Semiconductor MSM534002E

262,144-Word x 16-Bit or 524,288-Word x 8-Bit MASKROM

The OKI MSM534002E is a high-speed CMOS Mask ROM that can electrically switch between 262,144-word x 16-bit and 524,288-word x 8-bit configurations. The MSM534002E operates on a single 5.0V power supply and is TTL compatible. The chip's asynchronous I/O requires no external clock assuring easy operation. A power-down mode provides low power dissipation when the chip is not selected. The CE and OE pins are provided as control signals that permit three-stated output allowing easy memory expansion on a system bus. The MSM534002E is suited for use as large capacity fixed memory for microcomputers and data terminals.

Single 5.0V power supply 262,144-words x 16-bit/524,288-words x 8-bit Access time 100ns MAX Input/Output TTL compatible Tri-State output configurations Internal powerdown function Packages 40-PIN PLASTIC DIP (DIP40-P-600-2.54) 40-PIN PLASTIC SOP (SOP40-P-525-1.27-K) 44-PIN PLASTIC TSOP (TSOPII44-P-400-0.80-K) 4MEPROM (40-PIN) pin compatible


MSM534002E PIN CONFIGURATION A17 A7 A6 A5 A4 A3 A2 A1 A0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 40 A8 39 A9 38 A10 37 A11 36 A12 35 A13 34 A14 33 A15 32 A16 31 BYTE 30 VSS 29 D15/A-1 28 D7 27 D14 26 D6 25 D13 24 D5 23 D12 22 D4 21 VCC 40PINDIP/SOP NC 1 NC 2 A17 3 A7 4 A6 5 A5 6 A4 7 A3 8 A2 9 A1 10 A0 11 CE 12 VSS 13 OE 14 D0 15 D8 16 D1 17 D9 18 D2 19 D10 20 D3 21 D11 22 44PINTSOP 44 NC 43 NC 42 A8 41 A9 40 A10 39 A11 38 A12 37 A13 36 A14 35 A15 34 A16 33 BYTE 32 VSS 31 D15/A-1 30 D7 29 D14 28 D6 27 D13 26 D5 25 D12 24 D4 23 VCC CE 10 VSS 11 OE 12 D0 13 D8 14 D1 15 D9 16 D2 17 D10 18 D3 19 D11 20 Pin Name D15/A-1 A0 to A17 D0 to D15 CE OE BYTE VCC. VSS Function Data output / address input Address input Data output Chip enable Output enable Mode switch Power supply 2 .

MSM534002E BLOCK DIAGRAM VCC VSS A-1 BYTE Output Switching Between 8 and 16 bits CE OE CE OE Control A0 A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 A6 A7 A8 A9 A10 A11 A12 A13 A14 A15 A16 A17 X Decoder Address Buffer Memory Cell Matrix 262.144-Word x 16 or 524.288 x 8 Multiplexer Y Decoder Output Buffer D0 D1 D2 D3 D4 D5 D6 D7 D8 D10 D12 D14 D9 D11 D13 D15 FUNCTION TABLE CE H L L L L OE X H L L L BYTE X X H L L A-1/D15 X X Input Inhibited (D15) D0 to D7 Hi-Z Hi-Z D0 to D7 D0 to D7 D8 to D15 D8 to D15 Hi-Z Hi-Z D8 to D15 Hi-Z Hi-Z DOUT Mode Hi-Z 16 bit 8 bit LSB — A0 A-1 MSB — A17 A17 L H 3 .

Max.0 2.tC = 100ns CE = VCC–0.0 0.3 to VCC + 0.OE = VIH.5 1.0 — Max.5 –0.8 70 Unit V V V V °C DC Characteristics (VCC = 5V±10%.0 5.5 0.0 0.0 0 to 70 –55 to 150 Unit V V V W °C °C Recommended Operating Conditions Parameter Power Supply Voltage "H" Input Voltage "L" Input Voltage Operating Temperature Symbol VCC VSS VIH VIL Topr Conditions — — — — — Rated Value Min.4 — –10 –10 — — — Rated Value Typ.3 to VCC + 0. 5. — — — — — — — — 0.3 0 Typ.4 10 10 45 50 500 Unit V V µA µA mA µA µA 4 . 5.2V CE = VIH MIN Min. 4.MSM534002E ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS Absolute Maximum Ratings Parameter Power Supply Voltage Input Voltage Output Voltage Power Dissipation Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Symbol VCC VI VO PD Topr Tstg Per Package Topr = 25°C — — Conditions to VSS Rated Value –0.0 VCC + 0.3 to 7 –0.5 0.5 0. Ta = 0 to 70°C) Parameter "H" Output Voltage "L" Output Voltage Input Leakage Current Output Leakage Current Power Supply Current (Operating) Power Supply Current (Standby) Symbol VOH VOL ILI ILO ICC ICCS1 ICCS Conditions IOH = –400µA IOH = 2.1mA VI = 0 to VCC VO = 0 to VCC CE = VIH MIN CE = VIL. 2.2 –0.

0V tr=tf=5ns Input Voltage=1. — 100 100 50 40 30 — Unit ns ns ns ns ns ns ns 5 .8V&2. VIL=0.5V Output Voltage=0. — — — — — — — Max.0V.MSM534002E AC CHARACTERISTICS Timing conditions Parameter Input Signal Level Transtion Time Timing Reference Level Load Condition Conditions VIH=3. 100 — — — 0 0 0 Typ.0V CL=100pF+1TTL Read Cycle (Ta = 0 to 70°C) Parameter Cycle time Address Access time CE Access time OE Access time CE Output Disable time OE Output Disable time Output Hold time Symbol tC tACC tCE tOE tCHZ tOHZ tOH Conditions — — — — — — — Rated Value Min.

I/O CAPACITANCE Parameter Input Capacitance Output Capacitance Symbol CI CO Conditions VI=0V VO=0V Rated Value Min. 8 10 Unit pF pF 6 . — — Typ. 3.MSM534002E Read Cycle (Note 1) tC Address tACC OE tOE tOH tOHZ (Note 3) DOUT Read Cycle (Note 2) tC CE tCE OE tOE DOUT tCHZ (Note 3) Note) 1. Address is fixed before or at the same time when CE level falls. CE is low level. — — Max. 2. tCHZ & tOHZ indicate the time until floating. They are not determined by the output level.

medical equipment. improper installation.Semiconductor NOTICE The information contained herein can change without notice owing to product and/or technical improvements. nuclear power control. repair. but not limited to. communication equipment. No part of the contents cotained herein may be reprinted or reproduced without our prior permission. Neither indemnity against nor license of a third party’s industrial and intellectual property right. please use our product below the specified maximum ratings and within the specified operating ranges including. Such applications include. When planning to use the product. improper handling. aerospace equipment. company and product names are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.). neglect. and life-support systems. All brand. but not limited to. etc. These products are not authorized for use in any system orapplication that requires special or enhanced quality and reliability characteristics nor in any system or application where the failure of such system or application may result in the loss or damage of property. exposure to parameters beyond the specified maximum ratings or operation outside the specified operating range. or unusual physical or electrical stress including. Ltd. assembly. and program designs.. or death or injury to humans. measurement equipment. No responsibility is assumed by us for any infringement of a third party’s right which may result from the use thereof. etc. traffic and automotive equipment. Certain products in this document may need government approval before they can be exported to particular countries. alteration or accident. consumer electronics. operating voltage. The products listed in this document are intended for use in general electronics equipment for commercial applications (e. The outline of action and examples for application circuits described herein have been chosen as an explanation for the standard action and performance of the product. Before using the product. Oki assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any failure or unusual or unexpected operation resulting from misuse. . please make sure that the information being referred to is up-todate. but are not limited to.g. Copyright 1998 Oki Electric Industry Co. safety devices. office automation. power dissipation. and operating temperature. is granted by us in connection with the use of the product and/or the information and drawings contained herein.. The purchaser assumes the responsibility of determining the legality of export of these products and will take appropriate and necessary steps at their own expense for these. When designing your product. please ensure that the external conditions are reflected in the actual circuit.

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