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September 4, 2013 Dear Tenure and Promotion Committee, Please accept this portfolio as a representation of my work during my five

years at ACU. I have loved teaching, learning, and engaging in this community. This portfolio is my application for tenure and promotion. I began my academic career in 1997 as an undergraduate student at Oklahoma Christian University where I earned a B.A. in Communication and Theatre with a minor in Music. I was a participant in the Honors Program at OC, and graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2000. After taking some time to work professionally as an actress, singer, and dancer, I began the MFA Theatre Pedagogy program at Virginia Commonwealth University. While there, I was a teaching assistant in Musical Theatre performance classes, and I taught Public Speaking for VCUs undergraduate program. After graduating in 2005, I taught theatre and music for a year at The Steward School, a private college-prep school in Richmond, VA. In 2006 I accepted a visiting professorship at Anderson University in Anderson, South Carolina, teaching Theatre History, Public Speaking, Introduction to Theatre, Musical Theatre Performance, Acting, and directing the musical Quilters. I grew up in a family dedicated to the teachings and mission of the Church of Christ. My father has been a minister in the same congregation for the past 29 years. Growing up in that environment was challenging at times, but gave me the blessing of seeing faith and dedication at work in many situations. My father did not grow up in the church, but became a Christian as a teenager, so I have also seen the passion he has for his faith in the face of the varying lifestyles of his family. I am also married to a minister, and have always felt that our work is a partnership. We both love the Lord and his people, and are passionate about serving the Kingdom in the global sense. I feel that my work in the theatre enhances his work in the church, and vice versa. I have always had a passion for finding ways to bridge the cultural gap that sometimes is present between lifetime Christians and the world around us. I have always felt called to work in the theatre. I felt that call as a teenager, and have done my best to faithfully follow it. I feel God has blessed me with an opportunity here at ACU to touch the lives of students who will go on to touch lives internationally. That is very important to me, and I am thankful for the opportunity ACU has given me. I humbly request tenure and promotion so that I might continue to learn and grow in ACUs mission. Gratefully, Kari Hatfield