Maximizer CRM introduces Multiple Email Identities for Users Maximizer CRM clients now have the option

of emailing from multiple identities. The latest release of Maximizer CRM 12 Summer 2013 has introduced many new and u seful features for Maximizer CRM users. Sydney, NSW, Australia, September 06, 2013 -- One of the new features in the rec ently released Maximizer CRM 12 Summer 2013 is multiple email identities for use rs. Until now, it has never been possible to have more than one email address as sociated with a single user’s Maximizer account. This was a bit of a headache for Maximizer CRM customers that wanted to have more than one email identity. Some of Maximizer CRM’s clients perform multiple roles and chances are that these users have more than one email address that is used for different purposes. It i s possible that the user has one email address that is used for communicating wi th customers and leads and a different email address for communicating with supp liers and vendors. Or maybe a secondary email address is used for external email s while the main email address used is for internal emails with the Maximizer CR M users colleagues. In the past, Maximizer CRM clients were only able to have a single email address attached to their user account in Maximizer. This meant that if it was required to send an email using one of the other identities directly from Maximizer, it wasn’t possible. The user would either have to have multiple Maximizer users, each with a different email address, or send the email from outside of Maximizer. B ut now, in Maximizer CRM 12 Summer 2013, up to three email addresses can be asso ciated with the Maximizer user. So when an email is sent to one of the contacts in Maximizer, the user can select the email address required for that email. Setting up the additional email addresses is easy. The can be done by opening up the personal profile and by clicking on the user name that requires multiple em ail addresses in the upper-right corner of Maximizer Web Access, next to the “Pref erences” link. Enter in the other email addresses and corresponding display names in the available fields, and it’s done! The next time the user goes to send an ema il the email addresses will show up in the drop-down menu for the “From” field. Maximizer CRM: Maximizer customer relationship management software (CRM) is a completely integr ated sales, marketing, customer service and support management solution that ena bles Maximizer customers to manage attractive prospects, provide rich customer e ngagement, and fuel business’s success anywhere, anytime. Whether an entrepreneur, small or medium business, or a large enterprise with hu ndreds of employees and thousands of customers, Maximizer CRM has the right solu tion for all businesses! Maximizer offers cloud CRM for mobile sales forces and on-premise CRM that you can manage on site and is available in 7 languages (Engl ish, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Turkish and French), in over 60 countries, serviced by 4 regional offices and more than 100 partners, with 12 0,000 customers and over 1 million licensed Maximizer CRM users, this software a llows businesses all around the world to effectively manage sales leads and cust omer databases. Contact: Melanie Lawlor Maximizer CRM Level 10, 815 Pacific Highway Chatswood, NSW 2067 02 9957 2011

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