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EITS Status and Activity Report for September 2013 Prepared by Timothy M.

Chester, Vice President for Information Technology (VPIT) 1. Announcements for Faculty and Staff Meetings UGA Now Live on Banner for Admissions Processing. As of September 3, 2013, student applications for admissions to UGA are now being processed using the new Banner Student Information System (SIS). This is the first of four major go-lives for the ConnectUGA project that will occur over the next twelve months. Requirements analysis and planning for those requesting reports from Banner should be aware of a new process for accessing these data. An information session about the transition to the new reporting system will be held on Monday, September 30, from 10:30 a.m. to noon, at Masters Hall in the Georgia Center. The session will be led by the ConnectUGA Reporting Team and will include an overview of the new reporting technology, a timeline for requesting reports, a demonstration of the reporting tool Argos, and new procedures for requesting and accessing reports from Banner. For more information, please point a browser to on the Web. vLab Virtual Computing Lab Service Launched. EITS has launched an innovative virtual computing lab, called vLab, which allows students to access software in a computer lab with their own devices, such as a phone, tablet, laptop, or computer. The UGA vLab makes it possible to access software in a computer lab anywhere, anytime with a personal device via a Web browser and installation of Citrix Receiver, which is free. Students logging in to computers in labs at the Miller Learning Center are automatically taken to the vLab. The vLab is made possible with new equipment purchased with the UGA Student Technology Fee. UGAs use of Dells VDI-in-Box environment for the vLab is the largest such deployment of this technology in higher education globally by Dell, according to the company. To get started in the vLab, point a browser to on the Web. For more information on the vLab, contact Shawn Ellis at by email.

2. Support for Student Technology Services Transition to eLC-New (Desire2Learn) Continues. This fall semester marks a transitional time for UGA instructors, as they can choose to use eLC (powered by Blackboard Vista) or eLC-New (powered by Desire2Learn) for their classes. Starting spring semester 2014, only eLC-New (Desire2Learn) will be available. During the second week of fall classes, a total of 1,080 instructors (faculty, professional staff, teaching assistants) logged in to eLC-New. Also, during that week, more than 26,400 students logged in to eLC-New. In addition, the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is offering eLC-New workshops and tutorials for instructors this fall semester. For more information about eLC-New, point a browser to Resources Available to Increase Awareness About Phishing. The UGA Single Sign-On Service (CAS) can be used to combat phishing by training users to look for the CAS authentication page when accessing University information systems. Resources regarding phishing and how students can protect their information are also available through the universitys Information Security website. For more information on Phishing and CAS, point your browser to on the Web.

EITS Status and Activity Report for September 2013

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3. Support for Academic and Administrative Computing UGAID Numbers Now Include 811 prefix. With the implementation of the new Banner student information system for the admissions process, prospective students are now being issued UGAID numbers with a prefix of 811. Departments, units, and colleges should ensure that their computer systems or applications are able to accept UGAID numbers with both the 810 and 811 prefixes. Printed forms that only reference 810 numbers should also be corrected. New UGA faculty and staff will still receive a UGAID with an 810 prefix. Current students, faculty, and staff will not be affected by the change. For more information on 811 numbers for UGAIDs, please contact Danna Gianforte at by email. MyIDs to be Issued to Applicants. As part of the new Banner student information system, prospective students applying for admission to UGA will be issued a UGA MyID, starting October 1, 2013. Applicants to the Graduate School will be notified of their MyIDs when they apply for admission, while undergraduate students will be notified at a later point, after receiving their acceptance notification. A MyID will be required for accepting financial aid awards in Banner. The issuance of a MyID during the admissions process does not assume acceptance to UGA. Prospective students with a MyID will not have access to University resources, other than Banner, until they are accepted to UGA. For more information about MyIDs being issued to applicants, please contact Danna Gianforte at by email. University License for WebEx Conferencing Services Available. EITS has entered into a campus-wide site license for WebEx conferencing services. The service is available on a cost-recovery basis. Host licenses, for individuals scheduling or convening meetings, are available to Units at a cost of $315/year. For more information and to purchase host licenses, contact Sohayl Moshtael at by email.

4. Support for Research More Access to Research Computing Resources among U.S. Institutions. UGAs director of research computing, Dr. Guy Cormier, has been named a representative to the Campus Champions program by the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE). Funded by the National Science Foundation, XSEDE is a collaboration of advanced digital resources and services for sharing computing resources, data, and expertise. It supports 16 supercomputers and high-end visualization and data analysis resources across the country. As a Campus Champion, Cormier is available to help UGA researchers with information about local, regional, and national high-performance computing and cyber infrastructure resources available through XSEDE. UGA is one of about 200 institutions to join the Campus Champions program. For more information about XSEDE, please point a browser to on the Web. For additional information, please contact Dr. Guy Cormier at by email. Clemson University Site Visit. In an effort to enhance collaboration with other research institutions, several EITS research computing staff members recently visited Clemson University to learn more about the institutions Research Computing Center, and to discuss other collaborations including shared resources. For more information about the Georgia Advanced Computing Resource Center, contact Dr. Guy Cormier at by email.

EITS Status and Activity Report for September 2013

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5. Core Campus Infrastructure Second UGAMail Upgrade Coming this Fall Semester. In November 2013, UGAMail will undergo a second upgrade, which is required by Microsoft for all of its Office 365 Education clients. This upgrade consists primarily of a change to the Web interface of UGAMail, which will show Microsofts latest branding for Office 365. The upgrade will increase UGAMail mailbox sizes from 25 GB to a maximum of 50 GB. Individual users and departmental IT professionals are encouraged to check Microsofts list of supported software for Office 365 to ensure they have the minimum software required. Microsoft has not confirmed UGAs transition date in November for this upgrade, but it will be communicated to the campus once it has been communicated to UGA. More information will be available by pointing a browser to on the Web. More AT&T Cellular Coverage Coming for Health Sciences Campus. To enhance cell phone coverage at the Health Sciences Campus, EITS has been working with AT&T to install an additional tower at the campus. Currently, four potential locations for a repeater tower have been identified on the campus. Once a location has been identified and approved, the installation will take about two months to complete. AT&T indicated that the company has earmarked internal funds for the project. For more information about AT&T coverage at the HSC, please contact Jeff Teasley at by email. Additional Fiber Line to HSC in the Works. Plans are moving forward for a second, alternate fiber optic connection to ensure connectivity to the Health Sciences Campus. Athens-Clarke County recently approved all rights-of-way for the redundant fiber optic cable. EITS is drafting a request for proposals (RFP) to install this service. For more information about the additional fiber line at the HSC, please contact Jeff Teasley at by email.

6. Did You Know? MyUGA Portal Popular Resource for UGA. Since a redesigned MyUGA Portal ( was launched on July 26, 2013, the website has welcomed more than 170, 000 unique visitors and 600,000 total visits. The MyUGA Portal is a one-stop spot for accessing OASIS, UGAMail, Employee Self Service, Student Accounts, and more. State of Technology Presentation. The State of Technology at UGA presentation will be presented to campus groups, including the Information Technology Managers Forum, beginning in late September. For more information about this presentation, please contact Dr. Timothy Chester at by email.

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EITS Status and Activity Report for September 2013

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