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Literacy (Including Homework)

Basic skills punctuation, grammar, sentences structure, descriptive writing. Guided reading sessions, concentrating on comprehension and Library sessions. Stormbreaker Class reader (spy camp). Blizted Class reader related to our main theme. Spelling patterns and rules. Extended writing (covering a number of genres). Homework based on skills being covered in class. Sent home on a Monday, due in that Thursday.

P.E. & Forest School

P.E. - Gymnastic skills/Swimming Forest school Outdoor skills, problem solving, links to class learning as much as possible to take learning outside the classrooms. 6C P.E. Thursday Swimming Wednesday Forest school Monday 6G P.E. - Thursday Games - Wednesday Forest school Tuesday 6S P.E. Monday Games Friday Forest school - Wednesday

Topic: Blitz (History Focus)

ENGAGE Professor McGinty WW2 Roadshow Invite people in to talk about WW2 experiences Read diary entries Handle artefacts Evacuate the children (Full day experience) DEVELOP Learn and order key dates and events Develop ideas about A night in the Blitz Research using books, maps and artefacts Listen to a range of war songs INNOVATE Travel back to May 1945. Winston Churchill has announced on radio that the war has ended. Plan a street party/celebration EXPRESS Rene stories on the Blitz Create a PowerPoint to present to an audience

Numeracy (Including Homework)

Counting, partitioning and calculating number patterns place value addition and subtraction Securing number facts and understanding shape properties of number and shape solve one and two step problems doubling and halving Handling data and measures collect organize and present data understand and use metric units and abbreviations interpret divisions on a scale Calculating, measuring and understanding shape solve problems involving money and measures read time to the nearest minute use position and direction Securing number facts, relationships and calculating consolidate multiplication facts up to 10x10 recognize equivalent decimals and fractions nd fractions of number, shape or quantities 66 minute club and weekly mental maths tests. Home work based on class work done that week. Sent home on a Friday, due in the following Tuesday.

Year 6
Autumn Term
Mr Clarke 6C &Year Leader Mrs Guest 6G Mr Sheehan 6S Mrs Evans Teaching Assistant Mrs Blackwell Teaching Assistant Mrs Sheridan PPA (cover) Ms Milnthorpe PPA (cover) Mr Crees Forest School Mr Atkins Mentor Mrs Phillips - Mentor

Important Autumn Dates

18th Sep ! 20th Sep ! 23rd Sep ! 17th Oct! 22nd Oct! 23rd Oct ! 25th Oct! 4th Nov ! 6th Nov ! 12th Nov! 18th Nov! 11th Dec! 19th Dec! 20th Dec! 6C swimming starts IEPs sent home Y6 residential/Team building week Eco day Parents evening (4-6pm) 6Cs last swimming session Sponsored walk /Break up for term Back to school for children 6G swimming starts Photographer in school Professor McGinty (WWII) 6Gs last swimming session Christmas Service and class parties Break up for Christmas holidays Return to school Tues 7th Jan