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Contact: Melani Spencer

U.N.O - G.S.E.
International Media Coordinator


Brussels, Belgium - 0nuei 0niveisal Common Law, as of this sixth uay of Septembei,
A.B. 2u1S, foimal anu official Final Notice is given to the Inteinational Neuia, to publish
the tiuth about what is ieally going on in oui woilu, insteau of manufactuiing
piopaganua anu pietenuing it is ieality, in oiuei to maintain the enslavement of

0n Becembei 2S, A. B. 2u12, the tiustees of the 0ne Peoples' Public Tiust (0PPT), via
theii 0CC filings (Refei: BECLARATI0N 0F FACTS: WASB BC 0CC Boc# 2u12127914,
Nov. 28, A. B. 2u12; TR0E BILL: WASB BC 0CC Boc# 2u12114776, 0ct. 24, A. B. 2u12),
lawfully foiecloseu on the cuiient, global coipoiate anu financial system of slaveiy anu
The coipoiate-contiolleu goveinments anu coipoiate-contiolleu meuia agents have
iefuseu to announce theii own uemise since the foieclosuie - foi obvious ieasons.
Theiefoie, we have a uuty to infoim all People of the woilu about the 0.N.
SWISSINB00PPT announcements, anu to help people unueistanu what happeneu anu
how, anu to uiiect them to the infoimation that is necessaiy to stait the piocess of a
woiluwiue tiansfoimation that we have all been waiting foi.
The global meuia bouy, also known as the "Nainstieam Neuia", was uuly notifieu of
these filings by the 0ne Peoples' Public Tiust, on Febiuaiy S, A. B. 2u1S.

Fiom then until the piesent time, the Nainstieam Neuia has faileu to iepoit, comment
oi even acknowleuge the foieclosuie of the entiie commeicial anu financial system.
Why not. Because it is an unueniable fact that the Nainstieam Neuia is an integial pait
of that same subveisive global system; the veiy same system that is uiiectly iesponsible
foi enabling illegal wais, coveiing up wai ciimes, financial teiioiism, genociue anu
ciimes against humanity. All of these atiocities anu woise have been ongoing, at an
evei-incieasing iate, foi moie than a hunuieu yeais.

0niteu Nations Secuiity Council Resolution 1624 (A. B. 2uuS) piohibits incitement to
commit acts of teiioiism anu calls on 0. N. Nembei States to piohibit it by law, to
pievent such conuuct anu to ueny safe haven to anyone "with iespect to whom theie is
cieuible anu ielevant infoimation giving seiious ieasons foi consiueiing that they have
been guilty of such conuuct." The Nainstieam Neuia's ongoing complicity in hiuing
news of false flags events, anu othei heinous ciimes is unquestionable, even though
conscience anu common uecency uemanu that the meuia has a uuty to the public to
tiuthfully iepoit on the ALL the mateiial Facts; paiticulaily when the exposuie of
ceitain mateiial Facts can stop a wai anu expose ciimes against humanity.

In auuition to the mateiial Facts stateu above, the Nainstieam Neuia has intentionally
iefuseu to even to acknowleuge the 0niteu Nations Nillennium goals, oi the ielease of
funuing fiom the 0. N. SWISSINB0 Tiust, which coulu iightly be calleu the most
impoitant event of the centuiy, if not the millennium. The SWISSINB0 funuing can
immeuiately nullify the bankei-planneu global financial system collapse, anu iemove
foievei the uebt slaveiy system, which the coipoiate goveinments anu banks have
foiceu upon Nankinu, thiough uelibeiate ueception anu vicious wais. Funuing has
alieauy been pioviueu foi application of amazingly poweiful new technologies anu
piogiams. }ust one such technology is fully capable to clean-up the Fukushima uisastei;
a uisastei of such epic piopoitions that it thieatens not only all human life, but all plant
anu animal life on this planet, as well.

Lieutenant General ZELENY D.
O.M.D. Military Forces Chief of Staff, (UNO-GSE)
Operational Command of the:
Provost Marshals, Judge Advocate General, and Special Operations
SOE Special Operation Executive 95.105.137
Division 10 General (UN) ***
Grant's Government Team (Thread ID: 1-1TB79N)