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6,000 Broadcast Kiosks for 6, 00,000 Broadcasters across India is

a good idea; Join Nano Global TV Broadcast Campaign

Global TV; Pioneers in Internet Broadcasting from India has completed 10

Glorious years of their Internet Presence. All these years, the team, with the
support of over 400 associates and Sponsoring Institutions, where striving to
simplify the way Internet Broadcast.

We are proud to present Nano Global TV, Which is primarily aimed at the non-
browsing population, particularly the Rural India. You will get broadcasts at Re.
1/- per hour. You can also broadcast in Nano Global TV from anywhere in the
world. Welcome to join us.

Our Story in Short

In 1999, when we had stepped into Internet Publishing; we knew, it will become
the most important media platform in the future. Public response towards Internet
was not so promising in those days. Broadband was not available. We worked
happily with limited resources and plenty of time, energy and enthusiasm. There
were people to support and associate. There were people to listen and appreciate.
Many discouraged with unwarranted arguments and helped us to list out don’t do
things in our venture.

We started thinking and practicing differently. From the beginning we had great
desire to make Internet Talk. We tried everything that came to our thoughts;
without knowing exactly what we were doing. And finally, in 2002, we made
Internet to talk at Business Ashram, Belgaum, India. It was a message of Dr. APJ
Abdul Kalam given at Sri Ramakrishna Ashram, Porbandar in February 2002. We
were thrilled and even now work with the same enthusiasm and drive as we know
there are miles to go before we sleep.

The Nano Project

Nano Global TV is aimed at the Non-Browsing Segment of Indian population.
Limited Browsing segment also will be benefited out of Nano Global TV. No
Streaming even at rural places is the prime advantage of NGTV. Low Cost factor
will attract even the urban browsing population towards NGTV.

Nano Global TV offers broadcasts at Re 1/- per hour. Broadcasts will be

distributed through Mobile Phones and other gadgets with memory card. This can
be stored and viewed in your computer anytime as you wish.

NGTV will also bring in the concept of structured browsing into practice. If you
are professionally qualified, you can become a broadcaster in this project being
anywhere in the world; for eg: A group of Physiotherapists running Channel “The
Fitness Mantra” or a group of Lawyers operating Channel “The Law Cast”. All
what you need is to have computer and Internet facility at your end. Your financial
commitment will be just Rs. 5,000/- (Once)
Easy Subscription
Nano Global TV is priced at Re. 1/- Per hour of Broadcast. Most of the broadcasts
will be on a weekly basis. Annual Subscription will be Rs. 50/-. Subscriptions are
promoted through Institutions, associations and similar establishments. A
subscription centre can be operated at any place with a minimum of 50
subscribers’ base.

No deposit is required for a subscription centre. An FTP account will be provided

to make easy download of broadcasts. Catalogue of all available broadcasts will
be published on a weekly basis.

A subscription centre also can contribute broadcasts through the FTP account
provided to them. This will be free and can be used to promote the interests of the
institutions concerned. Advertisements equal to the total subscription amount
collected at each subscription centre will be allotted to them on an as and when
required basis. This can either be used or sold for commercials.

Is it possible to reach 6, 00,000 Villages with Nano Global TV? HOW?

Check with our IT and Broadcasting Ministers; do they have any idea about when
the Rural India is going to get the advantage of Internet affordable to them. Is it
10 years or 100 years? We are sure; none of them will be able to answer it. If we
share the bandwidth available with 6, 00,000 villages equally none of us will be
able even to get at least narrowband speed and check even our email boxes. Here
comes the importance of NGTV’s Re. 1/- concept.

With structured browsing; reachning Internet to Rural India will become an

employment opportunity. Providing few Internet centres in 6, 00,000 Indian
Villages are technically possible almost overnight for the Governments of India.
When these centres become Media Centres / Career Centres; this will become a
career revolution.

The government that is committed to provide 100 days job guarantee should not
limit it to construction industry. Small time jobs can be generated in IT and
Broadcasting Industries too. No nation is developed keeping large chunk of her
people under poverty and injustice.

What is Nano Global TV all about?

How will we cross a river when there is no bridge? We use boat service even for
vehicles to be lifted from one end to other. Nano Global TV is a process to lift
Internet Broadcasts from online computers to offline computers. We make use of
mobile phones which are plenty in our country and other memory devices for this

The whole world of Internet can be brought to entire India by transferring the
same into audio-visuals. This is an easy extension with multiple benefits. Let
some of the doctors join together and start a broadcast on Health Tips ; and the
people online can watch them online and others offline. The broadcast can be
scheduled for a specific day in a week and both online and offline browsers can
watch it simultaneously with no difference in quality but the offline crowd getting
the advantage of low cost.

Thousands of Broadcasts can be organised in multiple languages and different

time schedules to make a change in the way Internet Broadcast.

Why is this New Concept?

There is no other way to see a developed India by 2020. We are living in a digital
world. Computers and networking is a must for development. If the existing way
is not sufficient to reach the target; we should go into all possible paths and reach
the target with in the stipulated time. Networking people are more important than
networking rivers & roads.

We failed in our drive on health for all campaign targeted on healthcare for all by
2000. Are we satisfied with paper projects without getting results in actual terms?
We are a country where even Tsunami fund is being highly corrupted and
manipulated. We want huge projects just for someone to swallow major chunk of
the budget. Where are we now? Are we adamant in restricting all facilities to the
cities? This attitude should change.

We have seen the fall of a government just for saying “India is shining”. We will
see the next fall for someone failing in walking their talk. If anyone feels the
people of India are blind while voting; they are wrong. People vote blindly as they
believe others when they smile at them. But once the cat is out of the bag, nothing
could change their mindset to change you from the positions and portfolios that
you have not utilized for a positive change.

Who is going to benefit with Nano Global TV

Every step should have an ultimate purpose. Nano Global TV aims at giving the
Internet advantage to the entire India. We propose this unusual; but practical
solution for reaching the advantage of Internet to rural India; and to network over
one billion people to their native villages. There is no other way existing to reach
this target right now!

We should reach internet advantage to 6, 00,000 plus Villages. It should be

affordable to the people at all levels. Can we launch 5 star hotels in 6, 00,000
Indian Villages? We should understand our villagers who are not able to afford a
tea at a cost of Rs. 50/- They want tea at Re. 1/- if possible. To get this practical
wisdom; we should live with people of India. An Average Indian lives with a
monthly income of less than Rs. 1000/-. Kindly do not apply Total Income
divided by population to derive the income of an average Indian. Nano Global TV
targets the last Indian keeping the door open for others also to get benefited in the
process. It is a mass programme targeting One Rupee audience; Top to Bottom
and to the length and breadth of the nation.
Where can you join Nano Global TV?
Joining Global TV is very simple. Look at the list at the bottom of this page to
find where you will fit in this process. You will be able to find more than one
position for you from the list. Just position yourself. Form your Team. Set your
Programme and Target; Joining NGTV is free except in case of Broadcasters.
There is a one time joining fee of Rs.5000/- for those wish to broadcast channels
with NGTV.

There is no fee for individual broadcasts. Means; if you wish to broadcast

something worth for the society, you can just prepare and send us an audio file on
‘16 bit mp3’ , a presentation on power point or even a word file. If you are
sending audio file; remember to send 4 silent video clips of 20 seconds each as
you talk. For guidelines for Broadcasters; “”

We are associated with many individuals of repute and institutions on social

standing. All of you are requested to join us and take positions as appropriate to
your specializations and portfolios. Reaching Internet advantage to entire India is
our common target. Our success is in working out the Economics of the process.
Everything free doesn’t make any sense. Create an economic equation suitable for
you and the people who will be placed on your team. Let the last man at work
earn at least Rs. 500/- per month.

Share Our Dreams! Spread Your Wings

This is for those who are highly positioned in their career graph and fully
committed towards their social responsibilities. Internet is an ocean of
information; worth, correct and sometimes manipulated. You can see many good
things in it. On the other hand many things that harmful are also in the net.

If you can have spare time; we can have a plan to take something worth from the
net and reach it to the people. We can also use net to reach something new to the
people across the world in two steps. First, reaching it across the world over
internet and second, by allowing people to lift it from the net using mobiles and
other memory devices and to spread it to the non-browsing people. The broadcast
can be anything worth. Give it a shape and periodicity. It will be much beautiful
when systematically done. There are thousand of channels that we can start in this
way. Do not wait for proposals and confirmations. Just email the name of your
proposed channel and the names and email ids of few people who can be involved
in the editorial team.
We will write to them about starting a channel in your Editorship and inviting
them to join us. Let the people be from anywhere. They should be able to
communicate with us online. Let us make a good start. Well begun is half done!

Reaching Internet Advantage to 6, 00,000 Indian Villages

We wanted to take the Internet advantage beyond city limits, bandwidth
restrictions and streaming. Nano Global TV broadcasts at Re 1/- per hour will be a
revolution in the area of Internet Broadcasting. This will attract the Non-Browsing
and Limited-Browsing Segments of Indian population to the world of Internet.

The principle behind Nano Global TV is simple. Internet needs Browsers to work
with but browsers can work without the support of Internet. Then we thought; if
we can club Internet with over 40 crores mobile phones in the country; it will
become a communication revolution. We have developed a stand alone platform
for Global TV to work online and offline as and when required so. Distance is to
cover over internet; distribution via mobiles; watching over computers without
internet connection. Nano Global TV will bring 95% of computers in India that
are offline right now to the advantage of Internet. You are welcome to Join Hands
with Global TV in their noble mission.

Every concept grows with the support of well-wishers. Global TV is no exception
for this basic theory. When two people speak against; we always had another four
to come forward to speak for Global TV. Well-Wishers were sometimes from
friends circle but most of the times they were from various institutions and
locations that are no way related or liable to us. These are the people who
supported Global TV without any obligation to do so. Many have supported
Global TV just by seeing the worth in the concept or by feeling the sincerity of
people involved with it. Whichever be the case, the concept of Global TV was
clicked with the good wishes of certain people. We find a secret pleasure in
admiring them at heart; while not attempting to express our feelings direct to
them. Some are destined to do some work and someone else to keep them going.
This is the plan of God; who will never let one down on his / her attempt to do
something good for the society.

A big thank you for the people and organizations who have helped us to get going
with the tough times.


Great Nations always invest on her people. Sponsoring youngsters is the best
social service that even an Individual or an institutions can do. If you would like
to see your village developed; see that some of your educated youngsters are
retained in your village. Sponsor them a space or a computer and give them lot of
encouragement. All of us who are in cities and are doing well can sponsor
someone at our native village. Think of a joint initiative like a Village Media Club
with which you can bring people of your village together. It can be initiated at a
library, at an institution or at a religious centre. Global TV will provide channel
support for all such initiatives. Kindly note; we do not receive donations directly
for any of these purposes. Any such sponsorship is to be decided, performed and
supervised at your end. It will be better if you could entrust this task with those
who have proven track records and are residing at your village. Bringing people
together is the first step for development.
India will become a developed nation by 2020 (only) with all Indian villages
becoming developed villages. There will not be any household remaining in
poverty, unemployment and inequality. Equal opportunity and free from hatred
are further targets to pursue. Let us make our village developed. The country will
automatically be developed.

The Pioneers in Internet Broadcasting

Thanks to all supporters, well-wishers and sponsors; it was with the backing of
many extra ordinary individuals and promising institutions that we could become
the pioneers in Internet Broadcasting from India. As we have mentioned earlier, It
was in the year 2002, that we could succeed in our long time dream to make
Internet Talk. We assume this could be the first Internet Broadcast in the World. If
any of you knows about an Internet broadcast prior to 2002, kindly let us know.
We are happy not because we have done it first. We are happy as this revolution
had taken place in the Internet Space.

Now the world is aware about the reach of Internet Broadcast. With Nano Global
TV we are making an extension to the boundary of Internet broadcast. Our target
is to reach out 6, 00, 000 Indian Villages. If any of you among the Global Citizens
wish to partner with us and to launch Nano Global TV in your country, you are
most welcome. All Nations including the United States have great scope for this
innovative concept. The early birds will catch the worm.

Broadcasting without streaming

Broadcasting / Telecasting without streaming is a dream of the world; not just
India. It is an issue everywhere in the world. Video browsing will always be
troubled with streaming which will make everything boring through out the
broadcasts. We hope; innovations will take place before it is too late. We hope the
innovations to make Internet to telecast just like Television at a cost not more than
that of TV. But we are not waiting for that day. We want internet to broadcast
without the boring streaming. That’s where Global TV is different. There is no
streaming in case of Global TV. And it is easy to broadcast too!

And, when comes to Nano Global TV, it is a revolution; No streaming even at

rural places. So; let the world come to structured browsing where we will know
what we are going to browse. Just like reading our favorite magazines with
interest and involvement. Browse only the favorites.

Non Browsing Population

95% computers in India comes under non-browsing segment. These are the
computers that are not connected to Internet. Non-browsing is primarily because
of the cost factor involved in it. A minimum of Rs. 250/- per month is not an
option for most of the Indian families.

Many consider Internet not a must. It is the failure of Internet to attract them with
programmes that they may like to browse in. Many people are not aware about
what are available in Internet. People will start browsing when it becomes cost
effective and when it starts talking about them or matters of their interest. People
will be happy to browse if Internet helps them to talk to the world. They will
browse if internet becomes interesting to them. Never ever think as the villagers
got nothing to do with Internet. They are the strength of the Nation. The country
cannot be developed without bringing them into the forefront. The real energy lies
with them!

Low-cost Broadcast
Cost is a deciding factor. Providing high-speed internet at affordable cost at all
places; may be on a differential pricing method; actually could make India a
developed nation before 2020. High speed Internet will facilitate people to work
on outsourcing industry at a much lower price than working abroad or even at
metro cities in India. Digitalization of work is a blessing to the mankind and with
penetration of Internet in a slightly faster mode will make it more effective. With
digitalization, we started to convert everything possible into digital format.

Now with Internet Broadcast; we can convert everything from letters to talks. It is
more impressive to hear that to read in most of the cases. Why can’t we make
Shakespeare classics into broadcast format? Let people hear it with expressions
and explanations. This way of adaptation will be better than blaming the world for
diminishing reading habits. Isn’t it? Let Internet connect people to get everyone
benefited; even in Marketing.

One hour TV 200 MB - One hour GTV 20 MB

This is interesting. You are aware; one hour video with average quality consumes
over 200 MB space on a server. Each viewer will cause a bandwidth usage of 200
MB at data server and an equal amount bandwidth on his ISPs data transfer too!
Server bandwidth will be paid by the video broadcaster and ISPs will be paid by
the end users. 400 MB per hour per viewer with a programme viewer ship of 1000
people will cause a total bandwidth usage of 4, 00,000 MB data transfer. This
same if converted into Global TV programmes will become 40,000 MB; 10% of
the video files. This itself will save so much of bandwidth for the nation. Nano
Global TV aims at 100 subscribers per subscription center and 10 subscription
centers under one distributor. One hour broadcast for 1000 viewers will cause
only 20 MB bandwidth transfer. This is the only way to reach Internet to all
Indian villages with present availability of Bandwidth at National Level. We
should tell our IT Ministers to announce if they have got another vision to reach
internet to 6, 00,000 Indian villages in next 5 years.
Limited Browsing Population
95% of the 5% browsing segment are in Limited Browsing segment. These are the
computers that are not connected to Internet round the clock. Internet is used in
this case for limited purposes like using e-mail, reading news, hearing a
broadcast, talking to someone abroad or searching information. Internet is a must
for this segment of population. It is because of the specialties of Internet which
others are unable to provide. Internet Telephony for NRI homes, Search facility
for students etc. are examples. Usage will be limited to their purposes. Their cost
also will be limited every month. People will start browsing more when it
becomes cost effective and interesting. People will be happy to browse if Internet
helps them to talk to the world. They will browse if internet becomes interesting
to them. We are here to make internet interesting and also cost-effective.

Institutions can Join Global TV

Global TV Partnership will redefine your media profile. Websites already has
become a must for all institutions. Communications are based. With introduction
of Global TV, your website will start talking. The net talk will not only be in your
interests and languages but also will be in the voice of you and your people. If
you are an organization where people are important than things and other things;
you may straight away go for Global TV!

Global TV will provide you an exclusive broadcast Station with which you can
talk to the world ; broadcast events and special programmes (external
communication) ; develop an in-house communication system (protected with
passwords) like addressing the staff and others ; also run NGTV channels
(extension programmes) like special broadcast sessions for various purposes. This
will be the lowest cost broadcast programme anywhere in the world. A Global TV
Channel with the above features will cost you only Rupees Two Lakhs per annum
(Rs. 2, 00, 000/-). This includes cost of technology, server, bandwidth and online
support. Broadcast is possible from multiple locations too!

An initial training session for 3 days (at once or in a maximum of three sessions)
for up to 100 people will be provided without additional fee; provided you
arrange the facilities and meet all expenses for conducting the training.

A Decade is over keeping a Century Ahead

A decade of great happenings is over. It was spread over two Millenniums. The
journey was started in the year 1999. In 2010; we are stepping to a new era of
Low-tech Media with high reach and huge penetration. Literacy will not be a
hindrance over communication any more. Global TV will speak in all Indian
Languages; it will be open to the world at large.

There is no restriction for any broadcasts if it is positive and constructive. We are

not interested in negative talks. We believe in democratic values. You can bring an
injustice to the notice of the people at large; if you feel it is important and urgent.
Otherwise, we like you to tell the world if you have done something good for the
society and for you.

We wish to partner with all those who are in the real service for humanity. Instead
of looking into the past; we wish to look forward to the future. Together, we can
do more and better in your chosen area of service.
It is not an opportunity to grab; instead, it is a responsibility to be filled in. There
are certain things that you only can accomplish on planet earth. There are certain
matters that you can perform better than anyone else in this world. If one feels
worth being one among The Global TV Editors; you are most welcome; also
remember; it is not a time-bound financially remunerative engagement. It is just
an opportunity to perform some of your social responsibilities. There are certain
ways you can get benefited from Global TV.
- You can talk to the world through Global TV whenever you feel necessary.
Almost unlimited...
- You can allow others to talk on Global TV when you find someone worth to
be heard...
- You can suggest editorial initiatives and be part of our Editorial planning...
- You will be provided with the assistance of an Online Secretary on certain
- Editorial meetings will be held online most of the times and you can join
from anywhere...
- (a) You will be provided with advertisement spots based on your
- (b) Ad spots can be used, gifted or sold (@50% sharing) for commercials.
- (c) Check our barter policy for details of advertisement spots.
- We invite your suggestions on matters of mutual advantage....
- Together we can do better. You will certainly be glad to associate with us...

Mobile phone is no more a cost centre. It is a revenue centre. That is what Nano
Global TV aims with the innovative project. India is holding over 40 crores of
Mobile phones at present. Mobile phones are actually the greatest revolution in
communication in third millennium. But, it is not a direct revenue generator now.

Mobile phone can become a carrier for Internet Broadcast and it can generate
regular income for large number of people. Over a billion people spread across 6,
00,000 Distribution Centres in India is a huge target. An average population of
over 1500 people in a Distribution centre. There may be a very few Indians who
cannot afford Re. 1/- per week. 15 Subscription centres per Distribution Centre
may be an ambitious target. But nothing wrong in aiming a high target of 90 lakhs
part time jobs with Rs. 400/- monthly revenue. This can also be 6 lakhs full-time
jobs with Rs. 6,000/- monthly revenue.

Global TV is not a Business Venture; But There is money in It.

Global TV is not a business venture in strict terms. We do not take donations also.
So, we are in between. We provide Technology and Service for institutions at
reasonable fee and the savings after expenses are brought into the development
process. We have also promoted over 15 Popular Channels using Global TV
Technology. Advertisement Revenue of the same after meeting expenses comes to
the common pool for expansion projects.
These channels are developed for the people of India in particular and to the
Global Citizens in general. You can make a difference by joining one of the
channels in a suitable position. We prefer you joining our venture than you
subscribing to our service.

When you involve with us in promoting our noble mission; we draw an equation!
We provide you the technology and you use it for your project. We share the
revenue equally. This equal sharing can go up to 3 Tier networks. Means; you can
build up your team (of up to 25 people) with no further expansion vertical or
horizontal and with the same equation of equal sharing. We will be proud if a
Professor in a College build up a team of literature students and broadcast
Shakespeare Classics across the world. It will give immense experience for your
students. Also pocket money for them. The experience that they would get
working while learning will get them a better future after studies.

If you are professionally qualified, you can become a broadcaster in this project
being anywhere in the world. For example, a group of Physiotherapists runs
Channel “The Fitness Mantra” or a group of Lawyers operating Channel “The
Law Cast”. All what you need is to have computer and Internet facility at your
end. Your financial commitment will be just Rs. 5,000/-

Publishers in any language can also become Broadcasters. You can broadcast your
existing publication for a larger audience. If you are ready to change or not ready
to change; know; the world is changing. Most of the books are coming out with
their broadcast versions and if you are already late to add broadcast to your
publication. Better late than never.

We invite Home based Broadcaster, Hobby Broadcasters, Professional Speakers

and associations to make use of the technological advancement. We are there to
help you wherever you are. SMS us at +91 9886246418

Any individual or institution, legal and moral, anywhere in the world having
something worth to share can tie-up with Global TV on a barter basis. We can
provide you an Internet Broadcast Station, Broadcast spots in over 10 Global TV
Channels, Advertisement spots etc. We can also take up marketing responsibility
of quality products from rural areas were people are involved and important than
capital involved in those projects. Coming together is the beginning of success.
Organizations involved in society building process anywhere in the world can
open up broadcast centres free of cost just by allowing us to use their address.
They will get broadcast spots and all supports possible by an Internet Broadcaster
for the promotion of their programmes and institutions. Just send “Your Name” as
an SMS to +91 9886246418 or a single line email showing your interest to barter
with Global TV to ‘’!
We welcome Individuals and Institutions for us to associate with
We are lucky to associate with highly experienced professionals at various walks
of life including Media and many organizations specially those who are engaged
in social service and society building activities. Unlike others, we choose our
associates to place them above us.

We work in association with about 400 associates; both individuals and

institutions. Most of them are located in India and a few in abroad. You are
welcome to Join Hands with Global TV in this noble mission. Building 6 lakhs
broadcast centres in India. Institutions that are engaged in social service activities
also can associate with us. You can become a broadcast centre for Global TV.
Along with this, you can broadcast on your chosen area of service on over 15
popular channels in Global TV Media Network.

Internet has already become the cheapest advertisement media platform with
international reach. Many companies are spending more money for internet
advertisements than print media or TV ads. Repeated viewer ship is another
advantage of Internet ads. Possibility of placing ads on programmes specific for
the target audience is also an advantage of Internet.

With Nano Global TV ; you can even decide up on what kind of programmes that
you would like to broadcast with the support of your advertisements. For eg. A
banker can suggest for a special broadcast on financial planning targeting NRI
families. Even the bank can suggest the speakers for the broadcasts. The officials
of the Bank can take it as an opportunity to mobilize NRI deposits. There are so
many ways you can utilize Global TV while supporting them with your
advertisements. Advertisers will be allowed to make genuine broadcasts in Global
TV Channels and also to link the broadcasts with their websites.


At the end of the day; we evaluate; how much are we near to India 2020; if we are
an Inch closer than yesterday and the days before; then we relax for a moment and
again work for the next day. Who are we to talk on India 2020? Some could have
already asked this question. This is the responsibility of every Indian. We are
slightly more committed. Not because we are privileged citizens of the country; it
is because we believe we are lucky to born at this part of the world at this
marvelous time. We are lucky to live when Mother Theresa was around talking
much bigger things than this and converting hard core communists to kneel before
her might. We are lucky to be active in India, when Dr. Kalam had initiated the
second freedom struggle for a developed India. Get a free broadcast station @
India 2020.
We are broadcasters of INDIA2020.NET since 2002.
Very happy to provide free broadcast stations for all individuals and institutions
public or private who are in the drive for India 2020. You can broadcast the
development stories from anywhere in India and Abroad. Many of the works that
are really taking place towards India 2020 are not being told or heard by the
concerned. Let us make a difference in the way attend to the people!

A Decade is over keeping a Centaury Ahead

A decade of great happenings is over. It was spread over two Millenniums;
beginning in the year 1999. From 2010; we are stepping to a new era of Low-tech
Media with high reach and huge penetration. Literacy will not be a hindrance over
communication any more. Global TV will speak in all Indian Languages; it will
be open to the world at large.

There is no restriction for any broadcasts if it is positive and constructive. We are

not interested in negative talks. We believe in democratic values. You can bring an
injustice to the notice of the people at large; if you feel it is important and urgent.
Otherwise, we like you to tell the world if you have done something good for the
society and for you.

We wish to partner with all those who are in the real service for humanity. Instead
of looking into the past; we wish to look forward to the future. Together, we can
do more and better in your chosen area of service.

Thank you very much

N. V. Paulose