Contract No. SHK-001 (Package-I) JICA Loan No.

PK-P61 500/220kV SHIKARPUR SUBSTATION (AIS) AND ALLIED TRANSMISSION LINES PROJECT on TURNKEY BASIS DESIGN, MANUFACTURE, SUPPLY, INSTALLATION, TESTING & COMMISSIONING OF PLANT FOR UPGRADATION OF THE EXISTING 220KV SHIKARPUR SUBSTATION TO 500KV LEVEL MEETING DATED JULY 16,2013 MINUTES OF MEETING A meeting was held in the Office of Chief Engineer (System Protection), Lahore on July 16, 2013 to discuss and resolve problems and issues related to Protection System / Schemes in respect of the subject Project. The following are the participants in the meeting:A. NTDC/ (System Protection) 1. 2. 3. 4. (Civil) B. M/s BARQAAB 1. 2. Mukhtar Ahmad Usman Hamid Principal Engineer (Protection Design) Electrical Engineer (Design & Protection) M. Arshad Mirza M. Kamran Siddiqui Imran Hameed Murtaza Ali Add. Chief Engineer (South) Add. Manager (System Protection) Deputy Manager (System Protection) Assistant Manager (System Protection)


M/s NEIE 1. 2. 3. 4. Jiang Yuxiang Ren Sheng Zain-ul-Abdeen Shazar Butt Director Coordinator Project Engineer Project Engineer


The Agenda for the Meeting discussed was as under:-

1. Over voltage Relay for Transmission line 2. Auto-Transformer Tertiary Protection Scheme 3. Zone Overlapping inside CTs. 4. CVT Connection to distance Relay 21-A with (A/R) & 21-B with (A/R) 5. Over flux/Over voltage at Auto Transformer 6. Auto-Recloser on Set II in specification, but required on both Set I & Set II 7. Energy Meter at HV side of Auto Transformer is not required: it is required on LV side. 8. Indicating meters shall be Transducer Operative 9. CVT Specification The meeting was started with the name of Almighty Allah and word of thanks to all the participants. The following issues were discussed during the meeting. Sr. No. Issues Discussed/ Action Required
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500/220kV Auto-transformer Tertiary Protection Scheme: For Tertiary Earth Fault Protection it was agreed that the bushing CTs on the either side grounded corner leg shall be used in summation form in order to detect earth fault current flow in grounded connection side. M/s NEIE ensured that the Protection Relays offered will be China assembled. Overvoltage Relay for 500kV Transmission Line: In the NTDC specification.E (SP) 2. 3-phase faults etc. BARQAAB suggested that the use of only one number MiCOM P922 is enough for this purpose. M/s NEIE / C. and the system is well protected from over voltages by surge arrestors and shunt reactors and moreover. Alstom in UK and Siemens in Germany as per bid. it is proposed to use three single phase OverVoltage Relays connected between different phase to phase having functions 59-I. M/s NEIE / C. Since Over-Voltage condition is a symptom to the fault. System Protection (NTDC) agreed for using one number over voltage relay type MiCOM P922 (3 . M/s. 59-L and 59-H. Moreover. system is designed to withstand high over voltages. M/s BARQAAB suggested to use this relay instead of three separate single phase relays as specified. Adding more Relays without necessity can increase the probability of malfunction of Protection System.E (SP) 3. for which redundant Protection is needed. The terms used in the bid as Schneider France and Alstom UK refers to the fact that these relays are owned by Schneider France and Alstom UK group. System Protection (NTDC) accepted the proposal to replace three single phase relays with 3-phase MiCOM P922 but they insisted to put two P922 relays. which protect all three phases for all the above mentioned three conditions occurring anytime and anywhere.1. the European Origin Relays manufactured in China may be used in the panels subject to successful type testing. 170781816. phase-phase faults. NEIE accepted the proposal of type testing to be witnessed by System Protection NTDC inspectors. However. So. Type Tests Requirement In case of Chinese Relays: M/s NEIE representative informed during the meeting that they will supply Schneider Electric. M/s BARQAAB proposed that Over-Voltage condition on 500kV Transmission Line does not lie under actual fault category like ground faults. and the quality of Chinese assembled Protection Relays are fully guaranteed.doc Route: MA/BAZ M/s NEIE Page 2 of 5 .phase). one as primary protection and second as back-up. Whereas in the bid the relays were offered with Schneider France and Alstom UK tag. Alstom & Siemens make Protection Relays just assembled in China. So the redundancy in this kind of Protection is not required. which covers all the functions stated above. three phase Numerical Over-Voltage Relays are available like Schneider Electric make Relay Type MiCOM P922. Hence. Now. Siemens Germany etc. but these are actually the property of Schneider France. The System Protection Department mentioned that the contractor should supply the relays manufactured by Schneider Electric in France.

and the second winding of class 3P to be connected to Distance Relay 21-B and synchronizing Relay (25) having separate MCBs. the 500kV and 220kV CVTs specification with secondary windings burden and class rating is as under : Winding1 Winding2 110/ √3 V . 4. System Protection (NTDC) proposed that if no cost impact is involved then there is no harm to go for Zone Overlapping of various Protections. The same connections have been adopted by M/s ABB for 500kV Line CVTs at existing Ghazi Barotha Substation.2 class core. Winding1 Winding2 110/ √3 V . Zone Overlapping is of least importance as in case of fault inside the CT between the overlapped zones.100VA.2 & 3P class only determines the accuracy of voltage output. 59(3 phase) & Metering 110/ √3 V . external CT proposed by System Protection (NTDC) in grounded leg connection shall not be used.2 110/ √3 V.2 class winding. Class 0. As 0.2 for 21-A.2 is also better for Protection Relays than 3P Class winding. Class 0. System Protection (NTDC) agreed the CVTs Secondary Circuit distribution as mentioned below only as a special case no precedence for other projects. since metering requires more accuracy for which it is connected to 0.100VA. Hence M/s BARQAAB agreed principally that proposed Zone Overlapping CT Scheme is applicable and will be followed. So. will damage all the CTs Cores and all the Protection connected to the CT Cores will operate. Class 0. So there is no problem of connection of Protection Relays with 0. Class 6P M/s BARQAAB proposed to use secondary windings of CVT as class 0.Hence. However. however class 0.doc Route: MA/BAZ M/s NEIE Page 3 of 5 . Class 3P for 21-B.5 110/ √3 V . 100VA. 170781816. 5. Winding1 Winding2 110/ √3 V . 200VA. 75VA. 25 6. where the cores are tightly close to each other and have no physical distance among them. CT faults are very rare up till now we haven’t experienced any actual CT faults. 500kV & 220kV CVT Specification and Connection to Distance Relay 21-A with (A/R) & 21-B with (A/R). Zone Overlapping Inside CTs: M/s BARQAAB explained their view point about Zone Overlapping within the CT area itself. 3-Phase Over Voltage Relay (59) & Metering.E (SP) / M/s BARQAAB M/s NEIE Whereas the NTDC CVT Specification is as under. Class 3P M/s NEIE / C.2 winding connected to Distance Relay 21-A. 100VA. As per Contract Specifications. Over Flux / Over Voltage Relay at 500kV Auto-Transformer Bank: It was decided that the Over fluxing relay shall be used as Built-in function of the Differential Relay and independent Over Voltage Relay shall be provided for Auto-transformer Bank.

Energy Meters at HV & LV Side of Auto-Transformers: M/s NEIE was advised that the Energy Meters shall be installed on both sides of the Auto-Transformer i.e Ampere. kV. However. shall be transducer fed. IEC 61850 or 60870 for Protection Relay: M/s NEIE asked during the meeting to follow which standard i. Inputs / Outputs of Protection Relays: The inputs / Outputs of the Protection Relays whether (24 or 32 nos. M/s NEIE 9. which will ultimately be checked during Protection Schematics approval by concerned engineers. M/s NEIE is required to confirm that the Inputs / Outputs of the offered Relays will be sufficient for the Protection Scheme as per NTDC / WAPDA practice and shall submit the Protection Schematics accordingly. either IEC 61850 or IEC 60870 for protection relays. The Protection Relays in which IEC 61850-8-1 Communication Protocols are not available then IEC 60870-5-103 Communication Protocols will be acceptable. This should be left over to Protection Scheme Designer to choose the appropriate input / outputs. Relays for Transmission Line and Auto-Transformer Over Current 170781816. MVAR etc. M/s NEIE 8. System Protection (NTDC) advised the Contractor to provide IEC 61850-8-1 Communication Protocols. BARQAAB proposed that the binary inputs / outputs should be in accordance to the Protection Scheme Design with some spares available for future use. System protection (NTDC) did not agree with the proposal and advised the Contractor M/s NEIE to use GPS Antenna for Time Synchronization as per NTDC practice. Transducer Fed Meters: System protection (NTDC) advised the Contractor M/s NEIE that all the Analog Meters i.e. GPS Antenna for Time Synchronization: M/s NEIE proposed to use software enabled device for time synchronization at Shikarpur S/Station. M/s NEIE / C. M/s NEIE 12. The Transducer mA DC Outputs will also be used for SCADA Measurements.) shall fulfill the requirement of the Protection Scheme used by the Contractor. M/s NEIE 10. Auto-Recloser on Distance Relay It was decided during the meeting that Auto-Rescloser will be required with both sets of the Distance Protection as independent units.doc Route: MA/BAZ Page 4 of 5 . M/s NEIE 11. M/s BARQAAB insisted to prefer on using IEC 61850-8-1 Communications Protocols over the 608705-103 for protection relays.E (SP) 13. MW. HV Side & LV Side. The Contractor argued that the manufacturer can only provide 60870-5-103 Communications Protocols in Protection Relays due to the reasons that IEC 61850-8-1 Communication Protocols are not available for Protection Relays. Direct tripping from relay to trip coils by main protection relays shall be ensured.7. M/s NEIE was advised to follow the same scheme.e.

M/s. 14. M/s NEIE M/s NEIE / M/s BARQAAB 170781816. System Protection (NTDC) advised M/s NEIE that the Distance Relay internal auto-reclosure & syncrocheck function is not required. M/s Barqaab claimed that the Relay P127 offered by M/s NEIE is justified and can serve the purpose of Line and Auto-Transformer Over Current Protection. But the external auto-recloser shall be equipped with internal Synchro-check function.doc Route: MA/BAZ Page 5 of 5 . External Synchronizing Check Relay for Distance Relay: It was decided during the meeting that External Auto-Reclosure Relay with syncrocheck function is required as units with the Distance Protection Sets I & II independently. BARQAB proposed Micom P127 as over current relay.Protection: System Protection NTDC insisted the Contractor M/s NEIE to provide Schneider Electric Relay type MiCOM P141 for Auto-Transformer and Transmission Line Over Current Protection against Schneider Electric Relay type MiCOM P127. Because P141 is Breaker Management Relay same as Bay Control Unit (BCU) having high price and extra features as compared to P127 which is primarily designed for Over Current function.

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