43.00

Shimmer Colors

Item #

RF148-(2 or 3 digit color number)43.00

TREENWAY SILK Silk Ribbon & Cord

These variegated silk ribbons and matching cord silk are in the Judith Montano series. The Silk Ribbon is 3.5 mm wide and comes in a 5-yard bundle. The Fine Cord Silk is similar to pearl cotton size #8 and comes in a 10-yard skein. Both ribbon and cord are available in each color. 3.5 mm Silk Ribbon Item # Antique Silk Athens Aussie Green

TSR35(color name)4$6.50
Beach Canadian Fir Desert Green

Fine Cord Silk Forest Glacier Lake Grape Hyacinth

Item #

TSFCD(color name)4$5.00
Pebbles Rose Leaf Shell St. Thomas Taos

Autumn Mums Aztec Gold Bark

Herb Garden Ice Ocean


2012 Retail Catalog

Many of these colors replace Needle Necessities thread that was discontinued by the manufacturer. We continue to add colors to our stock. ThreadworX thread is 100% cotton and all hand-dyed, available in 20-yard skeins. Floss Size #5 Size #8 Item # Item # Item #

THREADWORX Floss & Pearl Cotton

TH001-(color number)43.90 TH005-(color number)43.90 TH008-(color number)43.90
Item # Floss 1002 1003 1004 1005 10051 1006 10061 1007 1008 1009 10091 1010 1011 10011 1012 1013 10131 1015 1016 1017 1018 1019 1020 1021 1022 1023 1024 10241 10242 1025 1026 10261 1027 1028 10281 1029 10291 1030 10301 10302 10311 1032 1033 1034 10340 10341 10342 1035 10351 1036 10361 10362 1037 10371 10372 1038 10381 10382 1039 1040 1041 1042 10421 1043 1044 1045 1046 10461 1047 10471 Item # #5 Item # #8 81003 51005 81005

ThreadworX Overdyed Metallics

Fine premium polyester metallic thread available in 10-yard skeins. THB08- (color number)

71079 71089
Name Woodland Green Parrot Bay Dezerays Dreams Rain Storm Gone Blue Banana Susanna Dreamscape Pacific Islands Summer Skies Turquoise Blue Monterey Bay Turquoise Teal We Meet Again Mystique Wildflowers Green Tea Latte Mythical Pastel Sunset Irish Cream Pete Moss Mossy Meadows Army Fatigue Hawaiian Flowers Spanish Olives Rocky Mountain Rustic Wild Poppies Orange Swirl Trick or Treat Peach Ice Harmony Honky Tonk Butterscotch & Cherries Pottery Pastel Bouquet Purple Coral Morning Glories Shortcake Lady Slipper Cabbage Daffodil Romantic Wedding Black Forest Christmas Time Christmas Candy Peppermint Society Life Bleeding Hearts Red Lipstick Romanian Flag Squash Bell Peppers Peach Sherbet Shades of Tan Ocean Coral Party Time Cactus Flower Renaissance Devilish Cherry Garcia Rose Petals Sweet Innocence Hot Pink Hydrangea Peony Pretty n Pink Afternoon Party Sunset Golden Leaves Lucky Day Item # Floss 1048 1049 1050 1051 1052 10522 1053 1054 1055 1056 1057 1058 10581 1059 10592 1060 10611 1062 1063 1064 1065 1067 1068 1069 1070 1071 1072 10721 1073 1074 1075 1076 10761 1077 1078 1079 1080 1081 10811 1082 10821 1083 1084 1085 1086 1087 1088 1089 1090 10911 1092 10921 ------1093 1094 1095 1096 1097 1098 10981 1099 1100 11011 1102 1103 1104 1105 11051 1106

Purple Coral45.80 ea. Bleeding Hearts45.80 ea.

Item # #8 81048

711300 Shades of Plum45.80 ea. 71138 Mosaic45.80 ea.

Item # Floss 1107 1108 1109 11091 1110 1111 1112 1113 1114 11141 1115 1116 1117 1118 1119 1120 11211 11212 11213 1122 1123 1124 1125 1126 1127 1128 1129 11291 1130 11311 1132 1133 1134 1135 11351 1136 1137 1138 11381 11382 11383 1139 1140 11411 1142 1143 1144 1145 1146 1147 1148 1149 1150 1151 11511 1152 1154 1155 1156 1157 1158 11581 11582 11583 1159 1160 11611 11621 11622 1163 Item # #5 Item # #8

Name Roxy Deep Sea Mango Margarita Cherries Wine Castle Berry Nice Jillians Sugar Plum Soft Lights Vanilla Ice Surfs Up Caribbean Shores Aloha Indian Tapestry Lavender Fields Hidden Treasures Blue Lagoon Captain Jack Ice Blue Crystal Blue Overcast Baby Blue Eyes Moondust Cloudy Skies Tide Pools Rain Storm Moon Shadows Deep Blue Sea Grapes Ocean Eyes Blue Navy Aqua Blue Natures Berries Terracotta Wet Clay Pirates Gold Sun Shadows Porcelain Butter Cream Samson Reflections Honey Bee Brown Sugar & Spice Ice Tea Chocolate Cream Bark In the Jungle Earth Stones Cherry Vanilla Rustic Brown Cherry Shades of Chocolate Indian Brown Green Applewood Tiger Butter Rich Chocolate Kalebs Cherry Patch Cherry Cola Banana Berry Fine Wine Autumn Leaves Shanghai Nights Dust to Dust Desert Sunset Stepping Stone Fantasy Island Chili Peppers Green Apples Lemon Grass Lime Twist Tropical Green Grass is Green

Item # #5 51048

51009 51010 51011 510011



510592 510611 81060 810611

51015 51017

81015 81017




51076 51078 51081



81083 81084

51087 51089 81089 81090

81110 811141





Name Wild Fires Lemon Meringue Lemon Ice Mellow Yellow Peach Sherbet San Antonio Teeka Indian Summer Caramel Candy Shades of Tan Coffee n Cream Nantucket Maui Nights Garden Rocks Hidden Gems Foxy Leather & Lace Lava Rocks Wrought Iron Smokin Guns Stone Cold Ice Age Arboretum Raspberry Cream Napa Vines Legacy Merlot Grape Ice Clay Gardens Summer Flowers Rain Forest Summer Shadows Costa Rica Spring Time Cotton Candy Sunset Skies Limestone Mosaic Seafoam Blue Swirl Mediterranean Blue Tapestry Moonlit Skies Soft Peach Desert Flowers Sea Flowers Sea Treasures Gray Flamingo Indian Skies Japanese Water Garden Romanian Forest Rainbow Fairy Funky Lilac War Paint Jam Rock Very Berry Bradleys Balloons Purple Moss Botanic Garden Morning Meadows Grape Shades Eggplant Purple Passion Eggplant Calypso Bulbosa Irish Eyes Tropical Cat Eyes Butter Rum Fall


51115 51117

81115 81117

81122 51124 81124


81133 811351 51138 81138


51147 51149


51155 51156 511581


81159 811611

I love your site. Ordering is easy and fast. Where I live in Kentucky there is not a lot of cross stitch stores and I have found so many patterns that I have been looking for. Again you are the best. Linda

2012 Retail Catalog


TREBIZOND Twisted Silk Thread

Twisted silk thread perfect for needlepoint and Hardanger embroidery. Size is equivalent to a size #5 pearl cotton. This lustrous, shimmery thread comes on a 10meter spool. Item # ACTRA-(3-4 digit color number)4$4.20 To see all the Trebizond colors, go to:

VALDANI Pearl Cotton

Exceptionally beautiful pearl cotton, hand-dyed threads. Guaranteed colorfast and available in three sizes (5, 8, and 12). Size 5 has approximately 46 yards per ball. Size 8 has approximately 73 yards per ball. Size 12 has approximately 109 yards per ball. Size #5 Size #8 Item # Item #

VA005-(5-digit alphanumeric color code)45.20 VA008-(5-digit alphanumeric color code)45.20

Size 5 Size 8 Size 12

Size #12 Item #

VA012-(5-digit alphanumeric color code)45.20

In stock Not available from the manufacturer

Size 5 Size 8 Size 12

P0001 Vintage Hues - Old Brick P0002 Vintage Hues - Olive Green P0003 Vintage Hues - Aged White Medium P0004 Vintage Hues - Aged White Light P0005 Vintage Hues Tarnished Gold P0006 Vintage Hues - Rusted Orange P0007 Vintage Hues - Withered Blue

P0008 Vintage Hues - Old Rose P0009 Vintage Hues - Bronze P0010 Vintage Hues - Antique Violet P0011 Vintage Hues - Aged Black P0012 Vintage Hues - Brown M0006 Multicolors - Baby Joy M1007 Multicolors - Sweet Baby

YLI Silk Ribbon

YLI Kanagawa pure silk ribbon comes in 2 mm (1/16), 4 mm (1/8), and 7 mm (1/4) widths. Five yards per reel. YLI 2mm Ribbon YLI 4mm Ribbon Item # Item #

YL002-(3-digit color number)43.50 YL004-(3-digit color number)43.50

2mm 4mm 7mm 055 Gold 056 Moss Green 057 Light Taupe 058 Light Grey 059 Pale Grey 060 Apple Green 061 Emerald 065 Taupe 067 Brown 068 Medium Pink 069 Medium Carnation 071 Olive Green Tone 072 Avocado Green 073 Light Dusty Green 074 Medium Dusty Green 075 Dark Dusty Green 078 Copper 079 Cinnamon 083 Pale Fuchsia 084 Dark Fuchsia 085 Dark Purple 086 Indigo 087 Light Coral 088 Medium Coral 090 Blue Ultra Very Light 091 Light Geranium 092 Medium Geranium 093 Dark Geranium 094 Light Lime Green 095 Lime Green 096 Christmas Green 098 Sky Blue 099 Blue 101 Light Purple 102 Purple 104 Coral 105 Pale Peach 107 Rust family 109 Rust 110 Light Mauve 111 Light Mauve 112 Dark Mauve 113 Medium Raspberry 114 Rose Medium 115 Light Sky Blue 117 Medium Grape 118 Dark Grape 119 Yellow

YLI 7mm Ribbon

Item #

YL007-(3-digit color number)45.99

Not available from the manufacturer
2mm 122 Pink 123 Dark Pink 125 Light Blue 126 Medium Blue 127 Pink/Light Rose 128 Medium Rose 129 Dark Rose 130 Dark Wine 131 Pale Turquoise 132 Light Turquoise 133 Dark Turquoise 134 Dark Teal 135 Pale Apricot 138 Navy 139 Medium Mocha 141 Barn Gray 142 Chocolate 144 Light Cotton Candy 145 Medium Cotton Candy 146 Dark Cotton Candy 147 Butterscotch 152 Rose Pink 153 Hot Pink 154 Very Light Pistachio 155 Light Pistachio 156 Ivory 157 Light Mauve 158 Medium Dusty Mauve 159 Dark Dusty Mauve 160 Light Cocoa 161 Peach Flesh 162 Pale Dusty Lavender 163 Medium Mauve 164 Taupe 165 Dark Taupe 166 Light Peach 167 Peach 169 Dark Peach 170 Pale Sage 171 Sage Green 173 Tangerine 175 Medium Cranberry 176 Red Medium Dark 177 Grape 178 Light Antique Lavender 179 Medium Antique Lavender 181 Light Wine 182 Wine 4mm 7mm

2mm 4mm 7mm

In stock

001 Antique White 002 Red 003 White 004 Black 005 Pale Pink 006 Baby Pink 007 Light Rose 008 Light Pink 009 Pale Blue 010 Sky Blue 011 Dark Sky Blue 012 Light Yellow 013 Cream 014 Maize 015 Yellow 016 Light Orange 017 Orange Tone 018 Light Green 019 Medium Green 020 Moss Green 021 Dark Moss Green 022 Lilac 023 Dusty Lilac 024 Peppermint Pink 026 Pink 027 Dark Pink 028 Red 031 Light Antique Green 032 Medium Antique Green 033 Dark Antique Green 034 Tan 035 Medium Tan 036 Cinnamon 037 Brown 038 Dark Brown 039 Apricot 040 Dark Apricot 042 Peach 044 Medium Blue 045 Dark Antique Blue 046 Dark Medium Ant. Blue 047 Dark Blue 049 Dark Coral 050 Burgundy 051 Gold 052 Burnt Caramel 053 Old Gold 054 Light Gold


2012 Retail Catalog

WEEKS DYE WORKS Floss & Pearl Cotton

We are pleased to announce that we now carry pearl cotton in sizes #5 and #8 when requested. We have expanded this chart to show what colors and sizes are available.

This hand over-dyed, 6 stranded cotton fiber is variegated enough to be noticeable, yet subtle enough to blend naturally. 5 yards per skein. WD001-(4-digit color code)42.20 Floss Item #

Pearl Cotton Sizes #5 and #8

All of these pearl cottons are 100% hand over-dyed cotton. 10 yards per skein. Size #5 Item # WD005-(4-digit color code)43.50 Size #8 Item # WD008-(4-digit color code)43.00

1086 Bashful 1086 Icicle 1088 White Lightning 1091 Whitewash 1094 Linen 1101 Light Khaki 1103 Baby's Breath 1106 Beige 1108 Honeysuckle 1109 Angel Hair 1110 Parchment 1111 Fawn 1113 Moonglow 1114 Lemonade 1115 Banana Popsicle 1119 Daffodil 1121 Straw 1127 Skinny Dip 1129 Peach Fuzz 1131 Peach 1133 Conch 1134 Cherub 1135 Meredith's Pink 1136 Carnation 1137 Rose Quartz 1138 Sophias Pink 1139 Chablis 1151 Pebble 1152 King Mackerel 1153 Galvanized 1154 Graphite 1155 Blue Heron 1156 Grape Ice 1161 Hydrangea 1166 Sea Foam 1171 Dove 1173 Confederate Gray 1174 Tin Roof 1176 Pewter 1181 Cape Cod 1183 Artichoke 1186 Wisteria 1189 Butter Bean 1191 Dried Sage 1193 Guacamole 1196 Taupe 1198 London Fog 1201 Putty 1206 White Chocolate 1219 Oak 1221 Latte 1223 Schneckley 1224 Amber 1225 Tigers Eye 1226 Butterscotch 1227 Bright Leaf 1228 Pecan 1230 Havana 1232 Palomino 1233 Cocoa 1236 Mocha 1237 Swiss Chocolate 1238 Cappuccino 1246 Sage 1251 Hosta Floss 5 8 1256 Thyme 1261 Celadon 1264 Loden 1266 Caper 1267 Kris Bon Bon 1268 Molasses 1269 Chestnut 1270 Rum Raisin 1271 Bark 1276 Blue Spruce 1277 Collards 1279 Holly 1282 Ocean 1284 Cadet 1285 Twilight 1286 Salt Glaze 1289 Stepping Stone 1291 Basil 1296 Dolphin 1298 Gunmetal 1301 Julian 1302 Pelican Gray 1303 Charcoal 1304 Onyx 1305 Merlin 1306 Navy 1307 Americana 1311 Taffeta 1313 Purple Haze 1316 Mulberry 1317 Eggplant 1318 Concord 1321 Williamsburg 1323 Cranberry Ice 1326 Rust 1329 Blackberry 1330 Baked Apple 1331 Brick 1332 Red Pear 1333 Lancaster Red 1336 Raspberry 1337 Raspberry Tart 1339 Bordeaux 1343 Boysenberry 2103 Pea Coat 2104 Deep Sea 2106 Santorini 2107 Blue Jeans 2109 Morris Blue 2111 Sky 2113 Union Blue 2116 Blue Fescue 2118 Blue Topaz 2126 Madras 2129 Robins Egg 2131 Aqua 2133 Island Breeze 2136 Caribbean 2141 Lagoon 2146 Eucalyptus 2149 Peacock 2152 Kentucky Bluegrass 2153 Cypress 2156 Hunter 2158 Juniper Floss 5 8 Floss 2159 Seaweed 2166 Bayberry 2168 Monkey Grass 2171 Emerald 2173 Envy 2176 Meadow 2181 Cactus 2191 Granny Smith 2196 Scuppernong 2198 Ivy 2200 Kudzu 2201 Moss 2202 Bullfrog 2203 Chartreuse 2205 Grasshopper 2206 Pistachio 2210 Citronella 2211 Olive 2213 Beehive 2216 Citron 2217 Lemon Chiffon 2218 Sallys Sunshine 2219 Whiskey 2220 Curry 2221 Gold 2222 Cornbread 2223 Saffron 2224 Squash 2225 Marigold 2226 Carrot 2228 Pumpkin 2229 Jack-o-Lantern 2231 Mimosa 2233 Hot Rod 2234 Autumn Leaves 2236 Copper 2237 Hazelnut 2238 Sweet Potato 2239 Terra Cotta 2240 Red Rocks 2241 Chrysanthemum 2242 Cognac 2243 Cantaloupe 2244 Grenadine 2245 Grapefruit 2246 Sunset 2247 Flamingo 2248 Cherry Vanilla 2251 Mexicali 2254 Cinnabar 2256 Adobe 2258 Aztec Red 2262 Watermelon Punch 2263 Begonia 2264 Garnet 2265 Strawberry Fields 2266 Turkish Red 2266a Louisiana Hot Sauce 2267 Ladybug 2268 Fire 2269 Liberty 2271 Peony 2274 Romance 2275 Crepe Myrtle 2275a Bubble Gum 5 8

In stock

Not available currently

Floss 5 8

2276 Camellia 2278 Hibiscus 2279 Sweetheart Rose 2280 Emmas Pink 2281 Mauve 2284 Madison Rose 2286 Thistle 2291 Sugar Plum 2296 Sweet Pea 2301 Lavender 2311 Cyclamen 2316 Iris 2321 Plum 2326 Stone 2329 Purple Majesty 2331 Violet 2333 Peoria Purple 2334 Lilac 2335 Jealousy 2336 Ultraviolet 2337 Periwinkle 2339 Blue Bonnet 2342 Dutch Iris 3940 Okefenokee 3500 Sand 3550 Williamsburg Blue 3850 Williamsburg Red 3860 Crimson 3900 Kohl 3910 Mascara 3950 Chesapeake 3960 Teal Frost 4101 Trick or Treat 4103 Harvest 4105 Noel 4107 Confetti 4109 Love 4111 Lucky 4113 Spring Banquet 4115 Mother's Day 4117 Fathers Day 4119 Independence 4121 Indian Summer 4123 Celebration 4125 Snowflake 4127 Mermaid 4129 Swamp Water 4131 Fiesta 4133 Old Glory 4135 Foliage 4137 Santa Claus 4139 Bethlehem 4141 Clam Shell 4143 Calypso 4145 Azaleas 4147 Spumoni 4149 Beachcomber 4151 Peach Cobbler 4153 Berry Splash 4155 Tobacco Road 6550 Bluecoat Blue 6650 Buttercup 6850 Bluecoat Red

You remain a Godsend to those of us who love to browse before buying. I have little teeny pieces of paper tagging everything I really want to order... still have lots of those tags left on the 2011 catalog but give me time.

Thank you for your newsletters. I can't tell you of the enjoyments it gives. It is great to hear about what happens in your part of the world. The stories of other needleworkers give so much encouragement. JM

2012 Retail Catalog



FREE with any order of $130.00 or more Request this FREE Canvas
Project Bag with your order. Overall size is 8.5 x 4.5 x 2.25. Taffeta lined bag will keep your project clean and protected. Zip closure. Red with gold or black with white (our choice). Contents not included. Item #BAG112 Offer expires July 17, 2012.

Scissoroo Scissors. A uniquely Australian pair of scissors featuring the iconic kangaroo. Handcrafted in Italy and packaged in an attractive matte-black tin. Measures 3.5 long with 1.5 blade.
Goldroo - Gold kangaroo on nickel (silver-colored) 7199 $51.99 Sale $38.99 January 2012 ONLY




with any order of $30.00 or more, OptiCloth MicroFiber Cleaning Cloth
for your glasses and magnifier lens. 8 x 8 in a cute little box. Item #OPTI112 January 2012 ONLY

Cord Maker. Turn pearl cottons, metallics, and other
fibers into beautiful twisted cord. Great for tassels, Christmas ornaments, jewelry, and trim.

Euro Power Cord Maker. Battery operated for 2, 3

or 4 sets of thread. 6835

$51.99 Sale $38.99

February 2012 ONLY



with any order of $30.00 or more, Susan Bates Embroidery Hoop.
Assorted sizes of this hoop with the super grip lip. Item #HOOP112 February 2012 ONLY

Mag-Eyes Magnifier. This hands-free, headmounted magnifier is perfect for needlework! Optical quality acrylic lenses reduce eye strain. (See page 84 for more information)

6902 $36.99 Sale $27.75

March 2012 ONLY

Original Mag-Eyes (with #2 and #4 lenses)

MARCH 2012

with any order of $30.00 or more,

Mag-Eyes Double High (with #5 and #7 lenses) 6902H $45.99 Sale $34.49

APRIL 2012

FriXion Erasable Highlighter in assorted colors.

Item #EHL112 March 2012 ONLY

Frederick Woodgrain Music Jewelry Box plays "That's What Friends Are For"
and has a 4"x 6" opening for your pictures or needlework. Overall measurements are approximately 8" x 6". April 2012 ONLY

APRIL 2012

with any order of $30.00 or more,
a pack of neutral color Mill Hill Beads

7465 $36.99 Sale $27.75 COUPON

and a Short Bead Box.

Item #MHB112 April 2012 ONLY

Light It! Multiflex 6-LED Work Light. Fully

adjustable, battery operated work light has six ultra-bright LED floodlights. The 20" heavy-duty metal goose neck adjusts and holds to nearly any position. The large powerful clamp will adapt to a variety of surfaces and you can take it anywhere as it needs no plug-in but runs on three AAA batteries (not included). 6840 $32.99 Sale $24.75 May 2012 ONLY


with any order of $30.00 or more,
a Thread Cutter with Cover. Spring action, high quality.

MAY 2012

JUNE 2012

Item #TCC112 May 2012 ONLY


Crewelwork The Essential Stitch Guide.

Jacui McDonald. An indispensable reference book with each stitch clearly demonstrated in clear stepby-step stages. A section on the history of crewelwork sets the background and beautifully worked embroideries throughout the book show the allure of this technique. 1734 $21.95 Sale $16.45 June 2012 ONLY

JUNE 2012

with any order of $30.00 or more, a Needle Threader by TJB Designs. Made
especially for you, assorted glass beads ends with fine wire theader. Item #NTH112 June 2012 ONLY

Designer Magnet Board with Stand & Magnets
Functional and beautiful, this 12 x 12 aqua magnet board has a decorative scalloped border and comes with an attractive brown stand and a set of 12 brown 1 round enamel button magnets. 6773B $25.99 Sale $19.49 Fucshia magnetic board with white stand and 12 white 1 round enamel button magnets. 6773D $25.99 Sale $19.49 July 2012 ONLY


with any order of $30.00 or more, a pack of Two Gold Metallic Round Frames, measuring 2.25 round.
Item #GMR112 July 2012 ONLY

JULY 2012


2012 Retail Catalog

Sale runs through July 17, 2012, while quantities last.

Discontinued Specialty and Cross Stitch books on Sale

While Quantities Last Reg. Price $17.95 $19.95 Sale Price $12.57 $13.97

Order Form
Date _________________________________________________________ Name _______________________________________________________ Address _____________________________________________________ (complete home mailing address)

Item # 1718 1741 1772 1883D 1903 4620

Description Ribbon Art Book & Kit The Art Of Drawn Work book The Borris Lace Collection A Unique Irish Needlelace The New Cross Stitcher's Bible - Jane Greenoff Helen M Stevens'Embroiderer's Countryside (Sept '08) Fantasy Cross Stitch: 60 Spellbinding Designs Lacy Bookmarks I chartpack (Hardanger Embroidery) Christmas In Blue & White IV (Hardanger) Lady Bug (Hardanger) May Day (Hardanger) Ultimate Teaching Doily Plain & Simple (Hardanger) An Elegant Occasion (includes mother of pearl heart) Sisters and Friends (canvaswork) My Secret Garden (canvaswork) Analogous Fusion (canvaswork) Flower Sampler (blackwork) Butterfly Sampler (blackwork) Hearts & Tulips Sampler (blackwork) Ring Around the Rosie Sampler (blackwork) Christmas Collection (tatting) Tatted Bookmarks for Needle & Shuttle book Monogram Album How'd You Do That?: Barely There DVD - Vol.6 How'd You Do That?: Mop Tops and Buzz Cuts Vol.3 How'd You Do That?: The Ins & Outs of Needleweaving How'd You Do That?: Spiders and More! Diamond Delight 7 (canvaswork) Strawberry Shortcake (canvaswork) Eloquent (Brazilian Emb.) Madison (Brazilian Embroidery) At Home with Needlework Holiday 2008 At Home with Needlework Mag - Holiday Issue 3

Order Toll Free 1-800-433-4321 See back of order form

Customer number found above your name on back of catalog.

Home Phone ( Work Phone (

) ______________________________________________ ) ______________________________________________

$18.95 $13.27 $24.99 $17.49 $24.99 $17.49 $19.99 $13.99

Ship To: _____________________________________________________ (if different) ___________________________________________________ Email address: ________________________________________________

Pure Heart
0501A $6.99 $4.89

The prices in this catalog reflect the manufacturers most current suggested retail prices at the time our catalog went to press. Occasionally our actual prices may be different from those shown because manufacturers suggested price (and our cost) changes from time to time. When you call us with your order we will be happy to verify the current price, or you can check current prices at





A Stitch In Time Designs

0700 $4.99 $3.49 $9.99 $6.99 $9.99 $6.99

Satin Stitches
0730A 0736A 0854

J. Designs
$11.99 $8.39

Lacey Thread Designs

1025 $9.50 $6.65 $16.50 $11.50 $24.99 $17.49 $24.99 $17.49 $7.99 $5.59 $7.99 $5.59 $9.99 $6.99 $9.99 $6.99 $14.99 $10.49
Merchandise Total

Carolyn Mitchell Designs

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Karen Lindsay
1201 1258

Handy Hands Tatting

$11.95 $8.37 $24.99 $17.49

The Sampler House

1288 1392A 1393 1393A 1394A

Pet Project Video

$37.99 $26.59 $41.99 $29.39 $41.99 $29.39 $41.99 $29.39

SHIPPING INFORMATION With your order, please enclose a check to cover merchandise and shipping charges as listed below, or, if you prefer, charge your purchases on VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or PayPal. *Postage & For orders up to $3.99 Orders from $4.00 to $9.99 Orders from $10.00 to $19.99 Orders from $20.00 to $29.99 Orders from $30.00 to $39.99 Orders from $40.00 to $49.99 Orders from $50.00 and more Handling $ 2.99 4.99 5.99 6.99 7.99 8.99 9.99

DebBee's Designs
1409C $19.99 $13.99

Needle Delights Originals

1614A $12.99 $9.09 $15.50 $10.85 $11.99 $8.39

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Threads In Bloom
1761L 1761P
Canadian and Foreign orders must be paid with credit card or PayPal due to actual shipping being charged. Check enclosed Charge to VISA MasterCard Discover

At Home With Needlework Magazine

2509 2513 $5.99 $2.25 $5.99 $4.19

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2012 Retail Catalog




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Sale runs through July 17, 2012, while quantities last.

Discontinued Specialty and Cross Stitch books on Sale

While Quantities Last Reg. Item # 2738 2741 3583 3683 Sale Description Vineyard Hill The Tidal River #1 (cross stitch) Arbor Cat (cross stitch) Fractal #215 (cross stitch) EXCLUSIVE to NN! Walk in Truth Anniversary Sampler Nordic Santa (cross stitch) Cat Anemones - Myrea Pettit (cross stitch) Cat 4 (pinecones) Myrea Pettit (cross stitch) Cottage Window (cat) John Clayton Seasonal Sampler - Summer Victorian Silhouttes (cross stitch) Welcome Flakes (cross stitch) Wedding Bell Heart (cross stitch) Bunnies & Ducks (cross stitch) Yuletide Welcome (cross stitch) French Country - Wedding Bells Love Owl - What a Hoot Series (2nd) Love Owl Embellishment Pack Royalty ABC (cross stitch & specialty) Royalty ABC Thread & Embellishment Pack Mini Pom and Pear (includes overdyed thread & charm) Quaker Stitches (cross stitch) Quaker Stitches Thread Pack Two Tulips (cross stitch) One Key (cross stitch) Thistle Stitches chartpack Thistle Stitches Embellishment Pack The Lord Bless Thee Spring Topiary Garden (cross stitch) Royal Blossoms (cross stitch) Little Candle Mats - Snowmen (cross stitch) I Thee Wed (cross stitch) Christmas Eve (cross stitch) 2009 Prairie Schooler Santa Card (cross stitch) Signs of Spring (cross stitch) 2010 Prairie Schooler Santa Card (cross stitch)



By the Bay Needleart

$9.99 $3.99 $11.99 $8.39 $7.99 $5.59

Cross-Stitch-Art Cross Stitch Collectibles

$14.99 $10.49

Carousel Charts
3911 $13.99 $4.99 $17.99 $12.59

4150 4296B 4297B

Heaven and Earth Designs

$18.99 $13.29 $14.99 $10.49

Brit Stitch
4336 4507 4523B 4527B 4529B 4530B 4551A 4580 4666F 4666FE 4669F 4669FE 4671 4671F 4671FT 4673F 4674F 4676 4676E $16.99 $6.49 $17.99 $6.99 $5.99 $5.99 $5.99 $6.99 $5.99 $4.19 $4.19 $4.19 $4.89 $2.99



If your merchandise Shipping and total is Handling up to $3.99 $2.99 from $4 to $9.99 4.99 from $10 to $19.99 5.99 from $20 to $29.99 6.99 from $30 to $39.99 7.99 from $40 to $49.99 8.99 from $50 and more 9.99 I For all deliveries made to a North Dakota address, add the current ND sales tax (currently 5%). We are required by ND law to collect sales tax on both the merchandise and the shipping charges, so please calculate accordingly. I For orders sent to Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico, APO and FPO addresses, we reserve the right to bill for actual shipping charges plus handling. I Additional shipping charges apply to heavy items. CANADIAN AND FOREIGN ORDERS I Payment must be in the form of credit card or PayPal to allow us to collect the actual shipping costs plus handling. We will select the least expensive and most appropriate shipping service available, unless otherwise directed. I We will bill for actual shipping charges, plus handling. I We reserve the right to require insurance or refuse to ship to select countries. I We are not responsible for the taxes or duty charged by foreign countries. Check with your government. THE PRICES IN THIS CATALOG I The prices shown reflect the manufacturers most current suggested retail prices at the time our catalog went to press. Occasionally our actual prices may be different from those shown because manufacturers suggested price (and our cost) changes from time to time. When you call us with your order we will be happy to verify the current price, or you can check current prices at Mon. & Thurs. 9-9 Tues., Wed. & Fri. 9-6 Sat. 9-5 Closed Sundays

JBW Designs
$6.99 $4.89

Jeanette Douglas
$7.99 $5.59 $11.99 $8.39 $19.99 $13.99 $55.99 $39.19 $11.99 $14.99 $25.99 $6.99 $6.99 $14.99 $5.99 $10.49 $18.19 $4.89 $4.89 $10.49


$38.99 $27.29 $6.99 $2.49

Linen Flowers Designs

4747 4884D

$13.99 $9.79 $14.99 $6.99

5090 5503

Prairie Grove Peddler

$7.50 $5.25 $11.99 $7.99 $8.99 $5.99 $3.99 $2.49 $8.99 $5.99 $3.99 $2.79

Prairie Moon
5507 5561B 5562B 5564B 5565B

Prairie Schooler
Closed January 1, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, December 25.



2012 Retail Catalog

A-E. Forest Gnomies

Hand stitched for you to enjoy no assembly required! When I saw these adorable little people, I knew I had to share them with you! Each one is hand made and the workmanship is detailed and exquisite. Standing between 6 and 7 tall, their arms and legs are bendable so they can sit or stand. Not for small children. Start your collection today!




G F. Flicka Girl Gnomie 910-753-0006 $15.99 G. Solveig Norwegian Girl Gnomie 910-753-0007 $15.99 H. Kristina Swedish Girl Gnomie 910-753-0008 $15.99 L. Journal Cards
Keep track of your L needlework projects using these helpful 4 x 6 Journal cards. This pack of 40 cards has lines for information on the project, who it was stitched for, fabric and threads used, finished size, dates on which you began and finished the project, and a space for notes.

A. B. C. D. E.

Forest Gnomie Mari Forest Gnomie Hazel Forest Gnomie Kirsten Forest Gnomie Olive Forest Gnomie Bella

910-753-0001 $15.99 910-753-0004 $15.99 910-753-0002 $15.99 910-753-0005 $15.99 910-753-0003 $15.99 J. Farm Recipes & Food Secrets from the Norske Nook
When a small-town cafe in Osseo, Wisconsin, was praised for "some of the worlds best pies" in the best-selling guidebook Road food, Helen Myhre and the Norske Nook became famous! From breads to gravies, meats to jellies, and of course, that celebrated sour cream raisin pie, Myhre shows you how to bring a rich, thick slice of Midwest Norske cooking into your kitchen. Soft-cover, 269 pages.




UL Y 1 7, 201

SALE $9.75

970-753-0502 $21.95 K. Vikings in the Attic

In search of Nordic America by Eric Dregni. Hardcover, 289 page book contains humorous stories and photos. Dregni tracks down and explores the significant and often bizarre historic sites, tales and traditions of Scandinavias peculiar colony in the Midwest.

I. Stitchers Choice Cookbook

Packed with 500 of Nordic Needles best recipes from newsletters, staff, and stitching friends! Also included are charts and instructions for a beautiful Hardanger embroidery four-piece table set and a huck embroidery border design.

0020 $12.99 N. Foldable Water Bottle

This is the perfect water bottle for the stitcher on the go! The bottle folds almost flat when empty, yet will stand when filled with a cold beverage. The bottle is BPA free, can be frozen and is dishwasher safe. There is a carabiner clip to attach it to your bag. You can write your name on the back for easy identification. The bottle comes with a protective cap and stands 10" tall. Will hold 0.5 liters of liquid. Comes in two colors. This is also a great idea for anyone wanting to have a drink with them. Keep one in your car or purse for those times you need to take your medicine and no water fountain in sight! Blue Foldable Water Bottle

0007 $12.99
Purple Foldable Water Bottle

0007A $12.99

2012 Retail Catalog

6663C $5.99 M. Photo Album

The Journal is 8" x 8.5" x 1" with a brown suede-like cover. Inside there are 20 double-sided pages to hold the project card on the top half and the picture on the bottom half. While quantities last.

970-753-0101 $22.95

6663D $9.99 K M

O O. Hardanger Mouse Pad

The time we spend at our computers is time away from our needlework, so wouldnt it be fun to have a new mouse pad with a beautiful Hardanger embroidery design on it? Durable, hard surface mouse pad is 7" x 8" x 1/8" with a stunning full-color imprint.

P. Nordic Needle Logo Lapel Pin

Show your support of fine needlework and Nordic Needle with this P lovely lapel pin! Includes iconic dove's eye logo plus Fargo, North Dakota in silver and blue on a white background. Measures 1.5" x .63".

6314A $8.99

930-498-0001 $4.99


A-B. Music Boxes

Each hinged lid box measures 6" x 4" x 2.75" with an opening size of 4" x 2.5" for needlework.

C. Butterfly Garden Music Box

This beautiful music box has a filigree frame surrounding the glass-covered 6" x 4" insert. You can replace the butterflies photo with your own needlework or favorite photo. The box plays "You Light Up My Life" and measures 8" x 6" x 2.5". The inside compartment is lined with black velveteen and measures 4.5" x 4.5" x 1.5". 5 . A needlework pattern is NOT included with this box.

A. Red Merry Christmas Music Box

Plays We Wish you a Merry Christmas.

7461 $24.99 B. Bronze Live, Laugh Love Music Box

Plays Fur Elise.

7470 470 $37. $37.99 7 99 7.

7461C $24.99 B

D-G. Round Treasure Boxes

These round boxes have a lovely framed lid with a 3.5" opening with the saying shown. A complimentary r Hard ry Hardanger r ang rd n er embro ng embroidery r idery ro r desig ry design i n is included. ig i l d d The T e boxes Th b are a r lined with black velvet re

C H. . Finely Handcraft Handcrafted f ed Wo ft W Wood od Boxes

D. Round Treasure Box

Black with Great Friend saying.

E. Round Treasure Box

Ivory with Friend saying.

7468 $18.50

7468A $18.50

Each smoothly finished box has a hinged cover and comes with a backing board and plexiglass to keep your needlework insert clean. The snug-fitting backing board stays in place and keeps your needle needlework mounted securely. The inside of each box is burgundy lining. lined with b Large box 7.25" needlework opening, light oak finish

F-G. Mini Rectangular Treasure Boxes

These rectangular boxes have a lovely framed lid with a 2 x 2.875 opening with the sayings shown included. A complimentary Hardanger embroidery design is included. These boxes will hold a 3.5 pair of embro embroidery r idery ro r scissors ry scissors. r. rs

430-662-0003 $38.99 430-66

finish Cherry fi f nis

430-662-0004 $45.99 430-66 F Mini Rectangular F. Rect c angular Box ct

Black with Friend saying.

G. Min Mini ni Rect Rectangular c angular Box ct

Ivory y wit with h Cherish & Love saying.

Medium bo box 5.25" needlework opening, light oak finish

430-662-0001 $33.99 430-66

finish Cherry fi f nis

7468B $17.50 I. Betsy Box

This heirloom-quality wood box has a 5" x 5" opening for needlework, artwork or photos. Smooth, glossy off-white box is lined with a tan suede fabric. Glass is included.

7468C 7 74 68C $17.50

430-662-0002 $41.99

K-M. Music Boxes.

K. Angel Kisses I
Rectangle music box plays "Wind Beneath My Wings".

These beautiful woodgrain finished musical jewelry boxes are approximately 8" x 6" with a 4 x 6 opening for your pictures or needlework.

430-777-9522 $49.99 J. Lauras Box

6" x 6" visible design area (8" x 8" x 2.75" high overall size). Mahogany finish box has brass feet and is fully lined in velvet and includes the glass and mounting board for the deep mounting area. Swivel back board makes mounting a snap and mounts from underneath like a picture frame.

7464 $36.99 L. Frederick

Rectangle music box plays "That's What Friends Are For".

L N. N

This carved music box m measures 6" x 3.75" x 2.5" h high with two openings e each 2 x 2. Includes a free f Hardanger design! Petite Woodgrain music box plays Thats What Friends Are For.

7465 $36.99 M. Love Birds

Oval music box plays "Unchained Melody".

430-777-99531 $54.99

7466 $36.99 J

7467 $28.50

60 om

2012 Retail Catalog

A-D. Embossed Frame Cards. These lovely embossed cards E-F. Blank Frame Cards. These great greeting cards will showcase
each measure 5 x 7 with an opening to frame a stitched piece or favorite photo with an elegant envelope. Each card is $2.95. 2 x 4 opening 2.25 x 3.125 oval opening 2.25 x 3.375 opening 2.875 x 4.75 arched opening

your stitching or embroidery on paper projects. Each package comes with two cards and envelopes. Two cards with envelopes are $4.50. 4.25 x 5.5 with 3.5 round opening 5 x 7 with 3 x 4.75 oval opening 5 x 7 with 2.8 x 4.8 rectangular opening

A. Blue Lace B. Pale Yellow Lace C. Pink Rosebud D. Dusty Rose Lace H

920-148-0051 920-148-0052 920-148-0053 920-148-0054

E. Antique White F. Antique White G. Antique White L

6681 6682 6683

Ornament Frames & Boxes

H. Gold Metallic
2.25 round gold metallic (package of two) 3.25 round gold metallic (package of one)

L. Vinyl Bookmark Sleeves

Protect your beautifully stitched bookmark with these protective vinyl sleeves. Photo shows a bookmark from #0422, Elegant Bookmarks in Hardanger Embroidery. Medium insert size 2.25" x 7" (full length 8.75")

2.25" Diameter

7346 $1.79 7347 $1.50

These 4 Kreinik Ornament Frames are a fast-finishing way to elegantly display your handmade creations. Each package contains the metallic front and back frames, double-sided Treasure Tape Dots, and ideas for using the frame. Includes a free Hardanger pattern.

7500 $1.25
Large insert size 2.5" x 8" (full length 9.75")


I. Gold 720-466-0001 $7.50 J. Silver 720-466-0002 $7.50

7501 $1.25 M. 5.5" Bookmark Tassel-Ivory 7504 $1.25

K. Antique Gold Pendant/Frame

This antique gold pendant measures 1.625" x 2" plus hanger with an opening size of 1.187" x 1.56". You can add your own chain for a necklace or use as a delicate ornament! Use your own design or stitch additional Pretty Petite Pendants (K1970-K1973 and K1980-K1981). Gold Pendant

R. Vintage Pincushion K
Sudberry House. Beautiful mahogany finish wooden base with feet comes with a cushion you cover with your needlework. Design area is 2.25" x 3.5" x 2"tall. Lift the cushion and see the space underneath. Finishing instructions included.

7350 $3.75

N-O. WhimZis Ornament Frames

Square WhimZis mini metal ornament frame has 2" x 2" opening. Mounting instructions are included. Each frame comes with an organza pouch for storing or gift giving. Gold Embossed Silver Embossed


430-777-15791 $19.99

720-432-0002 $12.50 720-432-0007 $12.50

S. Treasure Box from Sudberry

The mahogany box has a hinged lid and red velvet lining. The outside dimension of the box is 6" x 6" x 5" with a 5" x 5" display area.

430-777-99961 $43.99 T

S T. 14 Walnut Bellpull


P-Q. WhimZis Ornament Boxes

Add a touch of whimsical to your tree with these WhimZis holiday boxes. Each ornament is 1.5 square and 0.5 deep. The boxes open so you can include a small gift.


Joy is adorned with an ornament, candy cane, and snowflake.

Peace is adorned with a snowflake and a dove.

910-432-0001 $21.50

910-432-0002 $21.50

UL Y 1 7, 201

SALE $22.49

This beautiful walnut bellpull compliments the Glory in the Morning cross stitch pattern (#3777); however, it would look great with other designs as well. Top is 14.5" x 4" with a 14 inside dimension.


7373 $29.99

2012 Retail Catalog


Bellpull Hardware. All Styes sold in Pairs.

H A B C D H. Mini brass hardware for small bellpulls and hangings. Made in the U.S.A.! Item # Size Price/Pair 7381-06 6 cm. (2.375") $3.80 7381-08 8 cm. (3.125") $4.20 7381-09 9 cm. (3.5") $4.20 7381-10 10 cm. (4") $4.20 7381-12 12 cm. (4.75") $4.50 7381-15 15 cm. (5.875") $4.50 I F. Scroll Black 10 cm (4") 706-942-0010 $19.99 12 cm (4.75") 706-942-0012 $19.99 16 cm (6.25") 706-942-0016 $23.99 20 cm (7.875") 706-942-0020 $23.99 22 cm (8.625") 706-942-0022 $27.99 24 cm (9.375") 706-942-0024 $27.99 G. Heart Scroll Pewter Look 12 cm (4.75") 714-942-0012 $19.99 14 cm (5.5") 714-942-0014 $19.99 16 cm (6.25") 714-942-0016 $19.99 18 cm (7.125") 714-942-0018 $19.99 20 cm (7.875") 714-942-0020 $19.99

E A. Wooden Bellpull HardwareOvals 12.7 cm (5) 7370-05 $20.99 B. Hammered Brass 10 cm (4") 716-942-0010 $16.50 12 cm (4.75") 716-942-0012 $16.50 14 cm (5.5") 716-942-0014 $16.50 C. Flat Satin Brass with Heart 8 cm (3.125") 710-942-0008 $12.99 10 cm (4") 710-942-0010 $12.99 12 cm (4.75") 710-942-0012 $13.99 14 cm (5.5") 710-942-0014 $13.99 J

D. Brass Rods with Chain Satin Finish 10 cm (4") 708-942-0010 $14.99 12 cm (4.75") 708-942-0012 $14.99 14 cm (5.5") 708-942-0014 $14.99 16 cm (6.25") 708-942-0016 $14.99 18 cm (7.125") 708-942-0018 $14.99 20 cm (7.875") 708-942-0020 $14.99 E. Simple Scroll Brass 14 cm (5.5") 704-942-0014 $18.99 16 cm (6.25") 704-942-0016 $18.99 18 cm (7.125") 704-942-0018 $19.99 20 cm (7.875") 704-942-0020 $19.99 22 cm (8.625") 704-942-0022 $20.99 24 cm (9.375") 704-942-0024 $20.99

Two Sizes

I. Stitchery Tape
For the do-it-yourselfer, now you can get professional results when framing your needlework. This is the ultimate double-sided tape, perfect for mounting needlework to mat board, foam board or stretcher bars. This acid- and solvent-free archival quality tape is coated on two sides and will adhere to fabrics as delicate as silk, linen, or velvet without adhesive bleeding through and damaging the fabric. Repositioning is possible for up to 48 hours. This tape is also ideal for other crafts including scrapbooking and card making and comes in a roll. 1.5" wide x 30' 0.5" wide x 60 yds.

J-L. Porcelain Heads and Hands

Archival quality. Use to M-N store samplers, needlework, handmade lace, quilts, and d other heirlooms. Pack of 10 sheets measuring 24" x 36" each. h

M-N. Acid-Free Tissue Paper

M. Acid-Free Buffered Tissue Paper 7408 $6.99

Neutral pH 7.0. Lignin free. Use with wool, silk and leather. If you are unsure of the materials, choose e the un-buffered paper.

7409 $8.99 7410 $18.50

L J. This head has a blue bow and band with two pink roses in her blond hair. She measures 3h from top of bun to base. From chin to top of head (not including hairdo) is 1.75. Arms NOT included. 7481 $4.99 K. These full-length arms are 2.25 long with the hand being 0.5
x .375. Sold as a pair.

N. Unbuffered Tissue Paper 7408A $6.99

O-T. Made with Love Charms


Personalize your gifts with these 0.5 metal charms.

O. P.

Gold Nickel

7521 $4.99 7522 $3.99

7486 $3.50 L. These beautiful doll heads measure 1 long and come in a variety of eye and hair color combinations. They are hand painted with assorted hairstyles. Because they are handmade, they may take longer to get. Please be patient - theyre truly worth the wait!

Q. Shimmering Snowflake (1) R .75 assorted styles 7525 $1.75 S R. Mini Snowflake (4) .375, set of 4 7526 $2.80 S. #1 MOM T 1 x 0.5 7527 $2.50

PORCHD $16.99

T. #1 GRANDMA P 1.5 x 0.5 7528 $2.50

2012 Retail Catalog


C. Itty Bitties
Use this set of 3 small slightly domed strong earth magnets to keep your needles or other accessories handy. The proceeds help the Arkansas Cares project. $3.99 each set.

230-233-0001 230-233-0002 D

Pastel Animal Prints

D. Recylced Tool Case

A. Stitch Happy 3-Pocket Totes

These sturdy totes will hold your projects with ease. The large bag measures 13.5W x 12.5H x 4D. There is a pocket in the front and on each side with a snap-top closure. $16.50 each.

This great plastic case not only keeps your tools together but helps the planet because it is made of recycled materials. The case measures 8" x 2.5" x .875".

6420D $5.99 E F

6430C 6430D

Green Blue



B. Stitch Happy Take Along Totes

This is a great little tote for taking your smaller projects with you. The tote has a wide bottom so it will sit flat. 11.5W x 7.5H x 4.75D at the base. There is a pocket on the outside front. $12.99 each.

E. Cats Needle Case

This solid-wood needle case is 3" x 2" x .875". The lid is etched with two cats and slides back to reveal the treasures inside.

6430F G




F. Slim Slider Needle Case

Store your needles in style with this solid-wood needle box. The box measures 3.5" x 1.125" x .625". The top slides back to reveal the treasures inside!

G. Small Heart Dazzle Box

The heart measures approximately 1.75" wide x 1.75" tall. The inside and bottom of the box is covered in black felt. Assorted colors.

7459A $19.99 H. Jeweled Medallion Counting Pin

Let this elegant pin keep track of your place on your fabric. Comes with an end cap to keep it in place. 2.5 x 1.

7459B $23.99 I. Yellow Ducky Tape Measure I

This lucky ducky wants to go home with you. The duck is 3 x 2.5 with a 60 and 150 cm tape measure which rewinds at the touch of a button.

7013B $3.99 H J. In Style File

Keep your fingernails smooth with this 5 long, highquality 2-sided nail file. Snap-shut plastic case keeps it safe in your stitching bag. Assorted styles.

6500C $5.50

7167A $11.99 K. Matchbox Mini Nail Files

Just the right size to carry in your purse or stitching bag. There are 12 colorful mini nail files each 2.5 x .375. Comes in a cute matchbox container. Assorted styles.

L. Erasable Memo Pad

This silicon pad and pen work together so you can write down reminders or notes to yourself. Then when you are done, erase it with the soft, flexible part of the pen. The pad is 3" x 3" x .25" with a storage spot for the 3.5" pen.

6611E $3.99

6611D $3.99

6667 $16.99

M. Stash Cases
Great for storing the little accessories or orts. The case is taffeta with and measures1.5"h x 2.5" round. $16.75 each.

Other colors available:

Violet (shown) Lapis Lime Turquoise

370-517-0031 370-517-0032 370-517-0033

We add new products almost every week! See the latest by clicking the NEW button at

2012 Retail Catalog


Dovo Scissors

A-J. Fine Embroidery Scissors from Dovo of Germany.

In the German Solingen Valley, Dovo is the oldest scissors company in Germany and they have been called the finest embroidery scissors made. When you hold a Dovo scissors in your hand you will feel how sturdy and high quality they are. Their fine sharp points are perfect for Hardanger embroidery and every other embroidery technique. Treat yourself to one of these exquisite scissors and youll see for yourself just how incredible they are. These scissors are made by Solingen master grinders under most rigid control, from the finest, hot forged special steel. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

A. Dovo Embroidery Scissors Gold Handles

3.5" long and comes with leather sheath.

C. Dovo Black Satin Teflon

3.5" long.

E. Dovo Left-Handed Scissors

3.5" long.

305-235-0001 $63.99 B. Dovo Silver Satin Finish Forged Steel

3.5" long.

305-235-0003 $59.99 D. Dovo Hardanger Embroidery Scissors

3.5 long.

305-235-0007 $60.99 F. Dovo Old Rose Gold

3.5 long.

305-235-0002 $51.99

305-235-0009 $60.99

305-235-0005 $39.99

G. Dovo Satin Finish 4 long. 305-235-0004 $55.99 H. Dovo Left-Handed Blue Satin Handle 3.5 long. 305-235-0008 $60.99 I. Dovo Ladybug Scissors 3.5 long. 305-235-0011 $44.99 J. Dovo Hardanger Scissors & Tweezers Set

These scissors are made by Solingen master grinders under most rigid control, from the finest, hot forged special steel. Satisfaction is guaranteed. The 3.5 Hardanger scissors with leather sheath is paired with a wide grip tweezers and presented in a special Dovo metal box.

305-235-0010 $74.99
3.5" embroidery scissors with fine, sharp tips and packaged with a leather sheath. All have slim blades, sharp tips and are perfect for intricate needlework. Nickel-plated blades and gold-plated handles.

K. Cotton Candy Embroidery Scissors

These colorful 3.5" embroidery scissors with coordinating tip cover feature sharp blades, a compact size and are very economical.

L. Lions Tail Embroidery Scissors 7189 $24.99 M. Stork Embroidery Scissors 7190 $24.99 N. Epaulette Embroidery Scissors ssors 7191 $24.99



Pink Lavender


7250 $6.99 7250A $6.99 7250B $6.99

UL Y 1 7, 201

SALE $18.74



2012 Retail Catalog

A. Scissoroo Scissors
A uniquely Australian pair of scissors featuring the iconic kangaroo. Hand-crafted in Italy and packaged in an attractive matte-black tin. Measures 3.5 long with 1.5 blade. Goldroo - Gold kangaroo on nickel (silver-colored)
Silver or Gold

B-C. Metallic Thread Scissors

7199 $49.99
Silveroo Silver kangaroo on gold (nickel-plated)

7199A $49.99

B C B. With one mini serrated blade on the bottom C. Dont ruin your expensive embroidery scisA
to hold the metallic thread steady, the top blade will neatly make the cut. No straggly threads! Large finger holes for comfortable working is a feature of this 22K-gold-plated special task scissors. sors by cutting metallic threads! Here is an inexpensive 4 pair of scissors made especially for metallic threads. Metallic Thread Scissors

D-H. Exquisite Embroidery Scissors from Sajou of France.

7233 $8.50

305-371-1525 $18.99 Quality scissors can be distinguished by, among other things, their 'pairing marks' on the inside of the blades: this is a sign that the blades have been perfectly adjusted from the beginning of their production. These scissors are adorned with a pompom and set in a beautiful gift box. H.

Mother-of-Pearl Scissors

D-E. Wood Handle Scissors

The handles of these 4.5" scissors are made of Rosewood (D) and Olive Wood (E). The fine, delicate blades are engraved Sajou.

D. Rosewood Sajou Scissors 305-079-0006 $99.99 E. Olive Wood Sajou Scissors 305-079-0007 $99.99 D E

F-G. Onyx Handle Scissors from Sajou of France

The handles on these 4.5" scissors are made from imitation onyx. During the 19th century, scissors with handles made from natural materials were extremely popular.

F. Blue Onyx Sajou Scissors 305-079-0008 $99.99 G. Red Onyx Sajou Scissors 305-079-0009 $99.99

Sajou of France. The Charles X era is famous for the sophistication and quality of its objects. As far as sewing kits and scissors making, the years 1820-1830, saw the production in France of veritable marvels. These 4" scissors are inspired by the Charles X style. They have mother-of-pearl effect handles, a very popular material of the time, and the blades are fine and delicate. Together they make a very light pair of scissors that are a delight to use. Quality scisH sors can be recognized by, among other things, their pairing marks.These are the signs that the blades have been perfectly adjusted from the start of their fabrication. These scissors, including the pompom, are made entirely in France, and it takes a dozen qualified people to make each pair. Boxed.

305-079-0003 $99.99
Other beautiful scissors by Sajou are available on the website.


I-K. Clauss Goldline Embroidery Scissors

J L. Designer Series Tessa Embroidery Scissors from Gingher.

This limited edition scissors is 4 long with a fi f fine ne sharp point and designer print handles. Each one is a little different! Points are needle-sharp in these Italianmade scissors, and perfect for the most delicate cutting and trimming. These 24 K gold-plated bows scissors may be used by both right- and left-handed stitchers.

K K. Clauss Goldline Wood Box Scissors Set

Made in Italy, this scissors set includes a 3.5 Lions Tail embroidery scissors, a 3.5 Stork embroidery scissors and a 4 Straight Blade embroidery scissors. This fine quality set comes in an exquisite wood case, lined with black velvet and white satin in the inner lid.

7192T $48.50
While quantities last!

I. Lions Tail Embroidery Scissors 3.5 7253 $17.99 L J. Stork Embroidery Scissors 3.5 7253A $17.99

7254 $49.99

2012 Retail Catalog


A-I. Sullivans 4" Heirloom Embroidery Scissors

High quality stainless steel blades with sharp points that allow for delicate cutting and trimming.

A. Leaf Scissors
(Round Handle) - Silver

D. Wing Scissors
(Square Handle) - Copper

G.The handles are pewter, shaped

in a delicate teardrop with a filigree design.

7174 $19.99 B. Leaf Scissors

(Round Handle) - Copper

7175C $19.99 E. The handles are gunmetal gray

with beautiful gold detail.

7175F $19.99 H. The handles are silver shaped in

a delicate teardrop with a gold filigree design.

7174C $19.99 C. Wing Scissors

(Square Handle) - Antique Silver

7175D $19.99 F. Embroidery Scissors

(Round Handle) - The handles are pewter with a beautiful design.

7175G $19.99 I. The handles are gunmetal, shaped

in a delicate tear drop with a gold filigree design.

7175 $19.99

7175E $19.99 J. Lady Bug Cutter Sets

This delightful set includes the lady bug cutter which attaches to the work surface with a sticky tab, the 4" scissors with lady bug printed handles, and the 3.75" tweezers, also with the lady bug print.

7175H $19.99

K. Grasshopper Scissors
Unlike any other scissors, these measure only 2.25" in length. When you squeeze the wings the tiny blades make precise, close cuts perfect for Hardanger, drawn thread work and other stitching projects. Silver

7178 $21.99

L-M. Sidehopper Jump Stitch Scissors

The 2.5 Sidehopper Jump Stitch get in close enough to cut even the finest threads in your stitching. The blades are extra fine.

7230A $19.99 J

L. Green 7178A $21.99 M. Fuchsia 7178B $21.99

Titaniaum Fine Cut Scissors


This scissor combines quality and innovation with fun vibrant colors. Precisionground titanium blades stay sharper longer. Each pair has a contoured soft grip handle for comfort and control. Scissors as colorful and cool as the people who use them!

Blooms 3" Titanium Fine Cut Scissors

These scissors are 3 times harder and longer lasting than stainless steel scissors. They out perform Fiskars scissors in independent cut tests. Available in three color combinations. Each pair is $4.99.

N. 3 Titanium Fine Cut Scissors Pink O. 3 Titanium Fine Cut Scissors Lavender P. 4 Titanium Fine Cut Scissors Pink Q. 4 Titanium Fine Cut Scissors Lavender

7252D $7.99 7252E $7.99 7252K $7.99 7252L $7.99

R. S. T.

Pink/Green Blue/Purple Red/Orange

7252A $4.99 7252B $4.99 7252C $4.99


2012 Retail Catalog

Assorted Styles

Assorted Styles

A. Cat Snip Scissors 305-475-0022 $12.99 B. Steweb Scissors

In this 3.75 scissors the handle holes are shaped like spider webs, with lightening bolts moving up to the blades. Finished in primitive matte black.

D. Stained Glass Stork Scissors

Heat transfer process produces beautiful rainbow colors on this 3.5" scissors, great for Hardanger and cross-stitch.

F. Angel Scissors
This 4" angel embroidery scissors will watch over your embroidery. Wings are 2" wide. Assorted styles and colors.

7249A $13.99 E. Stork Scissors

This 3.5" stork embroidery scissors will brighten up your sewing space! Assorted colors.

7208C $3.99 G. Gold Angel Scissors

This golden angel measures 3.75 with short .5 blades.

305-475-0017 $12.99 C. This black and cream floral


scissors measures

7208A $3.99

305-475-0016 $12.99

7208 $3.99 H I H. Rabbit Scissors

European made, lifetime guarantee, precision needleart stainless scissors with a gold handle. 4" long.

7241A $10.99 I. Ice Cream Swirls Scissors

3.5" embroidery scissors with a matching leather sheath is decorated with luscious swirls of shades of purple.

7226 $8.99 J. Pastel Scissors J

These 3.5 all-metal embroidery scissors come in assorted colors.

L-M. Storklette Scissors

These 2.75" Storklette scissors may be miniature in size but mighty in snipping!

7208B $3.99 K. Heart Scissors in Pink

This 3.5" pair of scissors has heart-shaped handles that are coated to produce the mottled effect.

L. Primitive 305-475-0020 $12.99 M. Silver 305-475-0021 $12.99

305-234-0005 $10.99 K N. Litl Snips

These little scissors are only 2.5 long but have sharp points and oversized finger holes. Gold Handles Stainless Steel Silver

7222 $16.50 7222S $11.99

O. Protect your scissors and stitching tools with this lovely purple leatherette case that holds 4 tools on each side. The case measures 6.25 x 8.75 x 1.25.
Leatherette Zippered Tool Case

P. Short Stuff Scissors

European made, lifetime guarantee on this 2.5" scissors for fine embroidery. Pink leather sheath included.



7240A $9.99

2012 Retail Catalog


Newest Scissors and Scissors Accessories!

Show your patriotic pride with these 3.75" pairs of scissors. The handles have been specially coated with the design. The scissors come in a protective plastic pouch.

E. Going Batty Scissors

The handles have been specially coated with flying black bats on an orange and yellow background.

A. Patriot Scissors 305-234-0007 $11.99 B. Oh Canada Scissors 305-234-0008 $11.99

C. Union Jack Scissors 305-234-0009 $11.99 D. Down Under Scissors 305-234-0011 $11.99 G. Daisy Scissors
These fun scissors look like blooming daisies. They measure approximately 3.5" x 2.5" with sharp blades. They are the featured accessory in the Whoopsy Daisy Accessories design (140-475-0053).

305-234-0010 $11.99 F. Double Trouble Scissors

This pair of 4.25" scissors has been cleverly designed so that two cats adorn the scissors with their tails becoming part of the finger holes.

305-234-0012 $17.99

305-475-0025 $12.50 H. Purrfect Point Scissors

Cute and functional, this 4.13" long scissors brings a smile every time you snip a thread!

7208E $3.99

L-M. Perfect Scissors

K. Small Round Designer Reel
This fashionable designer reel is perfect for attaching those things you need to keep track of. Assorted colors and designs. In two sizes, each features micro serrated blades, comfortable soft handles and a protective plastic cover.

I. Mitten Scissors Pal

Don't be the stitcher that lost her scissors! Keep track of them with this adorable mitten scissors pal. The pal measures 5.5" in total length with the mitten 1" x .75".

L. Perfect Scissors 7.5 M. Perfect Scissors 4.25

7230E $25.99 7230D $19.99

380-670-0050 $11.99

N-Q. Tool Tails

These decorative glass "tool tails" would be great to attach to your scissors as a fob. The tail measures approximately 6.5" x 2". $8.99 each.

7204B $8.99

J. Dual Scissors Case

The plastic case securely holds two pairs of your embroidery scissors.


P P. Jewelled Heart Q. Crystal/Clear

Q 7143C 7143D

7243 $6.99 R. 4 Thread Scissors

This pair of mini scissors has large handles yet fine and sharp blades for precision work.

N Purple Shimmer 7143A N. O O. Topaz 7143B

7205 $3.99


2012 Retail Catalog

Get Some Bling for your Scissors

A. Silver Clock Scissors Charmer
Working clock measures .875" round and will keep track of your scissors as well as the time!

D. Art Glass Tool Tails

These decorative glass "tool tails" would be great to attach to your scissors as a fob. Assorted styles and colors.

7141K $13.99 D A B C

7143 $8.80

E E. Flea Market Scissors Fob

High quality beads, stones and charms decorate a beautiful Fob for your stitching tools.

B-C. Scissor Charmers

Add some attitude to your scissors, phone, or other accessory with these cute charmers. The loop is approximately 4 around. Length of loop with charms is 3.5".

380-475-0001 $10.99

F F. Designer Reels - Modern Dazzles

The reel measures 1.25" x 1.25" and clips on your bag, frame, or clothing. Snap your scissors, glasses, or ID badge onto the sturdy plastic ring. The reel extends 32". Assorted designs.

B. Hummingbird & Hibiscus 7141H $7.99 C. Heart Elegance 7141M $4.99


G-K. Fanciful Attraction Scissors Minders

Keep your scissors at your side when you use this new little gadget that has a strong magnet attached to the back and a second magnet to keep it in place. Pretty on your refrigerator too!

7204F $13.99 L M N

G. H. I. J. K.

Dragonfly Sea Turtle Sassy Cat Hummingbird Maple Leaf

2.25" x 2.75" 2.25" x 2" 1.5" x 2.12" 2.5" x 2.75" 2.5" x 3"

7151 $12.99 7151A $12.99 7151B $12.99 7151C $12.99 7151D $12.99

Q. Leather Scissors Case with Snap

If a scissors sheath just doesnt seem like enough protection for your most precious embroidery scissors, you need this butter-soft black leather scissors case. It has a velvet lining for extra protection, and snaps closed so your scissors cant fall out. 2.5" x 4.25".

L-O. Point Protectors by Clover

These colorful sets of Clover point protectors will keep your scissors points safe from harm. They also fit knitting needles six #0 - 10.5. Each one is .5" long.

L. Clover Point Protectors & Stopper (6 in package) 7248F $5.75 M. Clover Point Protectors Petite (4 in package) 7248G $5.75 N. Clover Point Protectors Small (4 in package) 7248A $3.50 O. Bright yellow 1 rubber scissors tip protectors (12 in package) 7248 $2.75

P P. Lightweight Leather Scissors Sheath

Great value sheath in assorted fun colors.

7234 $6.99

7244 $3.75 R R. Gingher Leather Scissors Sheath

Protect the points of your 3.5" to 4" fine embroidery scissors with this leather sheath.

7245 $4.50

2012 Retail Catalog


Nordic Attraction Magnetic Needle Minders


A-I. Nordic Attraction Magnetic Needle Minders

Exclusively from Nordic Needle. Each beautiful needle minder charm has a powerful magnet behind the front and a second strong magnet on the back. Attach it to your fabric or canvas to keep needles handy. The magnets are so strong, the needle minder will even hold a scissors! Slide the magnets to separate them. Keep away from magnet-sensitive devices.

A. Rosemal 7153A $8.99 B. Scrolls 7153D $8.99 C. Swirls 7154A $8.99 K. Birds Nest Needle Rest
Let this bird stand watch over your nest of needles! The "nest" has 8 strong magnets so you can preload your needles and be ready to sit and stitch. The bird stands 3" tall. Assorted colors.

D. Sea Turtle 7153E $8.99 E. Cobalt Leaf 7155C $8.99 F. Cat Cameo 7155H $8.99 L. Boo Boo Roller.

G. Sacagawea Dollar Coin 7155S $8.99 H. Abalone 7155D $8.99 I. Snowflake 7155A $8.99

Pick up those little bits of threads off your fabric. The pink roller has a sticky surface that will not hurt your threads or fabrics. Folded it measures 4" x 1.5" x 1.25". The roller is 3" long.

6728 $4.99 L

J J. Vintage Attraction Magnetic Needle Minder Jeweled Butterfly

This jeweled butterfly will keep your needles and small scissors handy as you stitch. Magnets attach the butterfly to your fabric or magnetic boards. The butterfly measures 2.25" x 1.5".

7007A $13.99 M. Matryoshka Doll Sewing Kit

This adorable Russian sewing kit opens up to reveal a bobbin for winding thread with a hole to hold your needles. The bobbin can be removed if you desire. The doll is 2.5" tall and 1.5" wide. Assorted colors/styles.

7157 $12.99


355-030-0001 $9.99

U. Heart Needle Nanny

Use this lovely needle minder to keep your needles and scissors from getting away. Heart Needle Nanny.

380-670-0013 $11.99 V. Project Bag

This sturdy nylon bag is 19.7" x 15.7" x 6.1" with seven large and small internal pockets and a clear zipper pouch on a built-in three-ring binder clip. Has heavy-duty zippers and both short and shoulder length handles.

N-T. Needle Minders by Kelmscott Designs

Magnets hold the Minder on your fabric so you can rest your needle while you are away or set this beautiful Minder on a table and your needle will be there when you get back. Each Needle Minder is 1.25" x 1.75". $10.50 Each.

N. Dragonfly O. Cat on Pillow P. Hummingbird Q. Lily of the Valley R. Acorn S. Thistle T. Lighthouse

380-475-0011 380-475-0008 380-475-0017 380-475-0013 380-475-0014 380-475-0019 380-475-0020

6440M $40.50 S


2012 Retail Catalog

A-D. Magnetic Bars

Use these magnetic bars to hold a pattern or mark your line. Each measures 4.375 x .625 x .125. Made in America.



E-G. Nordic Attraction Magnetic Line Marker.

Use these 14 flexible magnetic line markers to highlight a specific chart line or mark off an entire area. Park several pre-threaded needles on the magnetic line, and it is strong enough to hold embroidery scissors!! $7.99 each

E. Black 6775A F. Multi-color 6775B D A. Stained Glass Magnetic Bar B. Imagination Magnetic Bar C. Babushka Magnetic Bar D.Bird & Flower Magnetic Bar 6771 $6.99 6771A $6.99 6771B $6.99 6771C $6.99 H

(one color per marker)

G. Assorted Colors 6775C I. Magnetic Tool Holder

Keep your tools, scissors, and glasses handy with this magnetic holder. The holder is 2.25 wide x 4 tall x 1.5 deep. Two sturdy magnets hold it to any metal surface. Great also for home and office to keep your pens and pencils handy!

H. Magnetic Line Counters

This handy line counter has a 1.5 magnifying spot in the center of the lens! It has a magnet at each corner to hold it firmly on your magnetic chart holder. Clear red lines make it easy to follow your chart.

J-K. Designer Magnet Board with Stand & Magnets

6765 $27.99
Get the same line counter without the magnifier!

6766 $15.99


L J J. Functional and beautiful, this 12

x 12 aqua magnet board has a decorative scalloped border and comes with an attractive brown stand and a set of 12 brown 1 round enamel button magnets.

M M. Parking Spot

Laying Tool Sold Separately

Fucshia magnetic board with white stand and 12 white 1 round enamel button magnets.

L. Posers (Scissors Savers)

Attach this magnetic figure to your magnet board and let him hold your scissors! It will surely be the talk of your stitching group! Assorted Poser shapes and colors.


6773D $25.99

6773B $25.99

7160 $11.99 O P

The center spot is spring loaded and holds anything that you snap between it's jaws; how about your laying tool, scissors, or even a pencil or marking pen. The rim around the parking spot is magnetized and will hold your needles. PLUS, there are magnets on the back to either attach to a metal surface or use both magnets to hold it to your fabric while you stitch.

N-P. Magnetic Storage Tubes. N

What a clever idea! This 3.5 glass tube is held in place by a magnetic frame which you can attach to any metal surface. Use it to hold a stitching tool (not included) or a pen. $7.99 each

380-083-0001 $18.99

N. Black 6775G O. Red 6775H




This free standing metal display board is 7" x 9.25" with a 2.5" base with four silver .25" magnets. Two colors!

T-U. Free Standing Magnetic Board

T. U.

Lavender Black

6773E $9.99 6773F $9.99

V-W. Table/Counter Magnetic Organizer Q-S. Magnetic Hooks

This 1.5" hook will stick to any magnetic surface. Hang your scissors or anything with a loop on the hook. $3.50 each. Use the metal board to hold your pattern or favorite photos. Add the optional tool holders and your stitching station is all set up. The stand is 14" wide x 12" tall with a storage area behind the board, 3" deep with a 4" lip. Two colors!

Q. Black 6775K R. Red 6775L

S. Silver 6775M V

V. Red (glossy finish) 385-813-0001 $29.99 W. Black (matte finish) 385-813-0002 $29.99

2012 Retail Catalog


A. LoRan 8 x 10 Magnetic Board.

This magnetic board is great for holding your patterns and notes. Even use it to keep your threaded needles organized.

B. SAR Prop-It Needlework Chart Holder

This portable, free-standing magnetic chart holder is the easy way to hold needlework charts and patterns. Folds open instantly and closes flat to 8" x11" for convenient storage and portability. Includes a separate magnetic board and magnets.

6773 $7.50

6772 $22.99 C. Prop-It Needlework eedlework Tote T te To Bag

A convenient way to carry your chartholder rtholder plus project.

6772B $14.25 25 D F F. Feline Chart Magnets

These 9 cat magnets capture a part of a cats day whether napping, primping, or guarding their house. The magnets vary in size from 1.75" to .75".

C G. Jeweled Tone Magnets

Package of 5 colorful magnets .75 tall each.

7004D $9.99 G

E E. Designer Owl Chart Magnets D. Prop-It Hands-Free Page Magnifier

This incredible device lets you magnify an entire page. The 2power page magnifier is 8" x 11" comes with the metal stand. The metal stand holds the magnifier at an ideal reading angle. A collection of very mighty little magnets! There are ten individual magnets. Two magnets have the owls in a tree and measure .81" x 1.75" and eight magnets, each .81" square. They are all in a clear plastic storage case. Made in America.

7004L $20.99

K K. Magnetic Variety Set I H J

Use these amazingly powerful magnets to hold your needles or even your scissors on your fabric or canvas while you stitch. Set includes six pair of magnets in three sizes .25", .375", and .5". Keep these powerful magnets away from credit cards, computers and cellphones. Do NOT use if you wear a pacemaker.

6772C $29.99

7004R $19.99

H-J. Pull-Apart Magnets

Hold your pattern or photo using both parts or use one side separately on your magnetic board. Sure to bring a smile!

H. I. J.

Pull-Apart Penguin Chart Magnet Pull-Apart Duck Chart Magnet Pull-Apart Alligator Chart Magnet

7002P $9.99 7002Q $9.99 7002S $9.99

7003V $14.99 S. Telescoping Magnet Wand

How many times have your needles or scissors spilled over and you have had to go hunting behind furniture or between cushions to recover them? This handy wand extends to 35" with a strong magnetic tip to retrieve your lost needles while you stay seated! Silver-tone.

L-Q. Magnets for Many Uses

These amazingly powerful magnets will hold your needles or even your scissors on your fabric or canvas while you stitch. Keep these powerful magnets away from credit cards, computers and cell phones. Do not use if you wear a pacemaker.

L. The Little Square Magnets

.375, 4 in pkg

O. Super Heavy Duty Craft Magnets

8 small-8x3mm

7003A $6.50 M. Super Strength Magnets

2 pair - .25 & .3125

7003E $6.99 P. Super Heavy Duty Craft Magnets

3 medium-12x3mm

R R. Pattern Tamers
Finally, a magnetic line marker that does not need the magnetic board! Each pattern tamer is a long covered magnet, and when folded together will snugly hold and mark your pattern. Three sizes are included, 12.75", 10", and 6". Assorted colors and designs.

7003C $3.75 N. Magnetic Duo

2 pair

7003F $6.99 Q. Ultimate Craft Magnet


7003D $6.99

7003S $3.99

6775 $17.50

7200 $7.99


2012 Retail Catalog

A-B. Stitch Markers.

Use this pair of stitch markers/counting pins to keep a spot on your fabric marked or to help count the threads to A your next stitch. The stones on top of the 1.375" pin will be assorted colors and shapes, but each pair will match.

C-E. Nordic Needle Counting Pins

Let these counting pins simplify your stitching. Count once and mark your spot! No more guessing or recounting to find your place.

C. Magnetic Counting Pin/ Needle Minder

This two-in-one tool is a counting pin with a cap, plus it has a magnet for holding your threaded needle.

7170M $3.99 D. Decorative Counting Pins

This pair of counting pins is decorated with an iridescent piece of abalone shell. Each counting pin measures 2.25" in length and comes with a point cap to keep the pin where you place it.

A. Tropical Collection Stitch Markers 7172A $7.50 B. Semi Precious Stitch Markers 7172B $8.99 F. Jeweled Counting Pins
These elegant floral counting pins are beautifully detailed in a cloisonn look complemented with jewels. The counting pin is 2.50" long; the entire pin with flower is 3". Protective cap on the pin will hold it in place on your fabric. The 3" velvet pillow is included with your pin that comes in a variety of colors and colors.

7170G $5.99

D E. Vintage Elegance Set

Take a trip back in time with this beautiful set. The pair of counting pins measures 2.25 in length. Complete the set with the matching needle minder.



7169V $11.99

UL Y 1 7, 201

SALE $8.99


7167 $9.99 G. Iced Candy Counting Pins

Nordic Needle Exclusive!! This set of 3 counting pins are 2 long and come with a cap to keep the pin right where you placed it!

H. Golden Butterfly Counting Pins

This lovely set of counting pins are adorned with golden butterflies that will sparkle while marking your place on the fabric or canvas. The counting pin is 2.75" long with a cap to keep the pin securely where you place it. The butterflies are .75 " x .75". Set of two.

7170N $4.99 H

Nordic Needle carries almost 20,000 stitching supplies. See all the products at

7170H $4.99 M M. Beaded Needle Threaders

Each threader has a beautiful flat stone and matching beads. The threader has a clasp to attach to your scissors so it will always be ready to use. If the clasp does not fit your scissors, a 2" strap is included with your threader. The threader from the top of the loop to the clasp measures approximately 3.75". Assorted colors.

I-O. Needle Threaders


7071 $7.50 N I. Susan Bates

Package of two sturdy metal needle threaders.

These hand-painted needle threaders will add a touch of holiday spirit to your stitching area. The threader measures 1.75" x .75" with a wire loop.

K. LoRan
Metal threader with two sizes of metal hooks rather than wires.

N. Candy Corn O. Holly

7323 $5.99 7323A $5.99

7072 $1.50 J. Clover

Unique design with a flat tip allows you to thread thin or thick threads. Protective cap. Sturdy design.

6817 $1.89 L. Black Oval with Wire 7079 $.90 P

P. 1 Round Magnet
Use this cute magnet on as board or on your fabric to hold your needle. Black Cat.

7086 $10.99
2012 Retail Catalog

7319D $9.99






A-J. Designer Tool Cases

A Designer Tool Cases Dots A. 7016 Slate Blue with White Dots B. 7016A Copper with White Dots Designer Tool Cases Geometric G. 7016M Purple H. 7016N K. Stick N Store
Sticky mat holds beads, charms, needles, small scissors and many other accessories. Just remove mat and wash in soapy water to clean and restore stickiness. Clear plastic clip-shut box measures 4" x 4" x .75" deep. Items shown are sold separately. These wonderful tool cases have two large sheet magnets on the inside with elastic straps to hold your scissors and small accessories. The designer tool cases measure 4.5 x 2.75 x .625. Choose from several designs and colors! $10.99 Each. Red with White Dots Black with White Dots

C. 7016B D. 7016C

E. 7016D F. 7016J

Pink with White Dots White with Black Dots

Designer Tool Cases Heart Design J. 7016L I. 7016K Red


M. Magnetic Needle Case

Attractive metal slide box x includes a strong magnet to hold needles securely in place. ace. Needles not included.

7011 $6.99 L. Magnetic Needle Minder

Plastic box with clear cover measures 3" x 1.5" x .5" and comes with two size 24 tapestry needles.

6342 $15.99

N-U. Perforated Paper.

This 14-count perforated paper is wonderful for needlework, beading, scrapbooking, and more! Two sheets per package, 9 x 12.

7012 $2.75

V-X. Fabric Cleaning Products

V. Restoration Fabric Restorer N-U
Removes yellowing, fold lines, and most stains while freshening your delicate textile heirlooms. Two pounds.

N. White 7133 $3.99 O. Ant. Brown 7135 $3.99 P. Flourish Wheat Q. Flourish Spruce R. Flourish Denim S. Flourish Lilac T. Flourish Rose U. Flourish Taupe

W. Magic Needlework Cleaner

Contains an exclusive grit-free powder that has the unusual power to absorb dirt. Squeeze the puff so bits of powder sift through the fabric of the puff. Then rub the puff against your needlework to pick up dirt.

Jim Shore Perforated Paper

870-542-0501 $6.50 870-542-0502 $6.50 870-542-0503 $6.50 870-542-0504 $6.50 870-542-0505 $6.50 870-542-0506 $6.50 Y. Mesh Bag Sewing Kit
Mesh bag measures 7.5 X 3.5" X 2" and is filled with essentials. Included are a pin cushion, seam ripper, thimble, buttons, fasteners, safety pins, needles, thread, 7" embroidery scissors tap measure, white marking pencil, all to match the color of the bag. Assorted colors.

6599 $18.99


6597 $4.30 X. Treasure Wash

Specially formulated for your treasured handmades, use this product for washing cross-stitch, quilts and other needlework projects. Color safe. No phosphates or perfumes. 8 oz.

6601 $5.50 Z Z. Stitchers Essential sential To T Tools ols

Pretty tty padded case snaps ps shut and includes des a scissors, seam m ripper, r tweezers, several r, needles, thread. dles and 7 colors of thread

AA. Floral Sewing Case Kit

Inside this 4 x 6 zippered sewing case is a pair of scissors, tape measure, seam ripper, package of needles, and a thimble. There are elastic loops to add your own accessories.


7026 $7.99

7027B $11.99

355-234-0001 $19.99


2012 Retail Catalog

Namaste Cases

B-L. Mesh Bags and Pouches.

D. Mesh Project Bags D

These high-quality, see through vinyl bags have a mesh webbing that makes them ideal for a strong and functional project bag. They have zippered tops and a .75 gusset. The mesh is not breathable.

A A. Buddy Case


This buddy for your bag was created for stitchers with hidden magnetized interior walls to keep scissors, needles, and small items put! This fun case has a removable interior divider. Made of faux leather with contrast stitching and solid construction. 5.5" x 1.75" x 3". Each case is $17.99.

Mesh Bag 5 x 9 Mesh Bag 5 x 13 Mesh Bag 10 x 13 Mesh Bag 12 x 16

6463 $3.40 6463A $3.50 6463B $4.75 6463C $4.99

I. Mesh Bags C
Oh Snap! Mesh pouches are carefully crafted to keep your projects organized. B. This set contains three sizes. Small (6.5" x 1" x 4"), Medium (9" x 1.25" x 7"), and Large (10" x 2" x 8"). Black 370-605-0021 Two sizes available in these non-breathable mesh bags that are perfect for your stitching, knitting or other I supplies that need to be organized. The entire bag including the mesh is light blue. 10" x 13" light blue mesh bag

370-605-0001 370-605-0002 370-605-0004

Eggplant Peacock Red SilvER



370-605-0023 $17.99


How about two larger pouches? XL (14"x 2"x10") and XXL (15.5" x 2"x 13"). Pink 370-605-0024

Black 370-605-0022 $17.99


6463D $4.75
12" x 16" light blue mesh bag

E. Metallic Mesh Bags

This set of three durable mesh bags have zipper closings and measure 6.25" x 5.25" x 1.38", and 6.75" x 5.5" x 1.75", and 8" x 6" x 2.25". Seethrough mesh enables you to view contents without opening the zipper. Gold 6460 $10.75 Silver 6459 $10.75

6463E $4.99 J. Mesh Bag with Handles and Pocket

These high-quality, see-through vinyl bags have a non-breathable mesh webbing that makes them strong while protecting your projects. The bag has a zippered top with an outside zipped pocket and handles. Two sizes available. 10 x 13 12 x 16

F. Mesh Bags.
Perfect for storage and you can stitch on them too! This 40-count mesh bag is 7" x 5" x 1.25" with the trim in three different colors of your choice! Mesh Bag with Green Trim

L. TwoPocket Project Packs

6460A $4.25 6460B $4.25 Mesh Bag with Lavender Trim 6460C $4.25 G. Tri-Pocket Mesh Pouch
Mesh Bag with Black Trim

Organize your stitching supplies in these color coded bags. Each bag has a zippered top with a see-through mesh front with a private zippered inside pouch for additional storage or those small items that might slip through the mesh. This set includes 4 bags: Orange/Large 13 x 10, Red/Medium 10 x 8.25, Yellow/Small 8 x 6, and Blue/Elongated 12.75 x 5.75.

The versatile Tri-Pocket nylon mesh pouch measures 14 x 9 with a front zippered breathable mesh pocket, zippered interior pouch and Velcro back pocket. Its perfect for taking a project on the go. Four colors to choose from. Green Red 6461 $13.99 6461B $13.99


6461A $13.99 H. Striped Mesh Pouch

Mini assorted colors in size 5.5 x 4


6461C $13.99

6470 $8.99 6470A $10.99

6462 $5.75

Medium striped mesh pouch, assorted colors. 9.5" x 6.5"

6462A $9.99 K K. Dimensional Mesh Bag

What a great way to keep track of those small tools! This high-quality seethrough vinyl bag has a non-breathable mesh webbing that makes it strong while protecting your tools. Size is 8 x 3 x 3 with a zippered closure. Dimensional Mesh Bag-Clear


6466 $14.99 M. Project Portfolio M

green & black not shown

You will find this portfolio a great organizational tool to keep your projects together. The portfolio is 12.5 x 12.5 and 1.25 deep. There is a Velcro closure and the clear plastic is acid free. Its great for scrapbookers, as it will hold up to 200 sheets of 12 x 12 paper!

6431 $2.25

6471 $3.99

2012 Retail Catalog


A-G. Colors of Laurel Burch Totes and Bags

Nothing can quite compare to Laurel Burch prints. Take some of her creativity along with you with these adorable feline themed totes and bags made with Laurel Burch prints. Perfect for your stitch supplies and projects, or for use as your purse or tote bag. Workmanship is wonderful! Beads, sequins, and other accents adorn several of these bags.

A. Canine Tote Bag

This colorful canine bag measures 15 wide x 5 deep x 11 tall and has a handy inside zippered 6 x 7 pouch pocket. Beads decorate the two handles and the top zippers shut. Both ends have pockets with snap-shut tabs. Wooden dog tag can be used for a scissors fob.

F. Feline Large Tote Quilted Indigo Cats

This delightful over-sized Laurel Burch tote is great for your large on-the-go projects. The zippered bag is made from quilted cotton fabric with sturdy canvas handles and reinforced piping along the seams. There is a zippered pocket inside and two open pockets on the outside edges. Overall dimensions are 15" x 14" x 6.5".

6474B $34.99 B. The pointed ears are what makes this tote
unique. Measures 12 x 3 x 8 with zipped top.

6473 $26.99 C. Feline Medium Tote Friends Duo

13" x 10" x 4", zippered top and matching wooden cat scissors fob.

370-810-0006 $35.99 G. Feline Medium Tote

Multicolor with Braided Handles. This style measures 15" x 5" x 10" with two outer end pouches, zipped top closure and an inside zip pouch.

6475B $28.99 D. Feline Medium Tote

Indigo Blue Zippered bag measures 15" x 10" x 4.5" with two open outer pockets, small zippered pouch inside. Matching wooden cat scissor or key fob included.

6472 $36.99
See more Laurel Burch Tote Bags on our website:

6476B $33.99 E. Canine Medium Tote Doggie Trio

Zippered bag is 14" x 9" x 5" with padded straps. Two open pockets along the outside and small zippered pouch inside. Matching wooden doggie scissors or key fob included.


6477B $33.99

H. Designer Purrfect Pouch-Red with Cats

This 9" x 3.75" x 3" has two zippered compartments for stitching accessories or small projects. Handle has an 8" length.

6435B $24.99

I. Needlework Project Keeper

Keeps project neat, clean and wrinkle free when you lay the project on the fabric and roll it up for safe keeping. Store your accessories in the tube. Overall size is 24" wide x 16.5" high.

J J. Stitch Happy Fold n Go Notions Box

Compact flexible storage container opens to 20" x 8.25" x 4.24". Four zippered clear vinyl pockets hold everything from stitch projects to accessories, keys, and tools.

6440B $24.99 I

K-L. Stitchery Tool Roll

This stitchery tool roll will keep a multitude of your tools and threads organized. The tool roll is crafted of exquisite, unique woven fabrics that are hand-washable. The tool roll is tied with beautiful ribbon. When opened it reveals three zippered compartments and one open pocket that goes the entire length of the bag. There are two snap bars that you can use to hold threads. When closed the tool roll measures 6.75" x 3.25" and when opened 6.75" x 10".

6431A $24.99

K. L.

Denim/Pink Chocolate/Blueberry

370-223-0001 $19.99 370-223-0002 $19.99


2012 Retail Catalog

A-H. Annie's Keepers System

Annie's Thread Keepers is a comprehensive system of floss and fiber management. Simply cut thread to desired working length and insert it in the bottom hole of the sturdy acrylic .75" x 1.875" Annie's Thread Keeper. (A) A loose knot will hold the floss securely in the Annie's Thread Keeper yet allow you to pull out your next strand without unknotting the thread. Use the round adhesive label to write the color number and stick it on the space above the hole. When you are working on a particular project, you may also draw the color symbol for that pattern on the label. Place your filled Annie's Thread Keepers on a 6" Storage Ring (B), or in Project Slides (C) or Storage Slides. (F) Organize your threaded needles with the Needle Keeper (D). You write the color and/or chart symbol on the Strips (E). You can slide the project slide into the Needle Keeper so you have all your project threads in one place. (D) You may purchase the items individually or choose one of the convenient starter kits.

C E B. 6 Screw Fastener Ring 365-027-0008 $6.50 C. Project Slides (4/pkg) 6386 $5.50 D. Needle Keeper with 25 Strips 6389 $25.99 G. Starter Pack
50 Thread Keepers with labels, 4 Project Slides and 3 ring.

F A. Thread Keepers with Labels (100/pkg) 6383 $25.99 Thread Keepers with Labels (300/pkg) 6385 $62.50

E. Needle Keeper Strips (25/pkg) 6389A $6.50 F. Storage Slides (10/pkg) 6390 $13.99


I. Collapsible Storage Box

This is a wonderful Storage Box for the Annies Thread Keeper Storage Slides!! Use it to organize your books and patterns also. The durable box is stylish and snaps together. The interior dimensions are 11.75W x 9.5H x 9.75D. Black Scroll

6381 $20.99 H. Storage Pack

200 Thread Keepers with labels and 20 Storage Slides.

UL Y 1 7, 201

SALE $15.75



6391 $79.99

6391A $19.99 6391B $19.99 J. 1000 Darice Plastic Bobbins, 1.5 x 1.625 6408 $34.99 K. 28 DMC Plastic J K
Bobbins, white

UL Y 1 7, 201

SALE $59.99


O O. The Floss-A-Way system

Uses specialty 3" x 5" zip-lock plastic bags with space to write the floss color number or symbol. Several options available to fit your needs! Best sellers Floss-A-Way 36 storage bags and 1 project ring Floss-A-Way 100 storage bags Floss-A-Way 100 storage bags and large binder ring


6398 $1.99

L 6399 $8.50

L. Large Floss Keys with EZ tab. Simply slip the numbered band off your floss and trim it to about .5" long and slip it over the EZ tab or used enclosed stickers. Key measures 2"w x 2.25"h.

6550 $4.90 6553 $7.99 6554 $9.50

P. 3" Metal Ring P

Use this sturdy ring to organize your floss bobbins or Floss-A-Way bags.

DMC StitchBow Floss Organizing and Storage System

No more re-winding. Just remove the labels (slide them onto the plastic tab) ) and hook your y floss onto the StitchBow. When floss isnt stretched, it covers better!

Large Floss Keys 50 holders with stickers Large Floss Keys 100 holders with stickers

6548 $1.69

6399A $16.99

M-N. Floss Organizer System

There are 36 bags, 3.5" x 5", pre-punched with two holes. Two 1" rings keep the bags together. There is an area for marking the contents on each bag. The side of the bag has a convenient zip closure. A hard binder cover with two rings is sold separately.

Q. StitchBow Floss Holder (package of 10). 6392 $1.99 R. StitchBow Binder Insert

Each binder page holds 15 skeins. (package of 2)

M. Floss Organizer Bags 36 bags and 2 rings 6570 $3.99 N. Floss Organizer Binder Cover and 2 rings 6570A $2.99

6393 $2.99 S. DMC Needlework Travel Bag

Holds unfinished projects and all the materials needed, includes one StitchBow Binder Insert.

6396 $19.99

2012 Retail Catalog


Specialty Needles
Best Seller


D. Bodkin Needle
3" flat metal bodkin needle is perfectfor huck embroidery on monks cloth or for weaving projects.Package of 12.

7066 $6.50 E C B A. John James Silk Ribbon A Embroidery Needle Collection

E. Flat Weaving Needles

This set of three flat weaving needles is perfect for huck embroidery (Swedish weaving) or pinweaving. Needles are 4", 6" and 8" in length, made of flat strong steel with a blunt point. They are less than 1/8" wide and 1/16"thick. Set of three.

Assortment of 25 needles includes chenille, beading, tapestry, darners, milliners, sharps and betweens, all in the finest quality English needles.

7084 $8.70 F. Locker Hook

Has a crochet hook on one end and aneye on the other. 6" Locker Hook steel by John James

7104 $9.30 B. Bent Tip Tapestry Needle Set

Clover. These bent tip tapestry needles are perfect for huck embroidery on Monks cloth or doing the design of a Temari ball. Two of size 15 and one of size 17 included.

7067 $5.99 I J

Brazilian Embroidery Needles

I. Piecemakers milliners needles Package of16 in assorted sizes 3/9 7119 $2.50 J. Ed-Mar milliners needles. Size 1 - pkg/12 300-262-0001 $1.99 Size 3 - pkg/12 300-262-0003 $1.99 300-262-0005 $1.99 Size 5 - pkg/12 Size 7 - pkg/12 300-262-0007 $1.99 Size 15 pkg/10 300-262-0015 $6.99

7123A $6.25 C. Raffia and Bodkin Needles Set

John James, three per package, 278" long. Great for huck embroidery/Swedish weaving.

7082 $2.50 G H G.Temari Needles

The eye is large enough for a #5 pearl cotton thread. The point is sharp and sturdy to make stitching around the ball much easier. Package of three.

K. Bullion Needles
These needles are perfect for 1" or longer bullions and other wrapped stitches. Sharp points. Two lengths. Packaged set. The Bullion Needle Set tube with one 5"and one 7" needle

7031 $3.99 H. Snag Repair Needle

One end of this handy little tool is pointed like a needle, while the other end is rough like a file. Snag even the tiniest end of thread and lead it through your needlework to make repairs or finish your stitching.

7068S $5.50

L. John James Pebbles

These little pebbles snap-close cases are easy to take with you, securing your needles, and adorable to boot! Each case measures 3"x 2.75" with a unique set of needles in its own color-coded case.

6724N $1.99 M. Richard Henning and Son Crewel Needles

Crewel/Embroidery Needles Size 4 (12 per card) Beading Needles. Four needles, sizes 10/12

Chenille Needles. Six needles, sizes 18/22

7033 $2.60 M N. John James Crewel Needles

Used by TrishBurr in her needle painting fabric packs, each card contains 16 needles, size 9.

7043 $8.30
Embroidery Needles. 16 needles, sizes 5/10

7043B $8.30
Tapestry Needles. Six needles, sizes 18/24

7043A $8.30

7043C $8.30

Beading Needles
John James Bead Embroidery size 10 (6)

Big Eye Beading Needle, 5 long (4)

7098A $1.99
Piecemakers Beading Needle (4)

7062B $3.40
John James Bead Embroidery size 12 (4)

7048 $1.99

7110 $2.25
Mill Hill Long Beading Needle (2)

7063B $3.45
Easy Eye Beading Needle (2)

300-542-0220 $.99
Mill Hill Short Beading Needle (2)

7098 $1.99

300-542-0221 $.99






2012 Retail Catalog

The Perfect Needle

Are you stitching with The Perfect Needle? Manufactured exclusively for Nordic Needle, these very short (1116" long) very fine tapestry needles glide through the fabric with ease. Each set of two needles comes protected in a snapshut velour lined box with a velour storage pouch to keep your Perfect Needles safe when not in use.

st Be ller Se



7044-7047 7106-7109 7119

One platinum-plated Perfect Needle and one gold-plated Perfect Needle Two gold-plated Perfect Needles

7100 $5.95 7101 $5.95 Two platinum-plated Perfect Needles 7102 $5.95 Gold Needle Collection
DMC. Premium quality 18K gold-plated needles slide through fabric more easily than other metals and are perfect for all fabrics and canvases. Four needles per package. Tapestry size 22 Tapestry size 24 Tapestry size 26

John James Tapestry Needles Pkg. of 3 gold plated, size 24 7055 $3.40 Pkg. of 3 gold plated, size 26 7056 $3.40 7057 $3.40 Pkg. of 3 gold plated, size 28 Pkg. of 2 platinum plated, size 24 7058 $4.99 Pkg. of 2 platinum plated, size 26 7059 $4.99 Pkg. of 2 platinum plated, size 28 7060 $4.99 John James Premier Tapestry Petites
These shorter needles in four sizes feature easystitching length and provide for maximum thread usage! Six needles per package except size 28 (5). Premier Tapestry Petites size 22 Premier Tapestry Petites size 24 Premier Tapestry Petites size 26 Premier Tapestry Petites size 28

Needles by Piecemakers
High quality needles for all your stitching needs. Tapestry Needles. Six needles per card.

7041 $3.20 7041A $3.05 7041B $3.05

Embroidery combo sizes 7, 8, 9

7042A $3.20 Sullivan Tapestry Needle

These size 13 tapestry needles will handle a thick thread such size 3 or 5 pearl cotton. The needle is 2.25" long, 6 needles to a package. Tapestry size 13

7044 $2.99 7045 $2.99 7046 $2.99 7047 $2.99

7106 $2.50 Size 24 7107 $2.50 Size 26 7108 $2.50 Size 28 7109 $2.70 Milliners Needles Size 3/9, card of 16 7119 $2.50
Size 22



7036 $1.50

UL Y 1 7, 201

SALE $3.30

John James Gold-Plated Tapestry Petite Needles

Three needles per package. Size 22 Size 24 Size 26


7044G $4.40 7045G $4.40 7046G $4.40


Anchor Tapestry Needles

Pkg. of 4 gold-plated needles, size 22

7037 $2.30
Pkg. of 4 gold-plated needles, size 24

Mary Arden Needles

Finest quality English needles are smooth with a gentle taper from eye to point. Eyes are highly polished and free from burrs, plus every needle is carefully inspected. Number in parentheses is the number of needles per card.

John James Tapestry Tweens

Three needles per package. Size 23(3) Size 25(3)

7038 $2.30
Pkg. of 4 gold-plated needles, size 26

7050B $3.99 7050C $3.99 A. Wood Needle Tube

Hollow wood needle tube with tight-fitting cover. Fits needles up to 1.875" long.

7039 $2.30 B. Needle Puller Rubber Disks

Rubber discs are excellent for gripping and pulling needles through heavy fabric or thread. Package of 3.



7008 $1.50 7034 $1.99 7035B $1.99 7035F $2.90 7035G $2.90 A B

6994 $2.75

Chenille 26 (6) Tapestry 26 (6) Tapestry Petites 26 (6) Tapestry Petites 28 (5)

Darice Organizer Box with Bobbins


Store your floss efficiently and handily in this clear plastic box with hinged cover. 17 compartments. Includes 100 cardboard bobbins.

Each package contains 10 durable plastic tubes with colorful screw-on tops. Perfect for storing beads as well! Long Tubes 2.625" long. Pkg. of 10 Short Tubes 1.875" long. Pkg. of 10

Needle Tubes.

6401 $5.50

7008D $3.99 7008E $3.99

2012 Retail Catalog



B-C. Q-Snap or Frame Covers

Keep your fabric neat and clean with one of these cover options. Tuck your excess fabric out of the way inside the cover. A variety of styles and lengths available for hoops, Q-snaps, and stretcher bars. Be sure to measure your hoop or bar to get the proper fit. Machine washable, assorted colors and patterns.

B. Grime Gard Covers 6 x 6 6575 $4.99 8 x 11 6577 $6.50 8 x 8 6576 $5.99 11 x 11 6578 $7.50 C. Snap Wrap Covers
17" x 17"

11 x 17

6579 $8.99

A A. Q-SNAPtm Stretcher Bar Frames



6584 $21.99 E. Stitch Clips E

If sagging sides are a problem when using a Q-snap or scroll frame, this is the answer! Attach the clips to the fabric with teeth that wont hurt your fabric. Velcro straps keep the clips tight on the rod. Each package includes four clips.


D. No-Slip Hoops
Top-quality durable plastic with a unique, patented tongue-in-groove design that holds fabric firmly in place. These hoops will not warp, twist or slip like ordinary hoops. Lightweight and smooth. No-Slip Hoop Petite - 5" No-Slip Hoop Petite - 7" No-Slip Hoop Petite - 9" No-Slip Hoop - 10" No-Slip Hoop - 12"

UL Your fabric is rolled Y 1 7, 201 around the curve of the PVC pipe and held tightly in place with a clip.



6940 6 x 6 frame 6941 8 x 8 frame 6942 11 x 11 frame 6943 11 x 17 frame 6944 17 x 17 frame 6945 Lap frame
extension kit


$14.99 $11.25 $15.99 $11.99 $17.99 $13.49 $19.99 $14.99 $12.99 $3.25 $9.74 $2.44 $2.81 $7.49 $5.63 $7.13

6933 $10.50 6938 $12.50 6938A $14.99 6939 $17.99 6935 $19.50 F. Embroidery Hoops
Susan Bates. These hoops feature the exclusive super-grip lip to hold the fabric taut without slipping. Perfect for punchneedle. 4" round 5" round

6934 $19.99

6947 5.75 clamp

(1 pair)

6" round 8" round 10" round 4.5" x 9" oval

6948 8.5 clamp (1 pair) $3.75 6950 3 extender kit 6951 8 extender kit 6952 11 spare pair
$9.99 $7.50 $9.50

6977 $2.75 6978 $2.75 6979 $3.25 6980 $3.25 6980A $3.50 6980C $3.25

H. 10" Lap Frame

The 10" diameter round hoop frame is mounted on a H universal stand where the base can be sat on or mounted on a table using a C clamp. Frame is made of hardwood. Adjustable height from 12" to 15.5". The frame is easily flipped to view underside.

G. Fluorescent HoopLa Hoops

3 x 6 oval - assorted colors

I. Daylight StitchSmart
Stand. This metal stand has a strong jaw to hold a frame or hoop in position. Fully adjustable with a 360 degree swivel system. Folds for easy storage.

6980BF $2.99





6802 $119.99 J. Daylight StitchSmart

Accessory Pack. Add this flexible Daylight Lamp and chart holder to your Stand for stress-free stitching. Includes a 1.75x removable magnifier with a 4.0x inset for intricate work.

UL Y 1 7, 201

SALE $82.49


6802A $149.99
WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!! *Additional Shipping Charges Apply. Add $4.00 additional shipping for item 6972C For orders sent outside the 48 U.S. Continental states, we will bill for actual shipping charges plus handling.

K K. Twin Towers Floor Stand

American Dream Products. This unique floor stand will hold all types of frames from 6" to 24".

L L. E-Z Stitch Lap Stand

Solid oak lap stand includes 12" scroll frame and No Basting System. Fully adjustable. Lightweight and portable. Includes two No Basting scroll rods, one roll of No Basting System for fabric, two 6" side bars, one 14" adapter bar for 6", 8", 10", and 12" scroll rods, 10 knobs, one adjustable clamp, and the main post and base. *6971

*6972C $229.99
Shown with this accessory: Twin Towers Graph Holder

6972E $51.99


* Add $2.00 additional shipping


2012 Retail Catalog

A. Stretcher Bars
Ideal for needlepoint, cross-stitch and other needlework requiring that the fabric be stretched. Soft pine stretcher bars have eased edges and eliminate movement, keeping your work taut and clean. Sold as a pair. Buy two pair for a complete frame.

B B. Evertite Stitchery Frames

Beautifully constructed wood frames tighten both directions with the T tool. The framework is adjustable to compensate for fabric stretch in both directions with the adjustment mechanism fully enclosed in the stretcher bars. Only tack the project once as there is plenty of adjustment for most needlework projects. Easy to loosen fabric if needed for making bullion knots or for storage. The bars are marked at center points so you can easily find the center of your canvas or fabric. If you have arthritis or other joint, tendon or ligament problems, you will love these bars. These sizes available in the Evertite Slimline Tension Adjusting Stretcher Bars (sold in pairs). 6" pair 8" pair 10" pair 12" pair

6" (pair) 7" (pair) 8" (pair) 9" (pair) 10" (pair) 11" (pair) 12" (pair) 13" (pair) 14" (pair) 15" (pair) 16" (pair) 17" (pair) 18" (pair) 19" (pair)

6967-06 $2.50 6967-07 $2.50 6967-08 $2.50 6967-09 $2.50 6967-10 $2.80 6967-11 $2.80 6967-12 $2.80 6967-13 $2.99 6967-14 $2.99 6967-15 $2.99 6967-16 $3.80 6967-17 $3.80 6967-18 $3.80 6967-19 $3.80

20" (pair) 22" (pair) 24" (pair)

6967-20 $3.99 6967-22 $3.99 6967-24 $3.99

Mini Stretcher Bars Thinner stretcher bars for smaller projects. Lighter to hold and easier to transport. 5" (pair) 6" (pair) 7" (pair) 8" (pair) 9" (pair) 10" (pair) 11" (pair) 12" (pair)

345-263-0006 $12.99 345-263-0008 $13.50 345-263-0010 $13.99 345-263-0012 $14.50

14" pair 16" pair 18" pair 20" pair

345-263-0014 $14.99 345-263-0016 $15.50 345-263-0018 $15.99 345-263-0020 $16.99

6974-05 $2.40 6974-06 $2.40 6974-07 $2.40 6974-08 $2.40 6974-09 $2.70 6974-10 $2.70 6974-11 $2.70 6974-12 $2.70

C. T-Tool for Slimline Tension Adjusting Stretcher Bars.

Sturdy design for use over and over again. The user-friendly grip is easy on hands and joints.

345-263-0001 $5.99

G-H. E-Z Stitch No Basting System.

This exciting product has two separate parts, each with a sticky back. One part attaches to the scroll rod and the other to the edge of your fabric. Press the two parts together to attach your fabric to the scroll rod. It is quicker than basting and will not lose its tension.

D EZ Tack-It Tack Kit

E F F. Stitchers Delight Frame Set

No Basting. Set includes two scroll rods each measuring 6", 8", 10", 12", 14", 16", and 18", two sets of extender bars, 6" and 8", 108" roll of No Basting System and set of four knobs.

Make tacking fabric easier! Includes tack pusher, tack extractor and a set of tacks. Tack pusher holds the tack in place while pressure through a comfortable handle sets the tack where you want it. Tack pusher works with many types of tacks including Japan tacks and standard quilting tacks.


D. Red handles 6937 $10.99 E. Corjac Heirloom Edition hardwood handles 6937A $12.99 Tack refill 60 tacks in container 6937B $4.25

G. Scroll rod side (3 yards) 6975 $12.99 H. Fabric side (3 yards) 6976 $11.70

6973A $79.99 J. Handi Clamp Stitching Kit

No more thumb tacks or split dowels. Use the Handi-Clamp to secure your fabric to the scroll rod. Kit includes two 20" scroll rods with clamps, two 14" scroll rods with clamps, two 8" scroll rods with clamps, two 8" extender bars, two 6" extender bars, eight ball knobs and instructions. Makes two complete frames.




UL Y 1 7, 201

SALE $2.65

I I. Japan Tacks

*6921 $64.99
* Add $2.00 additional shipping

J K. Canvas Clips
This is an alternative to using stretcher bars and frames when you don't need to have your fabric taut or if you like stitching in hand. Roll your fabric up from the sides and place a clip on the ends. Two sizes are included: Large 2.75" and small 1.75".

Mount needlework onto stretcher bars or frames easily with these smooth sharp tacks. Large head is easy to remove using the enclosed remover. Brass-plated steel tacks from Japan.

6936 $3.50

335-204-0001 $9.99

2012 Retail Catalog


A-N. Laying Tools

When you find your thread is not long enough in your needles to finish off on the back, use these tools to catch the short thread and bring it underneath several completed stitches on the back.

O. Fiber Hiders
Use the hook to catch the thread and pull it through the wire loop. Silver Turtles

6753 6754 B C D F A E G J I H K
6753 6754 6755

$29.99 $29.99 $29.99

Silver Butterflies Silver Honey Bees






U L each 1 Y 1 7, 20

SALE $22.49


A-N. Beautiful Laying Tools

A. Ebony Ball Top Laying Tool about 6 long. B. Petite Laying Tool about 4 long, light wood. C. Petite Laying Tool about 4 long, ebony. D. Petite Laying Tool about 4 long, rosewood. E. Large Rosewood Laying Tool about 6 long. F. Ebony Spiral Laying Tool about 5 long. G. Black & White Horn Laying Tool
about 5 long.

6730 $9.99 6732 $4.99 6732A $4.99 6732B $4.99 6737C $9.99 6743C $9.99 6743D $9.99 6737 $5.99

Silver Hummingbirds Silver Celtic Knot

6752 6756

$29.99 $29.99

P. Tail Catcher
Use this tool to fix stitches or catch threads. Heavy embossed silver.

H. Rosewood Stiletto/Laying Tool

- about 4 long

380-700-0004 $32.99 Q. Star De-Tailor

This tool measures 3 long.

I. Rosewood Laying Tool with cap

300-133-0001 R S T


about 6 long 6737A $8.99 J. Fine Rosewood Laying Tool - about 5.5 long 6737B $5.99 K. Bone Needle/Laying Tool about 4 long 6745 $2.99


Best Seller


N L. Best Laying Tool (BLT)

Designed by Shay Pendray. This metal laying tool is 3.875 long with a fine point and square handle.

Unique Wood Accessories

These amazing stitching accessories are handcrafted using a variety of exotic woods. Here are several made from CoCoBoLo Rosewood. Other woods and accessories are available on line.

6739 $18.50 M. Trolley Needle

This laying tool fits on your finger for use when you need it.

6733 $9.99 N. Jeweled Vintage Laying Tool

Feel like royalty when you use this laying tool! 7.25 long with an abalone inset and a tiger eye round stone on each side.

6738 $30.99
Additional laying tools are available on our website.

R. S. T. U. V. W. X. Y.

Laying Tool Embroidery Brush LoRan Needle Threader Thimble Holder Necklace Needle Minder Needle Case Laying Tool with Case Soldiers Friend

380-913-0006 $28.99 380-913-0004 $27.99 380-913-0010 $28.50 380-913-0007 $43.50 380-913-0009 $23.99 380-913-0001 $29.50 380-913-0101 $60.99 380-913-0011 $41.99


2012 Retail Catalog

A-C. Jeweled Thread Tenders

D. Stitchin Station

C A. Jeweled Hummingbird 4.25 tall 6409B $23.99 B. Jeweled Dragonflies 4.5 tall 6409E $27.99 C. Jeweled Butterfly 4.5 tall 6409F $23.99 F

Pull the top off, slip on the ball of pearl cotton, tatting or crochet thread, replace the top and as you pull the thread it unwinds nicely off the ball. Never have to go searching for the rolling ball of thread as you are stitching.

Made in Wisconsin from assorted wood types and finished smoothly in a medium stain, the measurements are 8 Wide x 1.75 High x 5 Deep (front to back). A magnetic strip holds your needles and scissors in place while wooden pegs keep the thread balls close at hand while you stitch. Your scissors have a place to stand at the ends of the Station, keeping them safe and available. Even your eyeglasses or other stitching tools have a place to call home!

Sofa Stitching Stations Organizers

380-674-0001 $27.99

O O. Sofa Organizer E. Scissors Fan Case

Protect your scissors collection in this scissors fan case. When opened, it measures 11.75" in diameter. There are six equal sized smaller pockets and one double size pocket to hold your scissors or other stitching tools. There is a second layer of pockets in organza which can hold your smaller scissors or stitching accessories. Accessories not included. Blue. Finally, an armrest organizer to keep all your stitching supplies close to you. The sturdy top tray has a flat, firm surface with a lip to keep things from rolling off. The bean bag base makes the tray level no matter the shape of the armrest. With six pockets, you have plenty of room for your scissors, pattern, glasses, highlighters and so much more. An inner wire frame keeps the organizer from slipping. Overall size is 12 x 9 x 2. Accessories not included.





I-K. Mort Ort Bin

This incredible design is like origami in fabric! The 6.25" circle seems to magically fold up into the 3.25" closed circle. Great for holding your orts in class. Would also make a temporary needle case or a way to carry some money to class.

F-H. F FH Mindy Mi Pockets Case

This handy hand pockets case measures 5" x 2.5" with a magnetic dot closure, which doubles as a needle or scissors minder when closed. When open, there are six pockets to hold scissors, tools, and other small accessories. PLUS there are two removable needle inserts. The case is made of taffeta. Accessories are not included.

P. Sofa Organizer
One large P pocket for book, three smaller pockets hold stitching accessories and tools, with a sturdy tray-top to place your coffee, notebook, scissors or other necessities that need to be close at hand! Choose from two colors. Sofa Organizer - Sage

I. J. K.

Lapis Cocoa Rose Violet

364-517-0001 $12.50 364-517-0002 $12.50 364-517-0003 $12.50

F. G. H.

Lapis Cocoa Rose Champagne

370-517-0026 370-517-0027 370-517-0028

$21.99 $21.99 $21.99

L-N. L N. Scrunchie Pouch

Faux leather collapsib lapsible case with sturdy closure. Great adjustable case to t keep in your stitching st bag to hold ho tools or orts! 3.5" 3 x 2.5".



I L-N L. Purple M. Red N. Black

Q. pORTable - assorted prints

Fits most chair/sofa arms, this product will help you keep your stitching area organized and neat. One end is weighted for stability while the other end is actually a plastic-lined bag for your orts. The top pincushion will hold your threaded needles while you stitch.

6419J $11.99 6419K $11.99 6419 6419L $11.99



2012 Retail Catalog


A. Mag-Eyes Magnifier
This hands-free, head-mounted magnifier is perfect for needlework! Optical quality acrylic lenses reduce eye strain. Slip-on cushioned headband fits all and works with or without prescription glasses. Visor swings out of the way when not in use. Lightweight and easy for travel.

D-H. hands Free Magnifiers

D D. Visual Mate II
Comes with 18-watt energy saving circuline tube and 5" 3-diopter distortion-free hardened acrylic lens that gives powerful, glare-free magnification and light. Use with the 10-foot cord or purchase the converter for use in your cars lighter. Sturdy molded carrying case provides protection for storage and transport.

Original Mag-Eyes (with #2 and #4 lenses) Mag-Eyes Double High (with #5 and #7 lenses) Extra Mag-Eyes lens #5 (2.25x) Extra Mag-Eyes lens #7 (2.75x)

6902 $36.99 6902H $45.99 6902A $17.99 6902B $17.99

st Be ler l Se

Visual Mate II light (slimline) Carrying Case Optional Arm for Visual Mate II DC/AC Converter Extra 18-watt circuline bulb

B. MagniClips Magnifiers
Clip-on magnifiers for people who need to focus on close-up tasks like needlework, yet they sit low enough so you can look up and see over them easily. These are very lightweight and flip up when not in use. Naugahyde case included. +2.00 magnification +3.00 magnification +4.00 magnification +1.50 magnification +3.50 magnification4

6898 $99.99 6898A $28.50 6898B $32.99 6898C $36.99 6898D $10.99 H

6867 $16.50 6868 $16.50 6869 $16.50 6870 $16.50 6871 $16.50 E. BoaMag Neck Magnifier
The LED lights are on both ends so you have a lighted 2.5X magnifier and a flashlight! Uses 3 AAA batteries (not included) or the supplied AC/DC adapter.

G. Split-Handle Magnifier
Use it as a hand held magnifier. When you want to use it around your neck, the handle opens into a "v for more stability. The 2X acrylic lighted magnifier has a 3.5X bi-focal spot lens. Require 2 AAA batteries (not included).

C. Daylight Clip-On Spectacle Magnifiers

Four lenses and a spectacle clip in one stylish black box guarantee you always have the right magnification while you keep both hands free for needlework. Four lenses include 1.7x, 2.0x, 2.5x, and 3.0x magnification. The clip can be attached to most eyeglasses for handsfree detailed work, and the lens can be flipped up for normal viewing.

6852 $14.99 H. Lighted MagniLook Magnifier

There are built-in ultra-bright twin LED lights powered by 4 LR1130 button cell batteries (included). The magnifier is a 2.25x lens with a 6x power spot lens. This lens measures 5.25" x 3.125" x .5".

6863 $39.99 F. Around the Neck Magnifier

This hands-free 2.5x magnifier is lightweight with non-slip feet. There is a special hipower mini magnifier in the handle.

6803 $19.99

I-J. Carson Lamps and Magnifiers

I. MagniFlex with Table Clamp
This MagniFlex LED Lighted Magnifier has a 2X/4X lens with three super bright LED's. The sturdy C-clamp allows you to attach the magnifier to your work surface. Bend the 15" neck to position the lens right where you need it. Comes with a 4.5V DC adapter or will work with three AAA batteries (not included).

6853 $8.99

6901 $9.99 I

6864 $54.99 J. DeskBrite 200, 2x magnification

The DeskBrite 200 has two superbright LED's to illuminate your stitching area. The large 4" acrylic lens provides a large viewing area and has a 6X spot lens. The lamp sits on a base with a 12" flexible neck that lets you position the magnifier right where you need it. Includes an AC/DC power adapter or will work with three AA batteries (not included).

UL Y 1 7, 201

SALE $7.49


J K. Multi-power Lighted Magnifier

This pocket-sized magnifier fits perfectly in your stitching bag! There are three magnifying powers - 2.5x, 5x and 6x. The light is powered by button cell batteries (included).

L. Beaded Eyeglass Holder

Attach to your eyeglasses and hang around your neck for easy on and easy off with your glasses. Assorted beads.

M M. Mighty Bright LED Magnifier Standing Lamp

This floor standing magnifier with lights has a flexible neck so you can position the light exactly where you want it. Twelve LED lights give bright light. The rimless magnifier is 2x with a 5x spot magnifier. Plug it in or use it with three batteries (not included).

6864A $54.99

6855 $8.99

6768 $5.99

*6784 $99.99


2012 Retail Catalog

B. Mighty Bright Vusion Light and Magnifier

Vusion lights give you 100% control of your light and magnification. Move each arm independently to place it right where you need it. The magnetic base can be used as a freestanding light or use the large clip which fits onto most hoops including Q-Snaps. Powered by three AAA batteries (sold separately). Vusion Light & Magnifier - Silver



6777 $29.99
Vusion Light & Magnifier - Purple

U L each 1 Y 1 7, 20

SALE $22.49


Vusion Light & Magnifier - Teal

A A. Mighty Bright Vusion

Position your light and magnifier separately. The 6-LED light has two brightness levels and the 2x magnifier is great for detail work. US version AC adapter included. Can be powered with 3 AA batteries (not included). Purple. (Shown) Silver

6778 $29.99 B
Vusion and Xtra Flex II AC Adapter

6779 $29.99 6779A


SALE $8.24

NEW!! C-D. LUX LED Task Lights by Mighty Bright

A line of smart, versatile and energy-efficient LED task lights that provide accent and essential lighting. They are streamlined, sophisticated, functional and eco-friendly.

6791A $39.99 6791 $39.99 E. Naturalight NEW! LED Lamp and Flashlight

C. LUX Bar Free Standing Task Light

while LUX Bar adjusts up or down, left or right, and swivels to 180-degrees. Plus, LUX Bar can be used freestanding on a desk.

This dual function design lets your desk lamp change into a flashlight! The Naturalight has 21 LED's on E the Desk lamp and 6 LED's on the flashlight. Requires 3 AA batteries, not included.

6794 $99.99 D. LUX Dome Task Light

This task light has a head that swivels 360 degrees so you can position it exactly where you need it. Black Brushed Nickel

*6818H $59.99

6792 $79.99 6792A $79.99

G. Ultra Slim Flourescent Magnifying Lamp

This lamp combines the excellent Daylight light source with high-quality magnification. The Daylight Ultra Slim is the most technologically advanced, lowheat magnifying lamp with a fantastic large lens, a high lightoutput tube and ultra slimline design.

F F. Micromax Light
This light has 4 super bright Daylight LED's with two brightness levels. Clip the light to a stitching frame, book or edge. There is also a detachable base for super stability on a flat surface. The 3 2.25X magnifier is on a 7" flexible arm. Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included).

*6813 $249.99
Extra 28-watt circular bulb....

Four Spoke Floorstand (for Ultra Slim Lamp)

I I. Daylight Naturalight Craft Floor Lamp

This floor lamp has a flexible neck and the 4" magnifying lens (1.75X) is removable. *6818F

6813B $17.50 *6815 $109.99

H. Dazor Circline Lamps

Only the finest clear crown optical lenses are used for true color rendition and less distortion. 5" double convex lenses, 13" focal length, 3 diopter power provides 75% magnification. Use as a free-standing model with purchase of a pedestal or wheel-base floor stand. Uses 120v AC only.

6810 $29.99 *Additional Shipping Charges

Add $2.00 additional shipping for #6813 and 6819. Add $4.00 additional shipping for #6784, 6818F and 6818H Add $6.00 additional shipping for #70118 and 70119. Add $10.00 additional shipping for #6815 Add $17.00 additional shipping for #70130 and 70131. For orders sent outside the 48 U.S. Continental states we will bill for actual shipping charges plus handling. Lamp-Black Base-Black Lamp-Almond Base-Almond


Replacement Bulb

6818G $21.99

H *70119 $239.99 *70131 $129.99 *70118 $281.99 *70130 $129.99

J. 5 LED Naturalight Floor Mag Light.

5 lens has 2X magnification. The 21 full spectrum Naturalight LEDs never need replacing. Flexible gooseneck. 44 tall as floor lamp or remove pole to use as a table lamp. *6819


2012 Retail Catalog


Stitching Basket Basics

A. Help-N-Hand
Portable, lightweight attachment that holds the pattern and fits right onto the QSnap, stretcher bars E THRO or scroll rods! AL Stitch and have your pattern right above your work.


UL Y 1 7, 201

SALE $12.74


6881 $16.99


D. Protect & Grip Thimbles

This is a perfect combination of soft elastic material with the safety of a metal thimble cap. The ridged and dimpled metal cap efficiently handles the needle. Medium Large

6990A $9.99 6990B $9.99 E. Fray Check

D C C. Hand-Aids SupportGloves F F. In A Fix Multi Tool Set

Retractable 39" tape measure on one end and four kinds of screw driver ends on the other end. Handy for purse or household needs. Assorted colors. Reduce discomfort, muscle cramping, and stress by wearing the Hand-AidsGloves while you stitch. Washable. 88%nylon, 12% spandex. Made in U.S.A. Small, pair Medium Large


Prevent your knot from untying or protect your cutwork with just a drop of FrayCheck. The .75-oz. bottle goes E THRO L A along way! Dries clear.


UL Y 1 7, 201

SALE $3.59

6622 $4.79

6716 $5.50 H K

6721 $16.50 6722 $16.50 6723 $16.50

K. Thread Zap II
Thread burner tip heats instantly with the push of a button to trim, burn or melt thread with one touch. Great for metallics.

I G. Hardanger Tweezers
Pulling out those cut Hardanger threads can be difficult now theres a tool that can help. These precision-point tweezers grip exceptionally well. You will find dozens of other uses for them. In a protective plastic tube

J I. Easy-Count Guideline
Keep your place on the fabric itself, reducing counting time and improving your stitching speed by up to a third. Count once and spend all your time stitching, not counting! 100% nylon thread does not get caught up in your stitching and is easy to remove. 100 yards per spool.

7258 $11.99 M

L L. Thread Heaven
If you use thread, you should be using Thread Heaven! This marvelous thread conditioner prevents tangling and fraying, reducing hand fatigue and frustration. Hypo-allergenic, acid free and safe for all threads and fabrics.

6711 $7.99
In a clip ready for your chatelaine (shown)

M. Light Box
You will enjoy this essential Light Box. Great for tracing patterns or embroidery on paper, plus small enough to use under dark fabrics to make stitching easier! Light Box plugs in and is 9" w x 6" h x 2.5" d.

6712 $7.99 H. Judys Boo Boo Stick

Sturdy construction with walnut handle. The bristles of the smaller brush are softer for safer grooming and removal of unwanted stitches.

7140 $9.30 J. Mighty Bright Xtra Flex II

The flexible neck gives unlimited options for lighting your needlework. Strong wide mouth clip grips almost anything, or use as a free-standing task lamp. All priced at $17.99

6726 $9.50

6798 6799 6799A

Silver Blue Purple

6799B 6799C

Pink Green

6609 $3.99

6830 $14.99


2012 Retail Catalog


B. Daylight Flexi-Lens on Clamp

This 18" flexible arm clamps onto your frame and lets you put the 5 diameter magnifier (1.75x) whereyou need it.

6721 6722 & 6723


6804A $47.99


UL Y 1 7, 201


A. Crafters Comfort Gloves

These gloves provide relief for arthritis, hand pain and swelling and cold hands. Slip your hands into these gloves and enjoy all day long comfort. Soft cotton/Lycra provides mild compression yet allows skin to breath and keeps hands dry. Easy Care: hand wash cold, air dry. The Crafters Comfort Gloves are sold in pairs and are available in small, medium and large. To select the correct size, measure the width of the hand at the knuckles. Wear a small for up to 3.125", a medium for up to 3.5" and a large for up to 4".

B B. Centering Ruler
This 2" x 15" ruler is designed for centering your stitching. Measure 7" left or right from the center of the ruler in inches or centimeters.



Crafters Comfort Gloves medium Crafters Comfort Gloves large

6510 $3.99 E

C C. File with Flair Glass Nail Files

These bright colored glass nail filesare durable. For natural and artificial nails. 5.75" long. Includes protective case. Assorted colors.

D D. Drink & Trash Caddy

The steel drink caddy holds a 32 ounce cup with handle. The fabric bag is great for orts, tools, even snacks, and is removable.

6611 $4.25

6415A $19.99

Stitchers Journals and Graph Books

F. Needleworkers Journal
Fabric covered 6" x 9" book has a collage cover made by hand with recycled fabric from Indian saris. 96 pages are blank for your journal use and 64 pages are graph paper. Assorted colors.

E. Handy Helper Measuring/ Centering Tape Measure

Easily find the center of your fabric whether stitching, quilting, or framing when you use this double-sided plastic tape measure. One side is printed with 60 to 0 to 60 for centering. The other side has 0 to 120 for regular measuring.

6663 $21.99 G. A Stitchers Journal

Create a lasting diary of your projects. Journal provides the space to record the design, materials used, how the project was finished, and how it was used. Contains pages for 31 projects. Each project has a space for a standard 4" x 6" photo. Archival quality, acid free paper plus two storage pockets are included in this handy and beautiful spiral-bound 5.5" x 8.25" journal. Rust

6512 $10.50 I. Mini Clip Light

Clip this 6 mini light onto books, lap tops, and other items less than 1 thick.

390-975-0001 $13.99 390-975-0002 $13.99 H. Graph Book

Blue Notebook includes both 10 and 14 count graph paper printed in black ink. 70 sheets each. This spiral-bound notebook is 5.5" x 8.25". Rust

J. Babushka Tweezers
Both sides are painted on this 3.75" long tweezers. Assorted designs and colors.

6841 7.50 I


390-975-0011 $8.99 390-975-0012 $8.99

6703 $2.99

P-R. Totally Trendy Collection

O O. Mini Glass Handled Magnifier

The layered glass design makes up the 4" x 1" handle. The magnifier is 1" in diameter. Overall length is 5.75". The designs and colors are assorted. Comes in a lovely gift box with a fabric lining.

K-N. Uptown Girl Collection

These lovely ladies are the talk of the town. The ladies adorn these quality stainless steel accessories. Assorted designs.

6857A $8.50 P. Totally Trendy Scissors

4" long in assorted colors and designs, with a slightly curved blade.

K. Scissors, 4 with plastic case. L. Tweezers, 3.75 with plastic case. M. Nail File, 3.75 with plastic case. N. Snippers, 3.25 with plastic case.

6700B $5.99 6700 $4.25 6700A $4.25 6699 $4.25


6696B $5.99 Q. Totally Trendy Tweezers

3.75" long in assorted colors and designs.

6696 $4.25 6696A $4.25

R. Totally Trendy Files

4" long in assorted colors and designs.

2012 Retail Catalog


Crafters Comfort Gloves small

6720 $19.99 6720A $19.99 6720B $19.99

UL Y 1 7, 201

SALE $2.99


C. Heat Removing Marking Pen Set A A. Erasable Highlighters

Mark your pattern as you stitch and when you are done you can erase the marks. Works for underlining in books also. Available in 4 colors. Yellow Pink Eight colors allow you to mark your pattern by thread color or stitch. The .7mm line is the perfect size for marking embroidery patterns. The easyflow tip allows a fluid line. No more "chickenscratch" lines because your transfer pen won't write. Even more don't need water to remove the marks! If you make a mistake, you can actually remove the line with the special eraser on the end of the pen. T H R E O After your piece is stitched, the lines will AL completely disappear when heated briefly with a hair dryer. Test on fabric before use.


6641J $2.19 6641K $2.19

Orange 6641L $2.19 Green 6641M $2.19

C B B. Individual Heat Removable Marking Pens.

Black Blue

UL Y 1 7, 201

SALE $21.74


6641 $28.99

6641A $3.99 6641B $3.99


6641C $3.99

D. The Gypsy Sit Upon

Sit comfortably for hours while stitching, quilting, sewing, reading, or driving. This softly inflated flexible disc prevents fatigue and reduces pressure on the tailbone. It helps relieve lower back pain, strengthens core muscles and improves posture. The nubby texture allows cooling air flow and promotes improved blood circulation. The durable purple rubberized material remains soft and pliable.

E-H. Filled with the natural herbs, these therapeutic products will wrap you up in cuddly comfort. Warm the wraps in the microwave and drape them over your shoulders (E-G) to feel the tension melt away. Chill them in the freezer and let the cold therapy relieve headaches or cool you down on hot summer days. Outer cover may be machine washed and dried. Open Velcro closure to remove herb pack before laundering.
E. Polar Bear NeckWrap/ Pillow in White
The manufacturer donates 10% of their profits from the sale of this product to wildlife conservation.

6315 $28.99

6311 $35.99 F. Cozy Cat Neck Wrap 6311A $29.99 G. Shoulder Wrap
Microwave and use it warm or pop it in the freezer and let the cold therapy soothe muscles or cool you down on summer days. Velour fabric adds to the comfort.

I-M. Software for Stitches

This Pro version of the popular PC Stitch computer software allows you to import your own graphics, photos or logos into a flexible, easy-touse workspace. It has all the features of the original PCStitch plus more than 30 new features or enhancements.


6311B $23.99 H. Back Belt

The back part of the belt measures 16" x 8.5". The waist band is adjustable with a wide Velcro closure. The belt can be adjusted out to 52".

6927P $84.99 I J. PC Stitch 6927 $43.99

These programs let you chart your own designs. Debi loves these programs!

6312 $23.99 N. Wood Basket

Lined in washable cotton, this 7" x 6" x 3.5" basket is perfect for your stitching projects and comes with a fitted lid.

O N O. Tool Bin
This sturdy plastic box is clear so you can quickly locate your supplies. 7.5" x 3.5"1.25".

6368 $12.99

P. Spool Stockings
Slippery or tangled thread? Spool Stockings to the rescue! Clever, useful and economical slipcovers for skeins or spools of thread keep them from unrolling or tangling. They're sturdy and have a great memory. If they get P stretched by a larger spool, simply dip them in hot water and they pop right back into shape. Perfect for Kreinik spools, pearl cotton balls, or any thread that needs to be contained or controlled! Package of 5.

K. EasyGrapher Professional
Great for cross-stitch type designs.

6420C $3.25

6931P $299.99 L. EasyGrapher StitchWiz

Great for Hardanger and canvas designs.

6931W $299.99

6416 $4.40 M. Keep your stash organized with

Organized Expressions.

Q. Small Folding Basket

This basket measures a generous7" x 11" x 6.5" deep. Assorted Colors!

6928C $32.99

6438B $9.99


2012 Retail Catalog

A-E. New Kumihimo Products

C C. Finding Sets
The 6mm bullet end cap set will finish off your Kumihimo braid. Comes in three color finishes. $4.50 per set.

F A. Kumihimo Braiding Kit for Beginners

This complete kit includes everything you need to make your own Kumihimo creation. You get the round braiding disk with instructions and project ideas. Also included are 8 thread bobbins, ZAP jewelry gel, 3 yards x 4 strands of 2 mm rattail cord, and finishing accessories for one bracelet or necklace. Everything is neatly contained in a zippered pouch.

7551 7552 7553 E

Copper Bullet Gold Bullet Silver Bullet (shown)

E. Zap Gel
This no-drip jewelry gel is the thickest and strongest cyanoacrylic glue available. Use it to secure the finishing ends to your Kumihimo braids. Also works great for leather, porcelain, wood, and metal.

D. Kumihimo Braid
This delightful color mix contains 4 colors, each 3 yards long. Each package is $5.99.

6823A $26.99 B. You can purchase the braiding boards separately.

6 Round (shown)

6822E $8.99
6 Square

6625 $2.99

RAT02-0004 RAT02-0007 RAT02-0060 RAT02-0062

Wheatberry Mix Earth Tones Mix Chino Mix Cool Neutrals

6822D $8.99
4.5 Round

H-I. New Embroidery on Paper Tools

B H. Extra Fine Piercing Tool H G J. Big Bead Bin
This is an extra fine piercing tool for preparing embroidery on paper designs. The tool is 4.5" long with a protective cap.

6822C $4.99 F

348-271-0007 $6.99 J

F-G. New Cross-Stitch Project Cards

This is a great way to stay organized and keep your thread with specific projects. Each Project Card holds the floss with a space to write in the color and/or symbol from your chart. There is also a magnet at the top of the card to keep your needles handy.

I I. Piercing Pad
This pricking pad measures 6.75" square and is .75" thick.

There is so much room in this convenient bead bin. The snap-tight container is 4.75 x 4.25 x 1.5. There are 12 permanent compartments that can turn into 26 with the aid of the 14 removable dividers. A handy strap lets you carry it with you.

348-271-0011 $5.50 K. Mini Project Traveler

6328A $4.99


This card will hold 12 colors, 6 cards per package. Each card measures 2.375" x 5.75".

9 colors, 3 cards per package. Each card measures 2.375" x 4.5".

6413A $2.50 G. This card will hold 6413B $1.99

Keep all your project supplies together in one convenient zippered case. The outside dimensions of the black case are 8 x 8.5 x 4.5. Inside are six plastic containers, each 7.5 x 3.5 x 1.25. Three of them are divided into 9 compartments. The other three have no dividers. Use the sturdy handle or long strap for carrying.

6433 $22.99

2012 Retail Catalog


A-D. Brenda E. Kocher Canvaswork Designs

Spiral bound books contain clear and precise graphs and illustrations for the stitches and design. Intermediate skill level. All thread requirements listed on our website for these designs.

A. Tootsiebubbles: Rachels Ribbons.

This adorable canvaswork name block/birth record is stitched on a 15" x 15" piece of 18 count eggshell canvas (9281-270). Alphabet included for personalization.

C. Log Cabin Christmas

Begin with a 10 x 11 piece of white 18 count mono canvas (9281-070) to stitch this holiday design.

1402B $19.99 B. Lavender Logs

Start with a 12 square of 18 count mono eggshell canvas (9281-270), using several different threads.

1401B $23.99 D. Alivias Stocking

Eighteen count eggshell mono canvas (9281270) in size 14 x 20 is what you need to stitch this cheerful Stocking design.

1400B $19.99

1408A $35.99

E-N. Canvaswork by From Nancys Needle.

Clear charts and stitch instructions included. See our website for complete listing of threads required for each design. All stitch and designs instructions included in each chartpack.


E-H. Variations Designs

These smaller versions of previously-released designs measure 6.33 x 6.33 and will fit nicely into wooden box tops, trays, or used as framed pieces, pillows or tote bag appliqus. Stitch these designs on either 18 count Mono Canvas in either Sandstone (9281370) or Eggshell (9281-270).


E. F. G. H.

Autumn Maples Variations Winter Pines Variation Spring Blossoms Variation Summer Sunflowers and Apple Trees Variation

135-288-0106 $11.99 135-288-0107 $11.99 135-288-0108 $11.99 135-288-0109 $11.99 K. Country Blossoms.
Stitched on 18 count Brown Mono Canvas (1282-070), finished size is 8.44" x 8.44".

I. Airing the Quilts.

Stitched on 18 count Sandstone Mono Canvas (9281-370), finished size is 8" x 4".

135-288-0303 $11.99 J. Star-Spangled Birthday. G H

Stitched on 18 count Sandstone Mono Canvas (9281-370), finished size is 8" x 4".

135-288-0041 $11.99 L. Birds of a Feather.

Stitched on 18 count Eggshell Mono Canvas (9281-270), finished size is 8.22" x 8.22".

135-288-0304 $11.99 J

135-288-0042 $11.99 M. Woodland Star

Finished size on 18 count Sandstone or brown mono canvas is 8.44 x 8.44.

135-288-0043 $11.99 N. Cardinal Caper

Finished size on 18 count eggshell mono canvas is 8.44 x 8.44.

135-288-0044 $11.99


Shop online for more designs by From Nancys Needle and other designers


2012 Retail Catalog

A-E. Canvaswork Designs by Threedles Needleart Design.

Step-by-step stitch instructions included. See list of materials needed on our website:

This design took is inspired by Cleopatra and the model is stitched on 18-count brown canvas (1282-070). Two additional color choices are given: blue and a sage green and pink combination. Finished size on 18 count Mono Canvas is 11.44" x 11.44".

A. Cats Eyes: Venus, Gaea & Cleopatra

B. Looking Glass

There are three color schemes given: black, blue, and pink. The model was stitched on 18-count black canvas (9281-720). Finished size is 12.88" x 12.88".

1642 $35.99 C. Seasonal Rays

This design has a color choice for each season. Summer is the model shown on the cover. This 6.5" square design is stitched on 18-count white canvas (9281-070).

1641 $39.99

Diamond Eyes concentrates on some fun stitches the designer has run across. She says, I also wanted to experiment with a round result as opposed to squares. I started in mid August and finished three colorways and the design write up by mid October; a month ahead of my original schedule. The finished piece is approximately 10"x10" on 18 point mono canvas.

E. Diamond Eyes

1645 $35.99 C

Amybear Needlepoints. All stitches illustrated. When the designer created Summer Garden she used her overflowing stash of threads in sizes #8 and #12 pearl cotton. Match your canvas to your color scheme. Suggested substitute is 18count white canvas (9281-070). Stitch count is 132 x 132, making it 7.33 square.

F F Summer Garden. F. G d

T This model was stitched on 18 18-count Black mono ca canvas. Complete stitch ins instructions included. The de design requires 25 fibers and thr threads and 6 types of bea beads. Design size is 10" x 10" or 178 x 178.

1643 $17.99 D A Different View D. T Threedles

1644 $39.99

1467 $24.99 L G G. The Ultimate Encyclopedia di of Canvas Embroidery, Vol. Two

Jane D. Zimmerman. In this volume there are 433 variations of diagonal, crossed, woven, tied and miscellaneous stitches. Each variation includes a photograph of a stitched sample and an easy-to-follow diagram. 175 spiralbound pages.

J I. Shapes of Needlepoint

H Sha H. Shapes of Needlepoint, Series II

Sandra Arthur. This 116 page spiral bound book features diamonds, hears, octagons and stars in needlepoint stitches. Clear, large diagrams show exactly where the needles comes up, how many fabric threads it covers and where the needle goes down to create hundreds of stitch combinations and motifs.

135-001-0001 $47.99 L. Nova

Genny Morrow. This incredible piece is actually 396 squares that are 12 x 12 threads square. Begin with a 16" x 20" piece of white mono 18-count canvas.Each stitch is clearly graphed. What a challenging and satisfying project! 104 pages.

Sandra Arthur. This is a fabulous reference book of 100 pages with over 150 diagrams. It is divided into four sections of shapes with each shape additionally divided by thread count. The table of contents also list by shape and by thread count. The book is spiral bound with a large binding to allow for lying on a table and opening fully. The front and back covers are laminated.

1398 $44.99

1397 $39.99 J. SuZys Portable Stitches

Included in this manual are 259 diagrammed canvaswork stitches. Clear and precise for easy stitching.

M. SuZys Portable Stitches II

SuZy Murphy. This is a compilation of stitches from SuZy's Lite Stitches and SuZy's Mini Stitches. Over 225 stitch diagrams are contained in this 122-page spiral bound book.



1386 $29.99 M

135-333-0001 $44.99

UL Y 1 7, 201

SALE $22.49

1384 $29.99 K. SuZys Mini Stitches

This stitch reference book contains 154 pages of pictures and illustrations for straight stitches, cross stitches, diagonal stitches plus helpful hints for thread use.


1385 $39.99

2012 Retail Catalog


A E. Serenity
Gingerbread Girl. The model has been stitched with a blue and aqua theme. However, the designer suggests you pick your favorite color of Caron Collection Watercolours and find coordinating threads and metallics to suit you. The model was stitched on 18count Pewter canvas (cut 18" x 20"). Extensive stitch instructions included.


A-D. New Canvaswork Designs from the Gingerbread Girl in the Memory Quilt Series.
The design is stitched with gorgeous silk and metallic threads on 18 count mono canvas. Charm packs are included with the design charts. Use your own photo to make a charm for the center of these pretty block designs. The chartpack includes the coordinating Swarovski crystals, a square gold-tone or round silver-tone memory charm, and full instructions on stitching the design and making the charm.

1509 $34.99

A. Spring Has Come Memory Quilt 1501A $22.99

B. Market Square Memory Quilt

Copy to Come

F. Summer Splendor G. June Jazz F-I. Canvaswork by The model was stitched on 18-count Stitched on 18-count white with Carolyn Mitchell Designs lilac (9281-525) mono canvas for a fin- opalescent mono canvas (1285Comprehensive stitch instructions for all designs. All threads required are listed on our website. ished design size of 7" x 44.5".

1502A $22.99 C. Next Door Neighbor Memory Quilt

Copy to come

1045C $16.99

011), finished size is 5" x 5". The silver trumpet charm is included with the chart.

1044C $22.99 H. Bayberry Garden

The model was stitched on 18count Santa Fe Green mono canvas (9281-670). The chart is coded for Trebizond silk or DMC Pearl Cotton, with Kreinik #12 Braid - #012HL and #8 Cord - 088C. The design also requires 56 8mm Margarita beads and 56 Miyuji Delica beads. Design size is 10" X 10".

1503A $22.99 D. Watercolor Heart Memory Quilt

Copy to come

1504A $22.99


1046C $16.99 I. Gourmandized Gem Collection

Gourmandized means to "eat a lot of". Carolyn has put together a frosty set of ornaments with edible names for y you to have fun stitching. There are different diff ffe ff ferent sizes and sty styles of crystals plus glass pearls fo f for r e extra glimmer. The models were stitche stitched on 18-count white mono canvas (92 (9281-070).

J J. Florentine Dreams
An adventure in Bargello. The model was stitched on 18-count Santa Fe Sage Canvas (9281-670) with a finished size of 16.4 x 14.2.

H K. Diamond Dreams K

1048C $1 $19.99

1038D $31.99

W Worked on 18 Count Mono canvas finished ished si size is 14 by 14 . The outside edge e feaf afe tures tu Watercolours worked in a marbling bling technique. te A large combination of different f rent fe stitches st are worked in 29 different little le diamond m designs and one large diamond nd design. si Each design could be worked on its own o and made into Christmas ornaments ents or even ev luggage tags. This intermediate to adva vanced level design is written so you can use your yo own color system.

L-M. Pretty Petite Pendants s

Laura r J. Perin Designer. These pretty petite pendant patte ra patterns t rns te h have ave b been e designed by Laura J. Perin for r N Nordic ord dic N Needle. eed dle. Choose from two canvaswork designs to stitch ch a quick gift f or ft ornament. ornamen In addition to the pattern, you also so get the canvas and 2 tall antique gold pendant with finishing g instructions.

L. Christmas Tree Pendant Kit

Design is stitched on 24 count moss green Congress canvas, which is included.

M. Blue Bouquet et Pendant Kit

Design is stitched on 24 count sand Congress s canvas, which is included. d.

1049C $41.99

K1980 $8.99

K1981 $8.99


2012 Retail Catalog

A-J and L Canvaswork by Laura J. Perin Designs.

Complete stitch instructions and clear charts included for each design. See needed threads at and search by product code.

A. Holiday Ornaments Series 2

Each design measures 4.5" x 4.5" on 18 count eggshell mono canvas (9281-270). Two colorways are listed. Beautiful together or individually as ornaments or coasters.

F. Red, White, & Blue Panel

Stitched on 18 count mono canvas in sandstone (9281-370), eggshell (9281-270), or white (9281-070), finished size is 4.5 x 16.5. Large gold beads included in pattern.

1552F $12.99 B. Holiday Ornaments Series 1

Each design measures 4.5 x 4.5 on 18 count eggshell mono canvas (9281-270). Two color options are listed; Holiday or muted red and green. Stitch them individually for ornaments or together as a set.

1530G $15.99 G. Fluorite Fantasy

Stitched on 18 count Santa Fe Sage mono canvas (9281-670), finished size is 10 x 10. Jewels and crystal beads included in pattern.

1544F $12.99 C. Turning Leaves

This autumnal design is a part of the Impressionist Collection. Stitched on 18 count sandstone canvas (9281-370), design measures 177 x 177 stitches, making it approximately 10 x 10. Embellishment pack included.

1531G $15.99 H. Sentimental Journey

Stitched on 18 count eggshell mono canvas (9281-270), finished size is 12.75 x 12.75. Three colorways are listed for blue (shown), pink, and red.

1533G $14.99 I. Christmas Tree 2011

When stitched on 18 count Sandstone mono canvas (9281-370), finished size is 12 x 12. Large gold beads included in pattern.

1551F $17.99 D. Lahaina Breezes

Laura J. Perin Designs. Finished size on 18 count aquamarine mono canvas (suggested substitute is 18-count French Blue mono canvas (9281-570), is 10 x 10 Beads included with chartpack.



1532G $15.99 J. Music Box Designs

As shown on front cover. Four delightful designs to fit the bronze and red music boxes on page 20. Finished size of each on 18 count mono canvas is 4 x 2.5. Colors listed for red and green option and fall colors option.

1550F $15.99 E. Colorplay: One Long Panel

When stitched on 18 count brown mono canvas (1282-070), finished size is 4.5" x 16" using Caron Watercolours, DMC pearl cotton #5, YLI Ribbon floss, Kreinik #8 braid and beads. Five different color schemes listed.

1534G $12.99 H

1540F $15.99 K K. Tuscan Midnight

Needle Delight Originals. This Bargellostyle design is filled with wonderful stitches and colorful patterns. The model was stitched on 18count Sandstone mono canvas (9281-370). The E THRO AL threads used are Caron Watercolours #010, 018, 072 x 2, 113, 123, 164, 169 x UL 2, 180, 212, and 278 x 2; Y 1 7, 201 Kreinik #12 braid #273 x 2. The design size is 222 x 222, making it a finished size of 12.33 x 12.33. All stitches are clearly illustrated in the amazing design.


SALE $23.99





UL Y 1 7, 201

SALE $10.49


1605B $31.99


M. Amazing Color M
A Amazing Color will take you ou on an incredible journey i in co color l and dt technique. h i T The design measures 12 square composed of 144 smaller squares. The m model was stitched on 18 count white mono canvas (9281-070) and stitched using u ThreadworX silks and Vineyard Silk Classics. A conversion chart is provided p for Weeks Dye Works Floss and DMC floss.There are 26 pages of instructions in and stitch diagrams.

L. Bargello Egg
Laura J. Perrin Designs. Stitched on 18 count White Mono Canvas (9281-070) finished size is 7.5" x 9". Includes a matching ornament pattern.

1547F $13.99

1606B $31.99

2012 Retail Catalog


A-E. New Canvaswork from Laura J. Perin Designs

Excellent stitch instructions in each design pack. All materials needed for each design are listed on our website:

A. Winter Sky.
Stitched on 18 count French Blue Mono Canvas (9281-570), finished size is 10" x 10".

C. Ducks in a Pond
Stitched on 18 count Eggshell Mono Canvas (9281-270), finished size is 9" x 9". Includes a matching ornament pattern.

1545F $13.99 B. Box of Chocolates

Stitched on 18 count Rose Blush Mono Canvas (9281-470), finished size is 9.5" x 9.5". Stitch a red version or pink version. Includes a matching ornament pattern.

1548F $13.99 D. Lily of the Valley Collage

Canvaswork design is worked on 18count Santa Fe sage mono canvas (#9281-670), with a finished size of 9.25" square. Beads included.

1546F $13.99

1538E $15.99 E. Peony Collage

Stitched on 18 count Eggshell Mono Canvas (9281-270), finished size is 9.25" x 9.25". Round 8mm gold beads included.

1549F $15.99 F. Rainforest Crunch

Finished size is 8 x 8 on 18 count Eggshell mono canvas (9281-270), using several Caron Watercolours and Kreinik #12 Braid.

1612A $12.99

F-J. Canvaswork by Needle Delight Originals.

Clear charts and stitch instructions included. See our website for complete listing of threads required for each design.

G. Color Delights Ice

Stitched on 18 count White Mono Canvas (9281-070), finished size is 4" x 4".

1610B $9.99 H. Bargello Diamonds

Stitched on 18-count Eggshell Mono Canvas (9281-270), finished size is 11.3" x 4.2".

I F K. Diamond Delight 8.
The model was stitched on 18-count Sandstone mono canvas (9281-370) with a finished size of 11" x 11". Extensive stitch instructions included.

1611B $11.99 I. Rainforest Revisited

An adventure in threads and stitches, the model was stitched on 18-count Eggshell Mono Canvas (9281-270). Finished size is 16" x 8".

1612B $27.99 J. Appalachia

Eighth design in the Destination Series. The model was stitched on 18-count French Blue Mono Canvas (9281570). Finished size is 10" x 5".

1416C $19.99 L. Shenandoah Spring

On 18-count lt. blue interlock canvas, design is 10" x 10", using DMC floss in colors 504 and 368, and pearl cotton #8 in color 503. You will also need Watercolours in color 241, Neon Rays in N62 and N88, Flair in F538, Kreinik #4 and #8 braid in 3214. Extensive stitch instructions included.

1613B $12.99

Excellent charts and instructions for each design.

K-M. Canvaswork by Deb Bees Designs.

1414 $19.99 M. Tahiti Triangles

Stitched on 18-count black mono canvas (#9281-720), design is 1534" x 1534", using several colors of DMC floss and #5 pearl cotton as well as five skeins of Caron Watercolours 086 Tahiti and four skeins of 086 Waterlilies. Debbie says of her design, At first glance this design may seem daunting, but its a fun stitch sampler. Each of the 36 squares is unique with 18 smooth squares and 18 textured squares. The design forms horizontal, vertical and diagonal stripes. 85 pages.

1409B $29.99
2012 Retail Catalog

94 www

A-D. New Canvaswork Designs from DebBees Designs.

B. Good Stuff
Stitched on 18 count French Blue mono canvas (9281-570), finished size is 14 x 12. This design is filled with all sorts of fun stitches and patterns, many of them invented by Jean Hilton. Four color themes listed for using DMC floss and pearl cottons, Caron Watercolours, several Rainbow Gallery threads and Kreinik metallics. 115 pages, spiral bound.

Excellent charts and instructions for each design.

A A. Rice Pudding

B 1417C $35.99 Stitched on 18 count Sandstone Mono Canvas (9281-370), finished size is 10 x 8, C. Glitz & Glamour Opal using Sullivans #5 pearl cotton. Fold-out Design is approximately 5.75 x 5.75 color chart and complete stitch instructions on 18 count white mono canvas (9281052). This study in textures uses sevincluded. eral Rainbow Gallery fibers as well as 1410D $13.99 ThreadworX, Dinky Dyes and silks by Stitches & Spice.

D. Diamond Delight 9
Stitched on 18 count apricot mono canvas (9281-200), finished size is 11 x 11. DMC Memory Thread embellishes the corners. 60 pages of charts and instructions.

1409D $15.99

1411D $19.99 D

E-L. Kids & Crafts. Take a break from electronics and expose the boys and girls in your life to the joys of creating something with their own little hands! Teach a craft and pass it on for life-long enjoyment and skills.
F E. Under the Sea Lacing Cards 965-265-0001 $14.99 F. Things That Go Lacing Cards 965-265-0002 $14.99 G. Friendly Bugs Lacing Cards 965-265-0003 $14.99 E I. Bead Loom Bracelets
For ages 10 and up, this kit features detailed instructions and step-by-step illustrations for making seven different bracelets. All of them are surprisingly simple to make. The book comes with all the supplies you need, including beading floss, needles, and thousands (really!) of sparkling seed beads, bugle beads, and specialty beads plus a functional loom that collapses neatly for easy storage.

G J. Brilliant Bead Rings

For ages 10 and up, simply string shimmering beads on flexible wire to form totally durable, adorable, and fashionable little rings. The book comes with seven sparkly ring designs, a dazzling palette of both seed and specialty beads and 50 pages of super clear instructions.

H L. Fancy Friendship Bracelets

H. Life On Earth Lacing Cards 965-265-0004 $14.99 M. Stitchable Stationery

Not just for kids, these ready-toembroider folded cards become mini works of art when stitched--simply follow the printed pattern lines with the included needle and 4 skeins of embroidery floss. Perfect for all sorts of occasions, Jenny Hart's six patterns offer sew many ways to stay in touch.

965-460-0002 $16.99 K. Friendship Bracelets

Super-clear directions for ten different kinds of bracelets, with all the colorful floss and beads you need to make all of them. A built-in clipboard provides the ideal work surface for this coolest of crafts. For ages 8 and up.

965-460-0001 $24.95 I

Introducing Fancy Friendship Bracelets, the original Friendship Bracelets new best friend. We started with super-simple instructions for a flock of all-new bracelet designs. We added five different colors of cord and more than 200 sparkling beads. Then we threw in some stylish charms for good measure. The result is even better than we hoped. For ages 8 and up.

K1001 $14.95

965-460-0004 $19.95

965-460-0003 $16.95


2012 Retail Catalog


A-G. Designs from the Victoria Sampler.

for all designs.

All specialty stitches clearly illustrated

Winter Holiday Sampler, The Victoria Sampler. A sampler for the whole winter! Thea
incorporates many specialty stitches (all illustrated and explained) to create this stunning sampler that measures 4.6 x 20.9 when stitched on 28 count Smokey Pearl Cashel linen (3281-778). Fresh snow blankets the hillside. Snowballs fly through the air. Sleigh bells are merrily ringing. Holiday fun everywhere.

B A. Birth Pillow.
Welcome your newest baby into the world by stitching this gorgeous Birth Sampler Pillow! Soft colors of silk and plenty of space for your own lettering makes personalization a breeze. Satin Stitched Tulips and Scotch Stitches with beautiful overdyes suit both boys and girls. Linda Rosser. Design area is 7 x 7 when stitched on 28 count Fairy Dust Cashel linen (suitable substitute cream 3281-222).

of the overdyed silks, beads, paillettes and beads. Pincushion top and bottom are 4.6 x 4.8 when stitched on 28 count summer khaki Cashel linen (3281-323) and 28 count carnation pink cashel linen for finishing the inside of the heart. Scissors case is 2.2 x 4 and Scissors fob is 2.2 x 4.

140-920-0130 $15.99 Accessory Pack 610-920-0130 $44.60 White Silk Pack 810-920-0130 $12.40

140-920-2006 $11.50 Accessory Pack 610-920-2006 $12.10 B. Valentine Pincushion

Thea is creating an elegant new Pincushion Series, starting with a stunning heart shape just in time for Valentine's Day! She has used two different colored linens; soft Carnation Pink and gorgeous Summer Khaki linens, complemented beautifully by the colors

140-920-0131 $13.75 Accessory Packs 610-920-0131 $34.55 C. Noel Biscornu

Fifteen sided biscornu and scissors fob by Linda Rosser. Stitch and assembly instructions included. Design area is 2 x 2 on 28 count white Cashel linen (3281-100).

140-920-2005 $10.99 Accessory Pack 610-920-2005 $21.99 E. Gingerbread Church

The Victoria Sampler. Part Three of The Gingerbread Village, this design joins the Gingerbread House and Gingerbread Tree. Stitched on 28 count Antique Almond Cashel Linen, (3281-3033), the church front and back measure 3.6 x 5.6 high. Complete stitch and assembly instructions included.

D. Gingerbread Stitching House.

Stitch this yummy Gingerbread Stitching House decorated with sweet white icing sugar" and trimmed with button and bead candies! The matching Biscomu, Rooftop Needlekeep, Chimney Pincushion and Scissors Fob are the perfect Christmas Stitching Accessories. Lisas Beautiful Finishing instructions are included in this leaflet. Place the completed Gingerbread House on your mantle, on your Christmas table as a centerpiece, or beside our Christmas stitching chair to give you some extra Holiday cheer. Stitched on 28 count antique almond Cashel linen (3281-3033), the house stands 4.1" wide x3.9" high.

140-920-0129 $21.99 Gingerbread Church Accessory Pack E

Silks, metallics, beads and charms included.

140-920-0110 $21.99
Accessory Pack includes silk flosses, silk ribbon, metallics, beads, buttons and charms.

610-920-0129 $50.75
Design also needs KSMOR-8000 (3) and DMC 1 each DM008 and DM012 in white.

610-920-0110 $38.20
White Silk Floss Pack

810-920-0110 $18.20
Design also uses #12 white pearl cotton.

F. Biscornuments
The Victoria Sampler. Adorable and quick to stitch, these ornaments are stitched on 28 count platinum Cashel linen (3281-770) with a design area of a little less than 2. Complete stitch and finishing instructions included.

G. Beautiful Finishing 8 Christmas Crackers

Four adorable mini needleroll ornaments measure 3 x 2 before assembled into a roll. All stitch and finishing instructions included. Different color linen is used for each design.

140-920-2004 $13.25 Biscornuments Accessory Pack

Silk, cotton and metallic threads plus ribbons and beads are included for all five biscornuments.

140-920-1058 $17.99 Accessory Pack 610-920-1058 $39.25 G

610-920-2004 $27.75


2012 Retail Catalog

A-H. From The Victoria Sampler

All stitches are diagrammed and explained clearly. Leaflets include stitch instructions and illustrations for all specialty stitches. Accessory Packs include all cotton and silk threads, ribbons, beads and attachments to complete the design.

A. Garden Wedding Sampler

What a lovely wedding gift this sampler would make! The model was stitched on 28-count Raw Cashel linen (3281-053). In addition to the threads in the embellishment pack, you will also need Soie Perlee White and DMC #12 pearl cotton-white. The design size is 5.1" x 17".

140-920-0126 $16.99
Many of the fibers and all of the beads and pearls needed for this design are included in an embellishment pack.

610-920-0126 $44.30 B. Pumpkin Patch Sampler

The Victoria Sampler. This delightful farm sampler is stitched on 28 count clay linen, or light sand (3281-224), with a finished size of 5.14 x 12.64. All stitches clearly illustrated.

B E E. Heirloom Anniversary Sampler

Perfect for anniversary or wedding, design is 4.75" x19.5" on 28-count platinum Cashel linen. Take my hand and walk with me. The best in life is yet to be."

140-920-0128 $15.99 Embellishment/Thread Pack 610-920-0128 $55.99 C. Quilting Bee Sampler

Where Quilters Gather Friendships Blossom. The quilt sampler is filled with a variety of specialty stitches and the bottom is finished off with a lovely Hardanger band. The Sampler shown on the cover is 7.1" x 16.1". A pillow design with the quilters only is 7.1" X 5.25". The models are stitched on 28count Raw Cashel Linen (3281-053).

140-920-0018 $11.40 610-920-0018 $29.80 F. Heirloom Wedding Sampler

Leaflet Accessory pack Stitch the larger wedding sampler or a mini sampler for the lucky bride and groom. Large sampler measures 5.15" wide x 21.5" on 28-count platinum linen. Small sampler measures 3.3" wide x 16.5" long on 28count platinum linen. All stitches and rows are charted and explained. Leaflet.

140-920-0027 $11.40

140-920-0124 $15.50
Accessory Pack contains a variety of overdyed silks, silk and wool threads, pearls, silk perlee, pearl cotton and beads needed to finish this gorgeous sampler.

Accessory pack for Heirloom Wedding Sampler includes specialty fibers, beads and ribbon.


610-920-0027 $29.99 G. Beautiful Finishing 4 Sweetheart Roses

Learn how to create a fifteen-sided biscornu, six-sided biscornu, and an eight-sided scissors fob biscornu. Excellent photos step you through the construction process so that you will be an expert when finished. The models were stitched on 28-count Antique White Quaker cloth (3993-101). The 15-sided biscornu has a design size of 26 threads x 26 per panel. The 6sided biscornu has a design size of 52 threads x 52 (two panels), and the scissors fob biscornu is 26 threads x 26 (two panels.)

610-920-0124 $67.85 D. Forget-me-not Sampler

When to the flowers so beautiful, the Father gave a name, Back came a little blue-eyed one, all timidly it came. And standing at the Father's feet and gazing at his face, it said in low and trembling tones, but with a modest grace, Dear God, the name Thou givest me, alas I have forgot! Kindly the Father looked him down, and said Forget-menot." Linda, the designer, says "I've always adored the tiny Forget-me-not flowers...I designed this delicate sampler to celebrate those tiny spring flowers and to capture the feelings of new growth and new beginnings." The model was stitched on 28-count Light Mocha Cashel Linen (3281-309). The design area is 5.6" x 15.6". The threads needed are DMC #8 and #12 pearl cotton in 712 and the rest of the threads can be purchased in an accessory pack.

140-920-1053 $17.25
The threads available for this design are available in two different color packs: Pink accessory pack Violet accessory pack

610-920-1053V $53.99

610-920-1053P $53.99

The accessory packs include DMC Pearl Cotton #8 and #12m Waterlilies silk/Glori-ana silk, Treenway/YLI silk ribbon, Mill Hill beads, CJ Designs pearl oval bead, an Jesse James buttons.

H. Beautiful Finishing 7 Spring Box

Stitchers Box, Pinkeep, Scissors Case and Fob. The models were stitched on 28-count Light Sand Cashel Linen (3281-224). The Box top is 5.7" x 5.7", the Pinkeep is 2.85" round, the Scissors Keep is 2.4" x 3.9"; and the Scissors Fob is .9" x .9". Excellent step-by-step instructions and photos make it easy to finish your set.

140-920-2002 $15.40
Accessory Pack includes Gloriana, Waterlilies, Kreinik Mori, Needlepoint Inc, Au Ver a Soie, Mill Hill beads, and silk ribbon.

610-920-2002 $43.15

140-920-1056 $18.99 Accessory Pack.

The threads and embellishments included for all pieces.

610-920-1056 $32.99

2012 Retail Catalog


A-G. New Specialty Stitch Designs from The Victoria Sampler

B. Heirloom Nativity Sampler
Sweet angels sing on Christmas night. Come shepherds, see the wondrous sight. Come wisemen, see the star above. A Babe is born to bring us love." On 28-count smokey pearl Cashel linen(#3281778), design is 5.1" x 23.5". Beautiful combination of Hardanger, cross stitch and specialty stitches.

140-920-0087 $12.60
Accessory pack includes silk, cotton flossand metallic threads and beads and buttons. (white silk mori)

A. Count Your Blessings

Count your blessings, Count your life by smiles not tears, Count your age by friends not years" is the saying stitched in the Stitchers Etui. Create matching scissors sheath, pin keep, and scissors fob. The etui B A is adorned on the outside with a Hardanger heart. The design area of the etui is 82 x 566, making it 5.85" x 40.4". The model was stitched on 28-count Platinum Cashellinen (3281-770). See back cover for DVD of Hardanger Heart.

610-920-0087 $61.99 610-920-0087W $11.80 C

C. Christmas Treasures.
This meaningful and beautiful collection of ornaments was inspired by an old German tradition which suggests that a couples Christmas tree needs 12 specific ornaments for happiness in their lifes journey together. These 12 ornaments each will ensure a peaceful and fruitful marriage and family. The Christmas Treasure Boxcover design is compiled of all 12 ornament designs and measures 5.3" x 6.85" on 28-count taupe or platinum Cashel linen (#3281-770).

140-920-0122 $24.99
Accessory Pack includes Gloriana silk, Needlepoint Inc and Kreinik metallics along with Mill Hill beads, charm and sequins necessary to stitch this design.

610-920-0122 $53.75 D. Beautiful Finishing 6 Winter Box

Complete stitch and finishing instructions included for the Stitchers box, scissors fob and pin cushion. Fabric used is 28 count raw Cashel linen (3281-053).

140-920-0098 $13.70
Embellishment Pack includes everything except the linen and the white #12 pearl cotton.

610-920-0098 $63.80
Acorn Box from Olde Colonial Designs. Beautiful burl wood handcrafted wood box. Opening size is 8.25" x 6.5", used for Christmas Treasures design. Custom mat not included.

140-920-1055 $18.99
Embellishment Packincludes enough threads,beads, and buttons to stitchand finish one each of the 3-piece set.

430-642-0003 $129.99 G. Miladys Reticule

Stitchers Purse, Biscornu and Scissors Fob. Finished size of the purse is 5.4" x 9.6", Scissors Fob is .75" x .7", and Biscornu is 3.1" x 3.1", all stitched on 28 count Country Cream Cashel Linen or 28-count Platinum Cashel linen (3281-770).

610-920-1055 $35.30 E. Bargello Biscornu

Stitch this beautiful 15-sided Biscornu and scissors fob in Hardanger, Bargello, Cross D stitch and silk ribbon embroidery. Fabric used is 28 count Platinum Cashel linen (32581-770). E

140-920-0123 $13.50

140-920-0127 $15.99
Accessory Pack. The pack includes Trebizond, Dinky Dyes overdyed silk floss and silk ribbon, Needlepoint Inc Silk, Soie Perlee, DMC #12 Pearl Cotton, SJ Designs petite beads, and Mill Hill seed beads.

Embellishment Pack choose between two color themes. Each contains enough thread, silk ribbon and beads to stitch a 15-sided Biscornu and scissors fob. Violet Embellishment Pack Christmas Embellishment Pack

610-920-0123V $24.99 610-920-0123C $24.99

F. Lindas Ort Bag with Matching Scissors Fob

Create this delightful ort bag with matching scissors fob. The models were stitched on 28-count Summer Khaki Cashel linen (3281-323), beginning with 12" x 22". Besides the threads in the accessory pack, you will also need one ball each of DMC Pearl Cotton Size 12 #642 and 778.

610-920-0127 $51.99 H. A-Z of Heirloom Sewing

140-920-2001 $13.20 F
Accessory Pack. The Gloriana, Needlepoint Inc, Kreinik Mori and Kreinik #4 braid are available in the embellishment pack.

610-920-2001 $39.99 H

The twentieth book in the highly successful A-Z Series. Over 700 step-by-step photographs and detailed instructions for hand sewing and finishing touches for sleeves, collars and hems.

1659R $34.99 2012 Retail Catalog


A-J Cross Stitch Designs by Rosewood Manor.

A. Blossoms in Baltimore
Twelve quilt blocks in cross stitch are stitched on 28 count Cream Cashel linen (3281-222) with a finished size of 20 x 25.57. A smaller version is shown and many can be personalized with names and dates for special occasions.

C. Bargello Sampler
This is a fabulous opportunity to explore the world of Bargello! Learn different stitches and styles while you create your own sampler. The model was stitched on 28-count Ivory Cashel linen. Suggested substitute is 28-count Antique White Cashel Linen (3281101). Twenty colors of DMC floss is used for the design. The stitch count is 99 x 182, making it 7 x 13.

E. Barnwood Buttons
When one tugs at a single thing in nature he finds it attached to the rest of the world. When stitched on 32 count Barnwood Belfast linen (substitute vintage country mocha 39843009 or flax 3609-052), finished size is 21 x 5.25, using 5 skeins Weeks Dye Works color 1094.

F. Crabapple Tree
The model was stitched on a fat-quarter of 32-count Rosewood Belfast linen from Picture This Plus. Suggested substitute is 28-count Vintage Pink Sandy Lugana (3270-570). The design size on 28 count is 13.35" square stitched with 2 strands of floss over two threads of linen. The design is charted for 24 colors of DMC or Anchor floss.

5689A $21.99 B. Garden of Eden

A circa 1830 quilt titled "Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden" was the inspiration for this design. Karen says "I love the bold colors used by the original quilter and the intricate grape vines around the border." The model was stitched on 32-count Cream Belfast linen (3609-222) using Weeks Dye Works floss. The stitch count is 258 x 258, making it 16 x 16.

5693A $9.99
Barnwood Buttons Pack 21 carved mother-of-pearl buttons.

5691A $21.99 D. O Christmas Tree

The familiar words of this favorite Christmas Carol are stitched in this sampler that measures 5.7 x 12.14 on 28 count Cream Cashel linen (3281-222). Ornament designs are included and stitch instructions are included.

631-717-0001 $54.99

5683A $13.99 G. Emily Munroe Quilt

The model was stitched on 32-count Cream Belfast linen (3609-222). The design size is 11.43" x 11.43", stitched with one strand of floss over two fabric threads. The design includes an alphabet for personalization. The pattern is coded for 29 colors of Anchor or DMC floss.

5690A $14.99

5692A $12.99 D

5682A $13.99 H. Past & Present Pr

The model was Th stitched stit on 28-count Cre Cream Cashel linen (32 (3281-222). The design sig size is 17.75" square. squ


5684A $19.99 5 I. Q Quaker Compass Co

This design is filled with Thi Q Qu Quaker motifs which can be stitched as shown or used individually to create cre your own ornaments, me bell pulls, or smaller sm piece. The model was wa stitched on 28-count Platinum Pla Cashel linen (3281-770). DMC D or Anchor floss is used for this thi design. d Design size is 298 x 198.21.3" x 14".

5687A $14.99 J. Spring Quaker

This lovely design is filled with floral motifs. Worked among the motifs are the names of flowers from Aster to Zinnia. The model was stitched on 28 count Valor from Picture This Plus. Suggested substitute is 28-count Vintage Heritage Cashel linen (3281-338). Valdani floss is used to achieve the variegated look. Design size is 170 x 270 for a finished size of approximately 12" x 19".

5679A $14.99 56

K K. A Schoolgirls Work
Sa Samplers from the Spencer Museum of Art by Barb Adams an and Alma Allen. Learn all about those samplers of old and st stitch your own heirloom with the designs shared in this b beautiful e book. 104 pages.

105-362-0652 $26.99 K J

2012 2 Retail Ret tai il Catalog Cat tal log



A-I. New Fractal Designs from Cross Stitch Collectibles.

Sizes listed are when stitched on 14 count or 28 count over two. Large clear charts.

A. Fractal 251
Finished size is 17.75" x 26.75"

B. Fractal 288
Finished size is 25" x 19.75"

3650A $14.99

3651A $14.99 K

C-I. Limited Edition Fractal Series, exclusively for Nordic Needle.

C. Fractal-004
Finished size is 25" x 19 5/8"

D. Fractal-012
Finished size is 21 3/8" x 20 "


4971A $15.99 I

4972A $15.99 E. Fractal-021

Finished size is 21 3/8" x 16"

U L each 1 Y 1 7, 20

SALE $11.99

4973A $15.99 F. Fractal-022

Finished size is 21 3/8" x 16"


4974A $15.99 G. Fractal-023

Finished size is 21 3/8" x 16"

J-K. Fractal Bookmarks

Now you can create beautiful Fractal de signs on a much smaller scale! Finished size of each design when worked on 28 28-count over one is 2.75" x 7.25". If yo you prefer to make a larger design su suitable for framing, stitch it over tw two or on 14 count and the finished siz size is 5.25"x 14.25"! Charts are lar large with multi pages for each desig sign so stitching is relatively easy.

H. Fractal-001 Finished size is 21 3/8" x 18 " 4970A $15.99 I Fractal-024 Finished size is 17 " x 22 5/8" 4976A $15.99

L-N. Chatelaine Designs by Martina Weber.

Using a wide variety of threads and stitches, create these stunning detailed Mandala designs from Germany. Many designs are embellished with beads and Swarovski crystals. Not all threads are available through Nordic Needle but Martina does give some DMC substitutions. Large charts for designs. Fabrics, threads and embellishments all sold separately.

4975A $15.99

J. Fractal Bookmarks Volume V Vo 2 3695 $19.99 3 K. Fractal Bookmarks Volume V Vo 1 L 3678 $19.99 3

L. White Nights of St. Petersburg Mandala.

Start with 32 x 32 antique white Belfast linen (3609-101 - not included).

M. The Tuscany Town Mandala

Start with 27x 27 antique white Belfast linen (3609-101 not in-cluded).

140-275-0044 $28.50

140-275-0045 $27.99 N. The Medieval Town Mandala

Stitched on32 count white Belfast linen (3609-100), finished size is17.3" x 17.3".

140-275-0041 $22.50 M N
2012 2012 Retail Ret tai il Catalog Cat tal log

100 m

A-N. New Counted Cross Stitch Designs from Allesandra Adelaide

The designer has not provided a fabric or thread suggestion, leaving that decision up to you so the finished project is truly ofyour own creation. Choose your own fabric and thread colors. Sizes listed are if worked on 28 count linen over two. Chartsare coded for DMC floss.

A. Water
Using nine colors of Kreinik Silk Mori, finished size is 10 x 16.2 on 28 count white Lugana (3270-100).

E. Star
Using 6 colors of floss, finished size on 14 count or 28 count over two of white fabric, is 14.2 x 10.57.

H. Cuor Di Neve
The heart is created with over 20 unique snowflake designs. The model was stitched on 28-count white Cashel Linen (3281-100). The blue snowflakes were stitched with DMC floss # 156, 341, and 3747. The design size is 11.78" x 11.75".

L.Christmas Tree Green

Finished size is13.85 x 16.

105-975-0027 $19.40 B. CT 100 Christmas Tree

Finished size is 10 x 13 when stitched on 28 count white Lugana (3270-100).

105-975-0032 $19.40 F. Blue Bookmarks

Stitch these three bookmarks separately or combined for a wall hanging. Stitch the bookmarks on any size fabric you desire. The blue floss used is DMC floss #930, or choose your own colors. These designs would be dynamic with hand-dyed floss. Stitch count for one bookmark is approximately 24 x 150 stitches.

105-975-0009 $17.99 M. Coffee

Steam is rising out of a beautiful coffee cup,stitched with three colors. Stitch count is 161 X 161, makingit 11.5 x 11.5 when stitched on 14 or 28 count over two.

105-975-0028 $19.40 C. Tea

When stitched on 28 count white Lugana (3270-100), finished size is 9.2 x 15.4, using only 2 colors of DMC floss; 505 and 772.

105-975-0018 $18.20 I. Maple Leaf

Suggested fabric is 32-count white Lugana (3984-100). DMC floss #349 was used in model. The design 7.18" x 7.75".

105-975-0016 $18.20 N. Zar Di Cuori

Finished size on 14 or 28 count white is 14.85 square using 3 colors of thread.

105-975-0029 $19.40 D. Acorn

Using three skeins of DMC floss, 301, 783, and 3822, finished size is 5.78 x 7.14 using 28 count white lugana (3270-100).

105-975-0021 $10.99 G. Promessa

What a lovely design to commemorate a wedding or an anniversary. The model is stitched on 28-count white linen (3281-100) with a design size of 15" x 11.5". The threads used are DMC Floss #729 and 800.

105-975-0020 $18.20 J. Butterfly

Finished size is 12.78" x 9.85". Requiresone color thread only.

105-975-0031 $19.40 O. Family Tree

Use only 5 thread colors to create your family tree that measures 15.2 x 15.4 on 14 count or 28 over two.

105-975-0011 $18.20 K. Christmas Tree Red

Finished size is 12.9 x15.

105-975-0030 $19.40 B

105-975-0019 $18.20

105-975-0008 $17.99

105-975-0025 $19.40 P. Zucca Pumpkin

Using only two colors, finished size is 14.3 x 13.5 on 14 count.

105-975-0026 $19.40 Q. Christmas Drop

Only three thread colors create this design that measures 7 x 13.5 on 14 count.

105-975-0033 $16.50 E D A




2012 Retail Catalog


A-C. New Cross Stitch designs by Alessandra Adelaide.

Choose your own fabric ic for these creative designs.

A. Happy Tree A
De Design is 181 x 205 stitches and an uses 10 colors of floss.

D. Gnome Row
Bent Creek. 17.3" x 2.1" The model was stitched on 32-count Platinum linen (3609-770) with a finished size of 17.3" x 2.1" using Gentle Arts, Crescent Colours, and Weeks Dye Works floss with DMC substitutes provided. The 4leaf clover charm is provided with the chart.

10 105-975-0022 9 $19.99 B. Daffodil B

De Design is 106 x 145 stitches and uses just jus 4 floss colors.

105-362-0538 $10.50

105-975-0023 $16.50 1 C. Iris

Design is 81 x 132 stitches s and uses 3 floss colors.

105-975-0024 $16.50 10

C F. Garden Fair by Courtney Collection.

Stitched on 40-count Vintage Lentil by Lakeside Linens over 2 threads, suggested substitute is 36count Cream Edinburgh (3217-222). The colors used were Ver A Soie 100/3 silk #Noir/Black and Crescent Colours Silk Tulip. design size is 169 x 402.

G G. A Sampler for My Mother

Needlemade Designs. This sentimental sampler is done in the Quaker Style. A fabric count and color is not given so that you may use whatever fabric you desire. The stitches are done with 21 colors of DMC floss. The design size is 279 x 279.

H H. Spanish Flair Sampler

Needlemade Designs. Spanish Flair is stitched with DMC Floss #310 x 5 and 321 x 6. You are encouraged to choose a white Aida or linen fabric in a stitch count you would like to use. The designer also advises that you may wish to change the colors to suit your own taste. The design size is 307 x 307.

E E. Blessed Be
Plum Pudding NeedleArt. When stitched on 14 count Fiddlers Lite, finished size is 6.5" x 8.75", using DMC floss.

105-362-0961 $23.99 J. Victorian Blue Bookmarks F I

Pinoy Stitch. Stitched on 14 count white aida, each bookmarks measures 2 x 6. Great for bookmarks or border designs.

105-475-0055 $15.99

105-362-6574 $6.99

L-N. Keslyns

105-475-0175 $11.99 M

105-407-8351 $4.99 J

I. The Flood (Noahs Ark)

Plum Street Samplers. "The end of all flesh is come before me. I do set my bow in the cloud and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth." The model was stitched on 36-count Vintage Buttercream linen. Suggested substitute is 32-count Cream Edinburgh linen (3217222). The chart is coded for both DMC floss and Needlepoint Inc. Silk in 36 colors. Finished size is 28" x 19.68".

L. Teensy Weensy
On 28 count white Cashel linen (3281-100), finished size is 7.54 x 7.54 when stitched over one. What great ornaments these would make when stitched over two using Christmas color threads!

4632 $11.99 M. Topiary Garden

On 28 count antique white Lugana (3270-101), finished size is 7.25 x 7.25 when stitched over one fabric thread.

105-475-0852 $23.99 K K. Jenny Beans Friendship Sampler

Shakespeares Peddler. When stitched on white 36 count Edinburgh linen (3217-100), finished size is 8.75" x 11.75", using Gentle Arts Sampler Threads.

4633 $11.99 N. Itty-Bittys

Stitched on 28count fabric using one strand of floss over one fabricthread, the finished size is 8.07" high x 9.07" wide.Stitch the entire design as is or stitch each square aloneand use them for ornaments, scissors fob, pin keeps, boxlids and more.

5758 $11.99

2386 $11.99


2012 Retail Catalog

E. Glory in the Morning.

Crossed Wing Collection. On 28 count linen (see below), finished size is 9 7/8" x 36 ".

3777 $14.99 A B C D
This hand-dyed 28count linen was specially made for the Glory in the Morning design (3777). The fabric is 18" x 44" and is dyed in blues and greens to complement the stitched design.

A-D. Cross Stitch and Blackwork Combined by Elizabeth Almond.

Each design is charted in color and measures 7.14" square when stitched on 14 count or 28 count over two.

A. Celtic Spring B. Celtic Summer F

1289A $7.99 1290A $7.99 G

C. Celtic Autumn D. Celtic Winter

1291A $7.99 1292A $7.99



G. Quaker Garden
The Workbasket. When stitched on 36-count Cream Edinburgh linen (3217-222), finished size will be 21 x 4.77". Stitch flowers separately for smaller framed designs. Pattern calls for Crescent Colours Belle Soie.

E THR AL$11.15 O




105-362-9495 $11.50 F. English Tapestry Sewing Box

This sewing box was inspired by the designs of William Morris (1834-1896). He was a poet, painter, and writer, but he is best known as a craftsman who was driven by a belief in the dignity and worth of handmade objects and he loved nature. Design requires a fat quarter of 32-count fabric of your color choice. The model was stitched on 32-count Herald from Picture This Plus. The design uses DMC or Anchor floss. Stitched area is 116 x 249. Finishing instructions included.

U L SALE 1 Y 1 7, 20

H. Pansy Portraits H
DebBees Designs. Eight designs for cross stitch pansies with a finished size of 6" x 6" when stitched on 28 count white Jobelan (429-000).

3731 $19.99

I 2416F $8 $8.99 99 J. Spanish Mystery Sampler

Shakespeares Peddler. When stitched on 36 count cream Edinburgh linen (3217-222), finished size is 27 " x 17 ".

5685A $12.99

5759 $19.99

J K. Thistle Sewing Set

Acorn House Designs. This timeless Thistle Sewing Set comes with a needlebook (168 x 80 stitches), Pinkeep (51 x 51 stitches), Magnet Pouch (27 x 27) and fob (31 x 31). The models were stitched on 40 count Attic Lace Linen. Suggested substitute is 36count Cream Edinburgh linen (3217222) or White Edinburgh linen K (3217-100). The Gloriana Silk Floss used is Olivine and Berry Purple. The Thistle Needle Minder page 27 and Woven Scissors page 28 are available for purchase to complete your set.

M M. Celtic Flower
Vickery Collection. On 16 count antique white aida (3251-101), finished size is 10 x 11 , using 26 colors of DMC floss.

L L. Once Upon a Tree

105-362-9361 $8.99

On 32 count Lentil by Lakeside Linens or Belfast cream (3609-222) finished size is 3.125" x11.56". All specialty stitches illustrated and explained as you stitch the tree that evolves through the seasons.

4667 $14.99
Thread and Embellishment Pack

140-475-0052 $9.99

4667E $41.99

I. Celtic Crosses Cr
De Designs by Mike Vic Vickery. Nine illum luminating cross, me medallion and co column designs are included an and charted for cro cross stitching.

2012 Retail Catalog


A A. Quilted Garden
A Floral Sampler with Needlework Smalls. Blue Ribbon Designs. Sampler measures 11.25 x 16.25 on 28 count antique ivory (3281-233). Package contains charting for the sampler, pin pillow and scissors fob, stitching instructions, complete finishing instructions for both needlework smalls, alternate charting of the verse, and alphabet and numbers with personalization area.

B B. Turn The Page

C C. Month by Month

Blue Ribbon Designs. Package contains charts for sampler, stitching The Sunflower Seed. On 28 instructions and complete finishing instructions and ideas for four count Flax linen (3281-052), destyles of bookmarks. sign will be 8.5" x 11.43".

105-362-0492 $13.99

105-362-7500 $11.99

105-362-0491 $13.99 D

F-H. Petites collection by Erica Michaels.

Designs are stitched on 40 count silk gauze, included in chartpack. Threads not included.

H H. Always Thankful
Finished size is approximately 2.3 x 2.9.

F. Upon This House D. My Story

A sampling of Myself by Jeannette Douglas Designs. Sixteen different band designs enclose the center design. The design has an American flag but a Canadian flag chart is also provided. The model was stitched on 35-count Creme Burelee by R&R Reproductions. Suggested substitute is 32-count Lambswool (65-135) with a finished size of 7.8 x 6. Finished size is approximately 3.8 x 2.1.

G. Live Simply
Finished size is approximately 1.4 x 2.1.

105-362-2714 $17.99 I. Sunflowers in Summer

105-362-2715 $14.99

105-362-2713 $17.99

I-J. Country Cottage Needleworks.

On 30 count Cocoa linen (suitable substitute is light mocha Cashel 3281-309), finished size is approximately 9.5 x 9.5.

105-362-1061 $7.99

4677F $17.99
My Story Embellishment Pack. Silks and ThreadworX thread as well as charms and beads are included.

J J. The Apple Orchard

On 28 count Vintage Light Examplar Linen (or Lambswool linen 76-135), finished size is 10 x 6.

4677FE $59.99 E. My Storybook

A Sampling Companion by Jeannette Douglas Designs. My Storybook has a place for scissors, pins, needles, and small tools. The front of the Storybook comes from the center portion of the My Story sampler with a stitching basket, bunny, flowers, heart, home, key and more. The design has an American flag but a Canadian flag chart is also provided. The model was stitched on 32-count Lambswool (65-135).

E I K K. Spooky House

105-362-1063 $7.99 L

4678F $15.99
Embellishment Pack available with the threads, 2 pieces of felt, beads, button, small charms in design and safety pin needed to complete this project.

By Xs & Ohs. Finished size on 32 count Thunderstorm linen is 15 x 11.75, using DMC or Anchor floss. This cross stitch design would be for the more experienced stitcher. 6293 $11.99

L. Official Crazy Cat Lady

Raise the Roof. When stitched on 32-count Platinum Belfast Linen (3609-770), finished size is 4" x 7.75", using Crescent Colours or DMC. Button Pack

4678FE $39.99
Charm Pack contains the large charms that create the tassel end.

4678FC $29.99

5601 $7.99 631-434-0076 $7.99

2012 Retail Catalog


A-L. Cross Stitch Designs from Heaven and Earth Designs.

Sizes listed are when stitched on 25 count fabric over one fabric thread for incredible detail.

E. Hey Sis Did You Hear That

16 x 12 using 88 floss colors.

4285C $18.99 D. The Pick of the Needle

18 x 21.75 using 87 floss colors.

4284C $18.99 H. A. A Careful Eagles Flight Stitch

16 19, using 90 83 floss colors. 17.6 xx 11.5

4281C $18.99 B. Lady Seated at Her Needlework

18 x 23 3/8 using 87 floss colors.

4282C $18.99 C. Woman Threading Needle

16 x 24 using 89 floss colors.

F F. Sea Turtle
Finished size is 14" x 10.125"

G G. Paisley Cat 2
9.8 x 15.8 using 89 floss colors.

4283C $18.99

4270C $18.99

4288C $18.99

I I. Calico Kitty H H. Eagles Flight

17.6 x 11.5 using 90 floss colors. 15.85 x 8.6 using 90 floss colors.

J J. Dolphins
16 x 10.6 using 89 floss colors.

K K. Siamese 2
14 x 13.75 using 89 floss colors.

4287C $18.99

4289C $18.99

4290C $18.99 N. Thomass Stocking

From Shepherds Bush. Stitched on 18 count natural linen (Flax 3340052), finished size is 13.7 x 18.8 Stitch over two using DMC Pearl cotton #5.

4286C $18.99 L. Ruby Cat

Heaven and Earth Designs. Stitched over one on 25 count fabric, finished size is 16" x 20". Chart only.

4280C $18.99 M. Whoopsy Daisy

Acorn House Designs. Stitch this adorable set that includes a needle book, scissors and thread case, pin keep and scissors fob. Models are stitched on 36 count Sienna Night linen over two.


140-475-0053 $11.99

Thomass Stocking Charm Pack 5847CE


2012 Retail Catalog


B. Four Seasonal Mandalas Ink Circles

This four season mandala represents the pumpkins in the fall, flowers in the spring, strawberries in the summer, and holly in the winter. The model was stitched on 32-count Attic Lace by Lakeside Linen. Suggested substitute is 32-count white Belfast Linen (3609-100). The threads used are Vikki Clayton's hand dyed fiber, but DMC substitutes are given. This was designed for solid colors, not over-dyed or variegated threads. The stitch count for each season is 101 x 101, making each design 6.3 x 6.3.

4578A $14.99 C. Norsk Fairytales

Ink Circles. Inspired by 17th century Norwegian weaving patterns, the model was stitched on 36-count Relic linen by Picture This Plus. Suggested substitute is 36-count Cream Lambswool linen (3217-222). The chart is coded for either 24 Gentle Art Threads or DMC floss. The design contains partial stitches and specialty stitches. The design count is 298 x 186, making it 16.75 x 20.5.

A. Fjord Ponies
This design incorporates several motifs including Norwegian Fjord Ponies and Tree of Life motifs on a background of angels. Design size is 296 x 296, making it 18.5" square when stitched on 32 count Country cream Belfast linen (3609-1019).

4576A $17.99 F. Til Karin 4 Elements

This piece is inspired by "The Four Elements" a tapestry by Karin Larrson, with of the famous Swedish artist Carl Larsson. The tapestry was woven in 1903 and hung in the dining room of their home in Sundborn, Sweden. The model was stitched on 36-count Legacy Linen by Picture This Plus. Suggested substitute is 32-count Vintage Country Mocha Belfast linen (36093009). Sixteen Gentle Art Sampler Threads were used with DMC substitutions provided. The stitch count is 301 x 189 stitched over two fabric threads, making it 18.8 x 11.8.

4573A $17.99

E E. Metamorphosis

The three flowers change right before your needle into a complete floral motif. The model was stitched 5101 $17.99 on 36-count Vintage Sugared Ginger by Lakeside Linens. Suggested substitute is 32-count Antique Ivory Belfast Linen (3609-233). The threads used D are Gentle Art Sampler Threads Grape Arbor, Uniform Blue, Deep Forest, Old Hickory, Picnic Basket, D. Baroque Baroque is a nine-patch design of dif- Sarsaparilla, and Mulberry. DMC alternatives are ferent monochromatic designs en- given. The stitch count is 359 x 47, stitched over two veloped in a coordinated border. The threads. model was stitched on 35-count 4579A $7.99 4 Creme Brulee by R&R Reproductions. H Suggested substitute is 35-count Lambswool (65-135). A single strand of Gloriana - Northern Lights was used over 2 fabric threads. You will G need 24 yards of 12-ply silk for this design on 35-count. H. Sandys Finishing Touches H

F G. Nordic Cushion
Artecy Cross Stitch. When stitched on 14 count or 28 over 2, finished size is 14.5 x 14. Great for a pillow or border design on table linens.

105-407-8031 $7.99 I. A Petit Huswife Quaker Pocket Needfuls

4577A $15.99

This design has pockets to hold your accessories and was stitched on 40 count Sandy Higgins. A step-by-step guide to finishing needlework Fawn by Lakeside Linens. Sa projects. Pillows, stockings, hangings, ornaments and more! Sev- Suggested substitute is 36pro count white Edinburgh linen enty pages, spiral bound with helpful illustrations. en (3217-100). Stitch count is 65 195-797-0001 $24.95 1 x 279, making it 3.6" x 15.5".

J-K. Cross Stitch by Tempting Tangles Designs.

J. Needleworkers Abecedarius
When stitched on 36-count Edinburgh flax (3217052) finished size is 14.25" x 23". Stitch over two fabric threads with one strand of floss.

105-362-6622 $13.99

6161 $14.99 K. Panoply of Posies

When stitched on 18 count aida (or 36 count linen over 2), finished size will be 13.88" x 13.88".

6162 $14.99 J K I


2012 Retail Catalog

A-E. Button Up Birdies by Cathy Jean for The Victoria Sampler A

Complete stitch instructions included. Accessory Packs include all specialty threads, beads and buttons. Finished size of each is approximately 2.3" x 3.3". C

A. Button Up Birdies 2
Tree Sparrow and Whiskey Jack T Tr

E. Button Up Birdies 6
Golden Crowned Kinglet and Nuthatch.

Tartlet Tins are available in a

package of 4.

1 105-920-0049 $9.99 Accessory Pack Ac 610-920-1049 $29.99 6 B. Button Up Birdies 3

House Finch and Robin. Hou

105-920-0053 $9.99 Accessory Pack 610-920-1049D $22.80 E F. Woodland Babies, Christmas Tartlets
These sweet little animal babies are waiting for Christmas in the snow surrounded by a wreath of fir branches separated by tiny red buttons. The linen used for the models is 28-count Dirty Linen Cashel. Suggested substitute is 28-count Flax Cashel linen (3281052). The design area is 33 x 32, making the designs 2.35.

770-920-0001 $9.99 G. Boo Buttons

Cathy Jeans first two of 12 Halloween Kitty Ornaments are stitched on 28 count Dirty Linen Cashel (substitute Flax 3281-052) for a finished size of 3.35 x 2.35.

1 105-920-0050 $9.99 Accessory Pack 610-920-1049A $29.75 C. Button Up Birdies 4

Bluebird and Goldfinch B

105-920-0055 $11.99
Accessory Pack for Both Designs

610-920-3055 $26.05

105-920-0051 $9.99 A Accessory Pack 610-920-1049B 6 $29.99 D. Button Up Birdies 5 D

Wren and Hummingbird W

105-920-0054 $9.99 Accessory Pack

Buttons, beads, and threads for these 3 ornaments.

105-920-0052 $9.99 Accessory pack 610-920-1049C $29.99

610-920-3054 $23.25 J. Santas Night

"He comes in the Night while the white flakes around him whirl and finds the home of each good little boy and girl." The model was stitched on 18-count Black Aida (3793-720) with 6 colors of DMC floss. The large design is 91 x 145, making it 5 x 8and the two smaller designs are 2.2 x 4.5.

H-J. Cross Stitch from The Prairie Schooler

See all materials requested on our website

H. As The Crow Flies

The models were stitched on 32count Lambswool (65-135). Finished ish sizes are 5 5/8" x 9" and 5 1/8" 1/8 x 5 1/8".

5570B $8.99 5 I. Folk Eggs

Sti Stitched on 18 count black aid aida (3793-720), finished siz sizes will be approximately 2 3/8 3/8" x 3", using DMC floss.

5569B $8.99 5

5574B $8.99

K-N. Lizzie Kate Designs

K. ABCs of Aging Artfully
The model was stitched on 32 count light mocha cashel linen (3609-309) with a finished size of 14.87" x 7.42". Thread provided is adequate for linen fabrics from 28 to 35 count or Aida 14 to 18 count. Includes the Weeks Dye Works and Crescent Colours flosses. Fabric sold separately.

205-501-0004 $31.99 L. ABC Lessons Kit

Ponder the ABCs of life while you stitch this beautiful and thoughtful piece. Kit includes nine skeins of beautiful Crescent Colours threads and exclusive design. You provide the neutral fabric of your choice.

205-501-0001 $31.99 M. One Hundred Years

The model was stitched on 32-count Light Mocha Belfast Linen (3609-309), for a finished size of 15" x 4.75".

M N. ABCs of Parenting
This kit comes with the Crescent Colours and DMC floss required for the design. The model is stitched on 32-count Lambswool (65135) with a finished size of 10" x 9.7" when stitched over two fabric threads (fabric not included).

105-362-4981 $7.99

205-501-0005 $31.99

2012 Retail Catalog


A-M. Cross Stitch Designs by Mirabilia/Nora Corbett

See for listings of all threads needed for these designs.


A. Little Snowy Gray Cottage

The design was stitched on 32-count Sea Spray Linen. Suggested substitute is 28-count Ice Blue Cashel Linen (3281-562). Finished size is 5.63" x 5.81" on 32 count.

I. Lyrical Muse Collection

Stitched on 32 count Ocean Kiss (suitable substitute Platinum Belfast 3609-770), finished size is 10.56 x 7.75.

4894D $11.99 Bead Pack 610-942-0029 $8.99 B. Little Snowy Green Cottage
The design was stitched on 32-count Sea Spray Linen. Suggested substitute is 28-count Ice Blue Cashel Linen (3281-562). Finished size is 6.25" x 7" on 32 count.

4871E $11.99 Beads Embellishment Pack 610-942-0034 $9.50 J. Sabrina

Finished size on 32 count cream linen (3609-222), is 12.38" x 16.25". Nora says, My newest cross stitch goddess is inspired by old black and white movie glamour and celebrates the perfection of onscreen couture. Velvety charcoal embroidery drapes a sea of satin, sprinkled with crystal stars in this elegant and luscious design.

4891D $11.99 Bead and Treasures Pack 610-942-0027 $7.99 C. Little Snowy Blue Church
The model was stitched on 32-count Ocean Kiss Linen. Suggested substitute is 28-count Ice Blue Cashel Linen (3281-562). Finished size on 32 count is 5.13" x 6.81".

4888D $11.99 Bead Pack 610-942-0025 $14.99 D. Little Snowy Pink Cottage
The design was stitched on 32-count Sea Spray Linen. Suggested substitute is 28-count Ice Blue Cashel Linen (3281-562). Finished size is 5.87 x 6.69.

4880D $13.99 Sabrina Embellishment Pack

Includes 8 packs of Mill Hill beads and Crystal Treasures.

610-942-0106 $16.50 K. September Sapphire Fairy

On 32 count white linen (3609-100), finished size is 7.81" x 13.95".

4898D $11.99 Beads Embellishment Pack 610-942-0032 $8.50 E. Little Snowy Lavender Church
The design was stitched on 32-count Sea Spray Linen. Suggested substitute is 28-count Ice Blue Cashel Linen (3281-562). Finished size is 5.13 x 7.56.

4892D $13.99 Bead Pack 610-942-0114 $6.99 L. Charlotte.

The model was stitched on 32-count Beach Walk Linen. Suggested substitute is 32count Light Mocha Belfast Linen (3609-309).


4899D $11.99 Beads Embellishment Pack 610-942-0033 $13.50 F. Merchant Mermaid

Stitched on 32 count Laurel Linen (65-141L), design is 12.44 x 16.88.

4872E $13.99 Beads Embellishment Pack 610-942-0117 $32.99 G. Elizabeth

Stitched on 32 count Natural light linen or Vintage antique ivory (3609-233), finished size is 13.25 x 17.31. This design was named for Nora Corbetts favorite movie icon.

4886D $13.99 Bead and Treasures Pack 610-942-0112 $31.50 M. Lady Alexandra
Mirabilia. On 32 count twilight blue linen, (suitable substitute is Platinum Belfast linen 3609-770) finished size is size 7.8" x 16.4". Beads embellish the design.

4896D $13.99
Two Mill Hill bead packs are required; MH18081 and MH42014 (sold separately)

4895D $13.99 Embellishment Pack 610-942-0030 $12.99

H. Harmony Muse Collection

The design was stitched on 32count Sea Spray Linen. Suggested substitute is 28-count Ice Blue Cashel Linen (3281-562). Finished size is 10.25 x 6.56.

N N. The Menagerie
The Drawn Thread. Hurt no living thing, nor grasshopper so light of leap nor dancing gnat nor beetle fat nor harmless worms that creep" The model was stitched on 28count Summer Khaki Cashel Linen (3281323). The threads used for the model are Needlepoint Inc Silk and Dinky Dyes silk with DMC and Weeks Dye Works floss substitutions given. The design is 8" x 18.9".

4897D $11.99 Beads Embellishment Pack 610-942-0031 $7.99 K


140-219-0026 $11.99
2012 Retail Catalog


A-G. New From Just Nan

A A. Bluebird Alphabet
Stitched on 32 count white Belfast linen (3609-100), finished size is 2 x 5 . Silver beads and blue flower beads included with chart.

C-D. Charm Garden Pins

C. Charm Garden Pin
Purple Butterfly

Pins are 1.5 to 1.75 long. Use in design or as a counting pin.

105-432-0225 $10.99 B. Feathered Fashion

Hidden inside the needle slide is a tiny sampler stitched over 1 on 32 count white (3609-100) or white/opal linen. The stitched sampler (2 x 1) is backed with matching pink wool to hold several needles or a special pin. A magnet holds the needle sampler in place inside the slide. Kit contains graph, instructions, finishing instructions, overdyed wool, fusible interfacing, and metal Needle Slide.

380-432-0017 $10.99 D. Charm Garden Pin


380-432-0018 $10.99 C B
Each Needle Flutter opens to reveal a fun little place to keep needles or a special pin. Your kit contains embellishments, fusible interfacing, overdyed wool, wired cord for the antennae and a snap to keep it closed. Design area is 3 x 2 on 30 count linen. Threads and fabric sold separately.

E-G. Needle Flutters

205-432-0006 $12.99


H New from The H-J. Sunflower Seed S

Ea design measures 2.86 x 3.93 Each on 28 count Lambswool Linen (76135). 13 Attach buttons or beads and H fi f finish n for ornaments, door hangers or set on an easel.

H. Lil Christmas 105-362-7503 $4.99 Button Pack 631-434-0080 $9.20 I. Lil Valentine 105-362-7502 $4.99 Button Pack 631-434-0078 $5.60 J. Lil Easter 105-362-7501 $4.99 Button Pack 631-434-0079 $8.80

E. Needle Flutters Kit Angel 205-432-0001 $12.99 F. Needle Flutters Kit Lady 205-432-0002 $12.99 J

G. Needle Flutters Kit Princess 205-432-0003 $12.99

K-N. Chocolate Truffle Collection by Gingerbread Girl

Finished size of each one on 28 count is 4.5 x 4.5. Attach Buttons O. R left.

K. Dark Chocolate Mint Truffle

Stitched on Black Chocolate Linen (76-99L).

L. Blueberry White Chocolate Truffle

Stitched on White Chocolate linen.

O-R. Flourish Diamond Buttons for Truffle Collection n

Each button measures 1 x 1.

4251 $7.99 M. Raspberry Chocolate Truffle O P Q R Q. Rose used on Raspberry Chocolate

Truffle Stitched on Chocolate Raspberry linen.

4252 $7.99 N. Cappuccino Milk Chocolate Truffle

Stitched on Milk Chocolate linen.

O. Spruce - used on Dark Chocolate

Mint Truffle

4253 $7.99

4254 $7.99

630-542-87038 $4.60 P. Denim used on Blueberry White

Chocolate Truffle

630-542-87041 $4.60 R. Taupe used on Cappuccino Milk

Chocolate Truffle

630-542-87039 $4.60

630-542-87042 $4.60

S.-T. Cross Stitch Books by Leisure Arts

S. Words to Stitch By
8 cross stitch designs by Lori Markovic. Whether you are looking for the right words to thank a friend, brighten a family members day, or remind yourself and others that nice matters, you cant go wrong with these pleasing patterns.

T. Sweet Nothings for Baby S

7 cross stitch designs by Judy Whitman. Perfect designs d for framing, an album cover, pillow, bibs, b or other trims f fo for that precious b baby.

105-497-5335 1

105-497-5356 $9.95

2012 Retail Catalog



H A The Best of Cross Stit A. Stitch tch t ch Basics

Leisure Arts. 108 classic cross stitch designs by such popular artists as Lynn Waters Busa, Jane Chandler, Deborah A. Lambien, and Paula Vaughan. Samplers, needle cases, scented sachets, bibs, bookmarks, framed pieces and more.

I F. Tribal F T ib l Owl
White Willow Stitching. Stitched on 14 count white aida, the finished size is 9.64 x 14.93.


N Gr N. Grandmas randmas ra Heart t

DebBees Designs. Grandmothers have limitless love for each grandchild. The designer created this sampler to be never ending, so new names can be added as needed. The instructions include suggestions for leaving the bottom of the band unfinished so more names can be added. Complete alphabets are included with the chart. The model was stitched on 27-count Antique White banding 7.75" wide. We do not have banding that wide. Suggested substitute would be 28-count Antique White Lugana 3270-101. We recommend finishing the edges in buttonhole stitch to simulate the banding so that the extra length can be preserved for additional names as needed. The threads used for the model are Crescent Colours Belle Soie. The designer suggests choosing threads and colors that appeal to you. The design is 208 stitches wide and the length will vary according to the number of names you have.

6241 $8.50 G. Winter Moon

Kustom Krafts, Inc. Finished design size on 14 count aida is 14 x 14.

105-497-5072 $19.95 B. 1000 Great Cross Stitch Designs

Maria Kelly.From exotic motifs to nature to seasonal holidays, you will find it all in this 304 page book that is ideal for the beginner and seasoned stitcher.

4650A $13.99 H. Little Snap Dragon

Kustom Krafts. Finished design size on 14 count is 13 x 18.75.

4649A $13.99 I. Fairy Enchantment

Joan Elliott. Nine mystical designs include Butterfly Fairy, Once Upon A Time, The Fairy Queen, The Fairy and the Dragon, A Fairys Garden and Childhood Magic.

1991 $14.95 C. Cross Stitch Flowers

Sophie Helene. Over 400 pretty floral designs include borders, alphabets and motifs in a range of sizes and styles. Perfect for towels, cushions, bags, purses, babies bibs, samplers and more.

4623 $14.95 J. Geometric Dreams #1

Golden Circle Designs. Perfect for a pillow or framed. Finished size is 11 5/8 square on 14 count or 28 over two.

4600 $15.95 D. Heritage Sampler

AuryTM. Heritage Sampler is named in honor of the designer's dad and his origin who was born in the Canary Islands, Spain. This sampler has some bands inspired by a 110-year-old cross stitch booklet. The model was stitched on 28-count white Cashel Linen (3281-100). The stitch count is 216 x 304, making it 15.4 x 21.7.

105-362-3261 $11.99 K. Dream of Alhambra

Golden Circle Designs. On 28 count Antique white linen (3281-101), finished size is 11 5/8 square.

105-362-3262 $11.99 L. Live Laugh Love

Lizzie Kate. Stitched on 28 count Lambswool Linen (76-135), finished size is 2.75 x 6.5.

105-362-0071 $14.99 E. Feather

This is a lovely depiction of a peacock feather in all its colorful glory. The model was stitched on 16-count Antique White Aida (3251-101). The chart uses full cross-stitches with 88 colors of DMC floss. The stitch count is 200 x 310.

3732 $13.99 O. Monograms

105-362-4999 $4.99 M. Aged Wine

Bobbie G. Designs. Stitched on 14 count white aida (3706-001) finished size is 3 x 10.

2546 $5.99

Mill Hill. Jim Shore designed ned this beautiful monogram alphabet b and d features it as a Noel banner, a framed piece, an afghan, a pillow and a birth and wedding announcement using the smaller alphabet and border designs. Create your own heirloom pieces.

4977A $15.99

105-542-0007 $19.99


2012 Retail Catalog

A-C. Cross Stitch Designs by Stoyanka Ivanova, Solaria Gallery


D D-E. Cross stitch tch tc ch designs by de My Big Toe M

E A Very E. Faint Line F D D. Give Thank Thanks
Use five colors of Weeks Dye Works on 32 count Country French Linen latte (substitute Vintage Country Cream 3609-1019) to stitch this design that measures 10.5 x 7.9 On 28 count ivory O y Jobelan Jo (429-044),, finished f fi n size is 3.4 x 5.9, using 5 colors of Weeks Dye e Works floss.

A. Easter Eggs in Faberge Style, Collection 1

This fabulous collection of Easter Eggs includes White Faberge Egg with Emeralds and Purple Easter Egg with Silver Cross. Each Easter Egg is 2.7" x 4.2". Suggested fabric is 18-count white Aida (3793-100) with DMC floss.

B. Easter Eggs in Faberge Style, Collection 2

This fabulous collection of Easter Eggs includes Lily of the Valley Faberge Egg and Easter Egg with Rose Motif. Each Easter Egg is 2.7" x 4.2". Suggested fabric is 18-count white Aida (3793-100) with DMC floss.

105-551-0064 4
$5.99 Button Pack

105-551-0065 $6.99 F.Thursdays Challenge

Wendy KC Designs. Wendy dedicates this sampler to her "Thursday Night" stitchers who asked for r "lots of different stitches". You certainly have that with this sampler. r. The model was stitched on 32count Antique White Belfast linen n (3609-100) with a finished size of f 5 x 9. Two colorways included.

631-434-0081 81 $ $7.40

105-407-8501 $14.99

G-H. Cross stitch design from By The Bay

G. Stitch An Inch Summer Pack #1

105-407-8502 $14.99 C. Easter Eggs in Faberge Style, Collection 3

This beautiful collection of Easter Eggs includes an iris, sun and moon, and other lovely floral designs. Each Easter Egg is 49 x 76. Suggested fabric is 18-count white Aida (3793-100) with DMC floss.

105-407-8508 $14.99

140-475-0009 $13.99 K. Just Cross Stitch Halloween Collection n

This 98-page book contains over 50 Halloween themed projects including ornaments, framed designs, needle books, earrings, bag, and banners. Stitch illustrations and finishing instructions are also included.

In this chart pack there are 6 nautical theme designs for the summer which can be stitched separately or stitched all together to make one long scene. Included is a bonus chart for a mermaid with a mirror G image also so you can use her as the ends of a long band if you desire. Summer Pack #2 (2744) has six more coordinating designs. The models were stitched on 28-count Antique White Cashel linen (3281-101) over one fabric thread. The charts are designed for DMC and Weeks Dye Works floss. The stitch count for one block is 28 x 28 or for six blocks together is 28 x 168.

H H. Stitch An Inch Summer Pack #2

Six more designs worked in the same fabric and thread colors. A bonus Lobster chart is included. ded. Stitch all 12 designs together in n one long design or stitch each h mini scene separately.

105-375-0021 $16.95 95 5 L. Harvest S Sampler

2743 $11.99

2744 $11.99

I-J. The Cricket Collection Designs by Vicki Hastings

J. Summer
Summer is filled with flowers, birds, garden vegetables, hat and chairs I to relax and enjoy the sun. The model was stitched on 30-count Ann-tique Hydrangea over-dyed linen. Suggested substitute is 32-count Dusk J overdyed linen in prepackaged size of 18" x 27" I. Spring (3609-409P). The design Spring is filled with snails, birds, flowers, hats, and an um- is charted for 45 colors of brella for the spring rain. The model was stitched on 30- DMC or Anchor floss. The count Gardeners Blend over-dyed linen. Suggested substitute design size on 30-count is is 28-count Ray of Light Lugana (3270-203). The design is 18" x 4.4" and on 32charted for 53 colors or DMC or Anchor floss. The design count is 16.9" x 4.1". are on 30-count is 17.5" x 4.1" and on 28-count is 18.7" x 4.4". 105-362-1074

H Heartstring Samplery. This Th original design by Be Beth Twist reads, "Give th thanks aloud to God to God the Heavenly L Ki King and let the spacious e earth His works and glories sing" - "With a thankfu thankful f lH fu Heart". t" Model was stitched on W We Weeks k D Dye Works 40 count putty (substitute 3348-222) using Gentle Art (Mulberry, Tarnished Gold, Harvest Basket, Autumn Leaves, Heirloom Gold) and Weeks Dye Works threads (1268, 2219,2202).

105-362-3600 $9.99 M. Glory and Julius Gobblefree

AuryTM. Glory and Julius Gobblefree are an adorable couple that can be stitched as shown or separately. parately. y The model was stitched on y. 28-count dirty Cashel linen. Suggested ggested substitute is 28-count platinum Cashel shel (3281770). The threads are Crescent ent Colours - Wavy Navy, Tufted Ye Y Yell- M low, Ribbon Red, Embers, German man Chocolate, and Bamboo. The stitch tch count is 173 x 92 and is stitched hed over two.

105-362-1073 $7.99


105-362-0073 $9.99

2012 Retail Catalog


A. Halloween Quaker Bellpull

Wiehenburg. This spooky Halloween themed bell pull has cats, bat, hats, witches, spiders, pumpkins and more among Quaker-style motifs. The bellpull is 111 x 419 stitches. The suggested fabric is 28-count linen with two strands floss over two threads. Our suggestion is 28-count Flax Cashel linen (3281-052). The threads used are DMC floss with conversions for Anchor, Splendor, Needlepoint Silk, and Soie d'Alger.

E. Goblins on Parade
Blackberry Lane Designs, LLC. This collection of designs can be used to make orts containers, bell pulls, and ornaments. The models were stitched on 28 count linens from Picture This Plus: Prank, Kermit, Flapper, or Mirage. No substitutes available. Threads used are DMC Floss #310 and Kreinik Blending Filament #025. The Bell Pull is 109 x 452 and the orts container is 256 x 74.

105-234-0043 $19.99 B. Steppin Out On Halloween

Bush Mountain Designs. This cat is stepping out from inside a pumpkin! Stitched on 28 count Cauldron (substitute 76-18 or 3270706P) using 2 strands over 2 threads, finished size is 10.7 x 12.14 Uses Belle Soie threads with DMC substitutes. Alternate colorway also listed.

2601 $15.99 F. Harvest Blessings

Imaginating. "Let us be thankful for our Harvest Blessings" is the saying in this fall-themed design. Pumpkins and a turkey are highlighted by a native-inspired border design. The model was stitched on 14-count Fiddler Lite Aida (8524). 12 colors of DMC floss are used. The design size is5.78 x 11.64.

105-362-0751 $8.99 C. Quaker Moon. Bent Creek

This little owl is sitting on a spooky crescent moon! Stitched on 32 count raw linen (3609053)over two, has a stitch count of 75 x 75. Includes button. Uses Gentle Art, Weeks Dye Works,and Crescent Colours are used.

4537B $5.99 G. Halloween House

Imaginating. Get into the Halloween spirit with this devilish design filled with bats, spiders, cats, pumpkins, ghosts, and ghouls. The model was stitched on 14-count White Aida (3706-001). 17 colors E of DMC floss are used. The design size is 10.6 x 14.28.

105-362-0586 $10.99 D. Here Kitty Kitty

Country Cottage Needleworks. Stitched on 28 count light examplar linen (substitute 3281-309), finished size is 8.5 x 6.25. Uses DMC threads.

105-362-1062 $7.99

4536B $6.99

H-L. Cross Stitch Faberge Christmas by Stoyanka Ivanova, H Solaria Gallery

G M M Heirloom Christmas M. Stockings S in Cross Stitch.
B Better Homes and Gardens. Nine heirloom Christmas C stocking designs include Holiday d Workshop Stocking, North Woods, Music M Room, Holiday Kitchen, Home for Christmas, C Sugar and Spice, Stitchers Studio, St Toys and Games and more. Alphabets p included for personalization as well w as finishing instructions.

Stitch this beautiful collection of Red Faberge Christmas ornaments together or as individual designs. Suggested fabric is 18-count white Aida (3793-100) with a finished size of 3.7" x 5.27". DMC floss is used.

K J. Yellow Faberge Christmas Ornaments, Collection 3 105-407-8505 $7.99 K. Red Faberge Christmas Ornaments, Collection 4 105-407-8506 $7.99 L. Red Faberge Christmas Ornaments, Collection 5 105-407-8507 $7.99 N

105-942-0511 $19.95 105 1 N Stocking Collection, Second N. Edition. Ed

14 more of Donna Koolers favorite cross sti stitch Christmas Stockings. Snowmen, Sa Santas, nutcrackers, animals and more f fo for Christmas stockings for everyone.

H. Red Faberge Christmas Ornaments with Pearls 105-407-8503 $7.99 I. Red Faberge Christmas Ornaments with Golden Flowers. 105-407-8504 $7.99

105-497-4819 $22.95 1 2012 Retail Catalog


A A. Harvest Time
AuryTM. Harvest Time features three pumpkins created with Quaker-style motifs. The model was stitched on 28-count Desert Linen from Crossed Wing. Suggested substitute is 28-count Vintage Country Mocha Cashel Linen (32813009). The threads needed are Gentle Arts Sampler Threads - Forest Glade and Crescent Colours - Fallen Leaves. The stitch count is 191 x 81, making it 13.6 x 5.78.

B. Snowy Christmas Quaker Style

AuryTM. This Christmas design is done on 28-count Lt. Amsterdam Blue Cashel Linen (3281-5023) with Gentle Arts Sampler Threads - Chalk, Cherry Wine, Harvest Moon, and Toffee. The stitch count is 225 x 120. The finished size is 16 x 8.5.

C C. Icelandic Mother & Child

MarNic Designs. When stitched on 32-count Antique White Belfast linen (3609-101), the finished size is 13" x 9.8".

105-362-0077 $11.99

105-362-0072 $9.99

105-362-5321 $10.99 D. Mini Quilts In Cross Stitch Ornaments D

Pin Glen Designs. This is a very versatile pattern. You Pine ca can use threads and fabrics from your stash to create these th 5 ornaments (shown in two color schemes on the pattern pa cover). The ornaments are 34 x 34 to 38 x 38 stit stitches in size. No fabric was specified. Suggested fabric is 28-count 2 White Lugana (3270-100) with a design size of 2.5" x 2.5". The designs are charted for DMC floss.

E. 2011 Special Christmas Issue, Christmas Ornaments

Just Cross Stitch. 76 projects from your favorite designers plus stories and recipes from the designers.

105-407-8301 $11.99

005-375-0112 $7.99 E F. F . A Cross-Stitch Christmas C

Se Seasonal Sensations. Hardcover co book by Craftways. 126 pages pa filled with small to large C Christmas designs for a wide variety va of finishing options. Fr From ornaments and pins to elegant stockings and f fr framed pieces, the book is fil filled with beautiful color th throughout.

J-L. Cross Stitch charts from AuryTM.

2751 $39.95 2 G

G New Christmas Cross Stitch G-I. f from r Leisure Arts

G. Fast & Festive 50 Christmas Designs. G
C Choose your favorite design and fabric and start stitching for gifts and yo your own decorating.

105-497-5522 $7.50 H. 101 Christmas Minis Book 2 H

Q Quick and easy projects for trimming your tree or package. The designs si are 80 x 80 or smaller and can be customized to fit your frame by changing the size of the fabric. The charts are coded for DMC a and Anchor floss. 22 pages of full color ch charts.

L J. Spanish Style Seasons Fall I

On 28 count raw linen (3281-053), finished size is 13.8 x 14.9 using 8 DMC floss colors.

105 4 105-497-5523 $6.50 I. Sweet Nothings for Christmas

N Nine cross stitch designs by Judy Whitman. Fu Full color charts are coded for Gentle Arts S Sampler threads or DMC floss. Some desi signs also use Kreinik metallic threads and M Mill Hill beads. General stitching instructi tions and finishing instructions are also in included. 28 pages.

105-362-0074 $15.99 K. Spanish Style Seasons Winter

On 28 count raw linen (3281-053), finshed size is 14 square, using DMC floss in 321, 500 and 5200.

105-362-0075 $14.99 L. Reindeer X-mess

On 28 count white Jobelan (429-000), finished size is 19 x 8.5, using 6 colors of Crescent Colours floss.

105-497-5327 $9.95

105-362-0076 $11.99

2012 2 012 Retail Ret tai il Catalog C t


A-F. StarLights Ornament Kits

Quick to Stitch

Kreinik. This series of 6 designs by Kathryn Holicky come as complete kits. Each kit includes Kreinik Silk Mori, Metallic Very Fine #4 Braid and Blending Filament plus a 5 x 5 piece of 22 count fabric, batting, needle and instructions for stitches and finishing.

A. Ornament #1 155-466-0011 $12.99 B. Ornament #2 155-466-0012 $12.99

D. Ornament #4 155-466-0014 $12.99 E. Ornament #5 155-466-0015 $12.99 F. Ornament #6 155-466-0016 $12.99


C. Ornament #3 155-466-0013 $12.99

G-K. Heaven and Earth Designs.

Sizes listed are when worked on 25 ct. over one thread.

I I. The Gift of Christmas G G. A Joyous Feast

18" x 24 3/8"

H H. Christmas Mailbox
16" x 10 "

16 x 13.12.

4291C $18.99

J J. Home is Where The Magic Is Mini

7.87 x 13.

K K. Christmas Stocking
9.3 x 14.25.

4277C $18.99 L

4274C $18.99 M

4292C $18.99

4293C $13.99

N Sue Hillis Designs. Something N-P. Old, O Something New Series

Ea leaflet has designs for bright and cheerful Ornaments. Each F Fi Finishing instructions included for Series 2 and 3.

L-M. Blackberry Lane Designs, LLC

L. The Three Wise Men Ornament
This ornament is one in the series The First Noel. The model was stitched on 40-count Summer Khaki. Suggested substitute is 40-count Cream Newcastle Linen (3348-222). To achieve a realistic look the designer has used 55 colors of DMC floss. The stitch count is 120 x 120, stitched over one fabric thread. Included with the pattern is three beads and a gold camel charm for the tassel.

M. The Journey to Bethlehem Ornament

This ornament is one in the series The First Noel. The model was stitched on 32-count Light Sand Belfast Linen . Suggested substitute is 32-count Antique White Belfast Linen (3609-101). To achieve a realistic look the designer has used 48 colors of DMC floss. The stitch count is 81 x 100, making it 2.5 x 3.12stitched over one fabric thread. Included with the pattern is three beads and a gold palm tree charm for the tassel.

N. Noel en Rouge 6092H $8.99 O. Needlework Trees 6095H $8.99 P. Traditional Trees 6096H $8.99 P

Q. Christmas Flower
Whispered by the Wind. Stitched on 28 count Valor Cashel linen (substitute Handpainted 28 count ct. linen Whispering Pine 851-1270005) finished size is 8.75 x 8.75, using ThreadworX in 1048 and 1089 and Kreinik 202HL and 102.

6262A $8.99 Q 2012 Retail Catalog

2602 $15.99

2603 $15.99


C C. Snowed House
Finished size is 3.5 x 5.75.

A-E. Lizzie Kate Designs

A. Coming to Town Santa 11
Finished size is 3.5 x 7.

Stitched on Amber 28 count linen or light mocha (3281-309). Small button trims included in B-E.

B. Snowed In
Finished size is 3.5 x 3.5.

D. Snow Fun!
Finished size is 5 x 3.

E. Let It Snow
Finished size is 3.75 x 3.75.

105-362-4975D $3.99 F. Holly and Ivy

JBW Designs. "Bring in the holly the ivy the pine the spruce and the fir tree together entwine" The model was stitched on 32-count "Tumbleweed" Linen (substitute 65-203). The sampler design is 107 x 107, the bonus ornament design is 48 x 48.

105-362-4963 $4.50

105-362-4964 $4.50

105-362-5001 $4.50

105-362-5002 $4.50

G-I. Pretty Petite Pendants

Lynda Keske designer. These pretty petite pendant patterns have been designed by Lynda Keske of Keslyns for Nordic Needle. Choose from four counted cross stitch designs to stitch a quick gift or ornament. In addition to the pattern you also receive the canvas and 2" antique gold pendant with finishing instructions.

H I. Antique Gold Pendant

Pendant measures 1 5/8" x 2" plus hanger with an opening size of 1 3/16" x1 9/16" for a design to be mounted. Add your own chain for a necklace or use as a delicate ornament. Use your own design or stitch additional Pretty Petite Pendant designs.

105-219-0014 $11.99


G. Pink Rose Pendant Kit

Design is stitched on 24 count sand Congress canvas, included.

J-M. Cross Stitch leaflets by Imaginating.

Sizes listed are when stitched on 14 count white aida (3706-001)

K1972 $8.99 H. Lavender Rose Pendant Kit I

Design isstitched on 24 count black Congress canvas, included.

J. Very Merry Day

Designed by Ursula Michael. Finished size is 11.5 x 5.5.

4541B $5.99 K. Winter Chickadee Basket

Designed by Diane Arthurs. Finished size is 9.25 x 11.

K1973 $8.99

7350 $3.75

4539B $6.99 L. Natures Christmas

Designed by Ursula Michael. Finished size is 12.75 x 9.25.

4540B $6.99


N-Q. Jim Shore Designs by Mill Hill

L M. Merry Christmas YAll

Designed by Diane Arthurs. Finished size is 9 x 7.75 on 14 count Fiddler Lite aida (8524).

Kits include Mill Hill glass beads, Jim Shore ceramic button, 14 count aida, floss, needles and chart. Finished size is 5.25 x 5.5 to fit a 6 frame

4538B $5.99

N. Yarn Fairy Kit 291-542-1101 $15.99 O. Cupcake Fairy Kit 291-542-1102 $15.99

P. Ornament Fairy Kit 291-542-1103 $15.99 Q. Needlework Fairy 291-542-1104 $15.99

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A-N. Cross Stitch Kits by Shepherds Bush

Kits include hand-dyed linen, silk threads, needles, thread sorter, buttons and charms, chart and instructions.

A A. Behold Shepherd Kit

Kit includes 32 count linen and silk threads and a halo button. Finished size is 4 x 4.

B E. Tiny Garden Roll

D F. Get Scared
This sheep is ready to trick or treat! "Get Scared" includes 32 count linen, silk and cotton threads, needle, and thread sorter. Design size is 49 x 46. This pattern will finish perfectly in a decorative box (7468A, 7468).

C. Christmas Wishes (Fa La La)

Stitched on 28ct Desert Sand linen with hand-dyed threads, three holly berry buttons decorate this design that measures approximately 2 x 7.

205-746-0118 $19.99 B. Hear Bells Kit

Kit includes 32count medium blue linen with beautiful hand-dyed threads. Design fits into the Round Ivory Box (7468A).

205-746-0120 $19.99 D. Merry Wishes Kit

Stitched on 10 count Tula fabric, even a beginner can stitch this adorable little stocking.

"Stitch a garden watch it grow, Tiny blossoms all in a row." The kit contains a piece of 32count Smoky White Linen (approximately 5.5" x 9"), DMC floss, Weeks Dye Works overdyed floss, beads, buttons, ribbon, needle, rick rack trim, chart and instructions.

205-746-0115 $15.99

205-746-0117 $15.99 F I. Sophies Pin Cushion

The saying around the edge is "She tended her garden of gladness and fears nurtured with love watered with tears." The materials included in the kit are 32-count hand-dyed Sandcastle Jobelan linen with silk, DMC, and Weeks Dye Works threads, buttons, beads, ribbon to finish the edges, needle, pattern, and finishing instructions. The design size is 70 x 70 over 2 linen threads, making it 4.37" square.

205-746-0119 $15.99

205-746-0121 $19.99 G. Hold Hope

Stitched on 32-count Cream Linen, finished size is 2.75" round to fit the ivory box.

205-746-0107 $15.99 Round Ivory Box 7468A $18.50 H. Come Home G I H

Stitched on 30-count Charlotte's Pink hand-dyed linen, finished size is 2.3" x 2.9" to fit the round ivory box.

205-746-0110 $15.99 Round Ivory Box 7468A $18.50

205-746-0109 $19.99 J. Tiny Garden Scissors Fob

This is a complete kit with 32-count Smoky White linen, beads, button and needles. DMC floss and Weeks Dye Works floss is included with the kit. The ribbon edging is also included, but may vary from the photo. Complete stitching and finishing instructions are included.

J K. Her Blessings
Stitched on 32 count hand-dyed linen, Park City Blend, the design area is 14 x 8. Verse reads, She gathers her blessings from the heart of the earth. Joys offered simply to mark a lifes worth.

205-746-0105 $15.99 M. Pink Snowman Kit

Finished size on 30-count red pear hand-dyed linen is 4.7" x 6".

205-746-0106 $27.99 M

205-746-0112 $79.99 L. Simply Joys

Pin Cushion is stitched on 32 count linen with a finished size of 5 x 2 1/8.

N. Sweet Stitches Fob

Included in the kit is the white linen, threads, blue trim ribbon, beads, chart, instructions, and white heard bead.

205-746-0116 $15.99 N

205-746-0113 $19.99


2012 Retail Catalog

A-G. Cross Stitch Kits from Permin of Copenhagen, Denmark

Kits include fabric, threads, needles, and instructions.

D A. Three Elves Tablerunner

Finished size on 14 count aida is 10 x 26.


205-942-0685 $37.99 B. Angel Runner

Finished size on 11 count white aida is 10 x 26.

205-942-1110 $57.99 C. Cats Tablerunner

Finished size is 11" x 33" on 8 count white aida.

205-942-0907 $59.99 D. Boats

Finished size on 14 count aida is 8" x 11".

205-942-1109 $39.99 E. Flowers Tablerunner

Finished size is 11" x 25" on 26 count natural linen with white thread.

205-942-9628 $44.99 F. Deer Moose Runner

Finished size is 15" x 40" on 26 count white linen.

H-L. Cross Stitch Kits from Lanarte.

Each kit is complete with fabric, pre-sorted thread, needle, chart and instructions. E-G are designs by artist, Marjolein Bastin.

205-942-1116 $81.99 G. Deer Picture

Finished size is 18" x 24" on 26 count white linen.

205-942-1108 $87.99 H. Summer Bouquet

Stitched on 27 count fabric, finished size is 10 5/8 x 13 .

K. Autumn Lady
Stitched on 27 count fabric, finished size is approximately 15 x 11 .

205-942-21195 $64.99 I. Wisteria

Stitched on 27 count fabric, finished size is 10 5/8 x 13 .

205-942-21205 $75.99 L. Red Flowers (Helleborus) Kit

Lanarte. Finished size is 11 x 6.75 when stitched on 27 count cotton fabric. Kit includes fabric, pre-sorted floss, needle, chart and instructions.

205-942-21194 $64.99 J. Robins

Stitched on 27 count fabric, finished size is 15 3/8 x 11 .

205-942-21206 $52.99

205-942-21196 $75.99 K

2012 Retail Catalog


Cross Stitch Kits from Dimensions

All kits include presorted cotton floss, fabric, needle, chart and easy instructions.

A. Ballerina Dreams
Finished size is 11 x 14 on 18 count ivory aida.

D. Warm and Fuzzy Kitten

Finished size is 12 x 12 on 14 count black aida.

G. Poppy Pair
Finished size is 7 x 5 on 14 count ivory aida.

J. Alphabet Birth Sampler

Finished size is 12 x 12 on 14 count white aida.

205-209-35280 $42.99 B. Lakeside Village

Finished size is 15 x 12 on 16 count light blue aida.

205-209-35286 $25.99 E. Sweet Pea Perfection

Finished size is 16 x 9 on 14 count black aida.

205-209-65116 $9.50 H. Home

Finished size is 7 x 5 on 14 count ivory aida.

205-209-73734 $19.75 K. Stack of Critters Stocking

Finished size is16" tall when stitched on 16 count light blue aida. Full alphabet included as well as felt backing.

205-209-35285 $44.99 C. Wolf Kiss

Finished size is 14 x 11 on 14 count black aida.

205-209-35284 $25.99 F. In The Moment

Finished size is 8 x 16 on 14 count natural aida.

205-209-65117 $9.50 I. Happy Backyard Birth Record

Finished size is 12 x 12 on 14 count light blue aida.

205-209-8840 $21.99 L. Snowman and Friends Stocking

Finished size is 16" tall when stitched on 16 count white aida. Full alphabet included as well as felt backing.

205-209-35283 $24.99

205-209-35282 $25.99 B

205-209-73733 $19.75 C

205-209-8839 $34.99


L J I K 2012 Retail Catalog


A-D. Hardanger and Specialty Stitches in Designs from Judy Dixon

Each chart includes excellent charts and stitch instructions. All designs use several different threads including silks, pearl cotton, metallics and beads, all sold separately.

E-H. New Cross Stitch designs by Glendon Place

Excellent charts and stitch instructions in each chartpack.


H G E. Ornaments Ala Round C A. SHOWN ON THE FRONT COVER. Garland Fair

A Drawn Thread project, the finished size is 7.9 x 7.9 when stitched on Ivory Jobelan 28 (429-044).

G. The Spirit of Christmas

Stitched on 32 count Jade Belfast linen, finished size is 17.37 x 12.75.

D C. Summer Serenade
Finished size is 10.1 x 10.1 when stitched on 28 count ivory or cream Jobelan (429-044).

Stitched on 28 count Crystal Relic Belfast, finished size is 11.87 x 11.87. Possible fabric substitute is 32 count Vintage Country Mocha (3609-3009). Beads and metallic threads embellish the design.

4197 $15.99 H. Flakes

Stitched on 28 count White Jazlynn (suitable substitute white opalescent Lugana 3270-011), finished size is 5.5 x 17.25. Mill Hill Treasures embellish the design.

100-275-0002 $17.50 B. Angelic

With a touch of Bargello, this Hardanger design measures 9.6 x 9.6 when stitched on 28 count ivory or cream Jobelan (429-044).

100-275-0004 $19.99 D. Daydreams

Stitched on 28 count antique white Jobelan (429-044), finished size is 5.9" x 5.9". Bead Pack Included.

4200 $15.99 F. Royal Poinsettias

Stitched on 32 count Limestone or Vintage Country Cream (3609-1019), finished size is 6.12 x 9.25.

4199 $13.99

4198 $11.99

100-275-0005 $20.99
See Gratitude by Judy Dixon on the back cover.

K-N. New from Handblessings, Eileen Gurnak Needlework Designs.

K. Monochromatic Kitty Quilt
Use only two colors of Weeks Dye Works (2337 and 1307) to create this design that measures 8.35 x 8.35 on 28 count antique white Jobelan (429101). 5 silver-tone charms included.

100-275-0001 $20.50

M. Hooked On Stitching
On 28 count Jobelan or Lugana (your color choice) finished size is 7 x 4. Eight Stitching Charms included.

105-380-0004 $13.99 N. Hooked on Scissors

On 28 count Sage Jobelan or your color choice, finished size is 6.3 x 3.2. Four charms are included.

105-380-0006 $12.99 J J. Lilacs I I. Scandinavian Needlecraft

Clare Youngs. 35 step-bystep projects to create the Scandinavian home include pillows, socks, ornaments, quilts, curtains, mittens, clothing embellishments and more. All clearly shown in color with illustrations and instructions. The Florals by Charles Gilbert Kapsner. Finished size is 17.25 x 12 on 14 count white aida (3706-001). The pictures does not do justice to the beauty of this finished design.

L. Summer Splendor
On 18 count Antique Blue mono canvas (9281-930) finished size is 5.5 x 5.5. Silver-tone leaf charm included.

105-380-0005 $11.99

135-380-0004 $13.99

3101 $19.99

151-753-0001 $19.95

2012 Retail Catalog



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See pages 57 AND 58 for ordering information. Please check your label for accuracy. If your name or address is incorrect or if you receive duplicate mailings, please let us know.

A. Threadbare by Monica Ferris A

T Threadbare is the fifteenth entry in this series of needlecraft n mysteries by Monica Ferris. The seri ries features amateur sleuth Betsy Devonshire, w who owns a needlework shop in Excelsior, M Minnesota. In Threadbare, Betsy investigates th the murder of two homeless women, an inve vestigation that brings her to Fargo, North D Dakota and even to Nordic Needle, where sh she discovers an important clue. The Hardanger H pattern in the back of this book w was designed by our own Roz Watnemo.

B. Sitting Kitty Magnetic Needle Holders

These playful kittens are made from a magnetic resin to hold your needles or pins. Each kitten measures 1.75" wide x 2" tall. Sitting Kitty Mahogany

171-671-0052 $24.95 A

7423 $22.50 B
Sitting Kitty Ivory

7424 $22.50

D. Alpine Designs C. Special Diana D1978

Available late January 2012, this German text Hardanger book is filled with more stunning runners, cloths, doilies and more. Fold-out charts are clear and easy to follow. Ruth Schmuff. A fun new counted canvaswork design is based upon a painted canvas by EyeCandy Needleart. Stitched on 18 count mono canvas with a variety of threads and stitches, all illustrated.

1084B $11.50

1621 $18.99

C E. Nordic Needles Walkabout

Judy Odell of Just A Thought designed this beautiful accessory for Nordic Needle exclusively! This Walkabout is a three-sided box with room inside for your small needlework project or your stitching tools. On the front is a padded needle cushion and a needle book that opens. All stitching instructions for the cross stitch design and finishing instructions are included with photos and written instructions. Use your own decorative fabric for the box cover.

F. Gratitude
By Judy Dixon. Soft and delicate stitches create this stunning Hardanger design that measures 12 x 14 when stitched on 28 count Jobelan in ivory (429-044) or antique white (429-101). Several different pearl cotton and silks are used and it is embellished with Mill Hill beads.

100-275-0003 $19.99
See page 119 for more designs by Judy Dixon.

195-435-0012 $14.50


2012 Retail Catalog