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Lesson Plan for 10/8/12 Everyday Leaders!

Welcome! Introduce yourself and say hello to the class:

Quick Ice breaker: Materials: excited kids! Time: 5 minutes Everybody stand up! Everyone gets a chance to choose one person to sit down. You do this by describing what that person is wearing (Blue shirt, red hat be specific!). The last person gets to choose me to sit down! Example: If you are wearing. (e.g. black shirt and red hat) Tell us your name and what you ate for lunch and sit back down. Continue until everyone is seated! L.E.A.D.E.R What does it mean to be a leader? Make Leadership Card Materials: colorful index cards, crayons/markers/colored pencils Time: 20 minutes Who are leaders: Role models or heroes that you have. Who is your hero? Bring all of the characters of these people. How are all of these people similar? Index card coloring: close your eyes and think about what it means to be a leader/hero. Is the sun a leader? Is your mom a leader? Are firemen leaders? Is your teacher a leader? Strong. Happy. Kind. Leader. Open your eyes and draw a picture or write one word that you thought about. Write your name on your paper and hand it to me. Were going to be using these paper a lot today! Clean up: as everyone is returning the materials to their places, take the papers and spread them out on the floor in an wide area of the room

Name and bean bags Ice Breaker: Materials: Leader card Time: 15 minutes Arrange their colored index cards in a circle and ask them to find their index card and stand next to it. Rules of the game: The person holding the bean bag says their name and share what they wrote or drew on their paper. They toss it LIGHTLY to someone across the room. That person says Thank you *insert the name of the person before you+ and says their name and share whats on their paper and explain

why do they think it is important to being a leader. The person will then toss it lightly and the person who catches it says thank you.. etc. Pick up your paper & make your way back to your seat yall! What did we learn from this activity? (ask the kids to share) Cooperation! Saying thank you/being polite! Working as a team! Sharing ideas!

Class norms: Materials: Class Norms Poster board numbered to ten; expo marker; tape; Time: 15 minutes What do we expect from each other? What do we have to do to make this a friendly place for leaders? Lets make class norms! Bring out poster board that has the title Class Norms written over the top. Brainstorm some norms that we should have in class. Have the kids share them out loud and write them down on the board. After the kids are all out of ideas, narrow the norms to ten of them and write them on the Class norms poster. Possible Norms: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Raise your hand when you want to share an idea Listen to the thoughts and ideas of other Be kind. Be respectful. ALL questions are important questions! Participate Work with others, we all need your ideas! Your smile is special, share it Character is what you do when no one is looking

When all of the norms have been covered, ask the kids to come up and line up to sign the poster. The poster is signed by their leadership card that gets taped on to the poster! Put them on the border or the back. Service Learning: Want to ask you all, have you been kind today? Now extend your hand and shake their hand. A smile is charity and a handshake is your kindness. That is what we will be focusing on, kindness. Not shaking hands and smiling because by the time were done well have sore arms and be kinda bored :)

Service learning is about learning how we can give back to the community we live in. This community includes your school community, your family, your classmates. Our next activity is brainstorming an idea to work on for next week. Were going to do this by thinking of one way we can make a difference in someones life. Guide the discussion: Give an example from your life/ Something that changed YOUR life (ask the kids) Project: Write a story about someone who changed someone elses life (write or draw)