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Shabbat Parshat Korach June 27, 2009 5 Tamuz 5769

GNS TEFILLA DIGEST: A Weekly Discussion about the Fundamentals of Jewish Prayer
By Rabbi Brahm Weinberg – Rabbinic Intern
Torah This inspiring article about relationship to others, the real problem That need awareness is a pristine
Artscroll, tefillah is sponsored by Diane is that so many people are not even awareness of our real needs unencumbered
and David Rein in memory of open to themselves. Consequently, Rav by the façade of our external being, by our
820 Diane’s mother, Helene M. Amital explains that the silent amidah fears and apprehensions or by the role
Hertz, 638 Fink z”l.
begins with the words “O G-d open my
lips, and my mouth will declare your
expectation of society.
Prayer is such a raw, open experience in
Issue # 47 – Philosophy of praise” as a means of asking G-d to help
which we completely reveal our own self
Haftorah Prayer (Part IV) the one praying disclose his or her heart
to themselves for only then can he or
and our needs in a serious way that Rabbi
Shalom Carmy, a prominent professor of
Artscroll, Last week we discussed some she really open up to G-d.
Jewish Studies at Yeshiva University,
aspects of Rabbi Soloveitchik’s
1186 philosophy of prayer. We began Rabbi Soloveitchik would claim that
when we stand during the amidah in
believes it is part of what makes it so hard
for us to pray. He says that “we often find
by saying that according to the Rav
Hertz, 649 prayer is about need awareness. which we petition G-d for our needs an inability to take ourselves seriously, to
Much like many of the medieval and we reflect upon the basic needs of honor our genuine needs, our joys, our
Jewish philosophers, the Rav life such as health, material well being, troubles and devotions, as worthy of our
Times believed that the purpose of prayer understanding and wisdom, we own solemn concern” and thus have a hard
was not to effect some change naturally scrutinize why we should time taking ourselves seriously enough to
Candle lighting 8:12 pm upon G-d who is immutable but on desire those things and what address our real needs in G-d’s presence.
our own self. He said that what it experiences in life could provide us
Mincha 7:00 pm Besides the ability to take down the facade
is meant to achieve is a with the elements of those needs that
that covers our being, prayer can be
clarification of our needs. will satisfy our true being rather than
Hashkama 8:00 am beneficial in helping a person gain clearer
provide us with a temporal sense of
Minyan The problem he was addressing self perception because it contains
false satisfaction. elements of self-judgment as well. Rabbi
was that we often go through life
Parsha Shiur 8:30 am so fast and with so much on our There is also another aspect of the Samson Raphael Hirsch notes that
shoulders that we do not get a prayer experience that can help us to “prayer” in the Hebrew language is called
Youth 8:30 am become more aware of who we are. tefilla, the infinitive being lehitpallel: a
chance to reflect on what is best
for us and what we really need. Psychologists say that part of the way reflexive form of the root pallel which
Main Minyan 9:00 am
We often make choices in life that that a person can become more aware of means to judge. Tefilla, the act of self-
Beit Midrash 9:15 am do not allow us to reach our fullest his or her own self is to create judgment, according to psychologists can
potential as people and as ovdei relationships in which they can be refine the process of viewing the self by
Gemorah Shiur 7:00 pm hashem because those choices are completely open about who they are. helping the individual channel his or her
based on a false sense of who we analysis allowing for a deeper scrutiny of
Mincha 8:00 pm Prayer provides us with that open one’s problems and failings that will lead
are and what we need in life. relationship that is necessary for a
Prayer affords us the opportunity him or her to see his or her own self free
Shabbat Ends 9:20 pm person’s growth. It is in that open of false perceptions.
to straighten that out by relationship that we can reveal who we
Sunday 7:30 am discovering more about who we truly are without the fear of being These aspects of prayer that can help us
8:30 am are and what we need. judged or rejected for we know that discover more about ourselves and our
If understood in this way, prayer when we stand before G-d, G-d can see needs can transform the prayer experience
Mon., &Thurs., 6:35 am can be a very important component our inner self. Thus, there is no reason in to one that is very personal and very
of our religious growth. to hide it. Once we feel comfortable meaningful not just in terms of our
Tues., Wed., & 6:45 am revealing our inner self, including our religious and spiritual growth but in terms
Fri., Allow me to explain how that
happens. flaws and imperfections, our unfulfilled of our happiness in life and personal
Second Shacharit desires and emotions, we automatically satisfaction.
Rabbi Yehuda Amital explains that create the need awareness that Rabbi
Minyan (Daily) 7:45 am while many think that people are There is an element of Rabbi
Soloveitchik speaks about. Soloveitchik’s philosophy of prayer that
not “open” enough in their
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June 28)
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might seem to rub us the wrong way and make us feel as if G-d is denying helpful in that regard.
the autonomy of the individual: Self-sacrifice. Rabbi Soloveitchik
explains that not only are our prayers a substitute for the sacrifices of the There are many things we can gain from prayer and there are many
explanations of what prayer is all about. One of the nice aspects of Rabbi
temple, but prayer is itself an act of self sacrifice, of the “unrestricted
offering of the whole self, the returning to G-d of body and soul, Soloveitchik’s philosophy of prayer as “need awareness” which I chose to end
everything one possesses and cherishes.” with is that is makes prayer in to a very personal experience that can be helpful
to you and to me.
Nevertheless, I would maintain that even this seeming abrogation of the
This is the last article that I will be writing in the Tefilla Digest series. As we
self, surrender of autonomy and individuality still contains elements of
autonomy and empowerment of the individual. As Rabbi Aharon end this series this is the message that I wish to leave you with and that I wish
Lichtenstein has noted, the basis of the entire structure of sacrifices in the for you to ponder (It is based on Rabbi Soloveitchik’s philosophy of prayer
that I have shared in the last two weeks):
temple, is ownership and mastery either private or communal. As he once
said: “The requirement to give is addressed only to someone who is able to Prayer is deep, it is vast, it is extraordinarily complex and, most of all, it is
give.” The very authoritarian demand to give oneself up to G-d is really difficult. As I mentioned in my opening drasha before launching this
predicated upon the fact that the individual has the autonomy to do so. series: “For 3 times a day, 365 days a year for the last 12 years of my life I
have interrupted my day to pray. That means that roughly 13,000 times I have
Furthermore, Rabbi Soloveitchik asserts that what Abraham taught us in
the realm of prayer is that despite G-d’s overwhelming presence and paused in order to fulfill the mitzvah of tefilla, of prayer. Repeating any
commanding authority, man can stand before G-d without being behavior 13,000 times should certainly lead to greater levels of competence in
that behavior. And yet, after 13000 practice runs, I still feel like I haven’t
consumed, man can maintain his individuality and humanity even in the
face of the all encompassing G-d. In fact, G-d so much respects the perfected my tefilla.”
individuality of man that He Himself “descends” into the world of man in Nevertheless, at its most basic core prayer can be, for each an every one of us,
friendship as a familiar companion (kiveyachol…) to meet him in prayer. a time to contemplate who we are, what our genuine needs are, what we fail at
The understanding that we do not lose our individuality in prayer and the and where we succeed, what we wish to change about ourselves and what we
status of honor bestowed upon us as a being who is approached by the wish to keep the same.
Divine is empowering and affirms our individuality and autonomy.
Prayer can be one of the vehicles through which we come to discover
Thought to Ponder who we are and in that way become better people and better servants
Over the last 5 weeks I tried to wind down our series on prayer on a of Hashem. The closer we come to know ourselves the closer we will
broader more philosophical basis. After a year of seeing the explanations come to know what lies at our core which is our tzelem elokim, the
of many intricate laws and issues in prayer as well as elucidations of Divine spark within each of us. The closer we come to knowing that
different sections of the siddur, I wanted to end the series with an spark of the Divine, the closer we come to cleave to the shechina, to
explanation of what the whole experience of prayer is really about and the spirit of G-d Himself.
what we are meant to get out of it. I hope that the last 5 articles have been

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