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North Suburban Republican Forum

September, 2013
This month, well have the three Republican candidates (Herb Atkinson, Bob Briggs, and Scott Major) for Westminster mayor available to answer your questions. We'll meet on Saturday, September 14th from 9:00-10:30 am at the Grill at Legacy Ridge Golf Course. It's located at 10801 Legacy Ridge Parkway in Westminster. Admission is only $7 per person. The doors open at 8:30am. Join us and bring a friend or two. A continental breakfast with pastries, fruit, coffee, orange juice, and water is included.

NSRF upcoming calendar in 2013: October 12 Meet your City Council and Board of Education candidates & ballot issues discussion November 9 Adams County Sheriff candidates December 14 End of year review and discussion of 2014 legislative session or PERA debate January 11, 2014 Colorado Governor Candidates February 8 US Senate candidates March 8 Fracking 101 April 12 Education update from local school board members

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This newsletter has a conservative Republican viewpoint. It may or may not reflect the views of the NSRF Board of Directors. It is intended for the thoughtful consideration of our members to inform and educate, and as potential discussion starters.

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If you havent checked out our web site, these are the latest articles that have been posted September calendar Scott Major drops out of Westminster Mayor Race Westminster Mayor straw poll Adams County Lincoln Day Dinner with Rafael Cruz on Friday, September 27th How to get involved in local politics How to get involved with the Republican Party Adams County voter information Elected officials NSRF Board of Directors NSRF $20 yearly membership application

If you havent checked out our web site (, these are the latest articles that have been posted:

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To my friends and supporters, As some of you know in early July I was in an auto accident that totaled my car and left me pretty beat up. Over the last two months I have struggled to do the daily tasks of working, trying to keep family things together and run a campaign. My health is not improving and in fact last weekend got to the point that I became very concern about not only my current health but my future well-being and long term physical condition. After a lot of soul searching, thought and discussion with Terri, I am making the decision to drop out of the race for Westminster Mayor. I feel bad about leaving at this point in the process, but I'm sure it would only get worse if I continue. I know it really sounds selfish but this is a time where I need to watch out for me and my family. I leave with a lot of sadness and wish things could be different but we only follow the plans that are place before us. The messages kept getting stronger and it is time to listen. I want to thank you all for the encouragement and support I have received not only during the campaign but also for the last eight years on council. I am proud of the accomplishments and the direction the city is headed. I have had the opportunity to work with a lot of great people and I will miss that the most. It has been an honor to serve with great councilors during my tenure and my opinion, the best mayor ever. The staff we have at the city is truly the best, starting at the top, the city is what it is because of their hard work each and every day. Most of all I want to publicly thank Terri for all her love and support. She is by far the best thing that came from being on council. I am going to get better, be a full time husband, dad and grandpa to my fantastic family! I wish you all the best and look forward to the next chapter, Scott Major

Heres the results of a straw poll from a forum two weeks ago:

Thank you so much for attending the Westminster Mayoral Forum last Friday night. I hope you found the questions and answers helpful in making your decision for the mayor's race. Without further ado, here are the results of the straw polls:
Pre-debate poll: Scott Major 18, Herb Atchison 12, Bob Briggs 9, 4 Undecided Post-debate poll: Herb 21, Scott 17, Bob 8, 1 Undecided Please remember that these are unscientific results, and that more people voted in the post-debate poll than the predebate poll probably due to latecomers. We had approximately 81 people in attendance, some of whom lived outside of Westminster and did not cast ballots. The following are the websites for the candidates for mayor. Please visit them and volunteer to help your candidates in the election cycle or ask more questions to them. Herb Atchison: Bob Briggs: Scott Major: Thank you again for attending. We hope to have more joint Westminster Republican events in the future. Patty Sue Femrite, HD 35 Republican Chair Bill Leck, HD 29 Republican Chair Mike Melvin, HD 35 Republican Vice-Chair Dave Carpenter, HD 29 Republican Vice-Chair Nancy Thompson, HD 35 Republican Secretary

Nancy McNally, HD 29 Republican Secretary 4

How to Get Involved in Local Politics

Sometimes it's hard to imagine one person making a difference in this world. A lot of challenges face our society. Some are huge, some are more manageable, but all require the action of at least one person. Start making the world a better place by being that person on the local level. Get involved in local politics and see the world change before your eyes.

1 Participate in town meetings. Mingle with local, state and federal politicians. Learn

about the issues facing your community. Meet others who support the same causes you do. Voice your opinion and see what offices in politics appeal to you.

2 Show your support of the political system by voting in every election. More importantly, bring others to
the polls with you. Talk about the issues with people and inspire them to let their opinions be heard through their votes .

3 Help out at a local political office. It doesn't matter if you are a Republican, Democrat or a member of
the Green Party, all political parties need volunteers. Work one on one with them and learn the political process. Network with others involved in local politics. Get in on the ground floor and learn the ropes. Look into volunteering for organizations who promote causes like the environment, health care, campaign finance or immigration reform .

4 Start your own political organization. Whether it's a local off-shoot of a nationwide campaign or it's

specific to a cause no one has addressed politically, get it going. Involve your friends and family. Have rallies, fundraisers, seminars or even a bowling night. The idea is to spread your passion for the cause and get others to join you.

5 Start a petition on the Internet. Instead of knocking on doors or stopping people at the mall, get people
involved with an online petition. Involve yourself in online political blogs. Post your opinions and get others to join in with you.

6 Put yourself out there and run for local office. Civic offices come up for re-election all the time. Find a
position you know you could excel in and start your campaign. Call your local political party and ask if there are offices up for election. Take to the streets and let people know you are the person for the job.
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How to Get Involved in the Republican Party

There are a variety of reasons to get involved in the efforts of the Republican Party. You might believe in gun rights, be pro-life, or wish for fewer taxes. Of course, you may simply think that the Democratic Partys choices for candidates at the presidential, senatorial, or congressional level are not the best choices. There are any number of reasons and issues to get involved with the Republican Party, so when you are ready to join, follow these steps.
1. o

1 Have a valid voter

registration card and if you dont have one, get one. If you feel strongly about this party and their beliefs, register as a Republican. However you dont have to register as a Republican if you don't want to. You can register as an NPA, (no party affiliation) as an Independent or even a Democrat.

2 Do as much research as possible on the Republican Party. Make sure that the issues the party

represents are issues that you believe in and that the candidates representing the party are people you hold in high regard.

3 You may wish to support a particular candidate for local government, or state government or you may 4 When you contact the appropriate party office, make sure you have a plan for how you want to be

want to support Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate , or Congress and perhaps even the Republican Partys presidential candidate. Once you have figured out at what level you wish to participate, contact the appropriate party office and ask how you can get more involved.

involved in the Republican Party. Your involvement could be as simple as making a donation, or you could volunteer your time by handing out literature or manning a phone at a call center. Most people involved in the Republican Party are volunteers. You may wish to become some sort of aid or spokesperson for a particular candidate as well, but these positions are usually staffed by people close to the candidate. These positions usually require some sort of education in politics, law or the media.

5 Joining a Republican state party might be just the ticket for you. You can volunteer to answer phones,
pass out literature, or something as simple as making a donation. This is all that is required to join your state's Republican party. Also, your Republican state party will deal with issues in your state that may be closer to your areas of interest.

6 Join the Republican National Committee. You can go right to their website and enter in your

information (see Resources). Tell them a little bit about yourself and what you would like to do for their organization. You may want to become a volunteer or even take a job with the Republican National Committee.
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