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Reflection on Collegiality I am a collaborator.

I delight in teamwork, learning from others, and the yes and quality of working in that way. During my time at ACU, I have had the opportunity to work with so many talented people. Within my department, I have the pleasure to collaborate with my colleagues to produce quality work, and to educate our students to aspire to excellence. Every time I collaborate with someone I learn something new about the work, about the person, and about myself. Sometimes that collaboration comes easy. Sometimes it is more of a challenge. But it always produces something of worth. My colleagues always inspire me to do better than I thought I could. Working in the theatre also gives me many opportunities to collaborate with those outside my department, and to me that is a very exciting thing. I have enjoyed working with colleagues such as Dr. Steven Ward from the music department to produce Homecoming musicals. I have enjoyed my collaboration with the Voice faculty from the music department to teach the musical theatre students how to have lasting and productive careers. I recently enjoyed a collaboration with Dr. Jaime Goff in the Marriage and Family Therapy program. My husband and I worked with her to create a therapy simulation for her first year MFT students. I felt that we were able to create a believable situation to challenge her students as they began their study in the MFT program. I also love to work as a dramaturge supervisor for the students in our department for many of the shows in our season. In this capacity I am able to encourage students not only to delve into major research projects in order to inform the cast and the audiences for each production, but I am also able to direct our students to professors in other departments to glean information in the areas of Sociology, Political Science, Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy, History, English, Theology, and Social Work. I am particularly excited to have had the opportunity to direct the November production that collaborates with the Cornerstone curriculum. This gave me an opportunity to work with campus departments on a large scale, and I loved all the opportunities I had to learn from that experience. I also appreciate the opportunity the Adams Center provides for us to be able to meet with faculty from across campus and share experiences. Sometimes the best conversations are those that are impromptu, and I have enjoyed going to Adams Center presentations and faculty lunches that provide these opportunities.