Bathory‟s Minions (Present Day

Surviving the Horde + Things Man was Not Supposed to Know Back of the DVD The ancient demon Bathory has lain dormant for centuries. But now his evil power is seeping out, spreading death and decay in its wake. Bathory‟s accomplices are the innocent, pure and weak-minded - our children - who carry out the Nepharim‟s biddings without feeling or compunction. Bathory‟s ambition: to create a Hell on Earth, starting with the town of Crystal Cave, South Dakota. Soon, the town is overrun by hordes of red-eyed, demon children intent on bloody murder. With nowhere else to turn, the residents of Crystal Cave will soon have to answer the question: how do you kill someone you love? “Tense, horrific and full of impossible moral dilemmas.” -Freaky Flicks “A fully-realized vision of demonic horror. The children of Crystal Cave are terrifying.” -Blood and Guts Illustrated “The cackling of the kids of Crystal Cave will haunt my nightmares forever.” Mike King, author of Thirty Ways to Die

Opening Credits The town of Crystal Cave, South Dakota. Early morning, before dawn. Main Street. The sky is dark and slate gray. A street lamp flickers and dies. Seen from behind: a young pair of legs walking slowly down Main Street. Then another pair. And another. And another.

A large group of children, nearly a hundred in number, is walking silently and steadily down Main Street. None are talking, and all are moving forward in the same slow, dragging cadence. An eerie drone builds. There is no one else in sight. Cut to:

boyish young The niece of Daniel Cormier lady who knows everyone in town Local police chief A kindly lady who wants to protect everyone in Crystal Cave Emily Jackson Loren Connors Kathy Bloom Obscure singer-songwriter Common law husband of Kathy Bloom and suspected warlock Obscure singer-songwriter Common law wife of Loren Connors and suspected witch . the first to notice that his brother Timmy is acting strangely One of the first to show signs of demonic possession Mr. until she was possessed by the minor demon Asmodean Fiercely protective of his family. a hunter and gun nut Mayor Del Mayor of Crystal Cave Clarke Agent Laura FBI agent investigating the A cousin of Mayor Del Clarke Clarke child murders Stephen O‟Malley Joseph Krantz Daniel Cormier Peggy Hollis Librarian. scholar occultist and An expert in the occult A transplant from the big city who is trying to Child psychiatrist A convicted murderer and He is awaiting transfer to the state armed robber penitentiary and is currently confined in the police station downtown A sprightly. very conservative in his politics.Cast Name Mikey Thompson Timmy Thompson Profession & Skills A young boy living on a farm A boy on the farm Notes Brave and pure of heart. Bill Farmer. father of Mikey and A widower still obsessing over the death of Thompson Timmy his wife Fran Clarke The mayor‟s daughter A bright young lady with a bright future.

but they never really work as they should. Johnson. I‟ve hunted elk. stabbed. bat.I‟ve hunted it. I could believe that. I‟ve fallen off a cliff.” with “I understand animals and they understand me.” Champion giant vegetable “I‟ve won for squash.. You name it . fowl. tomatoes.Talents Talent Limited precognition Mental communion animals A skilled mechanic Quote “Something‟s not right here . and even spent a month in a gook camp back in „Nam. Please be careful. turnip and cabbage.” Able to very convincingly “It‟s something I‟ve used quite a bit to avoid stupid conversations. hello there Mrs..” feign death (even fooling doctors) An experienced hunter “I‟ve hunted in the tundras of Russia and the plains of Namibia.” The best beekeeper in three “They say the honey from my bees cures all ailments.” A peerless welder Tends to cheat death “I love taking things and sticking „em together. shark. but I just put in a new nitrous system.” other body part removed) . Yet here I am. ya know?” “I‟ve been shot. Makes it run like a sumbitch.” “You didn‟t ask for it. I like their personality” Flaws Flaw Suffers from Tourette‟s Syndrome Epileptic Quote “Why. With all the states love I put into what I do. broken my skull. boar. bear.” Suffers from Body Identity Integrity Disorder (the “Pass me that chainsaw. but what I farmer really like is carrots. run over.I feel an evil in the air. Better than most people really. will you? I‟ve got belief that life would be better with a limb or an itch I need to scratch. Guess Death don‟t like me much. you #%^#%^@!” “I‟ve been taking anti-seizure meds forever.

. Cormier is such a stud. ain‟t he?” attraction to someone who has committed a grisly crime) Addicted to heroin Unsociable and is generally disliked in town Morbidly obese Prone to premature celebration “Just one taste.. I don‟t like you people anyway..” “Halp! I‟m stuck!” “We did it! We‟ve yeeeeaaaarrrggghhh!” won! We.Suffers from Hybristophilia (an obsessive “Mr. Ambitions Expose the corruption of Mayor Clarke Free his/her child from demonic possession Cure him/herself of his/her flaw Free the town‟s farm animals from their enforced captivity Understand the nature of the child murders Destroy the demon Bathory Bring the demon Bathory under his/her control Unlock the secrets of the Ars Goetia grimoire found in the basement of the town library Dirty Little Secrets A Bathorian priest Hears voices in his/her head telling him/her to commit bloody murder Possessed by a demon Had a demon child/sibling Leads a secret order of theistic vigilantes known as the Apaches Uses a special fertilizer made of people .” “Bah.. please.

cats. farm animals. dogs. Complications Several children go missing The children begin acting very strangely Animal carcasses are found on Main Street An evocation of demons is performed in one of the farm houses A spate of grisly.the elder demon/ruler of hell King Baal.Watches Peggy Hollis from afar Has a secret hoard of animals . birds. crudely executed murders One (or more) of the heroes is set up for murder A driverless car comes speeding down the street... going straight for one (or more) of the heroes All of Main Street is set ablaze Bathory‟s minions all around us! It starts raining acidic blood Climactic Revelations Little Mikey has been possessed all along! Mayor Del Clarke has struck a deal with the devil! Bathory walks among us! There is an even worse evil than Bathory . Bathory was but a pawn in a grander scheme! The Bad Guys .

commanding 150 legions of demons. FX:   Soul expunge Mayor Del Clarke Del Clarke is a hard. FX: King Baal the Forsaken Baal is the ruler of Hell. Bathory commands 29 legions of demons and is constantly attempting to lead men into wantonness.Bathory. FX: . who struck a deal with Bathory after his daughter was possessed by the demon Asmodean. He is served by Bathory. He is fond of attaching himself to children. Harvester of Souls A high prince of the Infernal Seraphim. who is used to weaken the Demonic Seals holding back the realm of the dead and wicked from the realm of the living. heresy. hatred and wickedness. ultra-conservative politician. whose spiritual openness makes them vulnerable to demonic possession and influence.

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