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ABQ Journal Poll Shows Mayor Berry with 'Commanding Lead' Over Opponents with Support across Party

Lines Poll numbers are expected to tighten as special-interest groups come to Dinelli's aid with negative and misleading ads against Berry ALBUQUERQUE, NM Today's Albuquerque Journal poll shows Mayor Richard Berry in good shape to avoid a runoff, with a commanding lead over his two opponents in the race for mayor. The poll shows Berry leading his opponents with a broad and diverse group of voters including Democrats and Hispanics but the numbers are expected to tighten in the coming weeks as specialinterest groups come to Pete Dinelli's aid by attacking Berry with negative and misleading ads. "The poll numbers confirm that the people of Albuquerque believe Mayor Berry is moving the city forward and in the right direction with steady and responsible leadership," said Missi Sousa, Berry's campaign manager. "While we're hopeful that we can get over 50 percent in the election on Oct. 8, we fully expect this race to narrow as the special-interest groups come to Pete Dinelli's aid with negative and misleading ads against Mayor Berry. We remain confident that Albuquerque voters will not fall for Pete Dinelli's negative and divisive campaign tactics as they continue to learn about his risky record." Link to story: Highlights from the Albuquerque Journal Poll -Mayor Berry has support of 63 percent of Albuquerque voters; Dinelli has 18 percent, and Paul Heh has 2 percent. -Journal pollster Brian Sanderoff says Berry appears to be on his way to avoiding a runoff. -Sanderoff openly questions Pete Dinelli's strategy. -Berry draws support across party lines, pulling in 41 percent of Democrats, compared with Dinelli who had 34 percent. Berry also leads with Republicans and Independents by a wide margin. -Berry pulls in 54 percent of Hispanics ###