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Midterm BHP VI 2013 1. WOTF is the CORRECT basic science to learn about herbal pharmacology? a. Pharmacognosy b. Phytochemistry c.

Phytofarmaca d. Phytomedicine e. Pharmacotherapy 2. WOTF is CORRECT concerning the use of herbal medicine to support health maintenance? a. Promotion b. Rehabilitation c. Prevention d. Treatment e. Relieve pain 3. WOTF has almost equal to the drug (herbal medicine)? a. Jamu b. Traditional medicine c. Phytomedicine d. Chemical substances e. Standardized herbs 4. WOTF is the difficulty to use herbal medicine? a. Dosage b. Age c. Age of herbal plants d. Type of herbal plants e. Administration 5. WOTH ethical use of herbal medicine by doctor is CORRECT? a. Jamu b. Phytofarmaca c. Traditional medicine d. Standardized herbal e. Empirical use 6. Jamu/herbal plants for diarrhea? a. Garlic (Allium sativum) b. Jambu batu (Psidium guajava) c. Kumis kucing (Orthosiphon grandiflorus) d. Mengkudu (Morinda Citrifolia) e. Kunyit (Curcuma domestica Val.) 7. A doctor who received commission from a pharmaceutical industry will be influenced in: a. Diagnosis b. Treatment c. Anamnesis d. Psychological

e. Physical 8. Doctors have responsibilities to make sure their work is not influenced. That is why the doctors must write a prescription by: a. Branded name b. Patent drugs c. Generic name d. Name of pharmaceutical industry e. Chemical name 9. Pharmaceutical company is possible to give an ethical sponsorship. WOTF is CORRECT? a. Not possible b. Possible c. Prohibit d. No chance more closer to the doctors (ini maksudnya apa ya) e. The doctors cant receive a gift 10. A doctor has a hospital. WOTF is CORRECT? a. Impossible b. Possible c. Not ethical d. Prohibited e. There are no rules 11. Which goal in the Millennium Developments Goals (MDGs) that closely related to community nutrition? a. Goal 1: Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger b. Goal 2: Achieve universal primary education c. Goal 3: Promote gender equality and empower women d. Goal 4: Reduce child mortality e. Goal 5: Improve maternal health 12. How to measure hunger according to MDG! a. The proportion of family based workers b. The level of poorest quintile in national consumptions c. By the calculating the poverty gap ratio incidence X depth of poverty d. The proportion of people living on less than $1 a day e. The prevalence of underweight children under 5 years old 13. Which of the following aspect of MDGs goal 1 (Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger) which have relation to goal 5 (improve maternal health)? a. Malnutrition often haven in women b. Healthy women can work to get better income c. Healthy women can prevent malnutrition in children d. Carrier women often haven malnutrition in children e. Malnutrition is the common cause of death in women

14. What is the duty for doctors to support this target of MDGs Goal 1 (Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger)? a. To halve the proportion of people living on less than $1 a day b. To achieve decent employment for women, men, and young people c. To halve the prevalence of underweight children under 5 years d. To share the poorest quintile in national consumption e. To halve poverty gap ratio (incidence X depth poverty) 15. What is doctor can do to achieve the MDGs target to halve the proportion of population below minimum level of dietary energy consumption? a. Accurate diagnosis of malnutrition children b. Educate the society on high energy diet c. prevent hospital malnutrition d. Provide food for malnutrition children e. Get a course on healthy diet for patient 16. What is a human right which is basic in the effort to right against malnutrition? a. The right to dignity b. The right to equality c. The right to be free from violence d. The right to tolerance and solidarity e. The right to basic standard of living 17. What is the contextual feature of the patient should be able by a doctor to manage an elderly with malnutrition? a. Age b. Gender c. Underlying disease d. Family relationship e. Anthropometric status 18. What is the malnutrition position for the doctor in the hospital teamwork? a. Subordinate b. Supervisor c. Assistant d. Superior e. Partner 19. Who is the responsibility to plan the type of nutrition best for a hospitalized patient? a. The nurse b. The doctor c. The nutritionist d. The pharmacist e. The hospital management For question number 20 to 24, refer to scenario below: Mrs. T, a 45-years-old female presents to your clinic with complain fatigue and sometimes with headache since 5 months ago. She reports that she has been feeling gradually more tired and staying up late

at night because she cant sleep. She doesnt feel that she is doing as well in her occupation as a teacher and that she has a trouble remembering things. She went to doctor 6 times but she not satisfied because she still felt uncomforting. Since 4 months ago she used jamu user in the form of capsule. She didnt know the ingredient of the capsule. Every month regularly she comes to the healer in Banten to take the capsule and the healer will message her in some area of her body and give the traditional drink as Obat Kuat before going home. She said after take that capsule she feel better because of her appetite become well but she still cant sleep. Since 5 days ago, she complaints that her face become fat. After examination, you diagnose her have a psychological problem and explain the side effect from the used of traditional drug. You give the advice to Mrs. T to stop the use of jamu because of the negative side effect because of the use of jamu in long period. Mrs. T refuses to stop the use of jamu although she understands your explanation. You refer Mrs. T to the psychologist for the best management advice. There are four basic principles in bioethics. The principles are: A. Beneficence B. Non-maleficence C. Autonomy D. Justice Which of the correct principle of bioethics for the sentence below! 20. You give advice to Mrs. T to stop the use of jamu because of the negative side effect. 21. You give the information to Mrs. T about jamu? 22. Mrs. T refused to stop the use of capsule? 23. Mrs. T went to doctor and traditional healer? 24. You refer Mrs. T to the psychologist for the best further management advice? 25. To be marketed a product of jamu should be first : a. Converted into a medical drug b. Prescribed by doctors c. Advertised as a jamu d. Labeled as a jamu e. Audited for safety 26. The advantages of jamu compared to modern drugs due to the characteristis of a. Does not cause side effect b. Cultural background c. Accuracy of dose d. History of safety e. Natural sources 27. What ethical issue rose when a medical doctors becomes a model in jamu advertisement? a. Altruism b. Excellence c. Confidentiality d. Public health issue e. Decision making issue 28. On what condition a medical doctor may prescribe a jamu? a. There is no known side effect

b. c. d. e.

It is produced in a modernized factory Other medical doctors use it for patients History shows people use the jamu safely It has been standardized into a phytopharma

29. So far, why there is only few Indonesian traditional medicines studied by researchers? a. Researchers must concentrate more on modern drugs b. The research should be conducted abroa c. Traditional medicine cannot be prescribed by doctors d. The cost for drug development is very high e. It does not need to be studied further as modern drugs do 30. What ethical issue rose when a pharmaceutical company gives free drug samples to a mediacal doctors? a. Public health issue b. Profesionalism issue c. Decision making issue d. Informed consent issue e. Conflict of interest issue