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MAY 2011

IEEE Communications Society periodicals tables of content: May 2011

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IEEE Communications Mazine

IEEE Communications Magazine - Cover Full Text: PDF (290KB) Table of contents Full Text: PDF (200KB) Nominations and elections: open to all [The President's Page] Lee, B.G. Zuckerman, D. Greenstein, L. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (1015KB) Magazine update May 2011 [Note from the Editor-in-Chief] Gorshe, S. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (216KB) IEEE WCNC 2011 explores the latest wireless communications advancements in Cancun, Mexico [Conference Report] Abstract | Full Text: PDF (1106KB) Training professionals worldwide [Certification Corner] Catis, M. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (1159KB) Conference calendar Abstract | Full Text: PDF (1060KB) Global Communications Newsletter Dilhac, J.-M. Baal-Schem, J. Correia, L.M. Mohamad, H. Ali, B.M. Judja-Sato, B. Pioro, M. Rak, J. Szczypiorski, K. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (762KB) Book reviews [review of "Wireless Communications, Second Edition" (Molisch, A.; 2011) and ("The Essential Guide to Video Processing" (Bovik, A., Ed.; 2009)] Wagrowski, M. Leszczuk, M. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (1035KB) New products Abstract | Full Text: PDF (60KB) Product spotlights Abstract | Full Text: PDF (724KB) Lighting up copper [History of Communications] Cioffi, J.M. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (1477KB) Candidates announced for Board of Governors [Society News] Abstract | Full Text: PDF (119KB) Advances in cooperative wireless networking: Part I [Guest Editorial] Zhang, X. Wang, J. Qian, Y. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (352KB) Network localization and navigation via cooperation Win, M.Z. Conti, A. Mazuelas, S. Shen, Y. Gifford, W.M. Dardari, D. Chiani, M. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (328KB)

Cooperative wireless networks: from radio to network protocol designs Sheng, Z. Leung, K.K. Ding, Z. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (874KB) Cooperative cellular networks using multi-user MIMO: tradeoffs, overheads, and interference control across architectures Ramprashad, S.A. Papadopoulos, H.C. Benjebbour, A. Kishiyama, Y. Jindal, N. Caire, G. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (528KB) Distributed MIMO technologies in cooperative wireless networks Ma, S. Yang, Y. Sharif, H. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (229KB) Mobile association and load balancing in a cooperative relay cellular network Yu, Y. Hu, R.Q. Bontu, C.S. Cai, Z. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (823KB) Optical access and transport networks: advances in standards and services [Series Editorial] Gebizlioglu, O.S. Kuwahara, H. Jain, V. Spencer, J. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (402KB) Virtualized optical network services across multiple domains for grid applications Wang, Y. Jin, Y. Guo, W. Sun, W. Hu, W. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (1555KB) Power and cost reduction by hybrid optical packet switching with shared memory buffering June-Koo Kevin Rhee Chan-Kyun Lee Ji-Hwan Kim YongHyub Won Jin Seek Choi Jungyul Choi Abstract | Full Text: PDF (208KB) Hybrid networking: evolution toward combined IP and dynamic circuit services [Guest Editorial] Jukan, A. Veeraraghavan, M. Hasan, M.Z. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (270KB) Hybrid networks: lessons learned and future challenges based on ESnet4 experience Monga, I. Guok, C. Johnston, W.E. Tierney, B. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (212KB) Multilayer networks: an architecture framework Lehman, T. Yang, X. Ghani, N. Gu, F. Guok, C. Monga, I. Tierney, B. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (294KB) Advance reservation frameworks in hybrid IP-WDM networks Charbonneau, N. Vokkarane, V.M. Guok, C. Monga, I. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (890KB)

Shared backup router resources: realizing virtualized network resilience Palkopoulou, E. Schupke, D.A. Bauschert, T. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (232KB) Standard-based approach to programmable hybrid networks Cafini, R. Cerroni, W. Raffaelli, C. Savi, M. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (746KB) Topics in automotive networking [Series Editorial] Chen, W. Delgrossi, L. Kosch, T. Saito, T. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (1043KB) Research challenges in intervehicular communication: lessons of the 2010 Dagstuhl Seminar Dressler, F. Kargl, F. Ott, J. Tonguz, O.K. Wischhof, L. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (1020KB) Design and evaluation of a two-tier peer-to-peer traffic information system Shiao-Li Tsao Chien-Ming Cheng Abstract | Full Text: PDF (237KB) Traffic information systems: efficient message dissemination via adaptive beaconing Sommer, C. Tonguz, O.K. Dressler, F. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (1094KB) Supporting mobility for internet cars Zhu, Z. Zhang, L. Wakikawa, R. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (565KB) IP mobility management for vehicular communication networks: challenges and solutions Cespedes, S. Shen, X. Lazo, C. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (223KB)

Beyond Shannon: the quest for fundamental performance limits of wireless ad hoc networks Goldsmith, A. Effros, M. Koetter, R. Medard, M. Ozdaglar, A. Zheng, L. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (766KB) Wireless community networks: an alternative approach for nomadic broadband network access Frangoudis, P.A. Polyzos, G.C. Kemerlis, V.P. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (699KB) A critical survey and analysis of RFID anti-collision mechanisms Zhu, Lei Yum, Tak-Shing Peter Abstract | Full Text: PDF (308KB) Interaction patterns between P2P content distribution systems and ISPs Dan, G. Hossfeld, T. Oechsner, S. Cholda, P. Stankiewicz, R. Papafili, I. Stamoulis, G.D. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (191KB) A potential evolution of the policy and charging control/QoS architecture for the 3GPP IETF-based evolved packet core Ouellette, S. Marchand, L. Pierre, S. Full Text: PDF (59KB) Advertisers' index Full Text: PDF (59KB)

IEEE Network Full Text: PDF (173KB) Table of contents Full Text: PDF (84KB) In memoriam: Paul Baran Cerf, V.G. Full Text: PDF (217KB) Network traffic monitoring, analysis and anomaly detection [Guest Editorial] Wang, W. Zhang, X. Shi, W. Lian, S. Feng, D. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (1425KB) Experiences of internet traffic monitoring with tstat Finamore, A. Mellia, M. Meo, M. Munafo, M.M. Torino, P.D. Rossi, D. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (1693KB)

Packet traffic: a good data source for wireless sensor network modeling and anomaly detection Wang, Q. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (891KB) Measurement and diagnosis of address misconfigured P2P traffic Li, Z. Goyal, A. Chen, Y. Kuzmanovic, A. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (158KB) Dynamic measurement-aware routing in practice Guanyao Huang Chen-Nee Chuah Raza, S. Seetharaman, S. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (279KB) Multimedia traffic security architecture for the internet of things Liang Zhou Han-Chieh Chao Abstract | Full Text: PDF (747KB)

Table of contents Full Text: PDF (64KB) Staff List Full Text: PDF (58KB) High-Rate and Full-Diversity Space-Time Block Codes with Low Complexity Partial Interference Cancellation Group Decoding Shi, Long Zhang, Wei Xia, Xiang-Gen Abstract | Full Text: PDF (245KB) Performance of Weighted Nonbinary Repeat-Accumulate Codes over GF(q) with q-ary Orthogonal Modulation Kim, Yongsang Cheun, Kyungwhoon Lim, Hyuntack Abstract | Full Text: PDF (275KB) On (n,n-1) Punctured Convolutional Codes and Their Trellis Modules Katsiotis, Alexandros Kalouptsidis, Nicholas Abstract | Full Text: PDF (163KB) Pseudocodeword Weights for LDPC Codes under Differential PSK Transmission over the Noncoherent AWGN Channel Mo, Elisa Armand, Marc A. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (248KB) On Adaptive Lattice Reduction over Correlated Fading Channels Najafi, Hossein Jafari, Mohammad Erfan Danesh Damen, Mohamed Oussama Abstract | Full Text: PDF (236KB) Joint Precoding Optimization for Multiuser Multi-Antenna Relaying Downlinks Using Quadratic Programming Xu, Wei Dong, Xiaodai Lu, Wu-Sheng Abstract | Full Text: PDF (376KB) Efficient LLR Calculation for Non-Binary Modulations over Fading Channels Yazdani, Raman Ardakani, Masoud Abstract | Full Text: PDF (283KB) Refined Routing Algorithm in Hybrid Networks with Different Transmission Rates Shin, Won-Yong Abstract | Full Text: PDF (588KB) Performance Analysis of Double-Weight Optical CDMA Under the Same-Bit-Power Assumption Chen, Chih-Hao Chu, Han-Yun Yang, Guu-Chang Chang, Cheng-Yuan Kwong, Wing C. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (249KB)

Allele Gene Based Adaptive Genetic Algorithm to the Code Design Dai, Xiaoming Abstract | Full Text: PDF (202KB) Performance of Opportunistic Epidemic Routing on EdgeMarkovian Dynamic Graphs Whitbeck, John Conan, Vania de Amorim, Marcelo Dias Abstract | Full Text: PDF (209KB) Efficient Use of Multicast and Unicast Channels for Multicast Service Transmission Lee, Seung Joon Tcha, Yongjoo Seo, Sang-Yong Lee, Seong-Choon Abstract | Full Text: PDF (198KB) MISO Capacity with Per-Antenna Power Constraint Vu, Mai Abstract | Full Text: PDF (230KB) Constellation Precoded Multiple Beamforming Park, Hong Ju Li, Boyu Ayanoglu, Ender Abstract | Full Text: PDF (724KB) Symbol-Level Synchronization and LDPC Code Design for Insertion/Deletion Channels Wang, Feng Fertonani, Dario Duman, Tolga M. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (669KB) On the Distribution of the Sum of Gamma-Gamma Variates and Applications in RF and Optical Wireless Communications Chatzidiamantis, Nestor D. Karagiannidis, George K. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (942KB) Distribution of the Demmel Condition Number of Wishart Matrices Zhong, Caijun McKay, Matthew R. Ratnarajah, Tharm Wong, Kai-Kit Abstract | Full Text: PDF (516KB) Performance Analysis of OFDM with Wiener Phase Noise and Frequency Selective Fading Channel Mathecken, Pramod Riihonen, Taneli Werner, Stefan Wichman, Risto Abstract | Full Text: PDF (521KB) A Novel Approach to the Statistical Modeling of Wireline Channels Galli, Stefano Abstract | Full Text: PDF (477KB)

MMSE-Based Distributed Beamforming in Cooperative Relay Networks Choi, Jinho Abstract | Full Text: PDF (388KB) Adaptive UWB Pulse Allocation for Distributed Detection in Sensor Networks Wang, Tsang-Yi Abstract | Full Text: PDF (397KB) Adaptive Subcarrier PSK Intensity Modulation in Free Space Optical Systems Chatzidiamantis, Nestor D. Lioumpas, Athanasios S. Karagiannidis, George K. Arnon, Shlomi Abstract | Full Text: PDF (962KB) Capacity and Delay Analysis of Next-Generation Passive Optical Networks (NG-PONs) Aurzada, Frank Scheutzow, Michael Reisslein, Martin Ghazisaidi, Navid Maier, Martin Abstract | Full Text: PDF (627KB) Hybrid Optical/RF Channel Performance Analysis for Turbo Codes Tapse, Hrishikesh Borah, Deva K. Perez-Ramirez, Javier Abstract | Full Text: PDF (465KB) Beat Noise Compensation in OCDMA Systems Using Soft Decoding Based FEC Sahuguede, S. Julien-Vergonjanne, A. Cances, J.P. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (490KB) New Bounds and Optimal Binary Signature Sets - Part II: Aperiodic Total Squared Correlation Ganapathy, Harish Pados, Dimitris A. Karystinos, George N. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (427KB)

Load-Balanced Combined Input-Crosspoint Buffered Packet Switches Rojas-Cessa, Roberto Dong, Ziqian Abstract | Full Text: PDF (863KB) Optimization of Amplify-and-Forward Multicarrier Two-Hop Transmission Zhang, Wenyi Mitra, Urbashi Chiang, Mung Abstract | Full Text: PDF (641KB) Resource Management in Spectrum-Sharing Cognitive Radio Broadcast Channels: Adaptive Time and Power Allocation Asghari, Vahid Aissa, Sonia Abstract | Full Text: PDF (595KB) On the Performance of OFDM-Based Amplify-and-Forward Relay Networks in the Presence of Phase Noise Rabiei, Payam Namgoong, Won Al-Dhahir, Naofal Abstract | Full Text: PDF (850KB) Cyclic Prefixed OQAM-OFDM and its Application to SingleCarrier FDMA Gao, Xiqi Wang, Wenjin Xia, Xiang-Gen Au, Edward K. S. You, Xiaohu Abstract | Full Text: PDF (522KB) Degrees of Freedom of Multiple Broadcast Channels in the Presence of Inter-Cell Interference Park, Seok-Hwan Lee, Inkyu Abstract | Full Text: PDF (559KB) Staff List Full Text: PDF (68KB)

- In Conjunction with the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show -



Dont Miss the 9th Annual IEEE Consumer Communications & Networking Conference
January 14 - 17, 2012 Planet Hollywood Las Vegas, Nevada USA

consumer communications & networking conference


IEEE Consumer Communications & Networking Conference, sponsored by the IEEE Communications Society, is a major annual international conference organized with the objective of bringing together researchers, developers, and practitioners from academia and industry working in all areas of consumer communications and networking. IEEE CCNC 2012 will present the latest developments and technical solutions in the areas of home networking, consumer networking, enabling technologies (such as middleware), and novel applications and services. The conference will include a peer-reviewed program of technical sessions, special sessions, workshops, panels, demonstrations and tutorials.

Wireless Consumer Communications and Networking
Wireless Home Networks Wireless LANs, WiMax, Cellular Networks UWB and OFDM Multi-Channel, Multi-Hop and Cooperative Communications Cross-Layer Design, Interactions and Optimization Seamless Roaming Techniques and Technologies Frequency and Channel Allocation Algorithms Modulation, Coding and Diversity Physical and MAC Layers Design Issues Energy Efficiency and optimization Emerging Standards Network QoS

Smart Spaces and Personal Area Networks Multimedia & Entertainment Networking and Services Body and Personal Area Networks
IEEE 802.15 and Bluetooth-Based Networks Power Control and Conserving Approaches Pricing Models Service Discovery RFID for CE Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks Vehicle Networks Delay tolerant Networks QoS and Service Reliability Data Management and Query Processing Middleware for Smart Spaces and PANs Context- and Situation-awareness for Smart Spaces and PANs Real systems and measurement results for smart space and PANs Multimedia Communication and Streaming Multimedia QoS and Protocols Distributed Network Protocols for Multimedia Image/Video Multimedia Networks Streaming Protocols High-Definition Audio, Image and Video Processing Distributed Coding and Network Coding Entertainment Networks Multimedia Services Multimedia Support over Multi-hop Networks Wireless Multimedia Field Trials and Measurements Networking for Multi-player Gaming

Peer-to-Peer Networking and Content Distribution

P2P Platforms, Algorithms and Architectures for Consumer Communications Overlay and Application Layer Multicast Peercasting and Overlay Content Distribution Peer-to-Peer SIP Novel Consumer Applications Enabled by P2P Computing Resource and Data Sharing Incentive Mechanisms in P2P Networks Reputation and Trust Mechanisms Overlay Networks Cloud Computing for Consumer-oriented Content Distribution Portability and Mobility of Content in Intermittent Consumer Networks

Emerging and Innovative Consumer Technologies and Applications

Green and Environmentally-conscious Design and Consumer Technology Humanitarian uses of Consumer Electronics Advances in Display Technology and their Practical Usage HCI and Design Considerations Consumer Device Design and Innovation Design of e-Health and Mobile Health Technologies (Home Automation, etc.) Studies of Consumer Technology for Well-being Consumer Technologies in Emerging Markets and Challenged Economies Consumer Technologies for Social Benefit (e.g., Voting, Reporting, Education, etc.) Personalization Techniques Uses of Multimodal input and Data Pervasive and Contextual Computing Systems in Practice Wearable Computing Systems Smart Devices, Ambient & Intelligent Applications Middleware and Embedded Platforms

Security and Content Protection

Security for Home Networks, PANs & BANS Firewalls and Intrusion Detection Worm and Malware Defences Combating Phishing and Spam Secure Configuration Consumer-friendly Security Models & Tools Portable Devices Disinfection Control of Personal Data Reputation and Trust Mechanisms Authentication, Authority and Auditing for CE Copyright and Privacy Protection Digital Rights Management Streaming and Network Anonymity



Behrooz Shirazi Washington State University, USA

For more information on Tutorials, Special Sessions, Demonstrations, Workshops, Panels and Paper Submission Guidelines; please visit

Table of contents Full Text: PDF (122KB) Staff List Full Text: PDF (67KB) Guest Editorial Trading Rate for Delay at the Application and Transport Layers Abstract | Full Text: PDF (112KB) Delaying Transmissions in Data Communication Networks to Improve Transport-Layer Performance Cai, Yan Wolf, Tilman Gong, Weibo Abstract | Full Text: PDF (552KB) The Asymptotic Behavior of Minimum Buffer Size Requirements in Large P2P Streaming Networks Shakkottai, Srinivas Srikant, R. Ying, Lei Abstract | Full Text: PDF (399KB) TERSE: A Unified End-to-End Traffic Control Mechanism to Enable Elastic, Delay Adaptive, and Rate Adaptive Services Ye, Lei Wang, Zhijun Che, Hao Lagoa, Constantino M. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (1106KB) Delay-Aware Cross-Layer Design for Network Utility Maximization in Multi-Hop Networks Xiong, Haozhi Li, Ruogu Eryilmaz, Atilla Ekici, Eylem Abstract | Full Text: PDF (1189KB) Value-Aware Resource Allocation for Service Guarantees in Networks Parag, Parimal Sah, Sankalp Shakkottai, Srinivas Chamberland, Jean-Francois Abstract | Full Text: PDF (1011KB) NUM-Based Fair Rate-Delay Balancing for Layered Video Multicasting over Adaptive Satellite Networks Pradas, David Vazquez-Castro, M. A. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (816KB) Scheduling for Optimal Rate Allocation in Ad Hoc Networks With Heterogeneous Delay Constraints Jaramillo, Juan Jose Srikant, R. Ying, Lei Abstract | Full Text: PDF (304KB) Trading Rate for Balanced Queue Lengths for Network Delay Minimization Yang, Jing Ulukus, Sennur Abstract | Full Text: PDF (414KB)

Leveraging the Rate-Delay Trade-Off for Service Differentiation in Multi-Provider Networks Podlesny, Maxim Gorinsky, Sergey Abstract | Full Text: PDF (980KB) On the Impact of Link Scheduling on End-to-End Delays in Large Networks Liebeherr, Jorg Ghiassi-Farrokhfal, Yashar Burchard, Almut Abstract | Full Text: PDF (872KB) Exploiting the Path Propagation Time Differences in Multipath Transmission with FEC Kurant, Maciej Abstract | Full Text: PDF (935KB) An End-to-End Virtual Path Construction System for Stable Live Video Streaming over Heterogeneous Wireless Networks Han, Sangchun Joo, Hyunchul Lee, Dongju Song, Hwangjun Abstract | Full Text: PDF (799KB) Diversity Embedded Streaming Erasure Codes (DE-SCo): Constructions and Optimality Badr, Ahmed Khisti, Ashish Martinian, Emin Abstract | Full Text: PDF (756KB) Optimal Delay-Reconstruction Tradeoffs in Peer-to-Peer Networks Ahmed, Ebad Wagner, Aaron B. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (685KB) Avoiding Interruptions A QoE Reliability Function for Streaming Media Applications ParandehGheibi, Ali Medard, Muriel Ozdaglar, Asuman Shakkottai, Srinivas Abstract | Full Text: PDF (839KB) Multicast Queueing Delay: Performance Limits and OrderOptimality of Random Linear Coding Cogill, Randy Shrader, Brooke Abstract | Full Text: PDF (282KB) On the Delay Distribution of Random Linear Network Coding Nistor, Maricica Lucani, Daniel E. Vinhoza, Tiago T. V. Costa, Rui A. Barros, Joao Abstract | Full Text: PDF (556KB) On The Capacity of Immediately-Decodable Coding Schemes for Wireless Stored-Video Broadcast with Hard Deadline Constraints Li, Xiaohang Wang, Chih-Chun Lin, Xiaojun Abstract | Full Text: PDF (842KB)

Rate Control for Network-Coded Multipath Relaying with TimeVarying Connectivity Shrader, Brooke Babikyan, Armen Jones, Nathaniel M. Shake, Thomas H. Worthen, Andrew P. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (546KB) Call for Papers Full Text: PDF (43KB)

Call for Papers Full Text: PDF (40KB) Call for Papers Full Text: PDF (41KB) Staff List Full Text: PDF (64KB


The 31st Annual Conference of the IEEE Communications Society
The IEEE INFOCOM 2012 conference seeks papers describing significant research contributions to the field of computer and data communication networks. We invite submissions on network architecture, design, implementation, operations, analysis, measurement, performance, and simulation. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following: Ad hoc mobile networks Addressing & location management Broadband access technologies Capacity planning Cellular & broadband wireless nets Cognitive radio networking Congestion control Content-based network service Cross layer design & optimization Cyber-physical systems & networking Data center and cloud computing Denial of service Delay/disruption tolerant networks Dynamic spectrum management Future Internet design Implementation & experimental testbeds Middleware support for networking Mobility models & systems Multicast, broadcast & anycast Multimedia protocols Network applications & services Network architectures Network coding Network control Network management Network simulation & emulation Novel network architectures Optical networks Peer-to-peer networks Performance evaluation Power control & management Pricing & billing Quality of service Resource allocation & management RFID networks and protocols Routing protocols Scheduling & buffer management Security, trust, & privacy Self-organizing networks Sensor networks & embedded systems Service overlays Social computing and networks Switches & switching Topology characterization & inference Traffic measurement and analysis Traffic engineering & control Vehicular and underwater networks Virtual & overlay networks Web services & performance Wireless mesh networks & protocols


July 22, 2011

Full Paper Due

July 29, 2011

Notification of Acceptance
November 21, 2011


Albert Greenberg (Microsoft) Kazem Sohraby (University of Arkansas)

Technical Program Co-Chairs:

Anwar Walid (Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent) Dapeng Oliver Wu (University of Florida) Junshan Zhang (Arizona State University)

Standing Committee Chair:

Harvey Freeman (HAF Consulting, Inc.)

- IEEE and IEEE COMMUNICATIONS SOCIETY POLICIES Papers must be submitted via the EDAS Paper Processing System. Be certain to include all of the authors with their affiliations when you submit your paper for review. IEEE Communications Society does not allow authors to be added to an accepted paper. Additional paper submittal instructions can be found on the conference Web site Each accepted paper must have a FULL (member or non-member) non-refundable registration fee associated with it. If an author has multiple accepted papers, up to three papers may be covered by one registration fee. Registration fees must be paid prior to uploading the publication-ready version of the accepted paper. Accepted papers will be published in the IEEE INFOCOM 2012 Conference Proceedings. Papers must be presented at the conference to be published in IEEE Xplore.

For more information, visit

Table of contents Full Text: PDF (58KB) Staff List Full Text: PDF (42KB) Improved Nyquist Filters with Piece-Wise Parabolic Frequency Characteristics Alexandru, Nicolae Dumitru Balan, Alexandra Ligia Onofrei Abstract | Full Text: PDF (185KB) Computationally Efficient Modulation Level Classification Based on Probability Distribution Distance Functions Urriza, Paulo Rebeiz, Eric Pawelczak, Przemyslaw Cabric, Danijela Abstract | Full Text: PDF (176KB) An Accurate and Efficient Approximation to the Gaussian QFunction and its Applications in Performance Analysis in Nakagami-m Fading Shi, Qinghua Karasawa, Y. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (363KB) Blind Multiuser Detection Based on Tikhonov Regularization Hu, Li Zhou, Xiyuan Zhang, Liwei Abstract | Full Text: PDF (190KB) Capacity Scaling of Infrastructure-Supported Erasure Networks Shin, Won-Yong Kim, Ajung Abstract | Full Text: PDF (160KB) User in the Loop: Mobility Aware Users Substantially Boost Spectral Efficiency of Cellular OFDMA Systems Schoenen, Rainer Yanikomeroglu, Halim Walke, Bernhard Abstract | Full Text: PDF (317KB) Game-Theoretic Approach for Primary-Secondary User Power Control Under Fast Flat Fading Channels Alayesh, M. Ghani, N. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (174KB) A QoE-Oriented Strategy for OFDMA Radio Resource Allocation Based on Min-MOS Maximization Sacchi, Claudio Granelli, Fabrizio Schlegel, Christian Abstract | Full Text: PDF (182KB) Dynamic Resource Allocation for Real-Time Services in Cooperative OFDMA Systems Zhang, Danhua Tao, Xiaoming Lu, Jianhua Wang, Meng Abstract | Full Text: PDF (261KB)

Incentivising Fairness and Policing Nodes in WiFi Dangerfield, Ian Malone, David Leith, Douglas J. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (209KB) Interference-Limited Relaying Transmissions in Dual-Hop Cooperative Networks over Nakagami-m Fading Costa, Daniel Benevides da Ding, Haiyang Ge, Jianhua Abstract | Full Text: PDF (448KB) Average Energy Efficiency Contours with Multiple Decoding Policies Akbari, A. Imran, M. A. Hoshyar, R. Amich, A. Tafazolli, R. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (200KB) Maximal Ratio Diversity Combining Enhanced Security He, Fangming Man, Hong Wang, Wei Abstract | Full Text: PDF (265KB) Asymptotic Performances of Near-Optimal Selective Distributed Beamforming for Two-Way Relaying with Partial Channel State Information Kim, Jung-Bin Lee, In-Ho Kim, Dongwoo Lim, Jaesung Abstract | Full Text: PDF (246KB) Cross-Layer User Pairing for CSM in IEEE 802.16 Networks Aggarwal, Nikunj Manickam, R. Saravana Murthy, C. Siva Ram Abstract | Full Text: PDF (168KB) Spatial False Alarms in Cognitive Radio Han, Weijia Li, Jiandong Liu, Qin Zhao, Linjing Abstract | Full Text: PDF (240KB) Adaptive Polling Enhances Quality and Energy Saving for Multimedia over Bluetooth Contreras, David Castro, Mario Abstract | Full Text: PDF (163KB) Theoretic Analysis of IEEE 802.11 Rate Adaptation Algorithm SampleRate He, Jianhua Guan, Wenyang Bai, Lin Chen, Kai Abstract | Full Text: PDF (191KB) On the Secrecy Rate of Multi-Antenna Wiretap Channel under Finite-Alphabet Input Bashar, Shafi Ding, Zhi Xiao, Chengshan Abstract | Full Text: PDF (221KB) Joint Temporal and Spatial Sensing Based Cooperative Cognitive Networks PeiPei, Chen QinYu, Zhang Abstract | Full Text: PDF (256KB)

Optimal Linear MMSE Beamforming for Two Way MultiAntenna Relay Systems Li, Gen Wang, Ying Zhang, Ping Abstract | Full Text: PDF (250KB) The Effects of Narrowband Interference on Finite-Resolution IR-UWB Digital Receivers Zhang, Chao Yin, Huarui Ren, Pinyi Abstract | Full Text: PDF (249KB) An Effective 16-bit Random Number Aided Query Tree Algorithm for RFID Tag Anti-Collision Yang, Ching-Nung He, Jyun-Yan Abstract | Full Text: PDF (385KB) Diversity-Multiplexing Tradeoff in the Low-SNR Regime Loyka, Sergey Levin, Georgy Abstract | Full Text: PDF (196KB) Energy-Efficient Spectrum Sensing and Transmission for Cognitive Radio System Wu, Yuan Tsang, Danny H. K. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (304KB) Demonstration of Spectrum Sensing with Blindly Learned Features Zhang, Peng Qiu, Robert Guo, Nan Abstract | Full Text: PDF (179KB) Chunk-Based Resource Allocation in Multicast OFDMA Systems with Average BER Constraint Papoutsis, Vasileios D. Kotsopoulos, Stavros A. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (229KB) Fusion Based 3D Tracking of Mobile Transmitters via Robust Set-Valued State Estimation with RSS Measurements Pathirana, Pubudu N. Ekanayake, Samitha W. Savkin, Andrey V. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (283KB) Improved Stopping Set Elimination by Parity-Check Matrix Extension of LDPC Codes Kim, Saejoon Heo, Jun Park, Hyuncheol Abstract | Full Text: PDF (195KB) Searching for New Convolutional Codes using the Cell Broadband Engine Architecture Johnsson, Daniel Bjarkeson, Fredrik Hell, Martin Hug, Florian Abstract | Full Text: PDF (181KB)

Mismatched Bit-Interleaved Coded Noncoherent Orthogonal Modulation Nguyen, Trung Thanh Lampe, Lutz Abstract | Full Text: PDF (239KB) A Concise Representation for the Soft-in Soft-out LMMSE Detector Guo, Qinghua Huang, Defeng David Abstract | Full Text: PDF (150KB) On Transmission Efficiency for Wireless Broadcast Using Network Coding and Fountain Codes Nguyen, Hoang D. T. Tran, Le-Nam Hong, Een-Kee Abstract | Full Text: PDF (235KB) Performance Analysis of DHT-Based Optical OFDM Using Large-Size Constellations in AWGN Moreolo, Michela Svaluto Abstract | Full Text: PDF (237KB) Adaptive Clock Recovery Mechanism Having Dynamic Frequency Drift and Buffer Level Control in Packet Switched Networks Bang, Hakjeon Choi, Jong-Oh Lee, Seong-Ro Park, Chang-Soo Abstract | Full Text: PDF (323KB) An Initial Evaluation of Energy Efficient Ethernet Reviriego, P. Christensen, K. Rabanillo, J. Maestro, J. A. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (159KB) Optimizing Node Capacity in Multilayer Networks Katib, Iyad Medhi, Deep Abstract | Full Text: PDF (420KB) A Power Saving Model for Burst Transmission in EnergyEfficient Ethernet Herreria-Alonso, Sergio Rodriguez-Perez, Miguel FernandezVeiga, Manuel Lopez-Garcia, Candido Abstract | Full Text: PDF (216KB) Analytical Evaluation of a HIP Registration Enhancement for NEMO Scenarios Toledo, Nerea Higuero, Marivi Jacob, Eduardo Matias, Jon Abstract | Full Text: PDF (447KB) Probing for Loss: The Case Against Probe Trains Baccelli, Francois Machiraju, Sridhar Veitch, Darryl Bolot, Jean Abstract | Full Text: PDF (271KB) Staff List Full Text: PDF (68KB)

Table of contents Full Text: PDF (77KB) Staff List Full Text: PDF (48KB) Bit Allocation Schemes for MIMO Equal Gain Precoding Chao, Chi-Liang Tsai, Shang-Ho Hsu, Terng-Yin Abstract | Full Text: PDF (334KB) Performance of a L-MRC Receiver over Equally Correlated - Fading Channels Subadar, Rupaban Sahu, P. R. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (195KB) Diversity Gains for Different Cooperative Schemes on Fast Fading Channels Kammoun, Ines Cipriano, Antonio Maria Abstract | Full Text: PDF (246KB) Outage Probability and Optimum Combining for Time Division Broadcast Protocol Yi, Zhihang Ju, MinChul Kim, Il-Min Abstract | Full Text: PDF (242KB) A New Computational Approach for Maximum Link Activation in Wireless Networks under the SINR Model Capone, Antonio Chen, Lei Gualandi, Stefano Yuan, Di Abstract | Full Text: PDF (199KB) A General Upper Bound to Evaluate Packet Error Rate over Quasi-Static Fading Channels Xi, Yong Burr, Alister Wei, JiBo Grace, David Abstract | Full Text: PDF (224KB) On Soft Decision Value Calculation for Linear-Dispersion Codes with SC-FDMA Park, Chester Sungchung Park, Fitzgerald Sungkyung Abstract | Full Text: PDF (222KB) Relay Placement in Wireless Networks: A Study of the Underlying Tradeoffs Pourahmadi, Vahid Fashandi, Shervan Saleh, Aladdin Khandani, Amir K. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (379KB) A New Approach to Sensor Node Localization Using RSS Measurements in Wireless Sensor Networks Wang, Gang Yang, Kehu Abstract | Full Text: PDF (404KB) Half-Duplex Relaying in Downlink Cellular Systems Raman, Chandrasekharan Foschini, Gerard J. Valenzuela, Reinaldo A. Yates, Roy D. Mandayam, Narayan B. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (406KB)

EM-Based Iterative Receivers for OFDM and BICM/OFDM Systems in Doubly Selective Channels Ku, Meng-Lin Chen, Wen-Chuan Huang, Chia-Chi Abstract | Full Text: PDF (734KB) Spectrally Precoded OFDM and OFDMA with Cyclic Prefix and Unconstrained Guard Ratios Chen, Hao-Ming Chen, Wei-Chang Chung, Char-Dir Abstract | Full Text: PDF (723KB) A Comparative Study of Two Shadow Fading Models in Ultrawideband and Other Wireless Systems Abdi, Ali Kaveh, Mostafa Abstract | Full Text: PDF (646KB) Impact of Antenna Pattern and Link Model on Directional Neighbor Discovery in 60 GHz Networks An, Xueli Prasad, R. Venkatesha Niemegeers, Ignas Abstract | Full Text: PDF (641KB) Robust Linear Transceiver Design in MIMO Ad Hoc Cognitive Radio Networks with Imperfect Channel State Information Gharavol, Ebrahim A. Liang, Ying-Chang Mouthaan, Koen Abstract | Full Text: PDF (536KB) Cardinality Estimation in RFID Systems with Multiple Readers Shah-Mansouri, Vahid Wong, Vincent W.S. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (494KB) Equal Gain Transmission with Antenna Selection in MIMO Communications Tsai, Shang-Ho Abstract | Full Text: PDF (456KB) Performance of MIMO-OFDMA Systems in Correlated Fading Channels and Non-Stationary Interference Molteni, D. Nicoli, M. Spagnolini, U. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (1078KB) Pseudo Random Binary Phase Offset Scheme for Multi-Carrier Delay Diversity Modulation Sadeque, Ahmed Saquib, Mohammad Abstract | Full Text: PDF (572KB) Does Fast Adaptive Modulation Always Outperform Slow Adaptive Modulation? Toni, Laura Conti, Andrea Abstract | Full Text: PDF (349KB) Low Complexity Selection Cooperation Techniques Using Information Accumulation in Dual-Hop Relaying Networks Nikjah, Reza Beaulieu, Norman C. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (471KB) Game Theoretic Analysis for Spectrum Sharing with Multi-Hop Relaying Xiao, Yong Bi, Guoan Niyato, Dusit Abstract | Full Text: PDF (642KB)

Network Coded LDPC Code Design for a Multi-Source Relaying System Li, Jun Yuan, Jinhong Malaney, Robert Azmi, Marwan H. Xiao, Ming Abstract | Full Text: PDF (925KB) Message Delivery Capacity in Delay-Constrained Mobile Sensor Networks: Bounds and Realization Keung, Gabriel Y. Li, Bo Zhang, Qian Abstract | Full Text: PDF (912KB) An Importance Sampling Method for TDOA-Based Source Localization Wang, Gang Chen, Hongyang Abstract | Full Text: PDF (538KB) Dynamic Decode-and-Forward Relaying using Raptor Codes Ravanshid, Azad Lampe, Lutz Huber, Johannes B. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (1150KB) Dynamic Spectrum Management for WCDMA/DVB Heterogeneous Systems Feng, Zhiyong Li, Wei Li, Qian Le, Vanbin Gulliver, T. Aaron Abstract | Full Text: PDF (1119KB) Hybrid Coherent/Energy Detection for Cognitive Radio Networks Moghimi, Farzad Schober, Robert Mallik, Ranjan K. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (706KB) High-Throughput Multi-Source Cooperation via Complex-Field Network Coding Li, Guobing Cano, Alfonso Gomez-Vilardebo, Jesus Giannakis, Georgios B. Perez-Neira, Ana I. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (611KB)

RFID Distance Bounding Protocols with Mixed Challenges Kim, Chong Hee Avoine, Gildas Abstract | Full Text: PDF (372KB) A Handset-Based Solution for Reducing International Roaming Costs Lin, Yi-Bing Liou, Ren-Huang Chen, Yuan-Kai Gan, Chai-Hien Abstract | Full Text: PDF (466KB) List-Based Group-Wise Symbol Detection for Multiple Signal Communications Krause, Michael Taylor, Desmond P. Martin, Philippa A. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (429KB) Optimal Design of Spatial Source-and-Relay Matrices for a Non-Regenerative Two-Way MIMO Relay System Xu, Shengyang Hua, Yingbo Abstract | Full Text: PDF (373KB) Socially Optimal Queuing Control in Cognitive Radio Networks Subject to Service Interruptions: To Queue or Not to Queue? Li, Husheng Han, Zhu Abstract | Full Text: PDF (448KB) Distributed Sensing in Multiband Cognitive Networks Koufos, Konstantinos Ruttik, Kalle Jantti, Riku Abstract | Full Text: PDF (2064KB) Comments on "Multiple Antenna Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radios" Axell, Erik Larsson, Erik G. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (168KB) Staff List Full Text: PDF (68KB)

Connect Communicate Collaborate

2012 IEEE International Conference on Communications
10-15 June 2012 Ottawa, Canada


The 2012 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC 2012) is the flagship conference of IEEE Communications Society, which is to be held in Ottawa, Canada, from 10-15 June 2012. IEEE ICC 2012 is aimed at addressing a key theme on Connect Communicate Collaborate. The program will feature major Symposia, Industry Forums, Workshops and Tutorials. Full details of submission procedures are available at To be published in the IEEE ICC 2012 Conference Proceedings and IEEE Xplore, an author of an accepted paper is required to register for the conference at the full (member or non-member) rate and the paper must be presented at the conference. Non-refundable registration fees must be paid prior to uploading the final IEEE formatted, publication-ready version of the paper. For authors with multiple accepted papers, one full registration is valid for up to 3 papers. Accepted and presented papers will be published in the IEEE ICC 2012 Conference Proceedings and in IEEE Xplore.

PLANNED TECHNICAL SYMPOSIA Selected Areas in Communications Symposium

Yacine Ghamri-Doudane, ENSIIE, France E-Health Area: Jian Song, Tsinghua University, China Power Line Communications Area: Han Vinck, Germany Smart Grids Area: Lutz Lampe, UBC, Canada Tactical Communications & Operations Area: Gabe Jakobson, USA Satellite & Space Communication Area: Igor Bisio, Italy Access Networks Area: Jaafar Elmirghani, University of Leeds, UK

Wireless Communications Symposium

Ying Chang Liang, Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore Paul Fortier, Laval University, Canada Simon Pun, Mitsibushi, USA Jingxian Wu, University of Arkansas, USA Sonia Aissa, INRS Telecom, Canada Jerry Gibson, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA

Wireless Networking Symposium

Nidal Nasser, Guelph University, Canada Vojislav Misic, Ryerson University, Canada Youssef Iraqi, KUSTAR, UAE Nei Kato, Tohuko University, Japan

Optical Networks and Systems Symposium

Lena Wosinska, KTH, Sweden Vinod Vokkarane, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, USA Pin-Han Ho, University of Waterloo, Canada Martin Maier, INRS Telecomm, Canada

Signal Processing for Communications Symposium

Arumugam Nallanathan, King s College London, UK Said Boussakta, Newcastle University, UK Reza Soleymani, Concordia University, Canada Yu Cheng, IIT, Chicago, USA

Communication Theory Symposium

Jeff Andrews, University of Texas, Austin, USA Martin Haenggi, Notre Dame, USA Wei Yu, University of Toronto, Canada Min Chen, Seoul National University, Korea

Communication QoS, Reliability & Modeling Symposium

Charalabos (Harry) Skianis, University of Aegean, Greece Mike Devetsikiotis, North Carolina State University, USA Nirwan Ansari, NJIT, USA Hideaki Yoshino, NTT, Japan

Ad Hoc and Sensor Networking Symposium

Cheng Li, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada Rami Langar, UPMC, France Jalel Ben Othman, University of Versailles, France Lei Shu, Osaka University, Japan Sonia Waharte, Oxford, UK

Next-Generation Networking Symposium

Mohammad Atiquzzaman, University of Oklahoma, USA Cedric Westphal, Docomo Labs, USA Kurt Tutschku, University of Vienna, Austria Sidi-Mohammed Senouci, University of Bourgogne, France

Communication Software Services, and Multimedia Applications Symposium

Joel Rodrigues, University of Beira Interior, Portugal Noura Limam, POSTECH, Korea Toufik Ahmed, University of Bordeaux, France Abdelhamid Melouk, University of Paris XII, France Bin Wei, AT&T Research, USA

Communication and Information Systems Security Symposium

Abderrahim Benslimane, University of Avignon, France Olivier Festor, INRIA, France Rose Qingyang Hu, Utah State University, USA Wen Tao Zhu, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Cognitive Radio and Networks Symposium

Ekram Hossain, University of Manitoba, Canada Rajarathnam Chandramouli, Stevens Institute of Technology, USA Rajeev Shorey, NIIT University, India Charles Clancy, Lab for Telecommunication Systems, USA


Submissions are sought for Industry Forums on the latest technical and business issues in communications and networking topics: Proposals should be submitted to Adam Drobot ( or Chi-Ming Chen ( for reviews. Wireless Evolution Wired Broadband Cloud Policy Device Ecosystems Network Convergence On-Line Charging Identity Management IPTV Applications HealthCare Government & Defense Content Service Management Hospitality Energy Management

Submissions are sought for Workshops on the latest technical and business issues in communications and networking topics. Proposals should be submitted to Marcus Brunner ( or Lisandro Granville ( for reviews.

Proposals are invited for half- or full-day Tutorials in communications and networking topics. Proposals should be submitted to Azzedine Boukerche ( or Abbas Jamalipour ( for reviews.

General Chair Ibrahim Gedeon IF&EC Chair Brian Lakey Vice General Chair Alex Gioza IF&EC Co-Chair Rafik Goubran Executive Conference Chair Wahab Almuhtadi IF&EC Co-Chair John Grefford TPC Chair Hussein T. Mouftah OPC Chair Raed Abdullah TPC Co-Chair Raouf Boutaba OPC Co-Chair Claude Brul Symposia Chair Hossam Hassanein GITC Advisor Mehmet Ulema

Paper Submission: 6 Sep 2011 Paper Acceptance: 9 Jan 2012 Camera-Ready Paper: 10 Feb 2012 Industry Forum Proposal: 29 Aug 2011 Workshop Proposal: 16 May 2011 Tutorial Proposal: 6 Sep 2011

Cover1 Full Text: PDF (303KB) Cover2 Full Text: PDF (140KB) Changes to TMC and its Editorial Board Govindan, Ramesh Abstract | Full Text: PDF (141KB) See-Through Walls: Motion Tracking Using Variance-Based Radio Tomography Networks Wilson, J. Patwari, N. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (1060KB) QoS-Aware Routing and Admission Control in Shadow-Fading Environments for Multirate MANETs Hanzo, L. Tafazolli, R. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (942KB) Optimal Stochastic Location Updates in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Zhenzhen Ye Abouzeid, A.A. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (1049KB) Secure High-Throughput Multicast Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks Jing Dong Curtmola, R. Nita-Rotaru, C. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (2252KB) Design and Performance of an Optimal Inertial Power Harvester for Human-Powered Devices Jaeseok Yun Patel, S.N. Reynolds, M.S. Abowd, G.D. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (1804KB)

Endpoint-Based Call Admission Control and Resource Management for VoWLAN McGovern, P. Perry, P. Murphy, S. Murphy, L. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (1383KB) MAC Layer Throughput Estimation in Impulse-Radio UWB Networks Broustis, I. Vlavianos, A. Krishnamurthy, P. Krishnamurthy, S.V. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (1008KB) Interference-Aware Routing in Wireless Multihop Networks Parissidis, G. Karaliopoulos, M. Spyropoulos, T. Plattner, B. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (2085KB) Dynamic Conflict-Free Transmission Scheduling for Sensor Network Queries Chipara, O. Chenyang Lu Stankovic, J.A. Roman, G. Abstract | Full Text: PDF (1111KB) Correction to "Scalable Network Synchronization with PulseCoupled Oscillators" Pagliari, Roberto Scaglione, Anna Abstract | Full Text: PDF (35KB) OnlinePlus Coming Soon to TMC Abstract | Full Text: PDF (219KB) Computing Now Abstract | Full Text: PDF (404KB) CPS Handles the Details Abstract | Full Text: PDF (190KB) Cover3 Full Text: PDF (140KB) Cover4 Full Text: PDF (303KB)

CALL FOR PAPERS 2012 IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC 2012)
IEEE WCNC is the premier event for wireless communications researchers, industry professionals, and academics interested in the latest development and design of wireless systems and networks. Sponsored by the IEEE Communications Society, IEEE WCNC has a long history of bringing together industry, academia, and regulatory bodies. In 2012, Paris will become the wireless capital by hosting IEEE WCNC 2012. The conference will include technical sessions, tutorials, workshops, and technology and business panels. You are invited to submit papers in all areas of wireless communications, networks, services, and applications. The instructions for authors will be posted on the conference website Potential topics include, but are not limited to: Track 1: PHY and Fundamentals
Interference characterization Cognitive radio, ultra-wideband Multihop and cooperative communications Modulation, coding, diversity Equalization, synchronization, channel estimation Space-time coding, MIMO, adaptive antennas OFDM, CDMA, spread spectrum Channel modeling and characterization Interference cancellation and multiuser detection Iterative techniques Information-theoretic aspects of wireless communications Signal processing for wireless communications Propagation models for high frequency channels

Track 2: MAC and Cross-Layer Design

Multiple access techniques Cognitive and cooperative MAC Collaborative algorithms MAC for mesh, ad hoc, relay, and sensor networks Network information theory Radio resource management and allocation, scheduling Cross-layer design, cross-layer security Software defined radio, RFID Adaptability and reconfigurability Wireless MAC protocols: design and analysis B3G/4G Systems, WiMAX, WLAN, WPAN QoS provisioning in MAC

Track 3: Mobile and Wireless Networks

Localization for Wireless Networks Network Estimation and Processing Techniques Mesh, Relay, Sensor and Ad Hoc Networks Mobility, location, and handoff management Mobile and Wireless IP Wireless Multicasting, Routing Robust routing Multimedia QoS and Traffic Management Wireless Broadcast, Multicast and Streaming Congestion and Admission Control Proxies and Middleware for Wireless Networks Wireless Network Security and Privacy Performance of E2E Protocols over Wireless Networks Interworking Heterogeneous Wireless/Wireline Networks Capacity, Throughput, Outage, Coverage

Track 4:Services, Applications, and Business

Emerging wireless/mobile applications Context and location-aware wireless services & applications Wireless telemedicine and e-health services Intelligent transportation systems Cognitive radio and sensor-based applications Content distribution in wireless home environment Wireless emergency and security systems Service oriented architectures, service portability SIP based services, multimedia, QoS support, middleware Innovative user interfaces, P2P services for multimedia Dynamic services, autonomic services Regulations, standards, spectrum management Test-bed and prototype implementation of wireless services Personalization, service discovery, profiles and profiling

Call for Tutorials and Workshops: Proposals for tutorials and workshops are solicited on hot topics for future wireless communications systems and applications.

Call for Panels: Panel proposals are also solicited on technical, business and policy-related issues and opportunities for the wireless communications industry.

Important dates: Paper submission deadline: 12 September 2011 Tutorial proposals: 12 September 2011 Notification of acceptance: 9 December 2011 Workshop proposals: 10 June 2011 Final papers due: 16 January 2012 Panel proposals: 12 September 2011 General Chair: Hikmet Sari, SUPELEC, Technical Program Co-Chairs: Pierre Duhamel, LSS/CNRS, Pascal Lorenz, Universit de Haute Alsace,


MAY 2011