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SALES & BUSINESS LANGUAGE & BEHAVIOR ___PERSUASION | ENGINEERING” by Richard Bandler John La Valle eee inal “Meta Publications, ne P.O. Box 1910, Capital, CA 95010 (931) 464-0284 «Fax 1) 440817 ‘Copyright 1996 by Meta Pabiaons. Printed Inthe United States of Amerke ‘ilightrevervd. This bok, ray parte there may nt be epretuced inany ‘amet whatsoever wiht the writen permison of te Publier . Library of Congress Card Catalog Number: 95.076816 ISBN 0 516990962 Second Prat Sly 2000 DEDICATIONS ‘Te Paula, the most beautifel woman in the world. — Richard Dedicated to Kathleen, who gives me all of every- thing Ican ever deste, and to John Sebastian, who teaches me what learning is all about, Together, they ate who they are so I can be who I am, = John TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Chapter One: T Begin With Chapter Two: The Selling Process ‘What do you sell? Chapter Three: The Basie Stuf Rep systems Beyond Eye Patterns ‘Anchoring? Chapter Four: Precision Elicitation ‘Meta Moel/Milton Model Distinctions ‘The Motivators ‘The Timeline “The Meta Programs Positioning Physiology ‘The Universal Sounds, “The Beliefs Chapter Five: Mental Mapping Chapter Six: Holographic Dynamics Chapter Seven: Objections CChapter Eight: Precision Persuasion Enginering™ Glossary of NLP Terms . Addenda 19 2s 39 95, 7 159 197 203