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Lolaness by Phebe Durand is a network of outlets that educate and sell information and products to indie and small

businesses, centered around a "hub" website, Phebe Durand strives to blend professional with friendly, working hard to make a customer feel like an individual instead of just a project that has to be completed. The business has outgrown its original look and mission. The objective is to revamp the look and feel to attract more small businesses that are interested in full projects instead of print runs and 3rd party jobs. A full spectrum of education and experience in writing, design, and love of helping others learn to improve their own practices is dying to be expressed.

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Lolaness by Phebe Durand Identity Redefine
1. New Logo Design in .eps Format 2. New Creative Brief Layout and Information 3. New Typography Guidelines 4. Refined Color Palette 5. New Brand Identity Presentation

- Dedicated to Indie and Small Businesses; educated and experienced in working specifically with these businesses which are unlike large corporations who have vastly different needs. - Treats customers as individuals, engaging them on a personal-professional level to really offer the project needs that - Allfulfill areasthe where Lolaness by Phebe Durand has a presence must will customer's goals. incorporate a dragonfly or butterfly in outline style work ... the choice is dependant on what type of serviceto is help on offer: Ready-to-purchase products are designed indie and education, or products/services. small business create more product, and education is offered to help them create a stronger income. There is nothing on offer "The secret to an enduring business is bycolor creating anthat experience, Has a color palette focused around the violet should that can't be customized, altered, etc. to an individual's needs or not just a brand." be continued, most importantly because of its color psychology desires. value. "The color purple relates to the imagination. It stimulates the imagination and inspires high ideals. It isgraphic, an introspective Focuses on minimalistic aesthetics. Within print, and color, allowing us to get in touch with our deeper thoughts." 'brick & mortar' applications, the idea is to focus on the most simple, minimal considerations in order to really highlight the - Openly Communicative products, services, and major attractions that are on offer. - Friendly - Fresh - Modern Minimalism


Phebe A. Durand (not disclosed)


Indie and small businesses owned by men and women. Women are the main target, but men are not overlooked. Ages range from 27-40, adults that are beginning or re-designing a business, or launching a new product within their business.
Other online design agencies and those located in the 4-corners area are competition; the main consideration being that the specific services offered are not at all the same.