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The Clockwork Orange Dilemma! Riots, Reflections and Ramifications MRDA's Inferno

When folk get angry, why do they always piss on their own doorstep? Westminster is only a bus ride away.

-Tunnocks, Guardian Reader

But this I counsel you, my friends: Mistrust all in whom the impulse to punish is powerfulAnd when they call themselves the good and the just, do not forget that they would be pharisees, if only they hadpower.

-Friedrich Nietzsche It took only two bullets to rupture the relative calm of a whole country and,more than three weeks later, the wound remains sore and exposed. However I wont delve too deeply into the circumstances surrounding Mark Duggans fatal shooting by the Boys in Blue; nor those of the ensuing protest, two days later. Much remains to be clarified over those two occurrences: did Duggan unwittingly commit suicide-bycop, or receive a summary execution ala Jean Charles de Menezes? Did the police go on to batter a peaceful protestor, or a pugilist? The little that has come to light hardly sheds any in return. Still, I will spout off a few paragraphs concerning the now-infamous riots that springboarded off of those events Even with my anti-state sympathies, I dont buy Darcus Howes romantic rationale of the riots as some sort of insurrection against state oppression; in fact, were I in the boots of a Syrian insurrectionist, Id be pretty fucking pissed-off to be compared to such pointlessly destructive herd-animals. Perhaps if the rioters focused their fury on the swine of the state, he, and the others whove expressed similar sentiments, might have a leg to stand on; as it rests, the only liberation that took place involved either TVs n trainers from retail parks, or PSPs from student backpacks. Similarly,beyond a single Brummie police station, the only establishments I recall going up in smoke belonged to those living and working amidst (most of) the rioters. Pauline Pearce, the "Hackney heroine", saw what many handholding bleeding-hearts failed to: predation, not principle, powered the riots. Thus, as someone of a similar socioeconomic strata to the bulk of rioters, I resent the implication that those herd-minded fucks smash, steal and slay in my name. With all that said, it must mean the police(wo)man is my friend, right?

Like fuck it does! Even if Plod-worship were my thing, Id find my faith sorely tested by their (lack of ) reaction to the blatant dutty teef behaviour unfolding before their eyes; the sight of swine standing inches away from the criminals theyre contracted to capture still stands as one of the more memorable visuals from last weeks excitement. It fell to various local community squads, of assorted ancestries, to protect themselves from plunder, and, barring the Muslims mowed-down in Birmingham, they made a decent fist of keeping the cunts at bay. Had these vigorous vigilantes packed the (fire)power of their Korean cousins in the L.A. Riots, perhaps the rout wouldve been routed a lot sooner. As it stands, their making-do with clubs and scythes proved enough to provoke a squeal from the states sows, with the Met.s Steve Kavanagh decrying the self-defence squads for having the audacity to protect whats theirs. The message sounds loud n clear: threaten the states monopoly on violence and the police [will have to] go and do the vigilantes as well as the other problems theyve got. I must admit, I find the concept of anarcho-tyranny, coined by paleocon scribe Sam Francis, describes this state of affairs perfectly; the unspoken police policy of laissez-faire toward the rioters, and zero-tolerance toward the riot-intolerant, strikes me as a sterling example of a system that criminalize[s] the innocent and ignore[s] real criminals. If they caught, say, some bloke defending his home from arson with a show of force, it wouldnt surprise me if they treated him to a Rodney King-style baton party (with the would-be firestarter filming it on his cameraphone). Speaking of paleocon concerns, Ive read and seen quite a bit of commentary touching on the place of race in this firestorm. If it wasnt multiculturalists and racial nationalists playing Manichean games with their favoured n disfavoured groups, it was historians offering up sloppily-worded critiques reeking of essentialism. On top of that were playedout Planet of the Apes jibes, Leftist smears on white self-defence squads, reporters PC-policing eyewitnesses, and the odd Enoch was right comment calling for the deportation of (Britishborn) black rioters. Yet, for all the racebaiting and theorizing, I noticed a distinct lack of on-the-ground representation from the race-nationalist contingent. In the advent of civil unrest, why didnt the BNP step up to defend the land they (claim to) love? Were I an Anglo-racialist, Id be very, very wary of their sincerity; unfortunately for Griffin and co, it seems some in the milieu picked up on their poor show

We need a strong BNP I hear some naive folks say really? The partys only response this week was to send out a begging text LONDON BURNING DONATE 3, DONATE, DONATE, DONATE! While British citizens fleeing from burning buildings and our major cities are engulfed in lawlessness the so-called big boys of nationalism can only offer our beleaguered people the opportunity to donate 3 to their leaky coffers !

What an utter disgrace and shameful stunt that should now convince even the most loyal of what the real motivation of the party leaders is these days. James Dowson

As the dust settled, pundits and politicos searched for more scapegoats to slaughter. A variety of voices volunteered their reasons for the riots, which included, amongst others: consumerism; the erosion of benefits; the availability of benefits; hooded clothing; single-parent families; a lack of belief in the Biblical bogeyman; and the reality of moral relativism. We even had Noel Gallagher, and Jo fucking Frostthe sodding Supernannyblaming it on that well-worn bugbear of busybody breeders: video games! However, Parasite-in-Power, David Cameron, outdid Frost in the laughability stakes; fresh from frolicking in Tuscany on taxpayer money, whilst London burned, he overcompensated with this pharisaic pearl

It is a complete lack of responsibility in parts of our society, people allowed to feel the world owes them something, that their rights outweigh their responsibilities and their actions do not have consequences.

I wonder: was he on about parts of society in Wood Green, or Westminster?

DAVID CAMERON faced an internal inquiry yesterday into claims he "maxed out" his second home expenses. The Tory leader took out a 350,000 taxpayer-funded mortgage and then paid off a 75,000 loan soon afterwards. The financial juggling may have cost taxpayers as much as 22,000. -Jason Beattie, The Daily Record. June 1st 2009

Is that a mote I see in your eye, Davey-boy? In any case, Cameron claimed to have just the antidote to remedy the moral malady he diagnosed: more swine on the streets; fussing in familial affairs; stupid sentencing; and Mubarak-style clampdowns on communication (which thankfully got taken offline, a few days back). It all amounts to a concoction that too many of the electorate seem eager to gulp down, going by their endorsements of measures that jail folk for posting dumb shit on Facebook, and punish parents for the sins of their spawn.

This whole situation strikes me as a sterling example of what I call the Clockwork Orange dilemma: much like Alex, that storys protagonist, the citizenry finds itself presented with a choice between the cancer of crime and the cure of constraintthe id and the superego, in Freudspiel. Also, as in said story, the opposed sides differ only on a superficial level. I struggle to see the difference between some chancer stealing shirts from Next, and state stooges stealing someones liberty for organising a waterfight via Blackberry. Similarly, the herd instinct seems to tie together the rioters and the law-abiding folk who bay for their blood. Unrecognized by most, such underlying binds work to keep the ostensible antagonists locked in a game of mutual reinforcement; indeed, one could argue these rioters ultimately turned out to be the best friends Cameron and his cronies ever had. Own goal! That said, I do note one difference between the law-fearing and the looters: the latter at least make use of their own claws. As Guardian -reader Mark Kearney points out

The irony is that though right wingers constantly talk about personal responsibility, right wing ideology truly revolves around the worship of and hence deference of responsibility to some authority figure who will save the believer and other followers from their plight, lead their country to glory, etc. Right wingers truly desire a show of power to conceal their own personal sense of powerlessness.

hence the cries for army intervention, for more police on the streets, for supercops and supercourts to exercise zero-tolerance in the name of sacred security In short, submission masquerading as strength. Real fucking horrorshow, no? Touch your toes, devotchkas: Big Daddys comin in! ~M RDA~ Posted by MRDA on August 30, 2011

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