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Unit Title: Potter's Wheel Grade level: High School Ceramics Length of unit: 4 weeks Stage 1 Desired Results

s Meaning Learning Goals: 1:a, 1:c, 2:a, 2:c, 2:e, 3:c, 4:d, 4:e Enduring Understandings: 1. Art can be captured in a variety of media and techniques. 2. A wide variety of products can be created on the wheel. 3. Many elements of art can be expressed in clay.

Caitlyn McLaughlin

Essential Questions: 1. How can wheel thrown art be considered artwork? 2. What can be achieved by manipulating clay on the wheel?

Knowledge & Skills Acquisition Students will know Artists/Cultures Asian pottery Bernard Leach Ancient Mediterranean pottery Terms relating to pottery Centering/opening Part of a pot (i.e. foot, body, lip) Kidney Pulling Functional/nonfunctional Grog Bat Kick wheel Electric Wheel Air Pockets Resources Clay times handout You-tube video basic pot Ancient pottery handout Students will be able to Evaluate ceramic medium using the elements of art. Wedge, clay successfully to avoid air pockets Center clay on the wheel Open clay and pull Create a basic cylinder at least 5 inches high o Advance students will be able to create other shapes. o Advanced students will be able to create lightweight, near blemish free pieces of heights 10 inches or more Pull handles/ address foot and lip to create crack-free forms o Advance students will be able to add handles, spouts, lids, ect. Trim and remove from the wheel o Advanced students will be able to combine wheel thrown pieces

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Pre Assess -ment B week

Mon Day1 1

Tues Day2 2

Wed Day3 3

Thurs Day4

Fri Day 5
5 Wrap up Critique from hand building unit. Transition into a conversation on wheel pottery. Gauge the amount of students who have worked on a wheel before. Ask students to bring in a pail and towels.

1 A week

As students enter the classroom, I will ask them to watch me on the wheel Discuss the steps and techniques. Discuss 1st step in depth, demonstrate set-up and centering. the Students will be asked to center 1 lb of clay. Other half will learn wedging techniques/ask why is wedging important? Students switch after 20 min. Student will take home and read step 1 on ceramics handout.


Once class starts I will show a video on Bernard Leach and relate to their history handout. (tie to EQ) I will instruct the advanced students some different ways to open their clay Once students have mastered centering, I will instruct opening clay. I will address vocabulary terms such as foot, lip, body.


2 B week

Students will fill out an admission slip: What shapes can be created on the wheel? What shapes are created on the wheel? (tie to EQ) Demonstration on pulling clay. Discuss any mistakes or problems I incur during demonstration, How might I fix those? Exit slip: What shapes am I interested in creating on the wheel?


After reading the students exit slips I demonstrate and discuss strategies for creating those shapes. Demonstration on trimming off the wheel and moisture management. Discuss manipulation of wheel thrown clay; adding and subtracting clay. Student can practice some techniques with at least one technique they came up with on their own (tie into EQ).


Students will be given a handout with techniques and ideas and pictures (art isnt created in a vacuum). (tie into EQ) Student will be given time to create a 5 inch cylinder, advanced students will be encouraged to do 6 or more inches. Finished students will be advised to create more, and choose one to submit. Addressing surface, how is this an artistic choice? (surface texture, element of art). (tie in to EQ).

3 A week



Class discussion on progress of wheel. Students will have a quiz over vocabulary. Demonstrate making



Discussion on students pictures, what elements of art are present in each students picture? Students will group up and present


Each session is 80 minute block schedule

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