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Yessica Pacheco

Compare and Contrast Essay

The saying You never realize what you have until its gone applies in many areas, for example in the movie The Lorax and in the story Easters End. Both of these stories apply to this saying both didnt appreciate what they had until it was too late. Both of these civilizations drew themselves to either extinction or creating a lot of damage. The movie The Lorax is a fictional story created by Dr.Seuss in which a little orange guy named the Lorax speaks for the trees, in the movie the once-ler began cutting down all of the trees just to make a thneed and become rich by selling them. The air became really polluted and was no longer sustainable for life. In the story Easters End which was a real civilization in an Island drew themselves to extinction and would cut down all the trees to be able to move around their huge statues in the island. They ended up using all of their resources and soon enough had no more. They cut down every tree and soon enough had no food to eat and ended up eating rats and later on began eating each other till everyone and everything in that island became extinct. Both of the stories are really similar, in both of the stories the trees became completely extinct, every single tree was cut down and no longer would be able to grow again. They didnt think of the consequences that would come along later on and didnt realize that trees are very essential and important for them to have. Both of the stories didnt balance their resources, the Once-ler cut down every tree and didnt bother to plant anymore as well as the people from Easter Island. The people from Easter Island and the Once-ler realized they messed up to late after it was all done and couldnt do anything to restore the trees once more. Because of their actions the plants and animals in both stories became extinct, they were completely wiped out either because of lack of resources like in The Lorax or were eaten because the humans in Easter Island no longer had resources for themselves and had to survive somehow. Some differences of the stories would be that The Lorax is a fictional story unlike Easters End which is a true story that actually occurred in real life. The

Yessica Pacheco

Once-ler from The Lorax wanted to make money out of the trees by selling thneeds and the people from Easter Island primarily used the trees to move their statues around the island, as well as cutting down trees to make string out of them and canoes. People from Easter Island were in competition with each other to see who could create the best statue and place is right which is the main reason they all became greedy and cut down as many trees as they could. Another difference they had was that in Easter Island everything was done by hand because they had no technology and in The Lorax they had machines so they got rid of the trees quicker and made their thneeds. Both of the stories make us realize that we could one day be in that position, there is many people living in the Earth and we only have one Earth so we must take care of it and not drive things to be extinct. If we dont take care of our earth it is not like we can create a new planet in which we can all live in. Its our only hope so we should learn from Easter islands mistake and not drive our Earth into that direction and learn from The Lorax and not become greedy like The Once-ler.

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