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Th e f ollowing a rti c l e w a s re p ri n te d fro m MOU N T ZION REPORTER, Editor A. N. Dugger. We betieve i t st at es t he t r ue m e a n i n g o f G o d ' s L a w a nd other related Scriptures about the eating of pork by man. Wi th t he addit io n a l i n fo rm a ti o n o n th e o ther pages we pray it will stop many from the error of disobeying God. Pastor Michaaet Treis 'fhe


"Kill commanrj was given to Noah efter thc flood to end eat-" There was a surplus supplv prepared,for all vegetation was destroyed.It was nccessaryfor them to eat. but 'asrhe clean beesisenteredtha Ark by sevens,while the un7 cl e an wer e t ak en b 1 ' tw o s .C c n e s i s :7 ,i t w a s n ol i ntended tor Noah to eat the unclean ones. Therefore the very nature of fhe animal was such that it was not fit for food, lon" b.6ore the days of Moses. when definite laws were rnadc regarding food. ln rhe I lrh ihapter of Leviticus it is very clcarly given what kind of flesh was intended for food. and the kind that There are. hOwever.Certain texts in the Nclv was unClean. Testament that people wrongly interpret, like the one explained in the June irsue. which I shall not' reFeat. ' Another text which is taken for an excuse to eat the swine is found in Acts l0th chapter where the apostle Peter was shown in vision a sheetlet down from lreavenwith all manncr of four footed enimals. and a r"oicesaid to him, "Arise Pcter, kiil and cat. What Cod hath cleansedcall thOu not cornmon." It is claimed that the swine and all kinds of Uncleancreatureswere clcanscd. and can theretore be -i'iris as good food without an,v danger to oncs eaten is man's intcrpretationof the intentron of the ucairh. vision. but in verse 28 we havc the Spirit's inlcrpretation. "'God hath SHOWN ME, that I should call Peter says, common or unclean."So ciear NO MAN, (not the aninrals) reader, let us believe what Peter says about it. and not lonre man's statement contrary to the scripttrrea Peterwas here undergoing test as to whethcr he should go in among Centiles or tlot. us vou wili gather from reatling the chapter. This was the way the Father choseto show him that all men were thc sameand the middlc wall of partition between the Jew and the Centile had been broten down. Those led bi' the Spirit, aftcr knowing r*'hat it says in verse 28, will no longcr misrepresentthis lesson, but will teach it as Petcr tells us to teach itAnother iact worth noting here is that this was eight *'l have never ealen and Peter says, years after Pentecost, anything common or unclean," Verse 14. Surely' if thc swine had been cleansd by the shed blood on CelvarY, 8s many claim. Pcter would have known it, and would not have been abstaining from eating the unclean meats for these eight years. I am sure Peter's examplc is e goal one to follow. I Timothy Another text frequently used is found in '.hat in the 4:3-5. It says that Spirit speaketh expressly "com' lattcr timcs some will forbid people to marry. and hath crcated mand thdm to abstain from meats which Cod to be /cceivcdwith thanksgiving.Every crcature of Gd is good rnd nothing to be refused. if it be recr'ivedwith For it is sanctified set apart), by the Wc'rd thankssivine. {or looted. ;;et he cheweth not the cud; hc is unclean to you." ,tf CtvJ and pral'er. -Leviticus lll7. llacy 5*eestilr i:elierre :i:at :he'r 5an.!.ily swi.nes {esh

through prayer end make it clean. But notice just what it says here. It sa.vsit is sanctified (set apart) by the WORD of GOD. Now what meats are set apart by the Word of God. and what meats were created to be received?In this text.we hlrve tu'o positivc statements,that it is the meat CREATED l"O BE RECEIVED. and the other is the meats SANCTIFIED BY THE WORD OF COD" The worcl "Sanctify". rneansto set apart for holy use. The unclean animals wcrc never created to be received for food, neither are they sanciified(set apart) by the Word, for food. In th* previous scripture given in Leviticus I lth ctrapter, it is very easyto learn thc meats that were set 3part by the Word of God for food. and those created to be received. Therefore. let us not wrongly interpret thesc scriptures and bring sicknessand untimely death upon us. After nran sinncrl. ihere wtrs a curse brought forth upon thc earth, end tlrc earth producedthr:rnsand briars, rve are told. Also there r,rasde;lth. Then tlrere needed to bc buzto zards. vultures and pigs for scavengers eat up the rotten flesh of thin.csthat died. The pig is a scavenger.[t h:rsfour canals.<lnerunning down each leg with thc outlct in the bottom of the foot. When this outlet gets stopped up the pig gets dqwn in the back and can't w'alk. I n'ell remember nly folks 1:allingan anintal tJoctor when I was a boy at hr'n1gto see what rvas lhe matter u'ith the hocs. as tlrel' had a hig pen full of them. It had been r lon.r spxll of rairr :rncithc' mud 'u\,as thick. This outlet had got clogscclup with rflud. When the vetcrinariansar.r thcnr. hc kncu ilt oncd u' het w as w rong.H c dug the di rt and muclou t of t his out l rt. and thc nal ter and pusssqui rl gd' rut i n a st r ct m . Whcn cal .i ngptrrL. the puss i n thesecanal si s catcn t ( xr . u\ f or xl. Hogs arc scavenrcrs.created f()r that purpo5,rl. Strlch-I nine will ntrt kill thenr. hey eat p()isolrud it plsses olT i n thi s w ar. A rattl esnake nfested patul rc' f hill t r ut in t he i wr-stcrnpart of the U.S.A.. not sa far from whcre we lived, r+ ' .l cl eanedup by fcnci ngand turni nq i n n bu neh, 'r l's*inc. s Ilell lsle. bctweenMichigen and (-an:rdil. u,as .rlrtr infested u ith rattlesnakc.s. !er)' poisonous .\nakr*.. it wlrscleana rnd ed up thc sants wal- The hog is a prr)ductof thc t'rrrSC. ilorl and vulturc. like thc buz-zard by nature, scavengers When I was a voung nran at homc with th* fulks" therc v,,crc three wonreil, all members of our rcligious croup. who nevc'r would t:at pork. llverrone elsc :.rl(: it because they wrongly interpretcd the fore.eoingscripture, as mant do no*'. I alwa.vsbelieved there was a purpose in the Father declaring swine te bc unwholcsome and dangerous food, so I watched thcse three ',\'omen in after 1'ears.As timc went on, all of the nren and $'{}nlenin our old ncighborhood were dcad. but thcse were still living. I was convinced by that and also by' the statcmcnt in Isaiah 66:1517, that swine was not l'or humtn food. Everyone in our old ncighborhord dicC from earll fiftie" to middle sixties.but these women *ere living atrd going strong. Twenty-fivc more years passc'Jand they were lhe and the othcr two up samc. Onc lived to ovcr a hundrerJ. would ncver in the ninctics-One was my nwn mother. u,'htr crt the pork. "And thc swine, though he diriele the hoof. and be cloven-

l"r:r srr!r'by the Sulxrinl.('n{leEt o f L ) o i 1 . t I ; 1 i , n t s .I . . S { - i o r i . r n : i : r . r r l f i i r r i i n g : ( l i l i r ' t l1-asbinglou 25, l).il. - l)rrurr ?;3cn1s

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DECEMBER 5, te6e


Tgg AntZON^q. RnpUgtIC

E-page ?

Aprll lS, 1969 Wednesday,

Hog Stqte The People. Spaok From Asia 0perolions Garhage To -Qwine Fed Raw Alsrm Fenn CauseOf ScveralDiseases
BEIVSON (AP) State Rep. Hank Fenn, D{ochise, has announcedplans to introduee in the forthcoming session of the Arizona I*gisiature bills which would put teeth in ttte law governing hog feeding operations in Ariz0na. Fenn outlined plans for the legislation in a letter to House Speaker John Haugh, R-Pima. HB SAID that persons who feed hogs are "also in a secondary sense" responsiblefor conlrol of about 20 diseases u'hich humans cdiToFFa'Et Ei'tor, Tbe Arizona Responding "The ReasonWhy" (Let to rer, April 12, 1969)in reference to cookingof pig feed, I would like to €veryone concernedto Arizona StatutesTitle 2{-941through 2{-949covcring the feedingof garbageto swine. Earl L,ee l{ewell of Mesa. and people who read the newspaper story whieh he refers. had no way of know why a hog feeder might be for not cookinghog feed. The reporter failed to tell thc public that an alleged garbage cookin violationrvas being heard in eourt, did he indicate the seriousness the of charge or the potential hazards Malaria and dengue, t*'o potent enemies of American forces in the Asiatic-Pacific tieater of World War II, have reappearednot only in areas of Southeast Asia rvhere U.S. troops are serving, but are coming hometo the mainland *ith returningCervicemen and civilian personnel. Arizona laxpayersabout $50,000 eash. At the same time the State of @ggig was spending about $?fl),0{Xl controi the to samediseaseanimals .In Ensland last vear 300.000 , \vere Durned or Duned oue to an 0u[Dreax oI tool,afft mouth dlsease.Linemsome P quarters that whole towns ceased t0 function.Jobswent with the animals.


beef, and dairy farms in G,-rr"ine, some of the affeeted areas are still without income from animal production. The whole problem is believed to have

Fem's statement,following visits ta pork feeding operaTI{E ABOVE menlionedlaw requires tion around the state read. in rterilization of garbageircfore feedingit part: to swine, and that js what the fuss is "One estahlishment I visit- about. A list of over 20 swine diseases assa-


medieal and financial to the consumers a----qarDage. lY processeo and lax paying public.



NEITHER eartoonistRog Manning's little "Uno S'ho" nor lr{r. John a. Public is interested reaehinginto hrs in pocket to foot the bill for an3'hog feeder's negligence, WAYNE WUERTZ, Chairman. Liveslock Sanitary Board of Anzona

"One plaee was war*ed by the health department tbat dead animals must be properIy disposed of alier the discovery of several dead hogs partly crvered up. "AT MOST of these places (garbage leeding operdtions) the flies and the filth were predominah.

quite transmissi. cludesseveraldiseases me m rne numan poputatlon,'l'hev ln-l c ever. Lis- l
rerlosts, llr!'slDelas. t


trlehlno- |

Some garbage fed to swina comer from sir bases serving long-rangcmilitary aircraft. There is alwal.s a possibility that from t

Deqth List High
rJACCA. East Pakistan tUPIi - Newspaperreports said today more than 1,000
persons have died of eholera

in East Pakis[andunng past six weeks.

an out-

Col. James Hansen. Washington, D.C., deputy director of the Armed Forees Institute of Pathology,said malaria especially is being seen more and more by physicianshere at home in patienls who have serv'ed ihe Malay peninsula. in MALARIA, which behaves differently in different people, has even proved so resistive to someof the medications developed again$ it in \{orld V/ar II and later. said Colanel Hansen. that doctorsare going back to an old skndbv of yesteryear - quinine. "Americans are immunt> logicalbabieswhenthev go to Southeast Asia," he said.An<l, because transporta{ir:* }r;ts shrunk the iuorld. disea-se t;s$ becDme worl&rvid* pr*tfolul*r.. a he said Ile said that, becausr *i lack of sanitation and because o{ the heavy moislure and tropical nature of so much r:f Maiaysia. diarrheal diseases are prevalent. But shigellaand salmoneila, lwo common types of dlarrheal diseases. are mere ageasesas amebiasiasand cholgravations alongsidesueh-ffi. glg, he continued. IN KOREA last y e a r. he said, 2{X} persoNlsdied in a cholera enidemie._More than ?,S0 died of cholera in 196{. he added. Other diseasesinclude liver and lung flukes, parasites \4nrcn cauri€ caneers-iffiu srtsses ard cirrbmis. It was liver fluke diseasewhieh rcalIy defeatedlln French in 19$4,

I ,.1


- New laws governing hog Ieeding took effect in January of this year, but Fenn said the state does not have the sl,aff for enforcement. . Fenn said that of 68 olaeesrnspectetl b:l himself and state and federal inq*etcrs,

t!_:refe_fognd !o cok sar-

ffi to fFFEiEiTrd lt ?aiteU eook

of people are the result of ministers preaching the lie that humans can eat pork (swine'r flesh) "beeauseGod's Laws are put away . . ." Neither they nor the doctors warn us that a high percentage of all deaths of people over 50 years of age are eaused by usually non-fatal diseases,whieh kill people who have been weahened by worm parasites from swine. The doctor who treated the final illness lists some OTIIER disease as "the eause of death," and so surviving relatives and friends go right cn eating swine until they too go to an early grave. Read DEUTERONOMY i4:8; 28222,??, 35, 45; Isaiah 65:1-5; ti6:i.?. For copies of this sheet for your minister, doetor, and friends send $1.00 for2 To: Yahshua Messiah's Sabbath Day Ministry nation Texas general Post-office Waxahachie near (75165)


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