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.2013 TOPIC CHAPTER 1: RESPIRATION 1.1 Analysing the human bretahing mechanism 1.2 Understanding the transport of oxygen in human body 1.3 Realising the importance of a healthy repiratory system CHAPTER 2 : BLOOD CIRCULATION AND TRANSPORT 2.1 Understanding the transport sysytem in human 2.2 Analysing the human blood 2.3. Analysing the transport system in plants CHAPTER 3 : EXCRETION 3.1 Understanding the human excretion 3.2 Anlayzing the urinary system in human 3.3. Analyzing excretion in plants

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WEEK 4,5,6


TOPIC CHAPTER 4 :REPRODUCTION 4.1 Understanding sexual and asexual reproduction 4.2 Analysing the male reproductive system 4.3 Analysing the female reproductive system 4.4 Analysing the menstrual cycle 4.5 Analysing fertilization and pregnancy 4.6 Understanding the importance of pre-natal care 4.7 Evaluating the importance of research in human reproduction 4.8 Analysing the sexual reproductive system of flowering plants 4.9 Analysing pollination 4.10 Understanding the development of fruits and seeds in plants 4.11 Synthesising the concept of germination of seeds 4.12 Application of vegetative reproduction in flowering plants

WEEK 6 7 8,9


TOPIC CHAPTER 5 : GROWTH 5.1 Analysing the pattern of human growth

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CHINESE NEW YEAR HOLI.DAYS CHAPTER 6 : LANDS AND ITS RESOURCES 6.1 Analysing the various minerals found in the Earth crust 6.2 Understanding the reactions between metals and non-metas 6.3 Understanding silicon compounds 6.4 Analysing calcium compounds 6.5 Analysing natural fuel resource and their importance CHAPTER 7 : ELECTRICITY 7.1 Understanding electrostatics 7.2 Understanding electricity 7.3 Applying the understanding of measuring electricity 7.4 Synthesising the relationship between current, voltage, and resistance 7.5 Synthesising the concept of parallel and series circuit 7.6 Analysing current, voltage and resistance in a series circuit 7.7 Analysing current, voltage and resistance in a parallel circuit 7.8 Understanding magnetism 7.9 Understanding electromagnetism



TOPIC CHAPTER 8 : GENERATION OF ELECTRICITY 8.1 Understanding the generation of electrical energy 8.2 Understanding transformer 8.3 Analysing the electricity transmission and distribution system 8.4 Understanding the electrical supply and wiring system at home 8.5 Analysing the cost of electrical energy usage 8.6 Understanding the functions of fuse and earth wire 8.7 Evaluating the importance of safety precautions in the use of electricity

8.8 Evaluating the importance of conserving electricity CHAPTER 9 : STARS AND GALAXIES 9.1 Analysing the Sun 9.2 Understanding the stars and the galaxies in the Universe 9.3 Thankful for the existence of the Universe as a gift from God.