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“My School in 100 Years”
Organized by the English Language Teachers’ Association of Macedonia (ELTAM) with the assistance of US Peace Corps Volunteers.

For Schools and Youth Organizations in Macedonia
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ELTAM provides support and opportunities for professional development of its members with a view to improving English language instruction in the country and raising the level of English language acquisition across a broad spectrum of Macedonian professionals. So far we have organized 6 international conferences with the support of the Embassy of the United States in Skopje. In Macedonia. President John F.S. We organize professional conferences. work with Nongovernmental Organization (NGOs). We have established cooperation with IATEFL. local government. The U. workshops and lectures. ELTAM is also the only official organizer of the regional and state competitions in ELT for primary and secondary schools. US Peace Corps* The Peace Corps was established by U. Their 2 . Europe and the USA. The Peace Corps is an organization dedicated to world peace and friendship. Our cooperation with educational and pedagogical institutions from the country and abroad is on a very high level and our members benefit greatly from seminars and trainings we organize together with them. Mission statement ELTAM unites and assists ESL professionals in their efforts for best teaching practices in correlation with the needs of the Macedonian society at large. Our members presented at many conferences in the region. studying and conveying research on both English language and literature. and 3) Helping promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of the Americans. It provides a forum which unites ELT professionals from across the Republic of Macedonia engaged in teaching. as well as other associations to support their local communities. They teach English at the primary and secondary school levels.English Language Teachers’ Association of Macedonia (ELTAM) ELTAM is the national association of the English language teachers of the Republic of Macedonia. Peace Corps sends volunteers to countries all over the world to achieve the goals of Peace Corps. 2) Helping promote a better understanding of Americans on the part of the peoples served. TESOL and the TAs from the region.S. By becoming our member you become a member of a highly professional organization in which you can grow and develop professionally and personally. statements do not represent the views or policies of Peace Corps or the US government. The three goals of Peace Corps are: 1) Helping the people of interested countries in meeting their needs for trained men and women. *The assistance of Peace Corps Volunteers is representative of their individual efforts. Goals and objectives Our goal is to foster cooperation and exchange of ideas among English language professionals in the country and to raise the professional awareness of EFL teachers as well as to promote permanent self-development in order to meet higher standards in the TEFL profession. In order to achieve these goals we organize and coordinate professional training for ELTs. the British Council and many other partners and sponsors. volunteers work in rural and urban areas. Kennedy in 1961.

00 MKD in the British Council. 00 denars /year)  Individual (student) (300.500 denars/year) Membership benefits       3 issues of electronic ELTAM newsletter Regular information on ELTAM activities through ELTAM yahoo group Registration at a reduced rate at our Biannual conference Opportunity to join IATEFL at a reduced rate Regular.English Language Teachers’ Association of Macedonia Asocijacija na nastavnici po angliski jazik i kni`evnost na R.00 denars/year) INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERS  Institutional . Makedonija Membership Application Form   New application Membership renewal Membership number : INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS  Individual (500.max. (this does not include the student/institutional membership in the BC) Registration at a reduced rate at annual conferences of ELTAM’s partner associations Participation in all ELTAM activities (student competitions. 5 members (1. at a reduced rate)   3 . workshops. trainings etc. seminars. up-to-date information about ELT events in Macedonia and the region All members of ELTAM can have a beneficiary standard membership of 500.

00 (1 500.ELTAM банка на примачот: Комерцијална банка сметка: 300000000756151 цел на дознака: членарина за 2_ _ _ год. износ: 500.com 4 . postcode Home address incl.00) ден.Please fill in the boxes below (in BLOCK CAPITALS) Title: Mr / Mrs / Dr / Prof / Ms / Other Family name  Individual  Institutional First name Unique birth number ( EMBG) Name and address of institution incl.М. шифра: 281 повикување на број: (EMBG) PLEASE SEND THE FORM TO: valenka2402@yahoo.. postcode Telephone numbers Home: ___________________________ Work: ___________________________ Mobile: __________________________ Fax: _____________________________ Email: ___________________________ Signature: назив на примачот: Асоцијација на наставници по англиски јазик на Р.

If you have any questions. ELTAM & Peace Corps National Coordinators 5 . once you have had the chance to work with your students.com Also. motivate students to create thoughtful English essays. we would like to invite you to share your thoughts so that we can improve the contest for the future. and support teachers in their ability to teach essay writing.” The goals of the contest this year are to raise awareness in all regions of Macedonia about the importance of writing.surveymonkey. http://www.Dear Educators and Youth Leaders in Macedonia: English Language Teachers’ Association of Macedonia and US Peace Corps Volunteers invite you and your school or organization to participate in our fifth annual national essay contest entitled “My School in 100 Years. We appreciate your input. Evan Brengle (Peace Corps Essay Contest Coordinator): evbrengle@yahoo. This packet includes all the information you need to participate. This contest packet was created to help teachers and youth leaders participate.com/s/2S265CJ Thank you for all of your hard work. We hope that you will provide a writing workshop for your students and encourage them to submit essays. Good luck to all participating! Sincerely. students will have an opportunity to reflect critically and creatively on the importance of school and the ways it can change over time. We look forward to working with you and your students on this project. Please take a few minutes and complete a brief online survey about the contest.com or. please contact a Peace Corps Volunteer or ELTAM member in your area or send an email to: Aleksandra Popovski-Golubovic (ELTAM Essay Contest Coordinator): apopovski16@yahoo. In addition.

The essay must be written in English and submitted on time. Rules: 1. Each essay must be the individual work of one student. If you choose to use quotes or information from other sources. Each participant may only enter once during this contest. Each student should submit one Contest Cover Page and his or her essay to their teacher by the December 15. Participating teachers and youth leaders must submit their students’ essays to the Regional Coordinators by December 17. 2010. 2010. 7. Do not write your name or other personal information on the essay. 5. Write your personal information on the Cover Page (included in this packet) and attach it to the front of the essay. 8. ● Regional winners will receive a certificate. 2010. ● National winners will be invited to a National Awards Ceremony in Skopje. 2. 4. The essay’s maximum length is 500 words. 3. Teachers must submit all completed student essays to the regional coordinator December 17. 10. 2011. All essays should be personal narratives. 6.What: 2010 National English Essay Contest Who: Students in grades 7 & 8 and years 1. Teachers are encouraged to instruct their students on proper essay writing. Regional winners will be awarded in three categories: th th (1) 7 and 8 Grade st nd (2) 1 and 2 Year High School rd th (3) 3 and 4 Year High School Due Date: Students must give completed essays to participating teachers and youth leaders by December 15. 3. If you do not have a copy of the Cover Page. 2010. & 4 in both public and private language schools are eligible to participate. you can write the same information on a separate sheet of paper and attach it to the front of the essay. Essays over the limit by 10% or more will be disqualified. it must be cited. Late entries will not be accepted. 9. they need to be in 12 point font. Essays should be clearly hand written or typed on A4 sized paper. Winners: ● Regional and National winners will be announced by January 31. 2. Students who study in full emersion English schools or who have spent more than six months in an English speaking country are NOT eligible to participate. If typed. The minimum length is 350 words. 6 . If you are caught cheating or plagiarizing you will be disqualified. but they may not assist their students with their essays by giving suggestions. so no citing is necessary. double spaced and have 2cm margins. or offering other specific help. correcting mistakes.

Discussion – to talk about the topic with your classmates. facts. 3. Writing Paragraphs – A paragraph is a group of sentences that all relate to a single topic. and cross out items that do not belong there (irrelevant or not related to the topic). Revising – to look at the paragraph again and find out how it can be improved. 2. The essay should be written as a personal narrative. 7 . or even questions) without worrying about how you will use them. They should be as specific as possible and not repeat the point made in the topic sentence. Planning and organizing your ideas 2. or importance. Prewriting – getting started – a way to warm up your brain before you write. or other people. It should not be too general or too specific. and examples). please feel free to guide students in discussion of the topic and to share with them the following basic principles of good essay writing. Revising and Editing – It is impossible to write a perfect paragraph/essay on the first try. It is the last sentence. Writing: Using your ideas to write a first draft 3. Concluding Sentence – Some of the paragraphs have it. Generating ideas – prewriting techniques that are usually used to generate ideas. Revising and Editing: Checking and improving what you have written 1. Teachers and youth leaders. Brainstorming – a list of as many ideas as possible (words. personal experience. Students’ answers may be realistic or imaginative. Free writing – if it is hard finding a focus for a broad subject write as much as you can. Supporting Sentences – Add details to the topic (reasons.· We would like each student to think of one way that their school will be different for students in 100 years. friends. Topic Sentence – The topic of the paragraph is usually stated in the first sentence. you should not help them write the essay itself. Clustering – a visual way of generating ideas; to show you the connections among your ideas using circles and lines. Group the items that go together. Prewriting: Generating ideas. Planning and organizing ideas – Make a simple outline as a guide. as fast as you can. Organize them by order of time. and it summarizes the ideas of the paragraph. If students choose to use quotes or information from other sources. Remember. so no citing is necessary. This includes proofreading it after they write a draft. sentences. family. Tips to get started The Writing Process: 3 Main Steps 1. place. phrases. There should be enough supporting sentences to prove your point made in the topic sentence. Students should explain why they think this change might happen. it must be cited or it will be considered plagiarism and the essay will be disqualified. without worrying about mistakes. and whether they think it will be positive or negative for future students.

eltam. Conclusion – Sums up the essay. Do you use transition statements (linking words) to show how your ideas connect to each other? 7. Each supporting paragraph develops one point of the essay. 4. However. Revising and editing checklist for essays: 1.com/AcademicWritng. 3. and spelling. An essay makes and supports one main point. 2. 6. and what points you will be making in the essay. Do you use repetition to remind your reader of your main points? 6. Make sure you have included transitions to help guide the reader.ac. 3.html 8 .Editing – the final part of the revision step. Is your grammar correct? Online Essay Writing Resources www.webenglishteacher.html http://www.mk www. Did you use your punctuation correctly? 9. Check the grammar. disagreeing. without using the same words.org. questions. the subject of an essay is too complex to be developed in a few sentences. Body – Consists of several paragraphs that support the thesis. The body may have only one paragraph.com/~lklivingston/essay/index. Check to see if the sentences are in the right order. Is your essay easy to read? 2. or restates the main idea of your essay. Cross out sentences that do not relate to the main idea. An essay is a group of paragraphs about a specific subject. Are there any misspelled words? 8. but it is usually more. The Main Idea – It should start with a general discussion of the subject and lead up to the main idea or thesis statement.html http://www. or facts and statistics.htm http://members. You can use as many as you need to say what you need to say. Basic plan of a typical essay Once you know how to write a paragraph. Do your arguments make sense? Are they convincing? 4.html http://educhoices. punctuation.com/narrative.bham. it tells the reader what the essay will be about. Add new ideas if they support the topic sentence. You should leave the reader agreeing.eslflow.uk/english/bibliography/students/essay. Is your essay easy to understand? 3. Make sure you have a topic sentence 2.org/articles/50_of_the_Best_Websites_for_Writers.tripod. Several paragraphs are needed to support fully the main point of an essay. 1. 5. It narrows down the focus. it is not much more difficult to write an essay; an essay is just longer. or at least thinking about your ideas. What kind of changes should be made as it is revised? Revising and editing checklist for paragraphs: 1. the main points of the essay. Do you use confusing vocabulary when you don’t need to? 5. Introduction: Background information – Captures reader’s attention using anecdotes.

A Note on Cheating. and Receiving Help Cheating and plagiarism are very serious offenses and the National English Essay Contest has a NO TOLERANCE policy. All ideas and content. but should not contribute to the actual writing of the submitted essay. even if properly cited. therefore we suggest that students do not include ANY research or quotations. What is cheating? When a person deceives.e. Teachers may read the finished essay in order to make sure it follows the criteria for the contest and may advise the student if changes must be made. What is plagiarism? Plagiarism is when a person presents someone else’s work as his or her own. or does not follow the rules or regulations. Note: The goal of this contest is for students to be creative and express their own individual ideas and writing style. that person is cheating. Any essays that include plagiarism will be disqualified. 9 . The form of cheating most likely to be encountered in an essay contest is plagiarism. Plagiarism. as well as any duplicate essays (i. or even including a well-known quotation without citing who said it. structural decisions and word choices must be the student’s own. Examples include copying from a friend or a book. ALL essays will be CAREFULLY checked and if the judges discover instances of cheating and plagiarism that student will be disqualified. Specifically applied to this essay contest. cutting and pasting from essays found on the Internet. if two students submit essays containing identical content then both students will be disqualified). What help may students receive? Teachers and advisors may help students by teaching them the fundamentals of essay writing and holding writing workshops. misleads or lies on purpose. but they may not aid students with corrections of essay content. any student who does not submit an essay consisting only of his or her own ideas is cheating.

DO NOT include any personal information on the page with your essay. I state that I have followed the rules outlined in this packet. 2. Attach this page to your essay. and not cheated in any way. If you cannot print this sheet. Write clearly. make sure to make a copy for yourself too. Fill out this cover page in English. If you cannot print this page. 3. School Information: School Name: _________________________ Grade: ______________________________ School Address: ____________________________________________________________ City: ________________________________ School Phone Number: _________________ Teacher or Youth Leader’s Name: ______________________________________________ REMEMBER! Attach this cover sheet to your essay. you may write the information on a separate sheet of paper. 2010. ask your teacher.Directions: 1. Personal Information: Name: ____________________________________________________________________ Address: __________________________________________________________________ City: ________________________________ Phone Number: _______________________ Email Address: _______________________ Signature*: ___________________________ *By signing this cover letter. 10 . submitted it on time. If you do not know the information. Return this page and your essay to your teacher by December 15. you can write the information on a separate sheet of paper. written this essay on my own. Do not write any personal information on your essay. Essays will not be returned.

Ideas are clear and text offers suitable examples. There are elements of creativity in the text. 4 points Lexis is rich although there are minor errors in it’s usage when using more complex statements. Ideas logically connected in logical paragraphs. 1-2 points The candidate uses simple structures and there are a lot of mistakes 0 points Insufficient for assessment 0 points Insufficient for assessment 0 points Insufficient for assessment 0 points Insufficient for assessment Category: ____________________ Number: __________________ Score: _________________ 11 . However. Not much attention is paid to the logical connection of the ideas in the text and the appropriate linking words. Orthography and punctuation 5 points Minor spelling and punctuation mistakes. one can see that there isn’t suitable knowledge regarding the cultural aspect. 1-2 points Lexis is very limited and inappropriate to the task. Use of grammatical structures 5 points The candidate uses appropriate grammatical structures. The ideas are clear although there are occasional inappropriate pieces of information. Uses a range of appropriate linking words. 3 points The candidate uses simple structures and there are mistakes. With minor mistakes. 4 points Grammatical structures are used appropriately but there are mistakes when using the more complex structures. 7-10 points The content is relevant to the task. 0 points Insufficient for assessment 4-6 points The content is partially relevant to the task. no paragraphs and there is inappropriate use of linking words. 3-4 points The text has an unsuitable format and there is inappropriate use of linking words Use of lexis (vocabulary/voice) 5 points Lexis is rich and appropriately used. There are a lot of mistakes. 3 points Lexis is limited but enables the candidate to express himself/herself in simple language. 11-15 points The content is relevant and corresponds to the given task from a language and cultural aspect. Ideas are unclear and the text contains irrelevant information. 1-2 points There are many spelling and punctuation mistakes that make it difficult for the reader to understand. There is repetition of ideas and the text is full of irrelevant information. 5-7 points The structure is compatible to the given task. 3 points There are spelling and punctuation mistakes that interfere with understanding the text. 4 points There are spelling and punctuation mistakes that may interfere with the understanding of the text. 1-3 points The content is totally unsuitable to the task.Judging Criteria Content relevance Structure/format (organization) 8-10 points Very familiar with organization and structure appropriate to the given task. 1-2 points The text has no structure.

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