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A Collection of lce Breakers for C_etLGroups
Copyrigbt-@.l99zb5rD2h"n<.n rt.h. M.rh^.ti<r ch,,trh

Version 1.00 May t99j Available ftom: Damansara UtaEaMethodist Church 34,Jalaa 25/28 SS Taea! Mayang paaliagJaya 47301 Tel:03-7031526Fax: 03_?031572 E-mail:chrkan@pc jaring.my .



Tableof Contents
Introduction . ... .. .4 TheCellMeeting Agenda:. . . . . P u r p o s e sl c eB r e a k e . . . . . . , of rs Oifferent Types lce-Breakers of .. F o rM i x i nA r o u na n dc e t t i nc r o u p a r t i c i p a t i o n g d p g f o r G e t t i n g q u a i n . e.d . . Ac t. . F o rS t a r t i n go m m u n i c aAimn n g C t o o CellMembers Complete follow.ng the sentences: P o s i t i Pe o p l.e . . . . . , ve chitdhood ........... A b o u t yF a m i . vM t. ' AboutMysetf..-.:..:.::.'' ..... A b o u t y s e-l M yF e e t i n o s M f . About Myseff Mi opinlo-ns. . . . . . .......5 .......6 ............,'.7 ............8 ........15 ..... -.....11 .......17 . . . . . . . .. . . . . . l 8 ....-....18 ......le '.....2o ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' . . - . 21


A b o u t y s e t f ic i , , i . " i i r , . . . . . . . : . . . -M M t
Appendix LetMe Introduce 1: you . . . . . . . . . . . e A p p e n d2x p e o p t B i n g o i: Appendix cingerBread 3: Man. . . App€ndix Creative 4: DraMng. . . . Appendix t.e. TestI 5: f . eT e s t . 2 ...... t . QT e s t 3. . . . . : . . . t . e T e s4t . . . . . . . . . .

:. ::: :: .:::. .:::. ..... ....3,
. . . . . . . . . . . 24 . - . . . . . 2T .......ea .........30 .........31 . . . .. . . . . 3 2 """"'33 .....' 34

D. ForEnmuraging Teamwork Group or Rjationship

q p p € { d6 : T o p k T e nW o r sttc e b r e a k / vrE y E t o e s R

t . eT e s_t A n s w .e. r s. . : : . . . . . . . . . . . :: . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .3 :
B eU s e d ! ! . - . . . . . . . . . . . 3 7 ..

A Colleclionol tce Brcakets Ce croups for



Thisis a collection icebreakers CellGroups of for (CG)accumulated the years. ovet w-ere collated various ftom sources including Jhey training resource books, thoseused in-ourdifferent Groups, Intemet fiom Cell the and those whohadattended seminars or workshops hadsome that interesting ones. Overtheyears, C"ffl""O"o f.rn OUVC andother.churches requested'this have -rpirrti"n j" m"v-o!9"i-io'rppr"","," ,n" values icebreakers. of I hopethissmall collection heloful making is in yourcell meeting moreexcrting and meaningful.youhave lf come across interesting hefptrf OrJafrclsi and ice please send th.em meto beadded thene)crelease. con"truifue to to n,iy uoliJu'iiJ,ior ,"",,u"r tr,i" willbe appreciated. MayGodcontinue bless in yourCellministry to you !! Pastor Chris Kam


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Pe*p Jaya

A Coleclion of lq B'€eko.s lor CeI Gtoups

ll. The Cell Meeting Agenda:

Meeting Agenda
Welcome (Ice-breakers)

Spiritual Dynamics
Man to man Man to God Godto Man Man to man


Worship (Minisry) Word @dification) Works (Vision)

20minutes 45-60 minutes 30rninutes


cE( uF€tPA - Dr&.r Crd. (wii.)


A Collectionof lc6 Brcakerstor Cell

lll. Purposes lco Breakers of 1. Bringseveryone thecellto a common in member into focus.Every watks thecell meeting different purpose, with emotion, etc. attitude 2. lt is NOTa gameper s€, butan activity helpspeople takethe focusoff that to themselves order feelat ease to in to other.lt mayrequire eachperson witheach say something a pre-determined or for smallgroups two or threeto of on topic, accomplish simple in a limited iask time. a 3. lt helpsbindpeopte peopte, on levelbut thats whatit's to usually a supemcial supposed achieve. to 4. lt helps who break ice!Especially forpeople arenew,or shy.An ice-breaker the so youngor old in faithand age, introvert or is non-threatening, whicheveryone, or extrovert, or serious charact€r, in children adults, participate. can easy{oing you Therefore geteveryone involved fromthe beginning a cellmeeting! right of yourmembers you about which 5. lt enables asa cellleader understand to something youcanlateremphasize a need time. worship edification or as during

POINTERS 1. Some cell leadersfeel that ice-breakers a wasteof time. Nolt They are are extemdy valuable cellsthatarebeginning knoweachotheror cellsthathave for to beentogetherfor a longtime. 2. lt is a TOOLto helpyoutakethefirststepintoeachotheds lives. that 3. Prayand ask Godto giveyouwisdom choosing ice-breakef wouldbe in an with chosen appropriate theoccasion. havefound thatan ice.breaker for We out people the careallows during cell meeting. Godto minister some to jusi Treatit as seriously 4. Donottty to thinkof anice-breaker prior a cellmeeting. to worship. as l'ou wouldprepare edification or for that 5. Usea resource of ice-breakers. notes newice-breakers yournay of Keep list etc. havediscovered seminars, crnventions in
futrfEcra {jd,ama ,,lethodist Aurch Pt,a,ing Jaya

A Co ectktnof lce Baeakers CeI Gtoups for

6. Oonotexpect much of ice-breakers, too out i.e.don,t a allowit to beoorne sharing session, unless meant bea it's to s""dy i"ilpii;e m"iG anaast t im to bring up during it supper time,or anyotherpartof ir,e "ertmeeting whichyou deem appropdate.

Makeyou rem,"t"6;;;i3$:ln'iffil"JJi,:r1",ffi _sure goingoverboard, H,j;""iJl,T?,i.,13. tf youfinda member jurt

7. In general, the earlierlife of the CellGroup, at time for ic€_b,reakers be may generay tonger. please thediagram ;i.fi-ei"Lp see above: - Agenda iif" 6r"re Pattem". 8. USEICE-BREAKERSEVERY AT MEETING!! is alsoto send silent This a message to yourmembers youtakeice_brcakers that seriouslv!


DifferentTyiresof lce€reakers

A. ForMixing Arcund Getting participation. and Group B. ForGetting Acquainted C. For Stafting Communication . AmongCe[ Members D. Forencouraging Teamwork GroupRelations or



{l'. :Sl

Pabng -btd

oanqtgatlaav ieuddffi


n9. ne. rim ou

A. For MixingAroundand Gefting participation Group
1. Let me lntroduceyou (Appendix i)
Welcomeall yourguests(inctuding chitdren) explainwhatyou will be doing and for the niohtHandoutihe pre.print€d sheets paperand a pen/pencil everyone. of ptease to r!orerne attemative questions children. for Ask them to w.ite downtheirresDonses. d. Collect all the sheets of paper after everyonehas finished fillinq in therr panrcutars. Separate children,s the sheets ftom the adults_ Ask one person to selecta sheetfrom the collectedpite and have hir/her introducethe personindicated the she€t.Havethe chirdren on intioouceeacn oner ttfst from the children's oile.

newty person rum in draws the from pite l5r_,1_"-i:igg!"i"n,.the intoduced anoooesthe sameintroductionContinue through pileuntilallareintroduced. the People Srhgo (Appendix 2) a. Distribute pEOpLE the BINGO to Sheet everyons., ";, ;,,,; 1; i.;. b. the word 'Go',_haveeveryiine somionewho his the ciaraaeristic fnd lsh:yl.on any of thesesquares and'initial his/her namein that square. The restriction here is that you ars allowed maximum two initialsfrom a of o!!e person. c- The.p.erson a squares initialled across, vertically diagonauy,..wiii of shout -with tnreepersons haveshouted BINGO, gamestops._r the r o. _or\e\J-..uvnen itjntgrestjng, you.may to pick want one,or all,.of thewinnersrb6 reaO llTal(? out loudwho hadinitialled squares, eg.,"Oh .. I didnt knowJohnhas the for dimculty resisting chocotates." : ]:j: Bird-Stone-Wate Game: r
r. I .l

a. Everyone mustbestanding pairs. in lfthere a person is without pj;n;r, h€/she a will laterpairup witha Mnnerfromanexisting pair. . b- Three. symtolsareused: (allfngerstips&nvergeat a point,lifethebeak Bird of a bird),Stone(hands clenched a fstj andWatjr (fngersattouistretcfrea). like c. ln pairs, theendof a count three at (loudly unlsoni, to show in eictr pprsgn-will a symbol. birdwillwinoverwatbr A (stone drinks wateri,stone'o:ji Uird @ird injures bird)andwater overstone (ivater witt sinks water)r. wiriner Oethe in The
%a6q Jaya


A Collection ol lca Broakets fo. @ll

onewhois thelirstto havea total three of wins. d. Thewinnerwillgo thenext to winner another andrepeat above. of pair the The loserwill be eliminated thegameandwill sit down.A solewinner from will emerge aflera fewrounds, depending thenumber people. on of Another paper& Stone.All symbdsexcept variation thisgameis using of Scissors, birdand scissors thesame. are Scissors symbotised wo fingdrc is (index and by mjddle) outstretched thg restclenched, showing numb€r and like the two.Scissors wrnpaper, paper stone stone scissors. win and win
4. Jumping Up and Down

Get into pairs. Count number abhabets yourname.Addyourpartne/s the of in countto yours.Holding jumpup anddor.ntogether, eachotheis hand (botl hands), the numberoftimes according totalscore the counted now. iust
c. Memorygame

Write about40 to 50 v,ordson a big pieceof paperor transparency. Showit for abo_rrt seconds. 30 People to writedownon theirown pieceof paperas many are as theycan rememb€r. winner be theonewith the mostnuhGr of words. The will 6. Nice to:MeetYou! Pass€ largesoftloy (e9.Teddybear,Aig gird, Cartoon {fiaracter eac.) ftomone parlicipant another. eachpelson, to At explain himthat he is to greetttle toy .Hai, to BQBidrd (nameottoy), mynameis Matthew name). (his Nioeto ;e€t you.".At this point he is to the toy with an ac{ioni well (hand shake, hug etc.) as _greet S_ubsequent participanb mlst nothavethesarne aclioniom previous greaiigs. tn otherwords,everyac{ionis unique. Thiscontinues untilthe last person. Nowdo the same thingagain thistimeinstead doingit to the softtoy,take but of tumsto do it to thoperson theright. on 7. Buzcame


Sit in cirde andeachperson taketumsto audibly will countoff one at a time.At a muttiple say5, buzzinstead thenumbers said. of is of variation: IJsedifferent numbers sounds. and



A Collectionol lce Breakoslot Cott

8. Rldiculous Answersto Slrangeeuesrbrs Oistribute.two pieces paper eachperson. thefirstpieceof paper, of to On writea question comes mind. thesecond that to On piece, writetheansweiid quesrion. tne Eg. why doesthe birdnapitswings? fly,of course! To coled aI theluestirns into a singlepile,mixing them wefl.Dotnesahewittrtheanswers a second into pire. Each.person lhenrandomly a question an answereactr. will take and Uewil tnen reaotne question thentheanswer. first, 9. Sarte Surname ,1" groups_of peopte sumames with having sama rhe arphabet (or 9:,_t"_r:,"]y:: range atphabets, A - E,F - J, etc.) thefirstletter. or eg. for Afleryouhave gotten into yourgroups, share oneoneanotherone youwould wilh thing normallydowhen you havesomefreetime.
10. Udle Fingers

ept rnd )rs

What do you usuatly wilh yourlitflefinger? do


Your Firstlmiresstori

Distribute sheetof paper everyone. leader a listof wordsthathe is a to The has qomg. re6dcl.:t at a time, ao one gi/inga pause 1O of seconds (ptease it using time a watch).As it is beingread,writedownwhatcomesto youi minO first oforrr mpresson)in one,twoor threewords. When the wods arereadout,,.the all leader will 90 through'dach andhaveihe group wod sharewhattheir,first impressions wera. .., .; protonSaga,MsrcedesBenz, The Nameoi your Exampfe list: McDonald, of Cl1urch, Name your Senior paitor,politicians, The ot BibleStudy,euiet Time, Movies, your Malaysian peoite,.God, Orfuers, Children, CellGroup, Siubbom Holy Spirit,etc. (Makoup yourown tist) 12 fdckec! ! that on 9n lpiece of paper,writedownan action youwantthe person yourrightto do.Thetrickis, theleaderwill it around say,now tum itl and fou do

.'€'ral€€,'a (,ama MothodislChurdl Aeiahg Ja'€
:f it !L\


,dY ! '-i-



u^ lt-

A Collectbh ol lce Ereake6 for Cell Gtoups -_-----._-



dial' whatis theanswea (The average tim;i! id:-";";."'l:1canyoubeat it?)Answer zerobecause will is you murtip-ry ttre-jfi;;:"' usini
14. Adjectives

Fhd o'r "iiiri" on a Il:i:ifffi'fi, llt"liXlfli?ili* g"'u' the nuiibersrereprrone "'ibers on

Youmust look ,n" ,",:r,pT_1n?n not a, sotving probtem.is a testof your this lt

Taking fums,eachperson to introduce is himself hersell or usingan adjective starts with the same arphabet as.hivhe, ili na-m;:'#,a;, Joyftrt thal John, Kemaftabte *. Roger, Arristic Leen, Ai fr{r."uf "..il-ung;;g Jt". 15. t ser Game

NnaOatu, hey'she put in a O€ as can )nny well' The frst penn€s wins. Person!c aet n:dof all his/her 16. Ttigonometty

;li',j[:"'#;i:i:?ii$Af :r_:gq,rl"';;;ffi :?jJtr#S"t"Ti

aoventurous g.up ,nur6",',rlJllent

each must one "tJ::fii#":ffi:TJril,*i:";I:l1qtums' person nanE thins from
everyone else. (Forexample, ai

with "conect, i" t,i*r answer. 17.

".r." or paper enoqsh 8tr"lfri;t l3;i'riT""Rilf-'i::t:fJ,.i"piece raree gtolrp'whichof thesesvmbols do eacfrof identify
thin "i'ir'"ii iil _. _.-.. _,laracter, why do they and say so? fner"t i"-no creyElephant from Denma*


the berow sequence. ffi:"XTi,??tffffi::'.tJJT#:y*e'Read instructionsin 'uklgothrough this

rather quickly don'tmake but

a. PtCKanumberfroml-9




^ "",,""r1"r .1,* "* d. SQUARE (i.e.muttipty itsetf) it by e. tr more thanonedigit ADO th; DIGITS youget onlyonedigit(i.e. = uo until 64 6 + 4= 1 0= 1 + O 1 ) = f. lF. your_cunent VALUE tessthanS,thenaddS ... otheMise is subtract 4 g. MULTtpLy 2 bv h. SUBTRACT 6

)ul ne


DtGtTjo 1=A, etc. l. lnlt: a name a a tetter the !n ALPHABET 2=8, or COUNTRY begins thatletter th€t with I :1yK
K. TAKEIhE SECOND LETTER iNihE CbUNTRY,S NAME r. I H|NKor anANTMAL begins that that with LETTER m. THTNK ofthecoloR ofthat iNtMAL Geteveryone share to theiranswer.should tt be: A.greyelephant fromDenmark. 18, Howmany squaresare (here?

Howmany squares there thefollowing are in diagram?

i. . ' 11ti

, r ii ,


Ans,wer-- - (t ) whole (16)x1 + (9)x4+ (4)x9 30 + 19. Wodd Vlews

Havelotsof old magazines newspapers and ready.Havethe members take some and. browse rhrough somepiaurds words'whiA;;;#;';;;'quatiries for br the woddtooksfor in peopte. outthepictlrre; Tear o; w;;s ;;J'ii-groups or rour,ret themshare withoneanother reasons theirchoices the for



A Calloclionof lce Breaketstot Cgll ctoups


How Are you keling?

Handout two sheetsof paperto eachcell member. On a bigsheetof paper, a or rransparency, llash the following words:





on^the-first sheetof paper, )rour ask members writ€.down wod fromthe listthat to a th:y feet in_ theirheartsright now.On ttre seconastreet,they witl -o.-9:gb:-._h?y wntedownons olherwordthatdescribes whatthey wantJesus{o bringto ihem tonight. Theneachtakingtumsto share whathas blen written. 21. Etephant, Rhinoand Rabbil

Theplayers in a.tight "A" pointsto sit ckclewith.A, sorneon€ the in .Elephant., in the middle. crrdeand sa)6 either Rhino.,or,Rabbit". it" p"6n rc *r,o, f," poinb must ;naLoiF,'p,li t "no" either hish;nds put behind bacfrortrre his i," into "Elephant", put fistsin frontcf his nosefor.the or - ;nda( . bottrR-.G [i-, io". l',tn t ro on lnrrinor. fngers pointi;rg

upward the tcr fi," il; pla)€r putanopen facing totr,enst t*o'p""pr"ln';il;;#f .A. must hand pravli"[eJ ijrt "pn"nr "na a fst totheothe/s head "Rhino;. naOuit" musipii-"nit rcn. nu"o for for ndy upward. ofthis A must don"U-"6." be l,J*unt otr.n. :'I.:i:,01r9:, ry"ting lr anyone of the three "A..
hits to do hispart,he becomes

YerauE.E E





clnger Bread Man(Appendix 3)

"t the diagEmindicated, whichGinger Bread Mando you identify ,:""",JilP with 23. Creatr.ve Drawing(Appendix 4)

completion, spread thediagrams thefloorfor aff out on to sl.l24. /.Q. Iesf (Appendix 5) at itl n

ii" :!1?:!l:,;':$,?SH::,r tT,*'p"G ffiJ1,p:!,ifi{ '..-:

Distribute diagram Aooen the in

Thisis a good ice-breaker whenyouwantsomething workthe mind. to

: ,'jtaarg Jaya 14

A Colecticnol lco fuoako'.s[ot CetlGtouDs

B. ForGetting Acquainted
1. GuessMy ,........ Taketums to guessthe ...-............ ofthe person your on right.

a. b. c. d-

occupation hobby favourite type of movie(omance, action, comedy etc-) (Make your own)

WhatWouldyou Do ,..... Whatwouldyou do if youwereto see..... a personbeingrobbed? o, a persondrowning? a house fire? on d. a childcryingat the oadside? a man-sitting downon thepavement looking dazed? f. a bid in the bushes seemingly hurt? 3. Thtee Facts and A Lia Haveeveryone write on a sheetof paperfour startements about themseves,of whic*r are three

L"!"s ever)rone given a chanceto guesswhich siatefilent is is

facts onea lie. and

a i;

4. Portrait of My Job

9-Ye:veryonea sketchpaperand askthemto drawa pictureof theirJbbs.upon completion, an opportunity exptain stetcti ''-'give to trek yatiari)..'/4seaci perso n shows their sketcl.havelhe rcstof therrembers guess theiromupation.



L92!ig:!!9!3! tceB@ake6 cett ctoups rot

5. My Chitdhood photo "u"O,o"gbringa babyor.chitdhood photo. The teader m ect a the wi I:: pnotosand mix themwelland lay themout on the noor.iu"ryone will havea chance guesswhois in thephoto. to 6' Taking Thingsfor cranted Pairup andswapwatches. each Ask otherto describe faceson thetr the watches. you Variation: may wantto usecons. 7. Order your priorities OrderYourpriorities in thefollowing:

Telephone Ringing Crying Baby

Clothes outdoor and nin is siadingto fa

8. Common lnterest *ial. somebody don,tknowwe : Findout you l-1 :q of "9.eone, preferably somethiog interest which crmrnon both-ofvou. is to
9. IusiveAge Eachperson givena sheet pape'r. leader is of The willinstruct person do every to the bllowing: a- Writedownyourhouse number. b. Multiply be 2 it c. Add 5 d. Multipty 50 by e. Addyourage f. Add 365 your 9- Exchange sheet paper a partner. of with n- suDtFact ftomthe resutt youipartne/ssheet paper. 615 on of The&st partofthe numbers thehousJ is address thelastWo digits beyour and witt parlnet's age.Nowyouknow ageof yourpadner! the oa'rnaaauaniffi
Petahg JaF 16


A Collection tc6 Breal<e6lor Cell croups ot

C. For StartingGommunication AmongCell Members
Completethe following sentences: 1. Caring someone for means ... 2. Acc€pting others ... is 3. Ina group liketo... I 4. At timesI amafraid reach to others to out because ... 5. Notbeing accepted others by is... 6. I'mtumed by peopte off who... 7. I tumoffpeople when| ... 8. I feelcomfortable people ... with who 9. ThelasttirneI got reallyangry was..... 10. lf I could imp.ove relationship others,would my with I ... 11. I wasoncemistaken for....... 12. Onemajor problenrhadto solve yearwas.... I this 13. Oneofthe bestthingsI evergotforfreewas.... 14. OnethingI can,tstandto be nagged about .... is 15. Onethingwhichhas stressed outthisweek..... me 16. Onethingwhichmakesmefeelguilty ........ 17. Onelhingwhicht do notunderstand the about opposite is ....... sex '18.Onepart'c lardayinight I wanted laSt that fcrever to was ... 19. Letrneteltyouaboutmy bestearthly friend... lr



!-*!!:gg{21pu e."*"o forcerrGroups
lf I couldchoose my careeroveragainI would...

21. Thehardest thinglhave everdone 22. Thegreatest cornplimenthaveeverreceived .-.. I was

Posltivepeople 23. Whatisfhemostencouraging thing have iou saidor doneto someone thelast in 24. Whatis the mostencruraqino hingsnmo^.^r,-. saidor doneto you _ , thino someone has oneweek? In thelast 25. Saysomething positive about person to you. the neK zo_ Aftrm a good quality in the personnexrro vou. 27.

1,3#i"* HT:llxH:nfl ff"p"T^.C?-,:"#hili';:';#;;:ilifjffi ffi :"-*l?Lu::f openit andreadit inium. $:ff''f .g:l;ffi:';;fi;"H;rilTJi::lTlfi . Then
page.Foldthe bottom Personar rne boftomofthe oitf," p'"or to: has been written. Trren pass .ftepaperto the left aoain r,^rirri- ^-l^ull.co]'erwhat


pass paper rhe to reft. ::rop.Every.onethe "v qwu( url,

28. Whatis yourearliest childhood memory? 29. Whatchildhood fantasies youhave? do 30. Howwould you describe childhood? your 31. Describe grandparents? your

32. Describe childhood your / teenage experience what likeanddon'tlike ... you I L ' about Vt/ho yourbestandworstteaehers are in achool? l&Iat didyou enjoymostin primary school?.

o^a na'suau aniaEiffi iffi iii Feratry
JaTa 18

A Colleclionol lce B.eakels for Celt Groups

34. Whatdid youenjoymostin seconoary school? 35. Whatdid youenjoymostin college universig? or 36. Whatchildish things youstilldoas an do 37. Whatis thefunniest storyyourmother te adutt? s about vou?

could change things two about way were the you raised, woutd whar they f#, 39. Where youfeel did warmest safest a child? and as oo yourfavou.ite chitdhood mernories timespenr your of with fathef f*?,;".,ff;t
AboutMy Famtty Howmanybrcthers sistersdo youhave and andwhoare you closest 11. to? 42. Getlrourselves groupsof people into withthefollowing criteria: a. EHestin the fam v b. Youngesin thehhitv c. Somewhere 'd. Onlyciild in the middle in lhe family Sharewith oneanotherwhat you likeand dislikeaboutbeingio thatposffi.,i:{: 43. Couples share to howandwheretneyfrst met. .+4.Eetween agesof Z and .l2... the (primary scftool) [euakereuestions] a. Wheredid youfive? b. tb,y manybmlhersand sistersdid youhave? c. Whatkind.oftransportation puit*i, did "L, o. who was the personyou fett closestlo? e- when did Godbemme rnorethan a wordto you?
45. Do!,q, hav€a nickname if so and



?rC "li;
.lrj(: is.'j

.ti :


whatii iP Vvhat nicknames youhav€for ygul do :

-r:ri,o, V,itD

5$. Whob lour hvouriterelative? Why?

rr! i;qn ''


About Myself 47. Whattalents youwishyouhad? do 48. Of all the material possessions have, you whichgivesyou 49. Whatdo youthinkabout whenyoucantsleep? S. itemsfrom yourpurseand wallet.Sharc something aboutyourself I:!" l*: through them. the mostpleasure?

5'1.On punctuality, whi,rh category youfaltinto?Why?Canyou improve it? do on a. Mostofthe timelate.lt hasbecome habitno matterhowyou a try to overcome it. b. Justin time,mosuy. willbe pantr:ng rushing. I ftom c. Afiive ahesdof time,within30 minutes the aAriatmeeting of or ap@intedtime. 52. P-uta few items into a smallbox, eg. pen,pencil,wa et, kelrs,watch,etc. On a o xo preceot pap€r. writedo/vn-your mme. Foldit and dropit intoa seoarale Dox.

relate itemwiththepu"on "nO"rpf"in ,n"nv] an : 53. Whatis tha bestgiftthatyoucangive to fourself.r
54- Whenwasthelastdme admitted you

Each member rhen a iirece tr" f"td;tp";;.'i;iii's-offr';;, "' ,n" wil araw of ''' name thepaper, on

Whyis it so.hard do? l,ouwerewro-ngt to

Tellusoneof theworst you fights have gonun i"to. eve,

"O'n thernoming? purpose to findout whatthemotivating The is }lt^1r_y^"i_n:l person,s rorc€s In this are life.lt is a simpte.question, it takes good but, a dealol thought answer to

Aee&€ Jara

Oannsara UAna 20

A CottectionoI lce Breakes to. Cottc@ut.s

62. Whatis theone thingyouwantto accomptish nextweek? 63. Whatroomin yourhouse youlikebest? do 64, Tellus aboutyourtirstda.te. 65. Whatis yourhobby? Whatis theth,ng do to relax? you 66. Why did you chooseto five,inKL (or About Myself - My Feetings 67. Do you worrypositively negativety? or Why? 68. What is your greatestworryin life? the name your town cifi? of or

Wha: Wha Wha lf yo woul Ata Wha . i ff:]o hlsk


amazing facts:that cihitdr€n tauoh averase ,n Iaush avaE^^ ^, times . tfte follo,ving an orsoo eveqdtil;#;Jl'il:: 70. l:y_*_u'O O"opt""roundlorJ|ate'ou asa person Anereveqrcne shared. tremite fdto,ving whosmites? has tefl "rJ"i r""frii"t a,fldren smite an average 400times of everyday grown-ups5 tinres. ard I 7 1 .Usea faslalexpression showhow to lour,!€ar^lve€ldday be€n? has 72. Oescribe howl,ou arefeelins'dohtn usingthe weather 'Y'tr ' ow' teport'€g' doudy, "unny,ou"r"""i, ii;;: ;:" *

rime taughed h€arrity? H"_n^y-": ,?st you !u has Aflereveryone
shareJ. t"tlil;-*-'

l{ ro it be


t" H$"t+:"r:fT;tlll"i

""n""" tur enemv?vour friends? ro best ro l..rr
fimety? l,oufe€lmost L€astlonely? Why?

74. Under whatcircumstances do

75. In all lour accomplishrdents, one what thingareyouproud€st of? 76. Howdo )€u react when arentthanked going of yourwaybr you for cut sorneone? 77. Whatb yourmostemba.rassing experience? 78. Howhavercu embarrassed someone recenuy? 79.What wasthehappiest moment vour of life?



ol ,.nlteclion lce Brcakeslor CellGroups |'

Myself - My Opinions

you kindof store would liketo ownandoperate? What is for home? What youridealdriveway yourdream jumped queue persons frontof you? you two in would do if someone What you 1000years, lf you couldtakea pillthatwouldenable to liveuntilyou reach you would do it? why? would youdo? do friend.What yourfriends a startbelittting common At a meat, relationship? Whatdo youvaluemostin a human o? in whatpoint the.future in workonlyonce, that lf youhada timemachine would you would visit? history whatwould carry onlyonething, and lf youwere go andliveon themoon could to it be? 0OO. lnformeveryone theyhavejust beengiven$1 OOO Let eachsharehow that gained.fortune. theywould theirnewly use ut Myseli- My Chrlstian Life present; as Pastor a birthday Whatb onethingyouwouldliketo giveto yourSenior andwhy? yrould liketo do if givena choice you ofjob in heaven? What that Which thethings of nature. God'screation observing by We canappreo'ate you Godhascreated fascinates the most? Why living? orwhy you life Would bewilling livea simpler thanyouarecunently to not? do lf you wereto die this very moment, you knowwhereyou wouldspend etemM E)elain. you? about to wouldyoulikeothers follow Whatexamples

lcotleclion of tco grcake.stor Cettctoups

95. Whatis usuay thefirstthing thatcomes mind to whenyouthinkabout cod? 96. Inwhatareas your is it most of life difficult trustGod?Otherpeopte? to yourself? 97. Whohasbeenthegreatest influence yourChristian andwhy? on life 98. Whatmadeyoudecide attend church to ihis <nsed the name yourChurch>. of 99. Howwould liveyourlifediff€renflyyouknew you if Jesus wascoming backagain in six months, time? '100. you Do have-a vision yourownlife?lf youhave,share for whatyourvtsion lf is. not,whynot? 101.Whatdo youthinkdelights above cod everything in yourlife? else 102.Whatdo youwantwritten yourtombstone? on 103.Whatdo you.want at yourfuneral? said 104.Vvhat don'tyouwanlsaidat yourfuneral? 105. WouLiybu like to knowtheexactdateot yourdeath? 106.Whodidcod useto bring to thepoint you where knewyou needed you Jesus? i 07. if )'cu courd change praces a Bibte with characier, w6uioy.orichoose? jdA who wh 108.WhatiSyourfavoudte bookof the Bibte?WhW




109.Share. versey'passage a of scriptu{e is most,neaningfut you.Whyjs it so.,l that to 110.Share recent a answer yourprayers. to ' a.

o ama nsaya lJbtna Lklna a CM

A Collectioo ol lce Breakors tor C6ll

D. For Encouraging Teamwork GroupRelationship or
1. Camping Trip

atrire.a"d hav?";;l, ;;;;pJJon,in yourg.ro rsalowed bring other to ten things. woufa Ae-cijJio?r.uz Wtrat you nppoint spokesperson eachgroup. " for
Variation:Each group may chall

Divideyour groupintosmaller orouns nf o"v*',pi"i-,,i'p;;ffi rhEA. ^,,^,.^ v_.. ;xl.ii{i::!q!T,_l;,?;J,1,i,:jX",i"l accommodarions. from Apart your

104ayrip withwharrn.y ur"affig?'e
2. Teamwork puzzle

another whether cansuNivelhe they

abilityto shareand teamwork etc-

objective comoter" ph;r.;.i;';;"i; ';'j,ll^=ij isro tii" leaderdoes ftot evensavwhether ris_is .i.,rn""rir^" ^. ^)I ii'irrr#liii#il rhisis a competition not.Thbrelre many or lesson< can leamlo urL.i*A;ffi;;;i; rhAr be lessons ^,^ l,^ t^^^^) r_-,., . that r'om ;;

singte Mi, it "l ,p ""d s!th"ii-h";".'l oi". o,,r," :T1:""! tnegroups !o', are assembte woitsintJ*e pn."", o"iJ,'i""0 to ttre Sd o" theleader. tunisintaking thepjle.ano The from teamingiJfV" -can "*"r.Jiil;",t; Theteaderwi giveno rutes iow this beoone on ::"^pf^:t.-T1)f except the .have. thar

peper ot rarse i""Iffil:t#il!fffl8i:Tifii,lil;Ll r en;;;;;;,; copres accordins number oroups. tre papei the fiitr, of cut inio;;l;;;;;; p,"""., wordas a piecul

phrase vision or statement. oetermine_ oriime an6ao novii"iv'gtr'lp""r ,r,1 inrhe croup. be cel wtt" o, p,init " pi;;;;;rd' " ","* I :T:^"j-f?-T_!1

In linewiththe edification fortheCell time rneeting, choosean appropriate velse, theme,

Your Cell Group

Cdl Grnrrn Cdl Group.

b€ca.use rh","'s ;ibj;'"i6;;i;#'idft l;i#il,*iulll,iii"ij' :::T no! shown. s"od bve c€re ard speni time

wifitaketh;irtumsto share. F: I-"_T,f Thel€ader S,r:rl feen pointsino williot down the summarise at theendof thesharino. them rhe.loint note is thatmostpeople say pont ro note hereisthat to here ,";i;;;;i; il".;;#i;;y;# co.e io tnu i"ji will i;;#c;ii that they :ne

a hetp you? to person Each

1.j|#"i';; il;n-ri,ia-6al aitiii"'', .iusi '',r'. ffi

Share coming this Group? theresomeona who to ts CeI Y!!::: been wly youkeep tEs coming theCe Groip?Dowe need do something to abodit? tb -not vaaaDon.
S'harewhy you are glad to be pan of this Celt Group. oanarlsgraL'annai#ffi,Fi.ffi.


A Colhdion oI lce Brcakors lor Cett Grouos


WhichPaft Are you?

pi** if your fl!9-, which of a car.Askyourcellmembers:thecarrepresenrs cetl group, partof thecardothey think areinterms they o-ifu-n-Jtionatity, ana whv they so? isa oood, do sav This ice-br"ui"i g"rg" ih"].e"xtiiiot to ownerstrip of thecettgroup. mavriant.to outthe you tist ;;r"", p*; i? J'""" u9.,y.ur, ignition, petrol tank, engine, radiator, Oattery, seatslseJt ;O;1;
FootballMatch imagine Ce Group a footba stadium. the in Theyareto share :l:"^:y:T.* wrn eachotherwhere thevseerhemsetves. theyon tt," pi"yiijn"fOZ ff Are *, wJ ch players they? theya coach, are Are referee cheedLai"i n." tnuyu or spectaton empty An seat? There manypossibitities. are

Yarn Shadng

a rh3t T_h" l"*b""T:^T"1::psal'nq ooes, .r,u*ti. " ti iii"llil"tu"rrs"rn" orexercise watchins

Thisis a goodice-brbaker usewhen_you for aredoinga Cdl evaluation your with

z2-pe-opG who are

get ,vour groupto openup andshar€the{rfeetings *::-:-"^ ::q,.:. *re.to and 'J,rnsnan elpe- nces.'Tell ornup voui ihat.ttrey Oe oi "n "-rp"-i-a.ntyou witi part (hotoins end oie in circte. :llllTy:catcfies Wrren one person l"ll 9lylm sheshould of it)tosomeone(he the balt, shareanyoneofthe fo o*ing erperien"e",
What God has done for her. What God has donefor someoneshe knows. WhatGod has donefor all of us. Sornething is thanktulfor_ she

of the folbwtrrg suggestions:

a of who and l:.11'T_ato t.ensrhyam), drch€slit *p""i. *,. p.*"". wt., everyone shared has severat (or,toc times tarse "i sroups, L!"ii-"*;, y*u qrs@ver thegroup ttpt has
\4oven webof iorti. ii,".ipb*Ji. a t ""1 o. *o*

After sharing,she throwsthe ball of yarn to.someone els€ in the circte(while


A Colleclionol tce Brcakersfor Co

sroup.wirtend,.";;;;;;',lX."LiT.,,nTi;'j,XTff 1".,:'l;,fiJ:["?a.rf happens sroup "orn"onJ tothe *r,"n iiii.-inlil ,".r" : ;:ff1"J:*
,,Hll no*
haDoiness sonows, and to'oLit rn-kiiit" symbotizes network the ofties retation"t u"t*eunylu."].,!iil" 1,u v". and ips ."", o, ,nu cett members, which mean to something, ,riio" ,"i"i"ii,"il;"#*n".
Finishwith a brief talk about how the Bible instructsus to bear each probtems, share othe/s to our

ueiutirut patte"m emerge, everyone ,oo"n,.ll-?d"l a member iJ h"o or twoto loosen hord ontheyam.ir; L"G""iri, i.lite ,Ask their

fr'i#J::',"#ir:?.T"11lfnlT:: o.n^:*u,n- sroups somethins Most sav rike f9ranintricate, even


oanansaaUtenra ueiiEig-ffi&

, . ]

1. What yourname? is

Appendlx 1



Whatdo youworkas? Whatis thename youtschool? of (Chitdren)



Where yourhometown? is whereis yourfathe/sor mothe/s hometown? (Chitdren)


W_hat thebestthing is yourjob? about Which subject schoot youlikebest? in do (Children)

V/hatrlrould onewordthatbestdescnbes b€ me? Whois )'ourbvourite teached(Children)


Whatis yourprcudeslachievement? h whicfisubjec{ you scorethe highest did markson your last



Whatis yourlavourite fast-food?


Whatis yourdream can (Meni Whatb onethingon the topon yourshopping that you tist wouldbuyif youhad the rnoney? (Ladies) Wh€tb ),ourFavourite (Children) toy?





Wears 6 size shoes


hasa petdog

is left-handed

birthday in is December

plays tennis

wentto the cinema week last

singsin the snower



snores whenhe

sufname beginning with "L,'

talks hissleep in

did not makebed today

wholives a in single storey nouse

hasthe number "5"on his telephone number




<D 0)

? a
L o ot

ii o-

o q o



o ' o o

q a o'5 o,
o o o



*ot o -- o,


{ t





JP c)

o o


o o
it 0t 0,

f {

c a

o o) o o o,





< € =P. ' o o
l{ o)

-ao) d' o .It



o o




6 O

q d F X

x < ii a;
0) (D

o d




q$iii r,





o o o



Creative Dlawing



II€rc arc lomc rEaIplzaLr! fo( tout D.ciphcr lhc hiddci! ncaninSof cachsd of s/otd!.


cry {sitk
-D L"

aioth6r anoth€r gnollls aooltt6r




VlT - MIN head acho

H t_t A l)

*" ffSXF

P " ' - P E



t f

" .'"i ' !"

. i





""'-loo *$


-..d, ,




H.rc 2Jc$mc rcaI pra.Lfl for yoot Daciphcr ulc nrd.l.o mcaningof cachsct of wordt_



Hcrc a& !olr& rEal puzd€a for yout Dcciphcr thc tuodanmczninS cachr.a of v/ord! of


cry (.itk

TAil campur

1111+1-9ffi BUS|I|ES
snoth6. 'l

amth€t anolhol anolhs


cD L-


" ona


H tJ A I.l



l!5ffX.'*" v n - M N


^ l





G .






l{o No

^ *s"l


/.Q.rESr3 r.Q. TEST
HcrE arc som. rlal Frzzl.r! for youl D.ciphcr uc Nodcit m.2ning of.aa.h satof wolds.




Appendtx I

Hcrt arcemc tcal_pozu.ld! fo. frit n""ioto ,n" ,uooco mcaning czah of wotdtof sd






c R-






I encounters
encounter€ gncountoro

. z u

r 3 5 7.9tl




r o rall

l"" R l f , T


4Q.rEsr- Answers
Appendix 5 1 . Cry over spilted milk 2. rjlg man on campus 3. 5rx of one;halfdozen of another 4 . unflnrshed business 5. vance ed check 6. Movingin the n:ght circtes 7. Mtddte the road of 8 . Sittingon top ofthe wortd 9. squaremealsa dav 1 0 . .r,nree .A" deficiencv vtramin 1 1 - titeppingover 12. Backseat driver Rt:ght underyournose 14- npx tng headache 15. Heatwave t o . Mountain climbing I,A. TEST2

l z.

urnerent Strokes

I:-'P toYo'

/.o. rESI3
Playon words Dipsy doodle Eetter thannever late raruycloudv HeaC overhlels in love 6. Fancy that Bedandbreakfast o . r ntsround on is me 9. Jack-in-the_box
?. '10.

5. Fouledup o. Jay walking /. Justbetween you and me o. I tme,s uD 9. DeetrseaRshino 10. Forgetit t t. More to it than meets the eve rz. Dpaceinvaders 13. That is besidethe point vyarerunderthe bddge .r.r. Iir. ntgnwayOverpass 16. Making endsmeet t.a. TEST4 Lyingin wait t auyno Loveat first sioht put it in writin; Circuiarreaso-nino Brokennose A step backwa rd Solddownthe river Unfinished symphony UtOSe encounters Out.numbered tio 1 3 u.tts are againstyou xatsed eyebrows Railroad crossino 15. No U Tum 16. Balanced budget 1. z. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. e. ru. 11, rz. rJ. 'I4.

bis i. .j,l"",i,l"l3j""methins

stance 1 1 . ffh9nut 1 2 . Open-and-shut case ,i rcundofdrinks Middleof the ninth Overseas holidav t o - Downhill skiing


' l :


r1".' '
'Top Ten Worst lcebreakers TVEVER Be Used!! to appenaix o

'10. Name onething dislike you about host,s your home. 9. Whatis thedeepest stronghold thelifeof theperson yourright? in on 8. Whichperson thecellwould least in you likelyinviteto dinner? Whv? , 7. Share mostrecent you,ve the lie told. 6. Whatis the biggest secret you've keptfromyourspouse? 5. . Howoftendo you trimyournose hair? .r'.1 '.4. Nameone person for whomyoustill harbordeep resentrnent and ::, why? lf.youcouldchange thingabout one someone this cell,whatwould in ,+3. .: it be? ,. ii : r 2. What's yourgreatest habitual sin? 1. lf youwonfirstprizein thelottery, would do with what you ihe money?

. r /
,; $r