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the-best-of-the-internet’s [graphic]-reaction-to-obama’s-plans-to-bomb-syria Kurdish Perspective freedom-for-the-kurds-now Sherkoh Abbas on American Military Action

Supporters of War/Bombing - Domestic The Obama Left's Absurd Syria Talking Points dws-says-dozens-of-countries-will-fight-with-us-but-she-can’t-name-them Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Who Opposes Israel, Uses Holocaust to Demand Support for Syrian Al Qaeda Rep. Peter King: Obama Doesn't Need Congress to Act on Syria peace-activists-mia-on-syria vanishing-anti-war-left democrats-express-concern-with-kerry’s-syria-talk Dem Congresswoman: Only Reason I’d Vote for Syria Attack Is Loyalty to Obama John McCain Blasts Fox News Over 'Allahu Akbar' Criticism (VIDEO) WH CHIEF OF STAFF: 'I HAVE EVERY CONFIDENCE' WE'LL GET AUTHORIZATION white-house-admits-it-has-no-allies-for-syria-attack DAVID AXELROD: LACK OF SYRIA STRIKE SHOWS U.S. IN 'FETAL POSITION' send-the-right-signal-to-wmd-proliferators boehner-cantor-support-bombing-syria Boehner supports Obama on military action in Syria pelosi-abandoning-obama-on-syria-vote Pelosi tells grandson: We're at war Supporters of War/Bombing - Overseas Saudis sent death-row inmates to fight Syria AIPAC, Beltway Once Left Assad Alone syria-crisis-minimizing-israeli-confidence-in-u-s-standing-up-to-iran The Case For Using Regional Countries’ Military Forces To Affect [should be “Effect”] Change In Syria Opponents of War/Bombing - Domestic Cher ✔ @cher : I Believe, If Pres.Obama, Bombs Syria, it might b His Downfall. He could go From Loved 2 Loathed. U Can’t Go Against The Will Of 80% Of AMERICANS. Noonan: Why America Is Saying 'No' - Syria and Obama: Wrong time, wrong place, wrong plan, wrong man. Big Fat Red Line House Intel Chair: Obama Would Not Get Authorization if Syria Vote Held Today stay-home-and-far-away-syria Judge Jeanine Goes Off on Obama Over Syria rush-limbaugh-lets-loose-obama-psychopathic-statement Rush Limbaugh highlighted on his show Obama’s utterly chaotic, unrealistic, naïve approach to attacking Syria, as well as his increasingly unhinged statements to the world and to the American people. Not only

did Rush conclude that the events of the past few days might finally make Americans aware of Obama’s “incompetence,” he said that it’s getting so bad, some people think Obama is “unraveling” before our eyes. in-stockholm-barack-obama-loses-touch-with-reality dissociative amnesia, apparently having forgotten that a year ago last month he did, in fact, draw a red line. Syria Protests In NYC, DC Oppose Military Action Clarence Page Points to Obama's Hypocrisy on Syria Allen West Says Bomb Iran Instead of Syria Rep. Alan Grayson didn’t back down Sunday from his opposition to any U.S. engagement in Syria, telling an MSNBC anchor who pressed him that it’s “not our responsibility” to get involved. Rand Paul: You Will Be Voting To Fund And Send Arms To The Allies Of Al-Qaeda Rand Paul benefits from a vote on Syria Republicans won't support Obama on Syria attack six-in-10-oppose-u-s-only-strike-on-syria-a-closer-division-if-allies-are-involved letting-allah-sort-out-islamic-civil-war-in-syria I don’t believe we should invade or bomb Syria, yet conservatives-should-oppose-syrian-intervention pentagon-pushback: joint-chiefs-said-to-oppose-obama’s-syria-strike-order obama’s-coalition-of-the-unwilling bad-reasons-for-bombing-syria Opponents of War/Bombing - Overseas arab-christian-leaders-come-out-strongly-against-us-strike-in-syria.html “Where Is President Obama to See What Has Befallen Us?” Ethnically Cleansed Syrian Christian Asks iraq-joins-iran-in-opposing-us-led-military-strike-in-syria RUSSIA CALLS FOR PROTECTION OF CHRISTIAN HOLY PLACES IN MAALOULA, SYRIA The prize Putin is seeking for obliterating the American “red line” is not victory in Syria—since his client Assad is clearly winning anyway; the point of the attack is to publically expose Obama’s deep ambivalence about the use of force to stop Iran. russia- equipped-syria-with-their-most-advanced-anti-ship-missiles/ Catholic Patriarch of Syria To Obama: Your Attack On Assad Will Only Benefit Islamic Extremists iran-backed-militias-in-iraq-threaten-attacks-on-amerian-interests-if-us-strikes-syria INTERNATIONAL OPPOSITION BUILDS germany-says-won’t-join-attack-on-syria Syrians React to Obama's Next Steps in Military Strike russia-asks-turkey-for-info-on-sarin-terrorists Database Syria's 'rebels' and soldiers agree: Military strikes will change nothing gen_hayden_syria_will_not_be_a_one_and_done_action U.S. Air Force Lacks Preparedness for Syria Strike - Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Welsh says the U.S. Air Force is not in an ideal place to lead a major Syria Offensive. Syrian Refugee Crisis tops Two Million /9-questions-about-syria-you-were-too-embarrassed-to-ask/ (There are other minorities as well, such as ethnic Kurds and Christian Arabs; too much to cover in one explainer.) Why hasn’t the United States fixed this yet? Because it can’t. There are no viable options. Sorry. Regarding Syria: Keep Your Eyes on Iran Unreliable-British-officers-left-out-of-US-meetings-on-Syria

experts-disagree-on-syria-but-agree-obama-is-wrong lesson-on-syria-for-a-hollywood-broadway-birthright-trip Politics Rep. Kinzinger (R-IL): Obama Has Not Even Reached Out to Congressional Supporters on Syria where-the-house-stands where-lawmakers-stand The Consequences of Obama's Likely Loss on Syria OBAMA FACES DEFEAT IN HOUSE BIDEN ATTEMPTS RESCUE obama-losing-support-in-congress-after-modifying-terms-of-the-red-line u-s-credibility-not-israel-lobby-will-decide-syria-vote congress-must-ask-the-right-questions-on-syrian-chemical-weapons-use The six key players in Congress' Syria debate Assad assad-is-adopting-hamas’-dead-baby-strategy Will Assad Unleash His Palestinian Terrorists Against U.S., Israel? UK Royal Air Force Jets Chase Away Syrian Warplanes Approaching Cyprus Assad hints at retaliation Regime forces may have used gas without Assad's permission Assad-hints-he-is-weighing-a-secret-new-US-proposal-pushed-by-EuropeansSyria has used chemical weapons to murder its own citizens assad-obama-is-weak syrian-electronic-army-talks-about-yesterdays-hacks Alternate/Conspiracy-Theories white-house-helped-plan-the-syrian-chemical-attack with-the-world-watching, syria-amassed-nerve-gas SYRIA: NERVE GAS POINTS TO OBAMA-BACKED JIHADISTS AS WH CHIEF OF STAFF ADMITS THEY DON'T HAVE EVIDENCE ASSAD CARRIED IT OUT BRITISH COMPANIES EXPORTED SARIN GAS AGENT TO SYRIA c/o Daylin Leach: Bombshell: Syria's "chemical weapons" turn out to be fluoride BHO unashamed-president-obama-thanks-muslim-brotherhood-entity The Obama Administration has resisted naming the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. Barack Hussein Obama, from behind, has led the United States once great and respected position on the world stage, down the path of destruction. obama-has-no-red-line-for-beheading-raping-girls-and-killing-christians Lawmakers, Leading Policy Experts Tell Newsmax: Obama's Miscues Have Damaged Presidency lies_or_stupidity_has_got_obama’s_tongue what-obama-can-learn-from-roger-ailes Obama's Successful Foreign Failure - The president may look incompetent on Syria. But his behavior fits his strategy to weaken America abroad. from-line-in-sand-to-debate-in-congress Obama, once critical of unilateral action, backtracks in the face of U.N. shortcomings Obama’s unholy war

Obama Compares Hesitating on Syria to World War II Isolationism U.S. Spent $1,010,354,195 on Syrian Humanitarian Aid 2012-2013 AMASH: OBAMA ADMIN EMBELLISHING SYRIA CLAIMS obama-on-syria-vs-obama-on-iraq obama’s-battle-for-syria-votes-taut-and-uphill obama-so-vehement-about-bombing syria [because he wants oil] doubts-about-obama’s-iran-resolve pentagon-preparing-for-longer-strike-against-syria-than-initially-planned the-price-of-vacillation obama-is-spineless-on-syria obama’s-middle-east-misadventure The buck stops elsewhere US loses the will to lead Another blow to Obama's leadership the-gap-between-john kerry’s-rhetoric-and-obama’s-plans obama-launches-pitch-for-war-flies-to-sweden obama-overrules-team obama-don’t-need-no-stinkin-staff Obama begins struggle to persuade Congress of need for strikes obama-on-syria-confident-or-rash sending-signals-to-syria-with-military-force-another-obama-folly Rebels Syrian Rebels Joins Up With Al Qaeda - Group Pledges Support To Terror Leader obama-backed-jihadists-attack-christian-homes-churches-many-feared-dead-convert-to-islam-or-you will be beheaded horrific-video-syrian-rebels-armed-u-s-execute-civilians-surrendering-soldiers european-jihad-in-syria: German citizens have participated in the bloody expulsion of Christian villages in Syria, according to the German newsmagazine Focus. The incident is part of a larger problem involving German and other citizens from Western countries joining jihadist groups in Syria's brutal, multiparty civil war, raising Muslim terrorism concerns in Syria and beyond. german-converts-to-islam-ethnically-cleansing-christians-in-syria watching-syria’s-war west-struggles-to-cope-with-recruitment-for-syria-jihad there-are-no-moderate-syrian-rebels First-Syria-rebels-armed-and-trained-by-CIA-on-way-to-battlefield wall-street-journal’s-misleading-report-on-the-“moderate”-syrian-opposition

Syria-Related Bullet-Points – Articles Acquired prior to Weekend [unclassified] Perfidious Albion hands murderous Assad a spectacular victory - How a perfect storm of British ineptitude and gutlessness sent the wrong message to the butcher of Damascus, and left Israel more certain than ever that it can only rely on itself secretary-john-kerry-sarin-gas-confirmed-syria-americas-credibility-line U.S. 'backed plan to launch chemical weapon attack on Syria and blame it on Assad's regime' Biden accused Romney of wanting war with Syria Kerry: 'No Doubt' Obama Will Address Nation on Syria

Kerry 'Hopeful' Obama, Putin Will Talk World View: Obama Echoes Truman Doctrine Pushing Syria Intervention Pentagon Walks Back Hagel's Claim Russia Supplied Chemical Weapons to Syria Kerry's Claims on Syrian Islamist Influence Contradicted by Intelligence Senate to Narrow Syria Resolution Split on Syria: A conservative magazine’s internal battle Rangel: Obama's Syria Reversal 'Embarrassing' kerry-caught-using-fake-photos-to-fuel-syrian-war peres-backs-obama-on-syria-thoughtfulness-should-not-be-confused-with-indecision/ Abbas Rakes Obama over the Coals for Plan to Attack Syria obama’s-staggering-incompetence obama’s-latest-flip-flop-and-its-fallout how-not-to-run-a-foreign-policy allen-west-to-congress-don’t-let-obama-make-you-the-scapegoat-for-syria-strikes Kerry’s-reaction-when-gregory-asks-if-sarin-in-syria-is-slam-dunk-case mccain-urges-congress-to-protect-obama’s-threat-credibility Iran, Russia advise Assad to transfer chemical stockpile to Tehran - to avert US attack World learns to manage without the US IAF Command prepared for Syrian attack Bad Reasons for Bombing Syria Israelis fear U.S. debate on Syria foreshadows weakness on Iran Will Congress Endorse Obama’s War Plans? Does it Matter? Putin-Backs-Proposed-US-Russian-Talks-on-Syria obama-hands-off-syria-antiwar-activists-rally-around-white-house Syria crisis: Incendiary bomb victims 'like the walking dead' Peter King: Isolationist GOP Members 'Damaging To The Nation' CANADA GIVES FINANCIAL SUPPORT TO SYRIAN REBELS Rand-Slams-Kerry-How-Can-You-Ask-a-Man-to-Be-the-First-One-to-Die-for-a-Mistake RETIRED GENERAL ON SYRIA: LIMITED STRIKE NOT 'EFFECTIVE' LIEBERMAN: ‘OUR ENEMIES ARE CHEERING’ THAT OBAMA CONSULTED CONGRESS ON SYRIA john-bolton-after-years-of-dem-bush-bashing-on-iraq-im-delighted-to-see-shoe-on-the-other-foot Obama's Foreign Failure - The world hasn't lived up to his Pollyannaish expectations. GOP CONGRESSMAN: Military Members Keep Telling Me To Vote No On Syria Female Veteran Arrested and Brutalized After No War With Syria Rally John Kerry Assured Syrian Opposition Leader Assi Al-Jarba Of U.S. Commitment To Chemical Attack Response Kerry: Assad is the gasser but 'proof' not revealed adrift-the-united-states-and-the-middle-east I was wondering how Obama was going to sidestep his promise to attack Syria if they used chemical weapons, and here he managed to do so by simply saying he wants to spread the “accountability” onto the backs of the American people’s representatives – when they come back from their extended vacation, and the issue is no longer on everyone’s mind, and not so important anymore, because by then a few thousand more Syrians (on both sides) will have been killed, but only by mere conventional weapons this time. Besides, the decision isn’t really time sensitive anyway. u-s-backed-chemical-attack-on-syria obama-on-syria-i-vote-present kerry-frequent-visitor-syrian-dictator-bashar-al-assad RETIRED GENERAL ON SYRIA: LIMITED STRIKE NOT 'EFFECTIVE'

McCain, Graham Push Obama for Regime Change in Syria US Aid to Syrian Opposition Tops $1 Billion Mark Top 10 Differences Between Bush's Iraq & Obama's Syria Assad Has 1,000 Tons of Chemical Weapons Clinton's Syria Advisor Slams Obama's 'Strategically Appalling' Response Former Obama Syria Advisor Rips 'Abysmal' Administration Policy Experts Disagree on Syria But Agree Obama Is Wrong The White House's Bogus Israel Argument on Syria soldier-on-syrian-intervention-we-are-stretched-thin-tired-and-broke obama-says-that-a-congressional-no-vote-on-war-with-syria-wont-keep-him-from-starting-the-war SCHULTZ HAMMERS 'NEOCONS,' NOT OBAMA FOR SYRIA WAR DRUMS obama-no-longer-commands-respect 'They Told Us Israel was the Enemy - They Lied' [Syrian opposition member speaks to Arutz Sheva about his support for western intervention and his concern for his family.] Striking while the iron is cold syrian-state-run-daily-calls-obama-move-a-retreat and moved troops to civilian areas The beautification of Bashar 80% of Americans Say Congress Needs to OK an Attack pro-israel-community-taking-cautious-line-on-syria Has-President-Assad’s-SON-Hafez-al-Assad-dared-America-invade-Syria-Facebook-account idf-chief-says-many-secret-operations-have-been-carried-out-on-golan-front kerry-makes-emotional-plea-for-intervention-in-syria Obama Pushes Syria Intervention With Same Argument He Ignores On Iran the-syrian-scenario krauthammer-left-mocked-bush-going-iraq-50-allies-obama-can’t-even-get-one-and-half caroline’s-bread-and-circuses syria-and-iran-could-retaliate-with-cyber-attacks CNN REPORTER: OBAMA'S CLAIM SYRIA THREATENS U.S. WITH CHEM WEAPONS 'VERY DUBIOUS' Europe folds again obama’s-2014-calculation-lets-have-war jewish-leaders-us-should-say-attack-on-israel-is-attack-on-us buchanan-on-why-neocons-supports-syria-strike-syria-is-the-backdoor-to-war-with-iran/’s-usechemical-weapons-august-21 hacked-email-of-us-intelligence-colonel-shows-pentagon’s-involvement-in-chemical-attack-in-syria col-ralph-peters-torches-kerry-over-his-stunning-and-revolting-hypocrisy-on-syria surveys/Syria/Should-the-U-S--Bomb-Syriaobama’s-stunning-reversal-the-start-of-the-historic-american-retreat.html vogue-defends-profile-of-syrian-first-lady pelosi-we-have-to-bomb-syria-to-find-out-what’s-in-it the-hezbollah-scenario saudi-foreign-minister-urges-arab-league-to-support-syria-strike-kingdom-reportedly-offers-to-fund-fuel It is not Israel’s job to “help sway members” of Congress. Israel is not anxiously awaiting a US attack on Syria. making_arab_heads_explode Getting Away with Murder: Obama and the GOP’s Vacillation on Syria [If the gassing of children is not an urgent matter than nothing is.] GEORGE WILL: Obama’s failed foreign policy

syrian-officer-kamikaze-pilots-ready-to-act-against-u-s-forces Obama’s credibility on line in reversal Obama-Admin-Considers-Resettling-Thousands-of-Syrian-Refugees-in-U-S Obama breaks from precedent in asking Congress for approval to strike Syria obama’s provocative syria retreat syria-christians-could-be-casualty-of-us-attack Britain’s decision not to stand with the United States, its closest ally, in possible military action to punish the Syrian regime for a deadly chemical weapons attack marks a watershed moment that leaves the “special relationship” in search of meaning and Britain in search of its role in the world. James Woods: Perhaps UK didn’t want to follow a community organizer into quicksand obama-faces-go-it-almost-alone-decision-on-syria-the-note Syrian officers, Iranian engineers attempting to mount chemical warhead on Scud missile killed in accident which took place in secret location about two months ago russia-suspends-delivery-of-s-300-missile-defense-system-to-syria syrians-say-they-will-burn-americas-skies warning-graphic-video-of-syrian-rebels Maariv quotes unnamed official who says it is “obvious” Obama does not want to attack in Syria. constitution-allows-obama-to-strike-syria-without-congressional-approval Obama to Assad: It's Labor Day Weekend Putin to (Nobel Prize winner) Obama: 'Think about future Syria victims' (FULL VIDEO) Bombing into Unintended Consequences in Syria jon-stewart’s-mega-awesome-slam-obama’s-red-line-comment McCain Blisters Obama for Indecision on Syria Rubio Wants Congress Back Early over Syria Rep. Peter King Slams Obama for 'Clear Failure of Leadership' GOP Rep.: House Will Probably Vote 'No' on Syria Kerry Compares Assad to Hitler, Saddam Obama's 'New' Syria Strategy: Blame Congress Kerry: I Never Said Syria Response Had to Be Swift Syria crisis: US isolated as British MPs vote against air strikes – as it happened Trouble for White House after UK parliamentary revolt Doubts circulate about case tying Assad to chemical weapons Assad moves Scud missiles, evacuates troops Chris Wallace Holds John Kerry's Feet to the Fire on Syria thinking-through-our-syrian-options Syrian Newspaper Calls Obama Move a Retreat Syria Mocks 'Historic American Retreat' World View: U.S. Foreign Policy in Chaos as Obama Reverses Himself on Syria Analysis: Obama's Credibility on Line in Reversal on Syria Kerry Won't Rule Out Action Against Syria if Congress Votes No Kerry Does 'Full Ginsburg,' Appears on Five Sunday Shows Kerry: 'Can't Contemplate' Congress Wouldn't Give Obama Authorization push-for-syria-strike-prompts-threats-to-beirut-baghdad-embassies meehan-gives-syrian-statement Russia’s-game-in-Syria Coming-to-a-town-near-you--Syrian-Refugees Iran Plots Revenge, U.S. Says Can America Win a War in Syria?

Visibly-Angry-Kerry-Makes-Pitch-for-Syria-Action-to-MSNBC-Host democrats-want-assad-to-sign-pledge-to-not-use-chemical-weapons-in-the-future krauthammer-left-mocked-bush-going-iraq-50-allies-obama-can’t-even-get-one-and-half Krauthammer: 'This Is Amateur Hour' for President Obama ED ASNER: HOLLYWOOD NOT CRITICIZING OBAMA ON SYRIA BECAUSE HE'S 'BLACK' ABC's Karl Confronts Obama on Syria: 'It's a Pretty Basic Question' U.S. Ambassador Claims Russia Holding UN 'Hostage' with Syria Veto Why Not Syria? STAMMERING OBAMA ASSURES WORLD: 'THIS IS NOT SOMETHING WE'VE FABRICATED' drawing-al-qaeda-red-line-andrew-c-mccarthy FRUSTRATED KERRY LOBBIES EUROPEAN ALLIES ON SYRIA STRIKE Obama Dismisses UN Process as 'Hocus Pocus' letter-from-trappist-nuns-in-syria-blood-fills-our-streets-our-eyes-our-hearts Samantha Power is a driving force urging President Obama to strike in Syria Buchanan: No Vital American Interest in Assad’s Downfall Bucks-congressman-Don’t-rush-to-bomb-Syria john-mccain’s-moderate-allies-syria-behead-40-day-old-infant-mother u-s-hypocrisy-for-syrian-human-rights no-to-war-in-syria the-syria-confidence-trick putin-puts-obama-in-the-hot-seat russian-warship-with-special-cargo-heads-to-syria syrian-teen-gets-prosthetic-leg-in-israel-hospital If It Wasn’t Syria, It Would Have Been Something Else obama tosses_syrian_hot_potato_into_republicans’ laps Bombing Syria at this late date will accomplish nothing except to provide a tepid anticlimactic conclusion to an incompetent policy. whither-the-anti-war-left smart-power-obama’s-team-thought-us-might-win-iran’s-support-against-syria protests-against-syria-attack-gather-momentum obama-hints-his-may-abandon-syria-strike us-military-planners-don’t-support-war-with-syria momentum-moving-strongly-against-syria-resolution-in-congress US CONGRESS & MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD -Al-Qaeda, Islamists Seek Sharia State in Syria obama-backed-syrian-jihad-rebels-post-image-of-burning-us-capitol Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Ct., claimed Strikes in Syria could lead to a decade-long conflict. PUTIN: Russia Will Help Syria If USA Attacks Sends more naval ships to coast BUCHANAN: Our boys to be 'mercenaries of sheikhs, sultans and emirs' NOONAN: Why America Is Saying NO Chris Christie Explains Chemical Weapons to Children Reid predicts win on use-of-force resolution House could delay vote Francis warns military strike would be 'futile' Meet Iran’s “Carrier Killer”: The Khalij Fars Calls all Catholics to pray and fast anti-war-celebs-strangely-silent CBSNEWS laments 'religious street protest'

LET'S CALL THE WHOLE THING OFF? Kerry falsely claimed he supported the Grenada invasion as a Senator. 'DOESN'T HAVE THE VOTES' O LOSES G20 IRAN PLOTS REVENGE WSJ: Tehran plans attack on U.S. embassy in Baghdad Attacks on Christians Continue as Islamists Take Over Egypt Town Ayatollah Khamenei: America Will 'Certainly Suffer Loss' Hezbollah unleashed! Obama daughter will be 'raped' Scarborough: This is amateur hour in foreign policy rove-its-amateur-hour-in-the-white-house/?intcmp=obnetwork AIPAC Strongly Urges Congress To Back Syria Strike About the Syria red line that Obama drew, he now claims it was someone else Now wanted: an accomplice for Obama on Syria Obama contributes nothing but Syria trouble to an economic forum Obama’s Syria strategy is like Seinfeld are-there-moderate-rebels-in-syria iran-threatens-brutal-attacks-on-americans-obama-family-if-us-hits-syria/ Delco lawmakers weigh strike against Syria /syrian-rebels-used-sarin-gas-says-united-nations-investigator/ u.s--committed-to-syria-action-will-look-weak-to-assad-if-it-doesnt-act-retired-general-Zinni-says/ Pa. congressional delegation sounds off on Syria President Obama & US Congress Supported Al-Qaeda Linked Syrian Rebels Now Killing Christians three-russian-warships-spotted-heading-into-syrian-waters/ german-intel-report-hezbollah-admitted-that-assad-used-chemical-weapons dem-congressman-charges-obama-with-syrian-intelligence-scandal/ Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) tore into Secretary of State John Kerry over the administration’s “credibility problem.” unmasking-the-muslim-brotherhood-syria-egypt-and-beyond woman-informing-kerry’s-and mccain’s-opinions-on-syria-also-an-advocate-for-syrian-rebels/ kerry’s-claim-that-syrian-rebels-are-moderates-belied-by-us-and-european-intelligence-reports vote-count-shows-obama-is-about-to-suffer-a-humiliating-house-defeat-on-syria-in-the-house/ us-training-syria-rebels unserious-about-syria-thomas-sowell syrian-rebel-spokesman-is-muslim-brotherhood/ the-new-republic-bashes-rand-paul-for-concern-over-syrias-christians/ white-house-lists-10-allies-on-syria/ McCain: Boots on the Ground in Syria Means Impeachment for Obama Christian Persecution In Syria msnbc’s-ed-schultz: racism-behind-opposition-to-war-syria; blames-bush obama’s-red-line-undermines-u-s-power AP-Reporter-Asks-If-Obama-Kerry-Of-Having-Group-Spin-Removal-Procedure -rebels-launching-chemical-attacks-will-obama-strike-syria-anyway IDF intercepted communications of the Syrian army during the attack Israeli intelligence ties Syrian gas attack to Assad OBAMA WAITS FOR UN ON SYRIA FRANCE: ALL INDICATIONS SYRIA BEHIND CHEMICAL ATTACK

Glenn Beck Shocking Video - THIS Is Who We Are Helping in Syria perfidious-albion-hands-murderous-assad-a-spectacular-victory hezbollah-says-it-will-hit-israel-from-within-syria abbas-on-syria-we-will-never-support-the-bombing-of-an-arab-country-by-a-foreign-state "Arab-Americans FOR Syria" The-Syrian-spring syrian-opposition-urges-us-congress-vote-yes on-obama’s-facebook-syrians-say-they-will-burn-americas-skies McCain: Congress' Rejecting Use of Force in Syria Would be Catastrophic What Barack Obama Can Learn from Israel about Confronting Syria Revealed: Government let British company export nerve gas chemicals to Syria - UK Politics - UK - The Independent GOP Rep: No Funding for Syria Strike Until Obama Reverses Sequester Cuts to Military Obama's Diminishing Returns Sen. Patrick Leahy said Sunday that Senate Democratic aides are drafting new language for an authorization of military force in Syria. The news comes after an intense holiday Sunday with the administration pressing its case with reluctant lawmakers on the Hill and to the American public on the Sunday shows, while members of Congress attended classified briefings and tried to decide what to do now that Obama has forced them to take a stand. The administration’s proposal is too open-ended — a complaint many lawmakers have — Leahy (D-Vt.) said. The current version wouldn’t garner his support, but he indicated that a more tightly written draft might. Inhofe: Obama 'has clearly retreated' Hill briefing: Uphill battle for Obama on Syria obama’s-path-forward-on-syria Obama’s Halfway Effort in Syria sarah-palin-obliterates-obama-on-syria-president-obamas-advertised-war-plan-isn’t-about-protectingcivilians Kristol: Republicans will back Obama NYT Column: 'Bomb Syria, Even if It Is Illegal' Israeli Politicians Slam America for Hesitation and Hypocrisy Saudi Arabia backs US strike against Syria Obama balks, Assad walks krauthammer-delivers-the-smackdown-in-only-the-way-krauthammer-can israel’s-peres-says-syrian-threats-against-israel-are-false-propaganda-to-create-panic AP SOURCES: INTELLIGENCE ON WEAPONS NO 'SLAM DUNK' john-kerry-syria-case-is-building White House to Congress: Help Israel, Bomb Syria America Must Act in Syria here’s-how-kerry-hillary-and-obama-let-assad-get-away-with-murder Obama Admin Defies UN on Syria Inspections Assad: 'Failure awaits the United States' if it attacks Syria syrian-rebels-used-sarin-nerve-gas-not-assad forget-red-line-engage-syria WH Official: 'Very Little Doubt' Assad Regime Behind Chemical Attack Syria Agrees to UN Inspection HAGEL: US PREPARED FOR 'ALL CONTIGENCIES' Russia Warns Not to Repeat Past Mistakes Syria gas attack work of U.S. allies

U.S. Framed Syria in Chemical Weapons Attack US Relief for Al Qaeda Pending: Britain's Royal Navy to Join US Navy Offensive Against Syria white-house-downplays-role-for-congress-or-the-un-in-syrian-strike/ can-world-wait-congress-come-back-vacation?-chris-wallace-presses-sen-corker-syria netanyahu-ties-syria-chemical-attack-to-iran-says-assad-is-full-iranian-client The sarin shells fired on Damascus - by Syrian 4th Division’s 155th Brigade - were followed by rockets on Israel and car bombings in Lebanon Syria Warns U.S.: Don't Attack Us french-charity-says-hospitals-it-supports-in-syria-treated-3600-patients-with-neurotoxic-symptoms/ THE 1 PARAGRAPH TO READ - WHITE HOUSE EMPHASIZING IRAN IN CASE TO LAWMAKERS : With morning news coverage reporting that President Obama could lose his Syria vote, White House officials are embarking on a massive, member-by-member lobbying surge. "The strategy will be to flood the zone," a White House official told Playbook. "We want every member to feel briefed, to have everything they need, to have every question answered. In-person visits, one-on-one phone calls, conference calls, classified briefings, unclassified briefings - everything is on the menu." Yesterday, in addition to a classified briefing by administration officials at the Capitol, Obama, Vice President Biden and White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough made individual calls to House and Senate members. Obama meets today with Sen. John McCain and White House officials plan more individual calls, on top of a conference call for House Democrats. arguing-against-limited-strikes-on-the-assad The Hill: 22 House lawmakers demand say in approving Syria strike The Hill: Dems urge improved humanitarian aid to Syrian conflict victims Videos Of "Moderate" Free Syrian Army Show Presidential Authority, the Constitution & the Power to Declare War Who Will Buy Our Debt If War With Syria Causes China, Russia & The Rest Of The World To Turn On Us? Separating Politics and War From Oil and the Economy china-sends-1000-marines-to-syrian-coast-russia-sends-more-warships us-rabbis-urge-congress-to-back-obama-on-syria/ obama’s-plan-to-blame-syria-on-congress judge-napolitano-attack-syria-would-be-war-crime Major Progressive Group Opposes Obama's Syria Strike /chinese-russian-warships-and-marines-heading-to-syrian-waters AL-QAEDA LINKED SYRIAN REBELS ATTACK CHRISTIAN VILLAGE KERRY: 'MAJORITY' OF REBELS NOT AL QAEDA Kerry Compares Syrian Intervention to Normandy Invasion No Easy Answers on Syria Hagel: Inaction Would Undermine Efforts to Prevent Iran from Getting Nukes Hezbollah Redeploys in Anticipation of U.S. Attack on Syria Iran Builds Up Its 'Foreign Legion' in Syria Kerry Doesn't Know What Obama Will Do if Congress Shoots Down Syria Strike Kerry: Arab Nations Offered to Pay for Syria Strike Obama on Syria: 'I didn't set a red line' half-of-americans-oppose-broad-military-action-in-syria-poll-finds Senate resolution allows boots on ground

Assad Must Pay [Clifford D. May is president of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies - Fighting Terrorism and Promoting Freedom] Kerry: Arab countries offered to pay for invasion israelis-secretly-bring-food-supplies-to-syrian-refugees congresswoman-cites-rumor-that-house-will-not-vote-on-syria Hezbollah Admits Assad Behind Chemical Attack brutality-of-syrian-rebels-pose-dilemma-in-west Truth May Scare You!! What The Media Isn’t Telling You About Syria. US Boots On The Ground Syria 24 FSA Battalions Join Al Qaeda!! obama-syria-house-vote Scarborough: Obama has backed America into a corner Video: Obama 'in more trouble than people realize' on Syria vote Video: Is inaction in Syria more dangerous now than action? TURKEY BUILDS UP ALONG BORDER... Obama suspends political fundraising to focus on Syria... china-sends-warships-to-syria-joining-russian-warships-in-mediterranean-sea Pelosi Warns: May Not Have House Votes for war... Russia Warns Of Nuclear Disaster If Syria Is Attacked... Swedish Reporter Asks Obama if Nobel Peace Prize Presents 'Dilemma' When Planning Syria Attack Big Three Networks Leave Al Qaeda Out of Majority of Syria Civil War Reports santorum-comes-out-against-military-strikes-in-syria/ US rabbis urge Congress to back Obama on Syria catholic-patriarch-syria-obama-criminal-attack-will-benefit-muslim-extremists/ Liberals reject Obama's case for Syria strikes; believe Obama and Kerry are lying Now, the Bad Guys are sounding good Al Qaeda-Linked Site Posts 'Hit List' of U.S. Targets, Prompting Feds to Send Alert Al-Qaeda Releases US “Hit List” (Photo) /navy-chief-raises-future-readiness-concerns-amid-syria-controversy/ UN Inspector Says Syrian Rebels Used Chemical Weapons, Not Assad significant-regime-defection-in-syria COMMUNITY ORGANIZER GOES TO WAR head-of-black-caucus-warns-members-to-keep-a-tight-lip-on-obamas-syria-war/ Reuters On John Kerry’s Claim That Syrian Rebels Are “Moderates”: Not So Much U.S. Travel Warning: Al Qaeda-Affiliated Syrian Rebels Have 'Claimed Nearly 600 Attacks' libertarians-liberals-unite-against-syria-strike house-democrat-uses-syria-to-push-for-military-draft Syrians form human shields outside possible US strike targets drafting-reagan-for-every-war 14-principled-anti-war-celebrities-who remain silent despite-obama-drama-no-direct-link-between-assad-and-chemical-weapons-attack syrian-rebels-us-about-to-help-connected-to-benghazi-terrorists Military Action in Syria: Where the House Stands DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: ‘DOZENS’ OF COUNTRIES BACK OBAMA IN SYRIA…I JUST CAN’T TELL YOU WHO THEY ARE Obama White House needs to get its message straight on Syria or it will never win support for strike key-questions-everyone-should-be-asking-about-syria freedomworks-comes-out-against-syria-intervention

/obama-backed-fsa-jihadists-executing-children-by-firing-squad-for-supporting-bashar-al-assad-.html obama-administration-now-teaching-taliban-fighters-yoga case-for-a-syrian-intervention/ hannity-us-syria-next-world-war what-barack-obama-can-learn-from-israel-about-confronting-syria/ casey-toomey-back-syria-action ABC NEWS TRIES TO GIVE OBAMA WIGGLE ROOM ON RED LINE DRUDGE: WHO THE HECK DO WE ROOT FOR IN SYRIAN CONFLICT? A united world should not fear Assad Arabs give Assad the cold shoulder state-department-prepares-to-bypass-un-on-syria-response syrian-christians-face-dilemma-as-west-debates-military-action/ assad-flees-to-iran?cid=db_articles /rand-paul-war-in-syria-has-no-clear-national-security-connection/ Syrian Woman Blasts McCain's Support Of' Al-Qaeda At Town Hall Assad_calls_Obama’s_bluff.html Attacking Syria Has Been a Foregone Conclusion For Years Russia 'Will Help Syria' If USA Attacks War on Syria Vote May Occur on 9/11 get-us-involved-in-one-civil-war-and-you-might-get-two [treason] Obama on Verge of Historic Rebuke Over Syria McCain: Boots on the Ground in Syria Means Impeachment for Obama Syria-crisis-al-Qaeda-seizes-village-that-still-speaks-the-ancient-language-of-Christ Big-Three-Networks-Leave-Al-Qaeda-Out-of-Syria-Civil-War-Stories the-planned-destruction-of-christians-in-syria ann-coulter-laura-ingraham-criticize-obama’s-syria-policy white-house-helped-plan-the-syrian-chemical-attack sending-signals-to-syria-with-military-force-another-obama-folly gingrich-no-vote-syria Former Syria defense minister defects in break with Assad ann-coulter-you-can’t-trust-democrats-as-commander-in-chief internet-explodes-entertaining-reactions-obamas-syria-strike/ obamas-half-assad-war Obama complicates Syria response: Our view dempsey-cant-say-what-u-s-is-seeking-in-syria h/obama-abandons-then-shifts-responsibility-for-red-line-on-syria obama-denies-his-syrian-red-line-comments/ bruce-springsteen-on-fence-about-playing-for assads jon-stewart-obamas-red-line-is-actually-a-dick-measuring-ribbon rand-paul-offers-resolution-obama-violates-the-constitution-if-he-attacks-syria-without-congress’sapproval/ /republicans-caving-on-syria krauthammer-on-syria-strike-if-you-want-to-send-a-message-you-call-the-western-union meet-the-syrian-islamist-organization-controlling-senator-mccain’s-agenda syrian-war-crimes-and-selective-moral-outrage/ /brotherhood-caught-on-tape-killing-supporters-to-frame-military/ The Hill: White House: We're not seeking 'regime change' as goal in Syria

obama-know-he’s-fighting-on-al-qaida’s-side WEAR YOUR BOOTS... Kerry recalls testimony where he accused US troops of committing atrocities against civilians... Top general cannot say what USA seeks in Syria... Kerry Doesn't Know What Obama Will Do if Congress Shoots Down Syria Strike French President Will Wait for US Decision on Military Action in Syria World View: France Promises Military Response to Syria's Chemical Weapons Attack COULTER ON SYRIA: 'YOU CANNOT TRUST DEMOCRATS TO BE COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF’ Rush Limbaugh: Obama And Al Qaeda WORKED TOGETHER Frame Syria’s Assad It is questionable whether or not the US and other countries, and the international community will ultimately punish Syria. U.S. AID TO SYRIAN OPPOSITION TOPS $1 BILLION white-house-helped-plan-the-syrian-chemical-attack/5347542 Syrian chemical attacks stir haunting memories of Halabja Sen. David Vitter says he'll vote no on Syria military resolution Russia says it's compiled 100-page report blaming Syrian rebels for a chemical weapons attack kerry-im-thinking-out-loud-about-boots-on-the-ground-video/ Syria Vote Is A Political Trap Republicans Can Avoid jewish-groups-support-strong-response to-syria’s-use-of-chemical-weapons/ coulter-they-used-to-say-under-bush-oh-the-world-hates-us-hates-us-now-the-world-is-laughing-at-us hume-obama-probably-gets-votes-for-syria-strike-video/ the-gap-between-john kerry’s-rhetoric-and-obamas-plans-syria/ rand-paul-grills-kerry-on-whether-obama-will-honor-congress-vote-or-make-constitutional-theater/ /al-qaeda-promises-to-slaughter-christians-after-us-liberates-syria.html congressional-vote-on-syria-could-prove-short-term-domestic-boon-for-obama/ brutality-of-syrian-rebels-pose-dilemma-in-west syrian-rebels-attack-assad-held-christian-village/ Jon Stewart Blasts Obama’s ‘Seventh Grade’ Justifications for Invading Syria rumor-that-house-will-not-vote-on-syria/ obama-abandons-then-shifts-responsibility-for-red-line-on-syria-n1691076 obama-backed-syrian-rebels-behead-24-including-a-mother-and-her-baby/ syria-debate-in-french-parliament/ - This debate represents the unofficial end of the Sykes-Picot Agreement, which was signed between Britain and France during WWI – where the borders of what are today Syria and Lebanon were drawn up. moveon-org-announces-opposition-to-military-action-in-syria/ gop-leadership-is-going-along-with-the-syrian-misadventure/ pentagon-report-it-would-take-75000-ground-troops-to-secure-syrias-chemical-weapons-arsenal/ /syrian-rebels-used-sarin-nerve-gas-not-assads-regi/ /john-kerry-claims-34-countries-support-syrian-war-when-asked-for-the-list-kerry-responds-i-donthave-the-list/ syrian-military-finds-massive-rebel Regional Implications of a U.S. Strike on Syria obama’s-epic-fail-at-g20 russia-and-china-walk-out-of-un-security-council-meeting-on-syria self-serving-posturing-over-syria McCain: Syrian Radicals Are “Freedom Fighters”, not “Extremists” syria-and-israel-lobby-conspiracy-theories/

/ann-coulter-obama-bomb-syria-so-he-won’t-look-idiot Iran: 'Thousands of missiles' to rain on Israel /israel-said-expecting-us-military-response-in-syria/ THE STRANGE CASE OF THE MISSING U.N. AMBASSADOR Russia 'Sending Battleships to Mediterranean' - An anti-submarine ship and a missile cruiser are en route, says Russian news agency. iran-army-warns-us-harsh-consequences-over-syria-092109227.html obama-already-waited-too-long-on-syria-chemical-weapons/ netanyahu-ties-syria-chemical-attack-to-iran-says-assad-is-full-iranian-client/ /netanyahu-laments-loss-if-life-in-syrian-chemical-attack-says-israel’s-finger-on-the-trigger-if-necessary/ Syria Militant Vows Revenge for Alleged Gas Attack israeli-president-peres-calls-for-removal-of-all-chemical-weapons-from-syria/ m/israel-looks-us-response-syria-as-navy-ships-draw-closer Hollande Says Evidence Implicates Assad in Chemical Attacks tucker-carlson-un-ambassador-samantha-power-has-a-freshman-seminar-view-of-the-world America's march of folly in the Middle East continues /the-syrian-spring Russia, China 'Neutered' U.S. Response to Syrian Chemical Attack US Prepares Cruise Missiles for Attack on Syria The Obama administration is rapidly making the initial preparations for a cruise missile attack on Syrian government forces, though President Obama himself is cautioning against any rash action. judge-jeanine-us-has-lost-credibility-world-stage obama-hints-at-syria-attack-to-cnn all-the-tyrant’s-men-chipping-away-at-the-assad-regime’s-core israeli-arab-family-lost-18-members-in-alleged-chemical-bombing-massacre-near-damascus what-options-does-the-us-have-in-syria A Million Syrian Child Refugees Is 'Shameful Milestone': U.N. Iran Rejects Claims Syria Regime Used Chemical Arms France Calls for 'Force' if Chemical Arms Confirmed in Syria World View: Farce Continues over Wednesday's Chem Weapons Attack in Syria Syrian rebel forces trained by U.S. movingsyria-will-be-the-graveyard-of-obama’s-presidencyActor James Woods: Perhaps UK didn’t want to follow a community organizer into quicksand iowa-gop-leaders-pen-antiwar-letter-to-obama-on-syria obama-set-to-launch-missile-strikes-on-syria-in-days-the-president-finalizes-plans-with-british-leaderafter-barbaric-chemical-attack-that-killed-1300-civilians/ Obama Willing to Go Solo obama-the-lonely-president Deploys fifth warship Playing into Moscow's hands obama’s-bizarre-syria-policy Syrian Rebel Leader Eats Heart of Enemy Soldier russia_repeatedly makes_a_fool_out_of BHO Rebels Admit Responsibility for Chemical Weapons Attack george-w-bush-not-getting-roped-in-on-syria jimmy-carter-syria-peace-summit obama-is-losing-the-syria-war-resolution-vote idf-launches-additional-iron-dome-missile-defense-against-syria hannity-us-syria-next-world-war-audio/

UK: NO WAR POLL: 80% think Congress should decide Obama's Syria plans in disarray after Britain rejects use of force - White House forced to consider unilateral strikes against Assad after British PM unexpectedly loses key motion on intervention Hackers Expose U.S. False Flag to Frame Syria HAGEL CLAIMS RUSSIA SUPPLIED ASSAD WITH CHEMICAL WEAPONS Syria: If US Attacks Us, We'll Attack Israel church-leaders-condemn-israel-but-not-syria-showing-clear-double-standard winning-peace [These churches included the Presbyterian Church (USA), the United Church of Christ, the United Methodist Church, the Disciples of Christ, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Representatives from the American Friends Service Committee, and the Friends Committee on National Legislation also signed both letters.] Israel readies homefront for possible Syrian attack syrian-jihadists-destroy-orthodox-church syrian-hacker-army-could-be-advancing-with-iranian-help Laura Ingraham Criticizes Neoconservatives Who Support Syrian Intervention Republican Jewish Coalition's Risky Bet on Syria CONGRESSMAN: Calls Running 498-2 Against CARVILLE: I BLAME BUSH DRUDGE: WHO THE HECK DO WE ROOT FOR IN SYRIAN CONFLICT? israeli-official-severity-of-syrian-regimes-chemical-attack-was-likely-an-operational-mistake/ u-s-to-warn-israel-in-advance-of-syria-attack-security-officials-say-assad-unlikely-to-retaliate-againstisrael russia-sends-syria-their-most-advanced-anti-ship-missile-system-to-destroy-u-s-ships-videos/ growing-evidence-supports-syrian-rebels-launched-chemical-attacks/ russia-sends-at-least-12-warships-to-syria/ 5-quick-reasons-we-need-to-stay-the-hell-out-of-syria /iranian-official-israel-will-be-first-victim-of-u-s-strike-in-syria/ Chuck Todd Obama Avoiding Congress Because Isolationists May Block Attack on Syria interfaith-outreach-in-syria-islamic-jihadists-murder-italian-priest.html Obama and Assad, the best of enemies we-dont-survive: glenn-beck-breaks-down-possible-ramifications-of-u-s-entering-war-in-syria/ Who still thinks we could have left the Golan? 31-palestinians-killed-in-alleged-syrian-chemical-strike/ /will-obama-finish-what-he-starts-in-syria-assad-chemical-weapons/ un-diplomat-jihadists-may-have-used-gas-not-assad/2013/08/27/ israel-prepares-homefront-for-possible-syria-attack/ rubin-reports/the-truth-about-syria Jordan will not be used as a launching pad for attacks on Syria and the kingdom favors a diplomatic solution to the crisis, a Jordanian government spokesman said Wednesday. Israel calls up reservists over Syrian threat FSA General: I Want Sharia in Future Syria, Int'l Community Has 1 Month to Give Us Advanced Weapons RUSSIA, CHINA WARN AGAINST SYRIA STRIKE syria-iran-threaten-to-attack-israel-with-strategic-weapons-if-west-hits-assad-regime-netanyahu-saysisrael-is-ready-our-finger-is-on-the-trigger/ video-shows-rebels-launching-gas-attack-in-syria

Assad-may-hit-back-at-Israel-for-US-strike-trusting-Obama-to-tie-Israel’s-hands-against-major-reprisal ask-an-israeli-what-do-you-think-of-what-is-happening-in-syria congress-should-veto-obamas-war Liberal Hypocrisy in Iraq and Syria Following Syria's Devastating Chemical Weapons Attack, Will Media Remember Hillary's Touting of 'Reformer' Assad? israel’s-interest-that-assad-not-be-victorious/ /remember-bashar-the-reformer/ /will-obama-finish-what-he-starts-in-syria-assad-chemical-weapons/ warplanes spotted in British base in Cyprus as tensions rise in Damascus majority-opposition-syria-would-align-us-interests UN Inspectors in Syria Come under Sniper Fire obama-syria-and-iraq-any-end-but-victory Chuck Todd Obama Avoiding Congress Because Isolationists May Block Attack on Syria Assad won't rush to retaliate against Israel if US attacks Syria possible scenarios Report: Putin Orders Massive Strike Against Saudi Arabia If West Attacks Syria public-opinion-obama-and-syria-intervention-chemical-weapons/ syrian-war-crimes-and-selective-moral-outrage/ Lawmakers to Obama: Syria strikes need our OK video-shows-fsa-rebels-launch-chemical-attacks-in-syria Strike on Syria ‘As Early as Thursday’ PM: Israel Ready to React ‘Fiercely’ if Syria Attacks CNN REPORTER CHALLENGES STATE DEPT: 'WHAT PROGRESS HAS BEEN MADE' IN SYRIA? SYRIANS CLAIM CREDIT FOR NYT, TWITTER CYBER-ATTACKS The War of Obama’s Ego iran_behind_the_syria_gas_atrocity.html