Authors: Councilors Angelle Leynes, Tishreen Bahjin, and Don Pangcog Be it ordained by the Sangguniang Pangmunisipalidad of the Municipality of Abra de Ilog, that: SECTION 1. – TITLE. – This enactment shall be known and referred to as the “Abra de Ilog Ordinance for Farm Animal Regulation.” SECTION 2. – DECLARATION POLICY. – Cognizant of the profound impact of man’s activities on all components of the natural environment, particularly the effect of pollution brought by agricultural advancement, resource exploitation and the critical importance of regulating the ownership, raising, care and upkeep of farm animals, it is hereby declared the policy of the State to secure for the Filipino people of present and future generations the perpetual existence of a balanced and healthful ecology in accord with the rhythm and harmony of nature as provided by Section 16, Article II of the 1987 Constitution. The objective of this ordinance is to be able to create certain standards for the ownership, raising, and upkeep of farms animals for the benefit of the people and the preservation of their surroundings. It is important to incorporate clean living and bring about a healthy society. This is to instill public sanitation, safety and welfare to be able to secure the prevention of diseases commonly brought by animals and their wastes. This is a reaffirmation of the duty of the State to protect and promote the right to health of the people and instill health consciousness among them, as embodied under Section 15, Article II of the 1987 Constitution. Recognized herein, therefore, is the value to create a clean environment brought by the introduction of sufficient rules in the raising of farm animals in residential areas, which should be incorporated into a holistic plan that only effective administration can bring through cooperation among the national government, the concerned private organizations and citizens, and the local government of Abra de Ilog Municipality. SECTION 3. – COVERAGE. – This Ordinance shall apply to farm animals as sources of food or as commodities for sale and profit. SECTION 4. – DEFINITION OF TERMS. – As used in this ordinance, the following words and phrases shall mean and be construed as indicated:

a. FARM ANIMAL – refers to any horse, mule, cow, carabao, goat, pig, rabbit, turkey, chicken or other animal or fowl commonly found on a farm.

Cabacao. specifically aimlessly from their places of confinement or origin. sheeps. c. provided that temporary housing as hereinafter defined shall not be regarded as dwelling. carabao.b. BARANGAY IMPOUNDING CENTER . rabbit.shall mean any building or structure which is wholly or partly used or intended to be used for living or sleeping by human occupants. i. DWELLING . e. Poblacion.shall refer to Brgy. f. mule.shall refer to the impounding center which may be established. PET -refers to an animal that is tamed or domesticated and kept as a companion or treated with kindness. h. ABRA DE ILOG POUND OFFICE -shall refer to a section which shall be created under the office of the Municipal Abattoir Superintendent. IMPOUNDING CENTER . turkey. Tibag. carabaos. called Abra de Ilog Animal Pound. STRAY ANIMALS .are the remote barangays of the Municipality of Abra de Ilog such as Balao. d.shall refer to an enclosure where stray animals may be confined or restrained. or as commodities for profit or sale. government compounds and grounds.one which is used to house three or more pigs either for breeding and/or fattening purposes or for trade. DOMESTIC PIGRAISING . road right of ways.an enclosure confining at most two pigs reared for household consumption m. trailer or other structures used for human shelter which is designed as such and not permanently attached to the ground or another structure. San Vicente. buffaloes.shall mean any tent.shall include but are not limited to roads. goat. g. URBAN BARANGAY . Wawa and Armado. COMMERCIAL PIGRAISING .shall refer to horse. pig. .shall refer to Bovine animals such as cows. They are usually unrestrained. Municipality of Abra de Ilog. managed and maintained in any of the nine (9) barangays of the municipality in coordination with the Abra de Ilog Animal Pound. they roam the streets including public and private places not securely fenced. Poblacion. where stray animals shall be confined or restrained. and other similar structures. n. vacant or open public or private spaces. or to any utilities system on the same premises for more than thirty days. j. horses and other animals domesticated or reared as sources of food. chicken or other animal or fowl which may wander. It shall have its main impounding center at the Municipal Abattoir Compound. k. alleys. cow. l. As a result. bridges. goats. highways. TEMPORARY HOUSING . RURAL BARANGAYS . Lumangbayan. as draft animals. or not under the complete control of the owner or the one in-charge or in possession thereof. LARGE CATTLE . Udalo. STREETS AND PUBLIC PLACES . Brgy.

To coordinate and/or collaborate with all concerned sectors. A certificate of ownership shall be issued to the owner of the large cattle and/or pigs upon payment of the registration fee in the amount of Thirty Pesos (P30. charges or fees imposed by the Government or any political subdivision or instrumentality thereof. in furtherance and implementation of this ordinance.There is hereby established under the office of the Municipal Abattoir Superintendent an Animal Pound to be known as the "Abra de Ilog Pound" hereinafter to be referred to as the "Municipal Pound" and whose functions are: a. is required to register his ownership thereof with the Municipal Treasurer’s Office. and the impounding of stray animals. Barangay Impounding Center shall be provided and established in each of the nine (9) barangays in the Municipality of Abra de Ilog in places as may be designated by the concerned Sangguniang Barangay within their area of jurisdiction.The Municipal Pound shall have its main impounding center at the Abra de Ilog Abattoir Compound in Barangay Poblacion. d. . recognition and awards to barangays involved in or supporting the objectives and implementation of this ordinance. the vaccination of the same. – ESTABLISHMENT AND CREATION OF THE ABRA DE ILOG ANIMAL POUND. in coordination with the respective Sangguniang Barangay. It shall be primarily financed by the registration fees and fines as found in this ordinance. SECTION 7. . To exercise such other acts as are incident to or appropriate and necessary in connection with the establishment of the Municipality Pound. For every head of large cattle and/or pigs sold or its ownership transferred to another person. a certificate of ownership shall be issued to the owner of the chickens and/or fowls upon payment of the registration fee in the amount of Two Pesos (P2. public or private. To delegate operational authority to the Punong Barangay as may be necessary subject to the rules and regulation of the Municipal Pound promulgated in furtherance of this ordinance. To plan.VENUE. b. Municipality of Abra de Ilog.1. . f. . the sale or transfer shall likewise be registered with the Municipal Treasurer for which a . endowments and grants in the form of contributions. rewards. implement and oversee an integrated program for the registration of farm animals and pets or companion animals. . c. and g. e. The Municipal Pound may solicit and receive donations. There is hereby established a trust fund to be known as “The Animal Pound Fund” for purposes of financing the maintenance of the Municipal Pound.Every person who owns large cattle and/or pigs which have reached six months old. as well as chickens and/or fowls which have reached 15 days after hatching.00) per head. SECTION 6. To establish. develop and maintain a fully equipped main impounding center at the Abra de Ilog Abattoir Compound and strategic impounding centers in all barangays within the municipality. To promulgate such rules and regulations in the implementation of this ordinance.SECTION 5.00) per head. To provide incentives. and such endowments shall be exempted from income or gift taxes and all other taxes.REGISTRATION OF FARM ANIMALS. Similarly. 7.

. advertise through official notice in the Municipal Hall Bulletin board . pigs. chickens or fowls.4.IMPOUNDING OF STRAY ANIMALS.The following fees per day shall apply: a. chickens or fowls presented to the Municipal Treasurer shall be recorded in a book showing the name and residence of the owner and the class. pigs.1. For each chicken or fowl – P2. . 8. The data shall also be stated in the Certificate of Ownership issued to the owner thereof. the Municipal Pound Supervisor shall.00 d. pigs.IMPOUNDING FEES. For each horse. It shall be the duty of the Municipal Pound Supervisor to direct and supervise the daily round for catching stray animals which shall be kept in the Barangay Impounding Center. cattle or carabao – P100. All other matters relating to the registration of large cattle. pigs.00 c. sheep or other four-legged animal . goats or other four. TIME OF PAYMENT: The fee indicated above shall be paid to the Municipal Treasurer upon registration or transfer of ownership of large cattle. . For each pig.All stray animals such as dogs.00 In addition.legged animals. pigs. the respected names and residences of the vendors or transferor and the vendee or the transferee shall likewise be indicated in the Transfer Certificate of Ownership. If the large cattle. sex and other identifying marks of the farm animals. the sale or transfer shall likewise be registered with the Municipal Treasurer for which a Certificate for Transfer shall be issued to the purchaser upon payment of a Transfer Certificate Fee in the amount of Two Pesos (P2. Upon receipt of any animal into the pound. cats. . chickens or fowls shall be governed by the pertinent provisions of the Revenue Code of Abra de Ilog not inconsistent with this Ordinance and of the Revised Administrative Code and other applicable laws. fowls and large cattles as defined in this ordinance shall be impounded and brought to the Municipal Pound or to the Barangay Impounding Center as the case may be. b and c and Fifty Centavos (P0. For every head of chickens and/or fowls sold or its ownership transferred to another person. The impounding fees shall be paid to the Municipal Treasurer or to the Barangay Treasurer as the case may be. . 7. that stray large cattle as defined under this ordinance shall be impounded only at the Municipal Pound. 8.00). 7.00 b.3. provided however.ADMINISTRATIVE PROVISIONS. SECTION 8.Certificate for Transfer shall be issued to the purchaser upon payment of a Transfer Certificate Fee in the amount of Thirty Pesos (P30. 7. color. rules and regulations.50. for ten (10) consecutive days.5.00). chickens or fowls are transferred to another person. For each dog or cat – P30. 7. b. sheeps. All pertinent data on large cattle. – a. the owner of the animal shall pay the amount of Ten Pesos (P10.2.2. goat.00) per day for animal classified under a.50) per fowl per day until such day that he redeems the impounded animals as payment for the administrative cost of processing their release.

No officer or other persons in-charge of the Municipal Pound or employed in or concerned with the care of. to be credited to the proper account. copies of which shall be furnished the Municipal Auditor. in which case public auction shall be made not at the Municipal Animal Pound but at the concerned barangay hall. Upon completion of the sale. Proceeds of the sale less the cost of vaccination and other incremental expenses during the period of impoundment made by the Municipal Barangay Pound Personnel if any shall accrue to the general fund of the barangay. e. the Barangay Treasurer shall make the required advertisement of sale. provided such amount is claimed within one month after the date of the sale. the authorized fees for impounding. APPLICATION OF AMOUNT RECEIVED. the Municipal Agriculturist. after deducting the amount of the bill rendered if any. breed and other description of the impounded animal. the Municipal Pound Supervisor shall render the Municipal Treasurer a bill of the actual expenses and authorized fees thereof. b. The balance received from the sale of the animal. the Sangguniang Pangmunisipalidad and the Municipal Mayor.If nobody claims ownership of the impounded animals after the expiration of the ten (10) days from their impounding. sustenance and care prescribed by this ordinance together with the cost of vaccination and license. Color. SALE. the owner of an animal impounded may redeem the same by paying to the Municipal Treasurer or to the Barangay Treasurer as the case may be. . shall advertise the sale of the impounded animal at public auction. conduct the public auction and issue official receipt therefor. shall be refunded to the proven owner of such animal. in turn. MONTHLY STATEMENTS.3. furnish the Municipal Treasurer with a statement showing all animals impounded at the Municipal Pound during the month. The same prohibition applies to the Barangay officials in the case the animals were impounded at the Barangay Impounding Center. impounded or to be sold animal under the provision of this ordinance. c. d.The Municipal Pound Supervisor shall on the last day of each month. If the animal is impounded at the Barangay Impounding Center. kind of animals and disposition of the same. f.At anytime during or before the auction sale. . . stating the following: b.and in the barangay hall bulletin board of the barangay where the stray animal was picked up. The advertisement shall be made through the posting of a notice at the municipal hall for ten (10) consecutive days. or sale of animals impounded therein shall purchase or show interest being interested directly or indirectly in the purchase of any animal taken-up. REDEMPTIONS. If not claimed. b.1. The date and time where the respective impounded animal were caught.2. A notice that unless redeemed the animals will be sold at a public auction at the Municipal Pound at the Eleventh Day or on any specified date between 9:00AM and 4:00 PM. the Municipal Pound Supervisor shall accordingly inform the Municipal Treasurer who. A similar pound notice shall also be posted at the barangay hall of the concerned barangay which has impounded stray animals. . said amount shall thereafter be applied for use of the municipal.

Healthy dogs and cats shall be donated to research institution or colleges and universities or shall be killed humanely. . DISPOSAL OF UNSOLD/UNCLAIMED IMPOUNDED ANIMALS: All impounded animals not claimed nor unsold at the designated auction shall be disposed of as follows: g.3. church or place of worship. specifically dogs and cats from 3 months old and above found unregistered and unlicensed shall be vaccinated against rabies. h. hospital or health facility in a neighbor or residential dwelling. the distance should not be less than twenty (20) meters.2. g. MAINTENANCE OF STABLES (CUADRA). it shall be the duty of the Punong Barangay to accordingly inform the Municipality Pound Supervisor every time they impound an animal at the Barangay Impounding Center. . AND OPERATION OF STABLES. prior to the issuance of license and sale at public auction.g. However. In furtherance of this provision. Other impounded animal of the bovine family shall be slaughtered for public consumption and to be distributed to charitable institutions in accordance with existing laws and ordinances. g. All impounded animals. SECTION 11. PIGPENS AND POULTRY HOUSES WITHIN THE TERRITORIAL JURISDICTION OF THE MUNICIPALITY OF ABRA DE ILOG: a.1. c. The claimant or the winning bidder shall pay the license fee and vaccination fee as prescribed in this ordinance. It is also prohibited for any person or persons to construct or put up a poultry house or domestic pigpen or to rear or care for any pig or livestock within the distance of ten (10) meters from any neighbor or residential dwelling or along a callejon or street of the same distance where people pass by. d. b. Any stable operator or owner must always keep the stables clean and sanitary by burying or disposing all waste materials by a minimum of six (6) feet to avoid breeding places for flies and vermin. PIGPENS (TANGKAL) AND POULTRY HOUSES. e. if the pigpen is for breeding purposes or for commercial value. All wastes mentioned in (b) and (d) must not be buried or disposed within fifty (50) meters from any natural body of water or water source.ESTABLISHMENT. All diseased animals shall be condemned after proper examination by the Municipal Veterinarian. Pigpens and poultry houses constructed outside the limit specified in the foregoing section must always be kept clean and sanitary by burying or disposing all waste matter by a minimum of six (6) feet to rid of the obnoxious odor and avoid breeding places for flies and vermin. whether domestic or commercial within the commercial business district or within the distance of ten (10) meters from any school or any educational institution. It is hereby prohibited for any person or persons to construct stables.

Should any portion of this ordinance be declared unconstitutional or illegal by any court of competent jurisdiction. – EFFECTIVITY. the portion not so declared shall remain in full force and effect.00) for the second offense.000. .f.000. .000.This ordinance shall take effect upon its approval. SECTION 12. . It shall be unlawful for any person to keep. . squawk or otherwise make such noises as to disturb the peace and quiet of the people in the neighborhood or residential dwellings where the same is kept.00) to Five Thousand Pesos (P5.SEPARABILITY CLAUSE.Any person who shall violate any of the provisions of this ordinance shall be penalized with a fine of not less than One Thousand Pesos (P1. harbor or to cause any farm animal to bellow.000.00) to Ten Thousand Pesos (P10.00) for the third and succeeding offenses.00) for the first offense. and a fine of not less than Five Thousand Pesos (P5. . SECTION 13.00) to Twenty Thousand Pesos (P20. WE HEREBY CERTIFY to the correctness of the foregoing ordinance. a fine of not less than Two Thousand Pesos (P2. executive orders and administrative regulations or part or parts thereof which are inconsistent with this ordinance are hereby repealed or modified accordingly.REPEALING CLAUSE.All ordinances. SECTION 15. ENACTED: 7 October 2012. pasture.000. . SECTION 14. .PENALTY CLAUSE. .000.

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